Lakers mural in LA shows LeBron looking up to Kobe, Shaq

Sports Daily
Friday, July 20th
That’s James looking up at Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and what appears to be Wilt Chamberlain.

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Headed towards home at 1044 all brought to her with you on gave Friday. Hope you have a good weekend. And little cooler weather right around the corners and that's always a nice. Change of pace potentially specially after what is then I guess of murderous couple of days so not enjoy that. And whatever you got going on out there I mean it's. Went to school start because they'd do what are we still into the second week of August now. That that we're looking at school getting going because it's right around the corner now. I tickets. Maybe I don't know I may be some may be in the middle of August we get back to school I'm not sure it's let's say I think the. In noon when they go back in the Vargas here's O here's what and overs as football practice starts before that. That's that's the way our schedules work. His Windiz football practice start and that is no mean like. What is it the second. Week of August I think. Is who we get back to full practice schools start when does school start you always start I think it's the dairy in the Vargas I don't know when I don't think so I'd like act or better than that. I've got a three turning four year old and yet she's going to preschool this year but wow. I am so excited about that. Yes she's gonna like on one day a week school. Would she sees seems to like so. I think she'll I think she'll like it yes she'll like it she's kind of a little brain so I think it will be. That'll be fun for the you know whenever I I don't know enough about it in them that. Like most dads I think it cycle cable deal with that when you know when we get to that week of the year but I don't I don't know when that starting either. And I'm behind. Who has the who's the local team to beat amused at all the usual suspects in high school football. Her note I know northwest has some. Priests. There are other big time. The last two high school football seasons have been a little more disconnected over a news now back over insured so it's like. Dating a crash course on really it's more about like which players do we need to keep our eye on here and what teams I think the teams are. Pretty much the usual suspects that we raced around the city Lee mean bishop Carroll won a state title last year so sure. Yeah was we'll see but you know it's always what we always get to the point where you got to see like a weak report to maybe you have a pretty good idea of it. But that'll be it'll be interest and we got a lot of a lot of talented players this year which I'm always you know surprised by how much individual talent is in the city. It's it's pretty impressive all the guys going to the NFL we had you know departing parents go to the bingo this year that's just he's he's going to be in town today so. So it's a pretty good stuff get ready for. Well. Those are the things yet though and those are fun I mean that's that's pretty good stuff can look forward to that so. Anyway. Haven't kissed her continues to be the guy to beat in the year's second round is is round continues leading by a stroke Zach Johnson. Probably the good to good story of the day four under on his rounds he has moved to. Or to the top of the leaderboard now one stroke off the lead. Not in second so. Those are the things that is it consume us now at the British Open and as we. Finish up around to add to at Carnoustie. Is anybody having a better summer than Magic Johnson. And he gets LeBron James. They picks up many missed shot though he needs rule in his roles with the lakers and the Dodgers. I guess it's good to be Magic Johnson then again hasn't it always been good to be Magic Johnson. Yeah he's set well there's one may be brief moment where one a very yet one very notable moment where. But other than that yeah I mean you get easy easier business mogul. He's got LeBron come in and he's got Manny Machado government and the Dodgers are in good shape the lakers will be down the road Jersey yeah. Yeah I did mean it's it's it's tough to beat magic any time that he is some really successful kids' student. Yeah absolutely and any is sick and his. And beyond sports. Businesses. His movie theaters and he's he's got quite an empire. On. The Emmys and like I just a Smart guy man. I just let us hear him to write do you love hearing from him he's always happy he's always positive. And yet there's a guy with enthusiasm and zest for life yet and needs just in he's always kind of been that way and then you. In in yeah. Can you contrast him with his professional nemesis. In in Larry Bird he's always kind of routing the guy that never seems to smile in his life ever. I it's. It's kind of interesting goes to their forever tied with give you seen the new. That the new mural out of Los Angeles that they're about to unveil. With a nod to the lakers of the past and then LeBron coming in as the newest chapter of the lakers in the present. There was some controversy that Kobe Bryant wasn't part of that. So I think that there are kind of trying to. Need him into the the pain in the incident year old Yang a lot of without him in there gotcha yeah I have Coke be in the air for goodness sakes. I mean what what are the guys when you think of the lakers. I guess magic in Karine and will come to mind immediately. But boy Shaq and Kobe are too far behind are they. No in Baylor Jerry West. And there's a lot of guys with the lakers that you gotta consider. How long would how long with LeBron have to be there to get into that mix. How many championships does he deliver. Back to back. Speaking he can do that in three years. Don't think. The way not to warriors keep Vick apparently constructed he'll have to get I don't think yeah I'm not saying he will. But EP Yves saint if he did that and you don't get that or admire that might cement them. You know what EE that's a good question. Let me let me go let me answer it by posing another question if you have five lakers. On the side of that wall all time. Welcome meaning. LeBron James into their club who are the five that you have gone into it more importantly the guys you leave off. Magic that no brainer mad CoBiz in a no brainer yep magic and Coby. Will what about Jerry West in LN Elgin Baylor. In the west for sure. I mean he's the logo for God's sakes he's gonna westerner he's got to be on their right all right so you've got three for certain. Careen is an absolute no brainer yep you judge for more pressure. Current site tickets at will and creamy. So Russo who's. Who who's in his it will is it. I don't know them Shaq got a I mean Al off the top of my head it's will. And I'm glad I got to look at how many years he was there five. You could I don't know it to you could make it without wills. Even though. He's even though he's if you're talking about the best he certainly there but it took him out those lakers. It's pretty much because it was a similar there was it will or is it Shaq. That's pretty much the argument I guess right yeah. Guess it's it was a pretty similar to I don't know their answer is. I don't either between donors wouldn't want and it wouldn't want I would want to irritate either one of them by not picking them. Knowing it's a hard be as witty you know. Five years there bit you know that that time. He really didn't spend much more time than that in anyone's spot though as I'm looking at a so I guess it's you that depict a spot for me to go there you could go you could go with that the word you did you could put. You could insurers say Shaq with the magic. And say that would beat the you know to get to place one or the other but that's a tough one I think the other ones are I think were were spot on with the others. Oh yeah no question is LeBron all well we'll find out LeBron stays there five years at a mile per hour. Yeah. It's amazing. Absolutely amazing final thoughts in just a moment.