Ian Kennedy is historically bad pitching at home

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Wednesday, June 13th
The Royals continue to struggle this season and even though Ian Kennedy threw a good game, this time, Kelvin Herrera uncharacteristically lost the game for him. Ian Kennedy is 1-11 at home in the last two seasons; he went 1-8 last year and is 1-3 this year at home.

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I'll order out and got to Obama. Aren't allowed to burn this is we should talk sports. Bruce hurdle and shame Dennis loves Sports Radio JEF stage 12:40 AM 975 FM. Good morning everybody good to have you with us in the middle of the week Sheen Bruce with you for the next couple of hours and 8691240. That's the direct line be that that's. Hot line has locker room on line rather 8691240. Shane is on the other side of the god knows we get to what's on happen pretty busy first hour. Right you buy side pockets corner of Kellogg and Tyler. Who vying. Side pockets where it is wine out Wednesday when gravity quarter pound cheeseburgers served with Fries. For only 595 today at lunch time. Side pocket corner Kellogg Tyler. Not that I wanted to trash him. Because I wanted him to do well from the start. But I had compiled acquired a laundry list of how bad Ian Kennedy had been not only with the royals. But at home. For the raw which. Is a really hard thing to do if your pitcher. And to have bad homes stats. Because at the pitcher's park it's one of the best historically here at least reputation wise that good pitcher's park he was great last night. He went eight scoreless and then. Kelvin her era. Committed. Rare deadly sin for closer in the ended up losing in the tent but we'll get into Ian Kennedy's numbers and how historically bad especially last years she's been home royals lost. In actor's last night five to one. ASCII. Policies Escobar. And a milestone last night. For some reason. Will explore. Had second segments bigger VoIP and Joe's road IR dose for a house spoiler alert mind he is our only source opponent last night yeah. It's in the second segment we will explore what's on the way if any thing we'll talk to Tony Boone from the Omaha world herald. Covers the Storm Chasers for that newspaper. We'll talk about prospects what's common house Bubba starling coming along what's his deal. What about the former Ronald Monday seasons in its name it's not role anymore it's. And Albert K Mondesi. He's okay hitting 257 right now. So we'll see what's what's coming down the pike and maybe if we need to look further down the chain as far as what's coming. For the royals as far as prospect we know they signed their. 24 of their draft picks in there and surprise Arizona right now work now so there obviously a long ways away but. What's coming down cycle talked Tony Boone from the Omaha world herald that the next segment. They'll have a little US open Twitter question coming up 940. Little bit of a foreshadowing yesterday when we got talking about who god rant about. The US open how tricked up deal like it. 10 o'clock we'll talk to the voice of the razorbacks Phil Elson as Arkansas is going back to the college World Series. They will have a get together with Texas sooner. Reunion of old southwest conference teams it's the ninth. College World Series berth for Arkansas and their. Fifth since 2004 organs I was never want to so low we'll talk to fill Olson. It was razorbacks come up an hour from now and then ten point one have some headlines former masters champion Mike we year. Is going to be in the field at the Wichita open. He's battling his way back to try to get on the big tour Mike we're. Will be the probably I would assume that headliner. When you're talking about who's a who's who and who we've heard of that which opened a week and a half now so be cool. Reggie Bush is in the news. Will talk about maybe if time allows are no brainer in mobile all stars as a handful of net. I certainly can't myth analyst with the reputation but what many years have this year and the Redskins replacement players in 1987. Got Super Bowl ratings yesterday. Out of that does that mean Keanu Reeves got his. No not talk about the Washington sentinels I mean you know Washington Redskins yet you guys start. Phil Martel a fill mark Kelly wouldn't probably. Allow that whatever that he bagged quarterback was that. Insane or replace the path I love Lisa machine Falco though man I'm Tanya. He played a pretty believable. Dumb air has left any quarterback in the if he was. Good bat though it was really good. He and Reeves. Do we think that Keanu Reeves at the end of the day actually has. Some athletic ability that he played quarterback what is in high school. I don't know I don't I don't know the answer to that he looks at the pars. Does he looks he looks like he knows what he's doing my mind that my initial major would be yeah for sure he played quarterback. Surely. Some. Bodies some former football player wasn't necessarily on set. Of the replacements to helping with his mechanics right you don't waste that much money on that movie. You know he say OK here you work flow more to be a little more believable. Like they stumbled and it can't read who. Moved around well enough to where he could. He could throw a football. I got a question for euphoria gone. Yet. Bryan Adams topped off. Yeah I got it setup fourth that I just peaked on now on Twitter and he gave yourself away so the floor is yours let's hear. Well I didn't give myself away in my life did all right but I love it that well. But wit and would've admitted it anyway because it's kind of a Bryan Adams is someone that. I didn't exactly grow up lift. But saw Bryan Adams a few times on the West Coast. In his. Kinda lower. The stage. Before he made it in what the early eighties or whatever the hell was. Before cuts cuts like knife and and the song line Robin Hood and and everything else. So one last night to red rocks on an on an absolutely chamber of commerce night. I felt and the way like it just say I saw an instant Graham from Bryan Adams after the Democrats are you were there. Right that place is ridiculous I've never been there bomb but all you know I don't by all accounts that places. Stupid it's the finest play it it's the it's. Easily the best outdoor location. Than I've ever seen a concert. And and it did it doesn't even come close to her. Literally in the middle I mean if there's a reason it's called red rocks. You've got just monstrous. Genome. Rock formations. On either side view and it's this they're like since 1920. It's a state or it's a he's in his city or is this state I can't remember but it's day. But it's a government controlled. Facility. And man I'm telling it hasn't lost a moment of relevance and it's an Everett and anyone music and everyone who's anyone has bitten in the matter. You name it they've played there from oldest to the hoot to. You choose iconic. Concert. There one of their first live concerts. Videos with film there in dissent using. It's great it's just absolutely incredible my tutor and Bryan Adams and his band was song. You know I mean I always go into you know. I'm not long for the nostalgia it's not generally mean I mean it's kind of like I'm good with Springsteen. Because I think he stays relevant. And and so I will continue to to do that. Others have come and gone in mice fear. And I'm not usually one that goes I mean AC DC ROC CDC owes them something like that copies of that that that always remains. Relevant but. You know but you know it is out 'cause some bands kind of come and go. In eighty picked up and now we'll move theirs once or twice or something rather that than you kind of lose track of them. Pace and a good man thirty years after the fact they've been there in 1985 and 1987. And and then last night in third night there and they are great by the span Canadian rock band. He sounds good. And goes a lot further beyond just cuts like knife run to you you know the kind of stuff that you just immediately cliched for. For Bryan Adams. Played solidly for about two hours and it was it it was pretty good so. There's a Daytona and he said about I want to see somebody. That and I'm guilty of this as we all know going to see somebody that back in their heyday didn't screech and scream. As you can crack indeed the only and like I said yesterday with pitching only got so many bullets in the chamber yeah can't do that forever. Mean for yourself if you sing in like. Cinderella or Motley Crue yeah I mean there's a shelf life there man you're yulia one voice and you can repair it as it get out many times necessary but. When you got a guy like Brian Adams. Allen certainly diminish Bryan Adams prisoners. You know. You you. Do what you gotta do to sell records but he could go yeah I would think right I mean on this little while I put tour and the casino tour and the state fair tour. Or or better you know. But I'm really play coming over and over 101000 out Aussie. So I mean. You know in about a hundred but what does it I. In. Was about a hundred bucks a pop at least where we were sitting I think probably would surely didn't pay for your ticket the dignitaries you guys are. Well I mean I don't know. That's up to box. It's clear that up you know she has her way easily and having it and got bigger audience though we got the good enough to the bottom of if they're not. But you know I'll say this. End. I'm sitting there listening to Bryan Adams who has seen like I said on numerous other times before. But obviously not for for many many years you forget. How many songs yes he was a part of you know what I mean is playlist. Is playlist was. It was remarkably deep. And and you know and and everything you do it do for you minute chance that that stuff you know the they up on stuff yeah yeah yeah. You know that kind of music that's not my deal but I understand that it is some other people's and that's fine it's likely that toe tapper so hopeless an all too often and no question. At the best song. Of the night was the only thing that looks good on me. And it's a stand in really good rock tune in that he did rockabilly tune. From probably the 1958. Or so that and the name of it escapes me right now that was just absolutely. Not outstanding very tight man. I think four of the five were still original members the key word. And keyboard is is is not an original play it says the rest of the mark. They sounded good sounded exactly like like you would expect Brian Adams or hole. Now for Brian and sound so that's where her role on Twitter. It is the the my better half on this show and I better have better have. On Twitter and special is that rock in the background is not bad but do a little more dig in if you if you don't know red rocks is it's ridiculous. It's Korea and it's it's that no it it you know in fact I would through our music. And loving fans out there and I know making mud many of an existing. In the afternoon because I know that Bob and Jeff but. Love to talk music in and stuff so I would maybe media tell them. As well it it is worth the trip to come out you see if you if you if there's someone that you really love to see. And the red rocks says something going on literally every single night I mean it's like insane every single night. Brian Adams is there tonight so Bryan Adams last night Ryan Adams. I tonight but anyway. It's worth. Coming out. To. To go check to go check it out and find someone that you really like come on out and see it. And make it a next day go see a ballgame. Or something like that in you're in it'll be a great 12 punch is it almost but it is it almost. 5050. When you see somebody or red rocks 50% the atmosphere and your surroundings and 50% of the band the track for there to see is that fair to say because it. I like bread even it it might yeah I don't know that's it that you might be right you might be right. Now we were waiting for a minute Hoover last night chatting with a gal from Idaho and that had come in the only other time that she'd been their before. Was to see hall notes which by the way would which. I would be another one I would probably go see. Not for the old not for the most recent Paula notes the men abandoned luncheonette and some of the early hall of notes or. You know they got into that kind of commercial. Silliness and stuff but anyway I digress. But but yes she she we we're chatting with her she said. You know I I I've really wanted to see Bryan Adams for a long time she said that. That it worked out. That. Act of and from some place fairly close to sixty miles from Denver. If he just like the owner red rocks so this is the second time achieved its Leah. They're there's probably part of that but anyway. But I would invite anyone that has an interest in. In music. And in venues. Go check it out it's it it it's iconic. Red rocks is iconic and like I said it's been there it's been there forever and in chain the great pianist. My day started right back there again this morning. Calm and went out and went up there didn't work out. So people like Laura believes that from the U right now my house it's from my house it's. Eight minutes. We will your jerk. Eight yes and I totally spoiled when it comes to red rocks where were ya guys like me you're talking about like it's something we see here on. You know. All I'm blessed and I'm totally blessed in that you know this is where we happened to plopped down while it's literally right across the street right across foursome any from Morrison's. Which is where red rocks is so I there's a lot of mornings I go out and do my work now go do my. Stadium steps or do you know traversing back and forth and because they keep it open you know they open and we all the time indeed you gotta be out of there I think it's. Think it's nude on on concert gays serve him or 1 o'clock something like that and but but. But but whatever. It was it was fun I I enjoyed it and and when the weather's when the weather is that good. You can't have a bad time even if the even if the band sucks right you can't have a bad time so that says. It's pretty good stuff but we digress and all right worlds concert we start with this morning. We go well. With this the reds and the royals. No Dallas and I mean it's sorry but that's that's where was last night. Well I had an okay team those 23 and 43 against demons 22 and 44. And two teams that basically lead the world in home runs allowed. So of course a guy named Sal Romano. Goes eight and gives up one run. And now a guy that. At the beginning of last year had the second worst ERA of all the starters that qualified. And our guy undergo hears you only get the touch steamy hit a home run. And then four. For Kansas City. I gotta have been notoriously terrible at home. Went eight. And gave up only three hits. And handed the ball over to Kelvin her era. For the ninth inning and a one to nothing royal lead and sure enough Pereira. Gave up a home run to Topper Barnhart. In the ninth that tied it and then the reds got. Four in the tenth Julie bottom cleared them off the bases loaded triple but. A couple of things stood out to me we're in you know I'd been. Doggedly in a Ian Kennedy's corner. From the time they signed him I thought that was a good site up and I'll admit I did too I like title I liked it a fastball command guy who. Lives off these fastball doesn't have a great fastball which I admire and I. Feel like that that will play at Kauffman Stadium you know pitching half these games in that ballpark which holds. Fly balls fly ball pitcher that's fine that's where Chris Young can pitch that's where Ian Kennedy can pitch. That's where a guy like any doubt he can pitch he gives up fly balls serving on. But over his last two years going into the start last night and I am not. Pretending to want to usher Ian Kennedy outdoor because its price tags gargantuan so he's trying to anywhere. But you want any eleven at home. In his last two years. Last year it was one an eight this year and now he's got a no decision so it's still on an eleven this year he's on three at all. He was 18 with a 646. ERA at home last year. I don't have any idea how that's possible that's mind boggling to me. And so then I got to dig and Mike all right Ian Kennedy is one and six I think is what he's record as one and five. Ones that the three year views. Yeah I wanted to ask one in six well. Four guys. In their rotation because of how poorly the royals played over the last month and a half. Are on pace for fifteen losses. If they all stay healthy and head sticks with all of them. The the record for losses in the season is nineteen. By pitcher. Then and it's happened two times Darrell may back when the royals royally sucked. Lost nineteen and Paul split or. Back in the day away away back lost nineteen. In a season and I fear for. Not only maybe Ian Kennedy. Jason Hammel. Take units for as good as he's pitched he's lost it and you know he's he's five and six. Kennedys are saying that there are multiple pitchers of for the royals that could actually attack that number four pitchers are on pace for fifteen losses so think that's something if things don't turn around drastically for them. Yeah maybe so. Also ASCII played in his. 400 consecutive game last night. And remember we talked about the the consecutive game thing to get that to get the number thirty and to get to 519. That's thirty all time. I don't know that I'll do it he won't do it this year. And I doubt somebody will put up with a war you know as much as Ned does. But even 400 right now so. I wouldn't what he's hit over that stretch. All I can look at but it won't be minority. Now you both know that it's. You know Ian Kennedy was. Not only good last night when he was decent in his last start against the Angel yeah only you want. Again so he's got a nose and thirteen inning to keep any of his own yeah I mean you know a lot it's. It's better to giving up ten runs in thirteen innings so. Interest so lottery for Sony boon for the Omaha world herald is on deck. And speaking of asking I mean we can pick his brain all right these are neck shortstop and is he at home on right now because. I mean I'm ready and I don't know I want absolutely vary policies Escobar. The net they'll love affair between head hands legendary and I would say we're getting closer to the movement on that we are with the he hit that she feels about those. Yeah I don't think there's any concerns over that we'll be back in just a minute let's talk more royals as we continue a 691240. Sports daily. On a Wednesday back.