How will Alcides Escobar be remembered in KC?

Sports Daily
Wednesday, June 13th
He’s played for KC since 2011 and he hit a great double in Game 5 of the 2015 World Series to win it for KC.

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So. Policies escobar's great. We're talking about him and what he's done what it when he hasn't done. He has played 400 consecutive games okay. Played a 162. And three of the last four not counting this year right and he's obviously plea played all of the once this year is batting averages and what you would think. As much as we're trying to shovel dirt on him and I am so don't misunderstand me here. Thread but he's gone to 85 to 57 to 61 and 250. Up until this year. But four big guys that really can bury them the war guys the metrics guys. Our offensive board defense to war are right act replacement. So. For their two and a half million dollars that's the other thing too they're not blown a lot of money on and like they used to write you know five and a half and six and a half million last two years. His war is right yet. Even basically he's barely above. Replacement offensively and he's slightly below the offensively this year he's 31. So that kind of closes the book on LCDs who has. Played 400 consecutive games. And that's pretty much far away in the the best active streak we don't. Well I mean you here's my question to you because I'm no great fan of policies Escobar I don't I do you think they can flash the leather. I think that you probably be remembered more of that than anything else. I don't know how is LC is Escobar going to be remembered. But I royals Kansas City I mean I think he's done enough. To me and yeah I mean he's got today was number tired but remember he's the one that in that World Series against the Mets hit the first pitch off of assessed but this is glove for an inside the Parker that one game you know they're gonna remember him for that. They will you know he stole. As many as 31 days 35 basis for Casey maybe he played there from. 2011 until now it's it's no longer I mean he's not going to be buddy beyond kulana can be a little better than that. But is not going to be Fred podtech either. You know go. He didn't get no way of their World Series run but he wasn't a huge cog in the wheel either so I don't know exactly what. How to answer that question as far as how would he be remembered how well mean. And I share an idea I should have this economy's so I know the answer before I asked the question. Is is defensive war. The right at least somewhat decent just okay. Just OK just go to so yeah it's minus point five right now we do okay it was a very ago it was point five and point four last year. And the year before so he's when I think about this is just okay. When I think give LCDs Escobar. I think if they contact hitter who strikes out far too much. I think of a guy I do think of the moment. In that World Series. Where he went you know. All you know for all four basis. So that's that was pretty cool. I there are some highlight reel spot that he's made Britain without water shortstop is generally. And if you you give your playoff and you get to play a 162 games of course you ever and are you gonna have some moments Germany have some moments certainly. But the but all in all. Yeah I see him as kind of a mess yes the guys yap fine yeah and especially now. He's trending that way towards yet in his career he's trending towards men. And he's gonna yeah. Tarnish whatever he had. If he doesn't hit any better than better than to fourteen which is supported that right now they never walked his on base percent now been above 30300. Since 2014. And so that that that's the ridiculous gas I mean he needs to be hit and hit night. All right so we needed done in the S Indio question before we get to top the second are gonna talk to fill Olsen here about six minutes or so. But it have to do with the US open. It's coming up this weekend. And the question is pretty simple act KFH radio is where we re tweet every day you can vote re tweet to all your followers to. How do you want the US open. Regards to rough. Greens and winning score. How do you like it how do you want it. Diabolical. Rolf. Slick greens. And the winning score at plus two. Deadly rough. Dual Walgreens. And the winning score minus three. Or. Rough rough forgiving greens. And the winning score minus eight. Cute so far. It how's it going minus three is what people yet they're golfers to tissue in the US open deadly route probably were I'd ball but doable greens. And minus three so in other words you make your shots and you know where you're supposed to. You're gonna finish both under par. But she knocked and it's not. You know it's not. John Deere classic in Moline you know any attention. To. Mean where it's 28 under par I mean it's like gas tank it's lets you must think before his addiction 64 every round. So it's hardly even call the mean it's like you know great they call it a birdie that you know it's just kind of ridiculous. All right let's get to be a college World Series in particular BA University of Arkansas Phil Wilson there. A play by labor's joining us next. I've put my current year and. If there's one thing no.