Jeff is contemplating moving outside city limits

The Drive
Tuesday, August 14th
And Bob is making sure Jeff is aware of all the differences from city life, like long trips to get anything like food as well as coyotes preying on pets.

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Yeah. The drive it well and Jeff Daly 691240. JF things. He's checking in at number 53. In this very in the bay Bob Seger was over. Bullet band on one when you're here under total not on meth not one of my favorites is the rally not real thing. Avila saloon Larry and they get weird trailer. This is Obama come on man we ask him anything. I don't think you forget that our had to become all this is my word. You're gonna come get kind of become this strange permit. That comes in here and tries to do a radio show you promise and and you won't have any social skills. When you see people you'll flinch he'd think about their like talking to a bunch of people now. He should create who you talk to be able to work yeah bit. I don't think that'll change I'm going to be meeting gray I'm going to be who I what do you have against people nothing. But I does not want to outlaw talk to about it outgoing effusive. Mets. Not that I'm just not that guy. Well it's a shame. Why look at your father. Who cares I'm my mother wasn't fuses on my own promote your mother your mother your father or it could be couple of the year at the but the is what I ever mean we were not a great match that will ultimately yeah that we were both of effusive. At the problem I guess. The only guys that did you enjoy that about my mother. Sure that she had opinions and others in stood up for herself and was as strong independent sure that body be honest. No eroding the bother me but that was like on I won't get into later. Oh here we are. No I didn't discuss that over the air what it is that I think about my mama I'll say what I want she's still love me you wouldn't be here. Well without anyone else take right. Take me. We already are going out of your movement. 497. While it's not at battery RO malaria and solid given people the wrong idea about where I'm gonna and it there's a Ryan hi Ryan. Good afternoon and thank me today. Think tiny car that the we're happy to have you Ryan. We'll always a pleasure in you know 11. Bit of art that I'd give up and that. Endeavoring congratulations. Well look and Purdue took place. Put that in mind boatload of look at it. Oil company that was very -- Internet connection. Might be in the possibility there because there are. Definite benefit the band now no way. And the country but then some of the basically make big burger and it kind of running water at the fair Orion. So look at that award chat and on and on about city. If are good. I saw I had the privilege Austrian Michael. Michael Jordan. Airplay and everybody on NBA but. What sport that I started played great ball incredibly. In that 94. I'm a little bit but that it is the game in it Antonio and that is really pre date dull old camera. But everybody. You know like every shot they shot there were large Amber's that went all in need. Stadium and and net just like it would just I've never seen anything like it I don't they ever in banks are. No bush and that's mostly stuff for a and that's. But they are good mind are well look or that maybe not the right here what you got now is the old lady the stadium. Look at night. Is. They're caught fourteen work at the vehicle weight that. And and that stadium but work how many of those fourteen ran you know attend. Well well we got a monkey wrench in there is the boy went out for football that. Are hopeful about. About all of the and Carly in the car with me now she's opened the she's she's Gordon picked up to the prior art. The up note yeah it should note brownie bands that I doubt if we can go open in the brown in man tonight. A bit tonight I'll be there this weekend though if you wanna come hello hello Ryan Ryan have fun out there and you'll kind of be our Lawrence Dumont stadium correspondent over the final fourteen home games. I'd be delighted to Bob thank you are rock it out on the Ryan Mike is next time my. Eric on guys that my. I wanted to be not a not a downer on the country saying that I alt or from Bob Butler animal on both district in about. Oh low low side toward long lived there and get pressure on my that my pal my. I get pleasure oriented Hitler because I meant that they are but I don't want to live there right now the same way that you have don't want to let what starter. Mark Murray. Not that we haven't heard gives Wichita is that. Third time your life driven. No question thanks mind or anything else that are. Yeah broke court so my mind and her husband young people that wanna move down to the country are. Four years ago saying during that operate and then a couple of hours there are well that all the dog first day left left the road on. I bank. About remote sensor these. Of course. A lot of war what killed the horses. Coyotes. You know while yeah thanks idea that is they underdog all the perspectives I mean I haven't been sick in elective don't story ever will it put a lot of work. I think I hear those sobering call that thank you hit it's not so great I get it will have to sustain life out there we have here. Well thank you. And go watch an episode gun smoke. The ally in the eightieth quit everything and he'll be the farm guy. The L I'm certainly they'll say is to do that I'm here what would you raise you you don't have a green thumb whatsoever goats the only lingering and that's plants. You're gonna raids go Al maybe lama's. Well. You better watch for the coyotes. I've asked about every animal can have actively have that but did you think we have coyotes one yes my wife mentioned coyotes but you didn't think of you know what I think because that your little. One. Jeff and wonderland life. There's no coyote there shouldn't be buddy you bring the animals out you put him out there and and the coyotes come by and and with a with a basket of goodies. Panama hello and welcome in the neighborhood of the coyotes will get along with our chicken what they do is try to Bynum in the jugular today. If you want to know the bleak existence. The stark reality. Oh will raise coyotes to narrow. Well it's gonna be no trouble shoot them. Most of them going to be an interest thing time I'm just kidding I never you're never gonna shoot it kind highway shooting thing now in the world. I guess that inaudible. Drive out of Iowa and ally. A slob about a half way out there that you got that far. It so far it's how far we went out Saturday. We were home in a jet. How many miles as it from your house I don't know I don't know I checked that next time. Seven or April all Micah if not that far if I'm attacked my wife right now you are you are absolutely. Out of your mind. I'm at a text there if you think that's seven miles from here. I am and love is dead. But my wife and I drove out there. And I needed a Nat. Frankly it's. I don't get it video our case an accurate information. On the distance we didn't get target teams that are going to be back there and good teams that won't be good in the NFL. Bad teams will be the guy that tomorrow do that tomorrow we've got a top ten Wednesday lists we're gonna talk to Brooke prior. Of the Kansas City stars about the chiefs. And they have their second exhibition coming up. Friday night against the Atlanta Falcons. Speaking of Ohio State as we did earlier in the show we were talking about Urban Meyer. They have been in two college football playoffs. Clinton's been in three Alabama for. Oklahoma to name the five schools with a bit and one college football playoff. But Oregon one. Auburn. No. Georgia. One. One college football player. Knows only we've only had four years in Washington one. Conferences for the other two could that's pretty good that I got the Big Ten days CC Wisconsin. Michigan State. Remember and the ACC. Florida State correct game of ones yet. Though they have it Ohio State has been in to. Clemson and Alabama would be would be be shocked. If it's Clemson and Alabama in this at Ohio State might be shocked if it's not Clemson and now I'm getting so tired of it's we've had this in in the MBA in our evident college for about this the same teams year after year after year. Senator from my wife gets we may not get that information to allow us anglos show gets to the information yeah I've been around I've driven places. I'm I'm used to driving. The long way out there. Evident even from our house now to your house that's ten minutes in my ousted Stan yet from that placed in my house is warning. Unity is our is our Campanella on the line what is what did Devi rethink you know what it here pal John Murphy thank him it up. Because those system honest assessments not listen dark. We all there's no question. That there is some. There are some positive. About living in the country. I just never have. It's all I'm kinda great because there's nothing around without knowing how to do it felt like at this completely rural environment you're out on 21 street and three minutes and I think again it's not. Volek or out in Yoder. Long. He. Important notre looks like a metropolis compared to warrior going to be. I don't think you don't know stores with them they're stuck its 21 street it's 49 and like a hunter and an end there's another thing you gave. He you don't Nestle slow I have. Mean it's just going to be interest a year now to get things hooked up will be gaga borrow what. This this. Do you have a of we have we don't gas lantern. We don't need cable because we know that we already watched all of the TV that we need we need electricity. We please. It's on 29 street again. And it did you hear from are now. May we come back. All right. It just thing developments in your lie to Italy what's up potentially but it sounds like most little momentum. Is is gone our way it is I believe I ask you why did fail 100% wanna move there. You're at eighty. I'm sure your daughters at a hundred that's two radio out of a possible 300. They have a march when he is it goes along way Cabot that's one way is less than the eighty. You know really it's more like seventy against that. You know I'd I'd I'd like it there's this. Trepidation. Back in a moment to try to figure out where Jeff should live your listening to the drive on cafe.