How will Ned Yost be remembered when he retires?

Sports Daily
Friday, April 13th

The fact is he took the Royals to two World Series and won one of them. Not a lot of managers can claim that, so even if he never gets back there again, he’ll always have that. His career win-loss totals are still below .500, but will that really stain his legacy with a World Series win?


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Friday thirteenth. Soccer baseball vacation hadn't heard 3 o'clock double header over on can't SS thirteen thirty. 987. First game at three the next game thirty minutes after the conclusion of the first. Speaking of baseball Bruce. Whenever the end comes. For Ned Yost. How's he gonna be remembered as Spain royals while war particularly. This in his ninth year he spent six in Milwaukee. Neither place did he win more than you lost overall. He currently has been for 97 winning percentage with the royals. But they did win two pennants and one World Series title. So then maybe this is for the rest of Twitter sphere or the sports daily listening area. How to we remembered Ned Yost. As a skipper in Kansas City. Don't think we can answer that yet because the script hasn't been written. It would totality. You'll always have a place. In Kansas City lore because let's face it championship. Everything grown on trees the trees. I have one Super Bowl and that ancient history. At this particular point the royals. Aptitude championship. Six. Since where you're committed. Mid eighties. So. I think that he'll always have that place. In Kansas City. There. But I don't know the further you get away from that big bad. The easier it is to raise the youngest guy on. Ned Yost for the very same reason you'd get it before they had their rut I mean you know. I keep reminding people. That Ned Yost would all but out. As manager of the royals. You know what they made that incredible run. The wildcard. Can't BA and Jon Lester a year or they ended up winning or an eight he would all but been. Com go. He was all but finished halfway through that wild card game when he brought in your Donald inter out of the bullpen. And gave up a home run. Instead had to look at the corner of one of his relievers via. Yeah absolutely getting ripped it. And lest we forget the term Yost did you know it's still out there low and it still out there and it'll regain traction it airs. At this even goes by it goes by in much the same way that. That this season started and then give that got me and I like he can damage his legacy a little bit in Kansas City. But he'll always happened in a kind of polite Bogart in Casablanca. Yeah yeah all her you know I mean he'll villains have 2015. They've you know I mean you always have that and that's something you just simply can't take away from the guys. And frankly I don't wanna take it away from him I bank import being there and helping to provide it because it was a great. Really two and a half three year run at the royal pat beyond being relevant. They want a championship and they played in two World Series. And then not a lot of guys in beta so from that stand point he's pretty day. But you know in the era and now to go what if you don't bore me lately kind of world of professional baseball you know it well I do you get higher ticket buyer. You are come up. We're talking about. Good coaches and less than good coaches a segment or so ago and Popovich is name came up and I think you could somewhat safely say a large part of how quiet the spurs' franchise. Was so successful. Is because of Gregg Popovich. And I suppose that translates somewhat into baseball. Don't we think that. Terry Francona is a really bright. Manager for the Indians and he's at least a decent part of the their success. Can we say the same thing about Ned Yost. I think there's a line of demarcation there I think the answer would be no. Yes yes I think they're probably right look I think it Ned Yost. Where it really good manager. In the place and time. Eddie hack who Wear the hot where most doctors. Escobar came here I would back up what kind of coming to fruition and those players were all. Kind of hitting their stride. Not necessarily all being time because you can make your argument in the stock market it is peak last year but you get what I'm saying you need me at. They had that kind of intersections. Of young players providing. You know a good job of playing well as he stretched it. And it goes would there and a hat and certainly helped to facilitate it. You know I've heard some of the dead it was just kind of a natural. Not getting it was a kind of a natural Genesis. In Kansas City I don't believe that I think everybody has it played its part. From the that setup guy is a close hurt to be a guy batting in the record with a guy putting good lineup up. Every single day or deciding how to use ticking although I don't think that Ned Yost. Greatest suit. In my estimation but do you that is Hispanic he get he can't get credit. But those things not regardless of what happens after that back then you know you talk about guys like Terry Francona who has the very top. But in my art. You know at the Red Sox fan but you know put it in a play in that indicate quite Terry Francona there's also the question of do you overstay your welcome Ben Gurion airport in law. Did did did end up passing you by I think that you can make I don't think it has Terry Francona bite from the standpoint of out of knowing. How to manage a baseball team and getting the most out of the baseball game but sometimes. It can just grows stale I think it did and bought it and he didn't have a lot of help that nightclub. You know he did have you know Josh Beckett at the world and guys like that doing the right thing all the time. So I don't know. IPad and I don't know if we're there with Ned Yost I don't think the royals have enough good players. Right now out of the relative relevant enough to have that kind of discussion or comparison to a guy like Terry Francona. But I mean at some point nine years into the thing I think that you probably are ready and I and my guess is that he doesn't match out this year. Now if you look so old and I'll put him in the great just but he 63 you know he's pennies meant committees. Not commands much longer but if he wasn't quite sold let's say if those three was 55. Like when he realized when the role when he started as the royals. Because of a World Series title. And with that combination. And a really soft tooth market that Kansas City is. If Dayton Moore was there would he ever bring himself to fire Ned Yost. I don't think you've got to worry about it and because the map it's gonna nature's gonna take its course Ned can them. Move on either this year or next minute you seem to think this year I wouldn't be surprised either. Makes you wonder but that thirty year drought. That Ned was steering. The ship and 2015. When they won the World Series over the Mets. I I wonder legacy and I don't think we're gonna find out but I wonder if if that gotten had a lifetime contract should he have wanted it because Shaq hiring and firing people in Kansas City. You have to be ethically bad to get fired no Tony me user and well gosh means thank god that nothing to lose tray trade Helmand. Bill. Yes I mean you know Tony Pena they. They're on a bad managers but under under date more. And in light of the 2015 World Series championship which. Let's face it they mortgaged their future to win the World Series which I'll go on record as saying I am all for. If you're gonna have you gonna give up a bunch of prospects and you win the World Series and exchange you don't a 100% of the time in my opinion. You bring up you bring up flag back here. Pierce city at all costs. But. If not you know all things being equal I just wonder if if Dayton would have. The stones to of the dismissed Ned Yost if they weren't winning enough. And a non rebuilding type situation with a clear visit this is. Cash and I like you said I don't think we're gonna get to that point I think it is it's gonna be an organic. Parting of the way bigger. Don't you think you can base I mean I think Ned Yost it is to appoint his career where. I don't think he needs to be good. Continuing to manage the royal especially. The way to the royals are probably going to be this year and at least the next. Com that would be my guess at any rate them you know get back to me you're upper decks and let's let's let's see what we've got. At that particular point. But yeah I mean I would stated my guess would be hit Ned Yost probably I think that is that discussion is an along the lines you know. They were on a different direction. I think that discussion is more along the line you know hey. How to lead pat we've put this out there. In the best possible way for you to make it come. Or do you wanna do something else in the organization rooted deep run Ria Greek reassign you yeah. He's lucky to be alive you know on November when he fell out of three. The property in Georgia shattered his pelvis so I think now battle along with everything else has made Ned say you know what. I don't I don't need this that bad I don't know how much that affected his decision. Or will affect his decision to have to step down here any year so whenever that is but. It won't likable guy. Has benefited from the fact that media is basically like I said toothless in Kansas City that's kind of similar I would think to Milwaukee and Minnesota he's he's benefited from that. You know of any. Suspicious moves that he makes or doesn't make. He had nearly half the derailed the answer to a bunch of bloodthirsty media members and self. He's 1812 pennants and one World Series I guess is you'll never have to apologize for that night when we come back mullah. But some Friday the thirteenth talking good house keeping them. Much more final for the segment of sports. This is a.