KU will play Mizzou in an exhibition game to raise funds for hurricane relief

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Tuesday, October 17th

Also, K-State will play Missouri State to also raise funds for hurricane relief. KU will play Mizzou this Sunday, the 22nd and you can hear that game right here on KFH.


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I was back sports daily Qaeda Ricardo. Have a look at college basketball thoughts now as we alluded to in the in the previous segment. KUM zoo set to play a charity exhibition. Coming up on the 22 what it would do them thin then yeah Sunday the 22 sprint senator. It's the historic rivalry but not one that is likely to continue beyond this. Bill Self. Talked with the media a couple of days ago regarding his get together with. With the zoo coming up on Sunday first and foremost he said this is a fund raiser for hurricane relief here's here's Bill Self. My whole thinking when a cop once say it is is did everything to do with us want to play in the zoo it had everything to do with patents in the most money. 22 to those victims and then there's there was no doubt. You know what no disrespect to wash them but but I think I think the Missouri game probably draw a little bit more interest in him and feel the crates more funds. OK so first and foremost. Raise some money for hurricane relief victims. As far as in Bruce alluded to this in the previous segment as far as future OK you. My zoo matchups. Don't expect it here she would always say. Open up to that that but I haven't changed. Feel about. At all and and you know who knows what happened in the future but this is not having you know the thing that is. It is and from my perspective and we talked about it as staff. Could we get hit by some sane will you place an exhibition went on to place the regular season game war whatever it and everything do that. It has something do with how can we raise money. To see and others in hand and to me that debt that trumped. Everything else that that we could possibly. Possibly do so that's that's odd seeing that and that's how I think they're looking at two points or not talked about that. Well. That's an interesting way to just kind of deflect not really sane thing about it they have not played since the tigers went to the SEC I was back in 2012. This particular her gamer exhibition is billed as. Quote showdown for relief unquote to tip at 3 PM it would not be televised or streamed on the Internet. But KEU and the zoo will broadcast the game on their radio networks. The chiefs by the way in case you're curious will be off that Sunday they'll be playing Thursday night football game against Oakland so. According to releases from those schools K human zoo we'll split the 181000 seats. Ticket prices are basically like you would expect a game in spread thinner that is to say they're expensive. But. The proceeds will be donated to organizations. Such a great the five living former US presidents have come together to support. Harvey relief fund rebuild Texas fund Florida disaster fund who imposed he need those pork Puerto Rico fun. And the US Virgin Islands fun felt Dutch criminal. For that it's great absolutely great and it doesn't need to be anymore than that I mean. And he did their did look at Missoula sucked. Since they went to the SEC in basketball. I mean they're really an and so there hasn't been there we haven't really miss this as much. I'm quite frankly. Now the cons though is there and recruits are coming. And DD DD yeah I think things change a little bit and maybe this is sparks a little bit more interest in. K you knew zoo on a competitive level in basketball but Missouri hasn't been there. After the last few years and back Missouri's been. Pretty darn that. Over the last few years. May be an NCAA tournament play in the you know I mean the NCAA has away of enough of matching. Opponents like this and maybe somewhere down the line that happens. But I but also who's been pretty consistent on this on this issue not a machine and I don't hear anything in his voice or. Anything in his words that indicate if the lying or are changing and has nothing to do with. Console Marten. It has everything to do with Missouri. Taking their ball and going to the SEC and that's something that Bill Self who handles scheduled lane in for the University of Kansas. Hasn't forgotten about we know that's fine and. We will have that here on KFH course since we've Kerry KU I that will be we'll talk to Brian Haney tomorrow I assume that we really quick turnaround for him. Saturday night at TCU and and Sunday afternoon at sprint center but he can speak more to that. The date the filler speaking of Saturday. Kansas State will host Missouri State in a similar which is great charity basketball mind you know they'll whatever that will be on campus that brand once. This is in case you're wondering this is an MTA approved waiver. Thing for. But all these school girl for these schools so. This yes if you think this is. Stranger out of the ordinary it is you have to ask for waiver for this but. For all the vitriol. And venom that a lot of people after the NCAA and a lot of it's understandable thank god they made right decision with this particular case yes it's cool it. It's cool aunt and and and I applied all lose. That are doing it. And I hope that a lot of money is made for. Now a disaster relief because there's a lot of folks out there are suffering. They could use it and it's ending and it's great all the way around then and I will admit they had the guts to Kansas and its new thing that's interesting to me. I was so proud I was surprised that actually happened. I was surprised kick and a one of make this sound like I have an attack on Kay you but I am I am a little surprised that they pulled the trigger there. Because of Howell. Bill Self. Once things. Like he wants them. Now I mean this isn't as I understand Bruce isn't just like a scrimmage. Necessarily where the coach who will be out on the floor and and we're gonna stop things. You know this is an exhibition game which are gonna play I would've expected but the former rather the latter but yet they're gonna planner call thousand issue free throws and all that stuff so that that. Part of it surprised me didn't surprise me that that. Bill Self wanted to raise some money and ending is aiming for shooting four hoping for. Upwards of a million dollars being raised that that part great. It is probably flat footed that that when the news came out like he's gonna play in the zoo with sprint center and for that hurricane relief. Part. Applaud them but I I that was out of left field and they get happened. Well I mean based on my understanding that's kind of a Bill Self initiative. Mean literally he picked up the phone called console and said hey what do you think what's he got the OK obviously from. From his people on a on relative to the NCAA. And and what you can do or not do you know obviously. He'd Washburn gets taken off of the and it's taken off of the the exhibition schedule home. And that's when and that's one of its guises and Brett Ballard days and I know maybe I'm wrong and I'm one of his eyes is is now the head coach. At Washburn and I think I think that's correct. But but no I think it's cool I think it's cool that they're playing. On that bill is. That Bill Self I think is always been as always had a really nice benevolent side. Ninety you know men and and as always I tried to to help. Now when he can which I think is absolutely great news and this is a really good example of of doing it for the right reasons and and by the way. And I think it'll be on a much smaller scale but I applaud the folks at. The case Dayton. And and Missouri State for doing the same thing I think I think that that's absolutely great. And an end. And I don't think there needs to be any question about. It you know why Wichita State is not involvement in and having no it's I think people. I really like to take the opportunity in a situation like this to say why isn't quite what is in case you call Wichita State early and I mean I'm I'm glad to hear that we haven't heard that. Question any on really every night at maturity on Twitter aspects. And champ couldn't play Wichita State draw more than he had little wings facing. Yes and you don't need an advisory area so did the answer is yes. Com but you know what. I maybe there's some times when. When you don't question. The whole thing in you're just you plot. What's happening in your glad that it did that people are gonna benefited from Sacramento.