Khalil Mack traded from the Raiders to the Bears

Sports Daily
Tuesday, September 4th
Why would the Raiders trade Mack to the Bears? Sporting News’ Vinnie Iyer joins Sports Daily to discuss the trade and the first week of the NFL season that’s coming up on Thursday.

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As we mentioned they. That's locker room hotline can get a workout here on sports daily here on a Tuesday. Happy Tuesday everybody Shane ministers hurdle with the U. Ground portrait of kids page. Cut down days were this past week ended in the NFL also bring in the sporting news penny higher friend of the show. The morning Vinny at finally football week. The guys just told you'll start with your opinions are your thoughts said that the elephant in the room. Most recently the trading of the raiders. To the bears. Of coal oil Mac a lot of a lot of layers to peel back on this onion but just give me your overall general feel about why. Is this a good move. What did you think of the blue Mac trade to the bears. Well yeah we'll start there are some of the things we have probably pick written there I know some people might look at the cost overall but. If you don't know what you're gonna get the printer cursor up there and have a light as an example of what you could get a decrease compares. Sam and be very despondent about it and you have. Move the players that in his prime that can change your defense. Allowed them to do many different things they're guarded I'm pretty talented group there so. The division where you have. Three very talented quarterback it was a necessity and other cost structure about bubbles so they're five that was a good move aggressive on their part. On the other kind of thing you wonder if the raiders are doing you look at. I think an underrated thing that happened there as well they. Cut Mario Edwards who defensive end. They have high hopes for Florida State is two years ago so they're trying to do things done group play a lot of guys that are there know Michael Crabtree is gone. A lot of ties that they were doing things live a couple years ago winning games. He's like he wants to win his own way and not try to look back 2016. Brother try to build a different type of team for 2000. What is is Reggie McKenzie just land down form I mean if she got all the power Jon Gruden. But I think we need here to duplicate your comments where you didn't think they're gonna have to traded to a Mac court. Go back to middle class he's analysts. That discriminate we just have to get with the they represented too so for that particular business here. Every other 2014. Tactic you've met crap statin therapy look at Udoka computer look at Mike Evans grievously. In what they're Donald now. Everybody else is doing their Beatles is the only team that kind of resistance remembers actually. What the player that arguably his perspective but I Donald political oh when you look at all. It is buried at scratching and it seems. There you one person controlling everything there in Oakland now. He going to have to live with the consequences which it'll be good and torque. Many when you go from nine ED UC 253 in one fell swoop and actually 63 because you're developing a ten man practice squad. But it underscores how few jobs in the NFL are really open. But inevitably every cut down. Time of the year. Gives you at least a couple of surprises what we're that the weather things on Saturday as you looked around the league. That at least meiji you do a double take when there anything that have rose to that level. Why didn't you looking at how they quarterback they're moving teams are given up pretty easily on guys put it swept the giants this. You last year were put those regularly groomed mile a minute that they're just not you are there grouping there way to give a parent. It started as hawks see them refused to get a bigger deal in those six million look like you can start both local rookie. Then he hurt himself to look at all of them were being tricked creditor so. The a lot of movement there the backup quarterback and he's extra couple madam. Seeing with the injuries last year to Aaron Rodgers and Matt Carson went one worked out really well. One did not but we'll lineup we'll get back up there are so public is that in the big. With other picks. It's not a private developers are paired them first round pick this morning ball or cut. They took lest he shouldn't know overall these teens admit that guys not buying an early. And under after created and someone else that's gonna quote suck up the team. Many are from sporting news joining us talking NFL. He's also fancy writer. For the sporting news I have a fantasy question for you in just a minute but before we get off the cuts of any. This may seem like a little thing and maybe I'm football geek in that way but. How the cowboys cut the second most accurate kicker in the NFL Dan Bailey was a money thing and if it was. Well they better be sure on the ticket they kept out. Yeah he's cute a lot then in the NFL now reliable. Have done for years sudden. Teams decide to go to the third correction we've seen that would ponders their. Very often in the wee bit early look at for the bargain paying for their buck about possession of at some point when you have a reliable kicker almost booked us into trouble later it is when the teams are willing to pay for them to materialize we don't wanna pay as much work it here. And we can get the same possibly out of someone else them. I think there's that but these guys to replace the boy and a if you can find one undrafted guys do the job I level you figured out by another woman. You are just bring up a little bit of money and that's what happened with a lovely Kate yeah. That's what we're getting used to learning a lot of new ticker the bunker observer to. You know you wonder sometimes Vinny where. This franchise is really are with their personnel I think the chiefs have been. A really good example questions going in about their defense. Have been followed up by there. Acquisition of town their plucking guys off of rosters. And their they're taken some flyers on guys trying to prop up. Well what it appears to be he's a fairly. That bad sense for where they are defensively or is that what we're reading from Kansas City right now in the way that they're kind of trying to bring guys in right now prop this thing up. There. Women when you lose. Like they're and I know. They're still the diminished released the leader is getting used to being there are getting near one of the replacement. Marcus Spears does that dynamic. Play making ability gambling peerless systems secondary. You're gonna take a bit here that you're not sure what you gonna get from the chiefs defense women one thing. Been a struggle is getting him out takeaways than that. Stacked and I think that could still be a typical problem here this season so I think the senate piece together as many being picked camp right now to keep them from. Being just two totally ripped apart by a run and pass and I are going to be difficult. But and that really. Important because they think the defense and that the struggle there are going to respect back home because he's going to be a lot of positions where he's predictably throwing him I didn't teed off on. Jimmy G and say in San Francisco. Was gonna have pretty good security like I feel like injured McKinnon. Had he stayed healthy but he blew out he's done for the year. But what the 49ers due to soften that blow in and who were the running back who's the running back quarterbacks. That will pick up the slack for McCain and injury. But I think you look at the 49ers and that we have a system like that and really it. Right now the systems that work the middle Mike Shanahan realm or culture and system and then you look at Denver as well you can plug in a lot of guys now for more we go. Became the lead to do you really productive use sitting out there and assigned him. Just in case with Matt read and that McKinnon dealing with another injury at the time portraits he turned outlook pretty good so he can run in that system. They expect reader to stay in the same role there about. Be a little bit of a change of pace there that get some good touches so I don't think it hurt them as much as people might think because. We've McCann who is going to be the real the issue all year they needed mature Scott Morse there are so they're little it has been for different reasons that I think it's gonna work out okay. When you look overall their committee. Video ire from sporting news talking NFL with us we'll get too little fantasy. As well Vinnie most intriguing. Team for you out there I mean we we know the usual suspects in and we generally set our watches to them. Gimme gimme something rather that navy's flying a little under the radar and that your approach particularly intrigued about as the season gets ready to get going on Thursday. Well what team I just can't figure out and I go back and forth and ended up in the middle around 500 Broncos looked. I'm starting to light a little bit more what I hear bow out of a scoping you can be tough to read our book directly. What you gonna get from case scheme and extended. Playing time passing and still rather limited in terms of the weapons but as the mall Berk receivers that are looked the other progressives but. Running game could be potentially much better the defense. Party scholar at the brother child there so the team that made me have been in the underestimating the little but it's going to be tough. But the charters being the best team that division but I think we will be hit the the wild card spot the Pope but the bottom is really opened really spoke of a bar but they exploited it could be preteen Soviets he saw out but. I didn't really see that the Broncos are going to be in that mix of this year or so what will be interesting who's going to be that extra team premiere speaker I think. That beard he had a lot more opportunities for teams to rise urged PNC which pretty top Serbian you could be a very good team be left out of plows that are. Sporting news many are talking NFL with a here on sports daily on the kind of got a test locker room hotline. Play beyond bell has not reported yet to the Steelers and it's game week his teammates are. Totally surprised and don't seem to be. Worried at all as a fantasy standpoint or a real life standpoint. Your level of concern about lay beyond bell not being in camp just yet. And if you had number 12 or three pick in your fantasy draft would you go ahead and draft him with confidence. The army I would but I don't make tricky games Connor to. Connors quietly had a very good are you than you do not just power back that they saw University of Pittsburgh I think he's. Idled more agility lost all the way. So if they need to roll it seems Conner I think their work at this point of there are often compliant and their passing game weapons of about that they have. Games Carter is going to be pretty darn good in that system in there and produce so having this life. Achieved this year odious clear. And so called and Cutler played with them John Kelly the rookie year behind Todd Gurley chase and other rookie. They're behind David Johnson and commerce second year player as a way to go get those guys because. These seem to be important. Having a strong back that they can plug in their lead there's a reason why those teams that draft post up players are. Final question for you Vinnie from sporting news. Join us here on sports daily Vinny ire from sporting news been what your level of confidence in nick foals and how Long Will he be a place holder in Philadelphia windy when you think they're Carson went to gonna come back. I think you have to have. Pretty good confidence in the polls I don't think mr. earlier in week one without ultra appropriate placement falcons beat where those two teams split a battle of attrition in the divisional play sore arm and expect much score and so. It's going to be a bit of a grinding game four bit old to get through. There early. And well but really it was built to last couple games w.'s kind of cool. Before that not taking over who went so give optical player unit and tortured and expect. He could be a halt same level quarterback and one game can look court. The guy that should be benched her room he's in another so. That the top they're letting with a stop in a tough defense. Week one short week I think it's going to be tough for both teams to get too much going off that we have I can't. Appreciates time Vinny enjoy this weekend thanks to dopamine. You have many ire from sporting news to again if you have missed him on this show before he's been on jeopardy. So when you hear Vinny iris coming on the show. And you want and oh yeah I'm gonna get priority the guy's been on jeopardy Democrat. Hillary go into it and I mean. How do you do what jeopardy TI yeah I'll get to the second day I gonna say he's he won but I don't just the fact animated on jeopardy I'm not an impressive and is pretty cool now. Yeah I saw this Eagles and the falcons coming up on Thursday and then off we go. Chiefs of course taken on the chargers. On the left coast who talked. Dan Israel about twenty minutes from now as for the chiefs chat every Tuesday he'll drop by from. He's radio network and it ten point five talk to the one and only Adam chapter and ESPN. She's NFL insider as a memoir out today I think you'll find that. Very very fascinating visit with the academy chapters. Via Twitter question is one of the most popular and she knew HR history. And I thought I was just really Vanilla but. People who came on and we'll tell you what it is and I can vote. When we come back cinema as young sports there.