KU Or WSU: Who Has The Better Team

The Drive
Monday, February 12th

As March Madness approaches & various brackets and seeding’sbegin to come out, a debate develops as to who has the better team KU or WSU.   


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This is good for. Lower while while the drive if they traded happy to have you society. Monday edition Bob lutes Jeff loops with you until 6 o'clock this evening. And Tommy Thurber is our. In generic Max power of the producer. The phone number is 8691240. And we're overjoyed that your with Osama Monday. Below warmer temperature today. Felt OK I know there are going to be seventy on Wednesday that can't be right taken off that today. Among a frolic. In the sunshine. Among have a Valentine's Day daylight tomorrow won't be on the like 630 and get home earlier that day to get to have this is romance man. The tell all about believe bill and I see it. Why it we got a good show on tap today Jesse Newell from the Kansas City Star for 45. Buckle KU hoops there and Iowa State tomorrow coming off. A loss at Baylor. In a conference that Judith if it's up completely up for grabs. Mike Seale would star state pitching coach will be with us at 540 today shocker is opened the season Friday. Down and make mis state I believe as fact correct sounds right I don't know I haven't checked the schedule but I don't think we've talked about that in the recent past and we're gonna talk about some other stuff today on the show. One being we're gonna have a real strong debate. To look like the mix it up what if I don't wanna debate the listeners will debate. If you're you're you're no relevant debate will be quiet. Defense mile line I don't care you debate or not I can have my own debate I may. Never mind but nothing and I was gonna say something juvenile but I think people know where I was gone. Nobody knows where you are gone. Tommy does Tommy you get it. Interest thing I wonder why don't get it that's okay we're gonna have a discussion today about simply which team is better. Kansas Wichita State. There's no way really that tell well the other is how we get so hung up and RB IBP guys staggering can bomb bracket apology. He'll win them though the wins we refuse. In today's sports society to all our eyeball stands in the past stupid it is. Wichita State's budget and I am I can you tell who was the better team simply by loading I didn't and am I out a better team of those students Wichita State I don't necessarily despite the fat wallet you can take the other side of the debate. Okay that's why today why that it ever matter of fact that and every document that K is better. Despite the fact that Kansas. Is right do more to talk. In canned from. Wichita State de Caen day in ESP n.'s RP IK you can Wichita State warning. In the BP IK use seven Wichita State eleven. In the AP poll released today K use thirteenth Wichita State's nineteenth. In law and parties Barak apology he SKU visit to seed Wichita State is a six. In Jerry palms Iraq ecology. On CBS sports dot com he has Kay is a two seed Wichita State as a sex. My contention is. Not only are those Al line. They're simply wrong they're not wrong what is Wichita I don't get where you're coming from a which cannot add some outlet and already have them pay you this body of work. A slight edge over Wichita State but. The shocker others are just simply a better basketball team then that's nice and I know they're not a team without flaws. Wichita State has flaws I'm not saying. The the best team in the country saying this is a down year for Kansas and nobody's treating it like that. It is a down year for Kansas but it's a down year for just about everybody. Outside of Villanova is Xavier in Virginia what about Michigan sales stayed and I haven't down near Cincinnati is not happening down here Purdue at Texas Tech certainly aren't having down years it's a down year for a lot of style lounge eating but you're wrong about what Auburn had a down year yeah Abbott Auburn is is there of the benefit benefactor. A lot of teams haven't down years they give a lot of other if Kentucky was good. That operator with a mile Kentucky. We're not talking about Kentucky big if K we are guys that actually act would be really good we are simply debating today. And I and I came loaded for bear. Because I watch these teams virtually every game they apply and Wichita and there has now anyway bunkers is anybody there is no way you can convince me Bob lutes. 44 years on the business. There's no way you can convince me. That Kansas is better than what to top it that way you can do then I'd be happy to tell you eight I've felt differently. Pass the Mike here on the show Kansas. Pastor Mike your first stop. Pay and wilder of pocket yeah I want to pick and a a follow judge story about say a large debate coach it. At first summarized Christian academy and I debated your heart on Collins spoke chief strategy was caught because I will a master debater. So that's all you nailed it pastor Mike there yet utter that happened. Is up from a movie I take it what do you mean it's an obvious. Never mind pastor Mike can din Al. There are partners in there and security are other economic hole. Could direct mail out the cold that you had to attend every. Are what ultimately we sort they would get all the art house Obama. A wife and kid or they can you share and there are quick start state numbered which has a camera and you put all their their their their watch that. The other case you are so. What we thought they better is because that. I mean there are two years and hitting we see what I. I nominee owls would do Wichita State front line. Get against. As the blue okay and Mitchell light I mean that there's in my estimation this is from watching them play on I have no. I have nothing to gain by either team I decide that it's fairly clear cut this particular year. But Wichita State's battling Kansas. There are American Howard K while they are cold a year. But I certainly. All the competitive but I remember when Garrett played in the NCAA will go down well. Apollo I would you be happy that you're a leading. And probably got people thought they would hear what shot they want change much about it up. No lady go or pass and I we do we appreciate your early cult today. It I hear that over it where were our Obama actually good man he's everybody's ranks mastermind max's Max is an easy got to talk to. Flow bury it there you go at Wichita State had lost. It's most freezing game NK he had beaten Baylor would you still say would start up and had them happen I'm just going on what I've seen all season. We believe deeply scene I I have seen what I can't consistency from both teams but but Wichita State's inconsistency. To me to have they answer more. Questions. And Kansas that they have a better front court. Landry sham that French camp agreed it's much I mean my goodness that's. If if they're not as I don't know backcourt Graham and so believe and and others. Did. Just kept telling working at the food's better come that you can failure -- thought I can say they have a better roster through Wichita State as proven nothing this year and they really haven't. I wish I can argue otherwise but. They've thought they had those proven not in they've proven they have a really good reputation. That that's happened this year. They've continued to prove that in relation they don't have a good reputation and it's getting a lot better because I don't see al-Qaeda with set Davis outside your little Twitter exchange I just wanna I wanna an explanation. On what basis are his Wichita State ranked. Because of reputation part of that they go. I mean why is of course do you not follow this stuff. I would have I didn't feel I feel like I'm being shrill what does following any thing have to do it Wichita State's performance this Perez's undoubtedly no question the Wichita State lacks. Marquee wins. And that's all we talk about. We don't talk about how good they are. Back in the day we used to talk about that well now it indicates by that well we got to get the marquee wins to impress Jovan RD. I don't care what results actually matter in this city it is sports. Wichita State my point being simply. And and you get your not doing a very good job of debating. Wichita State is a better team in Kansas. No ifs ands or may have a better roster I'll give you that been an ever better candidate not John that they haven't got a daughter came. Powell because they have better players OK well then prove make the other side make the other argument OK what about what god ripple relying on prove it case is beaten teams that matter. Lou. Well I mean look at their scheduled. But give me an example they beat Oklahoma. They've beaten Texas they've beaten TCU they've beaten. Oklahoma State and I think other I don't know I I don't know there's not a loss Oklahoma State at home they've only played once. Yes they're most impressive win arguably. They B is tacky. And Kentucky's not an impressive win it's an okay win the most impressive win arguably as Nebraska believe it or not. Nebraska is nineteen and 810 for the Big Ten. Fourth place. The big twelve is is is both conference this year weather's too and good teams no great won the US Virginia and West Virginia was gay they beat Texas CNN news. Have a little bit of a resurgent they just have a lot access NN than any resource they are. But that they're there are 66. Of their conference they're doing a better of the on. You're not making any kind of case does Leo are you know just felt like as Landers jam it plays for frank here on the show. Allow ought to you know Jeff what it taken debate you don't want to or not there's an awful debater. Idiocy that's for sure I like to debate went all the numbers already proved Kansas is better. OK okay we're not all members got like you are okay so what does this Lola had the floor of the game that's not numbers cannot NS Jeff. Even though he started you have frank go ahead idea idea Deb the issue has played OU. Oklahoma State. And Taylor and I know this is not. It at all comparisons. And Kay yen MKU despite those three and W issue has won two out of three you don't think you lost all three. And now if you wanna talk about it I kept my dad dad which is a good thing to do. If you look at a W I issue is got the advantage in almost every match. There are no doubt in my mind this year commentary you can after the shocker shocker first and foremost. But if cropland shocker OK yeah but frank before you go on and just can't. Can we agreed that neither team is great. Right but actually exact but Wichita State's better this year. Yes absolutely it can't buy that at all and acute and shares slipped this year. Persian gulf Bryant. And I I'll be happy to hit here somebody try to convince me that I'm wrong. Outside you so many of them are arguing Samantha maybe pat will be the one to convince me pat you're on the show. Yet you have very are born your side witnessed more and lark. K two is frustrating this is there were team. Built itself has ever had. That Intel may pop one quality win. Wichita they have Jean Schmidt probably airs ten and they are we can't conference. To keep acting like this car purchase. Great no I don't I haven't mentioned the conference once pat let me take you through these starting lineup so cat food you're have. As a blue hair or Shaquille Morris. Okay who do we give me the rest salute OK you line up against the rest of the soccer's lineup. Dovonte Graham and chairman and I think his approach. I know you're real Ohio in Chandler. They get to push. I think Zach Morris would get out of the boot camp foul trouble within ten minutes. Well and vice Versa. Maybe. It at. Reeves are read your city is up close I'm not arguing that bad. You're you're right you truly are acting as though. Let's talk first it has ever been a valley. Are generally better on the. I don't know where you've gotten Obama proponent. Of this season's AAC I think it's a down conference. I think Memphis and UConn herb are shells of their former selves. I don't think Wichita State's gotten a boost from this conference. That we all expected I don't know who your boy you look who you're listening to pat I've never ever I'm not a champion of this year's American athletic conference. Money can't achieve academic here in the tournament. From EAC right now I think Cincinnati in Wichita State are locked so I think Houston's couch did shot. Okay I don't disagree with that in late may. Kagan is not gonna win the big twelve this year I said that or five weeks ago Iraq got blasted. By ever idiot K you can bands. In the course I can't say anything bad about Bill Self. Because I get criticized for that trip wouldn't surprise me of KU goes out in the first round of the tournament. Absolutely. Not. If they're hitting it from three. They might make it to the second weekend. I cannot wanna play Wichita State. But I don't think it's clerk about Wichita State's better than that you're. My fair enough. I gave back a go an argument with a little new on time here here's aids day AJ you're on the drive. Well frankly I allowed gonna say about to become president. You know Baylor because you have home Oklahoma State BK you. And at our own field Allison though you DK you and of course we want you to regain self frank said that after I called. But BI would give Paul the second go to stated that. Eighth he would only marginally better now migrating effort and you Goddard out but there are markedly better than in the third rally even on a down year the AE is much better it's much better at the top. Including the girl seen blood. They're gonna tell us debt collection showed yesterday were they did the sixteen. In the content on the oil actually saying that the AP in their line was deeper this year and they said the bottom. It was a way better than it's been in the past it was interesting here I think it was eerie calm actually this said the that the issue was better in the middle in the bottom than they have been dealt a really interesting about. And yet been outside yet you're aren't there has robbed her eyes and you got to have a good day. Thank they Dan appreciate the call. The AAC has an unbeaten Cincinnati at the top Houston. Wichita State broke nine and 319 and five those three are gonna get in to the NCAA tournament. The Missouri Valley Conference has. I want it to one bid league there's no question is that AMR had a little a lie a little bit. Well early they're nineteen and five right there projected ten seed. By. Jolo Marty who is notoriously optimistic. Well that to me Houston's in. Okay they've they have a win over Wichita State. They have a chance. Later this week I think Thursday night they get Cincinnati at home. The united is a great game and then Cincinnati goes home to play Wichita State on Sunday so the contending teams are aren't action against one another. The rest of the conference pretty Blase it frankly. Not a lot there temple has to win over what she does say they have wins over Auburn and Clemson. Other certainly to be taken seriously. When they come and a Coke arena on Thursday evening but they've not had a great overall season. BA Houston has beaten Arkansas Providence temple Wichita State those are all RPI top fifty teams they have a pretty good case. Yes I don't know we'll see Iago they've only lost in the top of their argument I'm making it Wichita State's being under sole leader. As it what do they are in control of how they're when it comes in comparison to Kansas Mike you're on the show. I say them it's a good question and admired my whole thing and I know its objective of both teams that at one time were considered soft Debbie issues seems to have fixed it. Can you have not but they get they do if they get back to billions of I'd give me yet I think they're. Well athletic I listen I like to have to promote good god what are your car. I liked the way Bill Self coaching his team right now he's hard on them he's trying to make them tougher. Woolsey the problem is. They don't have any debt so and he can only do so much with a team where you you're only comfortable it's 56 players. And that that's a point not to play in the tournament effect at the tournament team being stoked would go back. But that's important. Thanks Mike appreciate the call 8691240. That's CI got out of pads locker room hotline. Next up is Ed Ed you're on the show. Yeah I just wanted to. Right now one point and that's. They got everybody BK you. They're better doesn't hurt our RK you always agree that the value of the other weird but Arizona State beat. Can you. They'll come automatically rose beer brand were there not a general. But it's happened very here retreating in the big twelve that beat K you are because they're what the bottom are at greater fare better this. I'd save I didn't say anything about any other big twelve team not battling Kansas town that they're nervous that's why it looks like. They have the better resume because every team in the big twelve. That these scare you are America have a better road America. Okay. Thanks that I don't I don't consider Baylor or Oklahoma State to have a better resume. Than Kansas but they've beaten them recently might cure on the show. Yeah my. One Thelma argument there you know they talked about current player player. But I think when you scarlet and there'd be issues bench. It's leaps and bounds better yet frank can't come off the bench. Conceit. You get those guys that galore. Out of Turkey would not even come close to stay in it McCain now they like it would have been either. Not that regard drew more Atlantic. Treaty is really athletic I think. That. While analysts slot under so a guy like Rashard Kelly in this match either. Mean he may not score a lot of that's not his role but he certainly a factor. Don't forget about Daryl Willis who couldn't I mean I just think Wichita State this particular year. Is a better team then Kansas that's my point. Like earlier that's what outright and that I think the bench have that issue. In a you come in with basically a second team that is for the most part that's get a the first payment. I just don't think K you'd builder. Stay in the game well. Boucher I don't mind. So take a break we can come back talk more about this page 691240. Also gonna talk some soccer baseball today might still pitching coach on with us at 540. So we're gonna talk a little bit about. Sluggers who Wichita State history part of what's on tap brought to you by the heat lime street 38 north rock road. Some new special that they eat lounge it's to make the mark Monday four dollars a maker for dollar maker's mark five dollar maker's bold fashion. All night long at the heat lounge back in a moment.