Hour 4: Love It Or Shove It

Wednesday, July 11th
The guys play Love It or Shove It with Bubba and then talk about the Eastern League All-Star game with Pedro Gomez and the impact that Tim Tebow as made and more.

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We will be from the district winery on water street in Washington DC on Monday. For the Major League Baseball all star game celebrations the doors open at five were trying to figure when the bats on the winery will also be open. And I'm not a big wide trigger broad given adult. Are giver her some give it veto somebody give me a good you know a good budget recommendation and I said maybe Chirac and now I'm home I'm sure okay seven a blow. Howard K. How about that is is it opinion doctor or something like that no pinot noir. We don't know greet you don't know or not Noory cannot Norah yes in all of cannot know or maybe get some advertisements from that. Our show blog 00 Libya can try oversee if you did that Yahoo! would you at full English on us again well. I've received enough advertisements about Islam not sure we just you'll good for an article for my small it never wrong with a nice small hole a Mulva. On that appear here while that's a want or there or or super Tuscan. Audio. So not just a tossed ten. A super toward a super Tuscan blend of two is there a toss again a regulatory and there are Tuscan go to their super tells us super Tuscan gradual. They're very good so why the way we almost had the end of the world. Roger Federer yeah. Looks like seven seconds he was in danger of losing a set he was down three nothing in the second set to Kevin Anderson committees who played him. I'm Roger Federer. I've won 33 straight to these things. And he is now back on serve in the second set having the first seven core PPI is now I you know is going nuts right now in advance to act now and ad man has his whole you know fan club of watch him federal not to have a fad and dresses like Federer I think with the clothing line at the 300 million dollar clothing I don't think senator realized exactly stature the headband all of the whole ball accident. I'd like I'd puts on the up there on Twitter in the first response was. Man there you go by the way historically is a very significant day. Well I stay in 18048. You know or Brett can get there that are fine researcher Brett. Do you have any idea what happened today in a TO four. It why would you. Any idea he's a real he's a appreciate your culture and history stance as a guest is it what is your guess you need to Louisiana purchase Al sorry that was it you'll six. Whether I think so and would anyone else in the control like to think yes daddy's a bottle voices hard look at a DeVon and cliff who between them are average age is sixteen correct so you want them to tell you would have eight rental yet or give any thing. Is this when they first colonized sandy Iago no doubt that would be the greatest city in the world but that is incorrect about although an end in lower my beat. Today and we hawking New Jersey. Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton and 1804. You shot him why charmer what they did Abdul all day you'll all OK art art are dead I mean I did that. Our explanation or was it also is a fair fight. Well you consider duel on that go to war NL that sort of dual I don't know there's discrepancies that Alexander Hamilton fired a shot in the Aaron Burr part of it and kill them all the Mets dugout that's Duke's fault. We're just. Yeah saw this on Delilah a big deal for it happened thus changing forever American theater with Alexander Hamilton in his legal history lesson for he ladies and gentlemen have very little. Something new bomb OK let's get to what's Trent Jones who. The by the way speaking of summer due to see a lot more majors in a row or major championships in golf in a row the PGA tour schedule is unveil RD and explain this Roy review right explain okay because of it for many many years it has been. You'd have the the players championship was in March. And then you have April you have the masters in junior to have the US open July heat of the open champs journalism as a British Open. Bodies you'd have the PGA and in the fall they have the tour championship. And the FedEx playoffs and the senate right now it's been around right now they've Rican ordered out of the players a couple of times but now what they've done is basically. And in a large part of this is just said the fall. I'm messing with full rights as college football and it's the NFL so what we're going to do is gonna change the date of the PGA championships are now. You're gonna five straight months of major major championships in golf in March the players championship is going to be back in March. In April have the masters June we'll have the US open. Dog that's all I missed that point. In March. We're going to have gotten nuts right. Yet Marcia the players April masters may now will be the PGA champion talker. June will be the US open July audio and championship and a FedEx playoffs will now be done in August. And it's gone from four to three so essentially the title will be decided. By the end of August thus not spilling into the fall. Okay not spilling into this aid to start. Of the NFL season or ready to be righted the beginning of the college football so yes now they'll they'll still have they'll still have the beginning of the next year in October but those are events that. Are really firm right right neighbor trying to get on toward the cans of Coca big stars will be basically done. By the end of August you can they're cutting the FedEx playoffs down from three championships ought to four and LB rotate between three cities. A New York Boston and there's another one I can't remember. Where the of don't the tour championship will be OK so please feel what they're saying is hey we'll give you five straight months of tremendous. Major quality championship because the players always considered the fifth major. And then by the temple ball kicks off yeah we're gonna tell an arm as you guys you guys had our day gusher right call as a casual golfer he'll likely remain out there. OK so that just sort of making sure it just proves the power awful I haven't gotten into the the FedEx cup playoffs much yeah I haven't really grabbed a hold of obviously the majors are I want write some of the other terms I haven't really fully grasped. The FedEx Cup to say that's must see for me at this so that big change that hopefully they'll go through August when training camp in pre season is still long but basically it's its in eluding him one way out of power felt. Slam magazine who describes itself as the basketball Bible. Has links WNBA links are Minnesota lynx Mya Moore on the cover of its most recent addition. And Mike that is significant because it really isn't the first or our cover since 19982. Woman on the cover ever she Mikell Holdsclaw was obviously what was the other. In the ninety's so I mean it listen Mya Moore and what what you went through her career and in UConn what she's done. With Minnesota using Minnesota and and LA sparks play for the title in the WNBA should leave score for her team fantastic. Fantastic player just yet another. While one of the all time greats come and out of out of UConn self congratulate her for that and then quickly can I say human slam magazine. Which describes itself. As a basketball Bob can you do that new nickname you can you describe yourself. You know as the basketball club can the question is will people buy yeah and apple believe a lot of people feel that way let's have a I think we should not others describe. Let somebody else do the talking Florio an ego or what regrets in my more I've deserve another without question no one no question about. Minimal finish up what's trending with a slight mistake by the Indians again they were up four nothing. Off to the reds two outs. In the ninth inning a Trevor Bauer mystery shoot me in the nether regions with a paintball gun. Was doing well they brought their closer he got knocked drive right to life so they went to the ten. And that's where all went out toward our and you mentioned borrow again eight eight scoreless innings which. All strikeouts but they got in trouble so basically Terry Francona. Looked or trivia to the bullpen and wanted OP's. Return Oliver Perez the pitching well coached. Do well Willis is his name him Carl Carl Carl Willis he thought he meant OT. Which is general Terrell has been totally he has this nickname now. So out of the bullpen Pamela Terrell and Francona was like wait a minute that's not who's closer coming on the board member of that too is warm up so. Botero Kamen gave up the bases clearing double to enjoy about a with the bases loaded Cincinnati and to win and they had another run when that game seven a four. And Francona was take responsibility. Willis a pitching coaches take responsibility so that's my fault so both were blaming themselves by. Very interesting Geary OP. Got OT instead and unions lost by the way they're bull. And is actually getting shelled. This year and the need to fix that one and we figured this out you could feed is now just by texting right and lesser auto spell yeah autograph or you fat fingers inadequate which has happened but see. Linguistically OP OT very similar that's what a beard to it to me on the phone it's Oscar Bravo Oscar radar right Oscar tango. That's the way around that. All right we continue. And we've been talking about our summer take all all all morning long. So yeah Wednesday. So yeah I. And we had the two takes today a hot dog is a sandwich a hot dog is not a Sanwa right. College players athletes should be paid collar players should not be play should not be paid at a a lot of the attraction is on the hot dog has or is not a sandwich. Would ask your voicemails and as always you guys averse. It didn't lose here on are now out of there should be a salute bizarre story. Re bred abstained Maria. Our lives great out of bonds story it is our bread. And out of bonds. Barnes. So to be clear lead in Bonn is the key issue isn't there a blog mayor Bret yes but it's that's like is it is and is ludicrous on made a bread isn't bag yet made a bread on the ball pastries yes. Crates of history a Zagat and a bad bag a bag get a better read as Brad yeah yeah so I mean look. That's why this is the greatest debate and ask hot I really starting to lean toward a visit sandwich I can't believe you are a lot kip you're going against George yet. You're going I know George I know we believe the man for Major League eating he is the man and and and he made the case for us. I hey guys this George Shea chairman and Major League eating its OnStar is not a sand which it is it's only entity have to save it like it is hearts are no one ever in the history of the world's has pledged. I'm in the mood to run hot dogs can switch. There's no better sandwiched Stan Haas does sandwich that is not how people think of hot dog is this specific. Fundamentals food items and it just ballooned categories and we're lucky to have estimates. And wonder why don't. Dummies you'll want a role pie data polemic is typical but some welcomed Saudi Nobel committed to Moret tell you good day for Beth. Statutory rate double that in black and the first OG temple BA double BYKC. Would fighter with a low that you can't resist they were slightly different in limited mix like home may afflict serin down like just six explosives to expound like double click sort of sort of crisis but he's quick. Georgia where we give it a lunatic. Discussion over. While hold on while Wheldon he gave an effort. I did I don't know why and and I receive a hot day it it's been named that way so we we understand that we live that way but I I really think if you break it down. Reassure much you know while the the worst argument there was in law schools well it's always it's never been done before just the way we've always done it now that being said. Hot dog business which are okay it is time for her to for a small ones having almost as ridiculous as a hot dog is or is not assemblage. And that of course is not a job. It's time for another edition of love it. I wish they didn't know what it's only get away. I mean love and shove it brought to you by Granger and that means Bubba is in the house what's up how we feel are right ways goes Wednesdays woody woody woody and you know there though bill Cain had. Bill O bilking heavily Kenya Airways aim to check in this failure and I and the goal to win Gloria you're wearing will Cain show had well it's my my day job and Osama will Cain show broken open I'm. Am I your work there. Talent here all the different things on will show you're not talent. Arguments sponsored segment on their too so no result and I will not consider your talent like we consider you to all I'm I have to assume it was but you know we're more about being in the bottom I mean yeah I I don't know giving disrespect should be a segment on the show today you're arrived pin him down make him and ask him if you think your talent is apparently he has strong opinions now so how Orwell or you do that none of that for sure all right let's go erratic. Let's get this let's get started. The World Cup is France's to lose lover shot. All I love it I mean a lot of people are are talking about that Belgium France match a press bureau via Western Conference finals right try to sell. And then the winner that was going to win the title. And I agree that I France's best team so. It is Jeff definitely there are saloons where the winner of I love yes and I love totally shutting us because we all know what's happening with the end of the World Cup. We all know what's happening England's gonna win and it's coming home. Coming all baby. So completely shutting it coming great for France and your fancy footwork and your bop a little flecks in your club cards in your June rose and all that cap and your pod does give me Harry Kahne. And McGwire and everybody else the 3 alliance so I am shopping this completely my car at the warriors dominance isn't a bad thing for the MBA lover shot NBA commissioner Adam silver said owners held a robust quarter and cold conversation. At the board of governors meeting about improving the current competitive landscape. And at the NBA can create a better system. And I don't end at this point no I I the warriors dominance is that a bad thing I love that I mean this is PG. Happen all the time through the decades. Of the NBA we've had dominant team sell it happens and no end at some point could be next summer. Klay Thompson a free agents gonna leave will everybody be there yet again Kevin Durant will be a free agent may be no go we don't know. But I know you they keep talking about tweaking with the system right now talking about these super Max is. Guys are quite letter may turn that Donald made turned down several more million dollars other guys have turned down 3540 more million dollars to go somewhere also how do you deal with that. You're you're putting it came an assistant to hang out of their player by offering that next year offering that extra money and a player's turn to now what are you gonna guess oh look. I complete love the idea that it isn't a bad thing you know what tells me that the ratings. The the importance of talking about it everything that the NBA is doing is turning to gold right now. People freaking out about a couple of signings guess what they're still talking about the product and there's never been a decade where there haven't been dominant teams oh by the way the one that there was the league almost went bankrupt now which was the seventies so stop it you just don't like the fact that players are dictating their own terms and everybody should be celebrating that because that means big. Everybody would like the freedom and latitude that these players have I don't understand it I absolutely love the idea is not a bad thing. All right I'm being told the court doesn't know much about this questions or go to Brett. The Sorrell clear Chris hour and I'll go have a better career with Juventus and LeBron James. Will with the lakers lover shove it Brett. I love it and it's pretty simple web although so yeah. Her all the goes event as Uga does bands don't have a Coby that they're saying. The bring into the conversation that I tech over all those here who love Alessandro Dell aero more than him. So he already has that and they have been in the two more final to last four years ago. So I mean it was sort talking about a better career what if LeBron. Brings the lakers back in wins a couple of championship you Venice has already won championships so what is Ronaldo gonna do for them either. From a career standpoint if were talk who would that. Lean toward LeBron then the lakers have been relevant for number of years if he brings them a championship doesn't that change it do so I've. The champions league is the is the equivalent of the NBA championship lakers won five of them since you've been to last one and how many there won't LeBron. And if the lakers what are you Ventas one number is the lakers won't LeBron at 10 times in the lakers and the plaza the last how many years so my point is that the late if he now brings the lakers back and wins and NBA championship which you're comparing to the champions league. How great is that first call that what can Ronaldo due to top that it's not called love if or shove if it's called willow. But clearly are to be a hypothetical daughter telling you build relevant around. I don't think LeBron will win any championships with the lakers would not OK if he does that mean that they'll have a better career than. Overland or does okay. Armed by helping them win a championship they've already won how many times. Who out of the lakers have won a million championships and then that matters the lakers a one million check it out recently are you that this team now is achieved our champions are there early correct evident lakers r.s are the decisions are barely yes so we're not going to a team that already is a championship team. And and LeBron going to a team where they don't even make the playoffs let me that's my point in Iowa I will say absolutely he'll have a better group of scientists because he's gonna make a lead role again. Mean it not only Jimmie you Ventas relevant he's gonna make a leak that's that's the problem he's he's changed the dynamic for the entire league in LeBron isn't gonna do after. Lakers why I love that. Don't you walk our problem I'll disagree with integrity Abra. Yeah marriage I don't won't be wearing an Orioles Jersey in next week's all star game alone version of I shot that I I don't know return for the Nelson and I I told a figure traded again the trade deadline to end of July. I do think a traitor but I do not think it will be before the officer I kinda wanna love to see what happens when Baltimore's running yeah. Mean I love it because what would that you would they put another Oreo in. Woody where editorial of the of how would this work I just wanna see chaos so IMO and and chaos here I want does that on how would you do to get traded tomorrow. More junior for the all star game tough luck Orioles. Don't I don't know uninteresting and I want ovulate had a chance Martin and a zone. I I've I'm into the cancer. Do we have one more example more fair play anymore. Merrill that. Apparently the NFL's popularity is the main reason why the PGA changed its schedule love it or shove it. Measure the love that right. I'm coming to. They don't they can say other reasons right. Listen let's be honest they realize he gets buried in his their playoff system that gets buried which disposal lead which they wanted to do because all of sports had a plan I like football like the NBA analyst and a self. So I think they realized. Let's fight our battles where we can will take care business in August. And then we'll start upside I love that absolutely I think that's the biggest reason why we're both watch her. And you don't you love Granger another one we got Maria or more I do now and qualify. Are dumb longer shutter. Did you see the Gordon Hayward and regret it now two daughters and they'll put a box in more pink balloons came out for her daughter and he'd. A lot of people say he didn't seem very overly excited. So that's out about that in fact here is Gordon Hayward the audio of the gender reveal. What you're. Happy. That is always have a these are present that is tolerated by the way tremendous answers. Now tremendous answered by him let's be clear about dead he's only happy when mommy's after your exit now rarely do I don't mind the gender reveals I mean I I really don't know all the different ways that people are. It's more I'd sometimes there's more to say when they screwed up yeah likely to have the ball in the throat that they hit it and then do who's ever try to hit it misses at the ball hit the ground and busts open. And you know the the gender is up. I don't mind them. Thought naw I'll show of that yeah. Hop. I'll show it but that very. As laws they give a sound like that for the show now and the league of her yeah that was love to show up at the farewell that was another rousing edition of love her show that with Bubba. Rocky by Granger. The products and services you need when you Needham Granger has got your back to help keep your facility running Granger the ones who get it done like me. And Brett and Billy Cain 3 to 6 eastern on ESPN radio news in news Billy King while Billy team. At least take some liberties and and let's see what happens when you say in my town on the shoulder and wanted to have a ghost on the government and ask him. Now your gonna than earlier or as yet there plus we don't you recommend that little works. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage Guizhou that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgages simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. 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Time to senior debt start a project at Lowe's the only place you can get new Valspar exterior stain all weather prediction inspiring color Valspar stain only. At Lowe's okay. Baseball all star game coming up there's another all star game coming up and now we're delighted to be joined by Pedro Gomez. Are fine Major League Baseball reporter who later you're in Trenton covering the Eastern League all star game tonight in the big news is that Tim Tebow did well. This plane in the game what's the thought about him getting there for the Binghamton rumble ponies. Which by the way just learned what a rumble Tony is yes aptly greatest yeah city in the world Binghamton, New York. I know and I didn't know that it was the actual carousel only that goes up and down. That's a rumble on the you know what I know that on the outside people are looking at it saying oh he's there because they're trying to create interest that Tim Tebow. But the we idiot that didn't you can 27. Of the season. And 270 Everett may not be you know knock your socks up. At the league average is to pick you want in the eastern leaked so you can almost twenty point higher in the league average. And while he is raw he admitted he's raw or manager Luis well Lott told me he's still raw when it comes to running the bases when it comes to defense. But they all day. He has earned this right. He has played better than a lot of players. And let's not forget that 21 person. Who's putting him monitor all the league managers. Who vote so he got the vote. Is he putting himself in a position for a September call up. You know about can be a little more typical that's up course up to the map. Are they got to create a spot on the forty man roster which can be done let not let you know that that can easily be done want to. Should that happens then they're probably will be a lot of skepticism. Regarding the Mets are just trying to sell tickets. Or homestand. In September when they're gonna beat you know good 2030 games out of first place possibly buy them. He's probably not there yet in talking to some baseball at all out but he certainly. Would not be an embarrassment. Should that happen and he's not. It's not like he's not working toward a goal of doing now I mean you for a guy that did not play baseball for twelve years. To be able to do what he's done in just his second all he's been playing baseball. Is so remarkable and and I know a lot of people like looked down on it like oh it just a show. Period. Michael Jordan couldn't do what Tim Tebow is doing. What let's not forget that and Michael Jordan what they're phenomenal. Yes he was and by the way wrote quickly. Breaking news here Roger Federer did hold off Kevin Anderson in the tiebreak two in the second set who has now won 34 straight sets of Wimbledon tying the record set by. Roger Federer not to become a couple hours away from rewriting the record books yet again in the name of Roger Federer. I would that in mind ever talking about Minor League Baseball. We would be remiss Pedro if we not mention your son real Gomez currently out of touch with a Red Sox organization how much fun is that been for you or is it fun at all because I revel in March Lara was here and his son Daniel got the call up like. He was proud of his son but it was so nerve wracking watching him pitch what's it like for you. It it definitely is nerve racking but the better he's gotten the less nervous this it is for meat. Could be sitting in the stands my wife and I were actually able to go to lol Massachusetts. A week ago and we were able to see him start to gain. And he pitched phenomenally lucky pitching really well his numbers are amazing. You know it's still kind of early in the season you that be. New York Penn league short season but it it is somewhat nerve wracking. This is especially because he's a pitcher. I mean every single play revolves around what he does with that ball so. It is I'm not penalize you it is it. It's not something that's not unusual I remember Sherrod weavers that. Was incredibly nervous every time we eat or Jeff Weaver took the mound same part Houston's street. With his dad James street who was a tremendous quarterback. At University of Texas. He could watch Houston street so. It's it's but it's a blast it's a blast to see him chasing his dream. Now that is very very cool doesn't have a high push higher ceiling Q as a father or as an analyst. But let. A I'll let you get it. It's far more go back to people for a moment go back to wed Tim Tebow first said he was going to try this. And here you can tell is then what are your initial thought was. And hasn't changed now that you've seen him play for a couple years. No question came type but it was. Kind of a joke I thought it was kind it was it was almost disrespectful. To the game. Because. This was a player capable of playing. Minor League Baseball. And to see the strides he's made it not really I I guess. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise because anything can Tebow undertakes he's gonna give it his all. And so he has worked. I mean he has literally work is not simply literally but he has worked is that all. To get to this point and they're hitting coach Valentina let Tucci told meet. This guy is always asking for a split. Or beat Pete kind. It's a new pitcher comes in the game he'll come over to me and say scoot what does this guy throw in certain count like he's constantly trying to learn. So I guess in that sense. I just forgot how much of a hard worker he had other players I was in Binghamton. Last a few days ago in and the players were telling me. It's amazing here's a guy who's a millionaire. Doesn't have to. And by the way the other Haiti took a six hour bus ride. From Portland Maine back to Binghamton. And they're not in the beard on coach buses but they're doubled up. Everybody sitting to do it to a roll you don't have your own role and there's Tim Tebow sitting doubled up. On a six hour bus ride with everybody else. Pretty impressive by the way there's an article. On the rising ticket cost of the recently gave tied because of Tim Tebow some tickets are being sold for a 145 box. Face value is 22 de above that. Very nice I'll payroll goma's whether socialism throughout the Eastern League all star game so let's talk about the Major League all star game the trade deadline that's coming up we taller order Manny Machado it certainly seems like head of the Yankees gonna need to find some pitching because the Red Sox I don't think we'll lose again. That league is now at three and a half games. And we're looking at a team that may have a hundred plus wins and need a one game playoff to continue. Their post season they wanna desperately avoid that forty think the Yankees may go to drive find that pitching. I mean today I'd take I'd think you'd look at obviously clubs that are losing that they could one of Ulster. Their rosters. And in that sense in the you've heard the name. An and certainly that would make sense. Ye ye you have to look at that other clubs that are losing to see who might be available. And as you know let's not forget that that the Yankees can go out and do. Anything now I don't think. Crosstown Mets would really. Crosstown yankees unless the deal was so good for them. The Mets I mean that that they might be warned illicit. Because Jacob to glom. No it's kindergarten are obviously names that are are also being talked about. They're under control for several more years meaning the price or either one. Would have to be significantly. Better than pour a rental type player. And for that reason. Did the obstacle is. Why not tried it to the net helped the Yankees. Get there knowing that it hurts the Mets bottom line ultimately. Because they do share the same market. But it would yield. Blows them away what they enclave Art Torres is included I think the Mets would have a list in the back. Well that outlets that that's the insane now there's so much young talent on the Yankees squad. Who are you willing to give up and are you willing to go about Claiborne because he has. I got to give up your argument here that got about somebody because they can't keep on sign all these guys going for example Pamela eventually get an opinion DD they're not pain and Pixar incentives and judge all those guys are and don't have the conference at the gonna have and a couple years. Pedro always good to talk you'll see what happens with Tebow vessel up with a real as he continues his career. I appreciated my maiden voyage with you guys I love it advice will be you'll be back we'll be back trust me you'll be back up and this will be thanks Pedro. Thank god. I did save hundreds of dollars space Tina can't tell I am as happy as on the post and Michael cannot guarantee you'll be quote as happy as a clam on the Michael legal team cannot accurately verify claims even experience a complex human emotional state bonus happiness as an inverted Somalis living submerged on the ocean floor with no arms legs or wireless access what's there to be happy about Clinton's old like all I'm so happy I didn't get turned into New England clam child today from originally just called off. All law school not sold on the slave what are we talking about them Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Here's my thought process hot dog and sausage council. Can help you there you go to tell me I bought a hawk golf I will rest. Data hot dog anyway I feel it. Talent I shot you council was part of his job. Do double brought that outrage on what to battle what do I guess I'll give two seconds more center brought you by kings for. Sports fans sunshine and temperatures are rising summer's officially here to grab your friends blasts and tuned and ignite. Those coals because weather like this waits for no kings for charcoal. Start something that was on the your nostrils were catch on how to right which I'm squarely and not the ones that are Monty casual counsel what I heard it. And MI thought his. As I said earlier telling had to do it just like the whole pizza and pineapple. If you want Utecht. I don't particularly like it I won't have pineapple on my pizza but I'm not gonna sit there say. Well you can't call that needs that's in this camp it's cold Hawaiian people its veto what what we're a part of our Peter enjoy light it's hot delicious I love hot dogs with mustard or sometimes just a monster sometimes I put ketchup. I have anyway you want did you give me a rule that says you can't put something on something else is crazy. I totally agree don't do that takes have been coming in hard and fast which is why we're doing this. On our on our voicemail on a 605065505. Including this. All. They're big let's do this. The bill gives her wings are liberties says what both the same with Jordan loves a good big book takes you got it out whichever one still work for you. Strange well dictator is our starters their much. Well this they're great on both sides ultimately this in the middle thinking are we talking Normandy to mark real beauty has come on eight trade. I'm sorry is not a hurricane trailers come. There I mean it all until we need. Tremendous dedication to the cause there I love his commitment absolutely no how about that although I'm and then there's this one. Yeah listen we go frogs. Are not etched into what he says meat and vegetables between. Two pieces of bread hot dog fighting is. One if it grids so clearly clearly went soft and our dark. Clearly he hasn't heard a thing I've been saying because I've set all morning long hot dogs not a cell what does that. Pretty sick to foul but that's not me I'm clearly on the praise hot dog is not a then I'll ask if you're pretty hot dog on a on a blog and and you put a lot out there and the comes apart now it's two pieces of bread. So until we did that does that have become a sandwich it I guess it could devolve. Into assemblage totally you Sam are the another person's I go look on any menu anywhere. And word says a heading Sam which is fine hot dog under there doesn't tell you won't. I am starting to lean more toward a beings and we're told by deaf and by definition. They you don't like Chile or you'll you'll love to our luck too shocked at that and beer now on this hot dog is a sandwich monotony and ridicule business. Up by those who played George Shea Shea the chairman of Major League eating. His voice no against his brother rich the president a Major League eating also called into M us. Hey guys Richard shapes our Major League eating it responds to your question about ongoing battle works. Controversial hot dogs and I'll tell you this if you go to the grocery store by a second base and bring it home grill 100 legs wide. 'cause those too late to have to say them on a flat piece of bread and have the piece of bread over bat that is the hospitals or however how ducks but if you went to make David Cordero success hot dogs. Upon the slight it was a little hinge. Have a hot dogs and therefore hot dogs itself is not so. Also I think got so much commented about her brother's Georgia's. Wrapping. July 4 of July or broadcast and while it's fun at a portal in Georgia not the original rapper apparently I am. I go but it Hezbollah possible fresh it is slightly. Gload hit a testament Barley Britton or excellent which is an apartment Michael Michael McConnell talking like supplemental and Amy Clark Mike. Also I'm going to play his apartment us not to drop. It forget it forget that part I dug ourselves. While couldn't stick mess it up. Couldn't stick Dolan are so you would dole the results for our our two questions today again moving along in the bracket it was no contest. In the is hot dog stand which vs hot dog is not a semi tot take. 85%. Hot dog not a stand down. So that's who went the other one when Daria you got four minutes left. Is it tight and you could change this vote. The hot paid college athletes should be paid vs free college is payment enough right now free colleges enough. 5149. While with four minutes ago so you wanna jumpers a drive change that one out there you can or. Keep off three colleges and off. In first place get on their vote at orca when gorgeous war three minutes now Donna three minutes off the ballot that's by far closest one yet. Yep everything else that a runaway dad passed on need to go like the it all bought and I don't 4200. Vote lead to more takes tomorrow I'm not sure what they are at this point but doesn't matter the B two of them you know from now. This video out there and to you too we just not sure which to they're going to be all wait one problem is that is is is the goat vs goat situation all we want we'll get into and that had to come up and identity were run through all the hits now hot dog is not a sandwich and paid him. Hi I'm Bryce Harper join me and the thousands tweeting them posting their appreciation for our military veterans by using team almost hash tag that's up for heroes. When you shared your photo or video has sex that's suffering heroes T-Mobile will donate one dollar just more vets with teams in the so America keep posting without sag has suffered heroes and T-Mobile will keep giving. Yeah. Official licensee of major league baseball players.