K-State football expectations

Sports Daily
Tuesday, November 14th

What are some realistic expectations for K-State football this season and going forward?


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I'd share. All its it's always a fluid situation with the Twitter all one's common ones going Serra. And this one has newest sports so for those that. Good we were apparently amused with the train wreck you've version of the last couple we can we get back to support and it's pretty simple actually know Kennedy war at sports daily care page Cindy UH RO bring it to us every day who's the worst owner in the NFL. Jerry Jones C and Snyder beaten Jim Irsay. Dot. And it's Dan Snyder and Jim Irsay duking it out both with right around 41 yeah the though even though. And I put Jerry Jones and Eric has its low hanging fruit but actually worse owners are sure. The other two Jerry Jones is probably worst GM and he is an owner. But Dan Snyder and Jim Irsay anchored at Jeff at the top of the list in and the vote. University. Eight Jimmer saying he should be drawn and quarterly in a figurative sense. With their disaster they've got up and Indianapolis and arraignment and getting Andrew Luck in Europe for goodness sakes trying to get well. And are you kidding me. And I mean just. Pats just absolutely makes no sense Jake. Is hang in on the line wanting to talk a little K state football. Now's as good times any Jake good to have you with us on the I get it as luck remodel on what's up. Hey good morning guys. But they. Myself as K state fan maybe if you go to K state fans will bend a little bit spoiled during the Snyder tenure and in that. Coming into this season I thought eight to nine wind might be a little bit of this Portland now we're just open that it too. To get to a bowl. What you. You got pretty expert what what is a realistic. Expectation here in and year out should. Coach Snyder Banesha. Five years or whatever it is or contract. Bruce your first well. And a realistic expectations. Is I think it to a large degree what Bill Snyder has created anything previous to that. Lest we forget. You know the the Siberian. Years of K state football but what you was pretty consistently until Bill Snyder arrived. On the scene in 1989. I think Kansas State should realistically be. Non. With them with their facilities in the and the emphasis that they put on football. Realizing that it's a difficult place to recruit but for various reasons. But I think the chain they should be a seven win. Kind of program. That spikes every now and then to it to nine or ten and if you have a really good. Recycle players that comes in and but but should be a no worse. Then a middle of the run team or program consistently. In the big twelve with the ability. Not to compete at a higher levels. That here in the air they're not going to be. I don't think. A Texas or an Oklahoma. For obvious reasons. But there's no reason that they can't be a 78 win kind of program. Year and year out some might think that those are modest expectations. But I'm just trying to be you know give me a twenty year plan a spike in if I can win. Seven and a half eight games this season I'm probably feeling pretty good about that with the challenges that still remain. In being in Manhattan Kansas. Earl can be really fast. I can be released well Greg Greg urged Niro yeah. Yes Ers say oh god but can block is being Europe. And I'm O of L wild. On the auto writer people we don't laugh out there that sell Matta here which is very stupid. Second built it's our most the matter that a great college football coach. Yeah other pull out. There today. That's what ballot Ole boy run in the quarterback when he did. All go to quarterbacks bill that kind of change apple Brigham. Are built what you're great coach and our great coach but that there are dates down and you're oil. Not a bad call right there soon. Pretty solid criticism all let our loyal always criticism to bill Snyder's kind of few and far between but. I couldn't help but think when you talk about eight wins and maybe sometimes spike to ten I couldn't help but think of that. The way he runs his offenses and her oldest kind of crystallized the whole thing that he's right it's not like. He's right in the wishbone. Redick kinda is the way college football is now that's kind of good but. College football version of the wing tear the wishbone or something that archaic and her. You know a fossil. But the but type offense and she is writing might not last much longer you can't he can't run your quarterback consistently twenty times a game and get away. Why do you think Skyler Thompson is starting quarterback right now. They're they're out there at their foot there at number three on the depth chart which nobody else there as a safety nets well why do you think. Well wait a minute. Injuries to the numbers one and two quarterbacks. And yes absolutely. Nicely done Earl has always one hour in the books.