The Indians choked after a 2-0 start

Sports Daily
Thursday, October 12th

The Yankees had a tremendous comeback, down 2 games to none, and they came back winning two in New York and winning the third straight back in Cleveland. The Yankees will take on the Astros in the ALCS starting tomorrow.


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Cheney before these. Post season ever started. You and I were sit down figuring out our fantasy pitchers you had a choice between Kyle Kendrick and quarry Hoover. Which way would you Don Cooper all day long. Yeah all day every day at the truth and all he'd pull through again. The Yankees. Will last. Seven and a third innings between two starts yet and there's the reason why a big reason why that. Tito didn't go with him in game one is because if they went to a game five you want him on regular and for a fortunate it. And it went three and two thirds now by any sports definition that was the choke. By the Cleveland Indians. They choked they won the first two games at home. And like last year's World Series with cups and they lost three times to have an opportunity to clinch the series. They've now had. For a post season series. During which they lost three straight games with a chance to clinch the series 99. 2007. The World Series last year and this year the only other team and the only team. In the MLB history with that distinction is the cardinals. In the 68 World Series the 85 World Series in 96 NLCS in 2012. No other team has had as many as three such failures. That by all definition of last night with a choke. Question becomes chain. Different people different times. Different contributors different leaders. Sometimes. You just have. A quirk of history. That just kind of the veils itself and there's really no explanation for it. Do we really think that the Cleveland Indians should be tip applied as choker it's collectively. This year in L franchise now what not not as high end but maybe this year was an in joke. Yet a 102 wins the regular season a twenty game win streak and the light and Cy Young award winner going twice. And he didn't pitch very well now the time. And you had game five and I got a gifting game to list here it gifting game to basically and the great comeback but it gift. Okay. Prime a battle here and make the rules but that's that's the new look up choked in the sports dictionary. And I don't I don't know what other what other proof you need. But it had a tremendous regular season. But a 102 wins and you go out and don't even make it to the divisional series for the championship series I mean. What caused them. Stat that they laid on us last night was that the last twenty teams with a hundred wins. Only three of them. I I've got to get this right before I rode out there but it was something along the lines that of the last when he teams that had 100 games. In a season only three of them had reached the World Series something like it something like no team. That it won twenty straight games of the season had ever gone to on to win the World Series I know that's that's a factor and I don't know about the different stats but. Write Tom and listen I don't want to say that that his age choking franchise. Necessarily. But. If you could build the case. They have now tied the aids for the most consecutive losses in a winner take all game they've had seven now. Dating back to 1997. And four of them have come at home. So. We've that we viewed the Indians much in the same way that we view the Buffalo Bills. We didn't close I mean I don't know how do we. I mean it was I don't know if I do learn I was such a feel good story last year because it was either Indians and the cubs are gonna win the World Series and somebody was gonna break then hurts them is gonna break that streak. And when that was the cubs. Everybody focused on the cubs. You know now now the curse is over early in what manner it's a neat story with David Roth and you know they won hero in these up and comers you know young bucks like Rizzo and Chris Bryant and couch Warburg. That's what was the Indians this faded out of our our view. Well pitted and now they come back when 22 straight 102 overall. And now they've lost six straight games with a chance to clinch a postseason steered series. Dating dating back to world. You have it and I'm very yeah they have a very unfortunate. Pattern. Of getting up big in series and not being able to close and that's thought I will agree. There you go back. Red Sox. The keys this year I mean they they've got it they do have a history of new cubs last year in the World Series. Get up big. Can't close. What does it mean in the grand scheme of things I don't know on one half of the equation you've got got to be good enough to get there. Gotta be good enough to be a game away from winning a World Series. Maybe there is some. Something lacking. In their ability to close obviously there's as something lacking in their ability to close. But you know as well as I do you don't win 21 games are 22 games in a row. By mistake. But it'll hang up when I don't. Hand bell rings I'm awake they don't hand out rings no real reason. You're right I don't Ferrell what it's like just to get there and not in that not being enough got you. You're right yeah I was a bit as the Detroit baseball and universe. Again I'm just I'm just telling the numbers and they're trends. And you can go back. Over the course of Cleveland Indians history or you can go back one year. Wherever you want but they've twice lost three games in a row. To either move along or win at all. Who have been able to do well and that's and that's the headline that hangs on them right now you know it didn't so much in the aftermath of the cubs. Rally last year because the story was not the Indian Wright story was the cubs and rightfully so and whoever they want so in the World Series that would have been the story regardless played it would've been a big win yet away yet break let her go wrong. Either way. But now it's something that's a little bit different are the Indians viewed differently. Is the narrative about the Indians at different. I don't know remains to be seen well you know certainly something or other that that is that was talked about. Very consistently. Over the course of this series. Once the Yankees started to claw themselves back into it we asked the question you know rather have Kyle Hendrix or. Horror corps recruiter who you'll have query Kluivert CC sabathia. So now Lithia punched out nine and form a third last night before he can return to pass but he looked great through you know war. And he was unbelievable mover couldn't get through four yeah. No he looked. CC sabathia looked for all the world to be on a little Sunday stroll did natured good gimme the ball I'm just gonna go ahead and throw it and I don't have a worry in the world. Corey clover. As much as I like him it looked like he was grinding from the get go. Just yeah I and I don't know I don't know how does that happen. How you can you give me insight. How a pitcher goes out and can clear his mind. We needed any easier for clued her to be making that start New York. Minute wasn't Cleveland. And some I don't know in some ways maybe yeah maybe because of them may be way of thinking and you can tell when you fall behind at home the collective gasp you know from the fans like who who would what's going on here it was a here we go again mentality last night. Don't you think and maybe you'll buy the broadcast that you know we do we are we're being me you know bombarded with. Clinching game clinching a record of dean clean game clinching. Gains in series over the last X amount of years in that Cleveland was his son admitted those do those Indies fans get it they understand that. The warriors of the Wahoo. They get it there. It's maybe between those two guys last night. About the include over. Is sabathia made news when he first for twentieth post season start last night. He's he's thrown almost half a regular season worth of innings in the postseason start a 117 innings in the post season. Soul if what you saw was him look like he was on a Sunday stroll for him it probably was. He put out a pitched in the World Series you know always. Again made nineteen other starts in the post season. But. It looked like he was Eddie's probably because he's used to this stuff. Have been very much sound and whether it was nerves for Corey clue her or just the Yankees have and a tremendous game plan against him. And DD Gregorio is quickly make in the Yankee fans forget about Derek Jeter I know that. Gosh. Wow I mean. You talk about two big swings at a time. When they really really needed it. Are you know I mean really at the end of the day what is the story. Is according clue birds inability to close. The franchise's inability to close or the fact that yankees' pitching just basically shoved it up their backside and said. See you around next February or march because you're not going to be it's now I mean the Indians. Didn't get very many good looks. Didn't swing the bat very well in this series really from start to finish and in the fact really when you look offensively what they've done. The fact that they Gupta I got up two games to none in this series may have been more of a surprise than anything else. And the big story with the Indians pitching staff was OK we're going clue over Miller. And Alan period in game five. And if we can do that will be in good shape what they did just that and made me Lothian is that. And they lost anyway so. That's going to be a long off season for Cleveland and the Yankees are way ahead of schedule what they're young guys than. And now they go to Houston and will be Astros and yankees in a slugfest in two little teeny tiny baseball fields. And they'll be probably a tunnel home runs hit between those two clubs. Now. Probably so well anyway. Pop we go. Up we go. Managerial hot seats well we'll talk about that at least at to some degree with former royal Brian McRae of former cub as well and Brian McRae Lucy who does he really pledges allegiance to her with that it's a royal visit the team that still players at the royals are kept we'll. Apple pulled the outside but that was Conrad Johnson coming up next toggle case they thought ball. And then look at the Bryan wanted to and then all yeah we'll talk about managers in the hot seat and you know if we're talking about browns quarterbacks. The news can't be good complete with. Speaking speaking of Cleveland with more of the same were back in a moment.