Hour 3: Herm Edwards, ESPN NFL Analyst

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, September 13th

Coach Herm Edwards stops by to tell us what the Giants can do to fix their offensive line, & who the Texans should start at QB. And Greeny has some fun with Siri.


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Sports fans anywhere McInerney nationally recognized degree from Penn State own mind whether you're starting or finishing your degree study where and when it's convenient for you. Cheers from more than 125. Programs to become a top prospect in your field and advance your career learn more at world camp this info dot com. Penn State world campus a world of possibilities. On mind. Visit world campus info dot com today let's world campus info dot com. But I need this like 12 okay. There are certain things people have the ability to do that just astound me who just astound me. The genius. That is the human being OK so there's so many things I can't do. Right I mean the list of things I can't it was long it's easier regardless of things you can do but if there's one thing I wish I could do is to be to figure out how to do this okay. I'm about to do something this is real what you're about to hear Israel OK I am about to talking to my phone and you're going to hear it. Series who owns Ohio stadium. It's baker made field. I I can do that. And how they do. How many we'll have an iPhone. 26 billion I'm out and out there on our planet earth subtracting nine everyone else has an iPhone somehow someone figured out how to make series say that. I wanna know how to do that how do you. Due back. Great point. A typical rates deal. There really is I read no idea what can do that if anyone knows how to do I wanna be able what I that technology out there disorder learning yes weather yesterday the announcement that other new iPhone come out that yeah like twenty grand or some like yes I knocked him back and that much but it if I guess I saw a lot of people talking about it like crazy. But but the point is that I don't you do that. I would've been more interested to hear the answer to that question then they hear about I understand how it would all get into Wikipedia her change her right things in there and you know quickly that you know that had to reflect stuff like are they do it so it's not all our fault which by the way. There's a scary thought how do you makes me do bad. I'm not I've no connection to that game to those schools to those are people they would not of of of you know leaked it to me and any conceivable way it just works it's incredible. Series who owns Ohio stadium. Look at nevermind I it it picked up the just work stop but it still. They're still working credited and or Florida and I made it into an actor by apple fashion whatever I've found is where I wanted to they just can't get a vote was great but anyway the point is how I don't LC I don't know I I I'm with you I would like to know that as well and that technology that's the greatest skill ever. Mike Mike represented by progressive insurance last year over three million drivers which are progressive college clicked today find out if you could save my I want to just finish up as your Europe. Passion on the subject is I think it. Comes through the television screening comes through that. The radio speaker. Again the thirty for thirty aired last night about the replacement players right Angola is one of those players on strike in 1987. And what doomed your. Union. Was the fact of the biggest stars in the sport cross the picket line across the big. Live we all we all walked we all march we are all thought we are in solidarity and now very quickly. He eroded to the point where by the last replacement game there were 21 Dallas Cowboys that'd that work at cross the picket line. And were playing in that game. After I was at the Houston Oilers then and I was very pro union acting during that that's when I got released I was I was starting nose tackle. Before that strike. And I was very union and a guy during that strike and the Oilers. After that strike was over they expanded the rosters so you could add as many people as you wanted. The Oilers kept every single. Replacement player. And they were on the practice field with us like the Washington Redskins I think signed thirteen of those guys you talk about fights and being on constable. And all of a sudden I was not only not playing I was an active. I went from starting to not playing an active mean you think some might have been going on their to where I asked Jerry libelous elicited this is with gorgeous released me. Careful what you ask for they did that's how I ended up. In Philadelphia but yet it was it made me mad as a guy who was making 3400. Dollars per game for sixteen game schedule. That I do hear the guys you know complain. I I can't miss my 31000 dollar check or my 60000 dollar check. As most of us who weren't Macon anywhere near that were staying out there and striking for the cause which unfortunately just absolutely disintegrated. Right before our eyes in the obviously the major cause of that that's saying we would've won that fight anyway. But when your top players are cross the line your. Absolutely done that in the opposite and that is baseball with the players did win and they routinely won because they did stay together I covered. Spring training in the year that they had replacement players it. Major League Baseball had all these replacement players in Aaron spring training. And it was actually did let a judge who was now on the Supreme Court and state Sonia Sotomayor. Ruled in favor of the players and ended that strike who knows what would have had right. But they had all these other guys there in spring training and I was down there covering it and the Major League players. The other guys who who were armed replacement players. Who wound up on that because what you on Tuesday it was they twisted the arms of a lot of guys who were AAA you know made them show up they never let them in the union. When they would have figured in my eggs they would watch these guys out the door so they stayed together. And there are a variety of reasons for that including guaranteed contracts or longer careers and everything else but at the end of the day. You wanna when a fight like that you have to stick together where you yeah yeah and really quickly just just and there's an 87 there was about free agency rice we could win it there we actually took it off the table. We got free agency in 1993. And before that we decertified we got free agency by not being union. That's how we had the power to get it by. Getting free agency and the league actually as part of the stipulations of it wanted us to get a union again. Going forward because that they knew they basically did beat us. All of most of the time when we were unionized read these certified and that's one of the big reasons we got free agency so you've got that now if you go to the other side of it we do we have the current because most football fans don't hear about that anymore. I'd thought the thirty for thirty I heard was really good I really Arabia it was more. I I'm not. This as far as the third for a third I didn't explain to me that it was more on the side. Of the replacement players the quarterback for the Redskins at Rupert he was one of the first replacement players at that first day he left he felt horrible about crossing the picket line. He left. But detonated at quarterback and went back I mean there were stories about more about those guys today as it was very interesting but. It's only brought up the other side of memories for me but for the current. Issue. We have so many people who look at the court collective bargaining agreement I think that the players did a terrible job and they lost and everything else and they blame. Here's the bottom line are took his broker was in here for you one day and he was saying a lot of that and then Jeff Saturday came and and that was not. To refer to re bought him it was Jeff's day rising here. Jeff was the and he was the president of the players association and because. Dominique was but Jeff was a very high ranking member of the players union and was involved in all those negotiations. And one of the things he said to Booker was. Do which you have to realize is my phone was blowing up every single day. During that lockout with players thank you gotta get back on the field to what happens get me back on the field to care what happens I'm not missing game checks get me back on the field so the football players are gonna have. They're not going to say they're not gonna lose those paychecks and you know who knows that. The only owners at all they have no chance yeah so. The what whenever anyone blames the leadership of the union for the deal they currently have I always say listen you're just pointing in the wrong direction they're fighting on a winnable and I understand that the players have once a big push in that 93 when we fought in 93. Beat the the benefits package briefly. Improved greatly improved. Without question for what I and that was the year I retired to light I didn't get any of that but it guys going forward. Did and end this last one the players they wanted. The off season to start later. It in April they wanted no two days in in camp they got that they wanted less padded practices. And they got that they do the whole major fight it keep we keep talking about Roger Goodell and his power article 46 I'm telling you figures. Are not going to miss it game check for that they're not but that's what's gonna create headlines because at the headlines we have. Player gets in trouble. League is disciplined union appeals goes back to lead union doesn't like that takes in the court that's everywhere but that's not going to be the battle. Not going to be the battle the players have gotten some of the things they wanted but ultimately. If you're talking about digging heels then the owners ultimately if it's on the same topic. Normally the owners are gonna win that one absolutely so all these people who say that they you know they. When your when your fighting a fight you cannot win it's very difficult to expect better results and idling in the what they got answers one person's opinion I have no horse in the race. I'll budget Twitter reaction on this and why raider two weeks when the big money players crossed that caused friction in the locker room. With the other shirt did I mean you're you talk about in Dallas look what happened soon after so after the strike in in 87. Look what happened of that team toward it or sent ask for effort trade that next year he wanted out him by 89 not long after. Who was donors Jerry Jones or Tom Landry no more Tex Schramm. I mean they were gone and and that a hole they were institutions for those ultimately number they were institutions. In Dallas and in the national football but just what I mean are you kidding me and listened. When he struck it it got. Contentious. And after the strike as I said in Houston they kept every single replacement player. Don't think it was bad blood there you don't think there were fights that went on there. So every team and I don't know each team how many they kept like I said in the in the show last night you saw Washington. Signed thirteen guys and they said. It would be great the locker room public you're expected to be. That these guys crossed a picket line. And continue to play and get it for their reason I'm not gonna sit there and bang on every one of those guys they different their reasons they are there they interviewed a bunch of different guys for their reason to doing it. I'm not here to judge them about it. But at the time I know what I'm looking of that locker room and I see it got across that pick and lied to be a replacement player. I want to punch I wanted to get the fight that's what we all. Want to do when it happened out on the field I mean it it was not a pretty thing for a while no doubt about it Mike Michael all this toward that we're getting here through the 1800flowers.com. Twitter feed. Nothing makes up for you or football obsession like a surprised from 1800flowers.com. To order a dozen multi colored roses. Plus an extra bouquet and a bay has produced 2999. Go to 1800flowers.com. Slash ESPN okay. Little quick and and improved foray back to my days in journalism school next. One of the things that they teacher in journalism school as headline Brighton which as I've as as I think it's more important than ever now. Because back in the day headline writing was meant to make you wanna read a story of a newspaper. But generally speaking I don't know exactly how they calculated as bank and it's not relieve the important part of this you already had the newspaper. You're ready right what the newspaper now these things are measured in collects. So I think the headline is even more important than it's ever been. It what I do for a living. We've used it in teasing and trying to get people to listen right engine just for fast I didn't order journalism school I had always thought when I saw an article and headline that the person who wrote the article. Also wrote the headline and I found out that it that. I journal editors at newspapers are bright the headlines I don't know how that works on on on line sites. But either way the what this is there is a great headline in a story today. That I jumped out at me immediately and that is coach marries player. Now obviously you can't have a coach marrying a player do you cannot. Then wreak regardless of the sport regardless of the circumcised as you cannot have a coach marrying one of his or her players it just does not work that way. Ed that in this case is perfectly fine. At Murray State defensive lineman bishop woods and his fiancee Caitlin miners who welcomed their first child for months ago. We're tired of waiting to change I do's. So he told a Myers Tuesday morning that he found someone who could marry them and it happened to be. His offensive line coach Brian Hamilton. Woods found out that Hamilton was an ordained minister and Campbell that included duck excuse me conducted a ceremony Tuesday had mixed field. Other stadium right after practice the coach said at the life of a college football coach he had to be a part of kids' lives it was fantastic for me to share that that's very cool. A third couple wants to get married. Right after practice. The offensive line coach who has an ordained minister marries this player. And his players fiance at midfield right after schools OC many weddings where that one person is so sweaty like I'm sure the groom was in this case. I mean that's what we're would you would you like you know we you know kiss the bride and I sit and how about right now oh wait on that there's another one here another headline by the way that I like cattle at this. How is it possible. That the greatest game ever was never played. The greatest game ever was never plate okay. If any guess someone at all I don't you know his playing each other this weekend and USC in taxes. Job. Are you aware of the USC is for an all time against Texas flickering how could that didn't have a championship game were Texas beat USC no they didn't at least not according to the NCAA and according to USA. USC and Texas played this week for the first time since their memorable BCS title game in the Rose Bowl following the 2005 season but. Per the trojans official game notes may lift the trojans is 40 all time against taxes while acknowledging one loss in that Rose Bowl was vacated. Doodle NCAA penalty. That is because as their SAD it SID explained. The program was instructed in 2010. By the then NCAA director of statistics not to include participation in any games that year. As part of its official records for the elderly vacate the wins. They vacate the loss yeah. So as far as US is concerned. That game which some people think of the greatest game in college what price is right never happen well I think that that's good news for me and my family now we don't have to say we lost Alabama graduate 2012 because all that was vacated was not game the whole season was vacated peel that you know out of their win skeletons that were there appearance at that game doesn't count and does the law that I give you another headline sure that is tricky and isn't really true yet we have the headlines or had. Read that headline would be 1960 in New York Giants had the record for the longest winning streak in baseball. No they don't this is a really good battle that we have going on today and and have we heard back from Steve yet. Is coming on out he's coming on what I need and I five OK so and at the top of the next hour of Steve heard on who runs the Elias Sports Bureau and is a great guy. And hit the position of the Elias Sports Bureau is the 1916 New York giant. 126. Consecutive games right but sandwiched in the middle they had a game that went nine innings right. Got cold as it pie brought the game thus ends as a tie. As far as we can tell the statistics count. But the high is not counted in the standings. They do not considered that tie. Breaking up the win streak so while Bolick is arguing that should be an unbeaten streak right ally is actually count that as a winning streak and I disagree organics consecutive ghost. Whole parent and a slim. It's. Sally. Would all apologies to them they won twelve overall they tied and then they won fourteen in a row so that is a 27 game unbeaten streak. And now they did have three ties that your employers saying goes strait ties were not putting their record corrected we'll 155 gained only a 152 teams are reflected in the did OK so that would seem to give them a feather on their side a check on their side of the argument. Here's brother little loosening. And if you're coming on here mr. Burton telling me that. Okay they didn't count what hurt hurt to have please go to hurts our jails and hurts its whenever I'm Darcy Steve if you're gonna come on. The only way I'm gonna give this some slight bit of credence is. If you tell me those three ties you didn't count the statistics for the players. If you did it. Then your argument is dark barges as far as I'm concerned. You can't not counteract in the standings but how did for the employer. So if you part of this that's for the player your argument to me is Null and void. I will port hammer you. And I will win that argument even if you say they didn't count I'm still teetering on the battle that I'm gonna have reduced the yes so that once again we we invoke the provisions of the goal ex hammer out which again is a subsidiary of outcomes raiser right I comes razor dictates that in any scenario where there are multiple explanations for a phenomenon. The likely is one is usually true then. Goal ex hammer and a similar principles wherein in any dispute between two people that goes on for a prolonged period of time in the end the one who was bigger and stronger winds. And thus. Goal attempt so is Steve and I continued use disagree I'm bigger than Steve you are still a pretty big guy I your there have but I bigger so I will eventually win this but. That to me is going to be the big thing here. If you didn't wanna count the ties in the record okay but if you count at the players statistics. You lose me it's done. Then beat the Indians to me are one game away from tying the true. Our best to win streak and that would be the 1935 Chicago got a one point going to get that for those of you wondering why is all care about this. Because the Indians won a game win streak is six games shy of the officially acknowledged record. Bolick is arguing they should be able to tie the record with their afternoon game today right. And raking it in their next game if they should win this because gold is arguing the records should be 21 alliance recognizes the record is 26. We'll see where that all winds up going. You want a sneak equipment question here or or double save it will they let let me let me do 11 thing here to do just for from a factual standpoint you would mention we're target brought TBA if Dominic Dominic Foxworth was the president the CBS got time. Animal why was the president of the CPA Jeff Saturday and technique work on the executive committee. Just to be I guess I have that it Dominic sent me an email to yeah son yeah Jeff and I were executive committee members right the president was Kevin alike right I'm glad that we clear that corrected that but it's not. Noted above our roots wanted to get racquet in the states and Jeff was certainly in on all those conversations. And he was the one who told us here on the air. Guys are calling him up every single day he was getting tons of phone calls from guys are gonna look I don't care what happen else I'm not missing checks. And if if that is the approach into cannot criticize here as players. Either here fighting for things that will never most of them will never impact Q there at their. How many players who were in the league then are still in the league now Jeff Saturday is sitting here doing football does Dominic Foxworth is sitting here doing football that's penalized not playing anymore you're fighting for things that are largely not going to impact any here's what the other differences are I will say in baseball and football. About you know baseball they start baseball guaranteed contract. There's a difference in the hours. So much longer careers right right so I'm talking as far as holding out to get what you want well you are your your your car actually lower and there are a whole idea of re designs. I mean that the players. Has it better in baseball and right in every way you can enemy that we you know that what you have is guaranteed of football you may be cut the next day and not make it a dime there's a huge difference when your. The average like TV career is three years. And you know that you're not missing out on one of them because that becomes 33%. Of all the money you're ever gonna making your life. Playing that sport. Ever or micro peer support for Mike and Mike podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Rocket mortgage that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just the place yeah it's feeling. That you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most EDT let's take that feeling weepy whether your home your business for online. We help keep you. Security systems home automation alarms and or fail. So you can view at home wherever you. Go to ATP dot com get that feeling for less than a dollar and. Home Saint Paul tied to people are telling me. Because Andrea put and made a little video of my playing. Then the thing from Siri. That they take that from Wikipedia but I can't find it at Wikipedia I don't see it on Wikipedia so. All the people or tell me it took a pick they get a huge and by the way Herman Edwards has with a circuit morning aborted you want it I don't they're excited about it regularly is arrogant and Victoria amen amen to do this for you again here so this is just me talking to a fault. Series who owns Ohio stadium. Checking. RC now they've changed at all. Follow. I senate they changed it look what I've gotten change at coach I don't know but it worked swimming pool. You want him to clear they know how to change series boyfriend. Hop artist boyfriend if you know. Now all you don't act now welcome artist or at all kind of note that iiroc is not very and kind of day I'd like Mike Herman Edwards this year. Let's get down to visit a bunch of different things wanna get into with you today and look let's start with. Your head coach you play week one and you've had a lot of questions going into week one about two or offensive line. And the answer is as you're watching the film for me week one game comeback in the negative in every conceivable way let's say for example. You're the coach of the New York giant what you do what what do you do when your offensive line is struggling well. You have to. Bring more guys in to protect you can't be this quick passing office that you would like to be in the fact that they can't hold up now. Whom you know who who who is your competition obviously got a flat due to you lose you play. But but I think going into this you probably gonna have used the backs a little bit more protection maybe even the tide in. Our problem with the giants too is that. Without all go back home when you line up you have no one that tilts to fueled. As far as the defense. So when you talk about cowboys a couple things first of all. The giants didn't have enough place. The cowboys had the ball for almost 35 minimum. And so now you feel like every time you go out there because you don't have a series of plays. You're almost compels like c'mon guys got a goal because they're keeping the ball away from us in so when you get into that. As well as there's no wonder it scares them when they break the whole as far as the defense of the Dallas Cowboys because although but not the sort of feel that did tilted. So barring injuries or anything like that where you're head coach you had expectations of your team going into a season. And then after week one again barring injuries losing anybody did you ever finished week one ago. Oh boy okay out into debt problem well well. Going into week one I think a lot of teams don't know who they are declining ones with with the way games are being played into pre season in the practice schedules I don't I think after about week three you figure route. Your strengths and weaknesses. Look at week one now though you know what actors kind of put it over there you go if you win you're excited if you lose you go okay. It is is this becoming a continuing. Saga. Of the same situation OK if you better understand too and in if that becomes. We are after three weeks Oca wouldn't change a thing voice we got to regroup and we got to do some things will be different and I think if you're the giants defensively. You're good. You're good as gold if you pretty good offensively. They looked like he did last year. That's the fear right you know always count like without the help Ohio last year and they apparently Delray couldn't run the ball right would you frigate. I think it though. That was a good football team. Let's listen to go with that gouge organized defense. I'm. Notes. That's too concerned. Market likened harming him Judy give it three weeks not a table O'Brien you're county school he is a man with a quick cook any appears ready to exercise that he already pulled. His starter Tom savage out of his first game at halftime and while he's not announcing the starter all signs seem to be pointing toward the rookie Desean tomorrow night. And once that's up to be a pretty big game between two teams got thumped their openers. With the Texans and the Bengals what do you make of the decision if he is indeed doing it to go to the rookie this quickly. It did surprise. We felt like savage losing peninsula only starter. And how he was unfair dispersed it now no one believed it was indeed it's when you look at the numbers Google. We did LA and you know I was doing to the COLT. Ram game and I'm watching is staying onboard. Well at Bagram what does the marble and rule does not good for Houston and got a third quarter prominent in the Booth and don't elevate. The output to rookie sickle and regions of women as it putting them as a because personally can't block those guys in at least he can run around what makes them trying to make a play. But tonight is big now you have to have a quarterback with with your situation offensive line in the knee. Could protect. You have to have a quarterback that can move he can release move you can move the pocket wouldn't savage you. Drop back pass with the department of football well they can't do that right now so. This is a little bit of thought I hit scratch your but then again what in this sense with all the energy. That this team in in in this Houston went through you know with the now it's kind of like okay the emotion of the crowd all ad in the that was really good in the beginning with an ethnic whose chiseled what's energy or other means. Jackson who wouldn't after all for a guy and you made a quarterback change on a plane. What Portland what. What's the discussion that bill O'Brien has got to sit down with savage alone to shot alone than to gather me what. And then to go too short week so this all has to happen pretty quickly I well my discussion was. I called mark. I was that in the back to play it's and the last roll back plane and coordinators and a front first rather astute to get back to America for me he comes back and Wednesday. It. What he looked him this. Team. You mean he started this week to start. He's really all we really gave me. In the united brought in Vinny. Until video civilians in the way we're playing right now that I could change left tackles two and couple guys don't be missed one years. Posted. By two quarterback and thereby stitching pieces go. It brought our brought JD and I don't know what coach is going do with would be shown a city your ball you go plane. If your team. That's the only way you can lead in this week. The raw rock guy. When you win games you can Levys yet what if ten was a rookie. Like to show on top how Howard you're treated that that was pretty young was it a second yeah I got really had to play in an artistic don't did you have to be a rock rock. You lead by winning a two goal win you know follies and help you. And I think he's got to give the ball too shy to say look I know your strikes you've played enough in in in the pre season. What are you like. What do you like about this office and now comes a snowman with a young you look both ways you've got. And played that way in the team will go we got a coach we know. Look these guys watched its competition all right opera season anyway it what is she is will be shocked at team that old star rookie record again but the I can make Herman Edwards is here with a straight talk much of a straight talk wireless respond best networks. No contracts for those who don't know that and he's talking about is the daddy loved Chad Pennington. And let's talk about ten can have what it was expression a leopard who changes his stripes through. What what does it what what what animal that is. Yeah Alex Smith. Pulling down field I mean one of them was was amiga that these other kings of the dink and dunk the short pass all this stuff. And all the sudden on Thursday night in a nationally televised game you got Alex Smith fling it all over New England. And then Monday night and nationally televised game the got Sam Bradford do in the sand against New Orleans. Is that something you expect to see more of is that something that you think was dictated by what the defense was giving does. If so those are two team to look awfully good they did it's embarrassed. It we'd go with Akron quarterback we didn't anticipate he was an Akron and ball downfield assessment today late. Now sinister Angel and you've got coach. You know his his old siege has been with him from the beginning. He was with him when he drafted with the rams. You know he has been with him in Philadelphia so he builds. He goose and Bradford bit basically when he first came at a pro football so he knows his strength and I think it nice job of really. Devising plays and formations. To give them opportunities is total ball downfield not risky throw. But it's managed. By a weight digs made a couple catches were denied OK 5050 ball I'm trusting this young guy Eagles up and catch the ball so. He'll. They still look at Dick and Doug yeah but we'll take a shot and artistic it's all orchestrated but formations that are. Art we're gonna give Herman here coming up next errors AM. It's a leopard they cannot change its spot and it tiger that cannot change its stripes we have these discrepancies regularly here we know they live in the zoo or we don't. I got that right right at. Really with the Zune that's fine with OK we've got lots going on here this morning against Steve heard from the allies were real come on in battle goalie coming up a little bit later and. Guys don't really talk about any her friend despite that in 91% of don't mental care users recommend and here's what they said it blocks yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. Sosa as a regular basis though. Let's if I don't it's hard is quite masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym it's kind of like you're damn farm best guest dove men plus care any per Sprint Cup on swept. Not on skin. Mike and Mike Herman Edwards in our studio talking football left Steve heard from the Elias Sports Bureau to battle Bolick on what is the actual longest win streak in baseball history is. He'll do that coming up off the top of the hour in the meantime. I'm not sure if I wanna use the word rumor that there is sort of a general sense that you hear from people around the league if you talk to people. Who cover the sport of football right now. That there is a a an ever widening gap between Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts. That that he is on his unhappiness. And perhaps some familial unhappiness if you will. Stems back beyond this that maybe he felt that he played when he wasn't a 100% healthy he's not playing now. And it there's some talk that even with that enormous contract and his enormous talent. That we could be seeing right before our eyes the end of the Andrew Luck Eric in Indianapolis. 'cause I'm assuming you've heard that Tuukka everyone is talking about it what is your sense Harmon. Well that that might be sits there has been some good some conversation of that sort. I expected to gain colts and rams as we gain in. It was me and I'd like all right rams are a lot better than people anticipate right make big plays and I got off to go yet a defense played marvelous in the quarterback play good putting rounds about it what if you know but. But the colts are a team right now that that they're struggling and in visited with some of the guys on the field before game you could almost tale you know we we don't know how does will turn out today when they were hoping those teams going. But that toward the ball over too many times and all of us and got away from home but Andrew Luck situations interesting because. If he truly feels this way com. It probably wouldn't be as sticky right now on the fact that I'm a big deal if he didn't sign. Any guy you know he's basically got now now. They they have his rights right he signed a contract now they gotta wanna do something in in if they decide to give him out of there remove him out. What are you asking for a me first round picks and I'll begin I mean you know you're yummy. Look at what the quarterbacks go for right to be a couple of ones that do at least the RG three package Arab uprising five of the some team picking up his contract derby teams that would Ron and John Llewellyn did you know there are no doubt you what the colts could negotiate on the other end. And what they could get back in return. As far as this season and where it's going at what point and I notes talkers are not in this situation. But after missing games you decide you know what it's just not work even if he is it and cleared it just not work that put him out there on the field I. Think a couple things happened with this organization first of all the gonna have a conversation and into look at this day if this is really true. Now of where their hated as an organization going forward. And then if that's the case I think they're even more reluctant. To play him until he's really really ready. With this conversation going on because if fury and look you're looking at your future and I think you view his organization use your franchise quarterback. With that being said. I don't know where he's at Woody's shoulder. Forestall the bomb up there every day only they know. But I say this in the beginning. Wouldn't wouldn't yet Sergio said he won't be ready. This is this some like she adds the illnesses that you can't and then IP is ready the problem they don't have as this if they play them okay. May be placed three games in the fourth game becomes an error Eagles trainers physical guess what he can't go to day. On Wednesday he will build low until Friday. Missile this this year we'll take this guy a year so I don't know where he's at. They know better than I do if they keep losing. Her due date just keeping Mo. Whereas say you know just waited out or do they try to bring you back and rescue organization I don't know that they're gonna keep losing right up right now they look like the worst team in the and a high draft pick they don't need a quarterback at least if if we discount that rumor. They don't need a quarterback that the king's ransom have and high draft pick and you don't need a quarterback. And personal that was coming out of a slowing in Los Angeles hit it up they go I mean I go to teams looking to get up there to that may be top spot what do what makes you think of it makes you think of the San Antonio Spurs. That the the the dominant arrow the the V I'm. Within the it was sort of look at for the dynasty then yes the San Antonio Spurs came about because they had a good team. And then one year David Robinson got hurt and they wound up in the lottery and they wanna put the number one pick and they got affiliate may have heard of by the name of Tim Duncan and the rest was history so. That kind of thing happen here. Absolutely I went down blocking Manning goes down they get blocked yes well now what goes down. They could one have been terrible all year and they look like they're gonna be terrible you don't put him back on the field you wind up with a second or third pick in the draft you can trade that for a king's ransom and rebuild that their roster. On a fly around him a presuming he wants to remain there or what that feels. Like it's at least a little bit in question this is a road you're traveling greening. Just imagine this data all transpired with that okayed it and look out here and you know we'll let him go in they have the first pick. Protect the quarterback commits pretty of course like our. Dahab at quarterback now. Any history an organization you from Peyton Manning and luck it in Rosen right. Or emotional roller or Arnold Taylor well Arianna right Darnell McDonald. It's like are you how can you get well I mean and yet they've managed to parlay that so far enough or a loved one championship. Right they want to unusable with Peyton they haven't gotten to one with luck and we'll see what goes on from there but. In a Lux contract. It is some factor in their inability to get talent and their general manager talked about that which I thought was stunning. But so we'll see if they did trade away and you've got Sam Arnold and it turned out to be good to be paying him a lot less money issue would try and rebuild the roster around at one way or another Herman is here talking football. And trying to solve series all de La lowered German banks are world report for and something always our pleasure like coming up next. This is going to be fascinating. Because Steve merger goes everything is gonna battle goal again I think I Mon goal excite. I don't miss it after this because president he doesn't know everything. Nintendo. Certified instructor right now but I have been received and I did okay. You wouldn't take chances with an uncertified skydiving instructor don't do with your finances finding certified financial plan a professional today at let's make a claim dot org CFP work with the highest standard.