Hour 4: Max Bretos

Monday, June 25th
The guys talk World Cup with LAFC voice Max Bretos and then bring in Dallas Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson to discuss the trade that brought Luka Doncic to the Mavs and more.

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Proven with 36 month monitoring contract early termination installation fees apply excludes taxes and fees applies in traditional services only certain markets excluded license is available at ADT dot com. Delta strives to take a stress out of travel you can focus on what comes next Intel took comfort plus can help with sky priority boarding extra leg room and a wide selection of unlimited complimentary snacks you can derive refreshed ready to take on the world. Well are Mondays off to a good start glider with a skull doing go on ESPN radio he is the news as well as ESPN app we are presented by progressive insurance all phone guests. Join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. You can get done to us on Twitter at golden wings or leave us a voicemail 8605065505. Lots again in two including. Welcoming the studio Maximilian Brett don't just radar ESPN LA FC voice joins us in student I was a straight talk to restrict our wireless phones does not work or not. Just a just a generic hello to anybody useless way we want yarder or say hello and talked to him we love Max Max we're deeply ensconced in the World Cup it's incredible you know we have some low and away our enthusiasm in this group the script that's so it's genuine or we got a lot. To get through and are scoring and and stuff like Debra want to bring your own another kind of controversy because. We're actually get to pretty good tweets about it so I wanted to ask you saw that this Le'Ron tardy feet. The offer to Lima for the ornate hearty merry go oh I forgot to do runners are released. The gar starting gar for the chiefs graduated from med school and wanted an athlete if you put MD at the end of his name. And the league just said no and we were basically like. Or what chance for league gets kind of get punched around PR wise. Nice move award of bin and the only thing we can think of is maybe they didn't wanna set precedent for other opened the door trying to duke case. Out of the doctors are well and then you're a night we're like oh wait no that's why he's yeah out what other people possibly. Do. But there have been a couple of people that that we did how by the canal Alejandro going to wave off right from the barber former army ranger Pittsburgh Steelers. What to perform military person wanted there are what they were you know sergeant what and then there are more than a few an hour is why I was why played long hole. I've played merger right Reggie White who was a reverend minister lord what a minister or don't what are they wanted that I'd I don't and I and people are just bringing up. The possibility of other things that could come up that the league why they said no to this that they're trying to avoid this happening. Those two examples that you gave me if day in the league turned them down they would have a real bad PR issue because military religion the 100% now. And immediately told that I thought about all the guys that you don't wanna on their Father's Day with like before or would you later that and that's allowed that and I think right at it and that's that's good. And I think in this case I think first and foremost because of you have a doctor Lee would be fantastic. I think it's a good taste. I think it's. It it makes a lot of so I just on assailant would that we're not accept throwing a we're not slim nicknames around here like behavior when they're allowed to do Nagin is nobleman and we're not going that far Saul. I don't I don't like I guess the demarcation is it's a business the other thing is an actual name Russian I want to understand that but it just seems it'll be good PR win. They look we got for all the stuff people talk about with the bonus. When a doctor Klein I regret is actually I don't and I think a micro wise I heard that Mac or wiser saying you know we oral command door and it may be each. They've someone from choking game is in India on the new York and who knows what should ignore due to boot time by himself if he checked himself a better job than that I'm good and what Mack hit a decade and have all of our many fine. I'm not. Max you don't we have so much to get in with you. And a while to right let's let's just dive into this rational everybody's words are we just want. As we Wien you're you're a guy who knows this stuff better than we do I just watch a lot of political good that's what I do with the constable anchor and a first of all he is in the body issues slots on tattoos are. Wonders why you need to get a sneak peak there well his cheeks are tattooed and don't mean his face. Identical to her identical on her symmetrical tactical yeah well slot that is all on that theory there's no question about that. Natalie at the most imports about the way let's go for the World Cup first and foremost you didn't like my team on the first play I did that I'm an overzealous. In fact women I've messed up. All on the war we don't know that's our World Cup sounder again now that we knew that yes that is our world. We go again we have four teams fragile team I've team my son and governor team and a staffer of the team. We know leaves now we're 26 point big weekend had ten points over the weekend Mike endeavor have 25 I have 21 and the staff has nineteenth at all this week and set adrift the staff Panetta president the government pushed out a little bit but god try holding the lead but not for long. You can get if you get back here and and ended junior and those guys to get back today. There's there's a lot happening of war games is both through the next four days bright and here's the question then becomes with some of these teams that are have been eliminated. Our or some machines are party in Boise effort level going to be right because some of these teams are eliminated do they did put on a good face is that that affect somebody else of the draw on how that works out right so that's the real question going fall was over he seems that is playing out the string. They'll they'll put on the best face possible because this is a rarity especially if you look at the teams that are being eliminated. Saudi Arabia are here every our plans Saudi Arabia Egypt Egypt have been in the World Cup in 28 years you Dodd Morocco he does not been eliminated but Morocco has. These two teams that if they get a win even though they don't continue this would be famous victory because it'll say. It's like winning the many people argument or fourteen to do we wanna game wherein it's something you don't think that's going to be a problem they're not the only issue is a team like that their rosters are so thinner. Then the big boys that it's gonna be tough to have a third game effectively played. That you would tavern it fresh legs of fresh ideas at the beginning of the term the effort will be there because it's really important for those countries to go back with a win. If office welcome delegates to import most offer read your guitar rock according I mean you are and thirty want to quit the team. Well we see with it at the kitchen leaders videos and some political refresh yeah area. I guess. It's just devastating because you see a guy a month ago playing the champions league file his whole world is there is about a play with Egypt in the World Cup and then the injury happens and and it's it's. Pulls apart and Egypt are not going through so. It's just for me it's it's it's it's. Difficult told the tickle him because of that reason but I hope I hope things I hope things come out the other and he kicks it back next season and doesn't again. So those are teams that are armor for like you're gory and rush are more rain is there anything to how they're going to play to how their seeding could be going forward. Think about that and look you wanna win the group winning the group. He's gonna. Get your opportunity of moving through determined little bit better but in this case the the winner of this group plays the second place team in Spain or Portugal and I think you can it's kind of a washed. And the way determines gone with some other teams if you look at how the brackets unfolding with Germany. And Argentina possibly not winning their group you might it's it's all been thrown out of whack but I think the rule of thumb is tailor its win the group basket. Improve our chances this go out and get that so they are gonna push hard to both those teams get a victory I'd Max pretzels as with a as the ESP and LA FC voice and also does plenty of work here. Well off cross saw a lot of platforms forests so let's start first and foremost with the game today. Between Egypt and Saudi Arabia that it matters because I have Saudi Arabia and I need the points. Who feel like in that contest. Based on what we just maybe the saudis have a little bit of a better shot the egyptians the disappoint saying things like that but I think Egypt that does smell like a tie or the Egypt have the better talent but Saudi Arabia. Have after awful start and allowed five goals to the Russians played better the second time around they do have some attacking verve in this is. This is the kind of the pressure's off everywhere is Egypt the pressure is on because they need to win and a whole situation most solace a I'm feeling the shot is a little betray love it I learned that they'd act is that what I don't want daddy after I say it last time with your picks that to get away from here on well I thought I'm all good with that did you order to Mike Mike guys feed your your daughter Bristol here and then the big one between you and I Spain and Morocco you have Morocco I have Spain. Well Brock was eliminated. He's making me nervous I was trained reporter for Todd even more possible and I it's I think Morocco's played they've been the one of the unlucky your team's long with Peru. For not getting anything getting knocked out they bird there they should have been Iran and then. Ran with Portugal just could get their lost ones at I think with spam really intrigued to see the starting eleven I think he's retiring at the move things round bye see the right adjustments I think Spain can. We didn't win comfortably but if they kinda. Stick with the old guard which has really been not impressive in the first two games. That Morocco could hang in Morocco it looks you go back home and say he beat Spain. You know I even though it in advance he gets you get operate. Yet rate where we are right now pot where wherever your top three was in the beginning users who are your top three now is anything shifted about what you're seeing out of said. Brazil won then. Spain Germany France and that'll order Brennaman France has been very impressed that France that they would stay up there I think Brazil on form you may be drop them a bit not much in Germany you drop them but you still feel looked maybe they've recuperated from that opening loss. And I think Spain is also off off the boil a little bit I think Belgium may make a thrusts and you know what. Belgium inning that I have to be little hesitant because of the opponents Tunisia and I don't know enough because of who they play Tunisia and Panama will know more about the next game. And I think that's it that's probably where you have the top of the in Croatia is the one team I think has come out of the blue that while not ours are gonna say we're which team that you didn't expect and is made them motivated Erica now and I think they have the look of a team that can make a good run because what we've seen it's whoever can own the midfield. Has done well and they have to the best midfielders in the world in the commodity Geneva on rocketed to play for round at a Barcelona excuse me. And it's diligent in the field the racquet did she can I ask. Hollywood that's very nicely done fairly with likes Slovenian yuck or Hillary had VHR and rely so much yet that if we want to look at the end goal which. I like that you specious. It's like you know what I didn't have a choice has dropped dead literally up to me chemical but I had never great it feels so they have a shot to really do very well. OK so if they're doing well the question is is an eighteen been more disappointing. In Argentina from what has gone on I mean that the talk going into this World Cup that neither. And although nor messy it really were lit the world on fire. In World Cup scenario run although good. Four goals including the hat trick in the game against trained. I needed food there and sort of pretty good and he's he's he's a well straight out of a little angry about that a and who Messi who had eleven shots against Iceland mr. PK and a free kick. Ended the no I don't he touched the ball in the second after the last game what's going on with Argentina and Massey. They're playing everything through him and it's not work and I have a massive. This is this'll never happened I'll get destroyed for even suggesting that put them by all means do it on our show okay. Jorge some poly they're coach is properly is go to loses job they don't go through there you talk about losing the job or they are ready. Now they whenever they win they beat Nigeria they Oprah they say they would buy a couple goals are in OK and then all the things have to fall a place I think if they win the fun there Wayans. Could they have that point against Iceland right. Move. Lionel Messi at the bench. Banks and that's all wow apology Bala loses a playmaker in the form is he coming out have his swings for like 45 minutes. And they bring messy and at that half. Met czars and or economic because you don't get messy will be with a chance to say we don't finance is going to be on the field yesterday talked to think about Nigeria and what. It is messy yeah and and really got in and just bring the knockout blow there really the coach really was breasts that you get to explain it's the messy messy would never sign off on it. Misty says he coached that team why not he's been that ineffective. But you hopefully breakthrough but it has denied any alleged Doran repeat it's not always so why do you think it's been such a struggle for him and it hasn't been for Arnold is because of what Portugal and it was a senior Rosen he's like look I've. I want a chip I'm playing with house money now. A vast to help and I think knowing what you do it and what was interesting I think is Portugal in the second game against Morocco that's the kind of I think result we're gonna see from Portugal going forward. Score a goal maybe Byron although and defended squeezing the life out of a game it's not gonna be pretty bright but that's how they did in the euros so I look when. Hitting the ground running is enormous and that's what he did in that Spanish game and I think that's the approach and there's something about. About his leadership his qualities he's the same way he leads all the possession you have defeat him but I think his teammates get a really. They fall in place they say we believe in this system and all those made it work. His teammates are is averages the Argentine teammates that are. Macy's group is getting the real life moron and the caps as a writer and do that support a lot of they have a couple young guys alongside him and attack there are unproven and defensively they're all season. Kind of been there and a bit lot of trail off the tires so it's not a good team but it's Renaldo just. Which in the right bonds quietly pushing the right buttons they can be out to clear things fall that's what makes face a judge so you really think Iran has a real chance Inspiron and greats in Iran won the game. And they had the Spanish. On the on the ropes and when they fell behind Spain beach prove that they can. Scored gold at some good chances so I would I would not underestimating on here. Good or didn't you're two under our Harry came to his last order. Urgency Harry Carey for I don't know much originate not. Well yet be the third the third goal in the hurricanes' Patrick. Against a Panama it went off his heel and now. I'm not sure he was was he trying to do better to just a bounce off there I would if that hurricane or whatever okay we've probably try it out it was about exactly what an incredible I mean he and make sure all about a four goals apiece in this World Cup. Who's been more impressive player Cain. Renault Cain. I think why does you know that was automatic for you because of the arrival status I think we're all those free kicks maybe. Along with Tony Cruz freaky to too great moments we need to talk about that a second now it's a remarkable but I think with with Harry Kahne. Granted the opponents are thick with all the pressure that comes with the English press a little bit off Portugal what they did two years ago enrolled in a world feel pressure but he little come out and to smack these teams and to get the winner against you need to look like it was loss and with Harry Kahne. He did this play where he just separated from the defense and no follow them and then he had the ball in. And it's he's got this ease about a ideas see that this is a riding this is his arrival and I think he was gonna have a very nice term. While wasn't a Moline because there one of my teen idol brought a drug cure. I thought I'd miss it isn't Carmelo was fantastic house watching the Philadelphia airport. And how's John Lithgow was sitting in the ointment and now I'm not starts for much of the I had to say yeah. It is a yeah when you should use I thought it was very polite but he wasn't game though he with you was it man you should get Michael soccer hey both things been a disaster out there out what do you think this week and that he got to run off Abdullah. But again I you. I was afraid like he knew much more about socket and I didn't know what I'm Aaron I would not wrote but to have that goal happened the way it happened. In that stage of the match again there was five minutes of a stoppage time and it was it. In the 94 minute what about 35 seconds left that have that thing go in I don't know if I'd ever seen. Well a more pressure packed goal. That late in a match in World Cup have you I don't think so right. The magic because it's Germany too that it's the debate like a layer of cream on top of I take ends. This is this would have been historic the champion Germany who could. Nothing wrong lose two games out of the gates and a out of in a precedent and Tony Cruz who scored the goal was having an awful tournament where he got eaten up in the first game against Mexico thing game is a hand. And any alludes that thing from those incredible angle there's some some replays out there ridiculous where he early in the video game exactly right. And that's. That's just you watch any of their ego there's the wind in the sails that your really needed and we might be here in two weeks easy journey lifting the trophy are and frankly are you a fan of our report. I'll write a couple they got it right in the name mar the name are flop was almost got you out three run shot that went right but they model the waters elsewhere so I just it's not like here's clarity for instance. Plays in the the eighteen yard box off a cross or quarter Kate. Where guys being held they'll call it and then other times it's it's happens every play they decide grind it wasn't my call. And I don't like what's gonna happen to the officials because they're going to be under the microscope. If they make that call and it's wrong players already ripping them you can see them the dialogue is nonstop it's really annoying ago lay off the officials. And then. The threat freeze assistants are told multiple their flag up and that's drive me Battie. Has it come up late because they wanna make sure the replay can have it if they're it's. I think it's. It helps one situation but it hurts another made that clear I really don't think they'll bill will have on a percent clarity ever and the rep reason the end are going to be. Be very tough for mark right are now now by Mexico. Are you are you surprised at treasury just been great but he surprised that they were able to back up the huge win. With because that's in the case of let's go the high that they'll have that it's big big win and then have that let down. So how much we impressed that they were able to avoid that in the second massively to semi when I was in LA talk the Mexican fans everyone was down there in the sense that there is optimism. But there are here we go again we beat we beat the team we're supposed to but historically they did it for years ago we tied Brazil may you're beating the Dutch. The daily have a let down here and there they will lose Holland eventually. But it's that was a let down and they overcame it and even at the anecdotal tests and they say golden who want to but everything doesn't matter as long as. They have to get to a quarterfinal at least this'll be brief despite beating Germany this will be a failure so they have to win that group. To hope to avoid Brazil although I think I think at this point they might prefer to play Brazil and a team like Switzerland this was the kind of team that. As earmarks to knock out Mexico well what are you what a Toyota Yaris I think that's what's on do well I'd even see. Yeah the price went so terribly beautiful handwriting is that was Al that was out or not I about decided that that your reaction fee for a new Russian soccer doping did nothing. Put a new investigation finds the reported. That all 23 members of Russia's 2014 World Cup squad were among dozens of players under investigation because all. We're reportedly slowed to seek evidence weirdo last month shock players all 28 members. Of Russia is 2018 kilometers squad fighting. Insufficient evidence we all know all went out for the Russia and the doping in the Olympics could remember our group participated on their own flag so. What do we make of this not surprised if. Not surprise it saves this feel like that. Lift drug sweep under kind of situation but looked area there in bed with Russia they are bed with hosting and I think rush by always a really nice job. Lease of the games yes getting them off without incident and in everything's in good shape despite some weather issues here and there are some bugs and I think they've done that but it. This is they have to almost cast a blind eye with anything that happens Russia guzzle at this point too late and I think with cutter the next hose with human rights issues. They are not kind of going all in stamping it out their. They they know that this state cannot move that World Cup his point if you lie with a dodgy if we have Russia watered the host country. The U bigger and different opera I think it would be a little different but I think there's so much investment now being the host country date there they would have at least. Done their due diligence here when you'd think they would have fright at a freer World Cup coverage may teacher you check out Max and hurt podcast on the ESPN rapper apple podcasts are real quickly before Dirksen Max is in Russia until Mexico gets knocked out so away we just do so by foam but a I don't want to say as long as possible elements that are exactly so again on. Tuesday when Nigeria police are Argentina your suggestion would be to than a bank shot a final message the first half right that that's just that's right just the best strategy cotton as. It pays off farm so I am not so that's a Nigeria a little bit yeah and I just think if if they actually went down that road. I think the coach might say a big huge mistake somebody I think I I think vanish I think they would say that the manager regards actor would pay a large one of those you know mentioned it to make it up Macs I love it and I thank you for espousing an area on our I say and if they do I'm gonna give you all other current. Ask how the public credit patriotism really quick yeah what you guys are doing are creating more did you have a great yet a big audience that may not be soccer's everywhere you guys that you're doing more about helping people watch soccer and anyone I've you know the last. Because the way you're handling it and making it fondness of glass yeah this is how you do even thank gamble or not you guys that I cannot applaud you enough this I if anyone asks me how we get Salk robbed a point to this example is the way to do look if you're not into this world cup of the things happening you're not into sports hey this is everything you want drama. Late game heroics domination and acting yes got it all on an alternate route through ball and don't get at all on the Macs and her podcast. And how much more. I'm an artist Maximilian presto. In studio nights straight that you you've got to. Did your homered ADT home if not you have to get ADT help protect. Against break in fire and carbon monoxide. For a limited time get ADT's lowest rates starting at just 2899 a month. From the most trusted name in home security sort ADT dot com slash podcast to take advantage of ADT's lowest rate with 36 month monitoring contract early termination of the installation fees apply excludes taxes increased simplest traditional services only certain markets exclude lessons available if he. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. We're glad to be joined now in the shell pencil performance line. By the mavs GM. Donnie Nelson Donna thanks for being with us this morning first and foremost how all in are you guys or were you guys when you made the trade on dodge which. Oh yeah out of all the way. Really excited. You know we we were working a little while bomb on and came together. Knew when mr. shark tank showed up but we literally minute for. It'll trigger it. Really really excited about adding him to the mixed down here. Can you explain the timing ever again to get turnovers that rule of trading draft picks a tour right yet to have it done bottle sort of unlocked door and address players they can be a little bit different so can you kind of explain that difference in how this went down as opposed depicts. Sure it's basically a moratorium so Odom is the week we came to term great. Literally right before the drought started and then. Basically you pick or each other so that the there at the trade wasn't actually consummated. Until a young went down to five and was selected and then then we'd better deal. Donna that's always seemed so foreign to me because I'm obviously big on the NFL draft picks are traded at all times during the draft that are really. Makes things more exciting you like the idea of this 2 o'clock moratorium on and on no trading picks. After that menu draft players and they put on the hat and suddenly they're not going to that very moment but it creates some awkward moments would you like to see draft picks. Being able be traded as the draft is going on. The umpire and what did I you know I did did it deftly works it is a little confusing but cute with. You know your boy whoa she knows what everyone doing for they do it though the result of. I've heard weirdly out of the kill bridges was there with the model works for the sixers now we're keeping him in the family stayed here. And now you're going to be they're admitted it just seems weird to data that pat picture all of a sudden becomes obsolete with the commissioner pretty quickly were targeted Don Nelson GM. On the map so we're we talked about doctor three we've heard him talk about that approach since 1516 years old. How much you think it will help would Dirk there as far as European player in trying to acclimate him not only to the NBA were to the country. Oh it maps of you know I mean Turks seemed butterball then. You know Doug we all appear you know what it takes you know Berkshire. First two years here were difficult they were in Albert Bremer back in the day when you get thrown around like rag doll a median Nash out of fight through some tough times and it's it's a little bit of a trip back in time you know with. Dennis Schmidt junior. You know lump looped in. So they're gonna be gone through some tough times roots it's really important have leadership piercing Barnes and obviously dirt. You know being from Europe. Enabled true. You know to help you through those so you know those typical moment. Donnie Nelson was the mavs GM of course they made the trade during the draft they traded the pick the players and they ended up with movie dodge it. Listen we we all kinds of talk about dodge its he's this he's that he can do this he can't do that. When it's all said and done what is the thing that you like most about what Don just gonna bring to the team. Makes a teammate better anywhere and so I mean he's just. Is DNA as winning on every level don't have very young age com. You know we were interviewing him he said the thing that you really look to do is perhaps. And so you don't do we have those players. Prompting becomes inspections. And that quote teams get better you know if you look at. You know gold state the way that ball moved (%expletive) around the perimeter everyone can shoot everyone chip in and outs and it's. You know that's the way that the game is going sorties. Either an important step Russia and in is in that direction. What's the first apple what what is he first to do and it kind of in my sport of football when guys are drafted some report immediately and that they're starting spot. Summit takes a look obviously a little bit more time what's the expectation here. Yes no I think this same as Dennis Schmidt last year you know Rick is committed to if if aren't putting in the start position and you know were were kind of you know getting cute you know focus them on you know that the future pieces of the maps and the next step and so arm and down the first step was actually last priority when we had depressed properties and he showed a protections for the first time million. He knew the cowboys were written you know were six flight was. That was bought into. I know the though that's a good starting bail us there on it in the Dallas forward there if you don't wore on I 36 flags is now the cowboys. Are off to a good start you guys were talking did it die Donnie Nelson mavs Jim we we should not just skip over this you talked about winning being part of the DNA. Darts it's also what Jalen brought into the squad talk about winning DNA there what did you like will much about him in the two championships and he won a Villanova. Just really. You know we had a good chance to. Coach is that. Reclaim gold stayed in. You know we are. Rose shoes and a long time about brand that was his first client so. Have Leon you know come down and buildup he was Steve Nash is. You know agent. You know join us for the press conference Friday was really really cool almost like deja Vu moment. But no Jalen praying you know winning DNA went through. You know he's like Luke has done on every level when we get guys like that blocked and good things out. I read Adam silver round last week and he talked over the report's author the one and done possibly being over by 41221. Of those years because of the of trades and things like that art are you for that you ready to see that they go by the wayside. I think it's a reality of where things are going from I think you know the NCAA is really tired of you know the one and done situation in and so I think it's an inevitability. And so yeah it's gonna be different for sure but I think. You know with a bit geely and the success week. Had their technical direct report. Well it'll certainly be changed at a press the most important question as mad Jim Donnie Nelson is what is all the mavericks in anyway shape and form. Help dodge its get a meeting with Jennifer Aniston has is that's what his state local us. 88 priorities more dirty work on that not a I got no credible and valued the time it's all good luck did not. Donna we appreciate you being with the this morning thanks so much thanks Don. All right gentlemen have a great week YouTube bell. I'm a shower curtain behind you one thing keep water from leaking everywhere CC life can use as compared to Geico footage so much more like not only could Geico seeking money to keep him around for over 75 years and give each went for senate access online over the phone or on the Geico F and he got in 97% customers. Satisfaction ratings into all this while I have to listen unless chuckle at how could he stopped last. How great an encore Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. I golden window if you are Monday morning hope you're weeks off to a good start and we have some news about LeBron because raw about. Again he has to decide by Friday whether or not he's opting out of is a contract in Cleveland and passing on 35 million dollars is that a 3033 point fell 2.2 2030 whatever thirty whenever you're 35 army who emerges surrounding announced point. However this story comes to us from our great NBA reporter emotional burn. That the billboards have gone up in several cities around the country trying to recruited me a finish the process what we saw no in Philadelphia. What brought Jameson has said that he's not going to go three dog and pony show a presentations from all these teams eventually he doesn't wanna hear a pitch and it was just what you just want advertising you know don't publish a bit this is why you should do this presentation tutorial closers in order Hampton to let teams come to him or not you guys do that now moves always ought to organize Hampton's spot now may be easy he needs to go to the Hamptons applied insult Hampton's side. He says he'll speak. With a club official or owner at some point but the elaborate presentations and in common. He's got to do not know I have listened everybody again. Does it differently there's no wrong way to do we know or should we tried to Miami I mean who do the wrong way that he would say it I said that my division I did raise some money certainly for the Boys and Girls Club but but it didn't duck. And I'm not looking great for him. Well we dollar Kevin Durant did buy I'm gonna be in the Hamptons everybody wanted to make a pitch that's Robby and we know. A lot of Golden State guys that went out there that to talk to him. So old bears ever always go about it you know is it for LeBron been there done that right I mean there's not much he hasn't done earnestly. So this is yet another decision or I don't know if you really cares or thinks or cares about what people think about the moves he's going to make but. No you know some people jump on him if you leave to go to another team again. So as I've always said when you're kind of a no win situation. Who you gonna do man bright I mean you're you're there or you're in your family that that's that's that you you you worry about OK it is not what everybody else is going to be thinking that's. As a Cleveland fans because that's the city you're from as the goal which family is there as we found out when expressed as was in here. Are you a little more optimistic that he might state because of what we've been hearing people are saying like he's looking for the cavs get more reason to stay do you feel more optimistic well. The cavs give armor reasons there may well what's what's the reason they they can't really do when he thing again I'm not gonna go by their draft pick of saying oh yes now he's all in. Your mood a draft and another just read about very pick I mean anybody pick out of that wasn't what are you looking for that don't have a whole lot of room to do what Tallinn with this team. But again if he if he said family this is going to be a lot in this decision. Then you know the comfort of staying where he grew opera where he's from in that area. You know there certainly has to be something to that and that as far as warned he wants to accomplished if if you know that. Rocco why any year my view of the lakers may be goes they're now high you know maybe option for one more here I don't know bright note good to do that as well. It does seem like that he's trying to keep as low profile as possible in this blame him for that I mean my god the guys the center of attention wherever he goes I mean he doesn't need to be the center of attention this out publicly. Ford and I think you know understands that as well and I'm not to save people don't look to be the center of attention was sometimes a social media. The way to go about that but this one as I said. They're done that about Bob the most visible way you can do and having a show on where he's taking his talents to now you know what it's going to be a little more under wraps. It is and again it has to happen by Friday or Friday if he doesn't opt out by Friday due to what time of day it is Friday is I do not know stern or whatever. I'm not sure the answer that but if we don't have the answer by Friday which means she's staying asleep or imagined 1159 at night but I don't know that that they don't do they don't see some underlings August gases like. Like Brussels is this is the bench message on what could possibly go wrong there but we asked a lot of people on Twitter and who won the weekend would put some categories out there's some suggestions for a we also had people calling in. About who on the weekend and we had this phone call I think we have to get to. Could I think more. Whom I current crunch. Comes and bombs all Clinton's. You know why and how cool you know are deserted. There's funerals despite colleges and agrees to combat. I don't challenge German corporate don't want yours and your editor here at JO KE ST don't Dice-K obviously. I was always just okay. I love the guy but he always gets it all the platforms Jim from Delaware urges for awesome. He's not the feisty little nugget that Tony at all I don't know what Jim from Delaware come strong every day and get America going into the hall of fame Ewing might. Dreamed reality a national radio national radio hall of fame malware in the category of syndicated national show for over ten years the other eighteen years so be prepared remarks. Hot and you have to look at this came out today the induction is November 15 in New York self. Very cool for all the people that worked out Mechel over those years and certainly most importantly green he'd be my partner their for eighteen years so congrats to him as well. Pretty cool pretty we we got to do this a couple of April's ago for the National Association of Broadcasters hall of fame and and now do and it tougher that's one that's it's a neat thing you know when you're what you do is is appreciated by some less than a point but here's the problem with that this is your fourth hall of fame. Okay you're you're high school. All accounts accounts are wrestling all famous throughout this American was about life. The greatest thing ever what does it just think it's tremendous merit outs called the outstanding American I believe me at a rather I I've while it's fantastic and I law rustling. Every bit as much and I did football. Watch and listen to the Russell who give their speech about actually rushed for him in all things a little jealous let's go vertical thank you. Team America. You want for the form from a thought we need to find another at all and how the doughnut hall of fame I think that's what you that's probably your most important legitimate call Graham what's illegitimate about don't at all fame good point I mean you have to generalize donuts so we need to get my goal in the doughnut all of failures are Dora overnight and will make more polls so he's got one for the thumb and then you can put a doughnut on each one of those fingers that would be very high your hand I would again congratulation to you well deserved that coming up who gets snubbed at the NBA awards the World Cup rolls on. May be reaction to the element thing of course lover I'm not proud of our procedures and.