It’s NBA Recall Time

The Drive
Friday, February 23rd

Another highly competitive round of NBA recall.  Jeff gets the 96/97 Orlando Magic. Bob gets the 79/80 Seattle Super Sonics.  The game’s object is to name the college the team’s top scorers attended.


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Simple and and. And and. Wrapping up Fleetwood Mac we lived Rihanna on my personal favorite it was a nice song. Thanks about the league season colorful or sponsoring our music execs tonight wolf. Forty the end wanna call the weigh in on the NCAA stuff. Please feel welcome unless that happens however we're gonna play a game of NBA recall Tommy hit the music. There it is classy. I've chosen for you out of the 199697. Season. The Orlando Magic but surveys probably your favorite team in those years when I do this I've finally figured out why. Your years are easier than my years because college basketball so it's a bigger deal now. And has been all over the recent. You know the last 2030 years. You're gonna win mostly. Simple because your play and I forgot I've sir I would have gotten six of these say there's too I would not have done an outcry and I give them because I've forgotten all. The wolf team though I have you have the 7980. Seattle SuperSonics. I'll get one now you get three probably that's terrible I'm giving you a couple of easier ones that more years or so easiest with ridiculous. It it's what it did you'll run the first five. And then he you might get one of the last third. Anthony Hardaway Memphis city sleeve that. Ridiculous looks who's my number one guy leading scorer for the 7980. Seattle SuperSonics was Gus Williams. Gus Williams loves to close the lower Gus Williams went to college yeah USC correct. Wow did you just throw that out though I had a blast. Second for you as Ronnie cycle. He went to Syracuse. Are you serve out now 100% here he is the time he knew that that yeah Ronnie slightly. Number two for me this Johnson. Dennis Johnson what the pepper and I say well don't need your help. I got Dennis Johnson because they'll be out. He tried I can't force and I can't see it you gotta remember that Celtics team that replay of my favorite all time NBA teams these get this team has some guys who got around a little bit I'll be OK if you give me is 8586. Celtics. Probably never Horace grant. He went to Clemson. You barely full give him and Harvey confuses you barely pulled out one out. Next some mindless. Jack six months. He went to Lowe's wife. Woes obscure schools. A man. It was an NA IA AR NC it was a low level school if you get the state through there's a state name minute if you get their I don't get to you. He went somewhere in Washington. You know Oregon and now you top note where Illinois Wesleyan Illinois Wesleyan. Man that makes me mad than Fortson. Great player obscures college you don't have any obscure college is on your way apparently not nick Anderson. He went to Illinois is the I think we've just and I'm not struggling and does make insurer. Next for me. I don't even know if you've heard this guy that Lonnie Shelton. Lonnie Shelton of the bigs that are. Six state power forward the big guy used a that is to 7040s. Let's no way. Lonnie Shelton these guys really where your contemporaries these guys were no money is ultimately United States and had a beard. I'm gonna say that Lonnie Shelton. The first bullet entered my mind. Was somewhere. Have no idea. Illinois. If you had to guess I guess last time I think with the Oregon Oregon Oregon State. Lonnie Shelton that makes sense now I can remember that this number. Lonnie Shelton had a single digit number I'm thinking. Here at eight yes. Now. You guys you just don't know now I guess that as lucky as a kid that's got lucky. He was the number eight. Did it. I get three points for the last year take take your points in this room. In this city. Knows what number Lonnie Shelton probably very few people I don't know if you knew I think no I did he got lucky again I hate it when you do that. I don't know if you I do. Donald royal. I hate I hate doll android. Is all I can do this picture and I've no idea Doreen what number it. Like zero though that's not true. Are you sure yes. Donald royal. There was a zero on those that that teams know they are day Rollins. Notre Dame. Next for me and I league given the fact that I knew money so these numbers. Next up for you. Is. Downtown Freddy brown. Now see why would not know that seems like he says Iowa. Yes a blow. We got a ball game. Next on your list Gerald Wilkins. Georgia. Chattanooga. Dominic went into their way up. Syria didn't go to Georgia absolutely who's next for me. John Johnson. Oh man I haven't thought about John Johnson in Seoul alone. And I wrote I remember John Johnson. But I am not gonna remember where I went to college. Two time all star yeah I do a good player. John Johnson. Give me that Tennessee. Or it's Iowa again I would give a yes I thought about Iowa. The end Freddy brown met. Teammates that I. I've bested John Johnson the Evans bio pulled up there and got it I'm of those say that John Johnson. Scored. 9000 points in his career eleventh I rolls subtle level. Next for you Derek strong. I don't know. But you know all the big names but you don't know any of the obscure name apparel and Derek strongly this Cincinnati went to Xavier. And eighth in Cincinnati and act now you've got five for I did this for the win for me I don't know about that. This is not even number eight. Should be this is only number seven for you Dennis got for you the Georgia Tech lead up five Avaya business for the win blog. I could give it Tom Lagarde and you don't know. Via Tom Lagarde. I remember the name. You have no idea where or Wally walker James Wally walker went to Providence. Wally walker went to Virginia and it. I win I can give you James Bailey or I can give you that too easy ones I don't know that he Jud you know we're Vinnie Johnson went now. Nor Paul Silas yes price. That's that's the one I'll take for the land you barely played. Let's get to the phones Jeff you're up what's up Jeff. Bop it happening. Back when the FBI story broke. And I read it yeah or her weight that. And I would I would encourage everyone. To continue to wait and I tell you why. That this yeah the story if I understand that. Is based on. Balance sheet created by only one or two agent. In any single. Port agency. Now think of then number. Agent. And that number out sports page in these. And then you get begin to get real and out are based. This practice it is not forty people. Is not one player from this school in one from the app pool. It'd be like where times. Some of these people are now under pressure. To talk about what proper agent. Either Paul Byrd or gave them an. Look at and I agree with that Jeff and that's a student. Observation but what's the end game for the FBI here what was the what what are they really looking for. You know the I and there was not a clear connection of the decade. Iraq Friday rather win yeah story broke. As to whether any of these players that are let that doubt. Kind of statement one statement to their goal that they did not receive any income the benefit. After. Receiving. That thousand dollars here at the 121000 dollars there up at the FBI here about. DJ nick eight ball statement. To act. The order at university. And now from an FBI perspective. Is treated it came and brought on the US outlook. Interest thing and I'd it it's good to hear from you because I know you have obviously. A law of background so it's good to get your perspective any thing else. Now battled the only. Let me back and go Wichita State. There you go thank you that's. Jeff put some good inside. Based on. The legal aspect of this sounds. Sounds a lot more interesting then than we had drowned and up to be wallet that that we kind of drummed that up to be that. Then there's there's something more of the the FBI is looking into. And that makes perfect sense wonder wonder how deep this logo or what the findings will be or when they'll be presented. This probably is the tip of the iceberg as he said earlier. I will take our final break back with five questions are listening to the drive okay FA.