Kansas State football talk with Wyatt Thompson

Sports Daily
Thursday, October 12th

The voice of K-State football, Wyatt Thompson joins Sports Daily to talk about K-State’s loss to Texas and their upcoming game against TCU. K-State’s starting QB Jesse Ertz may start against TCU if he’s healthy enough.


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Wolf. Thursday edition. Verlander in this week you. 9:40 in the morning always good to catch up with Wyatt Thompson one of our favorites the voice of the Kansas State wildcats. Big baseball fan know what what are you take away from the post season so far why it. That a little bit about big theology that. They know that I didn't catch up with you quote. As well yeah saw a quote well all paraphrase as opposed to calling it quote it. I thought Terry Francona said it really well last by every court with a loss but we got out boy. I think this is going to be a very interest in policies I. I don't know how to read that yankees Astros series at all really. But I am anxious to see you should be a lot of thought. Yep absolutely I agree me out during much so very much so all right Jesse Kurtz outs. At least for the time being Alex Tilden in TCU coming in with the guiding national ranking. Did you know Gary we know Gary Patterson well enough to know. That this is a game that is front and center in here is up on his radar just the respect that he has more. Bill Snyder coming in. But how much more difficult will this is the without a Jesse you're even playing at home why get. Well it is requested that the I think those simple answer is it will be Topper I don't think there's any doubt in two buses. As we leadership I think you missed his throwing ability. Would accept though I have to be honest and tell you that I was pretty impressed with what Alex did the other night in Austin. Being quoted a type of situation political the first time. David good job running the ball although. It's 79 rushing yards two touchdowns that. And I think what what all happened Saturday is. You know it all gonna come out how well he throws the ball. And I went out they got to applaud and there are certainly some pressure off the ball on to play out just because which it. Doctor Wyatt Thompson that looking back just a little bit before we look forward wired that that Texas game. However give Tom Herman any undue credit or prop him up. Necessarily but did they look different then then did they play different in Texas teams in the past where K state had quite a bit more success. A little bit yeah. It's really a Palestinian president with coach Snyder prior to the game a couple of times last week. He talked a lot chain about how. They have great personnel I think we all understand that but how active they are sponsored by a lot of different looks. Pretty complex. And Christine. Schemes in terms of their blitz packages. At the end of the day what the real differences in the game was well axes it on third down conversions. I'll order takes they performed a bird outburst I think that was a good Carter did it yeah you can point. Aggressor that but I thought that was a good part about. And that that quarterback he'd say what you want but you played really well I. It looked like he'd been there are many times corners just the totality endeavor quite an. More along the bottom and out of them credit on both the -- them to get to sites. That you think the USC game might not have helped him grow up pretty quickly and I think probably dead. Gas hit it and kept that that has attended cedar grove it to grow yup pretty quickly. But it Wyatt I've only been in about a million oppressors with coach over the years and you and I both and and and and I'm not gonna allege any kind of conspiracy theory because coach is about as honest and straightforward. As it gets there is a certain degree of accountability. That coach always puts. On players with in the program. And these are the little things that are part of the building blocks of this program and it's not a little thing it's a big thing when we're talking about. Leadership and I'm not alleging that there isn't leadership. On this football team that would be silly to say. With the veterans that they have. But Iowa asking you to question. Are they getting that kind of leadership that coach expects. Com where guys hold others accountable. Mom and media question comes from trying to figure out how this team with talent that it has can be three and two at this particular point. Or maybe it comes from somewhere else but I'm wondering about your perspective on that. Well will lobby just sabres are. I respect the courts aren't really truly do because one wonders if now. And I think there is some substance to what your talking about I I think we have some some decent leadership on this football game or at least that. My perception other. Are on the other hand I that are just being honest about that I don't know sure that workload built spider would like to have. You know. And I stated that based on really just one. They'll after the game the other night he he went on. We're putting a little while they're about the group we've gotten away from some of the pain that we normally do. It and that's you know every day winning every day Golan wanna know for the week and not getting too far at a ourselves. To me that old little water I'm not sure you probably. Feel sort of. Yes absolutely. Even looking for somebody there to catch a football consistently as you alluded to about an 82 yard touchdown catch from Jesse Kurtz might. Proper guy up a little bit and start him on the scene considering at a 141 yards receiving the previous four games and it's a 128 at Texas right. These 101 of the real big stories of the year I. And and I we're gonna feature and like so many out this week in our credential on Saturday. I told my eyesight art are you surprised that what you're doing you you kind of came out of nowhere is that legitimate. Andy you know I don't need a third or soft war so you've been here is quite special teams really terrific kid. But. I think is pretty pretty typical like yet also today. Oh what a state football is built spotter guys that are overlooked that are better players than Kristi could be at. They don't care that is here of true. And I think I can make this argument Herbert strong I think. It it would Isaiah is Super Bowl Sheldon our best receiver right. He's caught the ball at at any issues with dropped it and he's a good route runner. I think that was pretty telling the other night about 82 yarder Shannon and not. Don't let that guy chasing him was supposed to be faster and yet he went right up but we might yards by the state by dirt spot. And that didn't Bill Snyder allude to that in the post game or something like that now he may be a little faster and we thought and the Dutch name little slower than we thought. Adult Michelle and certainly it. Took that took the spotlight and ran with a literally. Yeah he did not again I think he's really been a nice story. In. To be perfectly blunt. I don't know where they would be without it he's got back. I guess I do appreciate it or you know Al party works. The job he does special teams and am I about how to lead to an opportunity. What some other guys may be. Or not. Achieving at the level that they want to whether B Isaiah character Dominic he or whatever regardless of what the daily breeze and or issue was. You've got to give him credit or take it yeah opportunity indeed taking advantage. Well I mean the bearer for requisite for being a receiver. In the name alone is being able to catch the ball. I rest my case catch sir catch the damn football pretty much is the end of the conversation all right Wyatt. I I UN standards you guys that I trust more than any as it relates to reading this program right now. What's your pulse checked at this particular point I mean I think that it's fair to say. The three and two at this point is probably a little disappointing. You don't throw the baby out with the bath water there are a lot of guys on this. In this program that won a lot of games at Kansas State. Tell me what you're bullish about at this particular point. Well I'm still optimistic. I guess maybe I'd I'd look at it differently than some historian to disappointment of course it. Well I don't think there's any doubt about it. I walked away from the game a national bank in yet all this one was one where at least from my mind. Case it was a better. But they've yet when the game. I don't know what they're that was barely better than taxes. But I thought they played well we're not have a chance and that's what you hope for. Her yeah I ice it now I've and in Korea too has disappointed. But you got the crux of your seat I'm right in front of you here and two unbelievable opportunities and home back to back. Against top fifteen teams. That doesn't happen very. Cute you can take advantage. I don't think there's already people out there that they face statement when both of these games and maybe they won't. But it's just the opportunity. My point is that I'm hopeful that that opportunity. Get these guys cranked up a little bit and hopefully they'll they'll play out at the level that. There really more than capable play. Well absolutely great insight very much appreciated. Give everybody my best why they certainly miss you guys on Saturdays I can tell you that. And go get yourself one this weekend okay. There it goes both ways but dubbed as he would every week about what you do it well great boxy shape equipment that you guys in. Thanks what. I would appreciate theory goes the voice of the wildcats the great player Thompson hasn't been such a marvelous job. Now with that. I don't know. You got TCU coming up this weekend and Oklahoma the week after filming that you do have to really get opportunities. To kind of I don't wanna save rescue your season although I don't know three and two. If you're sitting there looking at three and four then you're going to need a rescue. To your season so this is what it's all about that in a moment.