Hour 4: Jimbo Fisher

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, December 6th

Golic & Wingo talk with Jimbo Fisher about his departure from Florida State to Texas A&M and then play another edition of Over/Under and more.


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It was interesting what what gets traction sometimes on really talk about. The idea of toasting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches has been a huge decision as it to a lot of new. I'll start with Doug our own. The head coach in Jacksonville who who. Says after a game we likes it by himself Bologna a fried Bologna and cheese sandwich would I would like to mustard and I'm cool with that. A final that the value right turn to Pete about enjoy it I don't host my bride which you see you understand the milky goodness completely undid all the nooks and crannies with the better really goes off into bizarre O world war sometimes think people tweets that just to get a reaction Kregg tweets. Best and whichever Peter Carter and tuna no Peter Carter baloney. Baloney okay peanut butter and mustard. Now I do it sounds almost like continents and which it it's it's terrific that's a wish him which you wish you had to meet their ego that's that's but if you like your ballpark you're Joey McIntyre on just his eye doctor and Edith. But I yeah I mean Peter about a jolly guy no doubt about it. Real quickly or had a peanut butter Frito banana sandwich I've had Peter butter and banana not a freedom or freedoms and that really I've not done that really reliable talk a little little everything was probably not the best for you have a goal or imagines a big Jim looks good symbol it's safe food truth of it is probably not more apologist supposed to happen to both visual join us a little later on goal dwindled but Peter King. On the Monday Morning Quarterback had an interesting. Sort of comment here about what it takes to do well in New York City if your manager or coach. They said the new GM and coach cannot be as media averse as Jerry Reese and then Mac if you were this is new York New Jersey. These guys cannot hide for 363. The three or 65 days a year restart twice a year that's absurd. Mac you treated press sessions like root canal claimants without nova kaine. The point being Asia to be able to relate to these people. And now we have our own Aaron Boone. Right now would be the new general manager of the Yankees what's important in dealing with the very media savvy a manager yeah. Media meeting AM a deliver media savvy crowd. Is it how to deal with them how to deal with the players and the team itself well listen obviously. At the end of the day type deal with the players because if that that's gonna have an effect on what goes on in the field yet to be able to manage those players so. I think that's important but obviously how you deal with the media especially in New York. And and I to media key as you control the situation. Right I mean you can go Parcells control the situation. Parcells controlled press conferences. You know he didn't let people dictate to him what was going on. He wasn't as re action aerial attack he would be proactive and I was her mom was a we're talking to us about home one time I think one of the things terms federal. Before I went out there he would ask the PR guy what's the hot topic now read a lot of times you'll know what it is but sometimes. As you got their every single day you're so it's gone I felt exactly innings on what's hot topics oh. And and her would be told that he go up their heated Dresser right away. You're kind of take the edge off right away before they start strong question jury so to meet. That's the key and they do so many and then you think of Aaron Boone how many times he's going to be part of the media but I think the big key for a coach slash manager is you control. You you know you know coaches or managers love to send their agenda through the media to players but you control that situation. Yeah and bill control that in one to me he headed adversarial relationship Jesse I know he always talk Adams guises as a sort of espionage and counterintelligence. And that asking questions that's sort of talking out subterfuge. And conversion from within you know you guys are undermining but it being. He he they knew who he was and he knew that it was. And and Herm also. Mean this is how firm control. You play to win the brigade. You know he got out there and laid it out there today made his statements but you know we obviously know there are some media that are tougher than others in New York it actually can be. You have to know that going in so you have to decide kind of how you wanna. Wanna deal with the situation but to me it's about you control you control. What's gonna happen there or how your going to answer questions and because they'll pick up on a quickly well. He won't go to this he will go to this I'm trying to get him to go to this and that if he starts to open the door a little bit calmer charm burrow in there to ask more questions so. To control the situation as best you can. And Aaron boots introductory press coverage as the new manager of the Yankees will take place at noon today I believe so we'll see how he handles that you we have some fun with. Chuck but I guess Holtz a couple weeks ago talking about. His all the losses like Groundhog Day it was lost completely all the members of the media they didn't see the movie than it remember it. He actually gave members of the colts meet up copies of Groundhog Day all today besides motor hear do address is what I'm talking about today confines of general. So we are presented by progressive insurance a fungus showed us in the shall pencil performance line a jumble Fisher will be joining us shortly and that's going to be an interest in one right I mean. Kimbo did very well it was with Bobby Bowden forever. At Florida State and then he was the head coach when national championship there now moves on to Texas saint Tammany he gets himself into not only the SEC. As the host of the ACC but the Texas dynamic. Having gone to school contact it is a different deal OK there's there's the conference that your in that pet and M is now right. But there's also the state that your recruiting in which. However you want a slice it if Florida Texas California Pennsylvania New Jersey these are the hot beds to the states were most of these athletes come from. And it is a cutthroat business noddle trying to get. A players from different SEC schools but trying to out Texas Texas. Well listen I completely agree but but this is a guy Campbell Fisher who were at Florida State you're walking any home in the country. Whether it's in Florida or whether it's in California. Employers know exactly who we is and we coaches for so. He's a guy I don't think that's ever been intimidated by where he is an and I know that's not the what you were saying no. He's got you know for for guys like Scott frost. Who have been head coach in power five schools to go from UCF not a Nebraska and could be trying to poll. Five start talent you know from some of the other big schools out there back could be back Nabil differ for Jim he's used to doing that. So the college coaching carousel has been amazing warm up for the first woman opened up. Tennessee still wary the last one looking still looking you know what I know they got a couple of second interviews looks like they're brought the rock of it David interviewing different defensive coordinator from around the country and probably the area. That they're going to goal looks like Arkansas is close to Chad more us there the coach at SMU big high flying offensive. Minded coach at Oregon now obviously retire court of Florida State that opened up we'll see how quickly they fill that high point at UCF so everything's getting filled. Except for Tennessee and one of the reasons that you open up the job as early as you did he so you can start looking for replacements and then I'll gonna be the last past. In this latter of trying to get ahead coach so it has not been a great situation for them. A for Texas and they get a guy and Kimball Fisher who. You know you wonder the last few years was he looking to get out of there and then you give it a different another offer from. Florida State at some point for a states as you know we've reported by its given all we can give him. Knock out do you know because. We considered sale it's not about money but some of it is about a month horses and ten for 75. And I'm a lot of money that's it is about a lot of money's coach you'd still obviously a big time school at a different conference on the FCC's so. I really wanna ask you know how it all because that that's the main concern for me you leave your players and what kind of a situation now. By the eligible visual we joining us a few minutes on goal can we go we've we've been talking about up peanut butter and jelly and how you like great and I like strawberry got an open poll. It's 5050 right now is really 100 race and strawberry destroyed 5050 it also yes or no on a Bologna sandwich. Also 55 no way that they're both fifty fit over 11100 votes so another words I think we've really. Sort of delve into the hot button topics that people are really concerned about why at all fifty. With great and strawberry and 5050 with the weather your Pro Bowl earlier anti baloney so keep those going in want to support an amazing on the one at a flowers dot com Twitter feed it just. Disobey blogs and I went to Baylor University when that was the old south was not so there I was there during the heyday of SMU. Payday or load it'll be on a look at it right right of Tony XS one of the great thirty for thirty's of all time and I came to remove the coach was but just how competitive in speaking to a gym was getting into. Not only with the SEC but in recruiting in Texas. It was national signing day I came with a coach was. And they thought they had this guy committed. And the guy called today imports and actually going to this other school I don't wanna name the schools going get it wrong and the coach said but you'd never even set foot on that campus. And the the players and I just feel it be more comfortable now how we're now. This is a lot gone under or nine schools I think in the also was conference eight of on the Texas. And one in Arkansas now and everybody knew what was going on sure and you know you would just it was a family thing that you were trying to out compete. Whether it was tech or SMU or rice or Texas or Baylor a enamored Houston. Arkansas. I mean it was the all culled from the same pot. You know and and that's that's the different dynamic with tax. Well yeah I agree with apple look we're Jim bouquet from him is he dealing with there oh absolutely you know Florida and Florida State. All try to get and Florida as one of the best the states there is as far as five tar five start talent. In the country so. You know there's there's the negative recruiting aspect you wanna think that was going on. So I don't I don't really personally don't think there's any thing. Knew he's going to see recruiting you know based out of Texas anyway isn't floor where it is a hotbed for great athlete any another. Big time schools there as well Woolsey you know Tom gal that they're as a there's been a lot of changes in big schools this year this is one of the was I can't remember a long time were major schools don't have changed coaches and it took it seems so commonplace right now that I wonder for all getting numb to it will yell about it for awhile. Will say it's unfair to the players the coaches can just leave whenever they want and the players are stuck there are and then we just kind of move on from merry go on to the next thing. Absolutely speaking of moving on as were waiting for Jim both Fisher call him he'll be with us in a minute. One of the best players in college football or when James the I guess you call the safety played every position does. All on for the seminoles is gonna go in and be an NFL draft. Thus sort of continuing the pattern we saw last Jewish Christian McCaffery when afford it. Skipping the bowl game. And you know. For a guy like James who's gonna be a top ten pick them up more than likely in the draft and it's not a national champion she can you understand this right you understand. It's a slippery slope like get it but. If you you have to look for the kid for the next ten years not the next. Too much it'll be interesting where the line gets strong because the two guys who talked about. Last year format McCaffery we saw where they went all the tough on guys and and both doing well. And you look at the guys this year so James going to be a topic. Elliott when there's three from Texas Elliott the safety he's consider what no first or second rounder Williams Williams got on to Lima considered first rounder. We're so we're relying go so you don't you wanna protect that how about because again a lot of these guys they can. Apply to the NFL and give a grade. All the all plied the NFL and the recent back where these NFL and these are these are people who look at their tape and project where they think they'll get drafted. So for guys in the mid Russ and I guess I'm trying to figure out. Where you would decide if you're mid round guy. Would you still want to protect yourself and not play in the bowl game or. Would you say you know or it's one more game that I can get on tape that I can show scouts of how I can play. Authorities say I've they've got enough for me I tape I'm just gonna train because the com by two extremely important maybe more important than we think it is. So I just wonder where we're gonna see alive shook as we've already seen more than last year of guys that are skip and a bowl game. And I think that is going to going to keep happening I'll be really curious as to the number of players. That's skip their bowl game ushered in a bowl game start what next Friday right I mean are coming up. So all the you know there's been word out there and I don't think we've had a definitive word yet about Bradley Chubb. One that he won an ogre skew war's top defensive player is he gonna play in his team's bowl game there are reports he's going to report she's not going to. We haven't heard yet and work with children try get some of these guys I'd just to talk about who baseball too. What or who was their counsel in deciding this to not go into the ball game as I said. I don't think I could ever done it. But I can understand. Why they're doing it I can understand the thought process of I would have a very hard time doing it. But I understand the thought crossed behind these guys if they're talking to their team and telling their team what they're going about and tell their coats and it's time for them to move on. And by the way der when James from Todd which is just put up his a top 32 prospects you mister Bradley Chubb Bradley job is currently ranked fifth by Todd McSherry. And we don't know what's going on with him in North Carolina State but there when James is skipping. The ball game. I he is the sixth best prospect according to Todd Mitchell he had been fives are basically he had shot just left and giving with James is he's already had an injury. I mean he added tore the lateral meniscus in his left knee in the same game a 2016 received a medical redshirt so. I think if you already been down that road and with the Andrew I'm sure weighs more on you you know we saw what Robin that would Jones Smith a couple years I in the in the Fiesta Bowl. I go back to that game because that was the amount of players drafted. Note too that put Ohio State right euros on the fuel prostate George both so well not very long he added extra yards per core I was there are watching game streak Elliot yep. I mean. I think that year I think when with a twelve or fourteen player for house they got drafted and I think eight or nine for learning it was I think it was like 1920 something like some. Ridiculous number between those two teams. And nobody checked that came out front you know they all played it and you saw jailers Smith who would have probably been a top five pick. And we noticed that we're we were figured out it costs are probably about nineteen million dollar and now we see what's happening forward. You mentioned nineteen million dollars or merit taken nineteen and raise it to 75 okay because we are delighted to be joined now are here on Goldman by the new head coach. Of the Texas a and M Aggies Jim both Fisher. I Jumbo congratulations on the move it's been a whirlwind for you the last six or seven days can unique sort of encapsulate what this is all been like in making the big transition for. From Florida state College Station. Well they have to use decisions because the other children a place that I luck at all at this late hour. The opportunity to come up a light that it is spotted something that it was very good viewed differently situation back in love there have. Great you know admiration or respect that is that the bank or going out here expect that. That doubt but are there are certain curt situation I think it not go back chip in so early special called it art. And listen what we will all know it's where we don't have to be rocket scientists understand that the money was fantastic did the deal is a great deal and nobody should know should be ashamed of saying oh you know it's always not about the money. There's a lot of money you got a lot of money so vet said what are some of the other things what with the other things that made you make this decision to leave Florida cigarette tax and go. I think first migrate relationship with the athletic director on that in order state but it would go back forty years. And we were together LSU when we got that thing turned around at it that aren't always direction he was great deal Washington it. Illustrate ought not in a great job got their program back on track and I knew he had become an ear that there. As far as before you have money. You have a great record pace. Before we I look look even more force are for her after there how I want a battle Vick as one of the things that. I always had said when a coach Lisa schoolers. Or the one thing he's got to do one where others he's got to talk to the players in my opinion. And so it can you explain how that route went for you'll when you decided to go all and in talking how you to if you talk to requires how you talk to players and how that way. Now we editing bailout why not coach gable Friday and today. Got a rare but it takes this article at the opera I'll decide those are our current it market Beckett is there's nobody thought it best I would joke about it. Brock 113012 o'clock. Somewhere in that range and we sit down and talked about it economic decision that we want or know what was don't know how I even I dealt him that. Then I would go directly to our team meeting at 2 o'clock at double wire walk in and apple orders and it. One that it somehow it got half a minute before that which properly. I don't know word got out ballot going to tell the players and it was a very emotional tough decisions about all the it does it state a low demand and I was. No it really happy just briefly that I wanted to at a team meeting at 2 o'clock. Detailed lawyers expect but all are always the toughest. It is because you have to risk relationships and you still want them to do extremely well you would gain what OK you hope they have the success you. And that was it I mean that's how that all things transpired there. Manageable Fisher with a single do we go one of the reasons we ask that question obviously was the quarterback Dioner friend's father puts him tweets out that he was upset about that did you get a chance to talk to him. Physically I thought. I called under you what an enemy. Calling the talk. I did label bad that I let that not content direct leapt out eighty. About and it started about forty minutes later. Utley that get younger and now I ain't got you injured eighty at the lacked nothing there he let not in that directly cockpit what played at eight. And that you know he's a great Q and you doubt Bobby rehab or some academic. But he did not know anything I don't know what it I didn't know I'll let that we had thought it currently called the beating due to it and that's why app and I laptop all the players that actually we shouldn't dejected look them in dialogue that's. That's why we're back. And I'm sure I'll a lot of players wool wool wish you well say thanks for the time their butt. I'm sure you also understand if there are players that are upset not only the fact that you know you recruited a man named Emanuel left but then. They don't get a chance to do anything as well just kind of the whole situation so I'm sure you can understand that side of the corn as well. We do idealist and I've got about fifty on the you know were very understood everything we can't give the bank. Understand they waited they make very similar situation just enough grit to like or whatever right now exactly bode well. But let the light of all Greg Garrett era is great competitor you don't go to Australia. And it you'd understand that and in a mostly we opt opt a lot of our players that are tacked back Orton had a good or without that whole scenario but you know what ports that support this bank debt college back. You're such a great point you brought up there and I agree regarding kids today understand these eighteen year old when you're going early. Yeah they understand so. From a coach's standpoint when you go in the living room now that it used to be this cell was I'm going to be there for your kids the whole time. Is that still a sell because it has changed a little bit or is it a different conversation. I have correctly people out when Wendy got never people always this is spent part of coaching is just the beginning of tar I mean. All your great coaches that most government have my decision to open and today I think it much ordered estate forty years because. Pressures and the money and everything that goes with it the same time Abdullah back up desperately they're at they'll plaintively at about the psyche or operate. I think this place you can stay FBI are and that. The resources and the reported commitment they have. Being great epic is tremendous not that you did have a report they they were just it just yet actual like that accused Iran you don't plan on being here your whole top Indian. That's deter. America and am hoping you're there for all ten years there's no question about that they literally rolled up the maroon carpet for you when you landed in College Station and kimbo before you joined us I was talking to a bit I went to school in Texas down a Baylor. When was old southwest conference and you're there there's two things now that you're sort of dealing with the candidates in the SEC. But there's also that instate rivalry in Texas which are so much to so many of those kids you know whether it's Texas or Baylor. Our our Houston RAM. I mean it it is a real thing to try it out Texas every other school in that state. No doubt that governor somebody school somebody great school to playing great football and you know I thought ought to read this. And I cook wrote association that they're unbelievable. And what they do it out of the current lawyers and it is an unbelievably competitive world that it has built up. Have you I've got to where I don't know if have you met with the players yet there if you have what you say or at what so what what was the first message that you had for them. There we we we expect to be great and editors that there's a way which well it is saying and an eighty well it won't approach a bit as the process how well it is saying that or be committed to be accountable and or think that which we do in that. But they they understand that they wanna be great also again. Not right now quicker in turn out letting technical that are here or coached okay now or stay out of that let you doubt they are they don't have it is okay with. And also have a heart rate went in about it Charlotte. Well listen not number one thing that you feel like you need to do right out of the gate at Texas a and M. I had to get this program going in the right direction is what Jim Ball. Well I think first are you get connect a player very quickly got thank you got to reach out coaches. Dakota association in and make some incredible throughout this state that people value and I you or run your program. That relationship with the coaches and players but they're the lifeblood oak. Appreciate it coach very much so you got a big wardrobe change account and up for it yet different colors but same thing your coach in football and best of luck I'm sure we'll talk you'd on the road. I Jimoh ever on my door here support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home Walt. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. 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On next when you had Jim wanted to ridiculous if you feel that way about it do something. Did you know you're who. Coach has every right to do what they're doing every right to do we're saying this if this isn't gonna change asked to change on the side of the player right not to change on the side of the poked. They have a right that there's nothing stopping them from doing what they're doing you may not like it. But there are allowed to do that the players are restricted. So the talk is should the players be less restricted. Because of this because the coaches get them over on the taco that changed so. It's up on the coach's side though you may not agree with a coach leaving the school going for another job but they have a right to do it that's not going to change we're talking about from the other side. Exactly the point we made earlier and it's not something that jumble Fisher can address. The question becomes a round the NCAA and school administrators wanted to make that change I don't think they ever won't make I don't think they want to we're glad we both we both feel what's good for the coach should be good for the players. And there are those on the other some on the other side and I am not complete freedom players you've got to be careful of going too far just having complete bedlam of letting a player. Goal whatever you want to leave one every watch bought. You know should there be some stipulation when it because the thing that that the NCAA falls back on all the time as all of the student athlete. An athlete should choose who's your quote that I did you choose her school for the school not the coach got a solar. I mean that they're choosing a lot would then if that's the case and then. You you know. You're you're choosing get a lot of times you may love the school like I loved Notre Dame a brother Bob went there marveled at Greg was going that I love Notre Dame. But the high percentage of people are looking at the coach and where that can take them. Soul then all of a sudden back coach isn't there anymore. So we're saying should that be something that the players should do should that player or of art school loser coach have to fill city year while coach can just sleep talking about the other side of the players' side now from the coach aside and. By the way why do you think one of the biggest reasons Herm Edwards is in Arizona State because that guy can go into a room death and seals the deal. That's why I mean that's one of the biggest reason Germans looked. He's been great coach all the kind of stuff. That's the bottom line. You go listen to her members talk you gonna blown away yet and that's that's the thing yet I sort I tried to. We kept something to play for you out over under brought to buy Amazon music unlimited for a limited time only sign up today and receive three months. For 99 cents at Amazon.com. Slash music unlimited. Over under. With the Lincoln wind down. Start with the big Heisman Trophy vote that's going to be going on this week and over a 191. Point six. The percentage of votes baker mayfield receives for the Heisman vote. By the way that number we just didn't pick and out of thin air the highest ever percentage by a winner that was Troy Smith back in 06. I don't think he goes over that I still say it's going to be under Bryce love and Lamar Jack yeah the other two Lamar Jackson where last year thought I do figure will still be under that well look. It's kind of like though baseball writers for the hall of fame has ever been unanimous right for whatever reason I think that's the dumbest thing ever if my thanks so much should be and they should be and and just because somebody else hasn't done it doesn't mean I got this guys are doing it but I agree I think that thinking whoa. Will be part of this I think he'll be under by the way the odds he's wanted to wanna be at the half erratic I think dead Jackson's forty to one. I think that priceless fifteen to one he's one to 21 to. One yet so what's the reason it's very heavily for it set up for him to do this a setup bring you would think. Have a higher pursuits he's he crosses a threshold OK next up on over under three and a half. Quarterbacks taken before. Baker mayfield in the twenty team to some of these other quarterbacks Josh Rosen Sam Arnold Josh Allen Mason Rudolph as well from Oklahoma State. Track I think it's going to be under I think it's going to be under I I think Baker's picking up a lot of steam I think there is a train of thought in the NFL. That now he doesn't have a prototypical size at 61 about 220. But there is the thought process that if they think he makes the right and that's the key. As you make the right decisions that you can't just pick a guy because he can make something happen on the run even though that's what Russell Wilson's luxury Buick. But there's trust in Russell Wilson to make the right decision from the pocket as well Rita defense since he was going on. If they feel baker may feel can do that as well. What we're seeing in the NFL's we're seeing teams start to. Put their playbook row with the talents of quarterback a little bit which seems to be a Smart thing to do. By the Baker's gonna move up a little move up some in the eyes of the GMs in the NFL and I think that's going to be under. He I'm glad you brought up that ominous say yeah ominous say under as well. But I'm glad you brought the Russell Wilson comparison because obviously we're seeing him do. This year what he did in 2012 and 2013 and Tony fourteen running around for his life presently. A because of the offensive line interest of people forget and 2015 when they started own two. And they came back to make the playoffs through this latter half of the season Russell Wilson had more passes touchdown pass from pocket than any quarterback in football so we know he can do that. Other question then becomes for baker mayfield. We we've seen that can he work within the structure of the pocket going for especially not as tall as you'd like privacy right that's going to be a big question for him OK next topic over under. One and a half teams you'd favor over Alabama in the college football player. If this premier beyond area would be Clemson. And I think that would be it for me because a lot of find out early because our plan Clinton's. One of the reasons I'm going under and just taking one and that's even that's even close. Is because nick Sabin. Weeks to prepare. When the big things is getting players back who were nicked up getting big getting them more healthy for this game. He's a tough guy to bet against so I I would go under in this industry one. Well there's a very Belichick in approach that right do you give that guy more time to repair odds are gonna take advantage of it you know what. I'd go over because I wanna CK us I wanna see all this kind of stuff happened plus I do believe. That dam as good as they've been their defense isn't as dominant as the last couple of years. And they've got to find ways to get more plates plays and points in the passing game rental you know both Scarborough is gonna run over you NPR will be scared him. And all that kind of stuff but Jill Hersh has got to find a way to make some more plays in the passing game if they're going to be at that national championship team again I need to see that. And maybe in the semi file form willing to say it's under Obama handled that and I won't want to a number four. All of this. Over under nine and a half wins until the cavs next loss they're going for thirteen straight tonight which would tie the franchise record right here are their next. I ten opponents kings pacers sixers hawks lakers jazz wizards bucks balls and then the warriors may be with the without staff courier Christmas are. Efforts fail underwriters see them going 121 game winning streak here according to game winning streak I see a drop in one and there are so I'll I definitely seek. Under at that point they're playing really good ball right now but I don't I don't see continuing to debt pace. Are limited to say over to say another ten wins in a row I don't see that I think they'll drop one before that's why don't I go under an excellent all go under their. Because this team is not that team from Miami a few years ago the 120 seven's every night that they're just not built that way of doing amazing things. And LeBron at his fifteenth year in news. Ridiculous. At the things he's been doing but I think I'm gonna go under as well discuss I think there's going to be in a company. Somewhere along great but again they go for the record tying tonight. Two a type of our franchise record or a real quickly over under two and a half the number blown these images you've beaten. All alone in your tab that is so far over I can't even but the caveat being alone. Yeah several like steal Malone absolutely I've I've been at home whether it's growing up I in the house or when I was out and you know and just were born in a house or just make me a sandwich and you sit down he did watch TV alone absolutely I think I would go over it was 25 not two and a half of all or tore I don't I don't view over which yeah would have yeah I. I love this idea. But it was admitted it like 1010 and half Hillary to a half was way way low where I'm sitting there watching TV the Bologna sandwich with a nice cup nice glass I beg you to win once hitting well that's. It's. There usually we need to think about that we were going in the number of city and about the number of servings instead sitting. If you been to the mall recently I'm sure you noticed everyone is coming down with holidays fever. Luckily 1800flowers.com. Makes finding the perfect gifted joyous occasion right now 1800 flowers is giving our listeners a special 24 for 24 offer. Tony for holiday lights roses for just 24 dollars that's only a dollar per rose to order Tony for holiday lights cruises for only 24 dollars. Go to 1800flowers.com. Slash window that's 1800flowers.com. Slash wing go Ari offerings Wednesday supporter now aren't we Roland go. Do we go wrapping up on Wednesday on now we had some fun. Throughout the show and great tweets by the Wear gold going to play great job by everybody on the Olympic Committee barring Russia sold the Russian if they're Russian athletes that wanna compete get to compete. Basically as country neutral exactly and they they have to play the international Olympic theme song I wanna man of no Russian flag and no Russian anthem so we expanded it to say if you were to win a gold medal for any country where there any country. And you got to choose the music you wanted to play. As you were on the podium what would you choose right with some great answers just a day crazy train. I don't stop me now real champion Jimmie how it's like me now or so I forgot there again this offer to cry kids. Oh yeah. I did we just played all it is we got the best done a better. I've got a that you said that you wrestler right. I was I was a wrestler and I've always said I would take an Olympic in any sport. An Olympic gold medal over a Super Bowl anchor football a sport played all my life. One of those who will never got it but if I do choose I would absolutely positively choose being on the podium at the Olympic to a gold medal. Remember we're supposed to have a good time on the 21 to September every year because a wounded fired told us to love that that was Phnom well that that was great would that be playing on the polar I would add the whole crowd. How would be rocked him yeah everybody and John Zhang would beyond downhill you're Coke happened is what you had. That is tocchet yeah but that thing and it rental deal that was lawfully Gerri great job but would the morning I'll say yeah. Total war well what is beautiful curling Curley who you feel Balco were saying what can the our summer and Winter Olympics Campbell were not even an event. One of like it couldn't give I think it is for this point that's absolutely for this point that's the kind of fits the show ha so okay if you would you could have picked. Europe's sport to win that in a play that musical wouldn't all our pick Russell and listen. I loved wrestling would have been fun with a bit you know old Stefan when I would have taken I loved wrestling. Without question as much as football but there was no. Future for me in wrestling past I wrestled a Nora and past college. As I said my brother we're it was a better wrestler thought about the Olympics in Hebrew was already. In the NFL with the law over things they fantastic. Fantastic sport and OK real quickly because we are we gonna pay this off that we did over and we have one bonus for you. One and half ground suspension for the hit on two Davies went over under. Listen I understand because of my guy friends who got one game Mike Evans had Marcia latter mourn the Bakken and after the play situation so I completely agree. And understand the one game. Tom. Again in comparison to our local and juju Smith Shuster it sounds like it should have been more but. The box they were put in with Mike Evans I completely understand the one game. Up because of them of precedent sets are again that's something to be figured out will see what happens going forward by the way to make sure you're a witness tomorrow guess sort of the good ones Wenzhou guts will be here throughout beef Stew I'm sure he's angry about many things where you talk about that Adam will be here as well they would get into that talking about that and rams quarterback Jared got all four bloody showdown what are a year bench. Just what a year big showdown off once the top two. Taking a couple years look afford an actress flasher everybody who is cast him aside important what does he done since and we got to leave it the way we just did. September we'll looks at them Michael its anthem music ladies and gentlemen thanks for being with us another day in the books go and wing go we will CU on Thursday. Body on everybody. Computer execute twelve point four. Optimizing algorithm running encryption package help goodnight tonight. I don't feel so good what what is a computer is it hot in here it feels hot in here I feel a little clip of me. I should lie down or something a computer with a virus. Surprising what's not surprising how much you could see it by switching to get back up those oysters Rockefeller or a stick Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.