Hour 3: Ryan Clark, NFL Analyst

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, October 17th

ESPN NFL Analyst Ryan Clark sparks a great discussion about the Packers not being interested in Colin Kaepernick. Plus Booger gets Greeny to eat BBQ without a fork.


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And fantasy football you're never guaranteed to win you know it's always a chip shot and surprising loved ones with 36 autumn roses for just 36 dollars from 1800flowers.com. That's only a dollar per rose quarter. Go to 1800flowers.com. Slash my age. I'm told we have found an oven. For our feast so we'll see this thing goes or might it might represented by a progressive insurance. Our guests appear on the shell Pennzoil performance side and we do have enough for everybody including. Ryan Clark who has made his way into our studio this morning if you would like a little bit of this pulled pork and ribs are you have got to cover this morning finally pulled pork and root. Green I I I will eat them out of voters are the federal I don't first of all. People who eat them they'll go up a nearly blew the kind of an how words it's not my usual 8 o'clock in the morning when nobody did 8 o'clock but it is very needs resiliency Uga U edu dosed. Better body lean either with a fork and I told him that he had asked the candy that you hear you guys got these grooves up. Eat yeah it absolutely is that what you're assaults you look at what is this. Here's the problem let Israel problem to a halt people Ryan would help beaten to a fabulous you looked at an all time. I know how much care you'd take it picking Haggar clothing and all of that. Now he could this happen you think you should get you know you're gonna get some of that on that suit or I'm out of me dress like this normally pulled pork were pretty. How are on the way they've picketed to certain I don't know if you I go to another address slighted but if you break it out here. Hamas figure out a way to do agree aren't so I comedy got to fork and a nice and a medic on that hole I'm never gonna eat afforded it would afford an act as I did not work and you're not even by the way just a you know that aren't that they are the fun is lifted off your fingers are exactly part of it we there's a perception America richer assault do you not want to change that no he does not absolutely does not. And at some point get to be comfortable with yourself and also worst part of borrow it Greenwood is green when he did his hands on things like hand sanitizing. A lot of that what he's not going away but yet he's not go to war you're going to. To be content with who you are I think that's alive because you've hardest trainer. And you want home or how you look at this regatta trainer told the mama now OK but. That's chemicals and as the point of view saying you know what I'm going to be who I am no you're not because otherwise would've had a trainer so you're not comfortable you wanna change perceptions deep down you also might look at you as a yeah. Like bigger. I think lots of people do that anyway. My my Bryant Park this year let's get down to business. Got a couple of things on the table work this morning the work our way ultimately to the Monday night game and everything else and clearly tons of baseball talk about the basketball season begins today. So we are jam packed but we're starting with this Aron Rogers thing. Mike McCarthy suggested that he did not like they hit from Anthony Barr on Rogers. There's been others who have suggested they think it is a dirty hit or perhaps at minimum illegal. Borger and I have a little bit of a disagreement on this I want prejudiced the jury by giving you our opinion Ryan Clark what did you think of it. This football player and we're only may have because error Rodgers is hurt he's a huge player. So not only go Green Bay Packers bush to the NFL. Armisen played as you see me each and every weekend out leak. And honestly quarterbacks are her more hitting the grown Billy are. From actual contact from other players and that's who we saw. With air Rodgers if you're a defensive player when you go into a game say you know what we're gonna make air arrives as uncomfortable. It is. As as as as as the mid game his physical as we can possibly make it for him and as an entity bar was doing. The only reason we talk about as it is because his error Rogers and because there arises chose to use. If you make excludes when he was walking off the field. But the heat as clean as part of the game right now it is part of what you have to do it feared defensive player in NFL. Yeah and end that thing gossip RC is that. What would you have the do if you don't like that played football is anything else as a defender when you in this situation are you going to hit a quarterback. You don't think about. Following on the ground you think about north from the hit this hour Malayan wherever it lands at invest only thing you think about I think people out there at this reception. That as your making their run toward Iran argues that your mind you say you know what I can drop into the ground and her. Iraq and X about that is this is what I will say a ball play defense of football I've never made a tablet thought to myself. Let me find out the best way to not heard this guy exactly. Ever life I've never gone up so it's apple Weathers a right a bag quarterback the wide receiver and go oh my goodness. How can I hit him so it doesn't hurt him. All least they get a ball is finishing the play Ali's thing about this plane who was who always thinking about his hate. How can I think they gain the most all in this play and that's an entity bar was doing. And no time do you make its happily say what's the best way to hurt his collarbone right first vote we noticed mark. Columbia where does most of our species W motor and and secondly. Mutant slow Moya and when you watch it eighteen million times as we all have you can say oh maybe could've stopped on us. Second step. Or maybe even as the driving into the ground. You know bugger happens so much faster then it on the field Anthony boards playing. Football is an unfortunate error rises are here I hated to. He's one of the best football players who have ever lived but it's part of the game. Like a micron Clark is here with a straight talk but give a straight talk world's best on best networks no contracts that let me ask the question is where I can understand what you're saying. And I don't think it's a dirty hit either. Our fairways and I and I almost I can feel the smirk coming on from both review I'm I'm merely asking the question. But let's face it I'm ninety get one tweet out of that out of the hundreds of tweets that I'm getting calling me soft and all the rest of that. I did get one sultan I do get one from a guy who said. Gritty for what it's worth the ticket prices for they came and went down a 150 dollars. Because all of a sudden Drew Brees against Aaron Rodgers is one of the most exciting games of the season and with no disrespect to Brett Huntley and I wish him nothing but the best in this is his opportunity. And black to guys in football everyone's pointing out Tom Brady only got his chance to play good blitzer daughter we all understand that. But at the same time there's only like ten or twelve of these guys walking the face of planet earth. We're all excited to watch play is there right we could be doing good Booker make it fun to meet with him put him in a red Jersey and whatever it is. Is there anything we could be doing to help keep them healthy that we aren't already doing keep who held the quarterbacks. It's. Yeah acknowledged. I mean this guy who is sure to watch yourself there yeah I know all got to current. Discussed it well yeah I can. I actually didn't know where you're going with that if they were you finished I was disgusted defect I'm going to show. Right now noticed nothing else in this thing. They're going to look into that they're going to try to figure out a way to not let that have been I also agree if you. Now that Brett Hundley. God bless him he's my friend a brother the war camp out for cyber charity incorporated shirt or TV I was very excited about their new south of the new. Black. He says he goes well aaron's airing in sombre. He Brett Favre. Right you don't daylight if you're Brett Favre will be super excited about a mile oh yeah Liz get it. If so vet is part of it but there's also part of football and Mike McCarthy. Tried his best is off the ball moving Golan enjoying his quarter break room saying he has the guy in Huntley in. In Callahan need to continue play. He's a lot. Visiting this thing everybody's not replaceable. And though it does affect the game it's what makes the game so great. Because every Sunday you gotta get a big play you gotta have guys who prepared. Who were behind guys who are going to be hall of famers they can come in and do the job as an hour what does he bred her leakage due to job. And if he's great if he's dead Prez got. If Heath. Does sound Watson. We're we're really excited if he's Jerry golf this year or cause it winds start to you know now they were excited about it. And he's not those guys didn't realize just how important stores are easily. What did you think of Mike McCarthy's reaction to the commentary and question after you are to kind of laid out did the Haiti went too far absolutely hated it. Asked live thought it was indignant. But that. He was a theme did that he was asked the question. And I can't speak were Mike McCarthy thinks because of them not him I don't know him. Haven't asked him a question I haven't talked to him but I don't think he's the same way if somebody makes the same suggestion about. Tony Romo who's from that area and who have simply I think he was indignant. And disgusted because he was asked about Colin peppard. And I say it is because the college tempered ex race. Because of Colin tampered naics. Stand per say but because he is who use it he's the light Iraq. For what he's the lightning rod for and I hated I'll be honest I have a a very bad taste in my mouth win Mike McCarthy is brought up from now it's so for ever because of the way he reacted to that question. Or lose trusted accorsi to green I had a different opinion I took it is if I came out in the question before. And I I was asked about my quarterback room and I Sid Mark quarterback whom we're good we're Brett Hundley joke out. We're good some letting you know right now everybody knew Rome were good in the in the very next question. A reporter asked him about Colin capex to get a zip. Here's a coach who just laid out to you his plan his plan is to stick with the two guys behalf and reporter was being a little selfish because any town as a quarterback situation we need team. Injury not playing well we automatically go to college capita. Not Tony Romo not RG three but we go to current happening because of the device is this that his name brains and everything that comes with it. But some organization and some meat yeah I took it as a coach they got frustrated that this reporter was selfish because he headed to the college Kapanen question you. And he didn't listen to the coast it says I'm good with smarmy bugger happens all the time no. By those who go to fall incidents foolishness of older co chief came out he stated and he said it straight no. The reason. The question was asked because it's a good for can question. Because we don't know Brett Hundley used. We don't know Callahan Joseph Callahan is a guide a Bordeaux from practice squad. We do know call whatever it is we do know he's going to a Super Bowl we do know he's going through another eight NFC championship. We do know he can run a ball we do know yes sixty so as I was before and deception as we know these things. We know what he deserves to be quarterback could in his league we also known and now. Aaron Rodgers is now for an extended period of time and though he answered the question I guess what your job is to answer stupid questions. The same way we were upset. MA at Cam Newton for say you know what. It's one here woman talking about routes. A yelled give maddening to me still if I am in my house or if I'm in my gym and a woman talks about aroused it is funny for meeting here. I can see is fair but I can't say it. In a press conference I can't see it on TV your kid do this and I can't do that. So now we're gonna make excuses like oh he said he's straight he did this he did then and now he's frustrated for isn't a question at yields obviously it's a question. That's why you wanna might. That's why you'd head coach so no he didn't set it straight and he's a coach just frustrated because he was as a dumb question. Because the question a dull. Because colleague cabernet is better than no to do it that seat in their room. Because probably cabernet can help. This team win is so when you're Mike McCarthy in your dignity and a year disrespectful. In the way you approach of a reporter we should talk about that. We shouldn't give him excuses because that's who we do if we'd like you. You won a Super Bowl a you're respected person and we feel like you've handed your career hitter right away. Let's make excuses for you let's try to figure out why you felt the way you have if you're Cam Newton a you've been. Bad press conferences if you've been. Indignant sort of and a Super Bowl press conference after the game at the laws they don't know we can't figure out why you're sick or why you behave do we you have met as a bull crap. They don't you get appeared as though are given a duty excuses for it all as his bull. I don't wanna give me an excuse what I'm saying is I understand the climate there we're in right now wind that name is brought up every reporter I if you if you listening any pres cumbersome pretty sure. That took Ghana has been asked about it also will do with what's going on in Indy. I understand which is thing. My biggest issue though is I think the the Colin Kapanen question was a logical one net ask at some point. I just don't think he was logical to ask right after the coach to come on to say I agree we it was a good question should have been asked for pay understand what you say it. What about Colin Kapanen but defected it was ass right after he told you what his plans was. I understand it's a good question and coaches are paid answered every question I thought it was just a little selfish at the reporter to ask it at that point for him. Or. I give the and that gets to be selfish it is our job to ask question is we want answers to do things like so. We come out. Right we go we go to production meeting. And they give us an area they say he RC. This is what we gonna talk about where you stand on or is there are seemed really wanna know about it and it's a lot of times I'm like man issue. Talk about their grip but I do. Because this story that matters. And win Jay Cutler got the job of Miami over forge a pellet guns out ma'am I was asked. Who should be quarterback of of the Miami Dolphins McKenna who got hurt passage a color is he colors were good and and Adam gays. It's the logical decision to coach Steele wants to play. No no probably I don't feel like Colleen cabernet is a question for every job. Because he doesn't fit every job because he's not the person for every job. He could be the person for this job. M Mike McCarthy no Tuesday. And he was. He felt a certain way because he walked into the meeting already thing to himself I'm gonna have to answer Colin cavern in question. So you sound would do all of this as they all this above my room so I do not have to answer a colleague heparin in question will guess what. You had to. They should answer. You were root. It you rely out you were indignant. Because you felt disrespected as some wait till we all food dish respected or an MI. End of the day question and he's there is thrown. They play the answer to those TV or hearing this entire conversation and have not heard what it was specifically that McCarthy said gee you're gonna hear the question. And has Berger was saying he had just given a response about how he. Feels good about his quarterback rumored again with Brett Hundley and with a guy the elevator Carol and Joseph Callahan for the practice squad tonight you'll hear the question you have McCarthy's response. It's proven. All that's the just an estimate question I'd assassins. Just brilliant I got three years or less their bread only two years of us and don't tell him the quarterback room is exactly. Grenades hit the tape we're fortunate to have a great quarterback. And Aaron Rodgers we're committed to the path the wrong we need to play better as a football team and read only with him we know we start this week can joke teller over tobacco. So that's that was the response and it was you hear the tone they are. I am that Ryan you're referencing here here's here's my perspective on this I certainly do believe it is the right question to west there is this is the circumstance unlike any other. I'm RG three is not in the league because he didn't leak has given up on RG three as a football player rightly or wrongly you might and you played them so you could say that. He is I'm that you might think that he could still like but clearly. The league has just decided 32 teams have a degree rightly decided he can't play anymore. I'll can't predict there's no there's no argument that he isn't 10 he isn't better than a lot of the people who were still playing. As clearly obvious to understand why it is that he's not in the leak. Where if I going to give McCarthy a pass on his tone. It would be as I said earlier this morning here's a guy having a bad day right you've just lost her starting court regular season has just gunned down the drain and everybody knows it. What I heard and has shown is him saying listen I'm having the worst that could possibly have and you're trying to get me to say something that you know was gonna get me in trouble. That's what I think he was and should've done it no shooter responded that way to know that I necessarily immediately take it to mean. His tone. May I am getting a pass maybe but the way I heard him talking it was not talking about to happen it as much as he was talking about. To the reporter you're trying to get me to say something. That is gonna get me in trouble when I already have my hands as full as they can possibly be with the fact that my entire team's season just went down the drain. That's what I thought I heard him Jeb agree. He's socially here's the thing when I was NFL live yesterday and and may briefly his press conference after the game. And he was you know we're gonna continue playing obviously aaron's a great player associate yesterday you sure. Right you're acting like there's no reason to panic there's a reason to panic this is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the getting to meet. The best physically that is ever play in your anger like is just another guy going down. So if you can be very calm. In the post game press cover if you can beat the vet Tom before answering that question. Then you can be called one of the say hey look I just told you how we feel about quarterback room we are going out anywhere. To find another quarterback we are culpable with the guys we had because that is a narrative it's on clothes that they merited only a yesterday right right in a narrative you do it before that question. So yeah I understand he's had a bad day and I can't say if they ask about any other quarterback in the world. Next. That he would not behave that way I can't you are right grainy then maybe two way he answered the next question no matter what's at. I don't believe bid amount will sit up here and give them a pass a marvelous it appears they I believe you have edited that way. For any other quarterback which you are correct if we want to give him excuses we can't. I'm not. It's an interesting question and it now we're getting into an area that we'll never know the answer to grip but if you took the word the main Colin Capp predict out of that follow up question and made it Tony Romo. Which is something people were talking about our woody responded the same way that my my personal opinion the answer is no I don't think you would respond to him I think he was responding. To the fact that he felt he was bitten someone was trying to draw him into a larger debate that he didn't want a better. Slowly set a question now that doesn't elude you but it absolute RC to your point. After the game there was still questions whether or not this is going to be season ending right surgery so now he stepped to the Mike at the press conference he knows at that point is surge her croc is season ending does that change the context of all and a disaster. Agile enough because we error Rogers is getting carted though I don't care if he's getting carted off because his finger no broke is an issue to me. I was penny yesterday it was an eight or. Did come back and we talked about it but there's nobody I hate more in the world remind me again he did something to you on the island and isn't this degree of blood draining and it's not going into plain old being a Super Bowl MVP right I had to play picked out. I did everything I was supposed to do greedy we supposed to be dissident in my wife is not supposed to have decried. After the game I must learn did not both are the living meat is a daddy what coverages what you don't play a result could stop their watch I I'm not a right. Right here is really a made the play amid say hey I take they take a goal goes zero. You covered just cited nobody cares about him his look Goteborg agrees it is just grazing and then number three and every time cinema break it or seeming to beat. So I'll go a break. And it those little my hand so the next drive we have a timeout and Aaron Rodgers will be stupid little pointer finger at bill goes a lot. I. Hope they fall off about it and we don't. Why I saw Barack Obama throws the football with three fingers. The rest of his life because you don't deserve these two wrap. Grainy because he don't understand the pain that these two fingers have put me through my whole life I. I'd have to range but no error Rogers I wanna be all good and make throws people other people can't make. In yet Tom Brady style and he hasn't hit a beautiful wife would can't go to bawling me forget. Sharon agree you know the breeder that. Yeah I want to do that that sort of thing is follow through green is going to be a ribbon between us on that nobody knows there's is going to be a real right ready mature out of bugger but I found it is I think it is just to sort of leave it here. On this topic. It really interesting point that you make because. I mean history is filled with quick coaches getting aggravated with questions and sometimes we love that right I mean sometimes we adore it. And you're right we do give people passes based upon the circumstances based upon who they are based upon. What their history is sometimes that's reasonable to have a person has had nine years of doing things right well then on that thing is a bad day even as I get it. But added it is an indication more than anything else that's how this particular circumstance with Colin Kapanen has. Created and everyone and I'm were having meetings in New York to talk about it today. Emotions that run the entire spectrum different than anything we've ever seen have Lewis is something we've never seen before. Have food and and I were so I totally hurt you I don't think he reacts that way if the question is that I can't I don't know this for certain. But I don't think he reacts that way if the question is about Tony Romo orbits about RG three orbits about Tim Tebow or I couldn't think of anybody else. Only run a cable earlier this morning anyway Ryan Clark this year. And as as incredibly nice as you look if you would like someone out there on song you're welcome have to do let me mortem barbecue on raids on its on his wife if we can get exiled to my best guess that those we have. I'll wait hey Al what he's Europa combat doom and I knew he had some about it no lights on Monday illicit. Coach so who'd attacked. I want I want a process with one team one heart beat is what it says are back Tuesday voters shared anybody sub look at this to grab both teams going at their oath earlier Saturday as well we don't have to win another one let's go guys. Ever or micro or care support for Mike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confident when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home Walt. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash mites. Equal housing lender license in all 50 states and am Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just the place yeah it's feeling that you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most EDT looks. That feeling with you whether your home your business for online. We help keep you. Security systems home automation alarms and or fail. You can feel at home wherever you are. Go to ATP dot com and get that feeling for less than a dollar today. Home Saint Paul. A look at some of the Twitter reaction to the discussion we just had. With Ryan Clark which I thought was excellent view. An and these are the best conversations these are consecutive tweets. 100% correct. And it Tiffany Wilson Getty if you came in both eleven minutes ago at literally consecutively. Tiffany says I normally agree with real Clark at the time. It's hard as it is for me to say I'm with green on a lie it's hard to say that. But but but forgetting that and I wasn't really disagree. Ryan Clark and how are actually more on the same side I heard the conversation refers to add about this earlier but the point of it is this. I don't wanna get off onto to this tangent today because we have a million other things to do this the bottom line you when he had. Viewed the thing differently you heard it differently you talked about it. We got we we we. We did necessarily convinced YouTube didn't convince each other that the other was wrong but to listen to each other. And may it may be on some small level you know we all learned something whatever it may be here's something a little different the normally do sees something a little differently they normally do. When we get our other day and no one decides the other one is evil because of it. That's that wasn't to me that was a pretty good way to spend five minute. That's apart agreeing when you can hear the other side and I think it's important for everyone out there listen today. In today's times when there's a disagreement. The emotion becomes so involved. That the reason being becomes less and less and I think when you can take the emotion out and have a logical conversation. It's the reason we're all different because we're gonna hear things differently we're gonna see things differently. But it's very important listen and not that it's one of the skills that we don't talk about enough and one of the skills that we don't do enough for our country. Is listening to one another in hearing of the size because the opens is this the same or phrase a pitcher worth a thousand words or how you see you which words are important you were not going to be sentiment. So soldiers leave that there and get onto other things but I I personally thought it was a great conversation and I hope that people enjoy didn't. If it makes you think about things a little differently terrific and if it didn't that declined to Mike and I presented by upper towns all synthetics. Taking synthetic motor all performance to a whole new level might to which depends on synthetics today speaking of coaches. And to the unique way that they sometimes he have a couple of different examples of that. So I got three that I liked. They're all college football coaches for the all dealing with a entirely different things audio Herbie credit current curfew was all of us a week ago you were hosted with me. And he said looking ahead to a weekend that didn't have what appeared to be any great games on the schedule he's that I guarantee. On the team is gonna lose a game we're gonna turn around we're gonna say how the world they lose that. And because it is so hard to be ready to play every single week especially amongst. People as young as these players are not to believe your press clippings not to overlook an opponent. And sure enough we wake up and I felt like every big team lost this weekend. I'm beginning with clubs and on a Friday night against Syracuse to anyway that was pretty good stuff I have some reaction to that I want to start with Saban. This is Nick Saban. Because with that thought in mind. He talked about what it's like to keep winning week after week after week getting doubled down and his little analogy with the rat poison. Not to belabor beat a dead horse but the rat poison that we talked about the external factors that are out there that. Talks about what you all talked about like they got all these problems so you know it should be going to show open. Look the corn and then I don't know why would you play the game where people don't really understand is this not the human condition to be that way. The human condition for everybody is to survive. I that's that's how we all got here that's how we all started that's our what we all wanna do you get a group of people to be special all the time. In every situation with all the noise and external factors and all the stuff that's out there it's a real challenge. Really interesting thought and it it is a much bigger picture thought than just football. And just motivation week to week but it is an interesting concept about the natural human reaction. To take the is that the path of lesser resistance not necessarily least resistance. But less resistance what is available and how difficult it is to make people forced people. Against their normal instinct to not do that and if there's one thing to give that guy credit for more than anything else may be more than everything else is that he does that probably better than any. There's no doubt agree big about us you know I'm almost forty Euro almost fifty yard you know after I just turned fifty your fifty okay. How hard is it for us to be consistent day in and day out with how we speak and how we look at the east and rot now imagine doing netted eighteen or two point. I used to dislike sports talk cop out especially when it comes to golf what Bob Rotella and all those guys love Bob Rotella are you still might as a golfer he's somebody that make them visualize. But now you understand because no earthly standpoint. The mentality which you approach. The sport but every day in this sport matters not put yourself in the situation. Where you eighteen to 22 we think about your girlfriend you've been a backlash thing about final budget thing about the NFL all these different things and you're still not emotionally stable at that date as I think Nick Saban does a fabulous job. At understanding where his teen years where their maturity is and where they ages he does a fabulous job at the psyche. A controlling that with this team. The flip side of that of course. This past weekend was Mike Leach and Washington State who. Were unbeaten and then got blown out now I haven't heard this but you were the order told me yesterday we have to play Mike Leach if your there was bleach after his team got blown out. They're terrible. They're terrible public did you watch the Davids had to play for eight minutes the first half. And cal score whatever points they didn't. And then they're running back over there. They treated him like an all star when we're down the stride now the defense did not play good game somewhere where you're you're searching for brunch when there's a bright spot. Where pathetic. You know we're a bunch of pathetic front runners. What do you make of that so there's a coach who's aggravated and frustrated and you know we talk about giving out that pass or not giving the guy pastor of a problem with a coach calling his own players but that. No because you juxtapose that to begin if they wind out when need be doubly was your USC got a big game. And Woodstock and their buys get naked and he's caught all these different things so that's Mike Leach understand what he's doing he's probably he probably went too far that night he probably went too far. After this loss but that's who he has Mike Leach is that tied the coach is a reason they loved him up their former Washington now. There are some people it's a goofy is the fact that they thought that he was pointing the finger this team I heard him say week a couple of tons of people with the best home. It said yeah coach you were ball and you can make any adjustments to your team was getting beat so your fault also our I quote he said because I know who Mike Lee tears I've heard for years but some people took offense. In my in my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance on a just to leave. This little rip here with a smile on your face that brought us to add or drop. Where are they going this weekend again blocks are they going Oxford and use the Cotto respect Canada and so they asked him about that about going back to Oxford and you know because he's dead orasure on this was what he said. George was to open the real excellent. And get a chicken all the shtick. Him there was protestor. And overt Coca children are consultants over those above all our rumba. This is in Oxford and got an excellent chicken almost at how how pleased are probable it's good good six on six. But I also want to. Veterans concerns. Got up just to put in context raising Cain is in bad routes we had to read last will be that nick is he's in Baton Rouge right now. Did that I'm. At the beginning of and he said he would go to an act on yes and excel he asked if he gets items I know ordered Exxon as largest meat sometimes you don't know be my point is he's getting chicken on a stick from my gas station yeah. Is that a common thing I'm not aware of green to most people Golan LaSalle have. Where did you check the oil. And and and Alec got a faulty gas and in Philadelphia gas station yeah I mean they feel they have the while allies ready as they that let go they are being enablers for their sandwich yesterday while while sandwich so you can see you regret we are attached to a gas station yeah you can go to a gas station Exxon awhile lark and you can get decent little. It's pretty good actually. Okay so it's OK okay so fair enough so we'll go to Jennifer go to this game shows what a what are you and he would go to this game you want LSU you're all excited about that I present go to Foxboro get ourselves in sideline pass whatever it is a watch the game. And then when it's abroad over the gas station and it'll be a terrific. Way to kill two birds with one stone will both of fill the car with gas we can return it all I called the right to please don't get some chicken on a stick yeah we just delightfully. You do that we'll get a start ago. In a few minutes because these Rios come up here and in my view that the ribs on the way that's also is on the way and grainy they are bring in the real star here. And they are no forks are unmasked and there are no Nazis and Mike Greenberg can leave that you're gonna eat this. You will eat with your hands and you leagues said finger. Sega. Have you done something new PS it is he's in new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any guys. School. Known using the lightning are still feel fangs and good get really. Failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could it by switching to Geico. Where they won't have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Are quickly to Ottawa take a lot of time on this. But I told you that might my trainer Alex should fear the gather work out with. His his passion in life is that he he travels on the country competing in these barbecue competitions. And he's very good. And he loves you bugger and so he made all this food. And he had me bring it into the you could try to we've got ribs and we got pulled pork here yes and we all know how does that look to you it looks outstanding job pour pour on right. Ribs on the left for dead you enjoy some of that what you do you take the Rea yeah noticed my anger. Yeah. I tell me how that is couldn't he's one like multiple competition state titles and national stuff I think you finished seventh in the country and something. It did that there is a good looks it fell off the bone so when they say it might fall off the wanna literally fell off now. He should turn a fork I do this. At a brackets come tumbling watched. I'm at home and eat it. Your career. You go is my love for Alley at a rare breed is like a guy got to read here. You do play by play for the there. Greed not taken a bite of sit real or is barbecue sauce Sony's really has veered right now has very good but this river good to put upon the bone now. You don't right now I'm I'm I'm like I'm an arena to OK Gloria were on this board shall we don't have to we continue to. I'm sure once fascinated or higher reading these reds met a couple of ones that are adjusting and I'll be curious to hear your response to them while you're enjoying this broad I'm Randy tweets. If in that very same game the Green Bay Minnesota game where. We heard Mike McCarthy complain about the hidden on Aaron Rodgers if Clay Matthews has exactly the same hit on K asking him. And McCarthy was asked about it afterwards he would respond that football right too eager that. Procurement and we've lost but we must say I want to do this after the show because now we've lost voters' ability to focus on on the couch and I were your case you lose your right. But clearly there are mature one more year. Fusion act say tweets. I know what you're joking grainy with the red jerseys but seriously at what point is it too much and it's no longer the football to the consumers will enjoy which is the bigger danger. That we take too much physical quality out of the game and fans miss that harm or that we lose too many star players and fans miss them. I mean we're down O'Dell were down Aaron Rodgers I'm not suggesting that Alvin cook is a star on that level. It is a fun exciting young player and we're down him. We're down JJ watt who was probably the best known defensive player in the sport for I've lost a lot of stars I'll give you look. Want to get in the you don't need any people watched the ball greedy because of his account I don't think we're. Yeah we don't like the CIA stars hurt but there are a lot of people to watch football and only put a star quarterback because the the in May danger in its accounting of the game because they can't do it they can't imagine running into a brick wall hitting somebody but that's a football players do. Every single time they play in their people that go out near turner TV you know looking for that why you stand a career this is. Really to Alicia did it way down but what I will say is very are heated and carry on this conversation. But what I will say about that is I think there was an increasing audience right now particularly younger people. Who did not get the start watching the game because of the big hit because David legislating them out promote their conscious life. I knew or into wood for the fantasy aspect of it I would say people ask me all the time I was a business changed. In all the years I've been doing revenue in the show eighteen years I've been covering sports for thirty years. They're quite a few significant changes or technology is the biggest. The number of female fans who were in invested in the game and interest in the game. Because this is the next biggest and then the third biggest his fantasy sports have changed everything. Young people of I would say if I get ten grip and if people in industry they grainy and he throws some question that many. Nine out of ten of them are fantasy related. Nine out of ten of the Mario which quarterback today player or you know is there all fantasy sports and it does have any to do and how hard anybody is hitting anybody. Which do you think people crude. Could. Could do without as far as his football. The big hits all our. Star quarterback skewed I think the big hits I think people to do without the big hit more than they could do without the fantasy element of it in general. The fantasy element of the sport in general I I I think I've no data to support this. In my own individual perspective. Is that we have arrived at a point now and if not we're getting close that people are more interested in football for the fantasy element of it that they are even rooting for their own team. This is big night and it's of no wanna get into a bomb non offensive play physical body you realize just how much. It's consumed and what this is done that I didn't realize it's brought the casual fan and is brought the female friend who never watched football. Brought a ton of people who otherwise weren't paying attention that's the point that I make in those people don't miss the big hit because they never cared about them in the first place Stephen Jackson's out as a way to talk basketball season starts tonight the food is delicious arm back in a moment morrow. Sega. Have you done something new PS it is he's in new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any guys. School. Don't I using lightning hits through your fangs who have good get really. Failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could by switching to Geico. Where they won't have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.