Hour 3: Is Cam Back

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, November 14th

Greeny & Golic chatted with Louis Riddick and Bomani Jones about the major topics in the NFL.


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I'm very good awesome autumn chill out he's got his hands and a lot of different things have a chat with him but right now our pleasure. To welcome some of the loo into this duty analytic. And you should know Louis last week sitting in that chair Ryan Clark described you and I'm quoting us. It is the black James Bond. That's what he said and I am and I shot right but I thought about it thought you know what. Kind of works I thought kind of irks. Ideas nose was to be the next like I think so he's he's as the now fan I followed moments where I'm like a like a group he frightens them. What I do is legit just really easily. And quoting your friend and an eagle and Clark I would like to watch in this is sleeping somewhere trying to undo all the bracelets on your recite it to. This study anywhere more along that I mean. I think this was the day after Halloween and I had commented that I senior guys in your costumes. And and you're you were very serious and yours at C you don't let. I think it was just like the helmet maybe looked that way but I kind of was gonna get into it. Always targeted guys talkers are both had marriage how are ultimately yeah I've that allows you little man and he would is Olga. He he had some he has some issues that mask right but he's I was used we've been speaking of superheroes Cam Newton was at it again last night and so let's start our football conversation. There and alum you made a comment that you think he just looks different than he did at any time last year. Yes he's he's healthy now. And now even though you lost all season the whole plan was really. Theoretically get the ball a Christian McCaffery get the ball to Greg Olsen even though he's hurt he's companies coming back get the ball quickly tore play makers hands. Kurt is Samuel who got hurt again. Last night as well and kind of take some of the pressure off of Campbell. This offense really it's at its best when Kim is the focal point and then everyone else is kind of secondary from there. And last night. The coach gruden said that a couple times on the broadcast he said that the Miami Dolphins coaching staff was worried about him getting comfortable is camps are smiling cams are drawn and you know how that got me he's very much so momentum player and once he started getting things going. Miami was done you saw on you saw how we show vote them out and it all just runs through him and now. If if last night was an indication of how he's real feel really feel about the season and residency looked out to Carolina maybe back now for real. 95 yards rushing on five cares all designed Roger we're talking about this earlier Lewis and I was saying you know I know people want to. Wanted to protect Campbell little more make a throw from the pocket little more you know be a little safer because we don't hit two cakes and doesn't get the flag storm. My thought is he's got to play how you place to eat no matter if if it because one thing we say is. The who want to you know say about a running quarterback has a long career rarely but can't got to be cameo you you can't really harnessed him too much. Yeah you would like for him to develop his hockey game to the point where that where. You know people. Armed and willing to elevate him into the status of the great because that's where all the greats really are that's what they'd most of mark your pocket passes some point in time. And in like Russell has become a little bit of that although he still Brussels always going to be what he has which is a great athlete and also be able to that place. But you're right you're absolutely right if the Carolina wants the win let ago. This let him go and take the risk right if you want to try and force him into a box in trying to save his career CP and tackle for five years the other one football games because he's just is he's a momentum player. And when he gets rolling like that it's beautiful watch. Which is now you can hold your breath every time because. As much as he tries to protect himself he's such a big target there's so much to hit. He's not he's gonna take some shots and he he may get hurt but Soviet. Mike Mike Lewis critics are how good that. All that defense in the way they are now pressuring people from a schematic perspective they're gonna put the heat on you that way the growth special teams. In a thought console market continued gel and talk to store continues run the football on the in the young receivers. Will developing Greg Olsen gets back. Although legit contenders for the NC I. Cam has to say hi camp has to stay on it because all of the adult flows through to me makes that and see all the more interesting much more casino believed in the AFC. Diving into the weeds a little bit as I always feel like I I I should because it. He gets a lot of it anyway praised Luke Heatley yeah and what he doesn't he's comer in the league is a leading tackler in the years apparently. But Lou just to watch him in a my son saying this when he played against him at Boston College. When my son was playing a hole I think senator that your that he played him and said. Luke which sit there and call out the place you know. And they get mad because his teammates wouldn't be able to let you know make the tackle you watch him I mean for people that that that really love to get down in the weeks. Watched Luke decree before play watch him pointing watch him talking to his teammates almost all the way to the snap. It's something to behold how Smart this guy is and how he dissect plays we'll talk about the quarterback giving a pre snap Reid yet I don't know if there's anybody better than Luke can eclipse during pre step reads to get himself and is. Players in the right position from a mental standpoint outside a quarterback linebackers the most taxing the years because of the conflict pitcher in the united every place toward run past. And you're right those guys have to be so you you can't have dumb linebackers and have top level linebackers. Those guys have to anticipate as much as anybody and I'm remembering Cleveland will reach that signal caller meetings on Monday Tuesday word of middle linebackers. The guys were called at signals as safety is always have to get together. And pepper Johnson was our little darker than in Cleveland and the stuff that he knew. The way he was able to give you would jump on the play. And we're using to make it was front seven I mean it's some might have never seen in Luke is just like that without that and he'll he's not the only on the football teams like that Palestinians is is one of the best linebackers I think to ever play in this game it's doesn't it's a critical look look at special. That team. That seems about as blue collars again you know if there's some Carolina's never the flashy team the big stats team. But they are the blue collar team absolutely does knock you teeth out in its good to see them put a weapon on a team like Miami last night. Who really needs to find out what they're all about because they're there are two different points. Michael Michael with Riddick is here without for the straight talk popular straight talk wireless. That's phoned best networks no contracts so that's the good side of last night you know then there's the bad the dolphins fall to four and five. Remarkably they've been outscored the season like 87 point that's a worst differential in the forty niners have of the 49ers are one enough income so well they've won some games they've generally been bad what are you seeing as you watch them play. You know we as a Sainz before we came on the I I do I do don't I do. Hate to start venturing into the area question guys competitive America I do because it's hard there's no way to really measure. But there's enough evidence that would watch tape and if you played the game you understand when a dialects talent. The also understand when a guy we. Does does not pass the eye test as far as how hard their point. 01 of those people. I believe you were those people too who survived in the league because of how hard you play there was other guy's license didn't want to go man I'm not that fell in I can't cover it like that the bottom Smart. And I absolutely will try to break your face all I tried it and that's how I survived in the league. When you watch guys who were sold so talented. Standup with a point of attack. Didn't shoulders turn not chasing the football and you see the body language you know when you when they may not be quitting. But their debts are not fry they're not trying way that they should be relative to what they're getting paid. And who's a who's out of gays gonna cut now unison suspend now who's gonna sit down now when you have too many of those guys you've done. In my in the NFL this is not Oklahoma vs Kansas 1980. Shouldn't be getting the ball wrong on you for almost 300 yards and haven't 500 yards of total is the NFL this is a college. When that happens there's a problem on your team ways put together there's a problem in Miami but the waiting. There's a problem there and there's a problem in New York that became absolutely anonymous to talk and then players their own teammate to these anonymous players calling their own teammates power for being anonymous. Then you have other coach in back you do saying things as well. So take it from two sides as we came with UCLA player in that locker room then when your management know how you deal with something like that from both sides start first as a as a player as a team and a lock. Yeah you know what one of those things that that's word now you know that the best teams the police from the inside out you hope that there's some kind of leadership. Structure in within the locker room the right now can kind of really identify really who those guys are. What the issue is it kind of brick you'll reinforced the message to him as this isn't like college or high school were you W do you fight the guy right you take him outside and open and say look you burst our truck. You the kind of tell him look. If we if this coaching staff is not here futile plea from his coaching staff guess what. Management was probably who may be here may not be here what was gonna come in here they're gonna see this stuff. So you may think you're sending a message to your coach not to elect him. The descended down the road menace the NFL there is no more patients in the NFL anymore with the way people were turning things around so fast new coach has come involves and you go from worst the first you're at a here. So you hope that the leadership structure communicate that from any management perspective. Look quite honestly when you have guys who display that kind of lack of competitive character it's your fault. Somewhere along the way you missed about you waited some. It's a you're you're kind of the passenger now there's no in in. Personnel there's nothing you can do at this point your work is January February march April when you go on Senior Bowl combine draft pro days that's when you do your work your. Right now. You're kind of looking at the fruits of your labor and your local and maybe I messed it up loud at the wrong guy. That is such a fascinating way of looking at and let me ask you this because that's a team. That much of it was thrown together you know there are a lot of teams they're out the the acquired a bunch of their players of the draft and they've been together a long time and maybe those guys. We'll have the ups and the downs together the giants went out not this past offseason but the one before. They brought in a lot of guys who spent a lot of money on upon people who are essentially strangers up to each other so when everything was going well like it was last year that's all good. Things start going in the wrong direction and you don't have those relationships for them to fall back on. That is a great point that is the danger of comprising your football team mainly of free agents because what they arm and their hired help necessarily they don't. You know and in the analogy I always Jews that heard this. This was told me once is when you draft players these guys are almost it's almost like a college atmosphere you come in in the same class the same draft class. If that's only team that you know. You very much so invested you bleed that color this is my football team with Alec if I go to university Pittsburgh you go to Notre Dame you're always. A fighting pirates it's always your school when the team that dressing. If you stayed there awhile with those put your draft class this is my team yeah I'm getting paid guesses the programs this is my team with things are going bad. Then you start talking about this is not how all the Eagles play this is not how the browns play is not who we when your freeagent. I've been part of teams have been comprise that way from the front office perspective. And all the sudden those guys it's winner and fracture and all of a sudden and it's just about even this refresh my hat make sure my direct deposited. The dramatic here and when they say when a team meeting starts at 9 o'clock am walking an 85959. I'm not down in the train in the weight room trying to get in some extra they don't invest the same way. The why do you think everybody's emphasizes the draft the way they do because that builds that camaraderie and that togetherness create deceit it's dangerous when you have too many of them and I think you're CNN now. Man that is a great point and that's the part that people don't see. When you should get that lift him before the meeting and all the sudden you don't know. You know we used to watch a little bit extra film who got the fellas in that I watch a little extra film after practice when he came in. And all of a sudden you don't. Those are the little things that add up on the auto dealers are distorted draw that that is a a great point. Well I was just one more on the giant general I buy the most interesting thing goalie you brought up earlier. I think it was this morning or maybe yesterday certainly everyone is talking about it there's this season is hopelessly lost in the world there will be significant change there and we expected to happen. Both on the sideline and and may be in the front office. But how about at the quarterback position as you evaluate that situation. With the lie at his age and everything else what is your best guess as to how that's gonna play itself out. That's a tough one. It really is because. When you start venturing into the area of what is the next best thing for us if it's not be lies that you better have a great answer. You better have a great answer because right now look Eli still capable of winning games. In the NFL and winning them and double digit numbers. He has no help anymore. His guys are gone. This is not that this is not the giants of the late 2000 where guys like Sean O'Hair increased in the and the guys there. In Tiki run the ball Brandon Jacobs has run the ball and mod rats did this is not it doesn't have the same character feel to this football team. And I don't think Eli was ever a guy who could. On a long term basis does put a team on his shoulders like his brother could in this make it about him. It was always about the group with him and then he would get hot at certain moments in the XT you know he's when his Super Bowl which is fine he's made a heck of a lot of money he's had a great career. But if you're gonna start talk of a sudden down the road you better have a pretty good answer and right now. You usually one you don't even know who's going to be picking who would be the next quarterback there you'll know what the philosophical direction as franchise going to be in a couple months so. I have no idea what the court wrecked this looks like from New York. Well let's let's stay on the quarterback position let's go to which humor that we thought a one point and a lot of us and I did. Thought there get three teams from the AFC west in the plant in the divisional winner and then the two while cart. One of those scenes there's really spit the bit has been the Denver Broncos season so we asked his remarks flare up earlier all our last interview when next season rolled around are any of those quarterbacks AM on the roster and be starting vs some of. Well I think Texans on the roster but. I was never big tax and with fan and that's not to be disrespectful I just like I was with you I don't have to wrestle I think that's the franchise so I think now John has directs where one maybe he doesn't think he has to. But from the outside looking in I'm taken at that position is still that's party number one that did dolphins lined squared away CJ Anderson is is a good enough running back the win with. Get some blockers affront solidify that team tried clearly haven't seen they have they all in the draft and you know what they're trying and they are you sensing about that is like when people say Ryan accidentally try to. Build an office a line we tried. Dissident work they've tried endeavor it just hasn't worked so there at the keep tried but I don't think their quarterly futures on the roster it'll blow. Might it might presented by progressive insurance I can test drive snapshot even if you have insurance with another company much you can save before you switch how much have you and your current role obviously you were for a long time for those who don't know. A full office a guy and so you would be very much in touch with scouting and all of that and and you will be sitting there. When we get to the draft for a city ESPN but right now it feels like. This quarterback class than the guys that are going to be coming in this year where the giants will have a high pick and a lot of these other times well. This is gonna be like 83 all over again this was going to be John Elway and Dan Marino and and Jim Kelly. All over again and it feels like a little bit of the enthusiasm for that has waned yet what is your sense of that and how does it go. From that feeling at the end of December. To where we get in April where you just know everyone is going to be killing themselves to try draft one of these guys. Well I think I think it's because that you know right now everyone. No no one really wants to put themselves out their right now as far as. How they really feel about people. They wanna kind of gathered the data so to speak and wait until it gets a little bit closer currency where the consensus is and then people kind of weigh in strongly one way or another. As is the wait goes to scout and no one wants to be up front of people kind of wanna see where the momentous hadn't and opted out like that guy to. I think that the thing Nobel about quarterback in general I think you've seen this over the past couple years is what you think you may know about what may transfer to the NFL a lot of times you really don't know 'cause last year. No one really thought it's people like disarm Watson. No one thought he would rip off the leak the way he started. People like Patrick Holmes they were very enticed by his arm. No one thought he would look like he did to pre season like I know how he's looking down their practice right now when they take that when they take become of the park over offer him looked up. He's and blow this lead up. The quarterback position is changed won't we thought was the prototypical franchise quarterback I don't think is a profitable franchise quarterback team I think it's gonna do I think it looks much different. At the very much so now that. The quarterback of the future may look look more like. Carson went to me looked more like the Shawn Watson and less like Tom Brady endlessly Drew Brees. It may not be the stone pocket passer anymore the game's changed college offenses detained pro offense is the best for offenses are adapting outside of New England where they don't run the zone read everybody else is doing that kind of stuff. Everybody else has the mobile type of quarterback so that's why now you're here and momentum gather in built for garlic baker mayfield. Whereas before you didn't hear any of that you right now you war because why can people watch Russell Wilson ago. We can win with that. And the job and you know what the other guys to Arnold Alan Rosen Rosser a pocket guy that's right there audit and bakers the only one that kind of creates some think maybe. That's the question I guess can you rely on creating that's why we always say I guess since it it's just banged him nor had. You gotta have some fundamentals in the pock ya can't just rely on creating outed. You if you wanna be a quarterback at the very highest level when you listen to the great Ron Amadon talk about it. Who was the quickness and he was the original to me the original multi dimensional quarterback. Who was such a huge cerebral capacity to be two and a pocket but when he wanted to take off he'll kill you that way too. If you wanna be one of the greats of all time greats you're gonna have to stay in the pocket at some point in time and be able to dissect people if someone were to just put your feet concrete you have to deal to do. But. The days of saying that guy who runs around is a guy who's at that's not the prototype that's not true in the prototype is changing the prototype is very much so fluid now. Which I think opens the door up. At the quarterback position in a way that we didn't wanna open it up before before it was like. The positions in trouble there aren't a lot of pocket passes on many guys who look like Dan Marino. But it doesn't look like that anymore so I I think I think that makes it more exciting and makes quarterback evaluation. Very intriguing to him the address. I think that's really interesting if you if you think about it if a guy like to Shawn Watson who as you mentioned he was he should be may be should still be the rookie of the year even playing for questions or whatever it was. He kind of looks a little bit more like. Looks were told a more like Aaron Rogers and Rogers is sort of serve that's what he is right Rodgers is our guy they'll kill you from the pocket that he brings multiple other dimensions to it. He doesn't have the propensity to take the big hit although obviously we say that right now how while these kind of basically does season now. With a shoulder while Lewis I cannot tell you how much we appreciate it literally is okay late night. I think I'm gonna say there's someone that wanted to make sure it's a disguising of when you start working here it's funny. You get a schedule and you look at it you see which closure on and you taught us our gave him McCord what stand in the hierarchies forest you know. On air talent for me. One of the biggest moments for me was my salt of the deal Mike and Mike and this is true store it's okay. I'm certainly get a little bit of credit from start to get some respect and I ended did show with a onetime it is when we're over an old studio up this to me look this show. I don't think people many people relies on is is on in many people's offices in the NFL NBA won the first thing people turn on ice and listen to you guys every morning. Weather's in my car drive and in. Put it on when I got my office and now I got there and you're in the league when I got here is that you guys alls like okay that this is what it's all about so you guys have had a great career. You can outlook continue to have a great career. I play don't have a relationship with the going to be here you guys are still going to be there. So I just want to make strike got a test coming here and say. You were the standard for me as far as my broadcasting career as young as it is one finally got to be on your shelves like welcomed the lonesome. This is this is a great show and our respect back at you guys I appreciate. We appreciate that and our heels it'll be on both our children if not going forward. And I told you when you first your name came up Greece and Ottawa. You know he's so yeah I do and I think cooling out here that's our. I think that. As a cat to get me feel. How effective yes. Wolf thank during our communities and given what you've been great fun and we'll continue to be all right. There are might go here support for the white in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just a place. Whether you're at home your business or online. Deeds he helped keep you safe. With security system. Home automation. Alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Wherever yeah. Home see all. All right LeBron James and in his cantor Jerry Jones and Arthur Blank and those just some of the subjects I wanna get into their friend borrow money Jones from other right time with the money Georgia joins us now on the shelf until performance line. But before we get to that well we wanted to get into the latest thirty for thirty podcast Octavia that the background out of here. There are some stories you have to hear to believe it's season two of the claimed thirty for thirty podcast series. Which is available now on the ESPN app and an apple podcast you can listen today on the ESPN apple or apple. Podcast and a ball you were big for a while part of the first one give us a little bit of a rundown of what we can expect. Yes I've been run that I was there. How did involved betray about Martin's situation and 2012 in the Miami Heat and it didn't take the picture with the goodies which is really. You know when you look at what the state of affairs it is right now export Devlin moved kind of so what I get they had a good time would be a term. That we can use the terms you know a public statement towards the larger discourse program. It was at that time the single biggest thing in American public sports the American professional sport drug okay I think really with a five year that's passed says that it's really interesting look at where athletes stand in the role that they played discussed in these larger issues in life but they didn't really you know taken the peripatetic prayer which target it is in the taken it and it is newspaper reported outcomes up. Yeah you know we see and obviously the NFL players that the protests they are having be out front a little more but in your mind it's it's still really the best basketball players that are the most active. With the social activism or as a football player of the football players kind of equaled that. Well it's kind of hard because I mean I think right now jeopardy it's kind of been his own that is entirely unique. Himself right where it got him ended everybody else in the largely. Because in the NFL all our. I don't wanna think FaceBook that's a little bit unfair before ballplayers abuse by virtue helmets and everything else are a bit more bottom at like if you add people to name to got in the NFL that in dealing for example the product if you a couple of names. But he couldn't do so much now what happens in the NBA it is what happened at 2012 with a cape. Without LeBron James Dwyane Wade Chris Bosh the spirit visible to anybody else did and they were making that sort of statement accurate to think about that with the NBA since the end you really happened outside the coaches let people that are really stood in the weight with truly stood out that that they're the guys are too important necessarily but the most public basis that the NBA. All of these matters right now seem to be steep Eric Gregg Popovich whose got edited to consider. This thirty for thirty has interviews with LeBron and Dwyane Wade every L union and Tracy mark no mystery about father. And borrow money and many others are looking forward to hearing that and I'm just trying to do that that the math in my head was this before or after Donald Sterling. It is about force throwing it in 2014. And 2012. Yeah so so that that in that way really was that that that felt like a watershed moment that that felt like to me like a moment or so many things change so this even. Predates that to look at forty hearing that on the thirty for thirty podcasts but while we have you let's talk a little bit about LeBron. I am I found that the whole fame LeBron still has his feud with Phil Jackson he makes no bones about it and Frank Miller cannot unfortunately for him. God kind of stuck in the middle already became collateral damage yesterday in his cantor came to his side what was your big picture take away and all the stuff that happened last night with those two teams. Pop up right frank started collateral damage admitted that you want to make sure the project at notre France wouldn't play it right don't I think its okay that they little brought into it captain like this. What I've generally fascinated by a like got to go to the NBA for overseas they defeated their most of the familiarity from English it would English cousin hay with the NBA players to get it got the Turkey effected Japanese you know what I'm saying it did everything got a became like Kedric. Look beaten of people they didn't talk to what he had to say you love talking about it after the fact and abroad low. They've taken out in the crowd at Madison Square Garden like the beauty of this for the year BA if it's already individually can always had been. In this league sorted things and it's wrapped around affected the knicks are halfway decent against NBA NBA is so much better when the knicks agree that it's hard to explain it a whole generation of kids that don't even know what it's like for the knicks because it just means better this way. All wars are like fourteen games into the season here when when we thought wow is Boston going to be that team that challenges Cleveland used Gordon Hayward on the first. Game of the season yet there are now on an eighty game winning streak in Cleveland to sit there at seven and seven watcher early impressions especially in the east. Don't think he I don't know what to make any thing because I can't. Think after a night. They're not great certainly deflated they're not booed out of really haven't activity go that far but like with the knicks coach Joker before the game was like I'm not sure that the cascade predicted fifteen minutes to do it doesn't mean the Nixon not good because because obviously going to be able to beat teams. Better preclude even the bad teams that have been writing them off because with the subject right now they're absolutely right now but that's reg oversees the team in the lead but in the east began let the target a great point eight bit would you take I read in the best defense in the NBA get a playoff series all the prod and the worst defense in the NBA in a playoff series and I still think you'll abroad and of course people Anthony and yet. Me too and then we haven't even seen what they're gonna look like when there. Fully constituted because what Isiah Thomas gets there it's going to be different to let's all just be on record with predictions right now. When it all comes to the when we get to the end we get to June. Well we all be saying Barbara how cute it was when we were talking about other teams in the east efforts have clearly this is the Wonka that's where we were last June we had moments like that during last season will that be the case again. That would be my guest in all likelihood but I think he kept the question we have but he can't do is are they going to be so desperate to maxed out what might be the last year abroad but they'll trade depicted in the big net take perpetuate Netscape. Have a great chance of light really fortify these teams it beat don't treat that they didn't it is going to be bet not we grab LeBron James how far can that take. And I agree I I think it'll still be clear about the need to it's all three of us around without one more thing I wanna get a gamble money Joe's with us the right time with the money Jones in the thirty for thirty. Podcast is available now. I'm on an entirely other subject Jerry Jones vs Arthur Blank. I find this endlessly fascinating I would love to be a fly on the wall of any of these conversations. What do you make of all of this Jerry Jones it seems against the whole league certainly aligning himself up against Cadel. And now in a spat with a bunch of the other owners according even turn into a legal issue primarily with a Arthur Blank. There's people fascinate mad because they're big part of this did. I feel like there are a lot of people involved in that that if they Kook because stepped up that fight but now rich people do repeat the Deloitte technology area. Did god do his lawyers to be prepared to do if everybody's on their skin detailed evidence already issued negotiate this contract but they seem upset by all the money they he has wound up asking for you have a barge owners in the league who ultimately believe that they are the ones to worry charging to wait and think well it's scary jolt in heaven at a public and that the commissioner. It's simply their vessel and it all comes together and I think the issue for good devils got beat Jerry if you block this contract the united don't think given that used to do that but how many people have to watch upload rides it filled bad side to make these jobs not worth it for me to do indeed interfere with what every idiot that he gets out of doing these jobs so I think you've got a lot of getting his money I think you go to by the static but I had no idea was a major you don't give up right to be a bit of logic is that you don't defeat stated publicly Jerry told gonna fight everything your ride you don't does that apple would try to force him Malkin I don't think he's gonna give up just that the contract extension. And then what happens I would be I agree with everything Digisette and that's the fascinating part then what happens. Geithner OPEC did got you can't you can't no matter what these reports are that might be nobody can force Jerry Jones out of the lead regulator it might have been a they've got a plan to try to by the cowboys repent you can't force him out until you're gonna stick around and he believes himself to be what he called himself the ranking order to tell anybody they give himself the title but he doesn't have a now these committees he shows up in deputy anyway it's like let me go to get through step over the latest got that he's the ranking owner of the league like I did you decide that. And all this with the backdrop of a collective bargain agreement that covered up pretty silt and the biggest thing they could hamstring was gonna happen is not beef between players and owners but peace between owners and owners. Yes I agree with a good Telluride Rankin what does that exactly mean and yet and why don't run out the Rooney's they've all these teams for a hundred years he gave himself that title is his team is just the way he's the wealthiest. I noticed that makes him the ranking on our repeat one more time there are some stories you have to hear to believe it's season two of the acclaimed. Thirty for thirty podcast series is available now on the ESPN app and on apple podcast. And the first one on the trade on Martin's story and the reaction by the big stars of the Miami Heat you'll hear about money Jones very much a part of that thank you blow so soon. Thank you may put up the good word map brotherly. Thank well money jobs are those the right time the whole money every. Afternoon here on ESPN at the end of the day I. And I don't I don't know how many people out their care. About billionaires fighting with billionaire I know it's fascinated us but I have a feeling people are like you gotta be kidding me you know work or don't we have enough with. The demonstrations. And a union in the league and good gal and DeMaurice Smith that now we got to deal with these billionaire I disagree I like playing one another and. He can I here's why I disagree slightly. I do have fatigue over the Roger Goodell and DeMaurice Smith stuff I think a lot of fans have fatigue without pay this one's kind of knew right. Beat this one. These are celebrities I mean these are famous people we have to I think take out of our mind NFL owner and Jerry Jones is a celebrity you have famous guy and a fat this is the guy who ran Tom Landry. Sort of in delicately out of Dallas and this is this is the guy is Jaret Wright he's been there forever and now here he is in this showdown. To point you just described himself as the ranking on ranking or what does that mean. It I it probably just means he's the richest which he might be I'm not even a 100% sure of that actually he's not. Because Paul Allen owns the Seahawks right and Paul Allen could buy all the rest of their combined. And he certainly has an artist Tim the longest in all right the Steelers in the giants have been on by those families since the inception of the week so what exactly makes him the right. I don't know I don't nobody thinks that I think I Alec can tick off the other owners. As well that the biggest question is there was what both said we said before well. Where's it go Jerry Jones is not gonna not be the owner of the cowboys Jerry Jones would none of us think is gonna win this battle. Of you know sternly written letters to one another and Roger Goodell is going to be the commissioner and then what to relationship going to be like going forward. It's endlessly fascinating would I just saved hundreds of dollars are switching to Geico. I've never more alive. Disclaimer Michael cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you want to possess functioning respiratory and circulatory systems for you got all your morals on the if you are indeed a brings called zombie and would like to save money on car insurance the legal team applauds or excellent life choices even ignore Shandling after life what we strongly encouraged to visit Geico dot com or double the Geico at least a minimum of 500 feet away from our large and presumably delicious delicious Morgan's. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Any goalie. What can I save me you've been such a big part of all my mornings I was so excited to be an opportunity to work with you guys think you guys for G is being you. Let us have fun kick it like home boys I have conversations about ball. You are true. Ledges true hall of fame is I wish you both. Well you're next adventure. I'll be here watching I would love to be a part of it can't wait to see would you guys do next because for the last few decades you've been awesome to me thinking. I mean Ryan Clark had your what five or start an additional army curiously I told us. He's very good luck I don't know it's such a good guys thank you are seeing a very nice of him is very nicer everybody I really really is the countdown to Amazon Black Friday deals. We has begun start shopping great deals. From all departments two days old is right. We see it it is he's got to be mid thirties probably late thirties no more than that so he would have been used 3838. In the neighborhood of ten when we stood and that's what our callers I'm tired and that's why on time. Even tell us during times now math simple well not much I can't believe how bad it affects you. I'm not cut it quick command no your not get right then just give you some other numbers are. We wondered is it possible that Jerry Jones describes himself as the ranking owner. Could even referring to finance and it's not even close. Paul Allen as we suspected is the wealthiest owner. According to Forbes he's worth almost 21 billion dollar one bill that he be in Bill Gates basically started Microsoft so. He's worth almost 21 billion dollar stand cranky is worth over eight billion dollar jobs now the move of the rams to Los Angeles greatly increased that. Stephen Ross who owns the dolphins seven point six billion shocked Conner won the jaguars. Seven point one billion Jerry a mere five points off early and Oliver. But I can't so I mean that's I mean it is extraordinarily rich successful wealthy man no one's huge is questioning that. What exactly does he mean when he says well ranking don't. People are tweeting and that that means equal as loud as donor. Which is certainly something that he can beat any sort any as a as we've detailed the last couple late he's had success. In fighting something's amongst owners on his definitely won some battles. This is one I mean. I don't even know how would they straight face. He can say it has not or intimate it has nothing to do with physique Eliot thing. When not so long ago he was final and everything that was going on all the sudden are going to get dragged through the courts assume about seek. And now he wants you know all the owners to be have a look at that the contract the potential contractor Roger Goodell. It just seems and I guess that's why I get it to your point he's really he's a star. But man I mean people just the everyday Joseph and Jane out there are two to shake your NC really. This is what you billionaires are fighting about whether you're going to pay Roger Goodell. Forty million dollars a year or twenty million dollars a year or thirty million I mean. I just have to imagine people have to do shake their head they're sick. I guess but my response to them in an honest question would be. What do you think they fight about but what do you think billionaires fight about they don't have. The same problems that normal people I have they have different that's why I don't know how many people care about it the only reason listen lets not the only reason anybody cares and is it is it's a Jerry Jones yeah I've I think I think people are interested. What are the reasons I think that billionaires by sports teams is to become celebrities I've long had this this out theory. Where people wannabe rich rich people wanna be famous. And there are a lot of billion as at that billionaires at their real names you've never heard right a lot of other people worth five point six billion dollars put don't have their picture taken everywhere they go people don't yell their names are they walk into restaurants. I think he likes that. He is a celebrity for better or for worse and people are kind of fascinated by that the stuff that happens in celebrity relations gaffes I would love to test the theory being a billionaire and opting superstar. I'd love that she had a goat are given a shot I want to throw me a bill is that sharp right getting you a billion dollars and I'll go from there enough I have some news here. This is from the Wall Street Journal. The three UCLA basketball players who have been detained in China for the past week are set to fly back to the United States today. According to the Wall Street Journal the three players. Freshman Leigh Angela ball Jalen hill and Cody Riley received checking into a Los Angeles bound delta flight. A chain hop Shanghai's. Airport and I don't know that how to pronounce the name their airport. But at the international airport in Shanghai that according to airline staff telling the Wall Street Journal. The players returned to the US would come hours after president Donald Trump said that he asked the Chinese president for assistance in the matter. Ball Riley and hill were questioned last week about allegedly stealing sunglasses from Louis Vuitton store. Near the team's hotel with a Bruins had been staying before leaving for Shanghai to face Georgia Tech on Saturday they were released on bail early Wednesday morning. Have been staying at a lake side hotel since then more to come so that's the latest Jeff Wall Street Journal there apparently on a flight back guy and. Ended the news there is that president trump who's been on that that what two week Asian swing over there that they just are writing come back next week. That he talked and Chinese president is it as you said Frey had a long conversation. And the president said that the Chinese president had been terrific about this so. Did that lead to Vista that elevated doing that it certainly seems of work as we weren't sure what this was gone all we heard is it could take weeks. To figure out and if it does that those players would have to stay in China while this all went on all of a sudden there ought to play until. You know I I a lot of people organ put two and two together on the yacht. That's what it was a ridiculous situation of the facts are as they appear to be. What what an incredibly. Stupid thing yeah that that was and and if this if they turn out to just come home and and that's kind of the end of it. I think that would be a very good out I would say so those people involved. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I've never felt. More I've. Disclaimer Michael cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you want to possess functioning respiratory and circulatory systems or you block all view or something if you are indeed a brings calls on the eighth and would like to save money on car insurance the legal team applauds or excellent life choices even know shuffling afterlife but we strongly encourage you to miss Geico dot com or double the Geico at least a minimum of 500 feet away from our large and presumably delicious delicious Morgan's. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.