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Wednesday, May 16th

The Royals lost their fourth straight last night and are sick of losing. Whit Merrifield on the state of the Royals right now:  “Losing sucks. Nobody likes to lose. We’re tired of losing. Guys are showing up, playing hard. Guys are putting in the work. Guys want to win. Losing sucks.”


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Oil shock value on sports daily Jane and Bruce would you go to the cavs locker room hot line it's catch up with our friend Jeffrey Flanagan mlb.com. Fat whammy MLB covers the royals good morning planning are you. Good good hey I wanna talk about the the pitching. And specifically the starting pitching for Kansas City Jake Judas is the only starter with more than one win. And I know I've read your stuff I've seen online that Danny Duffy has just been. A brutal on himself. And really critical. What's the key that you concede Jeffrey to Danny Duffy turnaround is one in five with a 651 ERA and maybe his relationship with. Cal Eldred as opposed to Dave island who is no longer there. But they can do it by new the end of the this entire news since you don't. They've they've tried everything they know he's. He's not from what you know lineup to distract you know these genes are plotting a little bit. And just not been working you know he had all the peace and outing but this is not any LP. Were cut and during that I don't really think the change in pitching coaches. That had much do it that. Knew he had a minor surgery. Q there are pregnant and they'll all out all shook free training to repeat down there the most are. Arm and you've been expecting a big Big Bang this year it could a lot of it all out but. The only thing that kind of point of view is that compared to like maybe 23 years ago and he really emerged as a they tighten up and started nobody is below it not quite what it used to opium we used regularly it. 9598. And can over power better. This year he's been everywhere from 8990. And 93. This horse seamer it could pop up ninety Portman but but I'm but. That there had been a total mystery with them. Obviously might miss stock is is is a guy who watched every single night that if for me it's much more fun watching the solaris and he is. It's day 88 he's becoming a much more mature a much more patient. Hater he's becoming much more of a major leaguer. If there's one guy in the lineup that you got to feel pretty good about that and I know people over. Her fawning over Alex Gordon hitting 275 congratulations. Eric sorry I'll take my tongue out of my cheek now puts the Larry is a guy. It's really fun to watch night in and night out is that in kind of the the one thing that you can say okay we've got that going for us. Cash yeah I mean that the whole season is treatment in predicated on rebuilding the arm it and trimming payroll. You try to restore at the future in the when they're competitive at the end silk. They that you you kind of look for individual breakthroughs in arm don't get traded at my dog on July 31 a lot of people that it is crap all. Although we look you know at the end of July if they can put them. Because the Lamar underperforming but yet but there aren't you juries are the next of this rebuilding indicate that it Vienna expect in the U ominous. On so that. Serbia promised he signed a unit the cropping back Golan ethnic Tampa promised to sign up at the rule by mr. Brett Keller. In the end you know left hander who. Came out of nowhere and put on forty man actors look there's some optimism to huge beat up when he brought. And right up there one thing about butt out or not you need got to remember that ankle Welker. And you beat anybody people can Merck accused them. They depict that was the gold glove outfielder. Donna Jeffrey Flanagan mlb.com. Talking Kansas City Royals they played a day. How 115 the finals a game of the series with the race. I know you guys in Kansas City media Jeffrey. Have a lot of fun with mad he's. Fact Grilli deadpan sarcastic every once in awhile I kind of goes back and forth with you guys you can tell on the on the post came after the the TV games. It's as his demeanor changed any. This year as opposed to the World Series run demeanor in that you know this is a rebuild and to a charge for the playoffs this is probably not common. Yeah I think it would that. During spring training. Losing early era is easy but more relaxed and he would've been like Spain and you and thirteen. Our 2014 when they took some you don't losing spell. I think he can bounce the more he's looking more big picture. And I don't you detention with them. You know he's told me there aren't that are come back next year. And continue to get help that he unity rebuilt it doesn't wanna and over the next manager. I'll put a team that they're not prepared to be competitive so. Reminding you two more years it while he's been enjoying that. Com and Avant on and he does might lose signal manager but. Armed elected to the development of the young guys. Interesting. On Jeffrey Flanagan joining us in a B dot com covers the royals does a damn good job doing it. We all assume. July 31 in the deadline. That the royals are going to be really active it's going it's just him assumption. It is there any chance that we swing and miss on that assumption because there have been times in the past we thought they might be active as well. They ended up not being for one reason or another or is this just an absolute certainty. That this team is going to be and better be active at the trade deadline. I would they have. Certainty because that just the way that humans too much constructed. Do you basically just flip a remote speed got it under retraining. Our rental. Are all one year deal look the last two years. Com Oprah and look this system. Or part two and it winning teams and I think Dayton mortar and net up until the city they'll ban. You know one last glorious run another Tenet Chapin. And remember electorate that deadline. They were the second while I mean and landing in the course well our app annually to be the first place if they get blown out the ship. At that point I think that would have been a disservice to the band aid but. You know to get look at it worked out and it looks bad now. Together some guy who prospects due to it where it got spent giggle but. They were they were there there couldn't even make the vote he didn't make another crime but accused Olympic story. Did you get that and Jon Jay in mind don't want to. And Lucas dude just he brim neither enough oil I players. Not our future there appear to be flipped can you know they're they're they're cool I think the world open that. These that it had a productive enough first half of the season that they can get open forum com do and you don't get that critical right now. Regular disputing goes on the DL who knows how long he'll be out and the royals recall hundred go here. All right is it to settle this forming Jeffrey I would like a good healthy dose of hundred closure first base for the royals see what they have. And yet if everything being equal and channel four cut produce healthy. Who gets the lion's share of play at first base and why. I mean undergoes her independent Internet community they went into retraining and eat you know at that point do that now it's time. And you were really trying to beat it under dozer could make it seem at first base and play. Almost exclusively there's train get. And he only started to being urged date on the third barber I think these and so they were fighting mostly at third in the outfield. Are now back you know the last couple days ago lot of creepy and work its first day. Stir it hurt you gain they don't have a lineup out yet right now I don't know these aren't that they've put. I'm with you like that I'd like beat him. At least in the lineup somewhere. Almost every day Lopez's mom on the DL beat those. You could beat our. Future we don't we don't know up undergoes we are not beat you perform at the local. And yet and you don't. And you know. Trying to get his numbers up equipment they ought corporate community hatred in my arm gently that it is just much older undertook an electric eaten yet as. Get a couple really good going flat almost but the art are. It's. And jeopardy the royals have the what five of the first 58 picks. Six of the top hundred. Are coming up in the Major League game at draft. Right around the corner now but obviously this is the first step. No you can make the argument the first step right in front of us have of getting this thing back. How much faith do you have in the Dayton Moore process in the draft chain and I were talking about this. The other day in that you know on the stock response rumor sell the these are guys that you know that they've hit big in obviously. In the draft but there's a lot of other guys in the draft a lot of throat front liners first and second routers that have been. Played out the way that you won would have hoped or expected. Some of or so works in progress so how much faith we have in the Dayton war. Approach to do draft especially when the royals have so many text to make it such a key time. Yet and it could be vital to pick you know if they get down to Israel. Really Turbo car. Rebuilt duked it but you keep in mind there's a lot of really. Interesting young talent. Down like Buchanan and Willie and right now do you get nick Colorado Erica Olympic. I need to get all all month already which is crazy. And Jim lender characters. Leo Leo court there's. Is by two players down there calm and there are excited for the fact that they might only be two or three years away. On just what I've heard boos were that age a getting up here I'm so. I think you know this is obviously a very vital rap but there's lot of talent right now though more minor but not as much you know a couple of triple play. On bit unique book that that would miners beat Nick Polk. In the undertow and right now op unpopular gonna come back on these are the future QB you know bill on next month. Our own so it is not weighted grim Munich and a pretty good job international binding. Are still not all just the draft but that certainly going to be key part of this you're at. Jeffrey always a great job with us now while we'll let you go do your real job enjoy it here today and I Jeffrey Flanagan if they mega update game to get ready for. He had some dugout and clubhouse responsibilities so off he goes from. Mlb.com. In the royals lose last night there was. A tough one in that not only did Ian Kennedy have a rough outing but the rays broke a 55 tie in the ninth off of the royals closer Kelvin Herrera. And they've missed a chance to win this series by missed the couple opportunities. Earlier in this series where they had runners at third base must throughout couldn't get a man. So they will play a matinee day. At 115 you can hear that right here on campus it's just a Jason Hammel goes for Kansas City he. He is winless. On the year. There are starting rotation to the Kia. This is that guy eleven when you get to this part for you Marty you voted credibly Youboty brushed over Ian Kennedy used one of your wildest unlike them I'm not done OK now you're saying I'm not done right go. Then you'll our one and five Jason. Hamill 014 Ian Kennedy won in four and Jacobs Eunice the only he in the rotation with more than one win his fourth and three. Guy by far the most effective starter 3.5 three. Team Bernie Bruce is 548. Moved the gap so yeah. And Hammel well 01 for the 613. So he'll look at the start today. They'll get a day well tomorrow and in the Yankees come to town. Well. What can you say. But let's just you know the irony is that you would hope that they have some pitching to trade. But really. Amongst their starting pitching in particular. Crews could trade date right now ma'am now. To up play any point he he was speculating on the starting line up is just now been released and hundred hosiery is in their first base he's hitting felt good. So we'll get another look at. Hundred Dozier apparently an Horry so where your guy my guy our guy who official word DH of sports daily queries to where. Who mystic a couple of games food displaced rib. Is back in there today he's hitting second and there was a little bit of an issue with the chancellor cut forbidden banged up a little bit mad city was available to play defense late last night if necessary he did not. And so we gets more hundred go through again and it may be just because of circumstance and dumb luck but. He had to its last night for its two more tonight. Are today primarily in the lineup well stays in the lineup full while c'mon now I hope I know come on I mean let's follow this and and he helped himself last night with two that so. Now we'll see what happens is so the rays and royals today at 115. The final game of that series and they'll get a a day off. And then the Yankees will come to town. Friday Saturday and Sunday at Shelby a 715615. And then 115 on Sunday and then the royals have hit the road for six at the cardinals. At the Rangers to a merger royals update. Well. You just pick and choose what you can at this point. Well any kind of split equally slotted me back on Alex Gordon didn't it didn't. Any any media 2.0. You've got a gold glove continue to play that kind of defense and just love her life to 75 opinion then okay I'll take I'll give Arctic would think I'll given that. I'll I would give on that panel given that I I appreciate being honest being pushed back for the snide remark. Like I deserved it. I definitely get current wealth and he didn't bounce in your defense if he doesn't spit to 75. Well there you LP startled. Fallen all the worrying closer to fours into seventies then it's like done worry I would die and leave the only time will remember the Bible remember the statement. Trust me but from my my guess is that Alex Gordon will continue to get to 75. That's my guess. So there you don't always hang on now allowed me you allowed me enough room to you know then then get another swipe and you deserve to explain your yourself put. Kids hang around she's seventy. You've got Alex I mean come on come on dude well Alex on just just hit a few doubles and that's all you need to do. And there regardless no matter what 100% of the time unless you actually have to have a day off so. Just give me 270 a little power here now what he's actually had. It's just a few home runs and actually hit the ball on the barrel. Urging an end and I don't need to be cynical but you have maybe the most player friendly deal in all of baseball just give me some production that's on asking. Just some production. That's not too much desk it's really not comfort corner outfielders that were you know come. Absolutely right. Understating history and a couple of other things to close out that last segment straight ahead chambers would get finishing up Wednesday it is not sports daily.