Hour 4: Capitals Parade

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, June 13th
Jason Fitz in for Trey. The guys talk about the Capitals parade and then talk with new Pistons Head Coach Dwayne Casey about his new role and more.

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. And all the chaos of the day. One of the things is sort of slipped under the radar is that the raptors. Have hired nick and darts. As their new head basketball coach him for many of you out there scratching your head signal who's nick nurse minute assistant coach for the last five years under. Freshly fired Dwane Casey. Who by the way the pistons picked up and he's gonna join us in about thirty minutes. Nick nurse hired the guy that's been in charge of the offense there but yeah isn't it to recap now the raptors in the offseason. Would no draft picks. No projected cap space and all of their existing players under contract basically through 1920. And they hired be assisting coach. That was part of this organization they got them to wherever they are it feels like status quo is all their students weren't wrong he was over a decade coach in the British basketball league Denny. One. Couple of championships there won a couple of championships as a G league coach and as you mentioned an assistant. We're doing Casey for the last five years worker on the offense all. New voice I guess what I'm trying to think man I mean nothing really is going to be able to change with the team you put a guy. As a coach who's on the staff would then there. They're great regular season this year did what they normally do in the playoffs it to me it just seems more about making a change for making a change things. Yeah it makes you had scratch your head even more at the firing of drawing Khazei who was you know the national basketball coaches association coach of the year. And a guy who all around seemed to be doing a great job a guy who's tremendously respected. Around the league and you give someone who's going to bridge over more of what they were doing you clearly were a fan enough love the changes that were being made so yes I did it change in voice is really about all you can justify here is your decision to go this route not go with a complete over. All you're listening to go to went on ESP radio and ESPN news present about progressive insurance began doing case he'll join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line. And about thirty minutes and again guys like for whatever the NBA's become it's become a constant story throughout the year not just for the regular season. But also for the ability to sort of piqued interest in the offseason I don't feel like most players in generally. Nick nurse is not a guy that that suddenly every free agency normally go plea for knickers and leave your raptors fan you hope that they may change. For some reason to help elevate the club without any draft picks. And without some sort of a head coach that a Felix is a big draw our personality. I don't understand the move yet it's your season be status quo there for awhile and and to work growth. Well we are gonna get too caught up now on what's trending. The big news in the morning. Has to do with football but not not the kind of guy in North America to host the 20/20 six fifa World Cup the US Canada and Mexico. Have a joint bid together there will allow all three of us to share in the coup by our presence that is the World Cup. You know Morocco for a similar in the closest and are the only other conceal lahood I should say how it's gonna breakdown is or is going to be ten game losing candidates had in Mexico the other sixty. Will be in the US the quarterfinals and and and to the end. Will all be in the US with the title game being a MetLife. In Jersey. And that they're saying revenue could be fourteen billion dollars expand the field is normally 32 you're gonna expand 48. Our countries in this self. And it seems VV. If you host you're gonna automatic bid which is unfortunately something we may be looking forward to your view. Yeah I know we're going to be out this year was a tough pill to swallow blood. Giving you not only note we're gonna be involved in the tournament but have it right here on our home turf can be exciting especially soccer seems to be trending in this country right now it's been about as popular as we've seen mother has been the Premier League or other groups abroad as the MLS continues to garner. More and more attention this could time out very well for soccer in the US and hopefully by that point we have a team that's not going to have to worry about the automatic bid highest attendance rate 1994 when the World Cup was here in the US three point six million little rally around the team I'm wearing red white and blue very hard it's one thing independent of the truth phantom of soccer were always do. To do damn well these 2018. World Cup in Russia starts tomorrow and might see your point about what this can mean. Soccer is a sport that especially soccer guy constantly tells us is is going to be huge in American continues to grow and America it does hosting the World Cup I can only think is going to be. A massive advantage for the growth of soccer over the period of the next ten years the fact that we can sort of rally behind this huge international lament. I said this before obviously and 94 you saw oh it was the biggest as far as. Attendance 99 when the women won the World Cup we you know they start a pro league that eventually unfortunately went went under. And I thought and I asked this to soccer person out there because I don't know the answer to this has soccer. Role as fast as you thought it would. With the highest attendance being in 94. With the world the women winning that World Cup you know we're in and which routes really. Put that when I mean that was everywhere branded testing and what she did mean scored the goal in the whole deal. And how great the women have been from that point on has soccer grown as much. As youth soccer person in the United States has thought it should grow I don't I don't know the answer to that and let's globally wrong. I'll solar and approximately by Syrian nationals as well into the process of getting in Nashville I see soccer club which is going to become an MLS team as part of the expansion bid and is so I was the radio season worked on a Nashville was involved heavily in that process. And there's a belief that yes and it's it's grown. And it's growing incredibly quickly and maybe the rest the world is realizing that. Will see in the next few years because the MLS has been aggressive or sit out in their strategies are so they're gonna have to have ticket sales to back that. And and we always talk about the idea of the homegrown American superstar in this produced an opportunity for someone who on this stage while we've got all the attention on our home ground. You do something in cement something that Grozny and we've got guys are like I was a Christian holistic. Day nineteen year old phenom for the US national team right now you've got named Juno can we get more of those by then they can. Ballard audience yeah absolutely it's a star power moment though it's going to be interesting to keep an eye out speaking of star power. Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper. Left Tuesday night's three nothing loss to the New York Yankees. After being hit on the left foot. Buying an 89 mile an hour slider in the eighth inning which by the way would make rely on the ground into a full Peter Griffin for an hour. I am I short or a major hit twice since 2012. He has only been hit twenty times I'm really amazed at that. Result into your results for the same timeframe has been hit a hundred in two times five times more. Then Bryce Harper I I'm I'm still amazed at that stat. Rizzo is also the highest end of this yeah averages during this time period what's the average guy what's the war number that baseline for hits well and and let me ask his above replacement but why why only twenty times I mean. What does that say hey we we keep looking at that sat and it's alarming I just can't figure out. Why he's only been hit twice it's clearly more Agile and result while well when twins quickly sets that they set. You know it's Wednesday in June when an NFL quarterback throwing a football is news but congratulations. That's where we are in the world. But none other than Andrew Luck. I threw a football not a not a regulation of football in the NFL more college football I believe was which is a little smaller Mike you handled the football's most college and pro you you can attest to the fact that they are different size. So there is reason for throwing a smaller ball leading up to a bigger ball or imagined job exactly size where all these things to keep him comparable right now and that's just did this whole process is an and an exercise. Andrew Luck continued discomfort whether it's been setbacks along the way whether it be just how long was process there's. Ever order has been injured and been to rehab talks about where a mentally draining process it is but for injury especially these seems to gone above and beyond what we're used to what we expect the modern medicine were. Earlier today and he had a private throwing so sure frank Reich is coach and asked frank not to talk to anybody about it I think that's work. We should be in this whole thing as man you know we know he's good at the fraud in the opener tracks in the south but don't say a whole lot anymore just just wait for. The production to be there and not say oh yeah now he says he's gonna be their week one but yeah LUU. He's a very enthusiastic guy anyway you know very upbeat and bubbly is as we knowing when he restarts chatting. But as far as anybody else just let's just wait and see till he gets trotted out their week one. Decades he caught up with what's trending I wanna ask you guys in double Angela questions because when you look at his record as a starter the only year he's ever had. With a losing record 2015 it was two and five as a starter only started seven games. Every other year of his career he's got a positive record and there's at least been the perception that those colts teams. Weren't necessarily great team no they weren't an effort that necessarily they weren't and I'm being kind don't you don't have to be there was ads so where is this colts' roster because do we believe that there's essentially a LeBron like a fact. A major luckily he can step on any team no matter in the trash and suddenly make him make an eight. I think it's going to be glisan is far as the south is concerned right now. You have to give it to Jacksonville and there's any doubt about that with what they've done with that yup that's where to see how did Shawn Watson comes back from the injury but they're get defensive help back. Off from injuries as well. By Tennessee. New coaching staff to see how they acclimated to that. And listen I think the biggest. We we talk about Andrew Luck is the biggest name never but they have done a poor job a poor job of putting talent on that team to surround and Andrew Luck. Whether it's offensively or defense of the help they just half now Woolsey if the protection helps with Kelly come on back. Who I liked when they got a couple years ago he's had some injury situations they get court Nelson to play guard to help for that up front and you know that pressure straight up the gut. We'll have to see I don't I don't know if one of the reasons he started playing poorly and and through a throwing interceptor will be made him throw a lot earlier this current number 18 ton. But pressure was coming on him he was running for his life. And thrown the ball late you know he would try and make a play trying to get the ball Bob feel a lot of times trying to do about Iran and it will lead to interceptions so it was a horrible. Kind of formula the whole way through so having him have protection is sit back there and B album actually pat the ball a little bit makers roll let's wait and see if that happens. Clearly and truthfully I don't know if there's enough around him to make this the team that we say oh yes that's the team in the south now because Andrew Luck is healthy. Yet but we just mentioned he did a lot with very before it managed to make it work it's just a matter of if we get that true Andrew Luck there's no one more valuable to what his team could potentially be this year. And that one player of the rest those teams all have other circumstances they're gonna help affect this it's that guy that is going to sinkers limits could you are so I'm gonna go to and says stressing the junior two years sort of neck of the woods in this that. Could you also make the argument right now the Jacksonville as much as we talk about Jackson on their defense in the guys returning. Jacksonville probably hasn't the most solid answers on the offensive line particularly like you know exactly what they're offensive line the site. The colts have tried in the draft I mean they've they've certainly tried to address in the draft they just. Haven't drafted. And then there are people that questioned the titans offensive line one where the other metrics guys say the Conklin Dejuan and got a lot of help low on hold not right now. And then the Texans don't particularly have a great offensive line so that's another piece of this well what we want these young quarterbacks in the AFC south to turn out to be fantastic. I'm not sure we can trust any of the offensive lines in front of them other than Jackson. Yeah and I will say this if if the colts offensive line manages to be healthy they drafted Breeden Smith on Auburn to resign as a higher panicked a guy who's an all American caliber lime in there. If you have Ryan Kelly in quite Nelson pulled back in the middle of that game and that line. You're an offense that was Saturday near the bottom happening 2225. In yards for a our yards per game and rushing. That'll be a worst to first type situation they'll be still markedly better if those two guys are healthy. That battle instantly vault to one of the better groups just by nature adding those two guys in the middle but right now what do you Richard the best line deal with the Jackson go the year with the Tennessee because it tackles in the long Conklin. I think we're Jacksonville did last year it's hard duel for you or are hard to ignore the consistency across the board there. How much do you factor Leonard Fernando in their remains to be seen but it is also Tennessee. It's your music now different changes you have the benefit of Russ Grimm was a guy who would offensive line circles you trusted with the development of talent I thought the things he did. With Taylor lawn and some of those guys. Great athletes that were great talent to the position and became great linemen through the course of their NFL careers those are all groups are going to grossly affect that decision era to era. That's Oleg window on ESP radio and ESPN news I'm Jason fits him for Trace it next in my go to Michael junior were presented. I'm progressive inserts it was a big day in DC yesterday. The capitals championship parade. Did not disappoint you know they're just some cities that are ready to party and DC proved yesterday they work. And this week we've been playing one little piece of this but the party for Alexander Ovechkin has not stopped since it won a cup. And yesterday it was no different. Your captain and player. EP. I don't want them love thing. Before they hear I said not mis it's it just offstage. Okay. I can only imagine that's the same sound them. Unadulterated joy you guys have every morning. That I walk in and you find out than a Morton on the show that. It's a group for comparison Dell com really takes me out of a movie I don't Gretzky just got it. And happened so quickly I've already forgotten the days that they won the Stanley Cup and how many days it's been since a parade but. There is no way he's been sober one day the last time we were so overwhelming. When he held a couple on the ice right. And ever since then giving that locker room and and and through that parade he's been hammered that Europe and. I just love the joy that I get jealous of that I talk about the super all time never getting their because of jealous of those got a never wanted to be there in person watching because they get jealous of those guys. Because as you know Mike in a team sport. These the culmination. Of what it is when the season ends with a championship and you were a lot closer to a time that I once. Being in a title game. Has to be unbelievable so when those guys are all getting together and and enjoying that. The culmination of getting that championship. And how they have done that in Washington for being the first time in the pure joy. Makes me very aired smile but makes me real jealous as well how how they've enjoyed. I just immediacy I mean how we seem cross party after a season I mean it doesn't matter if he wins or loses Oregon you can still go out there have a good time it's down the road like this cements your team in a way that most other things can't we all close bond with guys that we were teammates with both forehand but there's a difference when you point back to. We accomplished all of this would this particular group there's a binding agent it usually on your finger recovered diamonds. That really helps you reflect back on that to waited few other people can. But I can't imagine. I find it insisting you mentioned it sort of the mesa jealous to cede that championship remembering that that's always it's curious to me because. Obviously you played for so long and he puts a much into the game isn't it weird for you to sit there and sort of see the civil at all out of weird. It's not weird at all it's just. I never got there. You know what I'm watching guys try and finish off something that I wanted to do. But I wanted to get there that I wanted to enjoy wanna I wanna to have that moment when a season ended where everything you worked for. Worked. And I knew you were the last team standing. And you got to enjoy that mean that that that's what I'm jealous. I I actually like it and always hit me when I first moved to Nashville and people would say you'll do you watch whatever the awards shows were any any of the voices though they know I don't wanna watch somebody doing everything that I haven't been able to do in my life like it is a really weird piece of of a washing people celebrate when you patrol with life's work into something you know get it. I think that's part of why Ovechkin is taking the world by storm because. How often do we see guys sort of be Blase about the fact that they won a championship PC guy win is like our. On to next year where you know you we're gonna celebrate this but there are gonna focus on what's next. I love the fact that for once we got to guided his shots and they won the Stanley Cup Thursday night so it's been almost a week. They've they've they've been in this party process and the fact he still yelling like that. I'm not just him the others have been should've been but but he gets the focal point of it you know he's. He's been out there the most there's no doubt about it used in the glorious face of this because just try his reputation was priced closely associated. With all of their shortcomings teams so it seems only right that he would sell brilliant guy who just got out of the friends on. Especially coming out how out of friends Oswald on especially coming off of a Stanley Cup playoff that was the highest rated NHL is seen in years there it's really nice Cecile B. Celebrated to this level and continue that story of the capital's day in and day out we talk about how. The NBA's managed to keep your attention for months while hockey is doing that within just by the by the sheer nature of the way he's he's party speaking of attention government. Know how to say it like the difference we talked about in. In parades. We're Golden State you have guys are 13. I imagine that for your title game because the guys on Alabama who reach you so those guys got their third ring right now they went back to back and rise right so is our third wing for some of them and for you guys are awarded been. The first. For obviously your U players on that team and the first for Notre Dame since 1988. So more have been kind of like I'm not saying the guys in Alabama didn't enjoy it. And have their fun and celebrate because they were the last one standing. But they've been down that road before you guys had so I'd imagine it would have been there would have been a little bit of difference in celebration. I mean he was even more commonplace for their fans at that point Irvine of buddy of mine former team and in my Chris Stewart received in the crowd next to a couple Alabama fans early in the game we had a couple calls didn't go our way. There was a player reviewed it clearly looked like a you know Tyler right right our receiver was and are tight and was inbounds. And one of the fans leads over my body goes. All that happened some time in the title game they miss a few of these calls early. And he was like I'll let you would know because every year and hour yeah the last four years southern boy she just and I want to thank Allah Clinton's I do southern delta. They know that will yeah. They're not everybody's being nice on the voicemails by the way 8605065505. Yes I said Bruce is overrated Bruce Springsteen the you can tell us do you think is overrated and apparently some people are mad mad mad at me on this one. Nice guy he is a really excuse the language. Moron I don't give eighties I had police tattoos he's been nominated for grammys so you don't see below from the north sure Mali's. You're allowing your win in life while you are we know what. Like you're angry for some years now he's value I don't really see people in Hawaii that anger how can you be in Maui on and like just out on the beach MB data engine costume while honestly about Springsteen like of Springsteen's not your brother than what you that angry about how exactly did meet someone who put Peabody cup in his legs and a so this time my team make in all of those angry now. Only is this kid karma had about I think he's you know overrated at all costs and other allies are higher are careless maybe the worst. Stinger in the history of mankind and that's saying something having her goal at stake now the band Perry on the other hand lost. Biden and energetic show I've ever mentioned here Tulsa. Put it out I'm not a play that on Larry's case no need to talk about it if I you have siblings and do you can do that wanna go. Patrick has gone extra longer in Alaska break I am glad that that seem any more calls like that as a dog and out. I had deal one in their through Billy's voice and elusive killer out what is demanded that toppled his profession think of the man who replaced him. Will ask him next. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage buy equipment loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and and Al has consumer access dot org number thirty. Thirty your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through bodily Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces the lets a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like Ringo Lloyd on you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with lucky day inns and suites book now LQ Dhaka. Goalie don't we go on ESPN radio and ESPN news I'm Jason fits it tempered trays sit next to my goal link. We're gonna head straight to the shell Pennzoil performance line were we are joined by pistons head coach. Doing KC coach thanks for some time this morning congratulations on the pistons job what was it about that job particularly that you wanted to. Well warned you know you've gotta think who really good core players. There that. Know the organizations put together and Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond is great news Jackson's star within. It's just so and so exciting young players they always mr. player also last year by a poor games than. Unfortunately. I think helped was huge huge issue for Larry's got both. And then Gundy did an excellent job of the world putting the foundation would do well and you know with the scenes of war and it's time there. So that was very attractive. Ownership group. Tom Gordon. And front office suite it's too Ganske and tell him that we're two loses another big part. Although the reason. You know again I enjoyed coaching opportunity. You know and so I knew that it was custody much because you know young family. And you know. England and the fact it could take a year off and try to be without family but I. Nomo why it was pushing the outdoors the back end inspection the boat hit it it so now it was it was a it was need to lose a lot of truth basketball tradition in Detroit. Not go back to the bad boys in. They've done an excellent job with these newly added downtown renovating downtown area. So that's Columbia you know very exciting time went into love into Detroit. More into before you made that decision because as I said you coaches are crazy you know I mean a good way you guys just I mean you do work ethic as a coach. In before the players out after the players. That nowadays you seem more more guys that were in your position. Take a year maybe do some media work you're warned the networks take a year to try to take a breath with the family and all that. How close were you I know you mentioned there a couple times our hope close you'd actually doing that. Well you never renewed it it was close because you know I'd I did that the media swing you know I would ESP you know not think on Friday. No different children. You know and I'm not a fact. I know who it was close they're about to talk to love it Stefanski I think Saturday morning and you know a point about about him then toward taking a year also. Also at all with Tom Gordon Tom called. Baltimore wiping out a long time and just to all the positive things you. Know playing to do. With the organization with the team. And just convince you that news the right thing to do so there's a lot of good coaches got there might teach you know there's a lot of folks it. All Derek goes there are so I feel humble and and that's just to have the opportunity to jump back to end. Our yell and didn't do it still is is that guitar player awhile but. Again not I'm lucky to have the opportunity and excited to be there. We're talking a distance like coach Dwane Casey. Coach mark walk real movement through that crosses always find it amazing when. All of a sudden you find out now you're gonna be living in a completely different city you mentioned family a wife a and decided to figure out how to live in Detroit how do you balance getting worked in your new job. And also working life in a new city for a family. Well you know right now about in LA this year in the players' union. And calmly. All the players who live out your California so. Used to it's a whirlwind because no one and two guys and you know there and watched him work out. And that's the same time. Why do you know how content and looking for houses than. Kids to finish up some of us are part of a vote in the professional baseball football whatever profession is. We'll go to that two players. You know this person could coach you've been in this and you know kids get locked in as far as Australia concern community. And you know what we have talked room. And I think you do you trust in this sort of work them. In the war to retrain your loved ones aren't they they spent some of the normal. You know Christians like Toronto. And you know. You know you couldn't shoot yourself in years in each of great importance. You know trials are great city but again another way you can look at it is an exciting adventure is going to another city you've beaten traded. They didn't teammates were you kid them. So it can be is this so excited I'm also also. Really believe this tough draw in the Stanley. Any news or or us who's grown ups and and people wouldn't know that I can go Nintendo is also looking toward to dive in and work every day work there one's really gonna make them. A tremendous sacrifice and would move. Aren't doing great at doing Casey knew coach for the the Detroit Pistons formally of the raptors is that for more than a few years there and that's why. Of players and coaches wives of the ambush you because the players and coaches don't have to do their thing otherwise have to move everybody in take care of all the business so no doubt they are the MVPs are so you leave the team and you leave the city where you had been a while you certainly had some success there. And a guy who coached on do you get that job in in nick nurse so. Tell us a little bit about him and what did Toronto can expect from a guy that worked under you for five years can do there. Well are you make did you really I remember are called normal. I didn't didn't really know all familiar with the back. Another colleague in the distance and then ended. So you can barely do the job and you know good outfits and I am so he did an excellent job and he'll he'll do good job. Or Toronto or you know they're cute he's coastal cities in the in the you can lead in London England. And so warrior he brings some some exclusivity deal they'll build good job this team that it's a good opportunity form. No coach no nobody likes to get fired I don't care what you do is there a little bit of why did they do this to me in Toronto or your thought things have been goal while logged the playoffs where we know what we're going on there but preserve a little bit of you that maybe in out I was wrong here. Well you know you can you can't sit around and feels awkward it. There's no good thing about dressed what you guys know. It really it's a trust totally you know we don't get the job done an art to the level that. And ownership and management and I'll watch Tuesday and they have the writing you you do remote so. It's a tough league from that standpoint. Well we did do a good job in and a accomplice stated they ask you. You know ask some changeup they changed the things we did not equity and number two in the NBA and confidence number 42 cents. Or Rick's going to do the good job market deepened parent. We did that pretty content to develop young players we develop the best bits which. Was all young players in the NBA so we did that so let you know. Again it's still this NBA it's in the NFL his Major League Baseball. You know owners can and embarrassment can do whatever you wanna do and aren't so it never good because it. Again it I understand I understood it wouldn't. When I gathered at the discretion of long time ago it's not my first rodeo. Not in the league and it surprised me. Anymore. As regards this or let's go do you have a plan on how you want utilized lakers and oh yes I think Blake is a very very talented young man out of the way believe he's going out guys its you know its orders and there is the big concern that they can spate of stories three point shooting has gone out. Are here to accrue years shooting three last year and that's the way the league he's going are you bringing the ball down the floor. Initiating. Afternoons or trigger and our pinch from the top and move the ball side to side making decisions making patsy. Also it big larger German you know averaged you have to hit last year so. I'll look let's within a couple of series starting big they're really do a good job on the program. It's crazy sound you are your job and excellent pastor decision maker from the top. With this three and passing skills really should open up options. Again you know from you in transition and it's a lot easier to get that done that you get stops immediately and when the defense and so. It's Blake brings a lot to the table. You know he's seen everything in all the defense you can be one of the top leaders on our team. While I'm excited about that so. You know we're excited about in the Q what does he game healthy. From top to bottom. And make sure you know it Lloyd and maximize their talents in on the court and not so most dominant strain and I think that's in the that they wouldn't hurt them more than more than anything else because. When that group would help leaders they were there is pretty effective team and that's what we plan on going to see. Congratulations on the new opportunity coach we appreciate your time playing Casey head coach of the Detroit Pistons coach thanks for joining us encroached. Thank you got so much like much I. Newt does down the road. Per share thanks and it should be noted Ryan Hollins said the other day on OTL. Then it between this coach between and Casey joining and then between Blake Griffin that he things Detroit will become a destination free agents wanna play in some. Walked away CNN I don't I grew Allen right off the top like you you're gonna coach who won 59 games a franchise record a number one seed and I know they failed in the playoffs. And we know at the nemesis is then. Other coaches voter in the coach of the year news look at her job is pretty amazing and they went. To an assistant coach a guy that they're coached under him for a handful years. Like I say interesting scenario to me but lands on a street keeps going and ended in Detroit. It's. I don't. It is still does. I think it's the other big old are you drinking of the many other ball goes there. So. An emotional roller coaster surprising. What's not surprising how much you could say if by switching to Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% more. I mean if Tony I'm a lifelong country music fans and in my personal opinion I think that's hard work is overrated. Okay our sports that are brought you by discover card recover your card member and discover card's gonna match all the cash back you've earned dollar for dollar. At the end your first year learn more discover dot com slash match limitations. You'll apply this all started when Jason Fitch said that Bruce Springsteen is overrated we've asked you for wells you think is overrated. Caller just said Garth Brooks. Yeah I can't go without him I can't go without one Garth Garth you know is specifically. Responsible for changing the way live shows are done in country music so I think that and there's a whole era of country artist today there wouldn't exist without Garth snow. And he definitely influenced a generation of country. Springsteen totally overrated. And you can include The Beatles in that group as well about I have said The Beatles I thought were overrated. I like their individual work better than error who worked together. Wow wow okay I'll let out I don't know about like I would I would have to separate Paul McCartney from that elect I'm not the biggest beatle had no in annoyed that he really attempt. And I don't necessarily like a a Beatles. Legs that's not a big passion for me Brighton but I have to respect the heck out of Paul McCartney's players a singer I do like Terrence has taken a missile fired people of the beater Beatles. With a poor man's monkey doll com. Now you're just trying to patrol people of what we should know Mike I mean I don't know I don't wanna brag or anything like I just wanna throw this out there we put a poll out there. Yeah hole but it does point. Has almost 20000 bonus this morning crowd. The question is is Bruce Springsteen overrated very simple for all of you that have spent the morning trying to tell loudly yell your hate. 54%. Of these respondents. Agree with me Bruce Springsteen is over rated seed and you know when I first said The Beatles were. I thought overrated which you know is a lot of people blasphemy. I think. It opens a peep. A lot to say oh I may be I'll say it is well all right got to happen here is people may have thought of a date in wanna save their libel and this guy. Who was at Juilliard ten years old and and was on tour. You know as a fiddle player for the band Perry for a number of years he's in that business in the same that well maybe now I can let my truth be known if that's would you feel I did I know I don't agree about Bruce Springsteen I'd love the guy well and that comes back to an earlier conversation we had about IQ test because I think what we've both learned now is that you guys just don't wanna face the fact that I am smarter than both view. That is me notice the smarter both singles and all how are you smarter than me because America or derision he's had an opinion that well and are they agree to your opinion they agreed to my opinion because my opinion. Is Smart public this. I. Scott says The Rolling Stones. More overrated than Springsteen. Tom who that's a couple I'm not a huge stones guy but I appreciate why didn't the monster fruit from them the stones or YouTube. I've got I've got a couple YouTube was over it and I'm I'm not a huge failure to reader. So we will we. On tour years ago we were in Ireland and the edge was in this bars and there with the security on drums. An art to guitar players were just flipping out because the edge was there right and then coming out to rejuvenated sides walked up to moment came and my guitar players a super fans can get a drink like. You two I I totally respect their stuff I think they influence Lotta people that they've made huge difference in the music worlds I wouldn't call them overrated. I'm just not a big not that's not necessarily a big fan of our kids. You know enough it is not a fan so I think there's not a very things are overrated I mean they're overrated like to talk to different you talk awful musician at that at the ACM awards oh my god at the ACM awards and picked up one of my guys guitar players just they were gonna play a Max is like I have pictures. Of of like all of our friends hang and which has picked up backstage and like is the main guys from kiss just watching him chime ailing peace accords and accused Qatar was really. She this is gonna need to do when your back again is we're gonna need to pull the curtain back. In the musical world a little bit and maturing world and what really goes on how good musicians really are who sing and whose lips sink in and things like that. You know what he gets in trouble than your former brother earner unit brother and sisterhood out there are known another you know and let me just say how many times I don't know how loudly I can yell it ain't going to the Britney Spears concert in Vegas which was my mistake I thought it was going to be if spectacular concert like a tough series at least gonna put on a funny show and she didn't really dance all that hard she lip sync the entire thing and I'll have me some world. Well you don't really ever after we hear you pull back the curtain low but are we gonna be really bummed out about the music world there. Know most of whom are fantastic poem is most most most of the guys out there are spectacular but don't same continent not a spectacular as you well of course but spectacular nonetheless earnings beat well I try everyone's I do wanna be invited back your name on the shift half speaking of spectacular. Tomorrows still got some Michael Collins gonna join us from China dockets going to be spectacular trade will be back in this seats which means it will be wonderful also thanks to let me hang out.