Kenley Jansen of Dodgers hospitalized with irregular heartbeat

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Friday, August 10th
Jansen is expected to miss about a month as he goes through treatment for his irregular heartbeat. In other pitching news, the Oakland A’s acquired closer Fernando Rodney from the Minnesota Twins.

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Out of oil and got to Obama. Home current partner for this is we should talk sports then. Bruce hurdle and shame Denis school Sports Radio he gave 12:40 AM 975 FM. All right is we roll into our number two let's check and see what we have on tap courtesy of our friends at side pocket sized pockets corner. But Kellogg and Tyler are aware it's Friday. And here's what's on tap at side puck. It's your choice. They quarter pound hamburger cheeseburger with Fries for 595 or specialty burger with Fries for 650. That's today at side pockets core Kellogg in Tyler. What's on tap later on tonight to royals and cardinals open up a three game series at Kansas City on air right here on KF 8630. First Pitt's seven fifteen. Tomorrow. Same two teams at 615. Preceded that kid on camp page by the nationals in the cubs. And then the nationals cubs royals cardinals flip flop on Sunday as far as airtime. Here on care pitch what's on tap out of the NBC World Series since then there were four. Tonight at 7 o'clock Santa Barbara forresters San Antonio angels. To follow the Wellington heat and the ju co national team two winners. Will collide Saturday night that Lawrence Dumont stadium. To determine the 84 in BC World Series championship. And a huge fireworks extravaganza. Immediately after the game so head on out there Saturday night. See him crowned a champion and haven't on the field party at the end of the game. With a concert from big fat but celebrate 84 years baseball. At LB yes there's some breaking news. A couple of different closers. In Major League Baseball are in the news. Can only Jansen the dodgers' closer is expected to miss about a month. With an irregular heartbeat this just within the last twenty minutes come across the wire. He was taken to hospital before Thursday's game with the Rockies. And Dave Roberts said after the game that Janssen was that team hotel earlier in the day and didn't feel all right called the trainer. Took him to a hospital. And he is going to be out approximately a month. The Dodgers. In his stead used Scott Alexander on Thursday. Killing chances tied for the National League lead with 32 saves this season. It's been a month I'll pay eight spent a month on the DL in 2011. Because of blood thinning medication. That he was taking to treat an irregular heartbeat. 2012. He was also out after suffering. The same symptoms. Oddly enough in Colorado I was back in 2012. Annual underwent a procedure on his heart. In October of 2012 to return it to normal rhythm. Dang he feel bad for the Dodgers but man that's scary for Kim Lee Janzen. So they're gonna there are gonna shelled him for awhile the kind of trying to figure that figure it out and fix it again. On the field news though the Oakland eighties who already have a the lockdown bullpen have just acquired Fernando Rodney from the Minnesota Twins. I'm Rodney three inch cut to a 25 saves this year. They've already DA's have acquired. Mets closer juries Familia. To go along with the Blake train and the kid from Kansas is having such a great year. And Lou Trevino setup guys so now they've got basically four guys down the Oakland bullpen. The tried to make a run at the second wildcard so there's. Europe today on a couple of closers. That are on the move one for the better and certainly one for not of course. Gathered 21 games over 500. 21 games over 500 they're two and a half clear of Seattle. Right now and essentially what a three team race for the wild card yankees Oakland Seattle at least at this point. Yeah yankees and Oakland you know if the season ended today young man now. Then Seattle and that's coming here. Tax debt that it. That sit nationally he got a whole budget team that nationally the fund one. But yeah yeah days to strand. Keep the Mariners sit there arm's length and they choir Fernando Rodney who still get it done. At 41 quick check it out he PGA championship scoreboard. Kevin kids nerds at four under through seven. But Gary Woodland. That is the leader at eight under through eight holes he's two under today. He's played eight but Kevin Kissinger charging up the boarding 400 today gained at seven under for the tournament. Q is there all alone in second place Brandon stone from South Africa one under through twelve. Is five under Francesco Molinari Italian sleep on him is three under through eight he's up to minus five. For determined as well Adam Scott four under on the day he four under for the tournament. We'll check back in with those guys. In just a little bit. Coming up about twenty minutes from now as Bruce alluded to Tim FitzGerald from group harkat dot com give him up give us an update on his health. And find out what he knows and thinks about five year extension that Bill Snyder got there at Kansas State that would keep him on the sidelines good lord willing. Through his age 83 season. That case state. A couple of things in the world the baseball off the field again about some former players. I want to start with Jayson Werth. First of all. He is. Out of the game although he did play for the Louisville stars. He started this season and AAA. With the Mariners who was it coma hit 206. With four homers in nineteen RBI when he walked away on June 27. Com works and who said he's done with professional baseball. Has kind of gone all Goose Gossage on the the metrics guys. Quote they've got all these super nerds as I call them in the front office that know nothing about baseball. But they like to protect numbers and project our project numbers and project players. I think it's killing the game it's to a point where just put computers out there just put laptops and what have you. Just put them out there and let them play. We don't even need to go out there anymore it's a joke. Congress. Dating unquote. I don't I guess I don't get it either what what's his whole dating it I don't die yet I pet sounds like Bittermann. To me it really does he did it sounds like Bittermann. And it's ridiculous I mean c'mon it's. Fifty games are you really isn't already disgusted said this in 2016. I understood he's an old guy and he hates new school stuff and it costs during his rant that was funny and you know goose is kind of a bad ass anyway thing like and he can shaky system the way days because now he wants to these are all Famer. But. Jayson Werth I mean he. He went he kind of doubled down and kept going said quote when they come down those kids from MIT or Stanford or Harvard wherever they're from they've never played baseball on their life. When they come down and talk about stuff like shifts should I just bonded over there they're like no don't do that we watched we don't want you to do that we want you know homer. It's just not baseball to me unquote. How let it sit. That's fine and it's. It's EI I guess it's easy for him to say being on the outside of the game. Needs he's earned it I mean it's they would everyone yes no yes he certainly had a fifteen year bigger. I just a prize Darren says it has all. I think the theirs. I I think that there's probably some. Point and counterpoint. From the old wave in the new wave of baseball. That's going on right now but I think that there are some grumpy old guys. And I would consider myself in that group. That Mike became better. The way that it was what ever was it's always evolved I mean there was a time when it. There was no DH for goodness sakes I mean. Can mean the game is a vault that things have happened. Now we just had a tendency to fall into metrics but there are some forms of metrics. Com that are much more valuable. And that debunked to some degree. Some of the old tried and true we talked about it tumbled one of them yesterday wins and losses for a pitcher is not an accurate. Statistical measurement of how good that pitcher Dennis. Yeah we get I think we can strike a balance somehow. Sure you can't I mean I thought I wonder if Jayson Werth or Goose Gossage for that matter would think that wins and losses are still really important for pitcher. You know that's fine let's find a baseline has started a baseline and and then we can work her way up. Wirth thinks the game is boring now. And you're turning players into robots and I'm paraphrasing here let's reset three thanks. But that there's so there is a very strong. Emphasis right now. Line. Hitting home runs. Am I mean that's. That's what the metrics indicate to some degree I mean there's nuances in the metrics. But overall I mean he's in that basically what we take from. An eighteen inning game out I mean when's the last time that you watched or listened to a game. That there wasn't some form of reference to. Eight students to the new metrics of baseball and now that it's in every damn game you can't you can't watch the game monotony gets in every game every game launching angle exit speed she. Shifts mean it these are this is this is the new way I'll leave it to everyone is individual interpretation weathered me it's making the game. Good batter in different. I don't know I love it when a shift gets beaten welfare to me that it that's fine. But I can also understand. What worth calls the nerds who say okay. Beat the shift if you want to but the guy coming up next is gonna have to get up give give a base hit. Just to get it to score Iran. Yet again that you may have beaten this yet but all you did was get on base and move a guy up ninety feet where your job well or technically. It would be hanging driving meant getting meant well it's now would need another valued. Its devalued in any way. The importance of just getting runners on base yes. Although that is that's the good that's where you start you want guys on base but once they are. Look you won drive meant I wonder if they if Jayson Werth who would think. Baseball is boring or that the more than the game is getting ruined by everybody through 197 miles an hour below their feed their ego yeah no question. Right that you want media you wanna just hit it the other way. And we do you want us just to play you straight out and then you get. David Murphy to second base but you're leave two Bryce Harper to drive in Iran. While oh by the way your face a lefty throwing 97. You must just play straight up and you know with. Everybody that throws flames nowadays. And is that run in the game to. 55 believers down there in the bullpen ready to throw 99200. Each Shia. Exact I'm not gonna leave them down there I'm not gonna just leave my start earned if they issue because that's always used to be. Well of course you know kind of both right he can't. You know can't be kicking needed to when it comes to new school way I think and because it's specialized bullpen to part of it. So. And that's exactly right now. Part of that has led to. Longer gains. And sure Lou it loops back to the contention the overall contention of the games more boring than it used to be that well is it. If it takes longer does it necessarily make it more boring thank you and I are here it doesn't make it boring it just makes it longer. I mean you know I if you got if you've gotten someone roll in out of the bullpen that's gonna throw 96. In a situation with runners on base in a one run game if it takes me a few extra minutes to get there I'm still looking forward to the match up from. And so I'm too mean nothing changes I mean I love a close game and a and a tennis clothes are coming in and in. You know I'm not that that doesn't bother me that I'm all good with that because there's great drama in that. It may take a little longer to get there the waiting game is played now I guess that that's a that maybe that's a legitimate concern. Which is still end up getting to some drama. So I don't know it's gonna take people with digger. At I don't know did the did it if there are problems in the game right now. I usually start grumbling when games get into the three hour and 45 minute range I'll admit. That that seems a little long to me. I hate it when Wichita State plays at three. That take my whatever to play but yet like apple like you said that mean if born but the odds are just as not belonging is like anybody else I'd rather happen in 2.5 to the to staff and not gonna know I'm I'm with him but but I don't know I mean metrics aren't they're not gone away now in the nerves aren't going away. And you know what it's taken a YO. I mean think about Billy Beane and if if we're gonna you know Trace the the Genesis of this back to Billy Beane and that form of Saber metrics. In baseball. Think how long it's taken for Major League Baseball to really get there you know mistakenly it's taken a while long time. You know. Then and there were some teams Theo Epstein and in Boston. Wasn't it was much more willing to give that a listen there were some franchise is kind ahead of the curve on it. Com. And like I said I'll leave it to each and every one out there determine whether it's a good thing or bad thing. We're fuel run and a baseball team if it's something really that you would pay attention to. Well hell everybody's got to metrics guy now. And most teams have two or three up. So netstat that I mean that's not going away that's baseball skit that that's how baseball is going to change now you know will continue to change. So. Another former player making some news. Former Major League pitcher and outfielder Rick Ankiel confirmed on Monday he plans to train for potential return to baseball in 2000 in nineteen. Fifty prior to the cardinals game against the Marlins on fox sports midwest. Ankiel cities looking to come back as a reliever. Quote. When you take a look at baseball the game is swung back around my style of pitching talk about the big curve ball the fastballs up. I feel like why not come back as a lefty reliever and put one more chapter on the book and quote. On one hand our two on the on one handles things or more power to him because he went on to talk about his kids never saw him pitch. So if you give up you know clearly for that as selfish as that may sound I go for. And by all means. But. He has so many. Pitching demons. All my goodness absolute that are six inches between his ears. I wish and that's the luck because he had he's bull Durham with the with. They just a little bit outside I mean you know he's right he's a guy they can't find the zone did you read his book by the way well I read enough of it to know that he had done. Alter his state of mind just to go out there and function. It it was pretty interesting from a psychological standpoint and study it was pretty interesting. It took you to listen today and what he tried to deal was. To try to stay in the game and and team you know we know all about the changing your position in this that the other thing that he felt he dealt with the time so there's a part of me that says okay. But let's I mean I even if it's been extended spring training I'd love to see how much he's dealt with. That and has he mastered those demons now because he obviously it was something rather that. Made him change who he was just has a player and a pretty damn good one too might we. Might we had. Well Vietnam lets you forget he was the runner up for the rookie year in 2000 when he was easily done in seven with a 3.5 ERA. That the year's post season though what is when he unravel he walked eleven in four innings. And in game one of the NL VS he threw five wild pitches in one inning. He is currently 39. Last appeared in Major League Baseball game five years ago split down here between the Astros in the Mets took totally forgot about. But he means defied the odds wants. Once he figured out he couldn't throw strikes anymore he became an outfielder and very respectable. 242 was 74 home runs in seven seasons and still obviously. Possessed a tremendous throwing arm which he. I used to his benefit by throwing out runners from the outfield instead of getting guys out from the hill. Hey Matt Holliday is trying to do it at 39. So I mean you know Frontline in the place get him out there and see what you can do what but the act. Had no problem with that. I differ and I still. Will never forget. In Vegas and 99 my last year of organized baseball. The Memphis red birds came in town and he was on that team halftime and almond right field during batting practice shag him. And it was getting toward the end of our BP in getting closer to the beginning of theirs. And of course they were in the first base dugout you know and so they're viewed on the right feline start to play catch get ready for their BP. And I can hear. This snap. And sizzle the ball. In the air you tell people playing catch mind. But this had a different sound like what. His desert scene coming off the ball or is it unraveling here you know could keep it here go on box behind me. Now as Ankiel playing catch. Interest in the ball coming out of his hand. And it sizzling into the glove of worries playing catch with you get here. And now you can Hillary you can hear the ball come by you if it comes bike close enough. But it at different levels it was a different sound coming out Rick Daniel's hand yeah. Yeah I've never heard anything like it before or since I'm sure their players guys you know big leagues with big arms like that but. That was my introduction that Rick Ankiel I'm like who the hell. Interesting yeah. Well it's like guys in BP. You throw your if you if you're just happened to be down on the field and BP is going on and maybe you're not locked into it. But she hero ball being hit and you immediately stop and see who didn't difference out some guys just some guys just square it. And hit it differently. Than other guys it's just the way it is. Non it's it's remarkable. We got two guys on the leaderboard it does PGA or Kevin can you Gary Woodland both feet under. Just five under on the day through peaks so he's kind of magical front side Gary Woodland pain in his can you product. We even when you get a hold pit stop when it's due next. Bills. Niners signed a five year extension that would today get into age 82. Jim FitzGerald a buddy from gulf power's cat dot com. Cancer survivor. And battling against city each and every day you get an update on this fight. Candy remarkable story of Bill Snyder Zach in a moment.