Hour 4: Ty Lue

Golic & Wingo
Thursday, October 12th

Greeny & Golic chatted with Ty Lue about Kyrie Irivng, LeBron's minor injury and moving Kevin Love to center


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What happens when the best athletes in the world lose the secret to victory is a podcast from Gatorade and gimmick creative. About how the best athletes in the world used to feet. To fuel win episodes feature Serena Williams Peyton Manning Eli Manning. Matt Ryan JJ watt Carl Anthony towns Kyle's swore Burke and the people who know them best we recommend you check out. Or host and former Atlanta Falcons player Dominic Foxworth. Talk to Matt Ryan about the falcons' Super Bowl loss. And how he prepared for the current season. Winter is he. But with cold start protection an excellent performance an extreme temperatures Pennzoil synthetic keep your engine purring so we'll know winter is here isn't as ominous as it sounds. Visit Pennzoil dot com and make the rich today. And those jokes are over a make it clear that are over our. He took the worst situation I've seen a player VN. In its own way and a long time and turned it into a legendary game that game is the stuff of legend now that'll be remembered as the Strasburg game. Forever especially if they wind weren't right Akamai presented by progressive insurance guess on the shelf mental performance I got some basketball on the way tie Lou. Coach of the cavaliers a joyous but obviously baseball. At center stage right now Bolick is down with the Indy and in losing second to him this is it's devastating to another word fort second can decade of year. You have three. Put away games whatever the opposite of an elimination game is it a chance to close at a series close out games. I am and can't get it done last year in the World Series against the cubs and can't get it done guys are gonna get at least six. Is saying out there at their lockers today in the clubhouse because the expectation was so much higher specially when Europe to zip. And all of a sudden you're walking candidate bewildered gone Mike dot while offseason started. That is a that is a hard cold slap of reality to face right now. Are for them so but congrats to the Yankees they got a dog I mean eager DB grew glorious what he has done. As as who pollute Twitter that earlier they finally have a short topic it does summoned the clock he had John Kerry is a good line visit there it's it's a seamless transition they've made from from the great Derek Jeter this kid is really good and obviously judge. Is that what it gets the most attention he struck out sixteen times in 24 at bats. In this series but that that does that's not remembered and what else is in remembered. I used the analogy earlier this morning. But there were some times when you might get arrested for something a whatever it is and and the judge says if you stay out of trouble for two years this is stricken from the record it is no it never happened. And that's what Friday night became. That's a Friday night becomes from now until the end of time for Joseph Girardi has players pick them up you could sense a genuine missed. From the players that they wanted to do now for general. That that would have been a terrible way for him to go out as the manager of the Yankees and if indeed this is his last. Year in and now maybe it won't be with them winning this we'll see. But it just would have been a shame for a guy who's done a very good job for them for a long time to sort of be run out of town on a rail based on one bad I read I think it was a great byproduct of that is to say you know we we love Joseph we wanted to do this for Joseph I I don't picket. Motivated them anymore it's not like there were trying to win the series anyway of course toward a great thing for to happen is they would we'd feel now we've vindicated Joseph Girardi I do also wonder sometimes about the psychology of stuff and but you would know better than but here's the deal. There was I think a belief that the Yankees because they are so we on the there's sort of a year ahead of schedule. That may be once they won the wild card game that they were kind of playing with house money back on the gravy now you weren't expected to be Cleveland. And then in game one they got really you know dominated by Trevor Bauer. Big game to the combination of debate to take out according clover. They haven't they blow a five run lead and their manager is getting excoriated everywhere. I wonder psychologically that did sort of shift. The paradigm a little help from you know what if we win it's fabulous if we lose it was Dele Goodyear to any. We can beat these guys back and beat let's do this thing for Joseph that lets you know again there's a big plays harder nobody else like well tell me if you've got the mentality of an all in even though you were down 02 era and there it was all against you the way it happened. Where we have this game one we got to their aides. You know and now our manager who were really like is just getting destroyed everywhere. Guy is all of a sudden gonna make you play better I don't know it's going to do that but from a mental side of it which could in fact make you play better and set out. If that was a normal game that they just lost no Joseph Girardi gaffe or anything in Vancouver shot him down for whatever reason they were down 02. Maybe don't have third game like well you know we were forced to really be here anyway has caught their tribe is compatible Canon. How to go ahead make those you know reservations for for our trip you know ports where we're going to be on the road to. I think you're exactly right I mean as ridiculous as this columns I think if they had lost game 23 to nothing they would not have won the series. But it did dish this series shifted psychologically in so many ways on that night and again I'll say it I'm hopelessly biased on this I'd like Joseph Girardi. I'm so I'm just happy for him that whatever happens to them now. Barring another. Circumstance like that it will be his fault you know and I don't expect him to be Houston but I did expect it to Clinton right I agree I don't reckon I'll never out on the other side. Cubs and nationals while sitting in Strasburg becomes that's an unbelievable story an unbelievable. Story I can't remember. Anything that was exactly like that the closest thing I can think of to it. Was this the legendary Jay Cutler game work Cutler's playing in the NFC championship game and he comes out at the time no one thinks he's that seriously herded people are rushing him. And I mean active players are on Twitter watching that game and rushing Jay Cutler's. Toughness that was as it turned out he was seriously hurt right. That was that the last time I can remember something like this where there was this much universal. Condemnation. Of a player for not giving it to go for his team. And so for Strasburg to turnaround from that from Sunday that he was gonna have a tough time living down to something where he now becomes the stuff of legend that is one of the great turnarounds I've ever listen. I agree but let to let him go past that lets look to the team now we're we we've talked a lot about Strasburg deservedly so he was fantastic. Remember not too long ago launch former makes an error Washington takes the lead the cubs have to come back at the end they're down a missing and come back and here they are in a situation. Where Strasburg pitches seven it's the eighth inning cubs are down one Barack there or where it's our case Robert go out of the game he'd he'd dealt on us. They were down one. I've got two at bats to go here. All right and then Michael Taylor puts it away at the top create two out there one hour away. Forget into the bottom to create and edit you know the bottom of the night they have. Opportunities. And only down one run at that time. And Taylor blasted a Grand Slam and says this one's ought to reach out with with that with a hurricane force who are not that expression with a gale force wind coming in. From the outfield puts one in the basket as he did all game they go to Washington. Tonight I'm told Tyler was ready to go so quickly what I mention one other thing for a fun throwback Thursday today. In honor of the cubs play in a huge game tonight. PJ to seeing our our first producers sent me a picture right of the two of us at Wrigley Field. On opening day of 2000. So this was three months into our show and I haven't up on and Graham right now at ESPN greeting on and Graham. And the picture is just what is it pictures worth a thousand words that's understating it really is I look like I'm 320 pounds of ham hurting look like you're ten years old and it it is the unbelievable it made me laugh so hard I guess I confirmed with a look at it was OK with me posted if you do look so ridiculous like here Nader is a classic now pictures that we'll talk about that a little more on this throwback Thursday again on. In Graham if you wanna check it out at ESPN greening meanwhile. We changed gears here a tough day in Cleveland yesterday yes with the fans in Cleveland have a lot to be excited about because they're cavaliers should be as good as ever it was a nice next ice com offseason nothing really going on a path she really should a slider editors here that's exactly right here is Tyler the head coach of the cavaliers anything happen since last year's final as it does that I haven't heard much about your team everything that all right. Yeah everything's going good that's the. All kidding aside what when you were the coach and there is this kind of not an end and everything with carrier ring that just blew up and became such an enormous spectacle and all the questions and all of that. You're the coach. What is your role in all of that and what was it like for you as all of that was swirling around your team during the summer. Well a situation where if our front office handled you know. You never want to lose you know a great military. And you know it was tough but you know under the circumstances those talking game you wouldn't. And quote we all you know apparently wanted you know he wanted to out. You know I don't think you could have been a military you know in the gallery I've been Thomas whose. You know it's been you know in if the people giving you get itself back to a crowd it was a two way player for us shoot the basketball. It's different you know players want to war we we have Derrick Rose he had yet to me it would be accountable. So we get it you know we get a lot of guys but. To do to security you know traveling to Boston get past that we've got the clearly gotten the Brooklyn pick I'm awfully good guy be any better guys Dalia. So before I want to wanna get into the players that you got produced just one more on on the Terri did. You talk to carry it all before this trade any kind of conversation at all about what was coming up. Nodded. OK I just I wanted to see if you did or not now. Players coming and so what a player like a eight a book are our rose comes in and it Dwyane Wade comes and guys who've been in the league for awhile especially guys like Dwyane Wade. Take it into the conversation that you're having with these guys on what their role. Guys that are used to being stars and what their roles are going to be on these teams. Well you know with the great thing about you know Gerald Green vehicles in Crowder you know. Deep about the way they came it would no ego and definitely when you wanna try to win a championship. You have to understand going to be about sacrificing. You know. People don't understand because you know apparently gone but you know get a roles that you think he's going to be terribly back you know that is how much you want to win an additional U. Who use as a person as a player. To be it a former MVP. And you know covered in Cleveland just try to win and get back the at the carrier Lipton you know acquire they you know not great start this season. And I becomes daughters so. You know that is certainly a lot about it right there and he has no ego I mean come into work every day I mean great to be around. As far as I mean if I have made it great and have a player of that caliber who's healthy on the senior preceding games like he's doing great. The addition of the way he's not a guy who who's been there's been in the church's. No return to win a championship. And you know he can beat you have to basketball can post up we get to the basket. So we know got a lot of addition and you know we'll look different from last year. Because you know we have got now we have found these guys that we've added that can dribble pass shoot he can make plays so. And have a car well we're a little different. Before some of the guys that are a little older or have gone through injuries all this mandates in the offseason about resting players in this and that. You are going to have to managements are you're not I mean they're there is that to deal with what. The whole the goal for you guys is to win a championship self. How was that come into play were kind of knowing what you may have to do during the regular season. Well I thought about you know the players and how to feel and we have a great medical staff here who who don't understand the players' day. Want to play as a lot so. Kind of go off what they say in how they feel about the situation. To kind of go from there but you know with the new rules in place that would do our best to about battles rules. And you know mr. it was done a great job of the try to make sure the fans. Do what they pay for try to make sure you know TV TV games there are great and it's supposed to be so. You know taking away the four of five nights trying to cut back on the back to back. We hood and a great job. I Lu head coach of the cavaliers Willis. They play at the magic tomorrow night you'll see that game 7 o'clock eastern time. Their pre season finale on ESPN and then the opener the much anticipated opener which right away boom here comes carrier ring. Back to Cleveland next Tuesday night that'll be on TNT. An hour hearing about LeBron so what can you tell us about the bronze ankle and his situation obviously missing the rest of the pre season is one thing. If he's not ready for that huge first game against curry that would be something else entirely fallacy. Even little mag yesterday we came into the war wasn't able to practice but I mean he's going to be dated date. Am just tried it right for the first game so you know all the wrong he's definitely one of this effort gangs so. He's gonna do everything in his power to get back out on the floor and out so you know we do well where it would have this many days off between before for a game. You know we had done Bret Stephens on yesterday we were talking about. How he would manage that from his side because there is that emotional return of carrier ring to Cleveland and and we have a sense of what the building will be like. I got to Cleveland are sitting next to me here's a thought I have a good sense of what that building will be like for him how about for your side you have him come back. This quickly after everything that happened this summer do you expect that to be a night that is a little different from other games. As far as what what just as far as the emotion of your players I mean there has been a lot of thought that LeBron was hurt by what happened with Carrie I'm sure a lot of the other. Players on the team all have different feelings about him in particular and he's not coming back in February coming back the very first game. Of the season what is your expectation for his return. We'll you know military you know are going to be up for the challenge. Are you gonna be up for the challenge to. You know it's a bomb that we had in the last few years you know win the championship. Make it to the NBA finals three years in the world so when you move achieve key piece of you know it was tough but I mean. You know the way it happened you know that that this guy was that what about all of that is not the way it happened does. So I mean just the game alone I mean if one day you know going to be a lot of hype and you know this arouses you know ball verses which had apparently come back. But just one game in. You know they're gonna get better throughout the course of the season we're gonna get better so I mean it is hard for TV I guess. I and and how I like don't wanna go back to report them always fascinated about whether to if it is different role for a player how they handle you expect everybody to be professional handling it. Handling a quick. Kevin Love and outlook is over moving to center and how he found out he's moving to senator can yet can you go through that and how that transition will be. I will remain betrayed. You know as Jae Crowder I just felt that you know start Jake at the Toledo before you know whatever tough matches tough matchup is that position. You know you're LeBron a chance to be on the back line. Have a quarterback good defense and talk Indians took you to do things in the passing lanes and vetoed health data can be very Smart and dollars and you know right spot. It's a lot of pressure on the wrong have to guard you know the best players everything one night though. Belt I think it would that Andy you know acquired you know duels in India way did you know that it. The other night great three point shooters go to use space on the floor. You know with the way the rules interest and have been a little water so. Dealt I think you know you know. Bring interest not to mention Lou Taylor to. Pascal Russia without other guys I think probably admit so when he went to Santa Barbara. You know players who tree on the right before receive. So. If something I've been talking about. You know kept. Kevin do whatever interest do you know this farce and doubt top of the tip about it did get a chance to do that before I guess he's. More so. But it was Lombardi who. I know how are things I was just wondered if if you're you got a call after that say from cabinets and hate it just talk to LeBron and he he'd give me a little bit information that it did get a call from a good. It I would go back and forth you know my thought process you know just you know over the course of the summer weapons trade to happen. That's kind of I've visited and just going back and forth on it and then you know what you got the training camp about me off our decision and optometrists and it was great about it and you know he's been a big part everything we've done for him to be just you know. You know who you were great would like you know I understand there were these spaces. I've got to take many years now you know I think you need to do Cotto he would do for these so. As tough have a scout talks and conversations. You know great. To be a fun year to watch it again and now with a bang next Tuesday night with. Carrier ring in the Celtics and counting Cleveland coach wears appreciate your time thank you so much up had a great summer we look forward to talk is the season gets started excite. Art thank you anti Lou that's on the shelter until performance like get in and gold status at shell. Join the fuel wars program now at fuel rewards dot com slash gold seems like we've been talking about chemistry you know when LeBron first went to Miami with wade and bosh. How they were all working out they're kind of acquiesced in one another until they realize we're gonna go to Durant go into Golden State how that was all gonna work out. And now we'll brought back to equivalent wanna champ Richard Dickie on deck and filed a man. But at the start to look look at you think there's gonna need some time here. Love and he are the two starters right but Lowe's quite a different position right there you got Derek Croshere got Dwyane Wade has Isiah still on the on the shelf so he won't be an amendment and who rose Google. As a backup and then get Jae Crowder. Well I mean we're a different starting lineup to try and and all of that of one guy who has been a starters at a different position now so. You wonder about that process of those guys all being able to work together and then when Isiah Thomas jumps in to the mix as well listen. They're good problems to have. But still nonetheless that there's some chemistry issues to work out good. Player only happen and others right because as you were saying and I was writing it down so Isaiah we would assume will assume the starting role that that. You'll assume a starting role when he gets back in their right healthy enough and in shape enough to do what assuming he gets to that and every expectation is we will have serious but. My forget that eight man rotation in no particular order as Kevin Love LeBron James Derrick Rose Dwyane Wade Jimmy Carter Isiah Thomas. RJR Smith interest in Thompson are they stopped Kyle core horror they have sold me out any now waiters and it's just unbelievable. So we'll satanic in the city Cleveland will need to pick me up here where Mike in my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line. I find myself thinking the bully people and things. Which which are brother was so much in the middle of what he played on those brownie or else on the drive in the mumble and everything else. If they don't win that title. If they don't beat Golden State which is not that are now two years ago. In a thrilling game seven on the road if if that game goes one possession in the other direction. The city of Cleveland still doesn't have a championship since the sixties and think how different the conversation would be right now. About the indians' early in game seven last year and the Indians losing by. Indians who I go back to Indian Susan in 97. Well in game seven as well correct of course and then I had the lead in their clothes are on the mound in game seven MMM and the chances for the for LeBron and Kaz and we're just saying say they didn't win and then Cleveland Indians last year and then this year yeah I'd be brutal. It would it would be every jokes still available out there would be some about clear and it's still about that one championship. Changed all that but they're still. Men that frustration level but of course it's kind of a good thing of we're right there. You know OK we didn't get this year yeah we have in our hip pocket a championship you know in basketball so that's cool. And we think we still have the talent to get there Indians fans are thinking about their team by the way the announcement speak of Cleveland was made yesterday during our shows that you didn't get a chance. To comment on it that the browns are gonna make another quarterback now things are gonna start Kevin Hogan. This week who was much more effective you are against the jets in the second half plus we can dish on Keyser was. In the first that he's the 28 different starting quarterback they've had since they came back to Cleveland what is urea and 50% completion or just a hair under three touchdowns and nine interceptions Kaiser for Kaiser. I mean you know all the coaches are seeing way more than we are to the practice and obviously games as well. May just need to take a seat further I mean that that's. There's putting someone on the field to learn from mistakes and someone who who's just not doing enough and it's just not give your team enough for the chance because we talked about especially last year at the browns even though they had a bad record and they were competing game right. So. Shot a struggling right now no doubt about it so I don't know how permanent this is if it's take a breath moment but Hogan bought their play for a little bit but. Yeah it certainly has been very dear you know he's been a rookie quarterback. Now rookie quarterbacks have played much better this and rookie quarterbacks that played as bad this or worse. So it just where I'm at right now in a really bad if you are out of the car process is leave them out there. And let him work through all of it. But you know if he's really struggled really poorly maybe it's time to step back for Labatt I don't I don't think you'll see him on the field again showed a lot because they have to make a decision they do. In either quarterback or not is they will. Barring something really unforeseeable. They're going to be in the oh lottery for another he's big quarter accident and the they got to decide if they got to know and ever or micro peer support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confident when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all 50 states and am Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just a place. It's appealing. Whether you're at home to your business or online. HT helped keep you safe. We security systems. Home automation. Alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Where every yeah. The other is a good football game tonight to kicking off this and all weekend with Philadelphia at Carolina both those teams. Ford one both quarterbacks playing great early this season and Carson once and Cam Newton. You have little issue there at the autograph can't hear. Can look at I mean I hear you that I can hear you but while we play sound a lot here over here okay well the let's let's do that that'll tell you that's what good. Let's talk a this is the most sound played Everett a segment disorder going to leave me out of it. Right this again. I'm a story unlike practically anything we've seen in a really long time. Where a guy goes from being the ultimate punching bag to giving you one of those legendary performances that will be talked about for a really long time. And then afterwards we'll play this you've heard the you'll hear the question as to whether he felt he had anything to prove it his defiance I think he earned completely. Steve given all the drama the past before ours is too soon you have something to prove in this game in the start tonight. Not to you guys now. Now he has treated John month you know I know. Like I said earlier you know I have faith and every other guy in this in this clubhouse and another coach Izzo feels the same so. Weren't together and down when one guy goes goes down you got to trust of the other guy's gonna pick up the slack. Now I don't have any problem with him saying that even though it's ridiculous and I'll tell you why. If you're Strasburg right and you just deliver that performance after all the criticism that you were hearing over the previous 24 hours. That you are well within your rights absolutely are back yes but like Arab you were able to actually got her words a youngster nodded he got to that but is it what you guys great all the drama while time yeah hold on a second there. I get that that frequently those of us in the media we will overstate things we rival overreact to things week. Blow up an end and I am I verbalize and I totally get that we are guilty of stardom but in this particular case. If if I were to try to make a defense of us on the defensive on Clarence Darrow and the and in the media. A court of law would say. Your manager sat there now and said we want to give you the ball butcher under the weather and then talked about mold and air conditioning. Before an elimination game when you were the days you were the lights out in the first game you've given up zero runs and 700 last eight starts. And you're a little bit under the weather and and and has molded his echinacea and whatever else it is. That that's not the media call and I'm making that up and hit up not making that up there those are the facts are out there your manager presented those facts. And then everybody can base an opinion on what they think offer those facts some I'm sure may say well if he doesn't feel it doesn't feel good. Others and you said you mean down the two shares of the world in the Ross is of the world guys who have been in clubhouse is. Our athletes who have been in in locker rooms a what their thought might be. And what their thought was was exactly what my thought laws. Wedeman. You know I mean you read your regular goal here I mean jeez it even if if you can't do it okay but given a shot this is this this our season. You know sometimes you perform better I I I said before while we're the legendary flu game of Jordan. I've played in the house of pain game and I was with the Eagles in Houston again two Oilers were knocked out a lot of our guys Seth Joyner may have had the best game I've ever seen have you sick as a dog. Before that game not to say that everybody can do that. Right OK there are some beer there be sick and and they won't we don't perform well. But the thought process or is wait a minute you you typically used for jog. You're wheezing a little bit and said you don't think your goal I mean sorry. That was said that was set out there you know by your mail address to report out there so people are gonna discuss that. So that I always loved that the annual rite the media is is does embellish things that time without question goal for the headline. He got the chance there to take a shot afterward and he did it when you get twelve strike that you can't you can't but. I I do I'm with you I disagree with. Him going after saying it was it was just created by the media yeah I guess I don't have a problem with a saying it but it's it's inaccurate yet it's in a completely wrong and unfair. And then you get yourself a game five tonight by the way just cuts at the TV ratings that TV ratings for the baseball are really good. Here's yesterday's rating for. Nationals cubs on TBS. Which is you know late afternoon out you say not certainly not a primetime game it is a three point one rating. The comparable game last year. Was nationals Dodgers. And that get a one point nine same time. I'm Brenda five to 8 PM yeah okay basically same time all and this one did a markedly better rating at 31 than last night the elimination game. Yankees Indians did a 55. Rating the comparable game the year before which had been cubs giant. Which and that it was game four of that series get a 47. So even the cubs who were doing enormous numbers last year prior. This game last night did a bigger number the countries into it or the baseball's been good it's been it's mostly very all likelihood I agree. But Joseph right areas better than last year where the cubs were the favorite going and you know make it right after you know. You know one point two million years about winning I mean it was the story now these ratings are better down the ratings are really good look. I'm rooting for the cubs you know my affinity obviously for the city and everything else. So I would like to see them win but I will feel I will feel good for the nationals if they finally do break through also those guys have not had a chance to do it. And it would make for a very intriguing game one of the NLCS I'll tell you that he got Clayton Kershaw against Mac jurors are out Saturday night that would be something over your diskette to let me know how it all goes as I'm done watching baseball postseason you know. Let me answer and a serious question okay. Because you've never really. You've ever really reacted like a fan now in any circumstance. So I know for example for me. As a fan when my team loses but added that the use of football is a perfect example if my team plays in the 1 o'clock spot and they lose. If I wasn't working in this job I would not watch a four clocking out walk away from the television so. Not maybe not this year I have a different feeling about it but generally through my life I don't wanna watch anymore Fulbright I don't want to see it I don't do any wrong. If if we're if over the years if if my team gets eliminated in the playoffs. I don't wanna watch the right I have no interest in watching it there were years I did watch the NBA finals because the knicks got knocked them talk met my childhood back with an excuse to make the play offs. And so now my question to you is new obviously will continue watching baseball could you do for a living. But otherwise. Would you just feel like you know what an auto watches them now you would not that no I'm not that now. I've doesn't think that you IE. Maybe over embellished just there there's no pain there's no army no no I'm Bob mirror I didn't I've liked you but I'm still gonna watch auto vice still law of you know one ST great pitching duel or great one pitching you know Pritchard just throwing lights out or guys knock on the ball over the yard Dalai it won't change it at all. For me of watching that there was a anything that Remy the closest thing that would have been those are my kids are Notre Dame and if they were to lose. What that would do for about you know rights to what now a lot of it was my job I had to watch the other games as well. But I would feel more bummed about that. Then then really anything else yeah that one season the only game they lost there were no more data yet award awarded it to don't know the dollar amount to live with their Austria and a question you know we get we get the game five which means all decks on hand you know and a game of charts all decks on hand I don't have she had a hazards out of by the way I'm still enjoying the reaction to this picture. I'm MS speaking of the cubs. We've posted a picture for our throwback Thursday today. The two of us opening day Wrigley Field 2000 and I know that is are holding a sign that has little yeah opening day 2000 go cubs. And I posted this on that Pete sent it to me are our first producer so we're talking initiatives and our shows four months old at that idea this would have been the very beginning of April and a so we would have been on the air together basically three months. And it on my answer Rampage Eddy SP and greedy and I confirmed alcoholic he was OK with me posting it. You look. Obliterated drunk I probably was you're definitely not I don't think. 7 o'clock in the morning running and good after our show overturn the show I like if it was it would have been well after the show. But as we're looking Imus into the laughter in this from you have to see this. If you're not watching whether it's on TV ridiculous in other radio you have to see this picture. The look. You can get different human fat like there's no fluffy big bone. Was no bones around C a ball that lies well they cheeks are are it's like it's like you look like a bloke I mean 2000 listen that was only what six years after I was done playing your whole body this summer your birth well as a couple of ways of looking at the players. It's six years after retired hour it's six years after your owner hired this fiction like they're really goes by the blink of an all out here you you are you work you work. Quite I was sick large I was a fit come there and you're wearing this shirt by the way if you pull out of that shot there. You're wearing a shirt that says cola 2000 now which people had made for us because you're too with a goal of 2000 campaign to get you on Monday and have little ball exactly right I mean that catalog all it was it was so funny and so much fun of the reaction that we're getting to the picture didn't particularly want it over it was after the show I was camera kind of like we're at Pittsburgh opening day and we did that but we weren't on the Eric Darnell and idol you're on the air here obviously I wasn't I mean I can hide my drink so I mean that wasn't an issue yet you really do ME you do look really really drunk and to pick up what NC grad what is it. Laughter yeah it is it's just a funny picture there's other bigger picture Pittsburgh was insane Pittsburgh was but this one was good to now so the pictures up there and it's Graham if you wanna see it. Sega. Have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. School. Don't I using lightning are still feel fangs and good good. Really the failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could it by switching to Geico. Where they won't have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. I can I forgot to rates when he got I guess somebody who really understand what I was saying Josh is I agree with cola has assailed those cardinal fan the baseball season. If over who cares I knew Obama's our eyes adjust and move on and I watch and I still enjoy it I'd I'd maybe over bella just. How monsters sub fan I am bombed the union laws don't get me wrong. But I won't watch the game question I wouldn't. Once again if I really if I didn't do his job I would not absolutely brutally now if I was out of I was you I was. Warner raising Cleveland right now is my team and I lived and died with a and I was a stockbroker or any of literally any right besides a sportscaster. I don't know that I would watch the game tonight that's for sure war as thrilling as this game five tonight might be. I is a purely as a baseball fan I definitely wouldn't watch it may be had I come back around by the World Series depending but I I very well might not the these things they stay with. They I can still remember moments and plays in games the teams I root for lost in my childhood and I remember him like it was yesterday I remember those games better than you remember games you've played all you do your right. You're you're absolutely right and an hour hold to buy this the next game hour walk to do march 29 which would be opening day for the Indians. I just knew that top my head I just knew via his check that are summaries that Mayer hot yet this week when your sick. And I and or have the flu most athletes perform better due to concentrating more the task per who. Created this whose doctor Jaber markets now. It says doctor DR period down Aybar Parker's game. So these doctor just because you do that I mean. Anybody can do that right anyone could anyone can handle could have DR and it really need to see more than that. Aybar are you are you cast in Pittsburgh I'm glad I say his name as far as well no not at all I'm just wondering that. Start calling darker Parkersburg to fork lift or darker Parker's. Mike Michael Ryder you've you missed any of the show including tie Lou an hour for you can listen all four hours of Micah Micah demand in the ESPN happened now you can subscribe. To our best our podcast it's all available the list and tab of the ESPN app. Where apparently that we have found this this doctor Markus. So dark. As the rest of the country joins us here got a tweet from doctor gave birth market here's a tweet that says when you're sick or have the flu most athletes perform better due to concentrating more edit tasks all it is the the the name is DR period doctor neighbor forecast now I am questioning whether he's a doctor not because last I checked. Dr. Dre is not operating on me OK. Okay I mean is that fair enough for not go to right you know what doctor fork is being operated on me. Well it's a chiropractor. They would it would be operating and daughters all but so he's supposed to know that about the country amber formula that chiropractic school that you didn't do your really absolutely and I think it is right historically they show. People who are not feeling well I do think there's something psychologically. And you just sort of here's what you do. You tell me if this makes sense to you okay and how I'm gonna teach Osama being an athlete bought appreciate that that in any game like this. Where all the pressure and everything else might otherwise be getting to you. If you need all of you were focused just kind of kick yourself from point eight point beat it might actually psychologically were to your benefit. And I think that's what we see all these legendary sick games. Players play so well sick. All the time now again history doesn't tell the story right guys who were sick and didn't play. So I'm sure there are just as many stories of that guy right but the stories of guys who were sick and you know yes and came out of play the games of their lives are the stuff of legend and I think that's the retired. I understand that and apologized or are they a RR this is a chiropractor and which I think you and I loved what should he be a I was expecting a doctor of medicine. OK to tell me something like this this is like. It's just like the scene and hang overworked hospital and still looking at the tart store your dentist. Okay yeah I mean. Especially visit doctors who we look at that at a medical guitar versions here and heartless. And I think you're just to let me ask your question ahead if you have some sort of ailment that needs the surgery is doctor Parker Stewart at the reason. Okay. I mean if if if what their wives of sort of element that needs a surgery on my pediatric my kid's pediatrician isn't doing it either but he's that I doctors to she and her case it's like him. Medical school stuff I your chiropractor you go and I don't know why are you are. You're taking this out of high on the floor I was trying to get to the bottom of this for a little Marcus is a horrible that the more the census. Well. What are my thinking of his bizarre Kramer's I was thinking that a a say is that working. Having the stupidest guy Iverson who now we are. I am now have recovered conscience I I don't mean Ditka I don't want to belittle what you do what you've already done it now okay a little late for that ever you do don't you understand what I'm saying yeah. Date doctor is trying to give you some sort of sort of medical. Situation. I'll go to doctor. Kyra for a non that's not nice I think the doctor of markets. Is well within his rights here who. The Today Show explaining to you guys are the particulars. Of the sick games in the flu games absolutely I have great respect productive for you know how. Early on my financial. What we're getting that from Marcus is the bizarre Kramer that's who participate. Others as the bizarre Newman that's it. Markets I know I knew that name frogs I finally got that a bottom of it okay let's move on through Ali let's there's a prediction should go over our Ali we got Philadelphia at Carolina tonight NFL action kicking off week six. Two really good teams with quarterbacks who were playing great camp was playing about as well as he did in his MVP season at least the last few weeks he has. Carson went to was coming into his own out looks like as a terrific young quarterback. Both teams playing well pay on their home and there are three and a half point favorite ball teams are getting it together really really well liked the way Christian McCaffery he's now being used I think getting into the flow of that often to peace receivers. That they have in Campbell you know running when he asked Cuba. I'd like to weigh the Eagles are playing our right now offensively defensively. As I mentioned running the bought no Wayne Johnson is out that has analyzed and coming together really well on the really started to hurt Beverly Johnson lash got suspended for ten games. So that that's a little bit of a question mark to me. I know on my picks I picked Carolina but more should I stick with my picks on the go Philadelphia fair enough I like Eagles tonight also. And then the baseball game tonight again we don't have a starting pitching yet for the nationals to my knowledge. The expectation is that'll Biggio Gonzales with Rourke available out of the bullpen if you want to get Hendrix for the cubs who has been money. For them he was very good in game one of the series it was very good in the playoffs last year. Go looks expectation is I. Washington pulls it off file I think they they got that she obviously a monster where inhaler with them big big Grand Slam. To put that game away alas I think that Brees of new life in them on the brink of being knocked out of this thing to. Oklahoma go head when this thing I feel like however there. History of post season failure will put a very strange air that ballpark tonight if things start to go bad right. If Hendricks is dealing early if the cubs score runner too early. Then all of a sudden it's a little bit of all the time and and you can feel that in the building or after being at home in those circumstances can actually work against. A team. Look I make no bones about it I'm rooting for Chicago hope the cubs. Get that win and then finally I will say this if you are available to us right now I would get an adjustment from doctor park I would tell I would have markets give manager I would get an adjustment but I have some abdominal pain I'm not talking to doctor forecasts OK sometimes that actually does help I've I've found that what I am telling front you know what here once I go to three or four doctors they think we think it's a chiropractic issue that I called doctor Parker I'll until I'm not dornin from now on I will never ever see a doctor whose name isn't far. Since giving the yellow pages you think he hates us now here him par. My human.