Kicking Around Soccer & The 2018 World Cup

The Drive
Wednesday, July 11th
A discourse on the World Cup and soccer as a sport in the U.S. overall.

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This is good for. Colin. Hello everybody welcome to the show today at the winds led this on the drive okay if they trailed Bob loops. And Jeff loops are what you until 6 o'clock tonight we will have or fourth round game in the World Series of faceoff. Coming up starting around 420 or so. Let's get to those matchups let's tell our listeners that careless here they are airport Tony Kyle copy. Other one seed for somewhat wired and as the ever played before he may need to advance deep last series a nice player growing up. I wouldn't be seated in one. Know we'll see you either have I am very well TJ James the eighth seed. We've had an eight seed when. We had a seventh seed when we how to succeed when hell in a five seed when yesterday. There you want to three and four all off nice job now it happened some but doesn't it another tablet when you do the bracket next year. That is a terrible job at Breyer and thorough all these no nothing's and then the first that we had a 765. And one win. So we have one top four seeds have great matches straight back. Crazy yeah a new blood go well we called bad thing eating well I I don't wanna below hi theme this year. I don't think it matters. Nobody knows anyway. We have 11 seed left a note to sleeve notes to receive a no foresees. Crazy. I've got another word for it up for that again you can do the bracket. At four point cop copy TJ jams at 444. Seed Chad Baltimore. Against the five seed Jo bot. At five point 83 seed Jordan Bolick. Against succeeds Steve stop forgetting. That a pentagon at it's at 540 today the number two seed Derek show Scotty. Against the seventh seed in this. Bracket John Levy. The latest silicon I don't think there's any at the end up some of the user to be a really doesn't have one. Then we have then get really though he doesn't have any at the end of his days. That's not how I wrote that down was last name misspelled you wrote it not car glamorizing. It's not his fault the you're wrong again no I'm not a right. Yesterday. Blake grass Muslim a five seed knocked off last year's runner up Chris marker. Jeff Moore and Jay Frye also moved on tomorrow our final 41 round matches. Will take a day off Friday it will get back to it with the round of sixteen matches on Monday and Tuesday of next week. Then we move on the side pockets. Wednesday and Thursday for the quarterfinal semi finals and finals under the lights. Outside pockets corner of Kellogg and Tyler hope you come out and say yes that's next Wednesday and. Yeah they better. Think that's something to say that sentencing now Fletcher challenge today I don't want to do. You you come in there every today. And you wait for me to set the agenda. No I don't know yet to do is tell me the agenda I don't have cut ten minutes before the show that's fighting you get to contribute to the agenda since when. Did you watch any of the World Cup match no fleas. I watched Tommy and I senator Washington for a little bit not in Sewell on the twins and royals. Good because that match went extra time I don't understand soccer why when Croatia scored. What why wasn't that sudden death. Not Sunday at the coming out war not overtime at how did you decide how much extra time and there you do it based on how many delays there were in the game how much the injury time there will hello why they feign all these injuries. Potentially ask to get to get panel leases. Rewards and I'll let you know what are you know about the game know I've covered so much soccer have you really high school. Now let's some other on the violence in there earlier reincarnation. That thing I don't know if I wanted to just get down here and and slams soccer. But I know a lot of people like and I know a lot of parents have their kids playing it. And I'm an old guy. But isn't this isn't gonna overtake baseball popularity in the United States. Most I've read a story about today of course the under thirty crowd in the United States. I don't know a single principle would have you believe. That there are more and the soccer than they are base well that's too bad for them but you just market you don't you don't do any thing. What am I supposed to do. Talk about a day ago and started baseball league whose inner city children to me what he admitted that you're supposed to worry about these things why don't why when I worry about it who cares. I care why because I don't want soccer to overtake baseball popularity. But what would you worry about that I'd worry about it Danielle. This is going to be me today Dan earlier on this Shelley. You're wrong about expert target for there's little. Indication here tonight. It's like repeat that Daniel. I repeat that please. After the nine illiterate like regular permit barker. Broker. Thirty what are they are. There Herbert you're like record I'm mark and I want to know the game this time and I I didn't watch it or Sierra OK when we get past the group very. Look out you're our winner art predicted year record or low point though that go to do over and all that. It could college. And I. There Daniel is soccer overtaking based on how old you first of all Daniel. I'm 33 okay so you're right on that cut line decider. I don't think that there overtake in all. He is thirty why didn't at all barker explained it to an old man because I've watched some of this game today. They sat around midfield pass the ball around for that could. And and I that's not what Greg did. Like I you have on it this state Stockard at the end and not about a particular. In Europe little white Eric Emma barker and at all but the lack of either. Ordered it ought not a bit more. I don't they remember. Armed with space you can orbit ordered a bit of the coverage if they're out immediately or more when they're. And not satisfied with the explanation. But I'll I'll go to explanation do you need. Why it's popular. That's played under I don't know because there is elite players in in leagues across the meat and across the globe. There's elite players enough and so although there's no great baseball players in Germany right now they're zero they're not a detail is a game over that I don't know maybe they I have more they play they play soccer that's why in Germany. You think you have all the answers. But I you ask the question and he should expect that I have the hand there and watch soccer soccer is gaining popularity. It's a good sport for kids. Because a parent can take their kid to the game and let compliant. Then at the end of the game. Yes you can now they did. Abbott no parent likes being a soccer parent that is I thought I find 5% of parents enjoy adding a soccer one kid's scores still are subtle and go home and everybody played well. In baseball you strike out four times you notice that. In basketball you miss doesn't grow you notice that at the very but lawyers fumble you notice that what do you do and soccer to be. A goat. Whiff. I don't know but at. Travis your next. I'm already floated. Hey Leon Powell lead Travis. I'm Tony 71 year coaches. I love you try to maybe you should know that this. Well sold probably about soccer. I I'd personally like soccer because I have a cellphone in my pocket. And between every pitch I'm gonna pull out myself government says it. And I'm not march in baseball at all times but. If you understand the game of soccer just like you understand the game of hockey gear watch and a player you're seeing him make a run it in and position themselves. But in baseball at my favorite players have right fielder. Under ten and their Watson are guys stand in right field per. Corny Q Tony seven out of every game. And I you know longer coach the only thing in her arms are getting we've we've been we love you. Okay. I guess I guess that's the decent explanation I got this like baseball I heard something always happening even when it looks like it doesn't. But he got in is happening with the right fielder all the time. The other is in where's he positioned as the deep busy shallow as he toward the line. Who cares but I saw one we want to have a hair off. Yeah that's it that's intricacies of the game that fans don't care about of course they don't care whether right fielder they do fans and yeah I think. There's going to be 40000 Busch Stadium that variety and I have the right they'll play in shallow. Right fielder needs to move move over us up now at the right fielders playing shallow and toward the lineup that they notice that I met that goes into a strategy and how batters Pittston. Come on now is that these guys that Eleanor Alter today elementary things about the sport you claim to love fellow bill. They're paid. My personal debt or maybe a period blog audio. Content and talk a little bit more. Okay them innovate in order and Internet not Twitter at all out of the world become a lot smaller. You know look forward to percolate gem and Fokker worldwide sport I'd bring kids nowadays are truly in the thing worldwide there mark should I eat but worldwide. And conquered the world court order not to go to my guess that. And I that's a decent theory. Knight who whom might disagree. The question today a world in the seventh see he questioned today on the Twitter pulled a quickie poll sponsored by Cenveo AI HR oh. He can get to these polls are following at KFH radio on Twitter. Are you don't watch a World Cup final between Croatia and France are not simple. Were early in the poll 55%. Say you bet she'll 45%. Say no chance. Where you know chance. Why oh why don't I'm not interest it. Would be this simple little did that it's for the pits for all the marbles. And it's for the marvels for the latest that you guys play it. Maybe one of England little wonder that no no chance though no no allegiance to our our former. Family members and England become family members what about Canada that they think I tried to kill us in two wars. I only candidate ever played in the World Cup. Here's John John you're on the show we did. There are guys out there are. I'm good you are right it was almost soccer parent I absolutely loved being a buck pair Maya did split Kurt Kurt it leaguer and now. And I can tell you what might undo the goalie. And no matter how did he display and if you let go a lot shot in the battle of doubt him. So I think probably what baseball did loot too slow post it right. Thought John. Come on there's the shot how many shots on goal were there were at your youth soccer game your most recent youth soccer game. Terry you know I'm sort how many shots on goal were there at tears at your last your son's last game as a goalie who. Say at least according. Well then your defenders are doing a very good job the. Is it exactly you guys that don't want barker were apparent about. It John you couldn't drag me to walk talks are planning about artists don't care who you. It's just so it's just the way it is for me John I'm sorry. Understood also apparent statement about soccer parent we don't go out there want. He says something about soccer apparently I didn't I said most of them don't like soccer. Most like soccer and jab like Aaron you're given a lot of weight stock. Went through that not I talked to made John thanks for the call. We're not here to antagonize John absolutely none they do get Madonna no need to get ruffled. If your kids like soccer more power to them. As long as you get them and other sports do or not who care and I you that you play other you play sports but the kid you don't have to do he can play the cello. Well you play sports you tried sports why does that you learned a lot of lessons and sports. Okay. You don't you have that I think you can learn those lessons anyway and cello he can read. No we can't he can't lie about how to play cello but what don't you learn and cello that you learn in shock gotta be tough not to get up when you're knocked down. Penalties the how to do all those thing. Okay jam me on the show. Our talk about soccer ball or soccer or. That. Actually did so out of law. Every garment Malek yeah. I don't know lark he went out apparently about Andre aren't standard that they like Brett. You were not all that being our political Oreo the guys that are. A lot of color or months ago and a lot of dollars three or four years younger than yours truly maybe are. What else Jim about soccer. Okay. Get out there are Rick chrome and they're not warmer and that are out. Almost got to Greg Barbara never to be deleted and Chilean doctors to order experiment. I'm Maria Martin Biron. But the big thing will not require. More oxygen and or my off. When they're locked in thank. Well there aren't an in incredible shape I will give you that Jim. Gloria tiger our crew that where they got all violent at all I mean I can't agree on Saturday. Back or get. Dumber little soccer Earl Clark let out a place right now distort the art or lonely guy like me. There are probably hitting them it's great that they've recruited but you know whether impose what sort. Thank you Jim as always good com appreciate hearing from Jim Jason you're on the drive. Garrett thank you take a call hey Barbara that's what you're big win. Not a big wingspan my wife close I I would go out there I didn't know over at the time. That I went to several wings games it was. There were fine. Tactic that is credit to date for a while back where talked about Al are bad guys there's a spec a lot of history. Thanks for the call. I we appreciate it we'll de Phillip flows the general manager of the length that one point he was. I think when nick pulled that the now that don't mean to Dave thought I'd love day. Dave knows that you lot think he can take a joke. I at an. Garrett but yeah I grew up and made all my English or. And I I'd argue that might already altered and all. All of I didn't go blank on the gain. An ancient saying how a baseball like all right. He's got to get in Indy but I have yet to have a mask or. And again each other entertainment crowd. And Cho at my expense. It's a little more only were the pinning thanks for the call. That got it. Ketchup and mustard. Police are about the hot dog race. This fun and there's nothing wrong that. Baseball's greatest game ever invented in my opinion Marty you're next on the drive. I guess any. It is your first caller. Daniel bad. Hey Marty good. Inaugural ball which cut bait bait ball and basketball and so I'm not sure where where it got crossbow that'd here in part become a soccer but that's bizarre isn't it. Yeah I won't Wear well a lot of we're aware. But my engineer brands are firm from Ireland and then in. And the UK and there always clamoring about baseball in that it's a good way to take a nap. And I do comeback that they you know a real at weakening the united five mile an hour breaking ball. And the regional soccer so popular over here for the long is you give a place Saturday morning to go out and drop off the kids so they don't shop. It's only work there if they can delete their what they're the bad. But I yet it's it's kind of funny ran off at times. I dom would view Marty and I feel bad for you I'm sure Daniels a wonderful kid that. Obviously miss guy Marty Marty forgo women be shop in China. I'm sorry that then that's fine thanks for the call. If you're terrible yet you cannot stop a woman from shopped him anyways nobody knows what that means they did you know I don't comedy you know. Are you serious and Max you everything you did professor nobody know the old folks don't. Nobody knows people my people now shot you're on the drive. They Bob under the sign of relief you end and kept on its stock that they can send many years ago I. Thought. I think more than they did this spot or as if it's something you can get it do it. Activities. And they picked up it'll cost that's multiple cat the band if you look at the lineup on board. I'll. People wouldn't let it let them on the bet that the Motrin that catalyst. Ineptitude. And people that's bad. And you can play you can get those soccer ball and net play soccer it's it's an easy. Accessible sport I get that. Yeah up to be good barrier spend it because all the players about it. They had it first and it but we thought it sounded like an accident. The other golden in the armed men were at least it out in the down quite a bit. Poppy to actually happening on the Atlantic eagle belt that I hope they get the right field their field. End and it felt a spot to popularity but yet after every play and they won't let it operates. He got 13 one a puddle and got so that aspect. Banks. Well there is a no huddle now. Keaton you get the final say in this segment puts up. I have begun to have had a quick thought on that there's a lot of people quality got an eight on soccer and they know what it. Heard earlier this week you did on Jim Roemer the BH show at the net only shape Egypt in one Marie. Only poll that many viewers total as the first round World Cup game just one game ordered up on that and. We'll watch and across the globe. There watching the World Cup. All over the world are not watching baseball. In Croatia. This detective if you check the ratings in the United States that'll be a little different. I was told that was just the US number. That outlook that was well there's no line there's no way. You want to look bad up high thanks I look at that. Let's take a break back in a moment to play the world's third the faceoff first round game. It's Kyle coffee against TJ Jane Jane we picked the categories randomly. And we got force up to go to hit today. Say whether. World's third offense up next on the drive.