Jon Hamm From Bleacher Report Talks OKC Thunder

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Monday, July 2nd
The guys talk with Jon as he shares his perspective on OKC, his thoughts on Paul George and Carmelo Anthony staying put, does resigning Paul Gorge make OKC better? his input on Russell Westbrook, what he sees moving forward in LA with LeBron James

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All Sports Radio yeah yeah. 12:40 AM 975 FM. Discussion for another day what's on tap that brought you buy side pockets. For the Monday lunch specials blt sandwich reporter found cheeseburger both served with Fries for only 595 the corner Kellogg and Tyler. At side pockets what's on tap right now as we're gonna go to the cavs locker room hotline were gonna talk to Jon Hamm from Bleacher Report covers Oklahoma City Thunder. For them obviously the the big news over the weekend John was LeBron James and going to the lakers but. Oklahoma City not left out. Earlier in the week Carmelo Anthony decided he was gonna stay in Oklahoma City and they re signed Paul George for. Four years first fall welcomed the showed John how are you. It's fantastic little wearied. Because the weekend but the other way to make it. So don't resigning Paul George made them better yes or no. It but improbably back where they were at to be honest with you which is which is fine because would have been called Georgia bunch of math and get that. You that you start after having conversations about that type trade brought a Westbrook. Start this whole thing over again beginning Paul George back not just signed a fine to a long term deal. I think at an underrated part of that whole thing. And yet now the thunder have a base to work where I think there's you know there's some other moves they need to make and I think their mother. Assorted development would. Boat that that they need to try to make as well. But yeah I mean giving George back in the fold this is kind of step one critical thing. You can answer my question by saying getting him back puts them. Back where they were what what is the next step that they need to take or that they're tying to take them over the next level. I asked Jane a little bit earlier fifth last season would be considered a disappointment for the thunder by bringing those guys in and and not performing. Maybe to be able to the level that a lot of people thought they would. You don't laugh even look going out in the first round is disappointing. In the grand scheme that Spain hit every one sort of understood that this was year one of a multiyear project. Maybe your expectations are a little bit off I think there was just so much concern about it called George going to lead but they go out and urged brown well he didn't. Well you know now what they need to do next what Carmelo Anthony. Is that the next part of the puzzle here does he want to come back in the role that they haven't vision for a either very expensive piece. But it is a lot you're good contracts or do they try to roll back. They did that it set but Melo in the lineup flat beat them with the rest of starters though we fell apart after the all star break. But you know they get under a resolution there. Do they work out is sort of a trade and try to get the ticket exchange warmer do they negotiate a buyout that's probably an okay these terms and in their paper. And try to top themselves that way though that the next big piece of how do you get that car world situation resolved and you know that that will felt kind of where this team it is making it again and beat them. What does that kind of say about the thunder is an organization that they're doing right to to get towards a comeback is is it the players around him is that the the organization or or what is it because I think most people thought when he came there. From a one year that. You know he had told the pacers in the past that he was going to LA so what are they what are they doing that that is bringing guys like him in right now what can they keep doing. Yeah you know I really feel like you know over the years that there has been. The organization has taken such a hit because the Beijing park straight and delete made there's plenty of reasons to. You know rethink that the sort of criticized it but usually people are looking at a on the wrong list. And then Kevin Durant leap well that would alt though. A unique situation that came about that under normal or under normal circumstances maybe direct state. Though Paul George agreeing to re buying and re buying a three year deal plus a player option. I think it goes to show that the thunder organization. Today they take care of their players admitted they players' organization they understand it'd be talent. I tried that organization though if they go out of their way of board of well then deported and lay down. Sort of give them everything they need to develop. And and grow and expand themselves. And treat the players were black though. You know that is edit the thing and then there's BO since day one there's been sort of a work ethic instilled. But his organization that here's what we expected it you don't meet that level you're probably not gonna cut it year and longest guys will have their work hard. You know. Be had via guillotine date sort of let go or want your ego what very. You know this the place where you are a bit what that you basically. Bleacher report's Jon Hamm covers Oklahoma City Thunder were talking to him on the test locker room hotline. How much is the the massive payroll that they have to deal with gonna impede there. Potential. To try to get some more pieces and we talked about may be flippant Carmelo Anthony for some cheaper guys but. Short of that what can they do to be real player in the last. Yeah where they're at in terms of their payroll they will be smaller at that and more about five point three million. It may be that the tool that they used to I don't replacement or Carmelo Anthony but they do have that available. It is looking like a pipe free agent market there might be a quality guy. Look through the cracks and be available that now though. Yeah I think that is on the table and yet they are looking at significant payroll with or without it that. If they if they release Carmelo Anthony they can spread out his salary the bought out about over three years that sort of you know alleviate that tax burden but. You know it. If I'd been told I mean Michael beat them like yeah we've been a bickering that is the culmination of ten plus years. You know what we're doing here and everyone sort of expressed skepticism that deplete her small market would pay that kind of money. But I think they're ready sport Russell Westbrook is headed towards his prime now all Georgia as well I think a lot of maximize that a big advantage at all. How would you describe Russell Westbrook. East. Palisades polarizing but it seems like if you ask ten different people you might get ten never responses on the way if I say Russell Westbrook you would say what so. Clearly not force a little bit what kind of teammate is he what kind of a player is Ian and how important is seed Oklahoma City. You know as far as the a lot of it being native beat reporter guy that I think he's a little slow to trust. But once you get within his circle trot. You you don't get out what you get completely back capital I think. You know he had the guys indicated he would eat sort of led the recruiting effort all year long. To get all sorts to read by. And I don't take all sort make that commitment if rut that they quote unquote back CNET. So. You know definitely you've either got to that they could require portable blu. But you know is also a guy that it appears competitor not think that competitive that get the better look at that time. And that's what you he's a much of the reckless play from Yemen Gil looked. It was not a good thing to get the jet in the playoffs flat beat. He's sort of let but other factors didn't do it edit really expected to play that the downside to outwit he'd actually. Playing with an ML but not going over the top. You globally by best players. But you know again he can you sort of got that at Al function where he can hold out on you would but only the devastation everywhere be collegiate can't think rated debt. Now real quicken for let you go appreciate your time Jon Hamm from Bleacher Report Tucker Oklahoma City Thunder. You here's your chance to weigh in on the LeBron James to Laker deal and how it affects rests in the NBA what do you see movement forward over the next couple of days because of what happened in LA. Yeah out and I I feel like the lakers are just getting started. If they do have a lot of young he is that I think are a little bit better than people are giving him credit for like Brandon Ingram. I even want the old ball I really think it's going to be a really good NBA player jock art. How cute that they've got the other piece is but historically what LeBron. You don't put young pieces around what. LeBron and then that you trade those young people who do get guys that can help now so that's why I think it you know I think it was that one a lot Angela. Not completely surprised LeBron what LA just as our relationship between B and I have to owner Dan Gilbert became. But yeah I mean now everything is that the Western Conference you know Philadelphia bought and what in the east may be Toronto. Demand a weapon going to be it could be a blog that yet again look at the put even more pressure. On the team like Oklahoma City. What seemed like you than what washed cover reached there early on a free agent but he even Golden State who need to question Al the bench and at bat though. You know it I think it's going to be arriving I'd rate the ball both situation and in that never bet they've only. Great job John appreciate catching up again appreciate your perspective information. You're right there's John Hampton Bleacher Report tucked in Oklahoma City Thunder. Elsewhere any brush up the warriors it's very and very Anthony had they reportedly are gonna. Re up Kevin Durant or the opposite being true for a two year 61 point five million dollar deal. Your attitude on Kevin Durant and how it differs from LeBron James or does it. Not not very different but with him staying Gholston obviously it's kind of an easy decision to stay in Golden State because they're winning. I guess a kind of sell wait and see on him if he bounces around a Guinea kind of falls in the LeBron james' quote to me. So there's something wrong with Jason rings. I guess not at the end of the day if you if that's what's your bow but it's forgive me for connecting the dot I cannot get clear I think we're going. I don't know it's just frustrating to see I guess IE is when I think of athletes in the guys I grew up watching. Loyalty play departed for me I was I was the Montana fan and and and the bygone air brother Ed it is IA's diversity and hard to watch I think you're. You can have a hard time. Adapting to it because that's the way that it's the way the new world brother how I don't think I'll ever adapt to it but it. It's that's just hard for me to see Eisen. Change in Jersey's all the time in and analysis this is no big deal now this point then you run it's not and it's if you're not used to that it's hard to get used to beat 691240. If you wanna react to whatever you've heard today how Denis has elected to. Take advantage of that hello Dennis what do you think about the LeBron James deal. Go to one bank net. Most people seem to be overloading. It's. Pretty good future you don't hear him mention that night. Obama is saying and that is so it should get our. Dude he was twenty comment deleted. Even when he went down to Miami and yeah it's pretty children now. He's bought another brand new not brand new eight another poll out tomorrow and they'll look at. At least thirty he will be 34 year old. Contract will probably be to pull out. And people overlooked. That how much business. He had to take care of I don't know what Coke. Unleash even got a light blowout Eric he's got. Content already courting. Possibilities. He's gotten movie he knows he's got he's own production company. It wipes out your. Overlap but not. Directing the renovation of this outs. People don't take into consideration. This guy is getting ready or the end of the culinary. Let me ask you a sense brought all that up what do you think he does when it is over. He's going to be doing as many of us could be a bitter business mogul. And he dunks and. So. He's gonna have. The executive or owner of an NBA teams of two cent. But now we're not a good and you got so many business from Colin Powell out there. Didn't like that Magic Johnson. When he retired from basketball. It was a good candidate basketball route teammate it was money in real estate movie theaters and things like that. What Montel and want to do the same name. And become a billionaire. What do you want don't contain her not secondary. So we know what you want to make movies. We know what he wants to have both recordings. Bulk. So he'll. He'll have a label loans can be like Magic Johnson did not apply it you want them being like anybody in the recording built not. And I don't know legal action and so flat enough. And then motion picture that looked like he wants to do all of note saying I am so. Eat it looking forward. The main tonight. At the end of his career and that's why I eat enabled assignments. Poor year deal out there. And I have no one whipping right now. Because you know but he got I have to wait a year. Before. We let her come on. You may have to wait to see here. Movie doesn't know come on. And hand metal flats that third year. He figures he can win a championship. I'm sure that's so what you think. And act that's kinda he'll be 37 meter. And they better have all their. Ducks in a row by the end because that's is definitely his last straw are close to appreciate the perspective Dan thanks for the call. If Dennis if what Dennis says is true in the most of it probably is. On a scale of one to 101. Being not important at all ten being the utmost importance. What's his level of urgency to win a championship. Urgency yet to. I would. Kind of agree with that and it if he just go on to Los Angeles to work on his brand. And set himself up for the ended his career why any play for the clippers yet they could just as easily done that you know. Wanna go lakers now difference between the clippers and lakers but I guess is. An opportunity. To win a championship because he don't sit down with magic Johnson and you don't. If your magic convinced him to common Lothian these cells in some bit of a bill of goods. On at another trophy. So you know he's got one big game hunting in addition to write LeBron James right which. I know who the owner of the caprice is anymore now Donald Sterling stop there but. Via the Ballmer. If you off there go my way yes people you could call. So that's good. It's an interesting balancing act which he'll never will never get truth serum tour of what. Really is important to LeBron James what's most important I guess we know what's important he'd like to compete each. He is Jason a ring he would like to win another. NBA trophy are Larry O'Brien true feelings was called but. Apparently. As far as we know. Boston Philadelphia and Houston were never really in the mix there. And I mean they're not there and a weaning next year. But he's getting a head start on them the rest of his life that part I do agree with Dennis. Right end and as much of a non LeBron person as I am. He's not stupid. No he made that decision for. Obviously that's worries but for multiple reasons he's not. He could've gone anywhere he wanted but he went there for and we made we may never know the all the reasons because he would have we done that business ventures and things that. Obviously LA's a marketing. Melting pot is it everything's off the chains out there but. He had reasons to go out there that we will never know and that's probably why it didn't take so long this time. Who's to say hadn't been in communication with choir will require letter. He very well could have and from ever report coli still is pushing to be traded up there. Whether or not they can pull off was remains to be seen I know Boston still in on him but. I feel like maybe maybe he's taking it. OK Paul Paul take my lumps for a year may have we will not make my ninth straight finals who's going to be tough to get through Houston and gold stay in the west. And laws they make a trade for quite Leonard right he's under percent helped by. Tricked areas to convince him and I can't imagine it would take a lot of convincing if hey the spurs do trade him to a lakers but B. This isn't just a rental we don't we just want you for one year now we we get something build on deal bronze sign up for your deal you know right. What about so again I don't think it would be like twisting his arm for him to sign an extension or re up after the season now so. So I guess that's that's the huge domino left the fall even though we still under contract worth coli Leonard go next year and how are is anybody in the east. In the mix for him I would think so. Yeah I think Philadelphia would make a big play form yep I would think. All Boston you're gaining just kind of got the war in BA world by the tail right now British British true yeah guy has is that he's not. He not take a light on anybody right now. So did free agency world continues to turn but that was a big win over the weekend and LeBron James put him. Letting everybody know that he intends to sign with Los Angeles Lakers. And so. The LeBron james' legacy is Anthony. Called it takes another turn in the chapter that is LeBron James and. The entire analysts say the entire NBA's held hostage by his moves but a pretty close so they are hit. You can you can say it's not but it is and it's he controls so much about what we see in what we what all the rest of these free agents like OK so much for that brought you know after he. Does what he did it's it's a game changer for everybody. If the filter down is. Maybe more than anybody's ever been with him and I think there's any question about that. All right so when we come back will take a look at these World Cup there has been a goal scored in the Brazil Mexico match. Also maybe it take its peak yet. C 100 greatest songs of the 21 century so far. So says he. Rolling Stone magazine. With that being July 2. We'll get a little loose on some of the stuff we talk about here in the summertime with sports. But. Also take your calls it 691241. Talk about anything you've heard on the show has seen its 34 on Twitter. Finding Anthony Carroll is what you're clear handle their Catholic guy I had a second ago that fake calf 35. Hello World Cup talk a little music hot wheels and everything talks we come back.