Hour 3: Andy North

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, June 13th
Jason Fitz in for Trey. The guys talk with ESPN Golf Analyst Andy North about the upcoming U.S. Open and then talk with ESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski and more.

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Sport clips haircuts and ESPN are teaming up for a dense they get away and all expenses paid trip to ESPN they did they spend with the goalie can wing go on the show register for your chance to win that sports clips dot com slash ESPN. No purchase necessary tools that Ford could dot com slash ESPN US only eighteen teamed up and 61518. Still don't we go on ESPN radio and ESPN news present about aggressive insurance all phone guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line I'm Jason fits in portray. Sit next to my goal to Michael junior. Great day yesterday was with with the parades on both coasts Washington and then. Our Golden State to Q so different as while one with a pure joy of and will play the Alex Ovechkin if something hits are just the joy of that and then. The NBA continues to entertain. You know through the shade throwing bright T shirts and or what people are saying away GMs are saying. It's just amazing that you have the focal point of a team winning a championship with so many ancillary things because of it. It never stops that's why I'm trending upwards so much in the last few seasons you create great characters ever all want to make origami for watching reality television with sports just reality television wherever and pay a little better and they have supremely gifted athletic town well Mike you said earlier today one of the great things about the NBA now is that the season never ends well it. NBA offseason Williams free agency in a couple of DOS that mean the main conversation during the of the month of July around Sports Radio everywhere. But even in the parade yesterday you look at the Golden State between Mo Bob Meyers the GM made a little bit of a joke in the rams in that has people serve up of an arms and then. Frankly dream on green coming out and throw a little shaded the and the cavs and all right so expressing his desire to get pass aid work over and I like Cheryl. We knew that he took a pay cut and then you know I heard you say this morning Mike there's a lot of credit out on the table and people are grabbing their share right now and drama on kind of grabbing his saying hey I took twelve million lesson we used to rent the second fly any morning I'm on the look at for the super Max next year. It's like however once started making final LeBron James about walking out the post game press conference all of a sudden with that soft cast on the hand and now we learn that it's broken I call all the sudden now that we've seen this dynasty cemented three championships and I can't remember when I did this thing for you guys remember and I told here. All you know how much I wanted this to work out how I saw Kevin Durant is our prized free agent that summer before we have lost that finals 31. And how I knew this is gonna come to fruition it all seems very convenient right. What would get to some free agency talk with loads in about thirty minutes and 8:30 eastern but now let's get to what's trending. The United States might not be participating in the World Cup but it pulled off a historic victory in Russia. All the same the globe's biggest sporting event is returning to the US. And were sharing of Mexico and Canada. Yeah we we had in the US in 1994. Most dependent three point six million most of the best average per game. Just right around 69000. So we are sharing it were to whether. Countries in Mexico. And Canada and the US first time that's going to happen here's the breakdown so what's gonna happen is the normally there's 32 teams. For 2026. Of its gonna expand to 48 teams with a three host countries and here's a plank calls for. Sixty actually ten games each in Canada and Mexico. Six the there are other sixty games are going to be played in the US including from the quarterfinals. With the title game going to be played it looks like at MetLife. Right outs you know it is in giants say more than giants and jets play where the files is going to be played and they said the possibility. Mike could be fourteen billion dollars. In revenue for this whole thing possibility that it's incredible. And that's why you see so many people going through such great lengths to make sure that these World Cup end up in their respective countries at a a a what are you talking about dad I however to get nailed for bribing him for the 200122124. Or jolly I don't know exactly I'd say you as you look at corrupt organizations. You looked straight gorilla the one to four letters the NCAA fee five sees it always seems to. And I guess was at the USOC Syria are now the USOC but I would assume whenever the World Cup committee would be yet they well Reuters no no corruption needed here they just picked the best candidate obviously because we got it so it must have been technically your first time three countries almost and governor so we'll see if we can all sing come by now for North America here and put on for a continent the comedian Polly positive. Not holly positive Mike Trout for the second straight game the angels outfielder homered twice. And lost. Now about that two straight games homers twice loses now he is Torre through Torre three home runs that leads the league but the Mariners got a couple home runs each from a couple players. And I. Our researcher Riley whose from Seattle you Seattle fan nature we knew this the Mariners earned first place in the AL west. This late into the season for the first time since 2003. Aleksandar you yeah yeah I know figure you would do. Yet meeting the Astros an individual right there's a the World Series defending champions. Now staring up at the Seattle Mariners were trying to be alive violence against it's a good baseball season there's a lot of compelling races I know we're not even to the all star game and the fact is. It feels like there are races and in most of these divisions and make it worth keeping an I never released play for second in the email about our minds. Vicious or whatever that there's a game. Assistant scoots right past that you know until Wednesday in June. When an NFL quarterback throwing a football. Isn't news but that's where we are with the one and only. Did you look it was a regulation size football moves college football. It's a big difference here senator you're you're you're snap the ball in college just up the ball on the NFL's are big difference in the football. I yeah big enough especially someone like new borderline on hand size so there is enough of a difference and I played I'm the bigger differences with depth perception and some things like that but no it actually is a little bit bigger always. Manuel couple simple Andrew Luck he throws he threw short passes. He said he is gonna be ready for week one but I I think we've all. You know being kind of fooled enough thinking maybe you would be placed some last year and thinking you know what won't believe this well received when we see him trot out there. Make some throws and then survive a couple of hits everybody I think I'm mostly cult players and fans can maybe at some point accept. I don't think delay cellular week one I think you're gonna have to see how that armory and actually recuperates after a couple of games like how does he feel midway into the season. Does he have all his strength is the armed going to be fine drug and to race of the season. I think them colts fans going to be puckered up about this one all year long program what Andrew Luck exit however throughout our embassy guys seemed to die he's been beaten up by this process of getting back more than anything else that gets you caught up. I'm what's trending it's go to way go on Jason did send him for Trace of next Michael good Michael junior. This hour of goalie can window is brought to you viola keep it in and Swedes book at LQ dot com. And win. At business so you know it's it's it's an exciting week for golf obviously. It's an exciting week and out trays going to be completely distracted when he comes back tomorrow. As the US open gets kicked off but Dell we're gonna go out there. Right now or we are joined by ending north two time open a two time US open champion in north joins us on the show opens up performers like. It simple acts of protection for optimal engine performance was Selby power nitro plus premium gasoline. And eventually given us some time and as so much conversation about tiger in your mind does he have any chance of actually winning this thing. Are absolutely dose. If you watched the way he's striking the golf ball right now. He's. I think personally I watch and what an outlaw golf world's twenty years much of it. Tons of balls lucky strike unit I was walls I've ever seen. I'll use is controlling it nicely controlling the flight. As drivers gotten. Remarkably is improved. From the first half of this season. And it just struggle the potter will but it memorial and in it looks like he's got that triggered back go to get so. I'd be shocked if she wasn't in the mix on Sunday. Maybe I approach watching golf the wrong way Andy and I apologize to the golfer that that I love seeing the guys in misery that's why I love the open so much in the pothole bunkers in the horrible weather and and here in the US open playing such a tough course. For the way this course is going to play for my enjoyment where are we gonna see most players struggle on this course. It's going to be on the greens Mike and I appreciate you thinking that way that's the way I was approached the US open I bought it should be that. The hardest most difficult task we have all your long. But on that particular golf course this year they made a decision. To make good fairways much much wider than they've ever been here in the past. They're probably Europe and am average fifteen yards lighter than you were the previous three opens. I'll so that changes kind of the way you look at it other the key to this golf course is gonna beat the greens the green complexes are very difficult. I'll on Cramer on the greens is good and the and then he combines a lot of them. The bumps and rolls and and mounds in these greens it's going to be tough flooding so if I have to get the ball fairly slowly put the ball in the proper spots on the greens so you can have some chance to make. To our secure getting really long clubs into the greens or playing other rockets we talked to all the right places I think it's. Huge advantage for the very the very good long drivers that we out. And any north from the shell Pennzoil performance line speaking of long drivers Dustin Johnson the odds on favorite to win the turn meant. But he just won the saint Jude classic last week and we read this that no one who's won eight PGA tour event the the week prior has gone on to win the US open as a player I mean it's a well pretty well known stat that's getting thrown around as a player stock do you take any hearing something like that. Absolutely none the fact that it happened is it is amazing that somebody hasn't won but I don't think of all people. It would affect Dustin Johnson at all he's out here just try to play golf a lot if you holes yesterday he's hitting the ball beautifully. Oh she regained some of his parting magic. That we saw over the last couple years this last week so again. What what this distance you commute plan a lot of wedges and nine irons and short irons into these greens and because of that he's able control ball on the hard circuses. Put it in the right place and he's got a chance to make some birdies so I think it's going to be a different type reveals opened then. Mike you would like to see and probably I'm in that same category I like to see guys struggle as much as possible while I'd love. That way of playing golf. But I think it's really a huge advantage for the longer hitters that can put the ball on the fairway there plays short shorter clubs that you go ahead and get the ball. What they've got a chance to make some birdies that I think of the one doesn't bore hole. Over fifteen years he's a good scores. We're talking a two time US open champ Andy North on the cell gonzo performance like Andy educate me. When I hear so much about a of course that is as difficult as they say this one is how quickly does somebody adjust their game to sort of whatever they need to four course like this. That takes a players about fifteen minutes of of these cadets of these guys are so good that going from different kinds of grass is different type of style of play they can change so quickly. But I think this in the course is interesting that the player of today. Doesn't play as many practice rounds disguised it maybe 162025. Years ago there's a lot of guys that. Wolf will come in and play nine holes on Sunday nine holes on Monday I polls on Tuesday to try to be arrested on the term searcher I agree Lou. But it a guy like Justin Rose he came into play late three days last week. We got a lot of work and tiger came and played a couple of days are a couple weeks ago. So he's seen different wind conditions there's nothing more difficult on a course like this the new play the same wind on Monday Tuesday Wednesday that change or another direction not. Thursday you have no idea how to play some holes so. More practice rounds you can play the more time you see the golf course carefully in US open course you only play once every. What 101214. Years whatever might be there's a lot of guys sooner or later they have no idea latest golf course in the north. They just kept you know they better hope that they don't get a win they have loosening. Are any nor two time US open winner and and along those lines Andy from the mental side of this. In 78 I believe you were you were. Actually you're leading after the second third and you're up one going into the last round and then in 85 when you won you you work. Never leading into you one that you were there as far as Ron you were down two going into the final round. So which is more mentally tough being up by that one going in the final router being down to chasing in that last round. Mike I think it. Matters when you get that lead. If if you you know just kind of gone all weeklong she's nice round on Saturday can only think that's a lot easier then. Having you lead on Sunday having let Thursday Friday. Every night. Are you know just just because you've got more responsibilities in the media center you get your finishing later probably you're not. You're probably not eating and sleeping quarters welcomes you check out. I mean I I would suspect that you had a lot of trouble sleeping Sunday night's epic games' unique or in your head I should have made this player I could have done this circular and on that. We do that in our sport in he had to do three or four days in a row. And you don't sleep very soundly by the late Sunday sometimes you just run and on fumes and that's why. A guy who's done a lot to Tiger Woods story in math courses dormant since. They're better equipped handles one day having gone through we collect debt or. A younger player is such and no experience and you're so worn out into the leaked sometimes you know you don't play. Speaking of the advantage older players have we talked about Tiger Woods but what about Phillies famously finished second at this tournament six times and at that experiences certainly helpful what point does. That burden of knowing I haven't gotten over the hump but this one start to weigh on them. I think probably he's over that that part of the fact that. This is the golf course that if you have experience that still really could've maybe should've won here. You know for argued this a couple of short putts right at the and he had to change ups that he understands how to play this golf course and the fact that deter always are wider. I think that helps a whole lot. I'll tease he's so good around the greens pitching chipping that's gonna come under way this has. No matter how well you play your best doesn't salute to fifteen greens you have to place some miraculous type shots. I'll come and shoot twenty airtalk agreeing to have zero lost the bridges. So I think he's got a great opportunity. And he's playing. Arguably the best golf this year these played probably five years I think you know pills on the probably use a little bit. And I think there's a great opportunity for him to our you know they're very late. Andy let's get to the really important thing here we find that tiger's stand on a yacht. Can you get us on the operate out party I mean religion just unlock stuff gets into the out party. I suspect this we couldn't be really good chance of. And that's fine that's fair. Give resort before we let CO give us a winner on Maria's example this one out. Well I I think I think this is open I think there's a lot of different players get when you're just the way the golf courses set up. I really liked the way Justin Rose is playing at an unbelievable eighteen months you play every single week. I know we using your last week and played a bunch of practice rounds and traditions. And the way he's been lionized I think that. Are you got its good chance as anybody. Well we appreciate your time guys take about ESPN golf analyst Andy North Andy thanks for joining us thanks candy guy they. Great stuff from Randy noticed he said this week. Net you know not a good week to get on the he didn't shut down a yacht party all the time needs isn't. I suspect this week isn't a good week for our they're gonna any out party nongovernmental via partner ring out party. Now avenue you're not going out front runner and I thought that was a sort of very as you know how that's that we need is the Andy North Tiger Woods dot party's V foundation auction item we had the barbecue the goal going to a barbecue in my house I have a feeling that one might do a little bit better than ours and wound that's fair I think the easiest way for me to get on the yacht. Is to take flowers is going to wind up. Present about 100 flowers dot com CNET Segway surprise a friend or loved one or tiger if you wanna get on the up party today with a bouquet from 100 flowers dot com when you order. A dozen multicolored roses for only 2999. You'll get another doesn't absolutely for Regis got a 100 flowers dot com slash ESPN Jason did temperature is it nice to might. Goalie to Michael. But this real quick guy I'd mention Andy North won in seventy. Eight and 85 and 1978. He won that prize money. He won 45000. Dollars 1985. When he won it. 103000. Dollars about last year Burke Rocco one. Two point 16 million dollars. Yeah. I think about this how much how much was it and I don't know the answer does opt out my hand in 1970 which was an NFL player making near it it did again. God knows where my brother Bob I got into the league use draft and 79 so right in that area there he was a sector are obviously nothing I mean. Let me put it this way when I got in the league in 85. I don't all there was a an actual minimum but my my salary was 62000 dollars nice. Mike when you're in the lead in the minimum salary was what 405000. Or 5000. For me I made 62000. My rookie year I deftly changes no doubt about it in it it's a staggering his estate is making a staggering. The the number of voice doesn't tweets coming in all those dole don't window is fear radio is being news. I made it I mean the flippant comment earlier neighbors Springsteen is overrated which many of you guys have actually. Join would I do little surprised yeah I've been surprised if you wanna tell us who you think is overrated 8605065505. But I do have to play this bush. Overrated band before rhetorical lines flight of the finger found might keep the woman in labor. Wouldn't that woman in labor but now I'll give you have chills overrated all day I I I'm not I'm not jumping up and down to do a really Don not a big deal and I like him. I do like them. Caught a mass GL probably kind of a jerk move by and you don't know that's what the assets at the cervical and I understand it's an abbreviation you don't usually well our own eyes on Michael I would say there's little that I wouldn't say at Florida Georgia line is overrated because to me they're sort of country nickel back like nobody admits that they like him GO. Yet they still sell out everywhere so somebody's going to talk currency or dollars no doubt about that how is that everybody loves to stress on nickel back and I did it I did you walk in the nineties police's fault I I kids crying listening to photograph I got to help clear it. Why I've heard Jew or the number of people saying other brand Gerber and you say you agree who think is who or your. Probably rate yeah no I I think some. Aerosmith the Eagles are two from that that arrow moon for Springsteen and Bon Jovi is and I think to me the ability to make. To make music that remains culturally relevant to new audiences. Over multiple generations or something I really respects even though like for example I'm not a huge Madonna and the fact that she was able to have huge hits they were relevant to new markets in the 80s92002010. That's incredibly difficult to do so but I really respect anybody they can turn around. And have I think that's why I look at the daisies and doctored raised even even if that's not your type of music that the fact that you can look at it and say well. That you were successful in it in a band and 85 and you're still writing things that people are Clement clambering over each other to buy. New audiences that imagine having to remake yourself and be relevant. All the time our respect that like has met Maroon 5. Another when I remember rumor round five was abandoned other whatever they hawks. But they sell they sell records to new people all the time I think that's really admirable that out and other sort of a band but I mean it's just it's you know just stated it wasn't always just animals I mean come I. Members I'm just saying go back today in light listened to the first record vs now. Much to from project but I respect you have a favorite all time man. That's really difficult for me thumb probably not probably going to be really difficult from either to pinpoint one thing but I but I also do it. Gosh I don't know Palmer make you give give give before the show's over a top three or top five which everyone is very tough five artists I can do pretty easily currently Stevie Wonder. Aerosmith. Bon Jovi would would be in my top five real bonds now I don't talk I know my first concert is I don't know him really well we're doing arena now or not I am not him because Richie Sambora is my personal hero so like I you know that's and his son you know or. At Notre Dame yes Jesse yeah adjusted Notre Dame got disorder to see amount at Notre Dame summit as well so. Oh I'm sorry just mentioned him I know yeah I mean handed him like originally received its Richie calmly. Oh no coming on now I know that's okay we'll never hear of him. Are coming up next big news on a big superstar from our NBA insider. 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It's a changing linking to look to help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with like you're dead ends into each book now I don't you Dhaka. It's going to on ESPN radio on ESPN news Seattle at the drumstick and not. I think I'm Jason did tempered trays sit next to Mike goalie Michael junior were presented by aperture progressive. Insurance and know all this NBA talk and it's just getting started and it's only going to get louder and louder and louder. So to give us some hope we get to ESPN NBA insider Adrian mores and asking who joins us in studio given us the straight talk proxy by straight up wireless best phones. That's networks no contracts bodes thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it thanks Armenians so he wrote a story that led that was published today. On the dot com about a meeting that it's going to take place between Popovich in coli Leonard sooner than later any expectation on when that will take place. Well let the hope and then they can get that. In before the draft which is coming quickly next Thursday the 21. Bomb I don't think it's going to be this week based on what I'm told but. When they can do it next week but. You know certainly free agencies July won the spurs have some players who have their options Danny Green Rudy Gay who can. Either opt in or become free agents I think they'd like to know what direction they're going as organization before those players have. To make decisions but they're gonna get together soon they banning contact with each other it is as if they've. As I wrote in the story. Why went to. When the season ended and he went back to San Antonio he went to the it was a economy gathering of all the spurs extended family players. In and memory of Gregg Popovich his late wife and and he came to that and and I was pulled. Just look like a fit in like he had as part of that extended spurs. Group and obviously he's he's part of the current group so there's been contact but they've got to sit down and figure out where they go from here can they repair. The relay should the trust and the trust is really a big part of this and I think. That 219 million dollar super Max deal that Leonard is eligible for the spurs have to decide whether they're ready to offer through. I was gonna say if they like what they hear the meeting and things are positive or forward. Wouldn't that deal vulgar for wrong conclusion that he's worth that deal to stay. I don't think there's any question he's worth the deal I don't think there has never been. A sense of San Antonio that they would not right and that he is top five top three player so this is all about. Communication is proving yeah I think he he you look at the spurs history and how they operate. And what's important to them that connection in that relationship with the player not his agent that is family member not his uncle. The relationship between Popovich and Leonard will be Paramount to. If you're gonna go to ownership and say we're going to invest forty million plus a year and one player wanna know that clear wants to be here. His medical. Whitbeck quad has been outside the organization since. Last August where he went ended on his own those things have to. They've got to get on the same page would those things and I think there's some re connecting with some of his teammates it's got to go on but. I mean noticed the spurs want to go forward with why Leonard Gregg Popovich at an almost seven years old. The disinterested in a rebuild in trading him for assets. They want this to work they've always wanted it to work. But. I think they have a little leverage there I mean if if Leonard and his group would like that offer can't get paid anywhere near that anywhere else being treated. That's super Max deal that was put in the last collective bargaining agreement was. To try to keep players. We keep. Players where they are to allow small market teams to. Be able to compete by being able to pay their star players much more in and that kicks in here with why. And I guess following up on that because this decision we'll have such ramifications Rome where another for this organization. How does that affect the way they might pursue this offseason what other free agents we heard LeBron James talk at length. About wanted to be around Smart basketball minds and for everyone that seems to come back to San Antonio. There's no question and figure. If your San Antonio what you'd the perfect world would be you'd get this figured out with why Leonard you'd. The Europe that you have a commitment and you can go forward together and then you get down free agency the and you try to get out LeBron James or. Paul George but I think there has been a relationship between. LeBron James and Gregg Popovich certainly agree mutual admiration who doesn't admire LeBron but I think. LeBron has great respect for Gregg Popovich he's never you know I I think he's had one great coach in his career and that was your balls. So I want to elaborate talking ESPN NBA insider Ager and more tenacity. I only go back to a word you said several times which is trust. And you know I equated to sort of at the marriage has a problem. You can't go to one counseling session and suddenly you're like everything's fine turn is it realistic to think that they can sit down once twice in the next week and fixes. I don't I don't think it is I think this is more than. I think this is and I said in the piece today on the dot com. It's probably a series of conversations again they have been in contact it's not as if they've but. You know Gregg Popovich. The passing of his wife and he took time away and why he's been away and went on vacation I'm told like players do this time a year and so is his more of that. You know you're not getting get to the heart of things and text messages are quick phone conversation whatever. The extent of its Ben. They need to sit down and really work through it and and you're right it's I think that's that's probably more than one conversation there's a lot that's gone on in the past year. And there's been a disconnect there and and it didn't. The disconnect in stark. Then happen overnight and usually they're not fixed. Overnight while other teams can't talk to LeBron now legally were all know there there's back door and there's no tampering in the end data I don't know I'm sure of that real players talk to players all the ten what is legal it's exactly right and we saw what the Kevin Durant situation that got basically done July 4 in the Hamptons and other teams can start talking July 1 all. Kitten not so much where LeBron may go less you think you have a spot where I think is you go about timing of how quickly. Do you think it may happen because of all the ground work that navy being laid right now. I don't anticipate. It will be a quick LeBron. Decision I and my sense has been they're gonna take their time. I think. It is not clear cut what makes the best sense I think. You may be a situation where teams are going to have to be creative and there's salary cap. Whether it's to clear cap space whether it's the workers sign and trade with Cleveland. And so. There's two teams who who who take two legitimate contenders who have the space right now we can do it the lakers Philadelphia who have you know. The lakers could create two Mac spots. Go after Paul George and LeBron which is their plan. But. Every war that she's been everywhere else there'd be a lot of salary cap gymnast Nixon. That could also extend this and you'll frees up free agency largely because until LeBron decides there won't be a lot of movement league. Urgent interest the other day with the lakers specifically in the present just because we heard his voice so much lately but. But with Kobe Bryant his presence around that team there in the relationship with a project if there isn't really make about anything tangible on the situation. I think it'll be really interesting because Kobe's been able to. And Kobe wants very much to be in that conversation of the conversations become LeBron. Michael who's the greatest than Kobe's got to the left out of that and you saw him the once we have about my five titles and and Michael sixth. If LeBron goes to Al like you are judged there's one standard in LA for a great player that's when he championships and that's what you'll be judged don't care conference championship banners and and so I do think. If LeBron goes there and he's not winning titles and your one year to. The way Kobe has been talking in the last few days you see you know about it that's the only standard that's all that matters is if you're gonna judged on championships. That's the way Colby gets back and that greatest ever conversation or I'm Michael Bryant conversation. So I think it'll be interest thing. If LeBron does go to LA this hollow Colby's. He's so immensely popular do boom zone looms just happy my lungs and and he is so immensely popular and and there's lots of things the low Bogle on the play for the lakers and a lot of opportunities that come there there's also a lot of pressure and burden to have to win and LeBron alone going to the lakers doesn't make them championship contender they don't have enough yeah. I'm wondering I know follow months what he'll keep up with everything out loads ESPN ESPN insider agent bush and asking thanks for the time regular guys repaired. Hey guys this is my goals and history when you ever wish you good wake up early in the morning and have doughnuts with your dad. And us her Father's Day this year you can't we're teaming up with sport looks Erica spread dad's day getaways an all expense paid trip to ESPN including a day spent with us on the show plus my son junior it is for colleges and register for your chance to an online its forklift dot com slash ESPN and make. Priceless memories. No purchase necessary team rules it's corpus dot com slash ESPN US only AJ teaming up at 615 anything. I'm looking over a king's PRK. He insists on wearing her niece's cell just from twenty years ago that this afternoon and morning because this way overrated. All boy it is important to note the that was not any of us I don't know no hot so it all away. No no no I'm not scared to Springsteen fans irons scared of the B I've see you're the crazy thing is about that guy left a voicemail he's already dead. 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Yelled and jealousy thing is overrated. 86860506. 550 fives was 8605065505. Goalie going I'm Jason did some portrays it next to my goalie Michael junior. And you know we've been trying I mean junior and I have been trying to hold it to put this one off but somehow someway. We now have to acknowledge that a study says that my Q on this artist person in the room. We always hear the LBB respect her older because or older and wiser. You know if that is true share the headline alone on this story made me want to talk about it. And headline as young people really are getting more stupid. I love that headline. Love it so there was who are good there's something called the Flynn a fact there was about IQ's that were going off. Average IQ's were rising. Over the past 67 years up to this point per decade. I accuse going. People getting smarter. Then came a certain date we're dealing aboard my. 989 fits your reward. 19771970s. And then pitches he you'll pardon interest thing. Indeed any. The flip effect basically ended. You win the with a year people were born. In 1975. I laid there aren't. All get dumber. Behind his glass. Nobody your all born after 1975. I'm smarter than everybody in this room. Again before that average IQ's were going up per decade for 75 bonds are going. I'll get let me just ask one on one question of the room will pull the entire room on this going to wind up. If everybody in this room could pick 11 teammate we're gonna call this tag team jeopardy you can only big one team. And you have the choice between Michael senior. O'Reilly or retake I don't think you rightly who left is with me are right C seed there's little. I'll Google it all dad knows and I. Dead is praising their hand everybody born and that generation engine is sticking up for morning I'm lover on the she's fantastic but I'm smartest person in the group. I am the smarter you know person in the north I think about IQ tests as you can talk about averages we can talk about the ones in the world trying to test eye and say in this since the inception of the show. We have the rejoined to back it up. Any time you were in trade fits you can job is to time you wanna run and out there I promise you I'll go Toyoda told. And you guys in a moment while for me. In my America I really wants to got invited to this party to all dot needs to guys and that's good handout the IQ tests like yeah collapsed hotel and watch how out. I'll begin the Texan amendment to victory in the decline is due wooded has sought to do their talking about a difference in technique in the way languages and math. Is taught in schools scientists have suggested so again. If you're born from 75. And later. Getting dumber OK. And you know what I don't tell that we're getting smarter. We have Brett demolish you scores to dispute that. From college but yet what was your record came madam doesn't get any apologies about making things up did you get it right I write a little for four over for my. Smoke and I I went three for four. A student. And carry my three for four around like the Stanley Cup for the next 85 hours on a Bender and we just tell you listen I'm focused in on the headline young people. Really are getting more stupid IQ's and started to fall by seven points. Per generation. In pretty war is a pretty worrying trained scientist discovers all generations so. Threats you're smarter than Mike because this generate you don't take it and hitting dobbs ruling on more stupid by the way more stupid don't think that. Real mom what are you doing here and. To have like regular programming agreements Robin I thought well hold on real quick does voice mails from somebody that seventy. I agree neat freak thing is over rated I think until the NRC. I've been around I'm seventy years old. During six years old he's overrated comes in the Smart category with any New Year's owns and I was briefly and over in remembrance and you can you know what. I respect her opinion because she's Smart part of the smarter generation. Okay. I would like to be treated with the proper respect in this is more old people propaganda don't buy it CB article as grim. I yeah despite how old the writer of this article was moved probably wrote an odd times right. It coming up next. An NFL player I can't believe I'm actually saying this coming up next you ready for this move an NFL quarterback the rules would call yesterday. And that constitutes his news on Wednesday in June we'll tell you about it next Gilligan window on ESP or radio EST is it. She's the ode. I'm a shower curtain thank you one thing. 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