It's NBA Recall

The Drive
Friday, April 13th

A semi heated debate over who the teams are that are threats and likely to cause upsets in the NBA playoffs.


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Bo loses. You liked him before. So he's back to him. She's all right you knew we'd get to these Eagles it's covers league here on the driving bombings. See the sunrise. We'll hear. Alan Jackson's version of that and their smiles toilet because if you boiled. Most of that I don't know probably nobody ride. Alan Jackson. I'd like gallon tax that'll our organ little NBA recall Tommy hit the music. There you go Jeffords chose them this season. 1981. I'm sorry 2011. Has about 6000 and hey look season that I 828. I'm gonna dominate here you actually have a shot I don't think you've done he'll do while that this isn't there some flights but the quality. The fact I think I've given his team before that's my split thrilling and so perhaps. There we go. The team that I've chosen the 20072008. Washington Wizards. Tehran Butler. UConn. That's sounds sort of familiar but we'll see that's for me your first Jim Paxson. Let that team and score no words. And or John Paxson where you go Jim Paxson went to notre dam and we went today. And John Paxson unless. I get credit for that 11. I want to get around to. Anton Jamison. University of north Carolina's is a joke. And decent close second for me Calvin net. You've got dozens easing not heard of and so I think anybody know where he went scholar I can picture Calvin. Kind of a six foot eight. Steadily. Forward. Very athletic. But listed at 66. No idea where went to school it seemed like Calvin. What somewhere in the and then get to stay on unity in this well. It's. I'm really gasoline went. George attacked Louisiana Monroe. Was no way I know that. You act like you're winning this. Yeah you don't do nothing you've seen this all does not I would yet I also being you and who's saying it that Gilbert Arenas Arizona. This birdies. Thank you for me. Michael Thompson. Michael Thompson with homely guys I know this. It was a great college has one of the greatest players ever lace them up. Michael Thompson in the U. Played the facts then bounced out of the CI I think it I know. It's it's got to be organs today it's Minnesota thought. And that I think it's time. I don't mean it felt so they do so you know it is the program director here. Though they may be time for him to come in this politely say you know it's it's so are you yes it if you had a good run. But I cannot continue to do this. I don't think we'll rotate around me with a rotating cast of yes for you is Antonio Daniels. He went to Bowling Green I think. Slip me. That's for me. He hears it speak input T Darnell Valentine. What did he do. I've portal would say it though not gonna say we have I don't think you'll thing really valuable thing to say the state Hillary or do what state do you know if there. I think it credit Florida I quit the media to. Number five on your list Brendan Haywood. North Carolina. Are you are on the table at sounds like no one ever happens. Is for. 51. That's I mean I you know at least three by now and I don't think you'll get this guy but Kenny cars. I remember all these players. Any car. Led the league awhile Wisconsin. And see states. I just feel like my brain is not up to this anymore and pick up more recent years Roger Mason. I think he went to Virginia. Think there's six. You're gonna get all day and let's hope. Max. Wayne. Rates. I lost my page from number six for you is Wayne Cooper. This is the most obscure group of players it really Michael Thompson. Jim Paxson. John Paxson went to Notre Dame finally got you give me though one take it loses guy Wayne Cooper. Blame because we're a spindly 610 senator well he was number 52 was and he was number 42 for the they both of his career. Went to. Wayne Cooper was. LSU now give it to you and the new world they. Count it next for you Nick Young. US the almighty God's if you were on the table. Next for me number seven I can make him 76 game next are you. We talked about them earlier this week definitely. Fat lever. Lafayette lever. To. He looked ordnance. He. Really did you went to the plaque while we're you that there is on the day go. Or guy that almost that oriented and finally Darius Darius and dollars. They go I don't know about oh Mike I thought your first Sherwood build out on Kentucky. Yes you didn't run the table. On the way to go right for us that all major college guys except for Bowling Green. Ridiculous finally for me. The great Don used. I loved done using the fantastic Indiana Pacers. In the day. What Steve is this Portland's. I also had good runs with Portland I did that Don views. Went to. Indiana. Indiana somewhere and in the and he did actually what day went Evansville they go thing. What it. Remarkable recall I had grew up in Holland Indiana and his nickname of course was booed. Blue. Must have been buttons. On Bluetooth. I hate who abuse. Are 8691240. The first collar decides if I continue to play these games. Like it either yes or now. And Mary Ann and I are very first caller makes this decision. Angel and it and whatever it is I'm little Bible. If but they know your awful. If it's terrible that I'm done and by the way continue to play because we like here in his struggle Darius Songaila Aaliyah. That's in Galilee. Imus then golly when it comes to thin dollar well I don't think that's it connect counts. I hope this person is generous to me whomever it is that makes this call. And Haslem. Understanding. That some compassion. Them do my best but dozens of complete. And there that it neighbor and I would have gotten it. Here's a guy that's gonna make this decision. And that's Jordan first of all how old you. That doesn't bode well for me Jordan. That doesn't that they ought to see continue to get stressed. Jordan what's your today. Well you. Punching bag here. My answer. Yes or no are sounding a note. It is both. It on my guys OK well I just mostly what reckon Calvin have to say. I've under the abide by Jordan I'm gonna ever gonna play this again and they knew why the lip and I said what I said. Rick you're on the show your age please. I'll do it during a guy got a shot here what they have they Syria why Agee. Because George said he had reps they've been busy all day long running your problem or an instrument or known my. Very understanding and compassionate Rick. Thank you that's a that's the guy who gets that unlike this twice something well I guess we got to break the tie here. Now there's no time I said what I said okay. I've Calvin left and gone heat islands laughed so done Jordan makes the decision and you're done. I'm done playing games. That's fit. I'll play a different game let's come up with some different games like like we used to. That are more sports related. The NBA is pretty NB every poll. We're at the end of the fees and anyone pilots do saying it. I feel inferior. Because I got Tommy and Macs that did chew on my head a quick let's do a quick game of who we play for now are yet to real quick and I like and I got to get a Victoria quote epidemiology teams that Jim Edmonds played for. Angels. Cardinals. Brewers. Cubs. Reds. Yeah I also played for the Padres brief from the lab very briefly. OK that's good I'd be using game hey what do you think Jordan got five us plus think Jordan what do you think. Up next and a not found one mode Joseph Lou well I Natick by the guy give me a guy. Relax a hunch I think there are however don't give me a guy Jake Peavy Jake Peavy Padres. Giants. Boy at number under the umbrella policy and he fled the American lady did British clubs. I'd they have something in common. Tiger why not end and in particular item of clothing. Brett thought hey there you go you're leaving me now back in a moment Jeff take your home mom bill now moving go to bed I'm really hopefully see is the Monday. Jeff next on the drive with Bob and.