Hour 4: John Fox

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, May 16th

The guys talk with new ESPN NFL Analyst John Fox and then talk about the Suns winning the NBA Draft lottery and more.


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We're delighted to be joined now in studio by our newest he has an animal analyst John Fox joins is studio gimme as the straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless postpones let's networks or contracts you of course know John from his time is Japan's quarterly with the giants and head coach of the Carolina Panthers had go to Denver Broncos. I go to Chicago Bears. I of course know John as a fellow off. Parent of Eli graduate. His son graduated mile toll 14% on my daughter did we ran into each other at the oaks on campus it. That was a good time right beautiful day and good news about college for sure enough that I. Prices are better just talk guys know they're my daughter Sydney works with the bears who worked when when when coach who's there as well so. Our kids all seem that to be going around in the circle here so first of all welcome glad you're here to be here excited about it and complete buffers that yesterday there you go well you know you're still there's a lot of credit. To talk football and you'll always be Ono on. And they don't there are no more losses on the president has always are with us and we are happy to have you here won't get into a lot of football would jumped. Do we always do what's trending and we'll start with the trending of the Celtics and the trend is the series is over because they outs with a cast by twenty in the second after up to nothing in the series. Which historically might means that they're going to win the series of 37 an all time yeah listen and. Look LeBron was fantastic to start the game just like we thought he would be. I got some help from Kevin love the Boston to better team but we all fox we've wardrobe because they have LeBron James the best player on the planet but there's not enough other help around them. Blossom we know they can score times they they get cold but defensively. They're so good. Which is what's gonna be the difference for them I think in this series even though a lot of people still think while Cleveland you know they lost them on the road that's fine they can women home. I just don't think Cleveland has enough to win four games and this one looks like LeBron outside to get hit met face the way he did yeah he is certain definitely start to look like he's a little bit high here. Well he's been doing it yet so many minutes you know even in the regular season for summit played all 82 games in his career his fifteenth year in the league. Again he had 42 points or troubled double. That's the third forty point triple double in the post season. At passes the big go who's synonymous with the triple bubble until Russell Westbrook their two straight seasons. Passing Oscar Robertson for the most in NBA history that according to our friends at Elias Sports Bureau. Well Mario playing which can happen in the Phoenix Suns will have the first pick in the NBA draft because they won the draft lottery. The Matt held up Mike it was the fourth straight year that the team with the best chance to when the number one overall pick did indeed. Do just that and I've worked in the figure favor Sacramento they donate 5% chance to get the number two pick yet they got it. And it is Atlanta with a number three to excel. Who's it gonna be durning a McCain from Arizona is it going to be Luka. Dodgers who plays for Real Madrid and is supposed to be just a phenomenal sixty point guard a passer out there so what it was going to be Phoenix needs we had. I mean I asked him in here a little before and he. He was kind of making a play for those two aunts for Marvin Baguio third as well he wasn't really committing right 21 of those players but those are basically your top three right now in all your your mock drafts going out but Mike I commit to you this question can you name me a Sacramento Kings player I guess I can. A Zach Randolph Dario and get rid of their car is Firefox is their last night and actually you know. Viewed was of the lucky piece for them economist second pick in all proud of our guys there are proud of our right there are we use. The rockets. Also lawyers tonight 8 o'clock eastern on ESPN radio seeking to avoid that too little hole in the series like if they lose used to be the first team in history to win 65 games during the regular season. And go down any post season series two games to bury. And isolation team and they ice sold more in game one way more in game one both by team and by James Harden than they had in any other game they played this year so I wonder. If they'll try and and walk that back a little bit or just say hey this is what got an advance. We're not gonna change it right now again this is another one that where the bottom line is Golden State to better team. Roland stay warheads are working their photos sable have to be off. A number of times in this series for them to lose this series we're just as. Not gonna happen let's just say good luck with that I with a rant and curry on the same team in the same time they've lost to play after play after another gonna lose for six know Scotty says I don't think yeah. All right so that is what's trending again we're with you this morning and I glad to be in with our new ESPN NFL analyst John Fox. So just out of curiosity how important was it for you John the state tied into the game somehow someone. I've been the ball over 38 years you know it's one in the National Football League so joy it was. You know it was it was very natural for me attitude to take his position and I get around hang out guys and I've been around for my whole career and you know others in football or any sports. So it's it's exciting for me and this is my first day. So vote before we start getting into like what's going on now as we prepare first season. Overall you've been at this a long time so much now where it's changed. Especially the coaching part of you don't get to the players until later. And you don't work it to work of as much in training camp. Or in the regular season. Is it. Frustrating. To BA coach now in the NFL with some of that the new guidelines. Yeah I'd say it is yeah I think you you know philosophically you know I believe they need more in the offseason especially is shrinking conditioning phase. On yeah I think. Some of the training camp measures as far as how much time needed to be in pads. Even in season is as far as that workload. On Elba and the good news is is that they keep everybody in the exact thing you know as they monitor very well. The off season thing is frustrated specially as a new staff your Jon Gruden bring up a couple times where. On you know we can see the players I don't know what you have contact so. Yes it is frustrating but I think there's devils doing a good job of monitoring. One the door role for those that may not know you're fourteen padded practices during the regular season there's seventeen weeks of the season and you get fourteen padded practices. And I said my time until a Buddy Ryan we'll go to a Wednesday pads Thursday thread and if we lost Friday pads before this came into play. What was your routine how many how many days a week where you and pads. I think will we go leafs won just about every day kind of depend on the team you know where you're injury wise you know you just felt the you know the condition of your team so that that was flexible. I yelled training camp is not too lazy and never ever do they brag that it does not allow you don't walk through eyes as every other day so. So ways to kind of find out maybe where your team knows that both from the toughest of this level. On you know just to find out in Utah guys where you're not really permitted to do that anymore because you know you have back you know I'm back about Brad right mountain. The figure that out John talks with us our newest NFL analyst security SP and you of course known as a head coach formally Chicago Bears the Denver Broncos Carolina Panthers. My first memory you'll always be is the defense of coordinator for the New York jazz and hat backwards two thumbs up I want the guys coming off the field people forget what a great staff that was you with a defense corners of the giants at the same time Sean Payton was the offensive coordinator for the giants. Ended the meetings you guys used to have were legendary are you guys go out to dinner just compare notes and. Well like ourself right yeah it's make its competitive you don't like your old college football yet spring ball. Well you know one side of the ball is always upset Verizon's afterward but yeah I tell toss. I don't know all rules and I know if you can't say Bernie your kids don't yeah. But yes oils like that was shot and I you know even training camp you know like if if they got the best of us you know. It ought to be allowed sent it him the rest of the day and vice Versa so. A lot of fun it's competitive and you love those competitive juices and we did analog. In times so the draft just happening in regard to her visa V rookie camp so tell us take us inside doubt take us to. What goes Alan these rookies show up that first day there aren't for arguing that first weekend. What are you trying to accomplish with them you know I think you know so we. Or not doing anything with the rookies alone you know I think this wrist injury we had a couple injuries the last couple years. And those rookie mini camp so somebody earlier in the dough ball way away from I'll believe it makes I think they need to get. In your system know your terminology. Used I did not look down on. I think phase one phase two we're not really loud due any day in the offseason as far as against people it's more or less mental work. I don't know lot's been made Tom Brady you know what he's been there are not a really Giulio T gays in the in the really that mandatory minicamp. You really not allowed to really do football. So it as far as. Getting players prepare during guy mr. rescue started you know as a as a rookie you read my mind my guards start out in her early on in his career obviously so. When you get a guy like that the mini camp how. How soon do you start feeding him and how quickly do you feed him. Well I think you know once the whole team just announced that as a rookie minicamp I mean your view is is a lot of classroom work you know as far as terminology means more in line. Wherever they came from wherever any rookie comes from I mean they come they'll NFL team their lord and a whole new language. And there was no different when Mets but now once did veteran show up you know with mutual whole team in there. No one. The do balancing acts is trying to get guys you know what wraps a case of who's going to be the first quarter Baghdad first team reps who's gonna get the second team rat. I'm and then you've got three grand quarterbacks in many cases like we did a year ago in Denver are in Chicago. He knows who's getting those one reps who didn't and you've got to prepare all three of them. Austin they can compete. And figure out who starter and it's. John Fox was this former head coach of the bears the Broncos and the Carolina Panthers let let's forget and this year Jacques was a wanna get into I wanna get your thoughts on Mitchell obviously you guys. Jumped up to get him last year a gave a much did to get a one step to take him second overall. What do you think the ceiling is for Mitchell too risky bears fans want to knows. Yeah I think I don't know that last year was a real fair assessment I think. We weren't there is. Good throwing the balls we weren't running the ball and so we became. Not as balanced as we would have liked but I think you know you've seen a lot of the bears lose this offseason. You know with additional weapons you know they've brought in Robinson. About enough. The tight end in. I think. You know those weapons will help them know we lost Josh on Jeffrey your go to Philadelphia Eagles that didn't help. So to be only give them sauce supporting cast that they should help announced matter of you know learned that nice new offense innocent as a whole new office of system that they kept the legal defense intact so the other pretty solid over there. And so is going to be really they can run the ball that the players run the ball now should be billion more proficient basket. And summer was a lot of year old lying you know I had some injuries or how long are enormous a lot of years robust climate out there so that that hopefully rule will get together as well with less injuries. As far as when you you talk about bringing in the vets for the first time with the rookies and the vet after draft. How many times have your what do you think about so forgiving the quarterback but let's talk about a guy like say quad Barkley Bradley job. Quite Nelson who look like they're going to be immediate contributors. Porter and right away day one is are you put any of those guys write to the starting lineup that you've done that in the past and how does that work. I mean we dread to Julius Peppers that work by the way this yes I resent being flash forwards in Denver Broncos do we jets to bomb Miller. The second beta also worked well I'm out so no they were starters they want and you know you make that kind of commitment the united depends on the coaching staff feel some guys might wanna do that way some guys might not let you've got that kind of talent and doubling the draft. But you better feel that good about it until an open number one wanted to start your first team and while veterans kind of understand that's where it's gonna go is there ever any of that. Boy you're you give your hand and got the job even though. You know when you're taken out how they're probably gonna get there you get days like veteran of us. Oh yeah I mean dude go don't think for second bit. You on draft night there's every single veteran the National Football League out there what team. That they've they're big guys wide open I mean they did it's just embedded business but it's what makes is so great. John talks with us in studio former head coach of the bears the Panthers in the Denver Broncos so let's talk a little bit about this year's draft because it was unique in the quarterbacks with for Corus on the first ten that had never happened before draft history. We had five in the first round that's only three times that's happened we had a once in 99 in the 6183. Obviously the great 5050 draft three hall of famers and three. Not all framers of so as you look at this drop batch of quarterbacks which one would you say out of all the weather was Lamar Jackson Rosen baker mayfield Arnold. A Josh Allen which one would you feel the most comp when that's gonna be the guy ten years from now we're talking about mr. I didn't look at him look a like I have it every year prize first draft I'm not really new football team. But I did look at it and you know I'm really kind of like stand Arnold personally was was together on the same team I was there was a guy I think that. I've always poppy. And most of the things I look for a quarterback can he iron about. Audio Josh Allen I thought maybe at the most upside again you're looking to try to project guys. But he'll tell tell. How difficult is it could you have a guy start out early on. How difficult is it to mute expectations you wanna win you want that person do great which you know you have to temper. I think it LDL you know unless you admit you know we weren't gonna throw of the vote gap and and you know once they had bought our staff did a great job and that is we didn't roll on the walls and we ended up I think plus evidence turn over. A margin which. Not many rookie quarterbacks can do that is. Very significant step mean that I mean again when he was playing out there. A he he gave boy seven fewer turnovers and then then the team got that that is a significance again a bit number. Rookie quarterback well I think you know I think to do that you use your building confidence in you don't really got our running game a lot those frustrated through a lot of bears fans but it. Yeah that's the not throw him into the fire him because. Audio I think once you kind of can develop their run game that's a quarterback's best friend I don't care who it is worries of a hall of Famer tenure that aura of first year starting quarterback like Mitchell. So as we go forward here for talking to John Fox our newest and a follow analysts had coaches that have previously coach who bears the Broncos and the longtime head coach of the Carolina Panthers. Bomb. Was there one of those quarterbacks that you had concerns about coming into this draft because obviously four teams think they hit a home run and you go for the top ten. You know their concerns about the size of baker mayfield there were concerns about the accuracy of Josh Allen their concerns about the attitude of Josh Rosen which by the way I never understood me I want my guide to deal cocky I want my guy to be on the dude man so. Was there any of those quarterbacks are you middle concern about going into the stress. You don't really Israel I want to all of on the others there's positives and all I got infinitely more on that none of the union show me the good few and kids. It's Obama's year do you do you deal with people. You know so I mean is that is not an exact science I'm glad you said that Canaveral and I think look to the draft is like oh it's a product. I'm gonna take this thing like from the Apple Store an upgrade my computer. They are people there they're just like everybody else they go through all the same stuff that we all do no doubt in. You know there's been a lot said about you know the rookie class and who's gonna mentor on and all that I mean. No rookies at the doubt your what position they play you know that is needed. To go away and you know shut up learns that much they can spend all the extra time in the book I'll learn that language and you know those guys did do that and you can in the can we don't turn it over to the field the quickest. Our guys to succeed and it doesn't matter what position they're gonna walking ability in. Especially those vets in there and hopefully they'll have a good model to look at Ellis is not so much mentoring that's. Model you know look how they do it and that's got some great teams are built. There are some things and never goal auto style and that's keep your mouth shut yours and your eyes open minded I'd say meant to be time and time again when you go into a new situation and try and learn that way. Are we're trying to learn in a new NFL today there's a couple of things are kicked off or get to an America. But now. It seems like use your head for anything they're gonna throw flag now they're gonna have to obviously. You know warm water that down to exactly what he and throw all flag on in these last couple years when it's really become. The head injury and what they're called out there. How difficult has that been to coach and teach the proper tactic you just can't really hit anymore in my practice I. I think those are things in directions that the league is is definitely address you wish they shifted in the game players' safety is. You know Paramount then a lot of the rules and how they're administered. The hardest thing letter was defenseless receivers. You know five years ago. While we went down that rabbit hole and now they even know lining up you know with either in the run game had dead. They're educating guide dejected a year ago. And again. The receiver become a runner. And still lose by and me in basically suspended for him. Are so the players and the coaches are doing great job of adjusting to Nolan. You don't there's moms out there and pears I though there are allowed her just like football all right that's a problem. I was a great game and we've got to keep our game go and so obviously and it's a needs. The hard part of frustrated bar for the coaches and players sometimes is. You know. How that's officiated in and officials have a tough job in that area too so. I think we've got to keep marching forward. You don't think the people ball the coaches the players and officials. Are doing a great job of doing the best again we're wanna get tickets and gambling table one more on the field do you think this legal ever not have the kickoff. You know I think there's a possibility I personally in the purest I would not like to see that you know again what would you do opt out was our way you would change it well I think you know what happened as I mean the way back when there's all the different all we have time it. You know this Darren left guard right guard left tackle right tackle. Are on the kickoff return team. What was used to be lined bright eyed and I think what we've done is we've sped the game up we put faster players out there. So weather's not contact her contact. Injuries. Is because of the speed on the field in. You know short yardage and goal line people actually scrimmage that's still there's not a fear like bumper cars. I there's not a whole lot of injuries in. Bumper cars two is the speed is so slow but these are dog in Formula One these are talking NASCAR. I because his speed is so great on now you're talking about kickoff kickoff coverage. Really even offense now know with so many multiple wide outs on the field for so many balance. I think that's why we've seen the injury level. Pick up in our league so I think that's something that these be looked gotten polymarker. And the other thing is drug with John Fox her newest apple analyst three time head coach in the NFL everyone's really looking at this brand new world where sports gambling is going to be allowed what do you think the NFL because they seem to see still be very rigid in their position. On all of on this on this topic words Adams over the NBA commissioners little more progressive and as sort of welcoming and how do you did PLO is gonna navigate this and understand the reality of it's out there it's happening. Well I think you know again they're always been a part of our names are longtime right there's passions like fantasy fest Forrest I mean there's there's some teams in this league low one in gambling here. Yeah I'm up to about ownership yes exactly. Go away that if I but. I think in my game no different than legalized marijuana housing estate in Colorado that have legalized small. That doesn't effect would the NFL football team Denver Broncos how they do that they're still tested there's still not allowed to do it is still illegal in the eyes of global. I can promise you that. Whether damning against legalizing your state or not. We've got NFL franchise and guys are going to be in Las Vegas right where it is legal or hotel taxes with casinos in them is building the stadium we exactly so. Is not news the league in I don't think it was a jump onboard and totality I think you know I understand that. But. You don't coaches players you know. You know people involved in the National Football League employ about the National Football League aren't going to be allowed to bet on games. Right so it's not gonna have that effect is gonna be illegal overall they did exactly it's expensive they get their cut of the pilot on India we present. Hey John as I don't have any more kids in college I'm glad you're going to run into more. There's the other what you come once in your comeback all now well we'll have you back you'll absolutely we're done I'll make judgment Camby on him exposed to replace I'm John Fox with doesn't suit your newest and apple analyst that we couldn't be happier to have more on our team. 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This is something to the draft lottery this could be changing next year others are changing up and the idea Adams so over the NBA commissioner. Making this change because who wants to try and avoid tanking which. People do it means the process was all the tanking of Philadelphia for a couple years then Mark Cuban the mavericks owner commands that yet you know we're gonna tank has its best for the team in many a slap on the wrist and had to pay a bunch of money so this was Adams over a conversation with our Cassie hover at last night about the changes coming up a lottery next year and whether or not you'll actually help with parity. Do I feel that it will completely. Deal with the issue of of incentives and cannot win and my answer is I'm not sure you can benefit. By being at the bottom because draft picks are so important and there's no doubt about that and the analysts are very clear and I feel bad for some of the GM's too because someone in their communities. When they're competing fans are coming up on the thing what are you doing you're better off losing a game tonight and you can't want that as a sports league I mean it were ultimately about competition. So I don't think we're all the way there I think this change for next year it will help things but really around the margins were still have to continue thinking. About whether there are other ways to ensure that teams are fully televised to compete competing all the time. Again just so people understand the difference coming up next year the Phoenix Suns for the fourth straight year had the best chance to win a lottery and they won the lottery. Next year the three worst teams eleven equal 14% chance to win the topic and we both think. That actually may increase. The yeah yeah to tell you Evans over said kind of around the margins kind of maybe help below I don't know why I idea as you said we both kind of agree I. This kind of says OK we can be third worst. You know we still have to you know one of the top chances you get the best picks all really at all it's just helps. And he admits that there needs to be more done but. While they think this is a step in the right direction I don't know for it is due to. Solve the problem and I know what's gonna solve the problem I don't know what will it should and yet how balls amber or get out I don't want just sitting there out. That's gonna make these the teams that are worst in the league you have to get better by getting the top picks. And if you somehow take that away from them by making your first team out of the playoffs. Then the dude how did they ever get better is gonna have to be by trades and or free agency what freeagent wanna go to those teams that time so. I don't know I don't know where this goals I just don't think that this what they're doing next year and again Adam silver doesn't think it's the and all be all. But I I I don't know all fitted back doesn't go the other way. Yeah and loves the way that we we. It's a lesser going to go to on the relegation road which they're not they're not going to do not too many teams would lose too much money it's sort of an unanswerable question all figured out when you're the opposite of tanking as well today. Putting forth your best effort and that's what you need to do to be a part of OK again this is actually it's not just a leadership retreat is the greatest scam in history corporate America and we are proud to be apart of it. It is gore doing goes off site all hands town hall leadership retreat strategy session golf tournament. It is going to be at Pinehurst resort of the cradle of American golf. I it's it's called the Saint Andrews of American golf and Mike tell what their plan for. This is. Incredible. And again in June 21 22 23. You are gonna win a three day two night trip to Pinehurst resort. Pinehurst North Carolina Roger for airfare for your in your to guess I'll explain your accommodations at Pinehurst resort including hotels meals. All kind of swagger to you as well. This is going to be the trip of a lifetime for yourself. And we did well I don't know how we work this thing out and got love Pinehurst for jumping in with us we love them they jumped in with poll. Feet hi gang you're gonna get the play Pinehurst number two. Which is. More single golf championships than any other golf course in America we also gonna get to play the cradle. Which is a nine hole short course. Courses that word that's just a lot of fun to play. As well but here's the deal we're gonna have for winners. And if your winner know what you get to do select to friends. If you which sounds great but it also Majorly tough spot badly usually have different if you French culture that is great for you if you have more than two really good friends. Good luck but you're only bring to so that would mean you enjoy your friends at street view. Each reviewed before winners then we'll have to their friends what I meant tray you'll Timor of one group I won't team with a group. My son multi with a group into guts from eleven charged there's time if there's. Well and if he's been. Will team with a group as well all have those four for some golfing. Dear a June 22 at tigers are you kidding me at Pinehurst number two here's what you need to do. Follow shekel going our Twitter handle this all about Tweety I have to tweet us. And you have to put the hash tag golf with GW contest. You get one. And tree and one entry only he could do it from now until Friday may 25 what entry you just twist. Note that Texas had to twist your words. But aura about her but that would be bad bill would you and let's it's really really good because let's be honest they're looking for three things in these entries yes we are creativity yup. Home which I mean some into our marketing team. And the manic alignment of some basically. He aligned with how one think the show another would what do you think the show is where you think the show is make it like to show. You pseudonyms on our elected and I like occur our creativity and out of the box thinking now from royal. And up so you can tweet tweet to us a photo of video or just to put whatever you want. But at tackle going go past tag golf with GW contest. And four winners bring to friends we airfare and a premium accommodations golf's wag its gonna be great or were actually used to be goofing off the entitlement drinking beer at the umpire. Yeah. I'm gonna need you guys to go ahead and talk about it for us all about it in parade. OK Sylvia yeah there's going to be false web after Germany during trust us yeah. There'll be false and the obstacle course will be the overturned green space was upside down teco yeah I've been a violent golf balls for the court to let alone has been alleged really quickly brought death and what in my finger or whatever you're talking about Intel is I want to be very careful not play Pinehurst number two via your best television for him. Are great no question about that I am great man wedge critical to be a great top ledge. Critical to be a great time again get the entries in by Friday may 25. Four winners you to bring to friends three nights. Three days two nights. Everything taken care of at Pinehurst yet you. Heating mean absolutely going to be a ball who's ever and I we're gonna win this notion of the other thing go to remember you get one shot a one shot one. Shot one shining moment now if you will make major drastic shock yeah. By the way we're gonna finish the show where we started. We're gonna settle the most important debate we ever had and science. Has entered into the equation or god. What would you be doing if you weren't in the sports broadcast industry I think there's any doubt I'd be doing more involved there. Well there's no doubt about it porn name scroll through gargantuan. Kid mental users aren't really need that what. We in the what yes to question the question yeah sure you thank. Knows who the problem and I don't see why a British surprise that's the business idea and if there wasn't a less obvious pretty darn obvious problem I think everyone has ever been a locker room with you might disagree. Source says Roger Riddell may is small business month and to thank you for all your hard word Dell is offering up to 40% off select PCs with eighth. Gen Intel Core processors. This call 877 by Dell to speak with a small business technology advisor today 877. By. Dealt okay. So I think we finally come to an understanding. Of how we you hear what you hear in the zoo won't get to that in a minute. But it's been very confusing New Guinea laurel for right right right here is living proof that that's not the only thing that's confusing first or wanna say right out in front. I love this guy yacht works for us how to mourn NFL I bunch great reporter right but the headline on the espn.com article says. Josh Rosen impresses coast Lyman was first team showing. And you're like well. Just frozen or moving up the good first team getting first team reps yeah no TA easily then there are veterans their deaths so that's. That's a never gets to headline a day from Josh what was one of our great deaths and information reporters are you read a headline like that ordeal and valuable community article let's get a check and then down it says here are starting quarterback Sam rapper was given the day off and his backup Mike lemon left practice within the first twenty minutes after vomiting on the field there you go. So also there are two quarterbacks laughed yes on the roster there it was one of Josh Rosen now and the other was an undrafted rookie quarterback Chad. And yet cut off and we're both in Chad cut off. So I was returning goes to Josh Rosen who started over Chad right. And the headline is that Josh got the first Abrams exactly love that. Josh we look. Josh Rosen we love you just wind bushel we love you. But sometimes the article does not exactly what's said in an ally man who has leads us to the headline of the day I hop yeah any her Twitter right so we've put this out of gold doing go what I don't laurel you and your laurel SR. Imus that a group and a 61%. Said laurel 39% said Guinea and here's the sound. Loral Loral yeah. Now see when I hear that our you're a high pitch to screaming yeah yeah I hear a normal. Voice two persons saying laurel okay so this is where it gets interest and are our good friend Kevin the Gandhi right now hosting the six us ports and was staged deal re tweeted something where this guy broke it down and he said basically it depends on whether you hear high frequencies. Or low frequency OK so. Run the stormy here yeah I think the low frequency is first and mrs. if you hear low frequencies this what it sounds like view. Yeah laurels. Right laurel. And do that but if you hybrid. About. You hit did you hear the difference that I surge did have oil when we're out what it was a high pitch are you any right I I think that's what it is I think I've never one time. Heard it say laurel in that low toe right I have always heard the high toned did Eagles play again again. If you hear high frequency so you're gonna hear ye any everytime. If you have you received low frequencies. You're gonna hear it more as laurel so let's start if you hear our low frequency in laurel and then you'll hear a high frequency Jiri. On the back end. Yeah laurels. Laurel. More old. More old. A yeah. A short while that's for sums it up I think better than anything else because I never heard moral. I heard ye into all irony in the more see I never heard that what all I heard while being sort does that mean I mean there's freak and I did yeah I'd sit here and talk sports now let me ask that the broom. Could they were all horror warlike you know right having heard that way Brett has delegates are with you did you take all the member body through put false start with you did you hear any when you're at that time your your line. Legs that you just outlined to you know you still don't hear you and who's he says two of the I was there all on. I tried to give you chance Devin Devin I did hear yeah yes you did here again yeah stands at. I've heard any effort Loral Loral more often enough community is Alley an Alley did you hear yeah me that he did not just owner Danny and now I've still versioning show killer Bret let me show producer researcher brat brat of algae hero star. What did you hear ye any of that time. I've heard it both ways bowl time OK I have never once heard more and tell they broke it down in that pitch that's atrocious and I heard moral but the whole time. I found his measly year in the end what I release Thursday scientific reason for that what was the reasoning did we ever get a for the dress thing that obviously something with your rise in and blue collar you see or dementia. Yeah it's all science prize that well listen. I'm just happy that our good friend Kevin a Gandhi. Can sort of brought some sort of understanding to viscous people like left who is you know what's the real pro stock and you know he's still what do you say opera. I'd say the science on the dress things that there is full spectrum of colors and DC the first trailer wanted to like it was old and his Achilles in my second thank you print you very much. I don't they must stand six mad back there because. We have had this article in like at 240 page article in front of all morning long explains all thing. And you know what nick got the X it is perfectly displayed better as one clears the page that is ridiculous article you reported part of us as a blood to big words on all these scientific things that nobody wants to read you've been asking all day for the answer it's been in front view the entire yes but no it did not know what I want to read it don't you need music producer know your hosts yeah that's right take an eight page article in at one and all and I donated a part notary you know that you didn't do is go far off my friend yeah. Well here's what I was at their of their visual learners and there are no audio learn enough. You could split it's me that way deficits blamed by the way you could explain it broke me right a hundred times what having heard it that way now. Again one last time. Yeah Danny you here in high pitched laurel you here view your low pitches. It's. More old. More old. Yeah. The I never heard moral and tell them if I had my normal five Beers during a show I'd definitely heard that except you had seven wins. Sort of went to rebel checkpoint we got twenty seconds left we take you tonight rockets or warriors fighting warriors are going to wounds I look at warrior Celtics finals we're headed in that directory RI will also go with the wars they come up on tomorrow the newest member of him on a global boom Jason Witten institute got it's sadly clip will be here and so line.