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Friday, September 14th

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Give him. Can you can. They'll find it is okay. Apparently we don't. And I look back I think definitely David David has some our programming note. Wichita State baseball here in Wichita on the air 131. Pitch to that's on. KM SS the sister station here on KFH it's yankees and Orioles. I tune in to here the Yankees go to one in four. The royals and Astros joined in progress after yankees Orioles and then the Wichita force over McCain assessed through Vegas and Kansas City at 645 kick off the set and a five tomorrow the wrap up of what's taught southern Illinois on the air 1230. Royals Astros again and Sunday night baseball. Marlins and Mets. Start there you go that's our show for this week we got into a little bit of everything we dug baseball basketball. Football. Soccer is moving to the America that we cover dollar base I will be right at all we'll try to get next week until then. Camera I don't have anything else. On Monday the hero of the athletics are on there has frequently first pitch and dignity dig it and dodges together gonna progress. And the wood studs they've been spoken to so with head coach Tom butter goats Todd butler's at 6 o'clock on caromed out to see the suckers right. Now you say you covering such yeah. All right up the work to do before they pummeled day and you know all yell out the press box when you know that to Dan who's watching the game and but let Dan know the collar damn. Then he knew he noticed yet that he's noticed in these crazies boxy car I think everyone for listening today we will do it again next week to fill in the business sales. We Devin gave them. A Sports Radio. This is deliberation which saw an interview on radio spectrum.