Hour 3: NBA Playoffs : 5/19/17

Golic & Wingo
Friday, May 19th

Brian Windhorst joins the guys to talk about the ongoing NBA Playoffs and All-NBA team selections. Then, Brett Okamoto comes on to talk about the Mayweather/McGregor fight.


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Something that I sort of dreamt about having when I was a little kid is about to become a reality. So the first of it was when I was a little kid I think I've mentioned this before my brother and I you constantly debate. Who would win a fight between this person servers are and the best one was ratified Ahmed Ali or under the GI right right Mohamed Ali was the best boxer. Andre the Giant with the best wrestler who would win in a fight and we were never gonna find out the only or not we are. Floyd Mayweather and kind of McGregor are gonna fight we're gonna get we're gonna get something of the answer. And now another one of my childhood dreams has come true which is you know how much I love. Those sugary cereals. When I was a kid I wasn't allowed to eat you're allowed album we had corn flakes and rice crispy isn't product nineteen did you like you don't sleep borrowers in your kid ghostly or someone else is yes and when you and you just it was a very light you emptied their parent oh my god one get at apple jacks became my best friend is her apple two estrogen. But one of the most popular such serial ass is lucky charm to admit to staple how many times did you not find yourself saying. Why can't they make a lucky charms with just the marshmallows. Well now they have. General Mills announced this week they are giving away 101000 boxes of lucky charms filled with only marshmallows. To win one of the limited edition boxes were to hit the shelves across the US starting this month customers must buys specially marked cereal boxes that include a fourteen digit code as a website you can go to. But this now Mike is a thing it exists dream come true. Dream come true right you receive this story already we have a reaction is such that you already know this listen that I would pour out that into a bull about milk can just pick out the marshmallow right party but I liked the way it leaves the milk I think that it once you couldn't agree more sugary cereal that in the milk it all physical some of the best part of the sugary cereal depending on what you like is the milk residual at the end of greater drinking GAAP and has residual the right word no me neither milk that's left over yeah are just trying to figure of one word to take next melt. They're ego. Davos this is a win it's a fabulous went right to me this is number Lieberman and I just need to know how to get my hands on 9909. And a box to another. I will stick to seize save me one yeah it's all an off Arnold save my other story for after Brian winners Chris he is ready to go there's a ton of really good. NBA subject on the table this morning far better than generally speaking in the NBA games were seeing in these playoffs. Let's talk about all those and more weather NBA insider extraordinaire Brian when Arthur joins us on the shell Pennzoil performance on good morning Wendy. You know feeling the milk is now officially a waiver pushed off these small stuff that they had that flavor. And I personally like Captain Crunch cereal milk the best. Really this is really good we're just lost Zoellick now I think for the rest of equality just checked out mentally think of what excess milk from what serial I would like the most. So after this into a thing now may be cocoa pop vocal part on Dracula helped get one of OK Wendy let's get down a bit of a thank you very much for that important piece of information out of helplessness of the guys we just gotta do this here and Carcillo jumped in on Twitter and everything else so. Ramon not speaking for a lot of people yesterday as the first second and third team NBA all team rosters were announced. Saying that she's not real comfortable with the role now the significance of these media votes to players and in particular will use Paul George or sort of the best example. Of that he doesn't have the extra seventy million dollars sit there NASA may be the pacers trade him now. So these votes the media is casting not only have financial ramifications of the players but really have have league wide ramifications. Angola brought up the question. Why couldn't why do you have to have any stipulation of that sort at all why could you just say. Any player who's been hot in the league a certain number of years and has been on a particular particular team a certain number of years. Is then eligible for something greater than the normal Max contract in order to keep them there and let the owners in the general managers decide if they want to pay those players that money. On the surface that sort of makes sense to me what is the reason that it doesn't. So those kind of a provision basically installed to protect. Some of the owners from themselves because if you allowed the everybody to get to a million dollar contract you have thirty team giving out 32. Million dollar contract. That's part of that the other part of it is. They've had to come up with more and more creative ways. To try to stem the tide of started weaving in major free agency this is all reaction. To the Kevin Durant move. Last summer when Kevin Durant was peeking between the warriors. And the founder there was not an appreciable difference in the money that the thunder could offer. And that would seem that the flaw by then the owners they can wait a minute. How can this not be an advantage for the home team to all of being good measures installed. To protect. But Kevin Durant LeBron James. Dwight Howard Chris Paul Carmelo Anthony even the guys. Who forced trades essentially is what Paul George could do would have brought protective. And that's an extreme situation that it would come down this poll George. That we may go through this entire CBA. It's just about to start. In the next 67 years and not think would happen again it's an extreme situation. And wow I agree that if not a comfortable feeling to go in and both Paul George of the guy. Known I have control over seventy million dollars and I didn't do that I spoke to talk about this topic. Near the end of the regular season and how you felt about it looked uncomfortable. But I'd above and other options to the qualification. Whether it's the fans. Who can't be trusted you get everybody off guard boats or are the only two players who don't trust each other. If the media members are responsible. Which they should be to be getting these votes needed to best operate is the best option of a bunch of bad options to figure this out. Now listen I agree because that they already had something on their plate anyway what whatever it meant to these guys to be all NBI act like compared that are pro ball in the NFL delegate bonuses that are in the media votes on it so now okay they're 75 mil attached to what I I. If it doesn't do anything another comparison. I guess is. Hall of fame voting right by that used baseball for examine where the writers vote for the hall of fame duke and there are a lot of things that go into being a hall of Famer obviously don't like the light long distinction of being a hall of Famer but there are also financial. A benefit said he thought financial about this is not unique to drill hole and no feels different because it it's not windy in this case but no longer just money but nothing changed on the voters side of it at all it's not like all of a sudden because. The league said this do we think voters are gonna now get together and people who don't know to do something then then what are we wanted to waited she did not only a narrow windy did it change anything for viewers of order dated may get. That fact that it now impact the actual balance of power in the league that did that change it for you at all as a voter. Why do feel that there thus component has been a part of those PV epileptic cheers not exactly the play but. I'd media voting had control over over bonuses. For example last year Anthony Davis not making the Allenby eighteen caught him about 24 million dollars. Now that was because he got injured didn't make it wasn't a value proposition that the media had control of the vote. I don't know that this group them in any island building for stuff in the ninety's. But I kinda hard to believe that they've ever more important vote in the history of the of the Indian media voting bandits that. I was aware of that when I was casting my ballot I was writing about that the time. I took it very seriously I examined it very closely. I did everything I possibly could to figure out that the most fair way in fact. Again if they do this again I looked up how many minutes yet we do this. Played at forward and how many minutes he played it then terror and I decided to make in the center on my ballot. Which would open up a forward spot that could have gone to Paul George. But I iWeb the Jimmy Butler over him. I took it very seriously I can't speak the other 99 voters. But I took it seriously and is one of the things that I think to point out no one bid value of that the NBA chopped down the voting pool this year. They used to be hundreds of different people who voted now it's only 100 people they are the same boat. And it was rude he was reduced for the abuse trying to find people that they believe are responsible and won't feel new book come out whether or not the public agrees because unlike. When the players are prescribed to reveal when needed when the executive focused out all of our votes are public. If you will probably want to hold government accountable to all who made public. One guy got to ask would be I mean you're you're just beta an effort to say you've taken very seriously and for this reason and that reason. If this 75 mil wasn't on the line would you not take it seriously. What were you distract me like I was on the on the witness stand side. I mean yeah no no I you don't spend time you know making your decisions. The only NBA team that's enough for example the all defensive team in the difficult thing to vote on. And some people are just gonna fill it out and other people actually seek out. The advice for the fifty coaches. Or I would like to talk to scouts because they watch this stuff really closely. But did I get advice from people from my second team all defense I did not. I I tried to wipe out the American people look at some stat I would not analyzing very very long didn't take any days. Certain vulnerability. Because I knew when it wouldn't let I considered it for a long period of time. What is that looked up all kinds of stats and and really analyze that and the other end be of them used to be divided collapsed. Because that was sort of the thing which is still about at the end and alienate you sort of way different things. Now they are India that I you know I am delighted that and I feel like I hope might might. I hope my colleagues did as well I would assume that going forward if they will. Brian we're horses with a us on the shelf until performance might choose. Shell V power nitro plus premium gas for the rest. Total engine protection you can get to the sum total of all of this. At the end of the day Wendy is that Paul George doesn't make even the third team in your mind does that mean he will be traded this off season. It's hard to read grainy because with a brand new president in in Indiana now temperature had been with the organization. For a while. But now he's in control he's moved up in general manager the president to replace Larry Bird seed Tim that you've. Outfit that you start to understand the patriots could robo dial peer. If Paul George makes no NBA team next year. They could not offer him this contract. For the question is do you really have a good night I kinda hard to believe that any player in the NBA. He's going to turn down the extra 75 known. We know we don't have a precedent for a may be in it could happen. I had a hard of a little bit about hope that although there and popular is being offered 75 million mark. By ADP period that he has by the lakers next summer but he would choose to leave. So there in the component that if you believe it's called George. And you'd pay if you if you could well with life and maybe you could even go but February infant let these are all playing. Let's see how this thing isn't going to run but the pacers had a they have two options because Paula has made it clear to them. He would like them to conduct the pain so that they can become more of a contender. Good contender anywhere he broke his leg do a few years ago they have regrets overall repeat. Particular pet food can choices they can go try to all of on this roster. To try to add a player or two to make them more of a contender to entice Paul George there are. They can trade him. And in my mind you. Training and a substitute a superstar player like Paul. You're good to break it lasting batteries your absolute last resort because I I don't care. What anybody says his contract can optimize the number one pick apart just you conducted in the world number two pick you can't guarantee me. That mark helpful through want to apologize checks and it's going to be as good as Paul George was going to be as good as Jimmy Butler he may think it's good. Because Beckham look at that the the top five in the draft the last 56 years tell me how people out to argue there aren't there. If I would pay through I would go to the end of the year before I traded him but but the answer your question it is unclear which direction you're gonna go at this point. How about Gordon Hayward where does he make the biggest difference he's created. Well he's gonna get 39 I gotta put together and offer him a full powerful I'm Max contract that's. Starting at thirty million dollars. For five years and that are really compel an offer. For him in not in Utah however. The Boston Celtics. That's his college coach Bret Stephens double play championship together they're gonna have Max salary cap space they're gonna have the number one pick. In the draft and they've got a team that's in the Eastern Conference finals. It's a very compelling offer to Gordon Hayward I know there's going to be smoking there adjusted. But to me Boston is going to get in there and and make it very agency for him. Again historically. A guy who took off from a five year Mac like Gordon Hayward would never leave Utah. But because we're a little bit extra advantage that they could have. I don't know maybe he's fled over the next four years I don't care about that the minute differences in the and that India and offers the only advantage the jets have. Have now is deal would offer that figure to huge advantage. It's more it's forty million dollars but it is not as much as that this 75 that they could have. Mike and Mike are brought your part by the free eighteen birdies that make or foam the best club in your bag if you're playing golf this weekend Brian when worst. Is whether so let's just play fantasy that's well because it's fun. If the Celtics are able to the last man standing against LeBron here they had a really good cheer their team on the com. If they are able to lower Gordon Hayward. You've got the first pick in the draft. If they decided rather than taking let's say mark health faults or or. RJ and Tatum or whoever it might be that they weren't just did a shopping that picked. What would that pick get them in the NBA right now with that pick get them Jimmy Butler. And my. It might have happened if you have a Booth to vote Republican contender brother Paul Dooley did Butler has to move left on the contract and Paul has won. For the blue run under the gun as much as the pacers are but if you ever blew open your interest in treating him you're only treating him. Right total premium package. Like you know if the doctor call. You to group them this is not negotiation. You're gonna give it a B and C and am going to be number one pick the repayment some believe that the public's reluctance to trade that pick. After the draft when it's no longer the number one pick that they can offer to trade but it may actually improve their ability to make a trade because. Nobody you're looking at a competitive it's no longer happen to trade you know it's got up it's got a huge negotiation that it would once they've drafted mark off falter whomever. It's you know and then they can't get this nebulous picked. It makes it easier to negotiate with them but whatever the boo boo. Again. They have. Fled that day the big debate no intent to trade Jimmy Butler but they have also taken calls on him over the last year. Put indicate that they are willing to leave consumers something but if you're gonna put together a package you're gonna go the trade machine. Don't come with you know a couple of players and I lottery protected pick. Because he is under control what ever think Jimmy Butler may be all NBA team OK came he he he is the guy who. Right now would have. You know the Diebold would have the ability to retain with this 75 million dollar. Extra extension in two years they don't have is much stress as the tasters do. So to catch the ball out of out of at a Chicago you're going to be a lot you're going to be the number one pick plot other fans to consult. Well I do we've done all we could not ask you real basketball question because I don't know I don't know what barriers to ask but game two tonight Cleveland Boston I mean. Any expectation that it's gonna be much different. What we saw in game one. Well I mean look it captive they're pretty much dominate the topics we won ten the last twelve times they've played and obviously. They've kicked them in the tail the last two times they've played here in Boston. And that's just an over the last couple months. I was able to get felt OK you're looking for a reason. To have hope that that the ball can make it a lot of wide open shots early in the game they were older than eight. In the first half an open three point. If you can a couple of that they could change is the beginning of the game in Europe and it happened. I don't think the Celtics had a great game plan for keeping LeBron now the pain now. Even if Red Auerbach would still work that he wouldn't be open design up a game Clinton's stop abroad that's that's true but they did not do a good job. Making him take jumpers he was only one debate on jumpers in game one. And so I think the Celtics will make adjustments tonight basically. Do anything they can't afford commended jumpers now. His job we've been great other at a time in this playoff he came in. To this theory that shooting 47% from threes and he might dropped daggers on them with wide open threes if they let them but I expect that game plan to change. The most alarming thing for the Celtics that people are like talking about. I'm very confident slowing down and out like that that it probably 1245 tonight but. This is a guy who at one point if he even had 43 consecutive game with twenty points or more he said it felt like. Team record for that you've got to came back from the Celtics you've done something. It's been held under under twenty points in for the last six games came just felt enough to stop him. And he's been torn down a little bit so different kind of hit left to rot they go down to dig in Cleveland down 02 but it's curtains. So I expect that it comes to completely fell out tonight give everything that he has left. And for those of the ingredients that dad said that. The cats are so far away that more dominant team here Brad Stevens. That it encompasses the perfect roster for LeBron James it took a cab guy he's very long time to figure out how to put the perfect roster around abroad. That they have done it and what you feel that he's involved. Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance super quickly. A windy or no you're with a eased but do you have any sense of coli letter status Leino is listed as questionable he didn't practiced that a lot of times since the injury before the game tomorrow. In any sense of whether Leonard will be able to play and if so. What we should expect from him. I would think that if if he's given 5050 that he would play even though the spurs are more protective and long term thinking and any other team in the league. If I don't win it tomorrow that it's over so I think you've given a chance. And even if he immediately yank him early in the game I think you're given a chance and I know he'll want a place so I don't I've not my ankle but that's good but that's my gut feel. Windy you're the best thanks a million as always enjoy the cereal milk and we'll talk is around. As Brian when north with a son Mike and Mike cinnamon toast crunch hit the most love right now I do like Jack some cinnamon and apple jacks get a lot of lot I'd like chocolate milk so count chocolate to me. It is up there as well. Put cinnamon toast crunch in the lead right now keep all that Twitter reaction coming through the 1800flowers.com. Twitter feed is no better way. To brighten someone special day then with a 1800flowers.com. Right now in order a dozen eager Barre daisies for only 2999 you'll get a free days go to 1800flowers.com. Slash ESPN I kept it seems as though everything is all set for the fight ago. Or does it. Yeah every tech made standing on. But there's only one that's always had a way of standing out. Or you're looking to bring more battle comforting creativity here like Honduras and call on the brand that's known for making the most outdoor living. From decking railing enlightening to furniture fencing and framing of the net tracks where engineering and what's next in outdoor living. To learn more about all the outdoor solutions tracks has to offer call 180289. Tracks or visit tracks dot com that's TR EX dot com. I we are Mike and Mike and for a lot of the last couple days we've been talking a lot about the upcoming fight between Connor McGregor. And Floyd Mayweather talking about it. Sort of as a fait accompli and sometimes you look at all of the evidence that you see things in McGregor applying for boxing license in Nevada and all of that. And and all of these different you know pieces of evidence that would suggest it's on the verge of happening. But we all know these things aren't that simple. Because there was a lot of evidence that that Floyd Mayweather was going to fight Manny Pacquiao once upon a time right and it took like 21 years or that happened. So let's bring in Barreto Camara who covers the MMA ferocity ESPN and has been at the incited this thing forever. A record morning and welcome in my in my can give us your your sense of where you sit I know that you're more closely aligned with. With the McGregor side then the Mayweather side of that might be the easier side. But for where you sit how would you assess the likelihood that this fight will happen sometime in the relatively near future. It's really hard if they are put in number on no that's not the answer that you don't want that yet give. Ever want to know what what the percent chance of this happening and it is hard to predict because you can put these guys in the same room and you sort happened negotiating. And everything we go find them wanting to throw it off you know I think did that they did clear it big political. And in Cotter signing a deal with the US CW it was a big hurdle in my mind you know it's such of a trek to that it yours if you haven't thought that about their biggest star. You know let alone and any of their fighters really belittle the biggest Arctic took over the boxing fight somebody else likely probably going to lose. I I never thought that you he would you know or with the amount that they are officially. I did think that was the big hurdle but. You know now you're talking about speaking to the Mayweather side I spoke to Detroit last night. And he told me that you know he's been talking to and it was sides for months apart now you know who do it why are you Floyd Mayweather and they. Most likely would not meet until next week or appreciate that update date back like. You didn't sweeps and walk what my own perspective and not have to worry that to orbit declined a couple days. Well that that's another question that came up when we heard that Dana White a McGregor worked it out from that side and now he's gonna talk to Mayweather side. Is Dana White that Don king of this fight what what what is his. Parked in this on the losing side. You know what he is you know and I think a lot of us. Thought. You know become harder side negotiating for its side put the weight it's worked out is that commerce site has negotiated with Dana White they have. I think that set up some things in place with the contract their supply. With Dana White in the agreement they came to and because you could you could be the broker that you know we've which we trust you. You know go to Baylor cited negotiate for us. You know not to say they haven't been in contact with the Mayweather side by. I think it is you can't get too many cooks in the kitchen right and so. Another big part of this this despite putting it together and it would have saved forever that there is a lot of egos involved. There are a lot of big east of the ball to refuse to get what they want. So the mortgage that you can remove some of those egos get in the negotiating room. The better off chance I think you have taken the fights so. As of right now you know planet is to have Dana White meat without pain and again it was viewed by the report and whether at that. If they'll have a deep with a play of course but they're not it's physically in that room trying to negotiate this deal. My in my Brett locomotive covers MMA forest. Went when the story comes out that Dana and McGregor has made a deal that the USC has made a deal with McGregor does that mean that they have determined what McGregor is take on this thing is going to be that's Dane as number two give that. Doesn't have to wait until we see a lot of other factors that go into this I guess what I'm saying is. Does McGregor now have a deal in place that says this is how much money you'll get paid for this fight. That that has not been described to me you know of course but that's it that's what are the deal and they won't disclose but I think what that. Is that big a big question in this was always that McGregor a per contract. Exclusive contract with the USC now is that what locked in a court would have had to decide that but they were able to work it out. That. You know what we will allow you to do this we will be part of the UC. Davis to convert we will allow you to do this will be part of it. Obviously we want to be compensated for as well we we want to the benefit of this specified. Our star. You're contract with but we will allow you to go up and do they fight. But the question knowing what was or how we whether that you know because you got two fighters or water or it. Who each won a big pieces apartment potter had to split his peace and apart with a USB. So what does that would look like look like you know that again in helping the terms of that but they happen on the term which again I think is you know what with the pick of the clear. In your opinion will this be the biggest paper view fight ever. I don't think it will pass Mayweather Pacquiao of 2015. And obviously that would. That was afford it took five years and make it in the fight that with constantly being built two and in the public what did if that shattered repeat review records of the liver and that. I don't think it will break that record. But it. You know relive it's I went it if even the difference between Latin between two years ago and now with the social media you'll not be way to get away from. You will not be able to get away from the fight even if you're not a fight and about sports and the flight will point you will be your life. It it public bidding here like already for the last year you hearing about it it's up to wave a magic. Want to promote and really start kicking out for this fight if it does happen. A lot of people who don't normally file paper use or by this fight it would not shock me. It ended up being the richest fight in in combat sports history but I wanted I would bet on that and I would think they were packed. Here fanned out and am I gotta check out Brett MMA podcast five rounds of Brett welcome auto on the ESPN app. Or on apple podcaster the most recent episode featuring a conversation with the light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier you know you cover this stuff closely and we just sort of sit back and and enjoy it. So you've been around Macgregor or I'm always been fascinated you know by this question. Is he. Had a brilliant. Marketing genius. Or is he genuinely. Insane. You know what I think you both. I think he's he's so crazy that he didn't know it's great you know if you figure out if that question. He with the data at all he does do is talk truth and and it back it up and that's that's what he would be telling you if he was the show right now. And to a degree it's hard to argue you know he he would take a risk with it. Mixed martial arts career. But I've that we're crazy you know that the other guys wouldn't do you know taking a short notice fight you know he's preparing for one guy. We get back out pulled out that you get you could completely different opponent. That you weren't prepared for went with the title fight of allied. Any they'll take that fight you know traditionally guys just don't do that Egypt has been a corporate confidence in himself. And that's why you know if you take the fighting against Mayweather. You know a lot of people ask that you really think he can quit you know he's not. Stupid I mean he probably knows that yacht or get them but he also has just so much confidence itself and the ability to prepare. And ability to hurt somebody if he can't get a handle them. That you local and they're thinking that he got shot like into the. From your side of it I think this fight's gonna happens overnight in the fight the opening bell rings that go out how does this fight Cody affect. And you don't. Even in his mixed martial arts career Carter to show that he will bear out you know he's one of those guys that we call it equals dangerous early in the fight Clinton but that the eighty. Can't fight. You know for five rounds in mixed martial arts you know or go beyond that probably the boxing great but he is one of those guys who most dangerous early like Lloyd. You don't do given his style and given his IQ. He's gonna stay away from that early on and at that where about a little bit you know a lot of a lot of what color does is it power punches at those are great because you'll need to land want to hurt your opponent but they also Wear out. And if the sport but he's not super familiar list. Keep tightening of this at the very professionally for the first time. There would be a lot of a lot of adrenaline obviously Portland group and I think it he would Wear out I do I think that you would get higher. Halfway through this fight and that's what we're would start to make it look silly but what I can't say is that I do you think the thought it would not give up you know you would think that. I want shot at this like a twelve round. That's right absolutely that the world on fire knocked out Floyd Mayweather and and given its first professional loss so I don't think he would ever quit. But I do you think if you were booked higher halfway through the play. But that's sort of answers my last question which is. I've sort of pertaining to my previous thought. About the genius behind this this is gonna be overwhelmingly the biggest payday the Macgregor is ever had and is likely ever to Iraq. So is he doing as because there's all the money in the world involved or do you believe that the NAFTA be exclusively. Do you think he goes into that ring thinking is gonna win. Do you think you'll go to that ranking in the EU EUE at least as of and chancellor that it. Again that is just so much confidence in himself and he will prepare as much as possible. And he knows that that he carried a lot of power. Again I don't think it did himself in and it thinking that he's the favorite he might say that a part of the city should you paper but I have had help though he's the underdog. But it. You know people about you know like what do you think the fight will be entertaining that I didn't think the fight will be attained it yet let's go back to appoint a he has one shot at this you know it's it's it's something that came up. That it has been hard director that are happening when this first came up with the idea. Everybody who knows anything about these two sport that there are no way to fight it out because of how popular is. For the pain that he has and how tough statement he'd gotten. He gets the opportunity to step into a boxing ring at the greatest fighter of his generation. And Floyd Mayweather that is an opportunity that he. It won't be lost and that that this is something that doesn't happen with everybody united shot. So yeah I think people that would make the most of that you all the guy who just showed that the get a paycheck again they are all that you special treat while they. If that five million dollars for the flights that were but lose the repeal I think you will do everything he can't try to work out. Well Don Brett thanks very much better get up early with C as soon. That's Brett are Comodo a really good insight I think that's interest I completely agree with that Olympic unique and waiting going out and that is doing for the paycheck and I think one thing that would really. Be good in this is. Your rule would be great nine rounds and on the last one of them and after nine rounds of boxing. But in all seriousness it's just gonna be boxing they should use the anime clubs. You know afford to give. To give Connor McGregor at least a better shot of his punches having a little more field whom when they land there within ceased to be an actual. Wouldn't she should be sanctioned as a buck and match right in the group you're your he's. This is not them meeting in the metal yeah I don't Colorado McGregor becoming a box a little bit earlier yeah like crazy idea you're more reasonable idea. Those are let's meet in the middle somewhere that's not what's happening on you know I know we all think it anyway whether probably wouldn't let any of that while NATO are completely as a boxer is not doing that and so I don't think he will. Now concerns minded speeches from Geico. Hardship my grandmother would go through it every month to pay her insurance they'll first shooting and write a paper check in current it. Then using her own tongue she would wet a stamp for an envelope. Today however we need not weary our hand and tons today we can pay our Geico bill with a guy collapse. A way with hard chip in with bill paying on the guy collapse. Thank you. Okay tote you're right off the top this hour. There were two stories I wanted to get it right. Then we had windy on hold so I only got 21 we got to won the lucky charm marshmallows which of course was the more important one it's a very good without question there is they're they're they're making 101000 boxes of lucky charms with just the marshmallows told fox looser or just the marshmallow awesome what's the other the other story that came across right at the top of this hour now it's all over Twitter but I had seen it. I am in our hotly. Tom Brady has signed a new endorsement deal because with the luxury car manufacturer. As and more coal mine. You'll drive and endorse a car. That costs 2121000. Dollars. You'll also specially designed. Twelve of them especially designed like Tom Brady model pride Marten. They will manufactured twelve of those and those from what I'm reading will sell for over 300000. Dollars. Wahl that all the Darren river all I have to say is a want to sell over 3000 dollar a 100000 dollars. If you get afforded by it because down the road you can sell that sucker auction for a heck of a lot more to which would you rather had. The Tom Brady special and Maarten device getting back. And I can afford the first one I can probably afford the second one I'm getting the second one you didn't let me finish the question. Would you rather have the Tom Brady and Maarten or the block of marshmallow only. Insurance overrule. I would need it if I can get a thousand of those box is yeah I take out over the car. Thousand boxes out so that's your ratio 500 bucks you know I wonder about an old al-Qaeda does not listen it's not a negotiation. Can I 2000 you know what at what everyone is making this Joker mayor right now so I kinda have at ya you know. Only big bowlers can afford the extra heart. We can buy it that yeah. My goodness had to be done if you can't afford the Aston Martin scatter if you can't spend 300000. Dollars on a car let me tell you what dude I get involved in some high quality stuff doesn't mattress that he endorses him out like a couple thousand dollars reflect on high end to mattress and and now that the U you don't get much higher end in this car. And more power tool yeah yeah that's that's sort of it is absolutely do your thing man. Do your thing that's what sort of separates him from farm. That's not a football players they know right that's just not even like Peyton Manning look what he endorses you endorses pizza and a he like endorses Everyman kind of guy product that's Tom Brady indoors as an. In mark I mean you know that's like James blondes to Gartner it.