Hour 4: Ryan Leaf: 5/19/17

Golic & Wingo
Friday, May 19th

Greeny & Golic talked to Ryan Leaf about his road to recovery


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I was pretty you know like you deserve a break enjoy delicious reason chewy chocolate Carmel and get ready to celebrate reason has teamed up with ESPN a VIP trip to the SB awards in LA it's the reason to party at the SP sweepstakes you can walk the red carpet attend the awards show and even enjoy exclusive post party accept giving you a reason to dust off that talks details on espn.com backlash reason beds are all right ESPN and remember for double chocolate indulgence that lasts and lasts all you needed. One good reason no purchase necessary to create dot com slash reason we are joined. By Riley for the best known names. In NFL history for any number of different reasons and it's our pleasure. Brian have you here with a your stories soon to be told by you sixty's really nice to see Andre and as a major person thank you might appreciate it to be here love having you here and and are you excited that lucky charms is coming out we're 101000 just marshmallow boxes I am proud and very very excited actually yeah I literally thought I was lucky charms and say green was not allowed to eat sugary cereals as a kid we certainly were in the gold palace where you're allowed you're out because we just ran around everywhere I mean we were outside all the time mom didn't care right what you put in you're burning off a lot of voted out all over the place I loved it when it rained because she got a voice to stay in the house audio otherwise we were we were gone now. Riley for this here as I mentioned in the Scots lounges is this got yard pick ups got turf builder. Lawn food today OK let's get to the story here and this is so interesting and and those of you watching on ESPN two just saw a nice. He's sort of setting this up the new. Examines your journey from top draft I'd chop top draft prospect to prison here current battle with the bride field debut. Sunday may 21. Since this weekend 9 AM eastern and then later. And the week is a ninety minute. Of telling this story in this way. Why when I walked out of the prison cell and into my parents. How. I'd I didn't wanna be in the public I'd ever again. And I went through treatment. When I got out of prison. And I started going to these meetings where I met. Men who now meant to me. Who live very public sober lives. And they simply told me. Leading up to the Super Bowl fifteen in San Cisco that. This is what she do you find this piece and then you share your story you give it away otherwise you can't keep it. And that changed. And we started something I went on the Dan Patrick showing except Cisco he made a reference to this I went on NFL live with Trey in the group. And Tom and Albie. This is a lengthy process this wasn't just like let's meet up for a month in and take care some things they followed me around for the last year and a half. So before we get back to the beginning of this. You know from having the issues that you had I've I've always been told that. You can't start to get help until you know realize you need ago when was that for you when was that moment for you why I think. I think we all who go through this no we need help it's a matter of actually asking for that oh that's the that's the big. Big significant change you have to make as a person and I wasn't able to do it luckily every time I got nominees are. Beg for help from a higher power. Finally he dissent the shares department. And they're the ones that help me what was rock bottom what was that moment well I think that. You know looking at ways to kill yourself on Kugel and hand at making attempts to do that and then waking up in in a prison cell on the floor. In a suicide. It's mark. In hand on display for everybody and that's started. Edna I sat himself will be in place for months and months and months I didn't figure anything out until about twenty point six months in the 32 months. I always say figured out is that throw wanted to go next so value you when you get the help that you. Felt you needed now where was the point that you said OK now I know you deal with it every day but. OK I can't deal with this every day and startup positive path. Why think that the substance of abuses. Compounds the issue but it's not the issue it's your behaviors. I was a drug addict long before ever took a drug the way I behaved. Spoiled entitled athletes. That type of behavior is now out now about now I know what it looks like is what attic behavior looks likes a while in prison. Wendy my roommate just got all over me about how I didn't understand my value and not only the guys in the air but when I got out because he said you're gonna get out at some point he says the come down with me to the library we're gonna. We're gonna help guys who don't know how to read and learn how to read and it was the first time in my life I have been of service to anybody. That wasn't selfish and anyway. That's just that's part of the story that I had not heard enough so that. That was really the beginning of it was recognizing that life was not just about getting what you want but it's actually about giving to others as well. And as an addict who has addictive behavior which beat an athlete is great because and you jump right into it it's kind of become a an addiction a source for me to the service side of things I just jumped into it and it happened to him when I got out I knew it had to be my foundation otherwise I was just gonna behave the same way. And upload ended up either debtor back in prison so. It's been a huge part of my recovery. Alone I have a company in Los Angeles called transcend recovery community that's given me. Even a broader platform to be a service and not take all the pressure on it not about me it's actually about the solution in the story. It could be anybody tell the story was gone through that just so happens sometimes that. The higher profile part of it can reach a different demographic then then I may have been on my own. The addiction. I know I know why give him was was was it is certainly an issue how. Was that all through football through were your first argue the payments and they just kept going on. I'd I didn't start abusing and I'd like to blame Mike for NFL career on the fact that I was I'll all the time but I'd I just didn't play well. I started abusing the drug after I retired. I was introduced to it of course through orthopedic surgeries while I was plain. And then in the NFL they're given to you late you know this you need to do this too bright otherwise you can lose your job you get paid a lot of money. And I never. I was if they would have given you a disclaimer and hand over that little white don't say hey. Fourteen years from now you're going to be breaking in the somebody's house and wanted to kill yourself because this little white though. I think give a different. Take on whether you accept that pill before. If I'll ask it because I listen I took a two viking in the painkillers the whole deal. And while it's not gonna come would that disclaimer that you just gave but if it did come where if they did give them to us with they hate. This could be addictive later on this this could ask the ramifications. Do you think that would have been enough to stop you. In your twice because I'm just trying to think of me in my twenties I wanted to be on the field I wasn't on the field I may never get back on the field. So I wonder if that disclaimer even would have been enough for me. It's tough to say it its goals with whether the NFL knew about the concussion issues they would have told me what I of Benson on down. Or what would abide taken the risk and say yadda and I think inherently we all and no it was a violent game. You know it wasn't. Physically on punishing. So. I think the education of its in the new being able to make that decision on your own. That that takes you you're able to take accountability for all that that in. And without that. You may become resentful and placed blame on somebody went really. Ultimately it's your decision you'd want as much information as you can in the new big make the bet this decision possibly want. The new. AM eastern time and then later during the week as a ninety minute. A Ryan leaf when you look back now. Because. Every you're around the draft and we just had a your story comes up and for for all of the reasons I'm sure that. While that Amish actually let me start with that. When people bring it up when you hear read brought up now in the in this state that you're in in the mental plays and they the emotional players that you are in. What emotions do you have when you see all the old video and and you see who Riley for us. It's. It was difficult. Autumn like that which led to a lot of the rounds substances. Because I want to numb that feeling of failure or of judgment. And now it's just you know it's just part of my life is just. Everybody has the story everybody has the story in everybody's that tell their story when there are struggles. I just been exacerbated by because I thought it was more important than other people because I played a sport. When in reality that's not true which is all flawed human beings trying to be better every single day and I didn't get that. I had to be humble little way that most people don't need to be to finally get that and when I did. When this happens now this is just a story for me to help the dot com. Item that I have in my toolkit against two. To help people I got the opportunity to the Carmine this year and mentored the incoming quarterbacks and what an honor that is. Deborah story does impact on in a pretty much and pretty much what not to do. But I also was a second pick in the NFL draft knows what that's what those guys are trying to accomplish. Well what I wanna get to that have you speaking to the incoming rookies but ripe for got on air and just the TV audience thought. When there was UN Peyton Manning and that was a discussion you didn't wanna go to Indianapolis you've got to be a lot better in San Diego from a it's certainly from promises they're both great cities with San Diego we get it you know. And Leigh Steinberg said don't go to the interview and every one way to do it and you didn't go or the interviewers and Bill Polian said in Peyton Manning did that was a great interview. Have you not felt that way had you gone to the interview had you not care where you went do you think you would have won number one. Well that's who I don't know about that or maybe. Alone. I was more talented. But everybody's talent that that level when you get there what to do with that from Sunday to Sunday. Alone I think for me that no matter where I would a went though to. I was the problem but what was going on my brain and what I thought about my self empowered treated other people was the problem. And so it really doesn't matter where I would a went about a bit with hall of famers like marketer and in Marshall fault. It didn't matter it was so it was me because I went to San Diego I had Junior Seau around me and Rodney Harrison. In I didn't listen in I didn't you know follow them around like. Like a little lost puppy like I should have. So that leads me out of this course you just talked about when you're young and coming into the league and we were all there at at one point those of us that played. And now imagine yourself sitting there and some former players talking to you about. Don't do this look what happened to me and you know we all did we are young well it's a shame and it can happen to me so now you're doing that. Do you think it can can have and I will have an effect you think these young invincible thinking guys are gonna listen. Well that's the thing that's the best. Constructive criticism I've got about I I don't go in and wave my finger and say don't do this or don't do that I just simply go in. And share my story and what I've been told from people that I wanna draw down strive to be like him. You control you control I want to control them home is actually going to give them some information what they do without. Entirely up to them and I the other result I did my part and I sleep well at night because of it I hope they do. I think a lot of the young players coming in league right now are much more well prepared than anything like we were in 1998. Social media the Internet. Actual. Coaches at their position that. Gurus are calm them your getting them ready I think there's so much more well prepared. But they still don't have any idea what disposals gonna look like if they lose a few games up the gate because. The seven days between hosts game it's not like the NBA and you go out and lay an egg and you play the next night or thirty. No he remembers the the night before. So what what's your message to them for what do you tell the biggest messages that. Even though your great football player doesn't make you good purse and you can build that foundation first everything usually fall of events or Paulson and that's worked for me knowing that now and seen that in them and they are pretty they're good people to Tom Watson impress me. Immensely at the combine just the way he interactive his. Humility that was the biggest thing my humility was the was this nonexistent I thought I was better than you because I played. Football it was about money power prestige that's what thought successful. And it it's not. Was that something they came and I don't know that everyone who is in your position can answer this question. Was that something they came from out item view was that something you learned or is that something that was just inside you that notion that you were better than everyone because of what you did. Would that have been the case regardless of your environmental was that something that you learn. And it was of a thing as a bit learned that. Where I come from is a very small town. There's been one. Montana and ever draft in the first round. In on him there's more for round draft picks in the Manning family than in the state of Montana contract. So. I developed a lot of resentments early on in life when people. Got on me and my hometown kind of set I was kind of a bad day. I got very resentful and resentments will kill you because you become defensive and that's how I acted out. And I would go embarrass people and that's how we get back you know what what I was invited the party or wasn't. Friends I didn't have any friends there was a popular I didn't bear some on the basketball court on the football field that's how I want. And I just you know that and any alienate you to a point where you become Weis elated. And it was all up and down on a pedestal. To hide because a couple people put me you know on top of that pedestal because I've I wanted to be different in away from everybody. When you had to. To deal where you are now look back on that and see video of its see video of what you were like as a player whether or yelling and report whatever those videos war was a hard to watch the first. Yet that the yelling at the report thing is probably my most embarrassing moment now with mug shot and Ollie in just because. At least in the holes videos are in front of the judge I'm taken accountability for error. The only at the reporter and like the behavior that way the is like a petulant child. You know a man baby in a Booth in a moment where you're making millions of dollars yet you think your better than a reporter who's doing his job. And you have to intimidate and it was it was a microcosm of how I BK my whole life but how I'd tell with people like Butler. Less than it tried to intimidate in a day. Don't you know life. You remember the emotions. That drove you to that was was that motivated by anger was it motivated by. Some sort of insecurity amend can you reach out and touch what those feelings were that drove you to act that way. Probably the insecurity in and you know being judged. Alone it was the worst football game ever played in my life. Till this day it's still it's and the criticism. I just. A personalized so much and I wanted to blame others I always go back to the US or the Tim Tebow game against Mississippi. Where they loss yes right came out did his speech is because that's speech. Should be played for every quarterback ever to lose or play a poor game and show the accountability. If I played a great game that game but he came out that this is. This isn't gonna happen again this is unacceptable and worked my tail off so this will never happen again. That's exact kind of comment that needed to come from a leader of your football team. In instead I'd like pointed fingers and place boy. The arms I might be your openness is just remarkable and another has been were mentioned to me and and Adam drew everyone. By so many in the buildup to this but to actually sit here and and and experience it is is really something. So I know a lot of people come out on the other side of addiction and things like that any good plays how did you come out in this place how did you get from where you were. Her sure there are a lot of people listening or an hour going through any number of different things how did you get from where you were to where you are now. A lot of people. Lot of people. Helped me. My parents my Brothers stood by me. I mean I out of prison so for 32 months and went outside twice I didn't talk to anybody about my mom and during that time. And yet when I walked out they were still there. Stayed with them as a 36. Year old man 37 year old man in their basement. For ninety days for a can get to treatment. And they've just been unconditionally loving supportive and that's a big difference a lot of people that come out of situations don't have that supports. But I did. And I utilized that but I had to make a conscious choice this is like a hundred need to rely a choice so I had to accept help I had to surrender. I had to understand that my best thinking. My best thinking in my life takes took me to a prisons so I had to take suggestions from people. Who have what I want. And I call my board of directors I mean there's five guys that I go to with decision making in my life because I don't make the right choices. And the self awareness understand that. Is life change. And I do I go to home with those decision make is I am the chairman soiled and it would make the choice. So I feel like I have some semblance of control their but. Mean that's that's the biggest thing I take suggestion and understand that I'm willing to surrender and accept help. Can you go back tier football career and pull any good memories. College football. Was amazing. The best in about three years in my life. And that's what's neat about the peace is that the first time we've ever done anything. Associated I mean. You just so quickly go to NFL it was so such a huge colossal. Blow up that we never got to go back and reflect on how fun and in great doubt football team was and this kind of does that a little bit and I was a little hesitant behind that someone to be about recovery. In helping people. But it's also good feeling good to see those things and ins and remember those things were my my old teammate to the totality of the story there's no doubt about it. Great to see this again this Sunday 9 AM eastern time the and other things that you just said to wrap this up jumped out at me when you said if I'm gonna get the things that I want to I have to do the following. What is it you want where where where you are right now know that a lot of time left what is it you want now. Well I want to be of service to anybody who's out they're struggling with mental health of abuse issues period. That I think is the foundation of at all. And then after that I wanna be. A good husband about to be a father. For the first time and I can tell you right now when I walked out of prison cell I. In my mind did not want to stick. A child my last name. And how selfish and narcissistic is that in when she told me that she was pregnant. This while on my face that she never anything bigger and I knew because that reaction when it was going to be like and of those of things I want. When it comes to personal things I think that. Everybody has dreams and goals you know I was a broadcast journalism major wanna do things like this I wanna. Talk sports because this is what my father and I did every single morning at the breakfast table it was what brought us together. Even though these were your decision is that what you were you wore it you say you wanna talk sports and do that is there any resentment to sports because it was while it didn't. It's the vehicle what kind of got you made the decision to get their but it was because of sports that you got there are no resentment toward a. For along time there was I think. The program on part of you go through. Release of these resentments and you have to address them. And I easily could have been resentful of the NFL the media. Sports in general. The chargers things like that but you know you. Accountability par what was my part and all that you know it doesn't matter what anybody else did how to behave in situations. Well. Makes you then. Dissipate at that that resentment dissipates and you start actually going. And praying for them to have the life that you now and that's that's a weird thing to do for somebody you'd like vehemently. You know despise in the way at that moment in the near actually saying. At night. I wish it was in the best wish them to have the life that I have right now that peace in that that goes away and then you're able to actually. And also not be so judgmental and critical. Myself being a broadcaster that way or a color guy. But there won't be judgment and that there'll actually be like empathy. And that would be a huge change from. In and one I've. When I look forward to we were issued about how that low and you're on a senior open as senior understanding herself here. Is really remarkable looking forward to seeing the piece this weekend and and it was a delight to meet you and having him thank you very much thank you guys about it telling the story that. Every tech has made standing on. But there's only one that's always had a way of standing out. Or you're looking to bring more battle comforting creativity here like Honduras and call on the brand that's known for making the most outdoor living. From decking railing enlightening to furniture fencing and framing it in their tracks where engineering and what's next in outdoor living. To learn more and only on your solutions tracks has to offer call 180289. Tracks or visit tracks dot com that's TR EX dot com. Again that the whole country didn't hear much of our reaction to a part a terrific conversation we had with Ryan leaf I know both of us emerged Mike extremely. Moved I mean impressive it's condescending is impressed it's not for us to be impressed are not impressed. I was moved by his on I was as well and listened there he's not the first or last. Person and or athlete to be in the position he was in. But and it's your choice to do what you want with a like I said at times I didn't wanna even be in the public eye and that would be fine if that's the way he wanted to deal with it as he was recovering from this but he is choosing to be public with that with the story. In using it within a foundation and with the business to try and help others and go forward with that. And he is. Boise open and truthful about laws thing remarkable are back to the basket meanwhile a shelter mental performance on our body Jalen Rose is ready to go from jail and Jacoby and our coverage of the NBA Western Conference finals that tomorrow night a whole lot more good morning Jalen Rose who mourn about probably are always OK let's start with this let's start by playing a little fun fantasy basketball goes trying to figure out a way that anybody can compete with LeBron James in the east if for the sake of discussion. The Boston Celtics were able to add Gordon Hayward is a free agent this off season and with a connection to Brad Stevens from college and people think that's a good faith. And they have that number one pick which they kiddies are you either use on a player or they can perhaps use in a trade. Could you see is an area where the Celtics become a legitimate threat to LeBron in the east next. Year. Possibly but not really here's a paying whoever played against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals will be able to celebrate their season. Whether to Toronto Raptors who watched him withers and in his case the Boston Celtics. Have we seen a time where a team with a number one seed when we all felt like they had no chance to win. That's because the other team has LeBron James if you add Gordon Hayward so that team. That gives them so all stars and if you add that number one pick and hopefully give them a future all star. The problem is the caps have the best player in the game LeBron James whose plan as dominant as we've ever seen plus they also have so other all stars. A carrier ring and Kevin Love so I do not think that it put him a position to contend with the cast but obviously puts him in position to get a lot calls. So a lot of times when teams are building Jalen depending on the team they have in the conference that there and they'll build. Even if it means grab putting age on the team because this is their shot to do it and they're trying to take advantage of that shot. Are we basically at a time right now where you should build a little younger in the east and you just basically have to wait until LeBron isn't the best player in the world anymore. Well absolutely while also trying to win right now on the Celtics. Have basically done that they're the number one scene they have the number one pick that that's as big as unique as it hits but. In the compliment in the Cleveland Cavaliers would talk about LeBron James their like Noah's Ark they have to have everything. They have defense when they needed it can't shoot when they need it the Broncos played three you can play for. You can go smaller you can go bigger they can do everything so based on their roster. And his dominates and dominance to give them the flexibility to really pick things apart. I'm Mike and Mike in Jalen Rose another reminder we partner up with our friends at Dell giving you a special trip to what a fabulous experience of the NBA finals of seven of your friends. In ten minutes are gonna give the winning word of the day it brought you by Dell for small business. The other big story yesterday before get onto the court here jail and is. The all NBA team torn out and Paul George didn't make any of them Indiana is the place where you spent the majority. Of your career do you think at this point that it makes sense for the pacers to trade Paul George during this offseason would you expect the lakers to be the likely destination. I do not defile the Indiana pace without a lot of things play out because he can also make all NBA next year and get that designation. And I must point out. We're only happen a salary cap conversation. Whether relate to the NBA or the NFL we don't talk about this a Major League Baseball we don't talk about this golf. Why because those sports don't have a salary cap and also I appreciate the leak in the owners get together and trying to create this designation. Based on how Kevin Durant was able to leave Oklahoma City. And Willie didn't cost him a lot of money to begin another contract. What I would tweak it a little bit is shouldn't be all NBA team. And I said this before. It should be all star. Team these are players that you draft. Nurture you develop Paula George. Has been an all NBA performer he's also suffered a broken away they welcomed him back he's become a terrific player. Gordon Hayward his team was number four seed in the Western Conference. A first time all star. And you can draw that designation of okay. If he's all NBA that's one thing which you know who else bolts on the all star game now. The fans to coaches. Is the players and it's also the media or not you have all of those entities. Take into account when your voting. For the future of these franchises. This isn't just about Paula George getting the money. It's about you top and it's about Indiana Pacers so franchise a small market franchises. Who don't have championships in their history have an opportunity maintain their roster any integrity of the eighteenth but given their best player. Jail I asked earlier why you needed designation at all it's not like each year three players come up on a team who fit the mold of eight or nine years on the same team. Why have a designation at all if you're on the team for that long and threw a couple of contracts you're eligible for that 75 mil it's not like everybody's gonna pay it as I said earlier I was it freeagent the senior Reggie White. I wasn't expecting Reggie White money in free agency or anybody to pay me near where he got paid. So why why not just make it designation that time on the team and then owners decide whether that wanna pay the money or not. Would Barry I agree with you that's what started this by saying why have a salary cap anyway and those two sports but if you're gonna have a designation gold at what happens is you don't get what you deserve. You get what you have the leverage to negotiate and what ends up happening and is you give co Y Lennar for example in all NBA performer. The designation tank. And you have a player like LaMarcus Aldridge who wasn't an all star this year. But also understands his value to that seeing can also walk in there say I want that level of money. And nor on Bono law. And it doesn't cripple them like Ludwig a lot clearly but it does tampered down when you lose your second best player and look at how to dynamic play without with a Golden State Warriors. They have three all NBA performers. But they have for all star clay Thompson was not on that team toast of the interest and see how his situation and others play out movable. Mike Mike in jail and right here with the Western Conference. Game three is tomorrow night on ABC and of course all eyes will be on the ankle of coli Leonard what are you seeing what he's hearing what is your expectation. Well I'll tell you what. If coop then or hadn't gotten injured and I'm not breaking known any new today clearly would've won game one just being in ability and seen them hold a Golden State Warriors in game one. To seasonal points. To their words field goal percentage that they've had offseason coach pop was 316. And all. When his team with women but when he popped points they lost that game. Now all of a sudden you're going to game two without your best player the goals they weren't the clearly gonna play better plan on their home floor and not you're down too well. A lot later sprained his ankle three times in seven days. So get a San Antonio Spurs are not just not thinking about this series you also thinking about a future goal for. And bottle away and I love they believe they got through on the bench and got away. Okay. You about being on the top of the line and a Gatorade and other work a lot comes over that you wipe his forehead you give them a separate push it back on defense and it shouldn't be friendly fire over there. By the way allow him relent and teammates but. But with that being said again if cool while there is an 110%. I wouldn't be surprised at the San Antonio Spurs don't play him at all. And this is the team at a friend's child remember they were at the forefront of what we call. Resting players protect in the best interest of players trying to elongated players' careers. And if he show any signs that he's not 110%. That possibly wanting to put mocked. Do you think because we saw we saw there and then LaMarcus Aldridge would his foot I'm Kevin Durant do you think we will see this foul called. A little more on their an NBA rest being out what we call high alert and watching for this and calling it a follow and not giving a good place to land. Absolutely not talked about this in the past I don't think is Q or I don't think it's cool come alike were Riley was just on but I talked about when I had. That situation would mean Kobe Bryant I didn't talk about it after the game I wasn't asked. They get a flavor follow in the next game nobody knew it was intentional. I felt vindicated when he scored 81 points vs my Toronto Raptors thought I. For not to get this off my chest so what that being sick LaMarcus Aldridge. The differed with the Kevin Durant situation is that. KD's four foot was gonna land on the markets as well so therefore editing doesn't cost the same amount of impact when the player lane. We're trance had another play in that same game vs John Livingston where he got up close to him and it gonna be construed at the exact same thing for Zaza Pachulia. I felt like. That was intentional. It was flagrant. Not necessarily dirty but it should be caught is such a flagrant wow and now all of a sudden players are taken that call a lot more serious movement for. It's Jalen Rose obviously our coverage of the Western Conference finals continues tomorrow night on ABC the American which Allen Jacoby. And a whole lot more jail thanks a million enjoy we'll see tomorrow night if I have a love operation it. And prize of one million dollars what color he is the White House. No vision of this enormous. And far in second oh. Wishing to Geico continue bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Again as you are no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agree dancer. NBA commissioner Adam silver will realize what Hannah Storm on the sports center face to face NBA special that follows us. On ESPN two here in a couple of minutes to make sure you're watching that as he gets set. For the playoffs this weekend are forward thinking is brought to you Reggie and see the lowest prices of the season sale busier GMC and TNT dot com select product only. The season runs now to June 7 under ESPN radio this weekend. Tonight we have gained two cavs Celtics coverage starts 7:30 eastern tomorrow. Game three west conference finals warriors San Antonio coverage eighties turned to Mike let me ask you the same question asked her son earlier this morning. And we are all back here and our regular place is on Monday morning they will have played two games in the east and they will played one game in the west. So two more games in the east right now Cleveland is up one game and on what will the score that series B Monday. Well one more game in Boston and any game in Cleveland I don't see Cleveland lose and it seems like air on a mission to not only win but get especially this over with quickly because. They're dig in that time off and then they would get a because what the final starts June 1 correct. So not too they're gonna get a lot of time and tell us how to how to they've had a lot of time off are ready and and I think there on that mission I don't see them losing I I really. I really do not I think. Like you saw that third quarter. With Boston when they started getting chippy and started put up that fight I think you see that early on from Boston I definitely think you see that put the talent I think is just. Too good the way they're playing right now in Cleveland because we certainly have seen them play worst. But they're playing so well now. I don't see that all the sudden falling off the map unless their shots just don't fall like like the Celtics didn't didn't the first quarter of that game. So I see Cleveland wearing both those games and I just I just don't have a great feeling about why lettered as ankle even if it comes back he hasn't practiced yet to even if he comes back. How good is it and they are eighteen that is a cautious team pop as a cautious guy and isn't going to damn it someone for something you know. I had to possibly have it be lingering down the line. He's a guy that that'll sit I think coli Leonard he doesn't feel he's just try to work wise gonna wanna play and most part of wanna try and play through through things. So on and off would do that and even if they don't have the if he does how effective can he be so icy Golden State beat up. Reason that there's one game of that series and I think earlier I misspoke when I had. They games on ABC it's not on ESPN. For the Western Conference final game a three. Tomorrow night and then now we'll see where it goes all the good from there okay to finish it up today yeah on May be the most important. Item I don't even know where you got this question. But you should be future dog to say one thing. What would it be you had bathroom yes bathroom and that led me to what I think was the best question of the day they noted in the open for this hour. If you could only communicate. One thing if you only had a one word. As that you could communicate to your family to you why do whomever it might be I can't think of three directions it might go out yacht which one you think it would. I think you would be an obviously the way you have to say it I think it would be. Today. Yeah over food. If he is so you could not communicate your desire for food there's a thing. I can do total loans. Yet you if that's the thing OK I you can go to the bathroom Malone are also halted a fridge and get some food yeah okay it's so much better when someone brings it to you it is but I can still go do that. For what that today stands for. Didn't need the wife ya know talking and I do know what I mean aggravate or ongoing ever recollection that that's the word okay turn up I'm with you and every bathroom. Again that's another one that your particular case you don't need help what my heart I know very good.