Knowledge Is Good! 5 Questions With Jarrod Bartlett

The Drive
Friday, August 11th

Spirit Aero Systems Spokesman Jarrod Bartlett is this week’s celebrity in the hot seat to be grilled with 5 questions from Bob & Jeff.


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I don't know why now and drive well and just barely 691240. Com KF things. Love my name. I am a team and he's yeah he's not necessarily mean TE. I've got the rap for Russ Tom Sawyer there signature song probably. Kansas for a fee of 5990 lead thanks again to Earl for providing the mile an arrow. Heart next week let's get to chip quickly before we get to Jarrod Bartlett for five questions they'd ship. I get dot I am calling yelled brace for the cardinals. I don't know why it happened but I like it happened but it did not put up again put it away Brian. We want drama and I got two girls out Dawson college is doing from a high school. I want immaculate in one of the ensembles this summer I'd seen through the Bible that's he won on Sunday. We really have a treasure here in Wichita they get hit and not colonies from all the countries that. In the warm air in the armor and they get lovely people but we don't really blacked. No question really. Absolutely I agree chip thanks for the call. And I don't know if you know this would Jeff flutes could be in music theater of Wichita music why not he's saying now of course idea but just regular we'll start small. Who knows what the future may hold it do it could be anything there's Jarrod Bartlett our old friend who we rarely see anymore is. He's gone to the corporate side of the world. A you have and your proud of that in the near the spokesman. For spirit aerospace. And thanks for being on for five questions of course. I had co hosted sports daily with you lose back in the day. And a couple of days ago and we argued incessantly. About Emmitt Smith. It is there. Without question and one of the top three running backs of all time. We argued frequently about whether or not he will. The top running back at all as he was breaking the all time rushing back. Record now he's he's a dandy. Our topic have left duet of let the music for five plus and Tom Thurber says fellow by the lack. There we all we're all one big happy family here that are com. I'll started out we have four questions for you to each from. Myself and Jeff and then he'll turn the tables on us with one question. That's how we do five questions yet this one for a while you on radio obviously on. KF natured back in the day whatever we war but you're also on television channel twelve. In their sports department is there any thing you miss about either medium radio or television. There it you know in the crew I tell people this that so I tell. Because topping get this question from people currently in the media more than more than others but. The biggest thing that I missed. Well one being on the sidelines at games is as prescribed. You don't get you that every day when you're in either radio or television and you always have. Some Pena. Egg game. This show is sort of you work game so you. You always have the adrenaline of showtime you have the adrenaline of you know there the microphone like coming on. It's time it's go time and you don't really have that that early in the corporate world that we operate in quarters. Not as much as deadline what do you do in the media you know any additional media buys sixty gender radio show at seven. So I miss the adrenaline you don't really have the replacement for the adrenaline. That showtime and we're being at a big gamer those guys on the boats. A no nonsense in my first question is able long you know at least we got plenty of time to lay out with these anthrax. But Jared you're a spokesman at that spirit is that correct. That is correct all right up not down not let them my my apology based. Spirit Aerosystems. Yet you not that much is going wrong out at spirit and as a spokesman he could probably answer this what is the act heating damage control. How do you get ahead of the situation. Well what it why does not mean that you have the Utah this year there's no reason. Is especially today in age right everybody is or Porter everybody. Not something about what's going on so I think honesty is the first thing that you and indeed few if there is a an issue you have to just although honestly. You know because. You never know win. Kerry's going to be Colin more. In your case your receipt of market and recall including strangler or even. Larger politician so honesty is our policy. We share what we know when we can share it. And you know it's not necessarily damage control if you're being. There you get beautiful. Our Jarrod Bartlett and Scott from Spirit Aerosystems. Yes thank you're not ready to go on to spur aerospace yet. There are limitations. Restless spirit can do you are proud resident of cheating. Why in the world and an enough the I love Cheaney. Why did you pick Cheaney and would salute and what's kept you in cheating all these years. Okay well so when your kid you don't necessarily get richer experience so we relocated. Cheaney America when I was in middle school and so I followed my family here did you think of not following your family. I can't I came from Texans though they were leaving the Texans can achieve so I didn't let out an option. And it as a middle schooler. So that's why I that however I can she be denied buried late Cheney girl. And that we love this small town atmosphere at least by the held where you know we can walk down main street where we tent. I have an impact in our community. I don't school board my wife works in the school district. I'm home in time to watch. My kids just stayed in school activities whether sport activities or academic activities and and now we have basically everything you need to survive. We had a golf course. A grocery store. A liquor store in a bowling Alley Larry things doesn't change any. Everything I love Jere on I have two questions but I can only ask one you want to TV question. Or the Cheaney question. Must what are you have wanna be so let's go Cheney. Are what's the toughest military Alex. Easily. Number one number one and they go absolutely. One looked over the soul in this world. Yes right there at all. Basic right into the way and and that does not 480 yard or works it is you're never. You you take bogey any day of the week on hole number one chi. Yes then and you're happy with that all right it's your return to turn the tables and ask us to a question. This same question for both of you how we can both answered yeah that's kind of what we prefer. So you guys you guys are baseball guys. And Little League World Series is on right now. And I'm wondering what you were. Best father's son baseball memory uses. Yikes. My best father son baseball memory is my personal best memory is coaching Jeff. With the U with two tough cyclones the course that's. Absolutely period of four years if you want a singular moment. It's. It's just watching Jeff. Run fast. He would he somehow was able to run fast something I've never been able to do. And I just I I often thank the mailman for that. Yes it. You're not only think about in your life now never what about you for me probably just the road trips planned spades hang in now with. The other players. The end about mail room solid than those remains Ryan driving with the missing in the Eagles songs on the way it was market. That's held eagle thing happened you're driving to hit it know the Eagles was way before that led the Eagles thing happened win. Jeff was two years old. And we dropped him off with my parents and they have a little turntable at the time and was fascinated by the turntable. And we put on the Eagles records and he just stand there peering over the edge of the turntable. Watching the record go round and round. And hearing the Eagles. Hypnotized at I was that's absolutely what happened. Well I had pictured in my brain that you guys are driving the Flint hills. In the station wagon pulled baseball equipment out jamming up the Eagles. Although close pretty close Jarrett is saws the pleasure. We that we love you and and congratulations on a good career and a good life and Chaney and will catch up soon. Under heated I'm a little thank you Jeremy got to get out there and play golf we talk about this all the time when I'm not a I'm I'm not young enough to just be talking about things I'd rather I don't act on fact I'd rather go to a liquor store finalized at this scale poll yesterday. What's trip sounds most appealing 420. Votes were cast. 39%. Say cruised to the Caribbean. Thirty sevenths percent say cruise to Alaska only 24%. Think drive through Montana. There's another poll out today as fat Bob loops at. Participate in the polls are sponsored by Cenveo HR oh.