Hour 3: Amin Elhassan

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, May 16th

The guys talk with ESPN NBA Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan and then talk about Lane Johnson talking smack to the Patriots and more.


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My goal entry window here I mean are fasten our ESPN NB a front office insiders here joins us giving us the straight talk. Rush to buy straight talk wireless best phones does not personal contracts by the way we are actively openly recruiting you. I don't know if Leavitt. Which is amazing because right before you walked in the door and started the segment tray was talking about Danny your from the show because you're really going to be light not true I I don't know that is not true at all a coach when they whistled I was there I was in you know all and I that it hadn't started you admits about Trey it was rather then yeah that's not true evaluated but you know what you are our start you are Marvin Barnes tomorrow more grip play be it at BA BA content I get on my Manny get our time genre. But hot button you don't have to sit game time is on top an immediate predecessor the whistle blew that's all that matters got a lot to get to yes we do first and foremost most important question of the day. Yeah laurels laurels. Oh what are you here okay so I think I heard this yesterday via all I heard was Loral Loral Loral and as far as I might in and someone said. Will be posted a video where they. Teams of the based on and then you can hear switch from. The laurels and Yani. I never heard Yani so I know I got hurt Laura now are laurel didn't go the close numbers Gary. But this still very hard are in their laurel Laura so beautiful little laurel any of all the dirty guy I have only heard in I've heard both. I wanna know how you I I you know we're all right listen to my phone yesterday heard laurel. When I got up this morning to commend Mike my son who's on first and last and he played it right and I heard it now listening to a show. I heard yeah whoa whoa wait Michael juniors your son yeah I did not know that you go to Notre Dame never talk about that we don't need you don't bring down to endurance talk a lot federal review comes up like. I. But I and so I've heard both. That's a while I don't understand why it and I don't reject if literally gets mad if you don't hear what he heard I don't know Glen MacNow. Gets mad at people for an out of the blue and black dress is definitely had a blue and gold or white white white white gold blue black and I saw blue eyes are blue I never saw life right I. Listen I do you hear what you hear I just don't hear an L at all and anyway she performed. Then again I want 50% definite as the kids and that concerns cost estimate tyrant that are a lot to get into besides you know the ridiculous. Yeah the debate on the bill. We're wasting your time this boycott and everybody listening or watching a barring a trade to Phoenix Suns will be. Big guys with the first pick in the NBA draft for the first time in franchise history. Thus the trend holds Mike the fourth straight. Years the team with the best odds to get the number one over Vick gets to pick yet there are number one that was really the kings beat the odds they had a five point 3% chance. Of getting in that second slot and that's exactly what they did they got the second slot. Bobby Alanna hawks got the third slot again be the most odd thing last night was the three last teams there in their representatives. Yeah or fox from Sacramento Josh Jackson for Phoenix and and Jami Gertz the actress. Really allow us then yeah. You don't know how many texts I got rid of that is that day Meagher and Garnett. Oh knock out proposals and we Hughes and she's an ocean volatility just lost all his lawyer now Kevin Bacon movie we was asked by site by heckling messenger in the season Albert city. She was OSHA also in twister push and they're all yeah I mean well there and and the loss was is that whenever that was very noisy very good so this movie before you. I used to be in the far off for them in Phoenix you know more packed. I mean this is I don't think this is a year where you can see all he's the guy right I think there's really two guys and play in the third kind of behind the way I think it's between. The under Aden right you know you can pop he's a modern big right right atop but he Oca also can dunk on used very athletic. You can play out in space you gotta look at Don Jews who just a tremendous. Pass or even 6863. Point guard right the lack of a better description really Smart and his age has competed against grown men. Right into its 1516 years old and then. Kind of behind those two I got Marvin Bagley just solid productive excellent finisher excellent rebounder great energy guy and a and then all we don't have a tide of Phoenix right right right eight went to Arizona writes right now gone down an hour and a half down. Doctors obviously was go play local cost of in the Slovenian national team when the European Championship right and then badly as he's protecting your in Tempe Arizona fell. There's it's really hard this is where. You know the dividers we come. Interview the measurable. The the site testing so who would you pick who would you you know I look at. The sons and what they need and they're one of the worst passing teams are one of the wars are indiscernible. I think Dodgers open that game up right on. I love Aden and the have a massive hole out front but I think. Getting an athlete nowadays and a sixth an athlete who can cute is a law part of against one can pass pastors are at a premium. And when I look at the Golden State Warriors. What are things that you'll ignore never talks about that's what people don't want to artists they have so many. Lost passes and they have very dream Hmong green Shaun Livingston Andre Iguodala David West Kevin Durant. That's what makes them really hard it's not that you know they go early shooters which is great but they've got multiple guys can get the ball to the shooters. And that's and that's a hard thing to trying to replicate. Are zero and Armitage. I ended in Vegas jury got this were were pinning you down for all time you're going to do it three direction variable we got we got. Good well. You can feel little bad Robinson you know and then you realize he's making a gazillion doll and a half. You know he got put on the DL with a broken hand on Monday and then the pop repeat these horror. The dropped Ryan O'Neal was drop lets be honest about that. He's gonna miss eighty games I think it's important to understand. The way the Major League Baseball thing goes is that he was operate masking agent but the process is Major League Baseball says okay. We found a masking agent now we have to prove that you used did. Damascus steroid and they had the proof. And so that's why he decided to drop his neck and he was appealing this it wasn't a PD tested positive for as a masking agent in dire water system down a little bit to diluted. And he was appealing it until he was it was some info that basically. You wanna do this thing as I value my order reconsider what is format all he's making this year down to twelve medical after listening to eighty games ouch. Absolutely ouch but he was very effective say. He's never taken a PED and that may be for the voting crowd years on the road when he's up for the hall fame yeah. Listen we always say that the cheaters are going to be ahead of the testers all the time that we do when you're in the front office in Phoenix is that the way you sort of felt when you had to do these things you realize that. We're trying to get somewhere but we know the guys that are perfect in the craft are present out of a CA you know. It's funny because obviously that took that penalty global that the teams individually don't test right and for me I think when I don't work for 290. And an ignorant almost. Because we always have the stalls steroids don't help. Bass was that of the strength god Acura power hitters in football players but. They're no drugs and our sports and then there are arm a general who sedated with them with that do you really think that every single spore on the face of the earth from it's likely to rolling. There's just running all of them Don used for PD's but somehow basketball's one pure sport that missed it. And when he when you put it like that logically god never seen anything indicate that someone is using but. Just logic dictates is no way that we're the only pure sport are literally every single other sport has gone through this yeah. You'll always find. A drug you'll give your head genre and legal or illegal and you'll always find players that will try this number and look you can say what you want about his legacy but at the end today he's got how many years left on the contract why fire in a 10120 million dollars or not you guys knocking into well little thing by a 108 million dollars deference. Yes that's bad but you know what it's not a horrible. Time for the buzzer. Meanwhile of course we all know what's Central Florida did claiming their national championship they gave themselves a parade. And they handed out championship rings to recognize their undefeated season but Alabama coach Nick Saban. Actually that we thought he handled this as well as you could now was he was asked the question is that what you wanted to dive into the conversation yeah he was asked a question or thought he handled pretty well he asset about you know UCF from me declaring itself the national championships again and they had a parade. Players national chapter rings made up to recognize an undefeated season David that I guess anybody has a prerogative to claim any thing. Itself Burkle proclaimed is not the same as actually. Earning it and there's probably a significant number of people who don't respect people who makes self proclaimed sort of accolades for themselves. I'm not gonna lie I thought the UCF thing what is. Pretty cool to beginning and I think he got ridiculous I think it then they have either not national champs are more I think they do all they want to do that they're not the national champions they're the only undefeated team this year again and but they're not the national champ it started to go a little bit overboard for me to me use whatever you got to make yourselves more prominent coaches were happy as Al got the ball doesn't sort of international auto what they've done which is breweries are keeping themselves in the national conversation. In that that's the most important for a team like UCF. Who has a tough time scheduling the bigger schools because the bigger as was like what's the win for us here you know so I think that's what's brilliant about is tightening the strategic real. Yeah because you know it's funny college football obviously this one champion that's going to be and billions in college sports is kind of one of those things where. You don't. Have to win it all cry uncle. Do you have to be really good relevant that you can keep this thing going Keegan Ruth in Q being relevant and so response to consider its and that's why I think it's it look I don't think to the national champions out of a galling guys do what you gotta do to keep having this conversation they haven't done and brand also I I turn on the lap today the turn on the very gracious request from the downloads aren't so. They had a trophy made up of these did he it and I wasn't that I wanna go that far now now now now what they want it all these other and that seems a lot about on the on the right is get a different office insider amino hasn't is here with us and gold and legal presented by 100 flowers dot com what special events call for beautiful bouquet from. 100 flowers dot com right now when you order a dozen good birthday he sees for only 299090. Revised. Pretty deals go to 100 flowers dot com slash ESPN. So I guess the question becomes should we be sending flowers to the cavs saying it was a good run but I think DA we all know how this is going. Well I mean if you're LeBron do together zoo where away happened they want to go home now we go to playoff series never starts until someone loses on the OK guys no one on her own book. No it did you look good did it look good for awhile but. You know. Boston's defense turned out to an intensity yesterday that you know there there was play those hidden with a jump crew and we watched. Terry Rosie gets green and then rescreening and refuting and he fought over every single one of them and harass the glamour. You know when you have guys young and athletic and willing to put in the war like that. It can be tiring and I thought even really did not take advantage of getting easier baskets. With LeBron either being off ball or in the post or LeBron. Making passes to guys cutting he'd had a lot of dribble and around and it. Spent energy could tell among them LeBron was sold gap com desk has yet to work so hard to three quarters. And we're certainly gonna get to LeBron and when he took the shoulder into the fifth year ahead in the first half but is far and I am. I'm always one of those that I always wanna be careful of saying professional athletes or athletes who read anywhere and say they're not trying what was your effort level. But there was a lot of that go on after this one of the Celtics had twenty uncontested shots in the second half you know Cleveland's not known for defense but still. Part of defense is 12 and hostile what did you see so I would save. Four you know third quarter and a lot of fourth quarter it was just there was an effort it was just sloppiness and again. This is why when we sit around and feed you the regular season matters because it's where you build your defensive habits we don't make these mistakes that we get to this point muscle memory we know what to do and that's been a problem for the capsule regular seat all regular season and people he could just turn on in the playoffs does you know LeBron is a great. LeBron was right there making mistakes just like everyone else. Getting beat on backdoor cuts. On switches horrible miscommunication and him and DR Smith twice in the game. We're supposed to handoff they didn't handle the ball went with the same guy the other guy popped out and hit a three as a result of and they get blown by there are a lot of tough man killed by his way around LeBron did it and when that happens. Where these scores are not is irrelevant it's that you start to put the cavs defense into rotation. And they're not good at anything more than that first rotation which is. LeBron got beat I'm here to help. The ball goes out wait a second we are close are we in America our swings to the top of the key and now no one's there because we're not disciplined. Enough. To handle second rotation third rotation. Like a team like Boston right you do that well they can scramble get out and no one's rotating through known is no one not rotating the not rotating to the wrong guy so is it deceiving that is really not lacked hustle is just lack of lack of I don't I thought it was I absolutely. Third quarter and middle the fourth quarter of I thought it was just lack of execution you're not good at doing this because you have him doing all year long and then at some point. You know when you know Boston realm of Kabul then it looked like they do is give up in the lifeguard you this game's over tonight. As I said over the got slapped in the face with a fish and you can bring that out of Arkansas wants this a guy. Pickled fish and chuck it in somebody else's but he said dad this is what that is. Haven't the Braves are disrespect remembers he just picked provision and there's got a it right the face so after game one LeBron said he had zero level of concern where his wares is concerned level right now is amino hasn't as well I mean. I've the other really good thorough adjustment would go that the laser goose. You know Korver was better have a love those really good for them out but again. I think gives you the cat. You have to do is two things you have to address one is we have to make this easier. So LeBron almost what do hardware to the other night which is yeah I saw its allies who durable drew dribble like okay you're doing great. But this is wearing you down and by the end of this game you won't be able to keep up. The energy level it takes. To basically overcome. And then the other thing is they've got they've got to get right defensively and that what I don't know they can do that's one of those things were. You can't kind of cram for the exit the final them the night before you should have been doing your home local or yearlong. On and so for me it's almost like no we got a good offense right. Because it's only chance we have is to just obliterate them from the perimeter. And how LeBron to come forward this hasn't which he did the crazy thing is there were a bunch of times that LeBron and the and the high post sometimes listed old way above the three point line. And you had Kevin Love and Kyle Korver green for one another and local populace slipped to the basket yet a couple of and ones there the first play of the game they rent was burned was JR Smith asked me like he missed a layup but just 2000 that happened. Those great offense is set because it forces. Boston's defense to make his way bush threw him into it to him who'd you got Lou I got. There's that in this direction there anytime whistler dribble dribble dribble town compound interest and co hosted a screen. That's easy and now I know okay just greens here I'm gonna come in to help and if they keep an eye dipping in and makes that pretty god bless Brad Wright or actor we're you won't do that while other world were prepared to give Elmo because I know what the options are what I'm giving a what I'm not. With those screen goes off ball screens yeah it's a lot of weight we switch is to not seuss' in this a lot of even if you switch it. You get guys who have mismatch is right and you've got guys on the head but again Kevin Love got a bunch of polls felt like that. So let's some four minutes ago and a half Tatum runs through LeBron and claim nothing dirty about his shoulder catch as LeBron in the jaw kinda snaps has had little bit LeBron down on and he. Makes one or two free throws they followed the stops play he walks to the locker room come back out. And starts to play says it's an extra point what did you see what did you think do you think the rhetorical fall you know from. Our vantage point you were behind the basket and high so we just saw LeBron kind of glance you know I at first I didn't know right where there was a flop or not luckily I had my iPad open and we had via. They be good games during his only on ESP analogy can download right now is likely favorite of nice hold on nicely done. And soul on the replay we saw all know that wasn't the right animals are right like a punch like number yup punched. And went to locker room and came back and everyone said men if you went to conclusion of oracle about the quickest conversion brutal reverend. But his credit I didn't see I didn't feel like he was out of sorts in terms of not they are ECB he had a great pass to Justin Thompson out of pick and roll we slipped a pass between three different people I mean if he had a concussion. He was doing some things that you know a dial in his bell wrong theoretically should not be able to do within a beautiful bronze in two different in the second half Hugo than the first just below the rim as he looked tired I don't think you look. Out of sorts like where am I think he does with higher lug all manner I don't want to a lot of those jump shots or just like I'm not gonna go tool that I write wanna get to fill. OK so meal passengers were those were recruiting him to be in the family feud sisters are played Columbus, Georgia we just played brought a mileage which is our. Version a researcher Brett vote he's never the we can't god I don't know enough to Arlen that we are gonna talk about Western Conference in game two battle a guy that. Dead so if the rockets win tonight. What can't see him still to take three more from the warriors who have lost two games when stepped Currie and commander in policies and pretty yeah yeah we heard a sitting right. Adds that there must two in two years they've lost to give those guys oval one and one more if if that hasn't been out there. I mean. Again anything can happen and and that's why we play the game and all the cliches to return it whenever you start with anything can happen we know where this is yet I I'm looking isn't going you know I. particular being listeners who are familiar with me are always gonna point to 2062 dollar thing. Meteor alien abduction that's only when they're gonna lose what. You know there is a set of circumstances where the law the sun in the moments of all aligned you know their cores on a 100% to among green is addicted is suspended right Bogut is her progressive news series Andre Iguodala pulls his back. Harrison Barnes is on a milk carton for seven straight games right and then LeBron makes the greatest defensive player of all time Perry has one of the biggest shots of all time and then you have a Kevin Love. The green I saw until load gets the stop on that and I told him and think all those things can happen in the state within a span of a begin to self. No come on that's way too much it's a what if if if if but they have been away have been because Cleveland was with all those circumstances on the Golden State side happening. They were good enough to take advantage and often standing by Houston. If the circumstances lineup work on his vulnerable. Houston is a team that's good enough to take advantage now the next Marta do I think those circumstances gone up probably not. So when all is said and done and the NBA files how many games is take for wanted to be Boston. I thought about it and I figure if a good question. I'm Bob I'm giving this away action has to do this but I did this in January road down a piece of paper grameen Tibetan wanna produce really on the jump Steve Martinez. Who was adamant that I was crazy and I said the warriors won't drop more than one game in the new series on the way to championship is you're not always and everywhere and you know Houston oil and now I wrote life. MIS and I'm pretty here that paper might make it on TV you ask those forces strong with humanize I. John I mean OS and our NBA front office insider who we are actively recruiting steal it from Georgia that's just news goes to a bidding war. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage Michael and loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash might. 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So appreciate it's true it's true junior and was not hurt OK so. We're at that time of the year. In the calendar where. It's that odd time for football because we've just gone through what highlights global player procurement part right here I just I very exciting you have to start the league here in free agency in this guy's going there this guy's going there. Then you know we get to the really really good stuff. Just fired up for the draft and how can it goes again. The draft was monster numbers did better than game seven of the pacers cavs series. So media people tune in it was the most watched draft ever. Across so many networks and you know it people's interest was intense right. Mr. drops it drops off. Sure what happens now is is you have rookie mini camps right after the draft then you have the better mini camps. That bring in the rookies obviously as well. And then you'll finish over the OTA's all go to about the second some the third week in June and then it's done. Ballplayers get to go their own way coaches get to go their own way in the meet up. Right around the third week in July when camps opened up exactly so every once in while you you wanna here's some football news because. So this one which I thought was somewhat interest. Dwayne Johnson yes Eagles tackle. Outspoken tack outspoken tackle hilarious dude yes he and Chris Long started the underdog manner that they wore embryo. Carson Wentz went down and they went all noticeable won it with nick pulls a backup quarterback was aboard BP well before the soup rule with the patriots. Elaine Johnson had come out there and says he's tired of the patriots and all this kind of off right now. The patriot way isn't the only way to win blob Obama why men don't assume both great guys did you turn for you you did it. Awesome well I talked to talk to walk the walk right. Well he's still walking the walk and talking to yes see that's why actually integrity you know we talk the talk now could you can walk the walk Miller can September. So he went on a Steve Austin's podcasts and other former wrestler right we're talking about your goal called back and he still has some things that he needs to get off his chest might. In talking about the patriots. Yeah he's aegis. He said there's obviously some stuff behind closed doors are owner talking blank through our owner. Bill me Drobo checked talking blank tour head coach before the game I'm not going to say it but it's a lot of blank kind of stuff. Built up that I just got tired of hearing about to be honest. He said that's the thing. You're never going to know whatever they told they're told to do in the media is what they're told to do like I said their robots so. He said owner talking. Garbage to their owner bill talk in some smacked down two Doug Peterson we don't know what was said we have no idea. Here and he's not going to say you said is behind closed doors stuff. And then talking about the the patriot locker room which admittance as far as I'm concerned. And there in the right way and I wanted to be a boring locker as far as the players concerned. And then later I'd rather when one Super Bowl in multiple Super Bowls the way the pitchers should do that I doubt Columbia ancestral home he used the yes on that yet. So he's still kind of spout off about that etiquette and I don't know what was said if he feels his owner. Was no disrespect that if he feels his coach was disrespect we have no idea they actually are or don't want it how you interpreted he feels they got did that that they worry that more volatile down I have no problem. If he feels he's sticking up for his team his city. His coach and his owner I don't have a problem more than all but I completely disagree with his I'd take one Super Bowl over multiple Super Bowls. The way the patriots are winning it doesn't I guarantee you very cool as I said Beckham by god in every end in any. Locker room all the time in any sport anywhere so everybody has their different says. And but the bottom line is to win and they win a lot of championships in doing himself. I'll take that over one. Look here here's the simple way to put this is are there are other ways to win absolutely. There are we've seen that with Seattle we've seen that would Denver recently we've seen that with Philadelphia just this past season. There is not a no other franchise ever that has done with the patriots have done over seventeen seasons I I think the way to do it stacks up. Tom Brady is more likely to get to an AFC championship game and any other quarterback is to complete a pass so I mean it's ridiculous five Super Bowl championships. Eight. Up 528 Super Bowl appearances you can't win other ways there's been no other model. That has been proven to have this sort of sustained excellence is really the only three things that have been their since 2001. To heading into the 2018 season have been the head coach Bill Belichick. The owner Robert Kraft and the quarterback Tom Brady all the other parts are interchangeable and that's the way he's approached it. Wayne Johnson is right they won it that way but to have these sustained success that the pay too bad this is the only way it's ever been proven to work yeah not the only way and I I. Thing going about their spouting this is the only way you can win their cruiser there have been a lot of champions who have wonderful for them. Who wanted a different way so as I say get a plane Johnson sticking up for city as coaches or. More power tool. Capsule would do the exact same thing but let's stop the old you know I don't wanna win that way I'd rather win my way type of thing bottom line is you're winning okay. You know you can win some multiples that way I think if he can take you would comes with winning. Everything everything and three guys who comes with winning thing that only thing that matters in a team sport like that tell. Yeah so listen we'll see how this plays out and we'll see willing Johns necessary wanna put on the pads again going forward. Are coming up. When is a headline not exactly what happens in real life. Would get to that plus reaction to the supreme court's ruling on gambling from a commissioner an event called the lottery of all things. Next you're running up the line man what he accused me. You're next in line for the water slide in feet forward and enjoy the ride OK do you eat. Yeah because look I'm. The wicked witch of the west on one slight surprise and what's not surprising how much you considered by switching to Garrick. Like she and. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. It's gold leak and leaked out number one seed going in one of the number once he's going until I'm suitably turn it re. He is leaving at Xavier which triggered out of by the way you and goal luck luck yet struggled a bit when it comes to reading so every time you guys bungle or read we have a stooge got sounder by the way I do find it. Somewhat ironic that that's still gods is the one that's giving people trouble but re not a threat at this point our. He then that's what I yeah. To be hardest part about this. Sports and Roger by DX out guys if you're built like a linebacker power for finding clothes that it has never been easier until DX LD excel. Was built just for excel guys with a over a hundred brands in an unrivaled fits starting at size XL. Surrogate here nearby DXL store or check them out online destination excel doc I'm built to fit both excel excel. Old do we deal with Julius did radio ESPN news okay. So the big story I think no matter what happens in sports well you never know government's two days but the biggest story. Over the last three days has been Supreme Court decision to allow sports gambling right in every state just not Nevada. And every commissioner of every sport is trying to figure out there way to deal was that no one has been more progressive on that front and NBA commissioner Adam silver. Who in his tenure as the NBA commissioner been progressive on everything yes yet whether it comes to players in the social issues that they speak out on. Putting advertising on uniforms that people absolutely formed. Out already dead which I could not understand how I mean look look look gore goes on in in soccer around the world or more in race IA international basketball and it's it's. Everywhere as I ended knowledge here in the NBA has essentially used to it you know I get used to it more now than you make and I am I going to make D'Amato and your big used to walk looking at it and playing he'll be. And discarded they are too. I mean people's heads were exploding out or that I never understood why that was such a huge deal. So now everyone is trying to navigate this way of now that they're there's the potential. We know that several states including New Jersey who wanna have their books up and running by the NBA finals right by the way. They're trying to figure out what how to we do this and how do we get most importantly figuring out a air quotes how to keep the integrity of early bright but really a air quotes. How to we keep money I would make a dime on this thing exactly so this is NBA commissioner Adam silver. By the way there is Summitt called the draft lottery yet so they sort of had it been this sort of a braces for a long long time. This is Adam silver talking about. With Kathy Hubbard at the draft lottery last night speak nor casting Robert. About what this means the sports game we go forward specifically. With the NBA. So the next move is to work both on the federal level. To try to get congress to adopt. A national framework that would be our preference the NFL has said the same thing publicly and we think there should be a common. The sort of framework that for all states and then allows states to opt in or not because of course we operate. And fifty states and it concerns a little bit to have a hodgepodge of regulations but if that's what's going to be that's fine and of course sports betting is already legal in Nevada it's legal outside the United States many jurisdictions so it's not completely new to us but there. I think in terms of the integrity of the league which is Paramount we're gonna have to take a fresh look at everything we do and just make sure everything's completely covered how we disclose information. How referees are assigned to me things we deal with already but we realize will be met much more scrutiny on everything that happens around week. There will be scrutiny there's no question about that. Not really there. Listen NBA and NFL. Are kind of coming out from through several ways to a common goal yet have all been fighting ministerial why NBA Adams over so listen is gonna happen were going to embrace it and we want our 1% now they wanna both and they wanted to embrace it as Adam said the same way the NFL does they wanna go basically governing body right there one have to deal with. If it's fifty states. The talk is maybe 32 states in five years whenever to say fifty states. If you do different set of rules right right to go that a good universal set of rules and let's go there if you have to deal with the states individually believe me they're going to do. Salt now that's exactly it there's sole many tentacles to this thing from now until god knows when. There which includes networks like our own it's obviously casinos to what Vegas says Don to want all the other states are gonna do awarding an a model that master. But the bottom line is exactly what you said how can you get your money. And I thought it had to say when Adam so it's over said what kind of information we give give give out there. That's their leverage that is how these leagues unless states just want to work with them and say you know what. We feel it's best to be in bed with the teams. That we can madam member New Jersey. If you're you're there you can bet I'd Daniel local colleges right in such a veteran state there. But rose a different game salt may be some states will say you know what we wanna get in bed with the professional sports so. Will go ahead work out a deal others are gonna say listen Nevada as ever given you guys a dime on how we giving you a dime. So when you start talking about information. That's what leagues are talking about because that's what legal it's all about leverage what can the league's stayed to the casinos. Add that that says you should give us money is because what can we with hold right you know we're giving out now. What do we withhold for new that you need desperately from us that will let you give us a piece of the pie but essentially. What we have here are two separate issues first and foremost everything that's being said either from gaming commissions. Or states. Or the league's. Is now negotiating. That's what they're doing they're all negotiating before they actually have to figure out do we gonna go to battle over this over a lawsuit. The other thing is. Do we do we think that there's going to be congress mean. I'm not the greatest tracker and getting stuff done OK we just have the Supreme Court strikes down. And overriding federal law. For all states so basically the Supreme Court just said they states figure out on your own you can't if you want to or you don't have to. Now both the league the end and MBA in the NFL are saying. We want there to be a federal law in place well there was a federal lawn place. And the Supreme Court said yep probably not so much and I get a that was from a band but you really want the federal ought to cover everybody has that sounds like from the Supreme Court ruling. Davis was that they states. Do whatever I network that's her exact opposite of say we're gonna have a new legislation that covers everybody yeah so what do you think is more likely to have. I eyes congress wrote wanna wait in here I really wanted to well it depends we colossal election timer you know we have mid terms coming up in November they wanna be you know they wanted to health insurance here do wanna be headlining yeah they're gonna be headlining involvement as a miracle don't outlets and act like we haven't seen that before if they want little publicity. You know then then maybe you will see that is else is gonna be interesting to me is because you know the professional leagues your own after the dime you know. According there. A college about the NCA will be a really good just a little more work to NCAA gonna do. If all this is gonna happen it's it looks like it's going to happen the NCAA as an entity trying to do exactly. What the NBA is going to be doing. The NFL is gonna be doing what baseball Hough you're redoing trying to get their piece. Of the pie and then the players and every person that screaming the players get screwed all those are gonna say. While. Another revenue stream right for the NCAA and nothing for us. I think it would be absolutely. Certain. So look at this of the NC alleged going to try to meet look. There's a reason we wouldn't billions of dollars for the tell of why would I know what if I run out and anything else for Hillary either now so I'm I'm going to I'm gonna go down that road pretty easily yeah that the NCAA also wants their share of the pie as this thing plays out but that's the book. It's going to happen the question then becomes do we really believe that the federal a federal laws that are trying to legislate this thing again when the Supreme Court just that they states figure out on your own. When we come back our newest member of our football team will join a stainless.