KU’s new AD to speak today

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Wednesday, July 11th
It’s a tough time for KU, as the football program is struggling, the athletic director was fired earlier in the year and the basketball program is being probed by the FBI. We’ll have Jeff Long, the newly announced AD on KFH at 11am today with his first press conference.

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Oregon got to Obama. Home Barry Parker this is we should talk sports then. Rose hurdle and shamed dad has sold sports where you see page 12:40 AM 975 FM. And good morning everybody good to have you witnessed this weekend rolling on in midweek edition sports daily machine who's fluent enough for the next couple of hours. France. Is in TV world. Cup final and other semifinal today. Would that Croatia and England. Getting after report of what's on tap today as we get going on this Wednesday well you've got one into the finals my friend nice job yeah. The head to head mono a mono. Right side of the bracket as you mentioned England Croatia not to be a 1 o'clock today that's what's on tap courtesy of side pockets where it's why not Wednesday. Why not grab a drink I juice quarter pound cheaper service prize for just 595 today. We have. A jam packed sports daily today and beyond. What's on tap today. We will have the royals skid is over it's over ten games they scored nine runs last night. It's snapped a thirty game streak where they had failed to get to more than five runs. Which is mind boggling they had five runs by the second inning last night. How we can talk about. Quit marry field in his dad's. Now that unbelievable journey to the big leagues. Father and son that's coming up here in the first segment. Really disturbing allegations the NFL and gave me this count broke just as we were going off the year. Eight and alleged friend. LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend. Put a really gruesome photo on instead Graham. Alleging that LeSean McCoy is not only a woman beater but that dog beater aid. Child abuser and aid steroids user. It was somewhat. Quickly although not it was up there for awhile I was eventually taken down as the investigation unfolded. We still don't know all whole lot but we will go to buffalo here in twenty minutes to talk to stop a pot GO. He's our bills insider bills radio network beaten sideline reporter for the Buffalo Bills. Now that things have had a chance to breathe a little bit the team has issued a statement it's says about what you think it would mean. Now police in Fulton County Georgia. Have revealed that mccoys house which he hasn't been in in months. Was. Broken into and there were at least two females. That were. Attacked and robbed. And oh by the way LeSean McCoy has been trying for months according to court records to get his ex girlfriend out of his house and that his house. Yeah those Camelot to unpack here in what's now. Get his hands dirty on that and then of course we can talk to him an actual football stuff because Sammy Watkins is a former bill now has occurred she asked so we can kind of maybe spend that Ford little bit stay getting guys behaving badly in that segment we can talk about Brandon Browner who apparently. Allegedly is a really bad guy. He has been charged with trying to kill his ex girlfriend after breaking into her Southern California home that would be kill. Yes tried to kill my goodness that former seahawk and patriot defense to back Brandon Browner right for a men behaving badly. Then 8940 of course we will have our senior reporter question askew foot also. I ties to Patrick my homes. So we can talk about that then course. Top of second hour we'll have some headlines. Kansas university. Has acknowledged that it's been subpoenaed by the federal government. Schema Qaeda Luke has signed a contract that's kind of the good news bad news on the KU front. A couple of former UCLA basketball players have died within a couple of days of one another. PGA tour schedule is changed or is it for the better we'll discuss. We got raised royal fan expressed tickets to giveaway journey and Def Leppard tickets give away. And at the very end of the show will be the very beginning of the introductory press conference. A Jeff Long the athletics director at University of Kansas we'll have that right here on KFH. No word on whether he's gonna comment about. The FBI investigation of the subpoena that's terrible timing if you're him trying to have an in depth introductory press conference when normally it's kind of an air of good feeling right 22 car to borrow a phrase. Bad time that he thought enough of but he thought enough of the threat to get the language in his contract yeah gave him some wiggle room. Not if this thing. Eggs and ends up getting some legs and and and encompasses. Elements of the athletic program pounding basketball so. I mean there was obviously enough of a concern from Jeff Long. Not to have some safeguards put into his deal why it I don't know this is kind of new territory when you when you start talking about. Being subpoenaed by the federal government. It sounds. Really bad. Are you gotta delve into that a little bit remember some of the language in. And some of the other. And things coming out about the Kansas that actually painted them as a victim. Not in in one case we forget now so I saw I don't know how this all plays out I know it's not the type of thing that they probably are very interested in being a part of non it can't it it it's got in it's got to make Mac T you fans squirm a little bit and think in the a. How did insisting the verbiage at pat forty Pete Hamel and Dan Wetzel yes Yahoo! Sports big hitters they all. I've collaborated to. Releases on Yahoo! Sports. The first sentence said we can dig into the second or two that the University of Kansas. Tacitly. Acknowledged. In that has been Bennett has been subpoenaed. I had to go scrambling for the dictionary. To see why they used the word that. I hardly ever hear tacitly means in a way that is understood or implied without being directly stated. Exactly so there was no and correct me if I'm wrong here I don't know if you use this heard this thread to slot. Basically they admitted it by not saying anything right by nodded and didn't. Tacitly acknowledged. Usually not fool I did not give a nod of the head. But no comment on her right there yeah yes yes there is yes but that's it. So Dick acknowledging any player knowledge and it could not and it's none nothing expounded upon so. Consoles. Fine what does that mean and we do we can talk about its second hour with it like I said pat forty. We can touch on that. On top of second arc then went. Depending on. What and how the Jeff Long presser goes. At 1130. We will have royals and twins pregame because they have matinee today. First pitch at 1210. Pregame starting at 1130 so from now until the royals game you're yet. Play a sports talk been in the the new AD at the University of Kansas and in the royals' baseball speaker of the royals they laid the smack down on the twins last shirt had. It was good news bad news. At a Brcko Mondesi. Hit a home run up on the concourse. In I think the second inning it was like 430. Some feet I mean really got into one. He went to god of war. He played shortstop. Escobar played senator. And so I don't know that necessarily Escobar. My deceased turned a corner per saying but he also RBIs single. These averages only 230. But he made a couple of real sparkling plays at shortstop. And made a winner out of Brian Flynn former shocker pitcher because he went he was really the hero last night for a lot of reasons. Because and here's the bad news. Or depending on your view against Ian Tenet that news it's the deets it's the expected news I suppose Ian Kennedy only went three innings. In his first downing. Coming off the DL after a strained oblique right. Left the game after 67 pitches. Due in large part the same that the thing that put him on the deal to start with his post in an MRI this morning. But and I know their forty under 500. But to have a day game today. And birch Smith. Making his first dark and no doubt being on a pitch count were ideally even. Even the perfect world would have Bert Smith go five innings and that's it. Brian Flynn rescue the rest of the bullpen last nicer I go on for shut out and then. Because the royals actually scored two runs and gotten some breathing room. That allowed Jason Hammel to pitch last two innings which he did he give up a couple of cosmetic brands in the bottom of the ninth but starting nine to two. So. Kudos to the tip of the captain Brian Flynn Jason Hammel allowing guys like Jason atom. Kevin McCarthy Tim hell hole. And whoever they choose to close to be able to be available today and a quick turnaround and you get a day off tomorrow. So I know that's really really silver lining for royals fans but hey it was my ass shows I see him play good baseball will. Make it any way that we can get it it was great to see them and I it was obviously more locked in to. Not for me Rockies and but was paying me you know pretty close attention. Note too that ball game and especially since it started in an hour earlier. But yeah I mean. When I looked up and saw that the royals were up 521 early I was like oh my god whether or not they're guy out in the second half. Tried to scramble to go see and I was really happy to come back with them on to say is home run. You know what. Leave the guy alone. Glavine said it not may have of the sixth spot and leave them alone right now just let it go let let let's just. But let's see if this guy can be at 250 to sixty guy and can play the type of defense that he's already showing himself. That that he can do there he b.'s got he looks like the big leaguer and he's I think he's got the future of the royals written all over. Career high four RV nine to hit a matter of fact the lower part of the order. All did great with Lucas do their hundred Kosher Alex Gordon Al CDs Escobar. Todd aboard tell Monty this Mondesi all had a two hit game all those guys you had fifteen minutes. And nine runs an outburst the likes of which they hadn't seen. In thirty. Games. This aired a couple of days ago I think it was the first game of the the twins series. And Ira how this Petit escaped me earlier. Quit merit field and his dad bill Merritt fields. Rides to the big leagues. Is really an amazing story. It's it's on Twitter. I think Danny Duffy reached we needed a mom and gulf Jeffrey Flanagan or maybe Joseph gore Goldberg. Tweeted this a little video Montana this last like two minutes to a half minutes or whatever. But in essence it. Chronicled bill merry field who has who quits dad. Who's actually a professional baseball player back in the eighties. And he got. Traded to the a Pittsburgh Pirates from the California angels. Organization talking about bill Meyer feel this is in 1987 got traded. And called up to the big like he was a 25 year old minor leaguer at the time been in the minor leagues for five seasons. So not quite as long as with spent. In the minor leagues he get dealt the pirates four Johnny gray. Memory and my basement Johnny Grahame Oklahoma Arkansas poll Arkansas they're young yet yet plated Arkansas with Kevin nick Reynolds and Ron Reynolds and those guys I guess you'd call him so the next day course TP. Boards a flight to Pittsburgh. And getting set plays first big league game early speed and the big league clubhouse for the first time. Cool side after a summer in Canada he had no money in his pocket nor American dollars in his pocket. That's how quickly they shelf we often get you out there you mean have time to convert money anyway. So he gets the club house. And Jim Leyland the manager he's introduced to Barry Bonds and Bobby the Nia. And the clubhouse guy comes up and says what equipment do you need you're starting at first base. And so. Yeah whirlwind right well with the right know within the next hour started to rain. And the delay lasted close to 45 minutes eventually it was postponed. And the clubhouse attendant came back and told bill Merritt field that Jim Leland needed to see them. And they wanted to send them to the instructional league work on his defense. Again got rained out he was in the lineup didn't play. Went down broke his foot. And after kicking around just a little bit after that it AAA never played in the major that you talk about mood like Graham. He was out in the line up. But the game. Was postponed due to rain. Pain never got back. And here's thing course I didn't know that but I also didn't realize that in 2015. Which got called up from. Triple A Omaha after his sixty year and Minor League Baseball. And he had already packed up and hugged all of his teammates and was hit where you walk out the door. And Brian Paul Byrd I think was their AAA guy then if not Mike church league whoever was. Kansas City changed its mind. Now and called somebody else. I mean he was out to do more. And didn't get called up and all they did that year was going to win the World Series. Isn't that something that has to happen and how Spain family in crappy yep. It in and almost. The exact same way now. Happily would merit fields part of the equation and I'm sure purse father bill. There has been a a much happier ending Leah and gets even more interesting now with him being arguably. Now one of the bigger pieces of possibilities of the trade deadline. Not for the royals so who knows where when this story ends for now apple would merit field but yeah I mean did the odds of it. Being that way in a Family Guy is just is absolutely crazy. Crazy. But but very into very interest in and then that's what if you can't cheer if you can't cheer for Whitman are filled then that I don't know. And then that Benedict is a guy there's ten guys and have spent more years and more time in the minors for granted. But he got called up. Only to be said they just kidding. I mean it doesn't seem more heartbreaking in that and and and you know in the piece he admitted he he said he didn't handle well at all which is totally understandable. So then the next the next may. He's in Tacoma. And ends up getting called up after 683. Games in the minors. They actually did go to Kansas City then all he did. Was hit 360 any first twelve Major League games setting a franchise record with hits me first eleven career starts. Now he was amazing poll by the way he's riding an eleven game hitting streak right now. After going two for three with two walks last night. Hidden is the best player he is and you know what he was their second baseman. Basically. In 2016. That got sent down because it won a strip somebody of off the forty man roster so he'd. This could have been even. Obviously in 2015 who knows what we've done then but this is probably. Even a year in the making. You know that they could of or happier or whatever. Because he played so well in spring training. I'm trying to think of exactly what year that was worried torn up and spring training in nickel. That was. Spring training 2015 yadier they got called up but didn't go all the way up at 347. With two home runs and five goals and 45 games this spring training. And that was like yeah I could easily made our team out of spring training but. They would had to put him on the forty man tick somebody off the nets. Conclude they started outta who's at second base that year it's. I can't even remember who but how bad is that three years ago. I can't remember who was at second base gives lord well find out in about five seconds but that the perseverance. And be just that good penis of but the family and having to go through almost exactly the same thing thirty years apart. That part being from bill that. He never made it. And accorsi was starting a family at that point. You know and I think he went once they went to the he was in Tripoli with Texas. A couple years later after he recovered from the injury you know but. Never never made it back up he was any big league lineup. And couldn't stay that Christian Cologne and Omar Infante is the answer. Evening. They were at second base in 2015. And then and then is over is played there didn't mean after they picked him up well yeah it's source you played all over everywhere but I mean you know so. Todd he had it good to. He had good run gave me. Not easily hold on standby. Omar Infante is the correct answer those limits Omar Infante struck you it was Omar Infante yeah America. And he played a 124 games and hit. A robust 220. Well they swung and missed on Omar Infante but like I said that wasn't a bad. That wasn't a bad risk. I didn't think I mean is he added nice he was coming up a really nice year in Detroit. Well are those viewed as a pretty good pick up by the rule yeah but it must 32 also yeah hours and know hindsight being perfect he. Give a 32 year old that many chances like Ned is prone to do. And he has really falls along with people and you know like he was released. Finally. The 2016. And the royals creating fifteen million dollars go away after putting up with two torn forever and ever so. Do great others you royal stock all right it how about the books give away the tickets. A four pack of tickets to raise royal fan expressed coming up the 21. 8691240. You can. Write to him from the game will be before game tickets for church and four game programs 8691240. Give his call right now when we come back we'll talk from Buffalo Bills football in the ugliness surrounding LeSean McCoy it's not a pot TO. From buffalo beat reporter and sideline reporter. On the cats locker room hotline we come back.