Hour 3: Tedy Bruschi

Golic & Wingo
Friday, March 16th

Trey Wingo and Chris Canty talk with Tedy Bruschi about all things NFL and then bring in Loyola-Chicago HC Porter Moser on their big win over Miami yesterday and more.


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Well you sports fans dinner you can stream this podcast on Spotify are right now it's easy. Open the app on your mobile device or desktop click on the browse channel then click on the podcast section you can also stream when you're Smart speaker now it's that much easier for you to stay up to date on all the latest and greatest and all things sports thanks to Spotify. We're worldwide hopefully we're not selling after right now I don't know I gotta be husband with the way we're trying neutral goal when it comes back otherwise bureau to pull it off the exact don't contribute please stay with this year golden window. Is ESP into Chris Kennedy in for my goal tree we go here. Hey look good shooter the group. Breweries and I'm here the Bill Murray is bitter brew face was not a good mood but I'm here no that's music that's that's been you know you got a good friend because there's no reason for being here this morning specially after what happened. Who is normal modern Arizona and oh by the way look back on the screen you know now today the upset right now on sports center so look away brew lookalike. I can deal with big loss yeah. I know you in my time it's that's had a few it is not very few very few said well my Arizona Wildcats lose last night and I'm sitting next to a giant yes I thought well I guess I was on the field for 2011 not told 2007 I hold them all personally I got. Steve this is what brews here Tedy Bruschi. Gives us the straight to her brought you by straight talk wireless best phones does networks no contracts we got a lot to get into a pro will do that a minute after we get through. What's trending and of course one of those things is what you as wanna talk about two huge upsets the philadelphians and ate up an NCAA tournament. Thirteenth seeded buffalo runs away from Arizona 8968 last night to shock the world earlier today it was eleven seed at Loyola of Chicago hitting that last second three pointer to beat this succeeded Miami Hurricanes so many brackets busted again Chris almost 5%. 5%. Of the brackets felonious conduct combat Arizona winning the national champions. Have the Loyola Chicago offset off like I should've seen that one coming out like gosh is Gina welcome and he got the direct connection to god whose sister Judy that's I don't know like I should've that would Omar bracket over Miami for some reason I don't know what I was that you. How will Miami NF get away from calling that an upset about it because that's a 21 point win and it was they were up by two at halftime at the joked that what is a blow it out of the need to start to finish. No there was Garcia joked Arizona out of the tournament great team by the way while Porter moser the head coach from Loyola Chicago joining us. But the bottom of the hour look for that and see how much inspiration he does get off from sister Jean who actually for scouting reports and emails after the game have been recaps absolutely. We lost six or point guard Ben Simmons recorded his eighth triple double on Thursday in a win over the next. The second highest total for a rookie in NBA history. Thirteen points ten boards and twelve assists Simmons broke a tie with hall of Famer magic. Johnson what seven triple doubles as a rookie. Oscar Robertson holds the NBA record was point six trouble bubbles in his rookie season again we do this all the time. If the list your rookie year as you the big go and magic. Really goodness you're you're pretty good company the one thing I would say go in today's MBA got to be able to shoot three you've got to work when your perimeter gave Vince there's got to be of additional. There's also still fit your Philadelphia fan in general I mean it's a good time right there to be in Toledo processors these trusted yes really ever since the Super Bowl. Everybody in Philadelphia has been and when I don't wanna go back to another betterment and up right now and I just it's all sort of video although to stand six point he's just listening here. With Benson it's it's got to be rookie and airports right yeah because of desserts like your idea but he's not yeah but it's his first. You get it stayed if you understand right you get it. I understand I don't like it but I understand I can either you know I agree. Eight this is why I brought him on the show it to don't outside and get registered your dinner Richard year he did that in the giants for. That's okay Obama okay acts are nice but it's been coached to let you go Bruce put up a good place. It's. Still lost. Tiger performed his own version of March Madness on Thursday had a double bogey on his twelve poll still made off three birdies after that opposed to four under 68. Trailing leader Hendrick stands and by four shots in the first round of the bay hill invitational our knees tournament. On the back nine half a dozen birdies coming up short game was all point if the putter for the most part was pretty good. Got to get a little bit better off the tee though of course that's been tiger's issue in the past I thought he was improving after the Valspar bush. That was the thing that caught with them yesterday a little bit he's got to be more consistent altitude you know and and bay hill is of course and he is now up to over power. So he had a lot of irons and lot of three woods off the d.s in fact it was a three wood actually that led to that double bogey on three so but I think when he needed that driver. For example on the sixth hole. Over the par five over the water. He took one of the most aggressive lines I've ever seen and had about 220 yards and so while we're gonna rip retired the beautiful birdie those top those par fives that Hughes take advantage of those opportune which he didn't do really at the Valspar. And that short game was on point he tees of what one awake today I think it is one way. I tiger tees off shall see what happens there going forward okay as we said Tedy Bruschi and your longtime patron of mind. On NFL live and our football Fridays I got a little boy just seeing them come on why I wandered over to the studio to see one on 3803 as all of us know it yet muscular trailing let's all let's get going again. Are so obviously a big part of that day was the be inevitable signing we knew if Kirk cousins. On a lot of people are saying ten while the way this contractors contractors structured is gonna change. The way contracts are done free agency. He will not. What kind of contracts may be quarter net contracts and I've always been Iraq has said this a few years ago that may be quarterbacks. Should be slotted in their own separate salary cap actually so. I think if I'm oppositional player defense of in like the defense of tackle linebacker. I think you know this is different quarterbacks may be can sarge demand guaranteed contracts but. Position of players. Quarterbacks are different they're different people. All right they're different to have much more on their plates in the regular position so much more responsibility that this guaranteed contract is something for. Other quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers Latin Mo like Matt Ryan that. Like Tom Brady that they can look at in May before their next Wednesday. I'm looking for good guaranteed money and that's the reason that that's going to be the factor that's gonna get me to stay or get meet ago so quarterbacks yes. Guys like this is not gonna. Not gonna happen in a way to that it has been an exodus in New England this offseason just die of repetition they're going out that you had coaching gigs. You look at what happened over free agency Malcolm Butler he went and decided he was gonna go silent Tennessee Titans they sold or some of the millions times and lost John Lewis. Lost any Amendola. What do you think about what's going on there in his Bill Belichick going to be able to also mitigate some of the laws are in its good to Josh came back. You are right there until and I thought that I don't do you came back and he wanted to go was gonna go to go to tell but I'm. I'm with you Chris because. It is compared to what they did last year remember last year in free agency Stephon Gilmore yup the Coca you know coney believes it was that all my gosh this is not what they usually do go this year this is what you usually used to seeing what happens in New England right and two things two words that their allergic to in an organization's highest paid rent high speed they're not gonna they don't want to make guys the highest paid items rate ever right now. Right so that's something they don't wanna do. Bill Belichick won't be intimidated by numbers or won't be inhibited by players that are leaving the on Louis great player. Running back that the a lot of special things can you get somebody else in the and they can do similar things. They believe they can't I mean I think makes older though Nate sold wreck that left tackle position it directly correlates of help Tom Brady. Could it could it still affect him. The Arctic Dante Scarnecchia is there so don't put a little ago got the offensive line coach that's gonna help. I tell you what though you can't coach clutch right and that's what Danny Amendola wise and these these receivers. The one hamstring pull away from the supported six weeks that's just how it is it's an explosive position you need depth. And Danny they call him Danny playoff he did a lot of good things in the playoffs he was clutch. And really truly believe that you can't coach clutch and that's what Danny was. But you've got Julian Edelman coming back but still these guys go in and out of the lineup gronkowski goes in and out of the lineup. Maybe they see something in Malcolm Mitchell. Coming back the under on the rookie that got hurt so they have plans you can see sort Ryan's formulating throughout the throughout free agency like buffalo you see that plan Foreman forming in buffalo AJ McCarron they got all the pics they're moving up they keep Kyle Williams Cleveland. Nearly ten players doesn't address right all right all right Dorsey I can see which enjoys. Only players you know everybody always knows the plan is always in organic and fluid in the wing or you talk about the organization always have a plant and Josh McDaniels did technicals doubled in the study was gonna back out. In my opinion you go back out of my head coaching job an issue that some resources from the organization that you go to vehicle sooner rather than later. We have an idea of whether there's a succession plan in place between Belichick and Josh McDaniels. Now I mean I've I heard bill I've heard of so many times talking about not in the next Marv Levy Rwanda he may be. I don't know I don't know you know it's it's just. You know Stevens there Brian's hair his sons are there in Iraq I would anticipate them taking their quarterback with a second or third round pick this year I mean it's it's. They see the room I mean they want to have always competition they also didn't wanna have competition at every position and also. Development potential development so of course at the quarterback position they wanna have that they'll bring some young quarterback in. Bill. That is just just sold since robotics for him over and over every single year like what do I do in January. February martz June I'm gonna go to Nantucket for a few days are those all the few days generally I notice they'll go take two or three can go out there on that seven rings both that he hasn't gets in Nantucket blues went. That's what that's what he does I don't see him leave and anytime soon. Look he he he is what he is at this point and he is like play his coaching there's no question about it Tedy Bruschi. Are fine ESPN analyst and sad thought Arizona along with us this morning bear them let's let's talk a little bit about one name that you guys just sort of throughout their New England. That hasn't been discussed at all really since the end of the game against the Philadelphia Eagles we knowing Amendola is leaving Julian when we think will be coming back and remember. Element was great he was better than I am an old for for a lot of years but seminoles stepped up no question so yes feel OK there. They'll always find a running back they do mean leader plummet eighteen touchdowns they let him go. They were still fine in the running game they resent Rex Burkhead by when shout out to Rex Burkhead. You must be really good because you almost ever Tom Brady's throwing some and everything to back up out so there's still keeping him around. But you mentioned one name in passing there. It's Rob Gronkowski. He was quite. Open about the possibility of him retiring. In fact we you remember the way that question was asked of him. After the Super Bowl loss to Philadelphia he said we heard. That you were talking with people who block when that your thinking about retiring his responses how did you hear about that it wasn't all I don't know where you heard that. No words there was that that talk was real. And he opened up to we haven't heard anything. That he can grown since then and where are you on the idea that ground may or may not be coming back. There there are certain times in the NFL calendar. When players are the most emotional. Yes and the players are the most emotional whenever you season ends whenever your season and it's almost like. There's just this week that just comes off of the UN's dropped and all of a sudden you do is you start thinking about things you reflect he start to feel the injuries a little bit more because the adrenaline is gone it doesn't have to be there anymore site. I don't know what I wanna do I just don't know what I wanna do in that and that passes that's one point when that season and the other the other time is in training camp. Get ready and we starred doubt yourself a man do I wanna do this again when you get to that second third week of training camp and get sort of it gets. The grind you recognize the grind is starting to starting to happen again. I don't trust what players say during those times correct I don't I don't and Rob Gronkowski is still the best tight end in the game in my opinion cyclone he would be he would be foolish to walk away I think football's in his blood he's a football player he's not at WWE wrestler whatever he's talking about doing. He has a lot of fun with that he's done with that then that in the past but. I don't see him not playing for the New England Patriots next year because just because of that time where. You're opening your honest during those times you'll you'll. Contemplate your career. I'd say. After a year five every single year ray because but just the time that you do it becomes shorter maybe think about if for a few days then becomes a week in beacons two weeks with and it's like it's gone. I'm ready to go let me get the weight room again. Right and I think the fact that we haven't heard from him since that bodes well right when there's a normally. Does it mean there have been a couple cryptic tweets are right they're a little bit I mean but him trying to dispute a couple reports but still. Grant seven fun and easy you know he's he's he's in the offseason mode I think mean the off season program around April if he's still you know Litton clues out about it then. I guess or to configure conspired to sort of take it seriously but he also I think he believes he needs to be paid a little bit more money yet tonight also agree with him there. Yeah although you know if you're the patriots. What three back surgeries going back to Arizona there is that concern and let's be honest for all the other players that that the patriots have. The you know lift the lid lifter and Brandon cooks and Julian Edelman who just as clutch is tinian and on all those things. Outside of Tom. The one difference maker on that offense when push comes this job is Rob Gronkowski furious if he were to leave that would by far. Be the most devastating loss you can say that. I mean they wanna Super Bowl without him they did what they had evolution data Amendola and pretend games no thank you doesn't he made a difference and every every one of those ten but. They'd find a way to find a way so I think it is have that attitude but definitely. Patriots nation myself all those coaches know they are better with him absolutely and in an especially Tom he wants and there are two of the biggest threat to the patriots in the AFC this year I was definitely buffalo in my opinion I am I I recognize that plan is going on in one of the one of the biggest signings in my opinion. It was. Resigning your own like Kyle Williams like all right I call these guys lightly culture changes and when Sean McDermott came in Chris the only thing the great person one name that came out of his mouth every single time you had a kept press conference and talked about culture is Kyle Williams how we've Williams is leading the way he's in the locker room set the example so to bring him back is crucial because that culture will continue to organically developed under him. This is what happens and you got one of these guys they leaf all of a sudden you that's a younger guy sit on the Kyle's gone now. Do I got to step up may be that emotional leader I've got to show that I got to show everybody what it's about now and guys that could use in and we do that get out of here may get a cup that's got to try to beat out you not him just do you gotta do what you gotta do. Some guys don't see certain guys that way. Other guys think. It that is my way I got to start to do this and develop the show that I can lead so then it's confusing is did you. Is it meek who's gonna do it and it takes a little bit of time to develop the next leader they don't have to do that now Russia stays constant with Collie and still be in the. You had left me at all yesterday was right about the importance of making sure you factory in. Leadership we're considering decisions in free agency in the draft so that's at 60 yeah consistently or so to hills in the AFC are the biggest threat January AFC east ASA have seen the potential there's the old gal as well there's always partners whole conference bush AFC east a meat and for the bills and right in front so I asked ought to clarify I think definitely got Lisa got a recognized Jacksonville he's still have to recognize that the Pittsburgh steeler little move little moves at the Jacksonville Jaguars are made Troy get in and Andrew nor won't get in another corner. Are getting in another receiver you know it's in a note and I do not big moves but that there are important move their little moves that comp. Woman who already are correct and that huge because we were a good running team or better and better for that isn't a thinking to myself. Let's go house yeah we don't know things like that and it's comfortable thinking as a player we're going to stay the same. But now we're better with better players and so having that confidence going into OTA's and training camps is being the defense has just been accentuated Jacksonville. Mean there's not going to be a lot ask a blatant portals email is mean complete me a third and seven and a third made maybe two to three times a game when it's crucial can you do that. Well maybe not with his arm but still he'll run fourth correct he can get it done certain ways may be one out of the three is due by throwing the other two of their play man and taken off like you get a lot of times in the playoff correct it's who I am it's what I'm gonna do is very difficult to defend sometimes. He Bruschi was this in Studio One to move that we felt was to somewhat curious is happening in Oakland. They're gonna bring in Jordy Nelson again assigned according to at chapter two year deal 151000013. Million guaranteed. Again or put out there I love the football farmer and he great can still be very good receiver. What to do this John gruden are former colleague of head coach of the raiders decided to let go Michael Crabtree. Now the chemistry Teddy between crab and Derek Karr over the last couple of seasons. Palpable I mean it was very you yell. Marty Cooper was supposed to be that guy but for the better part of the last three seasons it has really been Crabtree being that guy. What do you think of the idea bring an older little more injured Jordy and saying goodbye to a guy who junger and been more productive and grabbed. Is this is this the product OK I'm this is this is ala hypothetically short it is this the product of a new head coach coming in and trying to craft the tone. Of the veteran players in the lock speaking of culture yet taking of course is that it mean to I have an older player. I do I have someone that maybe Crabtree yes you're talking about younger maybe a little bit more. I mean that the relationship with the quarterback or. To bring in a guy that I know that I think can also help me change a culture you know can also maybe maybe do I think that Jordan also provide a better example for me. On the field being a professional things like that. I don't have any inside knowledge of how Jon Gruden feels about Michael Crabtree but. For me reading into this this this this plays in the mean if you got a receiver like Crabtree that that. Derek Karr has spoken glowingly about about what he's done now and you get rid of him. Maybe he knows something that I don't know in terms of I'd rather get this out of here and get somebody in here that I know in terms of being a leader and shown a better example for my younger players. We we've gone through a lot of things here today and again lead the NFL ball continues drove the trick hilly doesn't always does as were in what I call the player procurement season there's no offseason Pope know there's the pre season. There's the regular season there's the post season and then there's the player procurement season the column by the pro days the draft free agency all that stuff. Is there one move that you've seen that may do we haven't talked about yet. That you like may be more than anything else that maybe isn't getting the pub that it should be getting. We get to linebackers let's doing get Anthony hits it was doing going to Kansas City from Dallas because. When all the times that Sean Lee was out or Jim Smith that linebacker health problem they had down there in Dallas and hits was in there. I mean this guy you met when I think he was was it Freeman in Atlanta when he got knocked yes you know that was spelled it out to him you know what the way he plays. And he's going to be 26 years this year this from the season starts a great young linebacker. Andy Reid is fired up about him sounds like they're gonna play him every single down any talked about him being a great cover backer of in his press conference also but. Mean I recognize him vs the run and what he does there tone setter linebacker hard hitter good tackler. Love that signing by the chiefs loss DJ they lost their jobs include a legendary jam and yeah I mean. Great leader veteran guy you know got owes you gotta go of course that's the way it always happens when you bring in in this young justice. Firecracker of a linebacker that was fired up to watch last year. In other words for those you to watch an NFL live to our radio turns his back for a yeah we got our radio gold can we go back tracker from Tedy Bruschi campaign to you played against each other bridges are about seven downtown Dallas were both undefeated didn't work out for us or seven no blocking both of Debra rubles 060 is similar we felt that we built that game up and it was you know it was Randy Moss and he's he was wearing 81 TO is wearing 81. And you guys went and I if I don't want to respond to the very moratorium almost Lilly's yeah no I don't think he's going to receivable still could be our fault 'cause we had the giants home game and a divisional round of the playoffs. And we view twice in a regular doesn't. They beat us. They went on to win and it's humid between dozens why you get real all the negative things went that he would causes and how would you sell right now as being as I would obviate the good you may now get a lot of social data loses Super Bowl at two I got a humor back as a way to go so. I don't know that. All about it it's okay well you got to remember you heard to be didn't know him you got its own got 30 you've got three partner. I Tedy Bruschi ladies and gentlemen a ball seem again hopefully soon on go doing go. Ever on Michael care support from the Golan Quinn go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage buy equipment loans chances are your profit of one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. This is bill finally got rebuild what fabric at Clark street crater the mother of all potholes stole yet. Year after or renting a year gets to the people of this town they try to fill it. But it always returns becoming good. But you know they've got to do. You know I. Didn't do tricks are gonna bottle yes yes I am going to land is here to help planes go right state farm. And to any team today. We're delighted now to be joined. On the phone line by head coach Porter moser on the shell Pennzoil performance line taken synthetic motor oral performance to a whole new level. Make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today but coach congratulations and your team is on a whole new level for the first time since 1985. After that big win. Yeah I had the team just run down the floor without calling a timeout. On Dante's big shot there what was the thought process by today I trust my guys let's let him go go let's let him go win it. No place like grandparent I love the lead cut the lead with a ramble on the head of that lead and I've had ever that great. I don't know if it's this sucker. Of debated thing about court time and we haven't been what we call attack on lows are low clock. Whether with a quick download it does seem that the tying basket get it out quick look up the court. And you can do that when you got unselfish guys whose great article downhill. And you know sometimes you can hear the announcer. Right it would definitely take that shot you got one timeout left the to not take it. It acting doesn't go and how much I'm on the the cool being grill if you know the portable and depleted backcourt put. There's so many things about if you call timeout got to get the ball in the slows up the tempo and I trust our guys Marcus. Now it's a great example themselves as he goes downhill and any kind of slips at the dark days Yzerman. Indirectly makes a great. Well as as coach Porter of Porter moser of loyal joins us here on golden going to there was a little debate with the crew watching the game and after it. Oh after it was done. Whether or not that specific play had been practiced a lot by you guys during league during the season leading up to do was that sort of a drill you guys ran all the time at the end a practice. We we do we call it that attached to this week we spins and we're going downhill towards the ticket. One more it will basically practiced that a lot and it it is very you know it's not a cookie cutter thing you know you're just. Trying to go to unfamiliar streets in your quote some guy took up until I determined that. Gonna try to pick the thought process is this going to responders. And when your defense not. You know sometimes we call a timeout. You know you did everything second got to get the ball about the they come out as a whole. And there's a lot of different things and that one of the things we do is with our guys. Would you run might set a track biblical that would make it crystal screen. Oh we do it. On almost fast pace like that in I tell you what the matter what you run got to have a gagged naked shot doctor made a phenomenal. Phenomenal shot. Poses loyal Chicago's first trip to the NCAA tournament in 33 years in your guys just did not look intimidated at all against a team like Miami from. The big basketball conference Yasushi. What was one of the things that you did to give your team confidence. There will be over the women's game. Only because talking all year about. The process of what we're still winning get better than you know we wanted to be here in nineteen they're big bet on that stage one at Florida. And that this thing is it's a very very close could put guys. They believe in each other big believer that you don't always believe if we do we got a lot of well let's protect our tickets to the ball got guys that can pass the ball. But the other thing is they they've really believe that they could spend. They can create some offense in transition and they can they had a chance to win. It debated within the group of really good on certain guys that two weeks. And that's who we have a little. You certainly do are you mad at all at buffalo because you guys would have been the talk if Eric Evers on had just been dusted by buffalo coach that they stole your thunder. I'm ready to 100% they don't look credible and a white president I don't wanna create so. 100%. Today and Nate doesn't look that great guy and I saw that I didn't he's ordered it looks like I want. I do to be used auto industry this film room and and support my sister goes. Buffalo just smashed Arizona might have Nate is not a. Give me give me a chance to be 24 hours since John eight good well. Rare one more that was great reporter most of the head coach of Loyola Chicago witness list and every year we get these great stories from great upsets like this and there's always a story behind the story. And one of those is your great ninety year old chaplain sister Jean Delores Schmidt. She's there on the sidelines she was with you all the way through the season she says she even sends you emails and scouting reports after each and every game. What's the relationship like reviewing sister Jean. You know it's it's unbelievable I'm so glad that this story is coming out because she truly wanted to billion. I mean up until this lack accident occurred pictures of the wheelchair and put up until the accident report you'll see your. Totally ourselves also there's and walk around campus on operations no getting around so complete games practice and the cigarette every single day. The main thing which is Coca blanket. Not only to us what the student who's got a raucous. This took so there you always see students coming out. You know to stop and buy into that but when I first got the job. I have a press conference that I do look out. Her I had better yet. I went up as the first time there was then a Manila folder they're in it was our sister team that literally was that evaluation of every player that I inherited. Like eating utensils anger you need to get quicker you know what you saw you know released it was hilarious and she had built for the guys. And us that the great thing about that too is you know it is when you win you'll get emails and text which is when you lose. So she did it once and keep her head you know to be back next time than innocence is. She's truly a blessing from god for her battle whoever you privilege and they basic course. They're coach about a known about sister Judy may be shot at my bracket by Lynn will be different I had guys going a little bit further. But you coached under legendary coach Rick reserves at Saint Louis what did you learn from him. No coat was an amazing teacher terming it an. You know our communion and just how we talk to gain don't sit in the courtroom in game one and you know his fine work in different ways but how we talk to gain. Don't think it's is. Salute by the unequivocally with guys that multiplied. You know building with diet high character guys who loved to play. And he is. You know I didn't know are in the new in the in my career but the so many things that you did on how we talked became like a so one. You know he that the attention to detail. Truly wanted was charged with computers. Are listening gasoline was we had a chance I had a chance to work with Rick when he was here for awhile he was a treasure trove of information and interest he stories. He was always great to be around. Cole Porter motion of the head coach of loyal Chicago joining us the big upset as they took down six seeded Miami you know you guys. Seem to have a lot of confidence going into this you won eleven straight and eighteen of your last nineteen so you didn't need. Any more sort of justification or or validation but what does it mean when you saw poor president Barack Obama brought them pick you guys. You know I was really cool in permanent government tweet a picture that because I was so last on the coattails. Of the 63 national team esoteric to team. Clicking the change in cause Obama had a that's not the White House and I got the right along like it to go in the oval office of city. The sixty routine and I think it was the summer before counting or just got there in the summer and Richardson. Any extremist yes and so hologram was going to be and I couldn't young and hungry and it started last week and we Saddam what are we watched the rambler. In that that quote by the year ago and put him to tweet that out was so cool. The Chicago guy and this is such economist Carl Larry Garrett. And deceit. This can get so excited about this and your student body gets so excited about this little love it's really cool this in Chicago and local. Look for those people that don't know the 1963. Squad at Loyola Chicago went on to win the national championship. But they broke the air quote unwritten rule by starting more than three African American players. In an NCAA tournament game they started them that started on their way into the Jimmy given and they wonder when the whole thing. Coast tomorrow night you got to go on a very talented Tennessee team what is early preparation for those guys looked like. We tell you they got a player Christian. That is the FCC player of the year and use that's what coach winters. Coke shares will love this is the best doctor in player in college basketball you might be your Charles our ducks sit. It is lower torso when there is on each coolly and easily clinic on how to document. They're really athletic every Dakota aren't made to our coats and he won everywhere is bad. But they're there really athletic. Are they can shoot it they can score on. But the thing that really pick up a little stronger I mean they're all the parts are put together every dirt really really strong team and they get opinions so. Get our hands full but I nor guys Greg there. They didn't believe our guys this is that that would pick connection that typically. Well look if there's one guy either written jurors would love to coach a deaf who would have been the bread truck chuckles yeah. No question about that but coach that's a bad news in the tournament that you have like seven seconds to celebrate an amazing win because the tournament is so deep we know you got to get ready. Or Tennessee ballistic great having you on the show we appreciate that great win. There was so much fun to have you guys have the trusting your players and just let him run out and take care that final shot. Bass still locked against against Tennessee okay. Thanks guys have big campaign other social appreciate you know in the. Glad to do it ramble on codes could have. Eric I'm glued stink so I have one job I can't staff so sorry for being jealous of Geico could doesn't tell you are my TV 24 sevenths access to thousands of licensed agents and Geico has been around for over 75 years and has a 97%. Customer satisfaction rating while I just got mediocre and he's a skills eichel also has an award winning mobile app. Capital Hudson Preston and knowing. In the boosted as many are. I don't expect great savings and a whole lot more are gold can we go here with you Chris Kenny entry window here present about progressive insurance cell phone guess. On a shell Pennzoil performance line. Well he's in his fifteenth season he's ball out he's doing great. LeBron had a great dunk last night I mean really really good don't give up and he'll tell you about it just listen to. When you go. Yourself. I was more excited it was in my teammates talked senator Hillary. So for the knows that are going nowhere. My career all. It's them. So without our run a say in and the best partly trying to include his teammates are looked at my teammates see how happy they were born in Nam. Look at that always comes back to LeBron right of one of only clear about this we love LeBron. We think he's great and we had Steven Jackson earlier. Tell us how great he thinks he is and and how great he knows LeBron is but it just seems like there's a preponderance of lately hey. It's like the round birdie live from the opener recommend everybody come see how good I look up and right exactly I mean if feels a little bit that way you know on the my fifteenth year of playing my best ball and aging like fine line. So again we had Stephen Jackson on earlier in the show we asked him about this and and he was not afraid to jump into that mess with the us he's our only superstar. I've ever seen an NBA. The pats himself on a back every time we do some he is the only superstar. There has to be told he's great there was struggle rep for Israeli roses that labs is doing my part bright you know I didn't at 30000 congratulate themselves know and so was Starr has done so he has the Vito. He's great with some reason you don't want has done. So it's not just don't smell it's not just sauce and the brunt has got to be the most insecure superstar over the most insecure person. That is the best at what they do on the planet and he always has that go back in tell us how Brady is or. What these Dora how exceptionally years in this regard it feels like it's coming from a place of him being insecure about his legacy. In terms of him being compared to Michael Jordan and all the other basketball greats in the pantheon of basketball hall of famers all those guys. I have that legacy it just feels like he wants to be remembered as the best. And you know that this subcommittee can accomplish when yes I understand why he couldn't accomplish outlook. I think he is going to that's the weird part I don't think there's any doubt. Could you couldn't you instead come anywhere you want Tony Jordan will always be here yeah unless someone gets to six or seven. And then. It's how everyone a look at some of the greats of all time but he's there I mean he's right there. I don't think there's any doubt about that week in which he was here where this earlier I thought he broke down very interestingly he said to me. Kobe's best score I've ever seen. Jordan is the best player. And many said LeBron is the best all around player and we asked him to delineate between those who visits the sort of sound the same of what he said was look Jordan. Had that killer instinct. Six finals don't tell me I can't do it all do six MB people on the back to the point where the race George stores of all time early in his career he went down. I think and dumped over might have been John Stockton remaining before starting got into the league play on a plane for. For you to off. And so there was a heckler on the court that said all what to try and dunk on somebody your own sides that next trip down the floor. Jordan and his video of this I have because you get these videocassettes when you sign up for Sports Illustrated in this in these three things one of most comply with me Jordan's greatest dogs the next possession down the floor. He goes and dumps on Meltzer and a seven footer out of Kentucky. And you that you've seen the video of this George running back up the floor. He looks at the heckler and shrugs a shoulders or goes was he big enough. I have that piece that you could see him mouthing the words there was deep big enough yeah it's one of the greatest pieces of video of ever seen in my life. So that is what Stephen was talking about in in making Jordan the ultimate. Player and competitor but Denny said look LeBron is the best all around player. Fifteen years in averaging triple doubles doing it and more powerful way. But he said Magic Johnson did it in his career you can assist. He can rebound he can hit the three he can still drive to going just as markets are still proud of that area. But it does seem a little interesting. That he's always donate. Still with you still with you guys. Yeah you know when you start compared Jordan and abroad it makes me go back to the comparisons between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers now and Tom greater greatest quarterback of all time. Vs Aaron Rodgers the most skilled quarterback that we've seen in the recent I guess in the Super Bowl era of the NFL. So yes Aaron Rodgers is great all the things that it takes to be good at the position doesn't really really well. What we'd look at this competitive greatness of Tom Brady or Michael Jordan and say that's what separates. The two or that's the difference but would LeBron James I just don't understand why you have to keep going back and it okay this is the reason. Why I've got to tell you guys I'm so great is because OK my legacy should be looked at like this or with these guys. LeBron let the media let the fans decide which are legacy should be is not trying to craft. See that that's the problem what your legacies is never up to you that's from say it has a legacies how other people perceived you what it you have no control over that one way or the other to just go do you and by the way doing him. Is really really it's working it's really lucrative it is very good very good. Coming up how was tiger playing right now is he really the favorite to win not only this week but at the masters well ask one of the few men who could take him down what tiger was at his best that's next.