If Notre Dame wins out, do they make the playoff without a conference championship?

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Tuesday, October 17th

In the past, not having a conference championship game has hurt the Big 12, but the Big 12 has brought back their championship game this season. Would that hurt Notre Dame’s chances to make the playoffs? Bruce and Shane don’t think it’ll hurt them.


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All right welcome back getting it going in earnest on this Tuesday's additional college hoops coming up in this is segment CAC. Immediate gains come playing out yesterday I gotta tell you Shane it was at least cool to see. I've Griggs is narrow with. You know gene army and REM and and Kevin all the and rooted Kelvin Sampson sitting there earned Tubby Smith about that that that was pretty cool let's how that I would say yeah yeah that was kind of a welcome Didier ace the kind of moment. And good for the AC to get those guys though altogether it. Union owned Dino kind of configuration of final four coaches that's that's a neat thing to be able to. To be able to do with the conference that was kind of cool. I show is Gino REM offer a couple of days. He case I didn't hear you thinking then run I know stores Connecticut didn't anything knowledge you think he hadn't run stores Connecticut. Well women's basketball coach is in the out toast of the town. I don't give me some of that he he seems and I don't know him but. He seems. I think maybe Carolina but you know the I I couldn't agree with you more and every time that and I think he's even cooler. In failure that he is in success and and let me just say this. I you can say whatever you want about women's basketball. Two knee he is the face of women's basketball right now in this country and it's not to say that there aren't. Plenty of other places where great things are going on. And they're not the defending national champions I get that but is there a bigger figure right now in women's college basketball than geno. No I don't think so Michelle Nunn and nine clubs. On someone would have to would have to do it would have to and convince me. Otherwise. But I mean not that there's not great women's basketball programs and coach who else but they're not like him the others what. Can multi in my office McGraw and others are just a great father but he knows he's at but I nothing like him I mean he's he's a rock star in women's basketball it would really notice it right put just an absolute rock star I let's go to the phone state 691240 shot and it takes time out of his day it starts off on the I got to detach locked Ramallah and what's up Sean. Don't blow. And are on your pocket about our deal. Yet to talk there you go rob. Dog which. That I've got to cools off the dogs now. Now I don't know if the app right I don't know if that is cool is Millie I mean nothing can be quite as school is Millie and believe me Millie is school. My dogs my ducks couldn't handle they wouldn't sit still like that now they've looked pretty good. Because you know because I'm going no. Because I've got Danes and their big get their big dogs in and stuff like that but they're not gonna sit still and be. You're right I've got to have kind of got got to have some kind of niche or something like that I need to work on which on. Know that if I don't check. Well. Go ahead. Parents of national park. Other market talking about Notre Dame that they Wear out that they're going to be a bottle or. Her problem that. They didn't stepped out. And it debate well what they've been added that kids should chipped it hey Bob I or he quite. It out well but it ought to. Notre bent that perhaps there I'd be at double or they're in a blocker but he. Bob Roberts Kate you are all the battered. Their last year out I don't be a problem. Now audit at. A big black are big well up till this year. Rules of engagement team to change every year and it isn't that they inconsistency. Shame that we're dealing with here is that we still. Have. At the root of things we have a college football selection committee. It's still. In the process of kind of making it up as they go and I don't mean to be casual about it I know that they put. A great deal of time and effort and study and and into it in the and they come up with this thing and generally I don't think we've had. An excuse me too much argument. And debate about it. How over the last three years but I think that this is still working it progress so. Yeah I mean two years ago conference championships seem to mean something last year Ohio State doesn't even play in the conference championship game. But there in the final four so I think it just kind of changes as it goes we don't really have a standard pattern yet. And you can I don't think. That you complain Notre Dame because they don't have a lead there and ended right there they don't but it's not their fault. I mean it's kind you could argue this they're faulted on have a league because they could be in one if they want to but. As it relates to their chances to be in the college football playoff their only losses at. Number fifteen Georgia they have a game against USC coming out. Regardless of what you think about NC state they're ranked and there are only once beaten they're coming up. They have a game at Miami. Their undefeated. They're coming up and they end up at Stanford. And I think they've only lost twice at Stanford is in the top 2522. Or somewhere like that so they went out. I don't think that you can say well Notre Dame doesn't have a conference championship game to play in and this particular team does that's not fair. You've Notre Dame is not gonna just play service academies and Mac schools. And the teams from the northeast they always scheduled tough and if they didn't want of their seasons once beaten. They absolutely need to be. Included in this discussion I didn't think they were worth a damn after about four games because they played temple. Boston college and Michigan State and then lost at home against Georgia and we didn't know anything about Georgia after two weeks. Well now we know quite a bit more and if they continue to win them I'm not gonna take anything away from Notre Dame just because. They're kind of off the radar and they're not he in the either the eighth he's the SEC Big Ten or big twelve. No no no Notre Dame. And it would have will have a body of work at the end of the day. Bomb and that would the screen inclusion into the college football playoff and it's just because of the teams that you just. That you just ended up meant to and mean there's no question that they play that kind of a schedule Ohio State hasn't played this kind of schedule. Not to this point that would warrant them being I think sixth in the country but the problem is that everyone around them keeps losing. And when you lose early. You have a chance to build yourself back up a lot Ohio State. Mom you could look at Oklahoma. And Ohio State at this particular point and make the argument that Oklahoma what four spots behind him in the poll should be ahead of Ohio State because they touted them. In the Gator didn't Columbus. But the fact of the matter is and and go ahead and look at who thought Ohio State is beaten and beaten them beaten much. Ohio states that resonated this particular point is not overly impressive. But they've got Wisconsin Penn State. They've got Michigan. Coming up and they've got a hole but an end and Oklahoma's got Polonia coming up as well. Not directly into the zone thing did that finger remember here twos were only halfway through. Got football apply and we talk about this every year. You know what if what if what if what if we have pat unbeaten swell up we have back out there are one loss team it's not gonna happen that way. Wacky week in college football last last weekend. Where you had four teams in the top ten lose football games don't mean it may not happen to that extent. And anymore I mean but it can but we're gonna have multiple we're gonna plenty of shifting. Fortunes in shifting sands. In college football. I think that the one thing that you can pretty much time. You can set your watch Jews Alabama. And not much seems to change in college football regarding Alabama. Alabama will be there at the end of the day. There's some others that you would think would probably be there at the end of the day but I'll bet on Alabama. And you can have the field. At this particular point. So. But after that who knows I mean there's a lot of things going on and it'll happen a lot of not for another month overnight yet. Not not for awhile absolutely now we you can look around and say. Here that put a right now to me. The two leading. Contenders. Conference wise are the SEC and the big tent. I think the pac twelve. The ACC. And the big twelve. Are kind of jumbled together area name you know mix and match who rises. Somebody get hot. Maybe they make an argument for it but right now I think you have multiple candidates. In the SE CC Alabama and Georgia. And in the Big Ten. Ohio State Michigan State. On Wisconsin Penn State. I mean you got a bunch of teams right there that that did that probably can. Can start growing a little bit. Now I realize Michigan State may be a little down the line but they're five and one. So don't worry it'll all play out usually does and the irony Sheen is that he usually plays out with our oats. A lot of Rinker. And a lot of disagreement. Between the lead the first year Baylor in TCU that was an interesting argument. But we haven't really had one since then other than maybe Ohio State reaching without being in a conference championship game. The net I mean I don't think there's been a great deal of over the last three years that have been. That have been arguable right. I don't know maybe a wrong. It's imperfect. And there's going to be people. With legitimate arguments as long as it stays at just four. But as long as you get the right war. Five through eight can moan all I want yeah yeah absolutely and I'm sure in every case. Those five through rate could've done more. In the previous twelve games that they play. It's just where it's going to be. Yes I mean I think that there at the end of the day. There's going to be one candidate from the big twelve. I don't think they've done I don't think that there's any possible way that their QB to I think it's possible there could be none. They're good in its habit yep it's much more likely that there's none and instead of the discussion of two her but I think one could probably get it. And I'm not so sure that TCU. Is in emerging is that team now that's an easy choice right now. They're ranked number four in the country. But but we'll see. We'll see. No mean that they've got they've got plenty of tough sledding laughed so. Anyway. Yeah I don't on that got us off the rails is there community did on the soft Orosco one thinks that this. Thanks for that. Yeah well let's let's take a break you get to us some college hoops stereo because we're on. Who will ST keeping on schedule coached in groups don't like that and get back in just a moment. You and Missouri gonna play but I don't think that this is anything that's the how they'll think that this is some sort of precedent that they're setting that is they're going to be repeated. Anytime in the near future K state playing Missouri State. Nice that they're playing for our prime hurricane relief. I just hope some people show up. But we'll talk about that concept. And what it means moving forward as we continue here in just a moment Jane and Bruce with you on a Tuesday edition of sports tonight.