Jealousy & Envy On “The Drive”

The Drive
Wednesday, June 20th
Bob claims that Jeff has deep rooted Jealousy & Envy over his media standing in the community.

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This is good for. Colin. Oh thanks for listening to right Wednesday at this and of the drive here page radio. The problem with the jetBlue to stomp their hurts my bars for regular flu and a mouth zap yelling. I don't yeah you're doing comedy you feel like I'm yelling you have to turn my. Todd down saint. You are yelling. If I wanna yellow yell I'm I have a good day good day on the golf course today nine though he didn't. It's any day on the golf course is a good day camaraderie. We played in the pro am out of PL Wichita open. Across the country club thanks to the folks out there for your hospitality. Just a great great venue. And and the march page pro am. This the second time I've played in a pack committed that's me you're not a guy in this community yet. Money may thank god today but they don't look they don't go down the rollodexes say. Bob was so good of course but you're happy with. Don't know I mean don't these establishments of blazes wanna get somebody new that boat bobbled his government again for the 44 year in a row. A Linda and I get tired for folks that now don't wanna see new faces. What are you trying to say would you say the same thing about Mike Kennedy now absolutely. Would just say the same thing about Steve McEntire oh my goodness yes Jack Oliver I think I love all these fellows but so Jack Oliver who helps us. By the way we've got so many big time musical interviews coming up. I can't keep track of them all name a few I'm not gone to thanks to Jack Oliver. So now you're telling me that should put him out the now on I'm just saying at some point. Someone under sixty is gonna have to become a household name in Wichita that thought of that study what Hillary Clinton okay. Why is any fifty. It's fifty. Other any coach Tony eight year old that Wichita. Yeah but they're not a media. Thought that maybe they are I don't I don't keep up with the media much. Nowadays who's in the media I have no idea. Over channel like he bobbled much now three friends of course they have some. The end of some good people over they get them indeed though are there indeed though there are indeed Nolan and of course. Emily younger and act act you are leased to teach human my friend Jeff Herndon goes over there quite a Katie western. And yes I'm given channel there is a lot of publicity and other girl. We made out of it I can't think of rename. Stephanie Bergman she's still there yes congratulations. Steve Dennis still mum and around until Thursday you you don't have these things what do you mean you're you're. How much now I honestly woman now. I honestly want and now when I get a gig which channel three to write one column week it's not anyway the last time hero one. It's and they know this summer's iffy. They understand why did you do that because during basketball season people wanna read about basketball and you want a knee. Aren't. And I like writing. And here's the big thing that just drives you Battie. I wanna say another word but also up but Battie. People prelate wanted to know what do you think a hundred people have read you your most recent KE SN column yes. Thousands and thousands. At least 500. Who visits I'm not saying this to be. It's an argument and out of social media it's the KS and web site is that is that what they have over a 100000. Followers. All right dates but I get that bit so it is like so every time they tweet out something or put on FaceBook people slip. OK so far don't know where you are not game channel no. But when the last time you visit you would decay SN dot com design your own. I look at the news side and they all come up on FaceBook peril. You not understand how this works I get out works but I don't have to go seek out. They bring it to you all you have to do is like their page and you see everything. Well that is convenient. But it but my larger point is. There's a tinge of maybe more than attends. A jealousy. There's no jealousy trust me. That's not heat there's so but my journalism career you don't have any. Any sense of envy at all then that you would have liked to have done some of that that. That you maybe you would have like I did just about a lot of stuff in journalism but it may be you know one of gun like to do some of that stuff like what. I cover a World Series. Or is there would have been fun I covered Major League Baseball for a little while. I covered final four can over the NCAA I covered golf. It's I've done at all though I've moved we moved our head down another. Entry and here no I might do that today it is good that it's not fair there's nominee to Ayodhya. There's no fear when it I had time to do that excited excited excited so close sort of excited kind of excited. Not excited taken and hopefully I'm Sally goes to that's not just be quiet that's just ridiculous hook up quick of our time. I've seen it over and over well what's the next time what is the next I like take the devil number four. Then you got nothing to say about things I really don't folks at. But in the back the curtain nothing to say about that song I agree it's one of the very that's why you're putting off. What do our thing about take the demo. When you vowed to do this side noon. I just know there'll be some songs of course that it's most of us they're sad is number four but that you can write some about that. What measures that. Bomb and I can relay. Italy the votes are so out of at least is the song. That got them airplay. Got some notoriety back in the early days. A take the doubles never even and were my essay about early bird. That's what I gotta hide oh. It was cool in the documentary when they played that song when they did little montage about their album cover. Does again. You'd you'd put it out there. Every song and now I gotta do. I'm going to most of us are sad you know how many times I listened. Album. Not bills more than me probably more than you. Yeah that was our first line and it came out when I was in high school. And even though I didn't blow up on the Eagles. Until 1974. They were certainly on my radar immediately. The only three Eagles songs I can't sing straight through. Our most of us are sad take the devil and early bird. Audio back on nightingale. Course I can sing nine to him and love that song. Now. I I commend you and Tryon Matt. He can't think trial and error as others know there aren't opposite they wanted outlets or are there aren't any others. Certain kind of fools yes. The show today ladies and gentlemen is 1 that I am pumped up for. Of course we have the NBA draft tomorrow I don't know what we can offer you there but I'm excited about it. I'm looking forward to seeing who goes where and and what trades potentially happen but what's your prediction on the shake up. Of the NBA tomorrow night. Not much tomorrow night but. As this summer progresses there'll be a lot I imagine if there's a trade tomorrow and there might be that I don't think it'll be earth shattering deal I think that's. That's gonna play out over the course of July. That's my prediction movie Mike's purchase joins us. Today. And will leave talking with him at 440. And that it 540 the guy in the pro. That we played with today. Who's we who else was an anger though hardly reported to coaches nice. We were out there and he dragged him on the air. He's looking forward to it. He had a good time what's the puts against his name won't get to that this still isn't a joy Garber. From the University of Georgia. Won a tournament earlier this year. Currently ranks seventh. On the money list probably in the PGA next year than most like all of it if he keeps that up. And he played well and you didn't is my guess. You know what I drove the ball OK that nobody wants to talk about golf even though they are today in my mind. My talk about golf was darn good news is an exhausting. Did you inherit I'd Jai had to me is this before this nobody likes hearing about other people's golf. Except I think people like caring about mine. You think I don't know. They gonna do thousands stitches knowing what that. Tom not Tommy wasn't here Max. Do you remember the other day Monday after that first segment. Due to turn to me there at the break and that that's the top ten segment of all time look at Max say. Max's then thumbs up yeah add I'll miss that. Loves I love you heard beauty it. Your view of beer in V there's no envy I don't envy your promised. Here's what I did today I tweaked something. Not in my elbow. But at the joy of my elbow. You know where you bend your arm and right above right here and here in the lower buys set Barea. I did something on a swing today and I'm not sure what it is there's. There's some pain there I'm sorry to hear that DNA needed take it easy. I'd like to know I wish I knew. Somebody who could tell me somebody. Who could tell me what that what that muscle is there. If you buy sent if the lower biased that it that the bias that is up here. It's a little hard to keep track of my bias that because it's fairly. Massive blow no question. There it is again. And auto escobar's 32 doubles discuss I don't care about Eduardo last year at sixteen. I've got 32 doubles other cardinals lost today that my my interest in baseball. Is zero. No that's impressive. 032 doubles is the mayor is 66 games he's got a double every other examining a home run he's got twelve. Well that's the one that they MVP and two triples these got a 46 extra weigh in batting 3305. Both is old PS 941. We saw him play up in Kansas City because good these are apparently really good you know. He's virtually gut the last period to 54 to 36 the year before that. Some A what is the Tony for Tony 90 wow. He's just been gay guy then only need a guy. That I don't have many they're not they've been a disappointment. We're talking about the twins. They keep beating the Indians related. UB UV the White Sox today twelve not thing yes for those of you keeping track my team lost today Jeff's team won. Tommy's team the tigers'. Loss and by the way Tommy. Joey Garber who's joining us at 540. Huge. Shoes. Detroit sports fan. From the UP. Tommy gun moved by that he why not why he pleaded not emote or not he would have some reaction to that nothing. I don't you know be heard yet let me try this mother. Joy his mother. Owns twelve radio stations in Michigan. And twelve more in Colorado. So when he found ally did radio you we have nice little chat about let's get ahead. You don't know anything about the inner workings well I'm sure he clued in on some stuff listen I I don't listen. I don't necessarily know what it takes to own a radio station I would assume you're going to plop down some money it's that want this radio station. And I think that's all you didn't get enough money YouTube by radio you dry air that's pretty cool the it's it's than funny comedy seemed seem to be pretty clued in as to the process of radio so again he is our guest coming up at 540. Mike purchase will talk movies pop culture television. At 440. And I don't know what I've been more excited about Wednesday top ten the you know. I can't think up the top you get excited once the Lyle. One huge live Lil ho hum five and didn't. You're just a flat line I don't need to be excited about what. But life out of them lists we're gonna. Roll out there for awhile but you may you are in that I've seen the same thing what Tommy doesn't get excited there's nothing to be excited about. Max is Max get excited. No. I'll work a little busted but Dillard's for lack of a better term. I mean you guys got to jump up a little bit. Get your grief I like coming in and do an above energetic radio show bomb out of excitable person you're not getting get much out of out of me even though. How far before the shows started Tommy Fam grounded out with the tying run at second base that's stuff bums me out of disappointments Tommy fan asked to be up there are a little bit comedies started to hit the ball better of late but he had a tough may. Is the cardinals are not an exciting team marshals and has picked it up as an accent for the last three games you go for 900. The guys actually batted 300 times per game at surprising in the last three games and that's how it seems. Most surprising they've kept him in for that many of at bats and he's been struggling but you know I guy when he has a chance. And it just doesn't do it seemed like he bats every inning. Now. Not a thing like Dexter Fowler has been out. Every ending this year. And he's never gotten hit he is batting in the month of June. 105. With no extra base hits weren't June 20 Jeff. Yeah he's terribly down 1690. We're doing this guy why don't why don't play him why do you ever plan he shouldn't play. You have outfielders he put Harrison Bader and you're although ad on air again Paris invaders good. Paris invader will be an average day outfielder have you watched implied this lawyer ignorance shines through. He's not very good he's got a 398 slugging percentage and a 317 on base percentage. Of what it why you put him in the line. And he'd just ignorant. Black guy can't talk made smaller field you don't know any better about him all you know is and it and this is this is my fear. Of your generation and below. You're gonna kill again. Because all you do. Is look at that. Abstract numbers those aren't abstract he did you get on base you look at numbers and you can you draw conclusions. And you never see guys plus I don't think they are a bunch of baseball executives today. In Major League Baseball. Who are never in the sunshine. Not a big quiet they're so yeah third place other so explain to me Harrison mayor he never gets on base and doesn't hit for power what about missing men. What he's on base percent 317. It's not great but it's not just abysmal. And and he's he's fast he's tremendous defend yes we did it's so sad. So is that is a guy that needs supply more. You can it's hard hit when you play two times a week. Camby hit no not can be it is no can be heavier hitter you just hit. My hike. But you others you all I'm certain ominous this. And I don't know what our listeners come down on this but I'm gonna say this for a guy who says he knows baseball. You don't peg to. Yeah I do. That you're just spouting myths this leave began his view only played twice of course you can it pure hitter you hit it starting to get. Rhythm going out of all of you believe and read them I doubt it you know you don't. You don't believe in any of that stuff you don't believe in rhythm you don't believe in in getting hot. You don't believe in any thing. They even thought it's random baseball as a game of randomness to drive people get hot in base no. Well I'll pick you keep digging your own. Don't they have the stretches where they hit better than others Jeff what they call that. Lock mostly. Randomness. Small sample size you know cup hot. So a guy gets hot for two weeks and just rip on the cover off the ball right anyone in any way the difference is small sample. What's the difference in those two weeks and the two weeks where it doesn't do any thing. Same answer. More anybody I ever played we'll tell you you know what. I just don't feel right up there and when not to say the ball looks like a beach ball why is that why do go because they want I play. Why those people who are participating. In the game they're not sit and a room with their computer on. Look at it. OP BBG. But whatever you look at your sold there look there are actually saying. This ball looked like a beach ball every time a song to me I'm gonna zone. If they feel like they need to explain the unexplainable. You play the game out of at a various. Small level low level did you ever have a point whether baldness. Is history you're just hot. Not really. Sometimes I hit and sometimes I didn't. And maddening to talk to bay in fact baseball now off lemon who came. Two baseball lovers. Knew I'd love it from a from an angle where I'd give it. I don't know why you love baseball. I can explain baseball. Because I don't know why you love it I if you do if you just because the mandate. Well you know you try to find meaning in things that don't have meaning. I think I understand that there's no meaning in debt to we example of a bat I think you've worn out. This listening audience with this diet though some people think there aren't there is meaning in eighty at bats or fifty at bats. Thank you can tell I'm not enough to sum up senator meaning. And so and a guy gets hot. And his explanation for that is always. I'm seeing on the ball so why did he stopped seeing the ball to his eyes stopped working years it's the beauty of life made its and that there's nothing to it fits their sometimes there are in his own and sometimes you are not so yeah it is it's very evident to anybody who's ever played golf. Why do you shoot why is why you shoot 651. Day and 7030 the next mechanics probably. Course shape. Fatigue. I mean these are all you can explain these things away against small thing I'm all played good round golf where it feels completely different. And play a bad round a golf. If the swing feels different. Though the ball striking feels their front right confidence through every airport is about. Repeating your mechanics. That's why they talk about it in pitching and shooting bit of the basketball and the golf swing it's all. Repetition. And the more you repeat. Successful delivery or swing or shot them more likely. Have long I got out of there I've gotten out of bed and I felt good and I and I know they're not particular day. That the activity I participate in a moment regrets earlier well rested that skid another boy another way to you know you can really pointed any activity. Ping pong. Badminton. I mean you don't have been asked skilling either of those that be hired I would. Murder you know and think well maybe eight. Bill you're on the show. I thought they are kind of agree what we're all on the domain. You know like I went earlier cute boy you know I mean the frame. Able to blame if you call them and thank you call that the bum arm here and development feel that and then there on the very next day it's like you can't you you can't do it. Sometimes your round on the table. And sometimes he can't get a ball to go so again mechanics. Right or while they're end sometime you know you'll rattled all at the end of the spirit there. You know in the corner pocket you know but on the other IndyCar and at that everyone bought in and out. No luck yet again we got they get explainable as aspects still this. Yeah explain mechanics that you have you should be an attorney. Dad just that jet now here's what Jeff should be. Jeff should be out of the country when it comes of these kinds of debates thanks bill overall are a little bit and I'm tired of it. Take a break Todd can't really argue anything that would William returned. Jason do thefts then throw tirelessly here. Well you leave LA at became back side now. I had things been some errands around. Back in a minute to drive okay FA.