The Kansas Stars are playing in a tournament in Louisville instead of the NBC

The Drive
Friday, July 27th
The Stars were in the NBC World Series the past two years but a scheduling conflict this year sent them to a different tournament.

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This is good for. I welcome back to drive with Bob and Jeff from KFH radio we are at the NBC World Series of Lawrence Dumont stadium. One game in the books I'm surprised my man Max power hasn't given me an update on the derby my derby twins. Against northwestern Arizona Max once around up there and I love Macs. It's two zip. Might need to know my derby when they're winning absolute not lose Derek it's it's time for jive topic we mentioned. Had to feel like the interview with Jason Brown well pretty well. Why would someone apparently is accuse me of talking fast. You're a little nervous and raising my voice. Octave below are a bit hyper I was not if you were why you had to apologize to infer question you think I didn't apology doesn't corporate and I didn't apologize to Manolo and I apologize finish for nothing derby. While that's outstanding. Because of derby twins attempt to win their eleventh and BC World Series championship. Actually they've never won. Now let's do that they've made a couple of runs back in the early two thousand's I believe I remember they finished third when he hears something like that the name to. From the jail Oxley law along with liberal Hazen dot Citi they're still in the death that's the representation. Quite a few other Kansas teams including the liberal as I mentioned 316 elite. You know lead at 7 o'clock. That 930 tonight. The Mulva and patriots remember last year they had a little that little bit of a run they did play pretty well on this turnover at their back. They will play the Waco Texas. Sultans. Not ones the that the night cap here wants Dumont stadium. At 934 more games tomorrow and Sunday. Pool play in this sixteen team bracket opening week of the World Series the top two teams this week. Will advance to championship week in the NBC World Series cannot will start next Friday night. Kerry go we got. Fun couple weeks ahead right here at Lawrence Dumont stadium. That's that that's what you've got. Did you get a city outside into the haze lot of extra loving gimme some without wings that they're taken up to the press them up. You're so spoil the Catholic but are they taking wings up when our Buffalo Wild Wings come. Get some of that why do they still feed the media at these events let's and I want about don't want to jinx that. Because I'm I've been the beneficiary. Of a lot of free meals and your day of media food throughout my entire career. Why did they do. What are they try what are they trying to. Curry favor well they are there are they doing a little of their humanitarian. They understand that people might be here a while there are also feeding their staff so that's another key element in that. But people might beer while crosses over from like three dinnertime and I remember throwing wild eagle made us actually pay. You walking up. These people have this food put up for yet. And asking them out of my pay for this they don't have a mechanism for that course now so let me get this all awkward and and finally. Fortunately that went away hello I was out of Mal LA it that was later hit it looks. Who listens they say Tom shine worn out trial the media stop to never take freebies. Night and I suppose a media meal. Won't count right now really. Yeah it's everywhere. In the big leagues and as I've I've been in Seattle okay. Yet either have to pay or you just take their hot dogs and pizza basically for free and what they have a dining room at the Kauffman Stadium correct. An and so there's the mechanism to pay there. Now and then and that's all fine and good but I wherever it would be a mechanism I've never but I mean out here there's no mechanism to pay you can't hand a guy card and say okay. Here we go there's no dining area a little different maybe when we get in the stadium up you'll have something like that. Sears still reluctant to buy into that. I didn't say if I set win. That's it when we get in the stadium out here I'm looking forward of that and dived but predictable happened sooner rather than later I don't know the exact timetable but. Hopefully hopefully we'll start to see. Some movement on the in the fairly near future I would expect. Before we turn to the literal definition of false that's like what September 21 we better have some news. Truly mean we better rather imaginative that is not our campaign. On why. Against against watt against these. Good samaritan on this giving the man adolescents and I would never that now cedar run and not back as quickly. You like Dante Hall. Let them not on that. Does that go all the Dante hall of the day was achieved through the first time that is pretty good returner islets. So your run that back like Dante Hall is that good or bad though. I don't know what's his stick with your conviction so of course I will campaign against the mayor but I have some questions. The mayor's out there work and it every single day did you see that. He took questions on channel AS and he's not to talking to citizens. And he's I'm not a guy yeah he's very active I have got no qualms with with mayor along well well. What has I've got what does that tell a target on and off the air. There is they call. Really yeah that he muscle slighted you in some no absolutely not it has nothing to do with me on the island ego maniacal. If you are to some degree if they admit the Merrill text me and I'll tell him. One on one battle he's certainly not listening today. I'm tested he's going to be here visiting his city with us for the first fifth summer without that difficult and I don't know how difficult must be. If you're yankees fan. To see Aaron judge injured so against the royals. Had a call it a little painful I mean seriously. No offense royals I'm a dog you now target the you do when you're good but your terrible. Anyone I guess you're me you meant to be terrible. And delegated it to me this you're just not even competitive in here and here he. I don't know but then you hit errant judge I recognize that's not on purpose but. I don't but when the royals play somebody that I have a pitching machine to avoid that now this is a baseball for three weeks Aaron judge minimum. Who's gonna miss you guys nodding and be able to swing for three weeks so it'll take longer than that I would assume to get him back. Did this and I'm not a yankees guy trust me on that. I I don't care about the Yankees one iota. But it's just it's just it angers me to some degree. But the royals with a team that put this guy out of acts that hurt that we ever get to Jim by the way I see Jim here on the shelf. You know TV question you're not yet here random little can be beat all of my outlook about my boy. Jack O'Donnell dreamliner. Manager. Future. In the end. Are you sure Jack's love them are you sure Jack O'Donnell's not already in the NBC all plan. I'm not I'm not sure probably got a question and then maybe not at. What are what are you probably need to be sure of those thanks Jim before you go. And accuse me of not. Lars that was my question is the amount all of magnet. Well nobody got out circuit here yet it is year right here right and that back like Dante hall and honestly that was that your question that lol you know what I'll have to I'll have to look I don't know that I see that I don't think are real quickly Jack O'Donnell let me let me check for Jack O'Donnell. Of course Jack O'Donnell played for several what's your top teams in the turn on the for a long long time. Again an economic and sixties. And Jack O'Donnell is apparently. Was inducted last year. Into the NBC hall of plan they go there aren't very. Did anything else Jim. Apparently that's that from Jimmy is they had six to seven items. Not only won the area say the NBC hall fans on a good job lately not because I'm on the hall of fame selection committee. But done a good job lately going back and getting some folks from the old days that were probably overlooked. Guys like guilt Carter. Okay what rapid transit dream lives who was said to be able to hit the ball as far as anyone. About four and eighty feet or so he had no problem yes Gil hardly powerful. Individual. Chris Tim Luke ski. From the Kansas State was inducted in 2015. Played for the key nine Alaska peninsula Oilers. Nice. You're an ad to me whether we have Alaska representation that we do not. That is something listen and then everybody knows not feel. It's tough this is a tough turn on the to organize these day capacity. The cost of getting here even with the way they do that now with a bloop bloop. The week ahead of the championship week so not every team has to be here for two weeks it's still expensive to get here. To get wanting to get food. And I think the greatest. Hindrance right now. Is the way College Baseball is the season goes a little bit longer. Coaches aren't as apt to send out their pitchers for summer baseball as they used to be and I think I think we're starting to see that have an effect. We long for the days when the Kansas stars came in signed autographs and donated that money back to the tournament and donated their prize money back to the tournament. That would be helpful. In a year like I think we're over the can't come out over the Kansas star who didn't just say they added this year had a Nick Swisher Johnny Damon Jonathan Papelbon David got a decent look at their roster it's insane who else. Have they played any in little while they play at like three or four days it's of course coincides with the NBC World Series they took a cut at least one team. From the and comedy it's clear how many teams are out there eight. Who are the southern teams they've thing they've brought in the Hattiesburg black Sox never of that team that was here last year. A pretty good story in the early days of the tournament they're now in Louisville quote listen. Good and so does good deal for the those stars either an eighteen turn them. I give that all the albeit good team in that field. No they'll dominated but they're a little bit so Tim Hudson's back chipper Jones and I was able after one year it'll say. Well missiles a bad idea. I doubt it no really that's what will happen and until you can give me the other teams that are in that tournament and move well. Because the belly the that's what are they. Food and Hattiesburg black Hattiesburg black Sox. That can't he was back to that one reason and I love on and they had a nice little run last year in the first week of the tournament that and I've really enjoyed them. But they can't play with the stars who else I'm trying to four candidates we don't have computers out here. I'm going to schedule. This this talking about talk for a minute we've got to. The FC ESL futures. Step. They're the future doesn't look bright but you know maybe that's the best team in the name laughs the Jasper reds Jasper is been here. That the minute they get off the bus. They start to get back on. Collette never won a thing here that the hot town hoppers the hop to outlook operators get. She favorite I think in that term like us who love the sterling express that is that Colorado. Probably. That dramatic about one of the team down play them last year sterling Colorado yeah very first game. Maybe that meant that that's a paths lead next well west chase express. From no idea. Doesn't give that information. And the do you boys county bombers. I mean really not a team that's that Terrell not even though like you know anything about these feet Hobbits of the stars win each game but double digits. Would you like to make that bet right now. Now what does that tournaments start again that it starts on Monday. Sox on Monday well goes through Saturday they will I don't know him have a great set up the Louisville. Is calling bill part of that club. I don't believe so and neither is Nate Robertson on the roster so I thought Cole is gonna go play with them that they that it John Buck as they I'm. As the cats are they still have David Ross. But I'd rather add and hear from them John Buck. Hold on a second what was so we're on the radio right now another fan who will not feel a moment okay. Another fan on my way in will tuck and a man and I'll sign your ball whatever. 8691240. The I got a tab locker room hotline. The Jayson Werth who literally just retired from the big leagues I'm hoping got a haircut that got Corky Miller I know it's not starving he's now for Corky not understand that he's not a star but he played in Louisville long time. There and her raying it they've that they've Rick Ankiel all right he won't fly. He's injured you know it. They're doing the same thing they did their seats Jason Marquis Chris Burke they edit views he's not terrible Kelly Johnson was a good player for awhile. Yeah okay we got Kelly Johnson out here that don't. Nobody in this world. Sitting at home would say honey. I only goes to Kelly Jo that Chris medlock and Marti and I get to these arts superstars that these were legit big leaguers for awhile and that nothing against them their fine. They're good but unless you bring the Clemens. The chipper battle on if stars lose their biggest star chipper. Okay and Johnny Bench is their manager and Tom Browning they're pitching coach. Well Johnny Ventura to run those there is that is name that's the bus to Cincinnati red orbit over there. In Louisville whether they have the triple A team of the red correct kind of ride across the river pretty much yeah that is forgotten art is about an hour and a half two hours. That's fine I'm all ball for the I'm all for the Kansas stars I hope someday they're back here that be nice wouldn't it. By the way are fanned out talking to law enforcement I'm not sure what that could be about that. This could dispute they're looking over on the got to be out here and he made me tired succeed Max you are now my personal security man. This is it is a little nervous this line. In Irving who will make it work let's take a break Tom. I am available for autographs. With the here at the NBC World Series floors Dumont stadium so as Jeff Beck I don't have you ever sign an autograph. Maybe out of Jack Oliver who's with us different KY and Jack you have to share. But he does have Soledad. Hide your listening to the drive we are at Lawrence Dumont stadium opening night of the NBC World Series. We'll be back in a moment.