Hour 4: Mark Cuban

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, November 14th

Greeny & Golic chatted with Mark Cuban about the NBA and NFL


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Considering home security consider this 140 years ADT has hopes up more crime than any other home security company. The yard sign isn't just a sign it's a line in the sand it's no wonder five times more people choosing EDT to protect their homes visit HDT dot com to learn more for a license information in terms and conditions visit ADT dot com. Roll along my in my presented by progressive insurance Mark Cuban will join us and a half hour. On the shelf and all performance line. Speaking of math real quick all born mr. coach K tweets Aniston. I'm a math teacher as a favorite or math teacher. Replace billions with thousand millions when discussing net worth and it sounds amazing. So basically instead of saying that Jerry Jones is worth five point six billion dollars which is easy to sort of go in one ear and out the other right. He's worth 5600. Million dollars. He has a million dollars 5600. I disagree completely it was there where this premise you tell me any number that I have something that begins with a beat. I'm excited about that. You'd you'd thousands millions whatever he's going house to millions and a does nothing for me is finally had a million dollars trillions. Is way more impressive meanwhile we're getting a lot of reaction just quickly here on glee Angelo ball the other two UCLA kids. Grew up according to the Wall Street Journal on a delta flight headed back to Los Angeles now what what are some of the real logjam. We Angelo ball Jalen hill Cody Riley are the three players in question and what type that group ward off the bat the tweets. Good lesson for those kids for me UCLA as long as you are an athlete have an infamous pair you can get away with about any keep your scholarship or another one. And to that question no suspension by UCLA another one why are we bailing these kids out let him rot in China for a week no lesson learned. Next one what type of punishment or these three players received from coach offered. I believe they should at least be suspended for the next five games when they return to the states a lot of people saying. Okay what really happening these guys if in fact. You don't. Did they do what they did. You know are they being let go because our you know our president talked to their president and got a little bit you know special special work going on there. I don't I don't know that bomb because you year. I remember my dad used to say we referred her would tell us that the breaks that time we're talking about this is. Burn my dad's you guys ever did you know tossed him in jail for the night for some than. You don't call your stay their for than yours here that says they're that I listen I had an apple my son Mike I mean Mike. When he got arrested for underage drinking in Notre Dame he went in to jail I'd. I had someone get him out I didn't let him you know it all sounds good until it happens then Elvis and your kid is there are no like okay Emery get my kid out. And any and you get them out. So I get those that are wondering Elkins does any time some people don't get special treatment and they see others that do. They always say okay unfair to a loss or your holiday that would that these these people get it we don't. Where's the punishment in this the one thing I will say is I don't know off our goals so far to this one to say let him stay in jail over in China. You're talking about a different country through what what they did it they did this was incredibly it's open. Stupid anywhere to walk anywhere take something that's not George but to do it in another country that play by different set of rules. Normally tougher rules that are rules is just. Inexplicably done. OK so it is but to say let him stay over there and had jail lowered ever for a weaker. Then I wouldn't agree with or edit especially if it's your kid you're trying to get them the hell out of there as who was they came on the show I think it was more money. Jet on a plane. Jet on a plane do what you gotta do. Say what you gotta say to get on the plane to get home and deal where that once you get home Chris I would never go that far to say while to teach my kid adolescent. He's gonna stay in that foreign country for as long as they needed before week so he can learn a lesson I get the lesson and the scare tactic. But they're steps for me and that might be a little far when I don't know what their rules are now I don't know what's gonna happen to these guys in the comeback from their school have to wait state. Right I'm with the on everything you do set I would do the same thing if if if my kids were doo did did something that's stupid in China I'd be angry and disappointed now but I'll be trying to get that out on a China shop and but now there should be consequences brought I mean this has been an incredibly embarrassing circumstance. As some people say it's a national embarrassment matter how many people feel ownership of this. But one way or another it certainly made a lot of people look bad so I have to believe there will be consequences Mike could come from. It could come I suppose from the NCAA. Could certainly come from the conference and I would imagine it'll come from the school. What what sounds like an appropriate this. All the schools should be Joseph listen you went over there representing your school. Basketball the NCAA or the twelve commissioner commented on this you're delusional personal should be first and foremost wait a minute you're coming home over there is part of UCLA. You guys did this to embarrass your school. Your name's you know you're you're the basketball the NCA united say where were you wanna go as far as people. Wanna take that to me to come from the school. Without question the schools should call up whoever the NCAA I don't know you call these things and say mark and I know what we got it just like what what her arm which set. You know what when he had issues of his players he call up commissioner and say. I know you may god do his schedule but I got this one. Ayman Hamlet so watch exactly what you while what would be a suspension along that I don't what is the appropriate punishment for allegedly stealing sunglasses in China that I don't know that I don't know and I don't know do we know the truth here did they do what are they just get special treatment to get out of there. Where did they not really do it or never we never gonna know this. So I'm sure that's all taken into consideration I can't put a number on it I'm not close enough to the situation. But I think I am in agreement from those that are Tweety and their needs to be you need to be held accountable. Will some people say well they've been held accountable enough by having this stay there you know they they didn't play in the game. They had to stay over there for a couple of you know a few extra days so almost say is that punishment enough others will say no that's not. So I don't know but to me if if they were guilty of something over there and they got out of dodge which again we would all try to get our kids out of there. There should be some discipline coming from UCLA. And I think if they were if they were arrested for stealing sunglasses and a store in LA they'd be suspended suspended yes so IV going and doing it in another country while you're representing the school and the conference and whatever else it is you representing. Is a bigger deal than that our degree so I. I I'd I have to believe now again and that the circumstances are what they are aware that someone would get to the bottom of the facts and word just try to piece together whatever it is we think we know about what happened right. But at the end of the day I would if if the facts are what they appear to be. I would find it startling if there were not fairly significant suspensions attached agrees. Absolutely agreed there they played on Friday in in China against your detector next game is tomorrow. Well against central Arkansas and then you know obviously the schedule starts all. Yes it will be very interesting if they're on a plane now when they get home then. Then how they are dealt with once they get home night will see it anyway they get according to the Wall Street Journal or on a plane at delta flight. Back to Los Angeles and we'll have more with it from there and let let me let me get back to as quickly the issue of ranking. I'm getting a bunch of different people messaging me that perhaps. One suggestion that Jerry Jones considers himself the ranking NFL owner. Because he doesn't include families right meaning he has been the active owner at this or longer than John Mara has longer than. The current role whereas right right and others who've been involved. Well there are about semi you know maybe he means that based upon the value of his franchises franchise is the most about oil gas whatever it is the question that is of interest to me is what exactly is it the Jerry Jones wants Chris mortenson was talking about that. Yesterday. What he Watson is here is the status both spoke publicly in a letter and distributed to owners that he wants transparency and even though and made the authorize a committee to finish is still that's what they're trying to do. He's basically saying is there have been so many different circumstances so many other problematic areas that. He believes it. That they need to be transparent in every. So I again I ask I mean in May they did this so he's saying since then there have been other issues that that that have come up. I I'm not sure. There is he basically saying he doesn't like the way Roger handled these so we shouldn't hate him as much. I I hours days and should we take a long look. But the way we are doing business right now. Based upon where our business seems to beat. Which is to say I think anyone. Who pays close attention to this. Would would agree that right now things are not going great for the National Football League on a four righty have different levels. That that doesn't mean they're about to close up shop now in our by any stretch but it's been a club called rough viewers so for the business. And maybe what Jerry is saying is the person who was in charge of the business that we have hired to be in charge of the business. Should face more scrutiny than he seems to be from the owners I mean if if I'm reading this thing correctly. I feel like Roger Goodell is still basically. Built up all this equity and I use that term advisedly. With all these owners because of the deal he got done for the right one element he made these guys are on of money and at the end of the day. That's what they care the most about the what go to their pocket and that they're more than wanted to give him to forty million because he made them that times X. But. There are so many things that have gone on since then. That have not gone well and and just using that the bullet point headlines of domestic violence right the league's reaction to the CG controversy. Two on how all the issues with the kneeling in the way that's impacting sponsors and television ratings and everything else. That regardless of what side you fall on in any of this. I could see a legitimate argument being made things are going to gripe right now do we need to reassess. The way were doing this natural point. Most of this was already happening in May guess a lot of this year has gone this the start of this in the way this is gone president trump has brought an element to that kneeling controversy have said did not exist last year right that was probably not foreseeable emit. And I think a lot of people believe. That the Papa John piece of this was Jerry Jones. Related that Jerry Jones right sort of the impetus of that. To try and and and publicly criticized could tell without himself having to do it and the other owners are angry about that so are there there's a lot of stuff that's going on here behind the scenes so. I don't think it's totally reasonable for Jerry Jones to say hey should we be taking a close look at this but I also can see the other side of it saying we all signed off on. Now we're we're way were we are to do that we're we're committee nobody says that word just think. That because it's a six person committee they're not taking your calls look at it that's what they're doing right I mean that that's supposedly what they're looking into what they're going over. And we're to be a fair assessment to say to Roger Goodell listened. You made 44000035. Whatever was and you yell we're up to fourteen billion a year. Should we reassess now what all the things that are going on one of our number next year's twelve billion. Thirteen 1000000013. Five sort of we lost some money should that be taken in consideration reviewer new deal you were compensated for helping us make all this money. Should go the other way if you don't so I think that's why one of the reasons are talking about putting. You know a structure and and other incentives. To. You don't incentives going all the way did to the next negotiation are there games missed. Werewolf the owners whose money anywhere there you know all the way through there. So I think they are looking at a little more so again I don't think it's mutually exclusive from Jerry Jones side to sit there and say. We need to change this and and look at what's going on what after the committee's four after a committee members of your peers. Who have been put together to look into all of us not to just. Going to negotiated number but to look at all the things and to possibly say to Roger Goodell and and his people listen. Word a different time right now we may need to take a step back and look what's going on. And while Jerry say all the owners should be involved in this I still understand they made a six person committee to look at. It isn't as simple as this obviously is what I'm about to say. But it is a unique dynamic. Where you have the structure that is set up in the sports where the guys along the team's. Employee the commissioner. But the commissioner makes decisions frequently that they don't like men and again so this is a terrible comparison but the one that jumps immediately to my mind. Through most of my life my parents owned a tiny little business brightly on a bookstore. And at any given time the usually employed between like three and six people depending on over the course of that time. And I can't imagine. One of those people that my parents avoid coming in my bothered saying. Were gonna start selling something else now my father's thing I don't like that had been dancing well tough you hired me to work here are my brother will you or your fired I mean it's I had simple. So if you're Jerry Jones who used to being able to say now this is the way I wanna do this you're fired. But that's not the way it helps when you're not in partnership now with the other owners. And you employed this guy to make decisions you don't like like suspending your players don't even though the police decided not to bring charges against him it's it is it is 88 complicated situation. And a lot of people are trying to act like it doesn't have anything and military here and I don't know otherwise but it certainly kind of. Comfortable draw I think it's ridiculous that even even think that business on the do that so told general Stewart goes as we say billionaires fighting would billionaires and I don't like it I can't explain why but I like I I don't as much as you. I'm really interested to see work goes we saw the relationship with Roger Goodell and Robert Kraft after this whole thing where Tom Brady. Now be introduced it not only interested to see where Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell but Jerry Jones in the other owners now now like we'll see anything and not like. Like any dad is going to happen they're not walking into an arena you know the shield and sword and battling one another. You know they battle with lawyers and sternly written letters that's what they do so you know nothing crazy I don't think is going to be coming. Isn't this is the Eagles in the cowboys this weekend on the other Sunday night game I mean that would be a good game for Roger Goodell has come to. I've got a good announces extension averages or really here I would I that could happen to but I don't see them on the field together at the same time whatever is. Is Roger Adams has he become persona non Grata in Dallas the way he did a New England. And in New England where the fans could not wait to boo him and all that kind of stuff I don't know are they reacting similarly there. With regard to this is he kill Elliott situation as they did and I would think they'll be hard to do. Because this week Eliot thing one way or another. Stem is about the best chart our domestic firefighters have played as opposed to all waited ritual which we all laughed at said 25000 dollar fine from us who would you cripple let's get a move on our our date. You don't say that would domestic violence. Especially when when the league has made some some missteps in dealing with that so you wanna go heavy as opposed to light and ads and as we said. The started as domestic violence now procedure. So but still it stems from domestic violence so I don't know if it will be the same you know outrage from the fans I agree at their me. I there was a marked difference and every anyone who doesn't know that should know that and you should never get the impression that we don't think Barack. The only thing is that to your point. That's how they're fighting over at all not know what is now this has once again become a Bart article 46 Mike in my presented by progressive insurance or against. On the shell Pennzoil performance I'm speaking of fighting. Little war of words that began with LeBron James continued dislike for Phil Jackson. Spilled over onto the court a little bit last night. He was a very interesting NBA regular season game for the cavaliers came from 23 down to beat the knicks at the garden. But it involves LeBron to just to go very quickly through the the circumstances here. After a game against the mavericks recently the bronze went out of his way to say this kid should have been a net which is to say Dennis engineer what is it that the knicks passed on. Who looks like a spectacularly talented rookie in this case should have been a neck. And LeBron makes no bones about it no secret about it that's aimed at fail it is he's still HL dot. You know like that help but when saying Dennis Smith junior should have been a neck. Caught the shrapnel Lawrence Frank you're looking right who is they talk that they did take who. I'll the next selected ads that we and his cancer. Got a rose to the defense of his teammate Reggie shut yes. Until last night there's a little moment where LeBron and elect Tina are kind of bumping chest right. On the court it's it's not about to turn into a fist fight all right I think north but it's it's it's obviously going on that it's more than nothing I don't know how to. Quantify it it's not nothing that's going on. And cantor comes runner right over and he gets right in the Bronx based and goal it says I said. A more power to me should be doing if if nobody did I would have questioned. All of new licking his teammates. If they didn't because it wasn't just a a word back and fort there was a little bit elbowing and pushing between LeBron and frank and more more Frank's part as he was trying to you know take the ball out. And LeBron just standing in his way but pointedly standing and why would outlast him doing it out of Venezuela standing in his way Venus cantor came running over there are. And got LeBron Stacy absolutely should have gotten his face and said dang ain't doing that to my guys were fairly or were team. And I went out just rise more of the teammates didn't do you see anybody messing with your teammate and you got to jump you've got to jump quipped. So I afterwards we have interest in sound bites from both of the combatants if you will here's in his cantor. We've ever proven currently I would a lot of energy. Well I'll tell you one thing systems through special and in comes from my house friends had a water bottle from Jamaica and army. And your crew or. Chin what more you put yourself ten grand princess on every door. You know what you're gonna fight and nobody out there and upon us so we're just going out there and play our games and I think he's just gonna give. Better and better and better every day. 100% agree let's see him go over there and Mike Evans the guy I'm blind side LeBron he went over there and got his coral but basically say quit messing with our guy. I'll be honest if I have a team that doesn't wanna do that I don't want him as a teammate. That's ain't gotta go over there and start to throw down unless that's what's called for patrol over there and defend your teammate. I saw and a story as far as occupants are we heed what did was. Incredibly appropriate. But the comments and of course at all sure that it that was used to be my job I notice as you were at one block premier why she go running. In most NBA Arenas the locker rooms not all that far apart from each of the running to the other locker room you bring that quote to LeBron James and here was his reply. Come sit. Alan foot. You can put yourself king Clinton really has wherever. Think it's oil what does he said he did you can look yourself king I'm Kansas you're gonna. Guam McCain my wife is a queen in my daughter's princess so we got all recovered. What happened here Anderson Francona. No confederate written. You know. Nothing nothing I mean we had to invest us. A number of a mogul give. And I synagogues and community was next question. Please. Listen I don't care a reminder from both sides can't try to model what he said after the game and LeBron watch LeBron gonna do. You know sale good one you know I mean things to do this thing doesn't actually pretty pretty funny line from cantor quite Ottawa I'll say if if you're LeBron. I wonder if looking back on because he tried to say I wasn't talking about frank I was really I was aiming that at failed can't help but that's how Poland for you drag him into whether you wanted to and you can say all you want about that was for Phil. You still drag that that player into you don't have you may not have thought of that at the time he did it but he did it but it is sort of collateral damage so I would think. I'm pattern and not as nominee might regret battle and and I'm glad I haven't seen any and I hope I do I don't see anybody that jump and I cantor for for jumper in the growth of LeBron I haven't seen any of that. I did hear that the from the Cleveland side the broadcasters. Say what's cantor to a new study about the put cantor is doing exactly what it should be doing. Here's what can't there was going to let it run over their swinging that that would have been good to restore much different go over there you get this facing as they keep your hands off our bright right this is sort of the way this stuff goes. It is it is. Just the right amount of vitriol all right on the basketball court right to make it interesting and not make it on appeal Arrigo. There are micro here support for the bike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. Rocket mortgage is simple allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident your getting the right mortgage for you you get started. Order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just the place yeah it's feeling that you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most ADT let's. That feeling with you whether your home your business for online. We help keep you safe. We security systems home automation alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home wherever you. Go to ATP dot com we'll get that feeling for less than a dollar and there. Home safe home. All right I made the comment earlier this morning as we wrap up what has been eighteen years together. There aren't that many people the last eighteen years in sport writers it's just not that kind of a business and one of those who has been maybe the most consistently interesting through all of that period of time. Joins us now the owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban is back with a us on Mike and Mike good morning mark. What's up guys see you say we're all old. That's pretty much man I mean if you're sort of the stories of people how long they'd listen to us. I was in middle school and I start to listen you're down 27 married with a kid were like. Oh my god how old are we Tim. You know I know it and they're crazy I've I hear that they've stored my dad took me to my first maps game when you bought the team about five. A little man. I remember one time you came here very early in your tenure and and are your guest on sports center and I was the host and we were walking around ESPN together and I learned a lot of stuff about the business of it from that so let's talk about that. It feels like we are NA a golden age of the NBA right now on so many different levels that feels. As though from. The star caliber of the players the eighty. The relationship if you will between the league and the players so so clearly I am distinct from what we're seeing in the National Football League where it feels as though. The ownership meant I'd love to hear your thoughts on a sort of embrace. How public the players are in in the in the issues that are important to them how would you describe where we sit right now with this week. I think the MBA has been brilliant start with David Stern and at first where count and leverages social media. You know where other other sports I think a kind of downplayed the value of the individual player we've amplify that we've we've really tried to. Kids are our players to embrace it used and accelerate. Our business with their social media accountants and their own personal brands. And so it's been embryonic cell. Any given player Dirk social media what brand grew. Abroad after the pickup truck so does the MBA and I think that's where we've been unique if you look at the social media presence. All of our players individually starting at the bottom up rather than top down to see it's much more significant. Than any other league and I think that's paid up huge dividends. It's a great point was very tipping point was your point in the NFL now will we we see the between the league and the players and some of the things going on did you guys have to work through that were there things that maybe we didn't see publicly that. Players and and the league had to kind of work out as you were going through that call yet. I mean if you go back to the early days of Twitter where you don't act would be up late at night they did they were headed a private message. And it come out of the public Sweden everybody talk about how they were hacked these they're both got really felt. But that's just the growing pains of of all social media. All it's so yeah we've we've operated that and look we we went through our top ties when they're at the mallet and the palace you know. Win win people were talking about Italy being too hip hop that those were challenging times for us not because those people were right. It but because they did understand hop that the what players war because their players to have a voice. Social media gave our players of boys in our players took advantage of that it's so you've got to know who each of these players are. And now like you'd look to see what staff were in the broader even Dirk. Have to say when something happens. And that's made our league so much stronger would you know because our players are are unique and and have their own individuality. And in any sports. Profession. You know. Talent drive and everything if you compare that to the NFL with all of the controversy right now. They don't have their platform if the doubt cowboys of the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike two teams walked in front of me I might be able name. You know readable by seeing in the otherwise I'd have to produce myself and that's just significant difference between us and other sports. Mike and Mike and Mark Cuban what do you make of all of that I just mentioned. Your players are it feels like encouraged. To be as public as they wish. With the issues that are really important to them it feels like right now that is the opposite in the National Football League where they're having enormous issues. From a business standpoint and otherwise what what is your take on that. Well I don't back to the social media and the lack of visibility of the NFL players there are only platform is when the cameras are on. And that's when they get that's when their voices to stronger. It's so they take it be in everybody's watching for a ban. You know whatever method they wanted to get even though they can't control an air of daily start a conversation. Without LeBron James has what two or three times as many Twitter followers of the president of the United States. When when the cameras are on the door and any one given game. There's there's knotted it. That's not a necessity for that we don't have to talk there we have better platform to send a message. That's the difference between the two and so I understand what the NFL players are doing and why they're doing that doubt way and it. The NFL owners and just have a challenge in dealing with that. On the court you know the league more as we said isn't a great place she'd been in the headlines so much in the offseason work where football usually takes charge but the NBA it was their butt. On the court and for you it's a tough start this year for you and and we always talk about Golden State where some of the other players have moved. So for you and the frustration level of you trying to bay and getting Dennis Schmidt junior everybody loves the skies of the building back up. But credible. Yeah to get back to the top four you wanna be all owners wanna win but man you'd certainly word on your sleep how frustrated are you head into getting this team back. You know what I'd do was just a matter of time that that we have to. You know take it step back in order to go forward. And I didn't think it he didn't painful hole the you know we're just came out and says you know after the spurs we've had the fewest days and a lot com. All of any team in the MBA over the past forty years it's so it's certainly new territory for us. But we we think we're going to be able to turn around relatively quickly we we went from all of last year much younger this year and are they being younger with Dennis but with terrorists then he you know we with with Seth Curry a cut throat. We've we've just got a strong nucleus so I think we're gonna get back and I. You know watching our games now. You could see were you to furtive and particularly Dennis is going to be phenomenal but when you put when you hand the keys to a nineteen year old. That you know it's going to be there's going to be challenges that the in the games we've lost some close ones at the end but. You know that happens now but it pays dividends off in the long run and hopefully you know by the end of this year will be on a roller where Dexter what have a turnaround. Mikey Mike Mark Cuban as well that's another thing we were talking about this morning that. You would have I think unique insight into is that dynamic right now there's an issue between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell and Jones is very sad. And and I was making in the the comment that it's just a strange dynamic because at the end of the day. Goodell worked for Jerry but he can make decisions that Jerry doesn't like and I go back to the earliest days of mark Cuban's tenure in Dallas. I don't know if you know the exact number of dollars that David Stern. Finding about it it's in the millions and present them Elian not so can you sort of explained that I frequent when you aren't split Internet yeah. Okay it's up on one hand the commission are supposed to be a buffer because you've got thirty in the ambient 32 owners that you've got to operate they compete against each other. Buffer with a bigger picture because not your business interest as an individual team or as an individual might not always aligned with the leak that that's the business side. On the competitive side we all know as owners that you know. It take a blocked and it takes them happenstance. To be at the top of beliefs you know whether it was the mavs whether it was BK have weather with the heat. You know whether the warriors pick up to go right and you know that you had. Guys are gonna age out guys are gonna get hurt that you at this point in time to quit football guys get hurt more often we've got to take advantage of the opportunity it doesn't last forever and Jerry Jones knows that not an Ottawa to speak from a just. Talent from my perspective Jerry knows that would stack it would be if he got this moment in time if he's got to take advantage. And because you don't want bad tackle and either one of them can be out and the entire future of the organization competitively changes. And so he's fighting to get his team on the field what he's got a he's got the opportunity to really be here it could win a super ball. And that's what puts them at head to head because Jerry got to take advantage of this moment time he's got to fight report no matter what. And I think all the fans respect and and recognize that that's the case Roger Goodell on the other hand got to balance everything else out. It's so I've been in situations where I've had other owners try to kick me out. And at David Stern want to be out yell and other owners you know came minutes spoke positively for me. And and Jerry going through right now he doesn't like the way discipline and ability he knows more than everybody. All about the circumstances behind peak in the situation. And you know the end of Indian Roger is on the other side is trying to manage the at Deanna felt brand. The fact that there's issues in terms of domestic violence the fact that there's issues in terms CTE. Roger Goodell would got a very typical job right now and Jerry Jones wants to win it. You know he wants because he wants to get back to the Super Bowl for the first time in a long time and that's what creates the tensions. And and certainly really NFL while they make a ton of money we've all just mentioned some of the things going on right now lord of the things you had mentioned you think. It is coming to fruition that the over saturation. Overall could hurt the product. Oh yeah I mean it's you know I talked about it you know a few years ago and I think that's been the case. All but come I think in the NFL ready to implode today because of ratings you know TV ratings are down across the board. But there's two effect. There's just a lot of different circumstances that we put them altogether. I think get a felt very challenge I think you know getting to the top is hard to stayed at the top is even harder and I think they took some things for granted and has backfired on the now. We're always appreciate your time and I always love have to mention or were my favorite chosen shark tank I just love that I appreciate it I look how how the game with with A-Rod on their army that that's got. You would call it. I mean honestly I mean in I've said that Alex I was a little bit concerned because I didn't know the depth of his business experience. We been friends for a few years and we talked and had lunch in but we talked more about branding him and talked you know about sports or whatever get really scared to death with his business and when he came on the show he just nailed it he did a great job all. I thought our I was really happy and and I think it came across them in the episode he's been. Not great fantastic charges love it love love the time is now with us too mark hill mark of a great candidate got and. Graduation got a great run its. You know it is like anything else that if it goes by quickly and an update at the end it you always reminiscent it's always tougher so. You know regrets on the on your run and everything you've been able to accomplish it's always. But to come on the show you're one of the few shows not travel for get me go to Fort Worth or never felt. You know it is it's really been special to be part of its heart I thank you for that. Thanks for everything very much we do appreciate it Mark Cuban what are the most interest and people. And what we've always a greater disagrees always got something to say Hedo is worth hearing. And he did he got an apartment when the Super Bowl isn't in port. That was the coldest I've ever analysts so Cole yeah he came out their fourth through very nice them to do man it was coal act computer execute twelve point four. Optimizing algorithm running encryption package help goodnight tonight. I don't feel so good what what is a computer is it I didn't hear it feels hot in here I feel a little clip of me I should lie down doors something. A computer with a virus surprising what's not surprising. How much you can sit by switching to go back out those oysters Rockefeller or a stick Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. I'm delighted to have this opportunity do. Thank you guys were I think your remarkable partnership. And for a partnership that. It's kind of world generally for an adequate negative negativism. You know really provided on who. Entertainment. Enjoyment. And meeting or conversation. I know how much I enjoyed. Listening to every morning. Take all other major issues in the sports world and present them and as you did it really I think unique way and a most interesting way and I just I wanna tell him how much I appreciated it. We didn't always agree. But that made that made the most interesting part of our relationship. You are great about sharing different thoughts and and I the same thing and he always did and I'm very classy and dignified manner so. Nice gong guys. You brought a new dimension. To sports broadcasting. Less of a long time had a great quote partnership and I wish both have you had great success in the future. I know it you'll you'll do remarkably well. And continued to. Take and make a lot of people happy. And and ended and enjoy what you do and I'm really mean it really enjoy Richard do nice going guys good luck. Very nice of them to Selig for those listening on the radio many times did he say yelled at us on his treadmill. Watching us in the morning he would get up for the morning and it put us on every single day for better for worse and he. I would get that phone call I've got on again for pat Courtney. Whoever runs the media relatives it's but once it's on a field and and but listen I I'm you know he what he said was right. We disagreed with a lot of things that he did yes some of them proved he proved to be right in and we proved certainly I at least proved to be wrong. I was against some of the things that they did over the course of time many of Wichita wild card and stuff like that. I've proved to be completely wrong. Com and we had a very good relationship with him over the years I've heard very much that we both very much appreciate. And taken the time to do that today recognized very nice them to do that one's. I'm Mike Michael brewer had a gallon audio guys CT what I do that time to upgrade your wardrobe was CT shirts the most exquisitely crafted. British style crease three shirts here ever gonna Wear one CT shirt normally crush on a box. But we're gonna get your three shirts for just 99. Dollars. Go to CT shirts dot com slash might that CT shirts dot com slash Mike. C so so Hammel gave us a trivia question did give us the answer. So there are three basketball players three NBA players who were active who were in the league at the time we started our show. Two of them were pretty obvious out they were I was Dirk Nowitzki. And I I just jotted down a name that I think is the third one but I could be wrong but it feels like he's been around that long is it Jason Terry. Oh yeah I just saw him the other night. And so that's what I give our even router aren't I remember where I saw mice aren't just strolling through the channels. He's our Milwaukee and I remember thinking of myself while he's still play. Odds are he's been around forever he was the MV wasn't he the MVP. The year that they won the championship. And in Dallas at that they hear that that that that they won a title with Nowitzki I believe Jason Terry was the MVP of the series he's four years younger than his head coach I'll. That is he's of their plight in some places they're good guys like McVeigh. In LA there may be guys older than any you know one of those guys Dirk we got to spend time with Donna dealt a nice guy he was becomes should onset without some. Shoot free throws with a and they want a championship down here now many people don't remember we went there we had a very good relationship a close relationship with Dallas in general because. We owned that it's hard to explain but in the and the dynamic of business right the way this stuff worked. We ESPN. Owned a few of the radio statement broadcast her show and that was one of them early gotten so we went down to Dallas all out I'm spent a lot of time down there had a lot of fun down there as we did you know you'll remember. We went down there for like a Christmas. Thing and they asked are you an auction. You know arm the story will help gosh yes this was unbelievable. And they give us were were like auctioning off stuff to raise money for a charity I don't remember what it was. And they give us at a cowboys. Helmet signed by Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach and we're both thinking oh my goodness this is gonna go for millions. And we get up there on a stage in front of tons of people and not one person not one bit not one I got sweat rolling out I sat. And we've all been involved in Indian auctions where tough crowd you know this. This result was a lay up and so we literally get no bids we finally walk off the stage we hand the microphone back to the guy is running this thing and I'll never forget it goes. Our guys I thought that went real well. And I argued that lie a million times because it was just so funny in the moment we'll talk screwed now fittingly on council understand how that happened. I don't know what ever happened down there except for one these super rolls out there we were just absolutely for coldest I've ever can remember being I will be back with more fun to mark a great night on ESPN the loops in the college football playoff and everything else see you tomorrow night at night.