Hour 4: Bill Self

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, March 13th

Trey Wingo, Chris Canty and Dan Dakich talk with Kansas HC Bill Self and then bring in North Carolina HC Roy Williams and more.


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Dan dockets doubled the in his travel plans trying to make his way. To Philadelphia tonight to get to Boise Zia's son play as Ohio State begins her term and run. We got a lots gold will lot going on here again were part of the tournament chance challenge marathon world over six point two millions brackets filled out. So that's a very good thing again you can sign up you can sign up at least are up to 25 times with the men's and the women's championship. And if you wanna try and take on our show in the pages and pick we're gonna make. Go to the 1800flowers.com. Twitter feed. And get in touch with a snare and the pin tweet is how to work get mauled us and see if you can beat us in the staffed. And again Doby punishments for the staff if they don't beat mighty mites picks took a lot to get into their org ledger west. Then that we got a snowstorm to deal with Subaru world we're all doing okay right or more Smart than always being right here. Which you guys I would gladly morning well it's it's always great voice Michigan talked the number of cavalcade of guest we've had on. Today narrative we just said Jay Wright on from Villanova number one seed we also got. Another number one seed on the phone now is Bill Self that go to Kansas joins us as we begin to get ready for talking about the tournament in the next couple days and bill first and foremost congratulations on being a number one seed but. We're talking about this ten team like as a sixteen seed they need be the toughest challenger a number one seed has had no while when you look at the tape on Penn what steps out. A lot and I good morning guys a lot of things. I I was flipping channels and somebody told us that that was the the closest match up little 116 may be of all time and and solar and these we'll let the oddsmakers think so we we know we have our sport. And you dislike. He knows he's teams that at Cornell you know that they can all cute they can all pass. And they got to account or per hour Igor there's up and end up. DP it is good their physical and you know they don't let you make breeze so you know something got to give them that we cannot we kind of live and got. Bill you gotta love that as a coach all right because it you know you always hear while no sixteen's ever beat no one in. No you you might be easy fewer kids say they were one seed there's sixteen seats I was a kid are as a coach of the you must love it when everybody saying. This has got to be the toughest sixteenth seed lover face. Oh yeah I am thrilled about it as. You know eight. That is certainly very capable had success against and in and they did we ever got a kitchen. And from that standpoint that they're out there should be our. But you know a lot of times when you're when you're one seat. You know you immediately look today at 89 game you know that's something that you know obviously all state. All. They're getting into the play the winner of our team with him that there winner this is a game that hey I'm not looking good 89 as much of all store. On on the European without question. Cosell Chris carrier here I want to get your thoughts are on the committee's decision to leave Oklahoma State out of the torn midfield this year to team in your conference the beach you guys twice. Would you think about that many people thought that it had a strong enough resume to give him. Well I don't think there's any doubt that their resume was strong enough to cutie and the you know you made that. Make a case where you know couple other teams that work that would let down but I do think during championship week there were a couple of spots taken by Samoa upsets in the koppers determined that certainly plays a role. And you know I personally thought hardly get ninety. That debt deserved. Course you know you can make a case for or USC notre they need to make it to Saint Mary's could make it this Brothers that circuit. In the deal with the yield is based on criteria. And no one that we pro I would not I thought we had a great chance for operate at Oklahoma State to meet. What's the scene debt that was at CNET beating anybody when they play you know they're they're faster they're they're extremely athletic. But they shot the ball well and they really got better as the season went on and and we Cottam one to day's work. Where they dominate some mean they they did he is a witness and in so well. We're fortunate to be from the third top plate number but I thought they were certainly that torch out I don't know at work. Who is the end somebody's disappointed you can keep in recent. Dead at the criteria it says they Asian Indian as well. But I do they go home so it was one of those teams. Coach you want fourteen. Straight. Big twelve championships fourteen can you explain how you've had this level of success fourteen coach. Until this year was a little splash I don't know why but I thought I saw your reaction a little more intense because of all the doubters how do you maintain us. They you know we've had built the thing about it is liquid. The team's signals that the teams with the best players that the best chance to get in and you know over time. You know at least in in in our league nobody had better players and I can you can look at. Oklahoma's Blake Griffin. A state that these leaked x.s and Atlanta. Mean there's been some unbelievable guys come through here. The buddy Gil took the world. That the no trade young to the world at play at different places the but both we we've been very consistent and recruit a lot of really really good players and we've been lucky we we we bought. We tried our best recruiting classes rights. There's been a lot of things it's all right. That have happened that the biggest thing is it is is the culprit is good. We've been able to look. Basically replaced great players what great players. Bill Self for this head coach Kansas co big twelve coach of the year and a hall of Famer so. You're jayhawks pillar number one seed in the midwest that's the good news and then you look at the arrest of the midwest and you see the duke Michigan State. Oklahoma and NC state also in the same region so your your elation had to go wait a minute for a second there right. Believe that's exactly right. But you know two to. And she played good people and so. I look at it yet and I I thought our first round. Actually it was. Tapas and I mean I'm going to do much bias died. I ID B 89 didn't didn't it didn't butch know when mom got the whole group later went over they. This year and in the EP it. Beat duke and Carolina. You know that you both can beat her. No he called the police Xavier do no work to an end there's there's there's. Certainly that'll be yet. It was legal team of political play into. Look past that and see you know the favorite to win best supporting other you know also. We don't stop but. You know this this is an old. We are seeing from me. It's been on clean but certainly. When we're good we're really good Marbury could we did you speak to be quite honest and but let you know this coming year that's what happens when you know we got the courts all shot in the got a chance to get him. Coach you talk about good guards you have the big twelve player of the year in Dovonte Graham. Talk about his improvement over the years. Well it will not bring Mason may have won national cleared your last year because. Mark party at the ought to say to take Chris dropped it. And get in and this year you know Dovonte. You know he's got a great chance to be a first team all American law or this is the moral authority and end up. You know the transition from him want to tarnish shooting guard at point guard was pretty seamless because he's always been a point Gordy is deferred because you know it was flex time and now all that's fourteen. The last couple years ago but. You know he's been tremendous seat at the EE he's been really really good. But he's been better when it counted most and any intangibles are off the charts she's. Tremendous leader and he's done an unbelievable job what that would certainly at different personality type to be but aren't getting everybody on the same page and he certainly deserves the third their respective national. It was. The league Newman Matt he's been playing great our top on his development from stark and now. Well you don't leak out of high school. I. If not the best all round Gordon country up high school and Eagles in Mississippi State and yet. But it didn't really show well he and went through the Indians but in the end you get to beat back then they're dead that they were looking forward so easy transfers and hit a really good you're sitting out last year and to be looking at what you this year. For the most part he's been up and down I mean it's been. It's been when he's been good he's been really good and in it and their unborn then our aggressiveness and and for whatever reason you're in the big twelve permanently don't but likely more of he looked like he did that high school I mean exports explosive. Going to get in his own. Making plays Brothers and and you know we scored seventeen points. And into city. In the to regain some pretty competitive games and and basically kind of put us on the back up at one the first effort is to call state goes order so. Hopefully we can bottle that thought that they that the whole different dimension when you have. You and aggressive but I was aggressive in the course Graham a bit so so well on the side opposite side about what lies ahead pointedly. Because I do think he can be a difference maker in the term. Bill Self what goes on goal can we go to Kansas head coach number one seed taken on a very pesky pens squad. In the first round you said something interesting earlier this morning we're talking you said this is one of the weirdest teams you've ever had to coach what makes them such a weird bunch trio. Well we've started out with you don't get the boot you and Billy Preston will it end that's how we were gonna light it and no Billy. Or you don't go out you're too. To participate. In and in play Indy and then do we do we go in the end what we thought would be a big plane teach it. We are going to play time and you know if you don't get to pal in the first F Scott. You know we we we we had to back off. You don't beat potentially some want to try to protect guides and do some different things and so he would legitimately playing. I'm only get to six I've definitely got that there are other than our center and and Dutch. And when we go to different personality with Kurt so so great moment and we got some struggles and and I I've never you know we we lost thirteen games here. Fourteen years guys in debt preempting this season and so it it cannot it's been kind of a frustrating. Open down group but you know whatever reasons they think they seemed to really know how to impeach. When it counts the most I certainly hope that you. So having said all that Coetzer muses as gratifying years you've ever had is gratifying to championship as you river have maybe more. I would say it's. I've made maybe so bandits tried to most surprising. No one in a year with the league was probably the best it's ever beaten a top to middle. No bottle and you know to win the lead. Outright by two games yeah yeah I would say I'll say it probably is Greta I did we ever had because. I've really I didn't know this that was Sealy produce cheap to be honest I went into stretches where I was actually I don't know. I don't know how we're gonna pull this off and and and there are guys. Kind of willed them. Themselves later found a way to do it so I would I would say this is a gratifying is it any big twelve championship whatever they're. Because I I really don't know we lost our guys employee and so all I really didn't know this it was critical that. Will find out what they're capable of his tournament begins and a couple of days Bill Self ten years ago in San Antonio you guys walked away with a national championship. Back in San Antonio again this year so maybe a little emotional feeling good about things for him. I think we can get to San Antonio feel great about a lot of things. A couple of help us in Phil we appreciate you being open this is morning thanks so much. It. Bill Self head coach Kansas number one seed in the midwest region a taken on a pesky Penn squad out of the Ivy League in the first round. Ladies and gentlemen this look at that doesn't get any better than look at their ass in the joins us on the set here glad you're with this goal can we go Chris Kenny Dan docket is here with us. And lighted be joined by ESPN researcher extraordinaire. Yeah he is name is Chris fully can but it really knows him as the bear let's be clear about that a bear good to have you don't we just talked to bill. Talking about the one vs sixteen match up this ten team is really interest or are they not. Oh. Have PPI can pump they're highly rated sixteenth seed in the biggest spread. Actually indicates only fourteen point underdog. Only been 1116. Games that has had a shorter sprint and then that was back in 2006. Memphis and Oral Roberts I don't know for gonna have area. A Princeton Georgetown situation where this is gonna go down to the wire but. It wouldn't surprise me to see this game be close to ultimately Kansas pulls Whaley because it came with a stout defense with the style plate I think they keep keep keep into the Rambus. There would have similar early trends that you've seen with the entries for the bracket so for. Well and a couple things that I dislike the look for it like to avoid. The popular upset if you look at a lot of the bracket the original might have wrecked America on pick right now. Won the very popular upsets is what all over Miami. And historically with the Missouri Valley Conference doing so well on the are under 64 Miami without Bruce brown Orioles agreed to connect. Please do defense chiefs of three well it seems like a popular upset pick but if you wanna win these bracket challenges you wanna go contrary you wanna wall opposite where everybody's say. We we saw wallets running out of the three were analysts had Michigan State over Virginia in the national not a game. You wanna win your bracket you don't want Michigan State over region over Virginia in the national pilot. Well give me yeah you give me one that you see outside of you know a single digit seed against a double digit seed what what do you see there may not be popular but if you say it's gonna become popular. There a couple of them. I think Wichita State could potentially be in trouble my first run him against a it because. They get out into the get open down the floor in the Marshall Los to shoot which still hasn't played any defects all your life. And I think that to be problematic for them here. And I think the other game it's interesting too old to me is it's Texas Tech and Stephen a Boston. Stephen a Boston's second person that's mentioned Steven up on what morning by the way here's another another and with the big twelve back over the last five years. They've had fifteen team seated at the top three seed. Four of those fifteen have lost in the first round. Need all the other conferences combined the past five top three seeds lose in the first round so for whatever reason. These big twelve top three seeds find themselves susceptible Revver it was Stephen a Boston the got a big twelve team couple years ago on West Virginia. They get up and down for Arab evans' injury if he's not fully LP. The red raiders to be in trouble. The blue things. I would say. With a big twelve is giving games where they go opens on the court them dark in West Virginia people think Garza I don't really think they do I've got askew because this is. This is nervous I'm very nervous about Miami Ohio State Buckeyes in a 512 game against San South Dakota State mom and Mike dom. I don't on the dominated it's all up from browse lied to me and tell me the Soviets wanted five point one no one bid when I appointed yet if you have one job a lot of Christians. That's why aren't terrible that it did you it's via a instrumentalists tried to put that problem. Try to fly card with me last night and Jamie Eli he would have been able to read right through the pulpit and into terrible liar. Not the the Vatican Ohio State and a struggle but down the stretch and I just wonder though it would with with South Dakota State if they have enough. In size to release. Keep the Buckeyes who it is I think that's that's a popular upset as well wouldn't surprise me south Wednesday won the game. But I'm on the I'm not so sure I think last it would vets there. Chris fully came here with us on a golden wiggle it's like Chris Canty Indian Dockett just are part of the ESP interment chalice marathon again. Sign up money has to induct on the good side of the 25 times from all the men's and the women's championship on the brackets purest seed you how you do against us in the staff does what Mike are going up against the show's staff. Go to our Twitter feed on the 100 flowers dot com dot com Twitter feed at golden wing to the pin tweet there. Well they got to get to our page. What's been a popular theme the last fighters a seven seed or lower has made the final four each of the last five years is there one team that you automatically go to this year Baird says yep that's on the tour this year. There there really isn't so I don't I had a feeling that question was coming have been looking for awhile. I would look to particular region so I would look at potentially the winner of Texas a and M Providence. Potentially upsetting North Carolina and with Xavier is a once in that region that the weakest one potentially they can get through. And I think the other games Arkansas ball. Mean Purdue kind of struggled down the stretch as well have a great track record in the tournament. Did you unit ball would play Purdue in the sector around. That would be a huge deal for them to be open to potentially knock a Purdue went in Butler as you go back since 2001. As eight seater law or Butler has nine wins it's more than any other team in the country as a as an as any to growth oak. Butler is used to the situation and they play well there were. If you look at camp on the August 25 in the country and their two and see so I think the big difference between. The statistical me analytical community how they seed Butler you know the committee did. To your point they played early in the year they played in. In Indianapolis so in theory it was a neutral site game Love Boat people lot of pretty people group jumped all over. I mean jumped I had and wanting got down to three. So Butler right. If you watched a game you understand that Butler early was on Purdue make it much shot sauce off the winning game settled in Butler and Purdue right there even. I think the other game which potentially a word would be a rematch would be Michigan North Carolina and Michigan that was a much different out there were earlier in the wanted to kill us back to repair or very easily but if that would that would be 23 sweet sixteen game I think that to be a situation where. BB Michigan to potentially get the best of current Carolina in the rematch while bear before argued Tuesday as question I'm about to ask you wanna let you know that I'm a Virginia alone while law. Though that being said. Which one seed has the easiest path to the final four. I think it's Villanova. Look. I don't know how the Q what are they the committee takes hold that thought the bracket and they sit back and they take a look at their light. We're good with this Virginia is the number one overall seed in the country and sweet sixteen they're really gonna have to play Kentucky who was the SEC champ good. Arizona the powerful champion as the best player in the country is read particulates. And we've seen Virginia in this body. Under Tony Bennett they played nine games against teams aren't seeded fifteen or sixteen. The foreign five in those games have been held under sixty points. Four times so they're gonna get past the first round they're gonna get past the second round. But Arizona Kentucky winner potentially would be. Problem former Pickens with 62 which once you have the easiest path to a final four of the RB it's Villanova I don't think there's anybody in that region. And a 190 billion. No no because I think Xavier is the weakest one but I think if they do get to the heat. Which they could mean in sag in the sweet sixteen would be to go. They might be an underdog in enacting McCain and dancing in target. If there were to get there but I think if you look at North Carolina bottom. Mission on the bottom desire to after the national public him last year are they all those teams would probably be favored over Xavier just watching his face when you talked about Virginia you're just. You depress the hell out of my man right now and I heard a lot of inflation personally don't advocate and Chris don't get it up a little watch it and it just went all hall like all the energy and your spirit animal just left you like that answers for the un under under promise over delivered it was set yourself up for. Minimal at a nation's gonna get there. Or would draw upon that my career is based settle but set the bar low as you can step over Google's a lot of the next day period the best as always we appreciate you being witnessed. 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Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. And nobody gets a free pass on this show Hinojosa when you forget to turn on your might that happens more than you think go doing go ESPN ESPN radio present about progress insurance. Awful guest join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line including the man who still wears the crown from the national championship game a year ago on that would be Roy Williams had coached. A North Carolina three time NCAA champ a joins us now this morning fresh off a yoga session from what I. Didn't write that got you delivered up and ready to roll I remembered a greater voice we're sort of do some to promote brain. Go to well join the club America's if there's brain yoga you know I've probably both the morbid than anything else feel like you you are trying to do something right now that hasn't been done since the Kentucky Wildcats. In the late ninety's and make it to three straight national championship games I know that's a long way away but. The good that's obviously the goal for this team. I as you begin your term and run what does this team need to do and how did they need to play to potentially be there one more time. Portraits it's about a million things that we just getting to continue to try to get better defense is their biggest challenge. Our defense and field goal percent though you're hasn't been very good and did in the ACC tournament four games we held opponents to 37% I don't know if that was. They're being entire play and getting back to back to back like that work would really did get a little better and try to tell much club we're getting better try to convince some that took. Defense we will get you better we're maybe the worst team in the country and defend the three point shot to anybody comes in their average and shooting woes that you don't just schedule just as we also. Medical help because shot to win for them but. I like mark club book it's we have one big probably don't scored in the rim really well. But it says up to our kids tool very heel prints and who were part of that's the last two next championship games there. Compared to kiss blue base hit a great great year force but yet start all over right now and it's something that we're excited about. Did just go down the road Cutler Charlotte which is the this site partially to be regarded symmetry grandsons both. Just playing now that make you give us what you've done in the past. Page coach trouble we Sudan's I could do you tell me. Well my team guards for a few minutes here and there merit so how minutes so we garden now we go on record ten and a half flew what's the goal here. Well we've we've got it's not yet have been right at recess so whichever game but just we did get better in the in New York those games so there I think our sense of urgency was better defensively bit. Blood I'm still fortunate legitimately just got up from the interior had a remote in mind yet. What's in our game against Virginia again and Virginia's legit post have never seen anybody do candy any better than they do about. Coached against dating certain things he was at Oklahoma State and you know when you were in Indiana with coach Knight approach you guys started like crazy sometimes that. Man these guys guard you and I'm sitting or say why can't we get our team to do that. So we're cut that clips show the team this morning from the Virginia game and I mostly see heated won't be scoring seeing median won't be screened. They needed won't be doing so we're still trying to teach but we're up we're up to eight minutes of these. Sort of a cut at the go to a deeper into Charlotte goes pretty good I'm alone so of course I'm a little bit biased. But dog you answered the open since name a village jolt Berrian who may give a lot of headlines and the accolades did that come with the success of your program. Talk about your parents and and his impact on his team seems to do all the little things that's necessary to win. Well Chris he really does seem to play makers what I use a thousand times split just giving example in the Virginia game they're so good defensively. They backed off the show and didn't give him the driving lanes in the areas that he can make plays and he's not a great shooter and one for ten in the game you can't beat a real good team with forty stores going to want to dance which you got to give credit to Virginia's defense that. He'll make plays he's seen things securely because in my opinion I do not see you. He's aggressive taking the ball to the basket and he can dish it also can also go up and hit two shots sometimes single adult you don't somebody. So he really is a play maker he's. Got a reputation for great defensive player. And I'll wish she were put sometimes he's guarded sometimes he's in the walk round vote but. You can't be a funny your kid can't be a better teammate that he is good furthest to the just in every area easily director. Peco came a demand the return against the coach quarterback dribble was one of her place that has Sigalet today and so. We get it in the and even yes Virginia we get success that is so he really is complete player. Roy Williams head coach in North Carolina with us android sounds like you do a little coaching this morning when your pocket doors this morning making sure the message your team has heard loud and player. Well I've murmur when docket slates and become acting coach doc it's a feel like it was something good that. Hey codes are I I I love field parents and like do an interview with him. Was absolutely spectacular might be the best kid I've seen all year. In the middle of the zone boards. And tell the world the story of Luke may how he went from kind of a walk on the kind of a scholarship to where he is right now because he's as good missourians. Well Dan you're right this is secure in their Barcelona goes. He gets to be this do that bus where. A lot of where blah have been here 1130 at night after combat recruiting trip there's one car in the parking lot. And exclude millions shoot. Have come up a couple of times cooler weather was bad all weekend and it won't get out Malcolm comparable to concourse at 730. Saturday morning and Luke's and they're shooting that took. He came in my camp or Catholics six and they paraded and do is dead when his day it was a quarterback here and I was assistant. And so I can't tell him don't bring in a rush don't get a roller coaster he might be good enough. And so there in his junior year sitting liquid that so I wanted him to come here and that's simply you know I don't know that we're gonna have a scholarship until. Recruit him in the spring. His. Junior year to come and been in via player forced the would not have a scholarship. And so then in the fall. He decided that he was quote some period. Clemson Virginia Notre Dame David center to clear all the schools were offered cautious but. Mom went to school here to North Carolina family and so I got him to say yes in so a lot of people were struck that you would agree to come here to walk on good. He did he loves the University of North Carolina and then in the spring of his senior year JP took so decided to try to direct NBA. And sort called Luke considered. Lukowich to go in your family and tell them that you would like a thousand dollars just to take your buddies to the beach and blow it this we can't. He can coach I don't wolf I can do that. You just seriously could be a message well Luke and you can tell him that I Cogent altered your full scholarships that were 25000 dollars. Killed at least they can do is give you a thousand banks that you receive an imported he should coach come out have some fun with this but. Inane details may be decent coach you'll find nobody's going out work and that's what he's done first read it three years now. You know it's it's so funny that to tell that sort of makes all the sense in the world Kazuo was Luke made that video went viral last year after the national championship game that very next morning he showed up in class and got a standing ovation so you're talking about the work ethic. He puts it not only in the gym but also in the classroom. Yet there was an 8 o'clock class and just. May be over the weekend Sunday or Monday it was announced that he made second team academic all America and in their. My first response you kilometers five bitter basketball players student athletes in the country are mobbed by and I was mad that he can make the first thing but. He did make a second team academic all American. That that that was something else I'll never forget that video him walk in that 8 o'clock last the next morning everybody it. At that at that campus class from its capital giving him a standing ovation Siegel guys. At this gas. He's really bright don't you think that impresses of professional you do get to him he was sucked it up to the press the first without a daughter. Listen mama didn't raise no dummy there's no question that we don't question about that. How much can you take Troy ended this tournament from what happened last year because as you said yet pence in Berrian made and all those players that know what it takes to win at all. Well I think you're exactly right the experience of going through the process in the NCAA tournament three straight weekends. And knowing. That you can't look down the road that. Well we might played solid so if you look down the road Telemar got old top. That's where you're going down the route back home so they understand we've got to play that first game and then if we play well maybe they'll keep the ceramic. Let us split sect game and we try to do that for three straight weeks and it is Atlanta you're ass like deficit what's the most fun you Riverhead. In basketball and they say that the run to the national championship game gets so little put us well let's try it again. In the and so now we wherever in this discussion today what's the most fun you've ever had and I guarantee they'll also. Say the run to win the national championship game last year until well let's try to do it again so it is going to be a little bit of an and I think that experience. Are hoping that that experience sort of. And it starts against lipscomb Coach Roy Williams of the national champion North Carolina Tar Heels we appreciate your time this point thanks coach. They tell international question yes sir does that make you feel bad they get to get to to take go explains what he's gone pretty much I mean he takes about much here that's pretty much clearer that the level of dark and can't criticize don't. Global but I don't really exist only be nice to occurrence particularly deficit unless you need to surrounding us that. And this big ever talked to guys and so. Bullock is not there he gonna have to go has taken place with. You know what I'm amazed crews got to tune he said he left us and figure it certainly is Roy we appreciate your time we'll talk to down the road a guy got to be good everywhere appreciate chip you've got to Roy Williams all of us and always a fun time to talk to Roy coming up though north Carolina's. As we said trying to make it to a national title game for a third straight year. But there is a college basketball team on an even better Ron Wolf talk about them. When cities to college hoops experts one. Rover sport ESPN two weeks Davis NG built in boy of the ultimate tournament road trip doesn't describe. You're gay you don't like nor the time kids everything is wonderful about storytelling. And drama and sports and competition. We've been here suburb has never been done before I'm gonna make my mark with this is a long way from Kristin like there I had one of exactly five years ago. Reports today and Paul Pierce don't wanna pull off but it's not gonna put in the work more now from mentally and physically ready. Setting the stage in San Antonio Ford never been done before challenge to destinations. Portis breaks for big moment I think you can score no problem list I have to comfort. There's big moment weeks watching espn.com. Slash wins rover sport Land Rover of book and beyond. I dream genuine go doing go sports that are brought to buy dollar shave club dollar shape cobol blow your mind delivering everything you need to look smell and feel your best shampoo body wash toothpaste plus the amazing javy get to their braver razors and Shea butter give the club tried dollar shape come dot com slash go. And she's here listen gentlemen in her presence ESPN's analyst Rebecca Lobo joins us in studio giving us the straight talk brought to restrict our wireless has phones those networks. No contracts so I'm giving you straight talk first off. Well now first yeah. She's years but Eagle Lake is not here and tell me this is what it's come to at least get to south African scared to death and avoid making a bet with me as someplace you've he's lost every single bit he's ever made it's going to face meeting last year that I was apart of so he has to go halfway around the world got he's literally that far he wanted no part of and can I just say that last year I'm at the final four I'm doing talk back with sports center. Right after dockets and doctors is on their talk about how he's had a pedicure that day and I'm thinking I'm a woman and I haven't had a panic or yesterday I comment he's in the make up room he's like can I get a penny can I get a caddies and really it's a pretty good yesterday make a room I've thrown out different this year because I. That's happened. To look a little bit awkward hole. I don't think we have a pass rush British save butter from the city of Karbala shave club it's good stuff. I'd ever had apparently no I've not. I would. Never call will I ask my dad went up a little slice and what are on the list. As takes this all work suit yet petty Arnold rub the hot stones stones and getting all kinds of interesting I have political legs I think the moment all above the mean it's. You really took a deep pockets not a hoax police that we didn't give you can't get home I got a spot for your etiquette moving forward. I'm gonna women can anyone slow them down in the sternum. Yes I think academy UConn is obviously the favorite going in but straight it they only go sixty they pay one player off the bench significant minutes. So foul trouble as the keys I'll trouble healthy they've got a couple players banged up South Carolina as their two seed and it's in their bracket which if there was interest yes yes and and and so that's tough Baylor is a really good team here all mater could give him some trouble on Mississippi State the team that beat them last year south. You 'cause the favorite going in but but it's a little slimmer margin of error for this year they were the favorites going in lashes well but I thought that was a reputation off the team that was there'd be at your four writes it seems like this team is finally found itself. And I don't feel like. People understand how good this team is opposed it as you don't have the Mya Moore Sabrina Stewart's on this team is sort of an amalgamation of those six players that may not beat. The top level of some of those other players in women's open when you put together. The team is ridiculous and then they don't have a favorite for player's idea that's Asian Wilson from South Carolina McCain didn't seem Nelson is having a great year. They've got really good pieces and and as ray Stevens coming off the bench when she was a starter at duke before she transferred was one of the best players in the ACC south. This team is finally making its own identity in the Nike said last year is as riding the win streak of the teams right or debris and a Stewart era. But yet this this humans is still very very again. Rebecca if UConn can win his twelfth national title this year and break the tie would you steely promotion division one history. This is the greatest college sports dynasty ever. I mean has it pretty close because you also look at the timeframe in which they did at the first championship came in 1995. And and what coach or amateur who was senator on that team. I was or the senator was Carol Walters is able and that is the question you're looking at a at an hour. But I mean it's pretty remarkable and a short span of time what what coach Graham has been able to go there that's build them that's for sure coach any any Smart. I don't know about any sport I think he could coach basketball at a new on Tuesday I think the coast men's college I think he coached NBA. He just knows the sport and he knows people. So he knows how to motivate how to get people to played their best be cures the amount he seems like got a coach and sport yet from a baseball field tried to slip off to matter similar to us so much of it is how you get players to be at that got been played the that invest their ability he doesn't better than anyone I've ever been around only got about thirty seconds left causes that's much time on danced at a cures. But what does it keeps him motivated this point is he's he's one basically everything he could possibly want to win. I think when he watches players on do something that they haven't been able to do the Forney is telling his story earlier in the year. How excited he got because Katie the same house and could finally stand her stance for however amount of time and she hadn't been able to do that first years of her career. Those are the things that excite him getting players to be. What he thinks they can be from the time he recruits will that that sums it up there's and it's so many things the big things are the foundation of the little things and that's Regina works on all the time. Hey Rebecca thanks for your witness Chris I'll see you tomorrow doc gets a bit lucky my friend out of.