Jorge Lopez was only 3 outs away from perfect game

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Monday, September 10th
The Royals were close to a perfect game thrown by newly acquired pitcher Jorge Lopez, who was only in his 7th start for the Royals and is 25 years old. A home run by the Twins wrecked the perfect game, and the Twins take the series with the win yesterday.

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And ask. Watch the law of these flown over the weekend. Not the least of which were the royals. It was an on Friday bill dead. Cory Lopez had a perfect game through eight he ended up giving a walk. I walked into the perfect game then had been allowed a hit in the ninth royal still went on in and won it 41. This one of the guys they picked up in the trade debt for Mike the stock in us and cheneys look the parties are to really nice starts in a row. He has I think most of there young guys have looked the part. Yeah. Keller obviously get the front of the list he does not look and act like he's 23. But yeah Jorge Lopez. Went. 44 up 24 down. And then walked to Max Kepler. And of course. You know Ned was gonna give him one more you know as long as you're doing about the hit then Robby Grossman followed with a single. It up to 110. Pitches. But. If I couldn't help but think of it left I've started really bearing down prime about the fifth. Because once you get past five perfect then it's like all right. You don't expecting necessarily be perfect but the known I was in play. Would there have been. Anymore. Nondescript. That with all due respect to Jorge Lopez if he would've. Gone a perfect game. Would he have been the biggest nobody ever to throw one. Inning Altria the game. But look at the list there's there's only been 23 of them. 23 perfect games. I think that's right. It's one of its one of the rare but it's. You know one of the rarest things in in baseball to be perfect over nine innings. Time yeah yeah pretty. Yeah I was just sitting there thinking and you know. This guys aid now looked you have games like this. But I've always said you don't pitch like this for the better part of nine innings by mistake. Yeah a Major League hitters aren't missing things bought on by mistake Major League hitters make you pay. When you hit too much of the play our war when your ball is up or you know. He had good stuff his stuff was and and it made me think OK guys here's a guy. Here's a guy moving forward Z 25 Tony six years old this Wi-Fi 25 years old that here's a guy. Would it pretty damn good stuff now I don't know what he's how sustainable years he's still young pitcher and he's figuring it out. But Cheney's got good stuff I mean this is a guy moving forward I would think so. I mean obviously he would have been a a nobody. But the fact is he could become a somebody. Sure yes that's bad and that's when I like. He yes there have been 23. Felix Hernandez. Threw the most recent one but that was six years ago. It's been the longest. The gap anyway. Between perfect games since catfish Connor. For the eighth in 68. And Len barker. For Cleveland in 1981. That's the longest gap between perfect us here are some look at some of the people that have thrown one so you just. Let's just pretend that Jorge Lopez got it done time or night Felix Hernandez Matt Cain. Philip Humber Roy Halladay Dallas Braden Mark Buehrle Randy Johnson David Cone David Wells Kenny Rogers. Danny Martinez Tom Browning Mike went. We portable these guys. Are we going there aren't a lot of us I mean you know Philip Humber will no matter you know on and then there you go my TV out liar but there are many stiffs in that group. Sandy Colfax has won Jim Bunning has one course Larson Don Larsen most famously did it in the World Series but. Will week. Ten even ten years from now. Remember. Or know who or any Lopez's that's the question great question don't know if that was his yeah I know it's our pitchers. That was his seventh start. Can you imagine if he threw a perfect out. I was look I watched the royals a lot and a lot more than I probably should. But I was pulling for poor halo are my gosh so absolutely. To throw perfect a perfect game out. And I would have been awesome but well I was just I mean I was working and so I was perusing scorers. And I was locked into. Rockies and Dodgers at that point. But. But I got but once I got wind of the note no going in the seventh the perfect though. I've been that was and you know I locked and that was just impressed with he he had a calm demeanor on the mound. He trusted in his pitches. From. Moved the ball around. That it seemed in control. You know I mean he'd keep BJE he got you know I I think the weight of where you are catches up with you at some point. It's had held a lot harder in the eighth in the ninth inning. To bear down on a no hitter in a I I I guess the mean you could probably tell us better than and then I could but I'm guessing. That probably creeps into your mind a little bit and mean it's probably a lot easier when you get zeros on the board in the sixth Murray even in the seventh by the time you get to the eight or nine. It's pretty easy to start imagining the possibilities absolutely and you know yet if you know the Nolan skip the canned behind you or you haven't walked anyone else. That's rarefied air so even. If you are unduly you believe. Quote focus to tunnel vision and what ever got your head down and you don't realize it. What really kicks in is when you stop and think you know I've been out of the stretch yet. We don't yeah its interest to back that nobody's been on base and I've been I'll wind up for. The whole game even for those who don't look at the scoreboard you you're like how well. You know I've I've I've never had throughout the stretch and it in between innings it wasn't like people were avoiding him. But you know that that happens to want to get through sixth or seventh inning and again hadn't. You know base strategy to kind of stop talking to him but. He was still kind of chat around and stuff and I got the best part of it was when he gave up a hit Ned can not get the ball from him. The the fans in Minnesota game standing well they they obviously it was really cool there. Which was really cool I talked with drew and drew view Tehran on Saturday. Com in the rockies' clubhouse. Not after their ball game their win over the Dodgers. And and just asked him about his stuff he said didn't it and the guy can pitch in cities he's got he's got a really good live arms ball's got movement late movement. Com so I I you know I and I thought that was a nice. Got a good thing to here are so. He got on my radar pretty quickly Shane I mean you know and I knew who he was because of me and I remember when he came over from from Milwaukee but. But hadn't really watched him nudity that had a good outing his last time out but. Stunned you know in all candor the royals are not quite on my radar right now yourself or nor should come but you know but but a perfect game is a perfect game itself. Put good stuff yeah it's not my right you got prevent. Good for them I hope that. The do you feel like they can go to and a surprise in February and and have something dent to build around. Depends on your definition I mean it's nice it's nice that these. Younger guys are. Put now. But they're not just to you know get their brains kicked him in the playground while we figgins big league experience. If if we get to eliminate the meaningful innings of Brandon Mao were Jason Hammel and Ian Kennedy I'd be a little happier but. Whenever I guess that the there's nothing we can do about that that's gonna happen Kennedy started. Yesterday's game and actually most played pretty well we've got walked off that. It out just the fact hundred coach or start appeared out my understanding who looks like a big leaguer and a couple these young pitchers. How happy form but to say that they're gonna go to spring training next year and and I have four. Expectations of contending. And now probably not no but now they don't have a bunch of steps to answer your question here I think they they have some group. People that you would qualify as prospects than Mets basket and they didn't. Big league time right now under and not 400 coach or looked lost for quite a bit of the season but he's kind of start to settle in now Mondesi has always done this year anyway. Has always looked part can really slick fielding shortstop and decent to 65 or 270 or something like that so yeah. I think there's I think there's reasons to be hopeful. From I don't know about. At the data I don't think they're contending but can they be. Competitive we relevant they certainly aren't that this year. Com but I argue asking if they can me. He threatened 500 is that. That went and get them from well loan and I think that might be a reach that yeah only been it he would be nice to think about 75 or 7677. Maybe something like that why not right now. I mean you've identified a couple of young arms. And I think to gain killer and Lopez don't you feel like you have something. And maybe maybe he fill my baby I don't know mid may be turned into something yeah yeah so I mean I don't know I mean that's. I don't know it is if you end up this season hopeless. I think you're a little better position. Come February. But I hope anyway I mean I really do that anyway okay now all right so it. About Serena no neither one of task guys necessarily and know but for those who don't fear here. Serena lost the US women's open the US open women's final to Naomi Osaka. But the real story was her battle with Carlos Ramos who's a chair umpire. He hitter with three violations. One for illegal communication. Between Serena and her coach. Serena denied that her coach later admitted that but that's not really the point guest. The second violation was she slammed her racket down on the ground and broken it. And that penalty meant she lost the point. And then that's started to melt down of Kim wouldn't melting down already called. The umpire thief and liar. If not then I mean that's G rated in the sea and swear but those are kind of strong words. And because of that. He issued a third violation for verbal abuse and that meant she was docked. A game. That was the big one right there that was the big one. Kazaa animated rated made 53 was at 53 then at that Morgan was up 43 I I can't remember exactly what it was. Come I don't know Shane I mean it seems like it was off the rail a little bit. It it it appeared textual it but I don't know if but I'm not positive what the decorum of other umpire. In the chair is really supposed to be. Why is that I just wonder John McEnroe ever got docked a game. For example Jimmy Connors would he was he ever docked a game or in a point for verbal abuse. I mean this. Yeah I know her request walked all the way up the line where you thought he might hit or fight. Umpires all the time hot hit. And totally so Serena is the I think both were in the wrong here Serena and that chair umpire but yeah. She wanted to. More maybe more than anything not didn't wanna be viewed as a cheater. And sets so if you're right he's accent I've never she had never cheated in my life I've never cheated at anything their work so that means you use for all the here Bravo right. Yes she was pressed no question. And she got fine 171000 dollars in addition to losing. Now here's where she saved I think if you think that she was the one being petulant core of them you know pot editor didn't like her actions. Here's where she probably saved. She after the match tugged mum yeah so well after a match that yeah that was that that they're just really told the tale to me she's so classy she told a chance to stop doing let's give credit where it's due let's be positive no us link. Because everybody in the in the bloc wanted Serena to win. I'm that's why they went there but when she didn't and when that chair umpire can injected himself into this thing and the attention was not being. Given to. Naomi Osaka who you just feel terrible for because she was the champion and not the story at all. Serena like hey you guys settled down. Let's make this the best small we can give everyone credit where it's due let's not do anymore. Yeah. Tremendous. Win at the end in losing. She she was marvelous. And she got the attention back to where it needed to. Well I don't know if Osaka is the type of player that will not will will visit these types of heights again I am a man. I I'm not enough of the tennis fans is to know I mean. But but she's the US open champion and she deserves all the accolades. In the attention. I'm for achieving that and good for Serena Williams to understand that and to make it. And to make it Osaka about Osaka is win. And not her. Us now as far as Carlos Ramos the chair umpire act he exercised his right to. And gas punishment but and number one. A sport in this 87 he's an 82 more famous for meltdowns. And can you imagine. How much more. NFL coach are football coaches get away with and to some degree Major League Baseball managers get away with a as far as verbal abuse and nothing ends up happening. I kind of am coming over to Serena aside the more I think about this. Because well I mean yes she melted down and yes she violated the rules. But she felt like it was a sexist thing to do for her to get. Three violations. Chopped fine and a game docked that seemed a little excessive so who come well on her side here. Well and and and as baseball guys we ask the question of umpire sometimes is at all about you who. Is it all about you or is it about the game is about what it. And so I let my worst you've got to mix in there to get kicked out but yes there are. There are an end and look and I'm not denying that Serena. Reacted. They have sorely Portland I guess it poorly. But I don't but I'm not I'm not sure that the situation was and exacerbated little bit vice chair umpire. Indeed we really need to get to play. Where the competitive balance of that game was thrown off at a very key time. Might be awarding of the game penalty might dot net seemed excessive to me but. But I don't know big steak I don't know which I don't know enough of the yes it is and you and you hate. Because it takes a little bit away from the windows sock that was in the midst of providing anyway right out of took a lot of ways yeah. I thought it hit. So. Anyway but no I agree I thought Serena. Really handled it well in the aftermath even if it wasn't handled. Particularly well by the two principals. During the match. I understand history as we continue in a moment Jane and Bruce read your sports daily on a Monday.