How much longer can Bill Snyder coach K-State?

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Tuesday, November 14th

He won’t be there forever and his recent health scares are forecasting a K-State football program run by someone else sooner rather than later. Who can they replace Bill Snyder with?


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Then you hear that. I don't know what it's easy BC sports daily news. Canadians age. Group. Good to have you with us. ST I got it as a locker room line is always standing by for you use an 8691240. Curl with a good hot take on K state football and Bill Snyder. Which it raises the question is it time. Com. We don't know from the thirty year with the situation is at Kansas State the chain I think we do know that with each ensuing year. The question of who's going to lead this program moving forward. Becomes a bigger question just simply because of the age of coach Snyder. And because of the question. It's not and the back and fort that I think even fans have right now to a certain degree does is. Who should make the decision should have DB. Coach Snyder word should it be the athletic director of the university. Press. The it's it's an interesting dynamic and K state because of what we just talked about the last thing I know is that what we talked about the last segment and makes it so interesting because. What is your expectation what what should it be. And if it's right seven or eight. Then actually there's probably nothing wrong with Bill Snyder besides him getting old you know so. Assuming he's healthy assuming he's still wants to coach and I assuming seven or eight it's fine with everybody. Then there's not a a real urgency needed to push him out the door and to be uncomfortable with. Ushering out I got the name the stadium after. But if you didn't set your sights a little higher than that and if others and I don't know that there is a push back from alumni fan base or whatever it like. Let's move on from bill Schneider. Then then that's a whole different discussion but I I think that. His his stay in Manhattan can't be compared to Bowden or Paterno where they were because he expectations. Difference. In the two programs it's all it's such a phony real good thing now is Manhattan from where they were to where they are now. That nobody. Billiton nobody cares but if they go Dayton Moore that's fine. But you know back in the day you anything New York Penn Stater Aden for in Tallahassee now wasn't fine that's not good enough and that's when used the art colony and a question. Bowden and Paterno is age so it's it's weird up there in Manhattan and I'm sure. There are plenty of fans that you know. Not split down the middle necessarily become an on both sides of this this issue here with the with Bill Snyder and how old is. Bill Snyder changes the argument of everything because Kansas State. Was such a football waste land. Before. There was Bill Snyder. Like I centered every you know you had. Vince Gibson had a little you know couple years here and there I mean there's there's little pockets. Of you know oh getting your helmet above water but buying in March. They were a poster child war. For failure in football. That's not the case of Penn State it wasn't the case at Florida State it'd places are so it's a you don't even compare and you used the term feel good. Well that's exactly what it wants and what it's meant and what it can continue to beat you coach Snyder continues to coach. And has the vitality in the energy and the focus and the willingness to change. Because believe it or not Bill Snyder has had the willingness to change you go back and look at. His philosophy when he first. Took over that program and their chat may Chad may wasn't lining up taking the snap from center and running off tackle. Chad may was ignited sat back there in the pocket and flung the ball all over God's green anchor. It started with Michael bishop in continued with though rovers and an end and on and on. An and yes. He's coach different styles of football he did it did at the University of Iowa to. But I you know I don't know. At at that I'm I'm Baghdad a couple of tweets from K state fans that are. Tex or rather that are saying hey you know a year thinking you're thinking too low I'm saying look I'm using seven. 77 and a half eight is probably is my baseline. You know that's my average that's that's where I think that this program needs to be doesn't merit he doesn't mean that they can't spike. An end to end it there and then they've proven that they can under bill Schneider now they didn't prove that under Ron prince and I think that that's the reticence. Dutch K state fans have they've got that three year window. With Ron prints. That they saw what could be. Turkey's state football without Bill Snyder. And I think it makes every line a little bit nervous so I think chain and maybe I'm wrong in India you can tell me apply down. I think there's a yeah we probably needed change that we get need to be careful what we asked war kind of thing going on in Manhattan right now. I would guess that that's probably in a general sense that's probably the feeling that a staters have. And you got to be careful because there's so much respect. And so much and in and so many banks. In appreciation for what Bill Snyder has meant to that program rightfully so that it's almost for K staters sack. Religious to think oh my got to it would maybe we need. To go a different direction I mean it's like yeats like. You know you're worried about being drawn in quarter for even thinking that it is your case it's not it's only harsh. Lee about going a different direction the other part is. We're going a different direction before Bill Snyder thinks we need to go a different direction that's what becomes uncomfortable that's what exactly know that he's dancing well scent that's what no case data really wants to to think about Ryan is up next we thank Brian. They haven't made and there are you'd give memories you have of exactly when and where you were aware and of their app and and it was near the end of both all season my junior year or so 89. Somewhere in October. I remember being in mr. hardy map wire. And haven't are. Our backer. Who eventually went to. Old. School. Quote that once Oscars where in about that and he looked at Indy that. Kate date it has got a coach and Betty are going to be a good scene. I mean remember what I want or I remember looking at we're in its history and that is though. And number. But it would destroy their. Where were you wait a minute wait a minute who was talking about I need a little bit more context year. I will win really a little bit what when where where were you at this point. And high school. Well let's go cart and where geographically. They're okay want to miss Harding doesn't okay aren't right. End Ricky Y and had that many K state has got his guard coach and they are going to be hurt. And I remember I mean not certain brain matters splatter everywhere good it was such an outrageous statement. That K state was going to be good I mean that's where would start. Well eventually. Most night it is not going to be on this earth and you're gonna have to move on certain. Well yeah that's again a yeah you know you're right if you're absolutely right thanks for the call yeah apps absolutely and yeah I mean date that legacy has long been. I mean you know I mean if he's one. The big twelve championship. Its laurels on he has been. It in national championship races. Roll. He's been ranked number one in the country I I don't know what more you could possibly ask. From Bill Snyder that I mean it only so that's what they're saying let me ask you this since we've already been determined. What big time. Risk reward jobs Tennessee and Florida are what kind of jobs Kansas State. It it's difficult because of some of the restrictions that you have getting players being able the thirty players in and outs. With. Travel restrictions now that really hurt places that are a little bit more remote. Like Kansas State. But ITT you can still I think that there is enough. I think that there's enough of a rap at a place like Kansas State with the right person. That comes in there depth fifths. Would have what Kansas State years. From. Eight and essentially more of a rural community. Not exactly in the middle of nowhere but a little bit more isolated. You gotta find the right person. That at the at bat. You know that that speaks to I don't think that that's just automatic. I think Kansas State in and of itself money that they can pay. Emphasis on the football program. Facilities. I mean they didn't have the civil tremendous facilities now you're limited in the size of the stadium. But I tell you what. With what they have. They've done the optimum way that they are their facilities are absolutely. Incredible. It's just that they're limited. Tom and when you start comparing it to Oklahoma. Or Texas. Or some of these other places they're just inherent built in advantages but those wouldn't facilities have because there. Our 100000 or. 88000. Or whatever the case may be well those are bored to compete but since fans and it equates to more money in the program and all of the things to go with that but. They're challenges Shane I don't know. I would stick with my I would stick with set between see if you can win 77 and a half eight games if that can be your baseline. In Kansas State. Gwyneth the chance you know he'd keep it on that line and every now and then spike it. I think you've got yourself a pretty damn good place to work to compete because the fan base as rabid. In May come out need to port I mean I think that's a pretty good place I mean. List the jobs that are best jobs in order of best jobs in the big twelve go ahead. Starting with the worst of the axis. Many other start with the best Oklahoma and Texas are exhibits that one in one game right. Yeah bright and leave those alone I think Oklahoma is probably the best job in the league Texas I think probably is next. And then after that. I mean Mike Gundy is made Oklahoma State a great destination and that Jones had some success. Not in the day before him. Obviously with Hartley dykes in annual Thurman Thomas and and Mike Gundy and Barry Sanders but. Well when you talk about facilities and location. And support. And things like that the big twelve is really. From top to bottom limited. West Virginia is so hard all led to love it's hard to get to Stillwater is now hard to get you do K state guard to get to and you know this getting back to K state just for a second I think the next coach is invariably going to be eight someone in the program. It's gonna take because it kept getting what you talked about somebody that is familiar with Manhattan Kansas and how things work. Up there I think I'd be stunned if they non case Stater. Ended up in the next head coach and I think your. You're. Determination that K state is a seven and a half eight and win a tight program and that's fairly top and I agree with. And I think you need not know he need not look any further than how big that stadium has. If there roars of prevailing thought back around Manhattan. And local mistake I think I think to a certain degree. If there's a prevailing thought around any program that this program can be delete. And I mean I'm talking high and elite you have an 85000 seat stadium still fifty. And exactly they've seen what bill Schneider is capable of and that is. What we've seen it really consistent and every now and then or run into one so to speak. You know and be really close to the big twelve championships and kind of on the cusp of at that time what was the BCS. The game. Every now and then. But they sure but I think if the powers that be in Manhattan knew that that wasn't sustainable it was a realistic. And so let's not put the cart before the horse that's why Bill Snyder family stadium. By comparison hidden all that bill. And nine you know to know to a lesser degree or a bigger degree we're depending on your definition Oklahoma State that that ball parks not all that big either. And not no big Tenner SEC big. You know so. And oh my goodness no Iowa State at 61 thousands the third biggest facility. In the big twelve. But I want to pick up that it because it means something there's adrenaline glacial out there is tied for the war the silent your stadium. Is that it's directly compare able to your expectations and realistic expectation totally. Just look at app I will absolutely. Totally and Maine and and I know that that sound simplistic to some people but it's just the fact of the matter. Bill Snyder has worked miracles. It's called the miracle in Manhattan for a reason it's not hyperbole. It's not. And I think that you're right chain IT it's got to be someone in the family. Someone in the extended family someone with experience in Manhattan that understands a little bit about what I was saying. That hey you can live there your family can live there you can see the benefits. Of being there you wanna be a part of this community because it's a different kind of place. And and you understand the limitations. Com that you have and and you can work with them and still be competitive and that's why you hear the gym Levitt's. The Brent venables. Not to Scott Frost's who work there after a couple of years on staff. People that have been in the famine even though Scott frost is a Nebraska guy but you get my point. Guys that have experience. With the program. Non-GAAP. In that situation I think it can be really good but they went outside the program. And it was. Not quite an unmitigated disaster but it wasn't good the whole run though those three years of the Ron prince area. Not good. Not good at all couldn't beat Kansas. It could beat Texas which was weird but couldn't beat Kansas the and and diminishing returns. Mean you know won seven games and got to a bull with. Josh Freeman and a lot of coach Snyder's guys. And then from that point went backwards so anyway. Not that ended up being a longer segment and really we I think it had hoped for but. The that is it may I take it like Jane I think everyone understands that. The challenges don't they even though I do most K state fans understand the challenge. They donated ring to be the most realistic fan base that man seen or heard of 'cause I and I've rarely hear from anybody. Or about anybody case state pull their hair out about. What's going on with. Bill Snyder led out team whether that whether it's fear of sacrilege. Or. You know orb like what you said a careful what you wish for kind of thing because they know what happened with her daughter prince era or. They just RC so. Wrapped up and what bill Schneider has rescued them from that. Sure to be going through and ten were fine you don't do. But he like us and I think K state fan base and maybe one of the most realistic in college football John is with us hi John. Our question. Lowell would scary Paterson considers case study. My neighbor I mean I wouldn't be no he's got a really good thing going again I don't you get it in if he wanted another job. It wouldn't be. Taking a at best lateral move in the same conference. All due respect. Case you have. Yet because I think that TCU I think you can make the argument that TCU probably the third best job in the week just based on where they are. Com beautiful facility. But limited in their size. But in a very fertile and rich recruiting environment. In the Dallas Fort Worth area. You know big Gary Patterson's ships sail old. The first time. That they were looking. For replaced meant to coach. And and and I don't think data says I don't think it's coming back I think there was a run a reasonable possibility. That it could have happened then. But certainly not now and I think change your right on target. It it's I think it's kind to say that TCU. At K state is it from TCU would be a lateral move. And I think that says and he's got he's got TCU back. From two well I think the level close to where was when he came into the big eight or into the big twelve so. But thanks John I appreciate the phone call Brian's gosh I was well a woman wanted to get to some OK you might get its gates keeps. We got time to get to baseball led them at the easiest rookie you know your vote in the history of the world so that won't take long Ryan built to let that happen in the end absolutely c'mon Ryan. The guys still dedicate Stater I think that the biggest concern not when they get rid of from her past Snyder is that. Not being the top ranked football school estate anymore than that opened the door for you to come in and take over that that section of. There's really that you fear on campus. Gosh I don't know I'm not I'm not trying to flowers Kansas away from that and mean. Who. I I don't see it I mean it happened the last time because you had. You had. You had mark main geno in place. I don't see Kansas it is close to being that type of program. Right now regardless of what happens. Not at K state and by the way. I don't know Sheen you answer this. Mean how much talent is there frankly in the state of Kansas. To sustain. One of the two division one programs. At the level that we're talking about at that level of success. Known. That day doesn't exist in the state of Kansas thanks for the next and I say that high school full paranoid it's okay it. No I totally yeah our case I mean you really looking over their shoulder and seeing if they use gain automatic Kansas. Not not not in Kansas they met with all due respect to what they're trying to do we can't Kansas is a long ways away yet. Thought I know you can total of ten points. And I know and I know none unknown. Those who were still kind of different worlds. Com and K state need to win to go to mobile game. Kansas need to win four. What another second of the season. Please we were back in the sex talk a little baseball. Manager of the year coming up change assistant easiest rookie of the year maybe in history. And free agency where we are would back a second moment.