How optimistic are you about Patrick Mahomes?

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Wednesday, July 11th
The Syndeo HRO Twitter question of the day revolves around Patrick Mahomes and how many touchdown passes he’ll make next season.

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46 AM on Wednesday and that means it's time for the CEO HR Twitter question of the day. Presented by Cindy you know your HR experts in wintertime and Patrick both polls front and center. On the Twitter question today. Fairly or two guys who were involved in some unsavory acts rule try to lighten it up a little bit we as far as football is concerned and ask you what you think of Patrick my home output coming up this year at KFH radios Twitter handle that role re tweet these every day so you can. Do same all your followers after you're done voting. Question is how many touchdown passes will Patrick my homes throw assuming full health and sixteen starts. The warning. 232629. Or more. So far. 33%. Say he seeks to 123. Yeah and then it's almost. Even across the board all the rest of the the options. Be easy man 07 on Twitter says twenties too many all picked twelfth. And Nightline tonight and well not much response of why they run the option and then absolute came back to let us. He's a rookie I figured since all the KC fans think he's gonna be great possibility remains that he's Todd black clinch. Again well at least you're okay and got you donate now but I doubt he can be Todd black that but yeah I'm not gonna contest that other than. I think that he's clearly. And he's better than that. Like south talked about with armed talent between Josh Allen Patrick Holmes threw the chair two of the guys that can I hate this this term but spent at. Both guys communities Bennett I mean that there's some RPMs on those guys footballs that yet. So you just don't see. Well when you stop to consider. What he can throw first of all think about the offense that he is in. And think about what that offense has produced. Realizing that. And I know that some people think well they're just gonna open up they're gonna open things up for this kid I think it's probably more the rules on the other side. Of the equation I think they'll probably at least buttoned him down a little bit more to start and then probably lengthen out. Not things a little bit more but keep in mind. That Alex Smith last year. Threw for 4042. Yards the most he's ever thrown for had a quarterback and a rating of 104.7. The best in his career. In through 26 touchdown passes and a so so and and that's the best in his career he's at 2623. Money but more than not. 151813. 171418. So. He went 26 and five from touchdowns to interceptions last year I mean he was. Now Smith points oppose one of the best in the NFL. Last year and he only through 26. So 43 seems like a pretty good ceiling. But who knows this thing you know but. I can't imagine that they're just gonna start on the ball all over God's green acre just because you've got a stronger arm back there. Cannons in Sammy Watkins you've got a little bit more of an ability to have to stretch the field you gotta be careful about things a little bit. Progress. Vegas says he'll run here and I think we talked about this. A month ago this ballot came out Vegas has it 21 and a half. Yeah Sammy Sosa somewhat conservative right I find it amazing. To believe. But the single season record for touchdown passes and chiefs' franchise history is only thirty Len Dawson in 1964. Thirty is the record for most touchdown passes in chiefs history. Isn't that something that really is something you want the most that really and it's the the record for a rookie. Steve Fuller with six. Wow so rookies for the chiefs don't come in and do any thing yeah I technically be a rookie when he Bruce. Yeah Demi plane one game it doesn't yes doesn't ruin your rookie status right I believe that is correct. And he did throw for 284 yards now one game that he got to that got to play in the final. Game against the Denver Broncos. Most passes intercepted in a rookie season Steve Fuller fourteen. More last four. Patrick my homes think he can stay away at 1430. EE I think so I because I think they will be careful with him now. I think that I think that bill I think he'll be more conservative than people are probably going to expect or be comparable. From. Which I think is the prudent way to handle that gee you know a bit as good as this kid is we think. He played one very meaningless game at the end of the at the end of last season. You know he's got ability he's got a he's got to work his way into it it's going to be a different kind of deal for him and I think that they need to be careful with him. I don't wanna make fun of Steve Fuller but. Patrick Holmes has a really low bar. When it comes to reach setting rookie passing records. Mountain 1484. Yards as a rookie record for the chiefs in a single season and six touchdowns four interceptions Evans. Steve Fuller back in 1979. Of course chief were very good then either. Right shortly thereafter I believe. Bill Kenny Mike Livingston that was that era where and bill Kenney had about five minutes in the EMC's I think he did Pro Bowl and threw for a bunch of bunch of yards. But I was down a dark days of chiefs football late seventies and very early eighties. And you know so again it's the long time since chiefs have expected. Or asked or had a a rookie quarterback. Yeah and now. Now the question and and I think that. Look I'm bullish on the cheeks as long as as long as they make the type of com. The type of progress. Defensively. That we hope that they've made. And I and I don't know me and I have to see that. Then. You know I think that they've got a fairly good shot this year and he got a lot of things that that need to come together. In a lot of it has to do with more homes in his. And he is. The progress that he makes bomb. So I'm a try I'll be I'm really interested to see how that hoping shakes out to my. Boylan I didn't LA to see how they play. Right like you said you do you think they're gonna kind of button and up a little bit. Do I take her home. Not that I disagree with you but. What they're talking and they're talking him Mike Keenan. Of course they're talking him up but they've also got to win football games where I know it's not like they're outwardly sane really we need to be careful this guy can any depend tap the breakthrough this guy everything I'm hearing like he's the second coming. Well okay. Well it did you through it all right we'll see we will not on a group proclaiming him that I'm just saying that's yeah that's how I and maybe I am. Not hearing people correctly but boy I feel like his arrow is pointing straight up like your bridges crazy about it. Turnovers in the NFL. Are. The biggest game changer is in the game. Biggest game changer in the game and they cannot afford. For. The purposes of having a few spectacular plays downfield. Move. And trying to force something brother before the time is ready. And maybe it and they may be hits the ground running and well you know and off he goes. I mean he's he's certainly. People are bullish on this kid in his ability to pick up offense. He and his maturity and all of those things that go with that. Com and you hope that that's the case it generally isn't the case. I'm apple I'm in both feet should generally glorious accident no and if you looked long and hard at the NFL. There are reasons. That rookie quarterbacks struggle. A little bit. So that would be remind me where I come to. So from the hole you know. Still it still let them air it out a little bit but still beat generally more conservative early I think. With him then they'll be especially this is another it got so many other weapons. He got one of the best running backs in the league they've got one of the best tight ends in the league. Darren prove that they're receiving core I mean they've got some weapons that they can spread the ball around when they're not depending totally. On the quarterback has continues just to.