Hour 3: Adam Schefter

Golic & Wingo
Thursday, October 12th

Greeny and Golic talk with Rick DiPietro on various topics and the start of the NHL season and then bring in Adam Schefter to talk NFL news and notes and more.


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Bolick is not feeling at will warning Israel and bad thriller worse than Stephen Strasburg in a moldy hotel very ago. And we can make it a little bit worse actually as we bring how DN. I was very pleased to welcome to our studio and the host of the company and caddies show on 987 FM ES BM. Longtime New York islander goalie terrific talk show host now. Rick DiPietro was at our studio. Wreck our M Kevin what your word as they tell your listen gold is a we have right now in New York among Mets fan. Hopes it's all what happened over the map your you see what happens yeah I. I don't be greedy half of is a first place game on Sunday between our New York Jets in the new in the patriots which I don't know how to feel about. You you wanna cry for a new York and their sports you know or from. Cleveland you understand what's been going on there for years it's the land say that man dubbed the continent save save any got forming lets its food I do pretty. As a matter of fact they actually didn't comes Berry treats because I was watching the game last night and I figured. You like myself right we get a cell lead our feelings nurturer since the card ashy and pit. When I think of Michael look I cracked so now. As I used to crack pot or you could bring the car we brought this once before it's fantastic and he like that all or so where exactly is that. Plays a city called milk arms right if they were that an upper west side I come to actually make this pile out much or how to describe it it's kind of like Polycom I would know pecans but there's a reason why it's called correct exactly what how do you explain that last amber and you do you can't stop eating it I mean it just hugest. You get addicted to I did agree last time I was here trip was in Destin I brought them a gift because I was looking for name for the show we've got a new trade. Wind beneath my swing goes so much that I got to plug with some wins on its feet you weren't here. And I originally if blockage of the green mama perfect opportunity for you and ice is going to be in New York. Little marketing thing we can decline below the golf yes little line mom bug golf line well now that's just the prototype. I mean things to work on. I think this is genius to Rihanna through the I have been thinking about trying to trademark agreeing mom I think unfortunately both Nike and Kobe have battled it is probably our doctor governor so we're gonna struggle a little bit I knew I have a couple of infringement that the situation of a pair had a fine but let's get through that I think were record I'm not here to bring gifts like that attaches great to have you here we had a lot of things to get to a let's start obviously it is a jam packed time. In your city right now and I wanna get to the Yankees but I want to start with a Strasburg thing because this to me is as fascinating. As a former athlete yourself and I hear you talking about it all the time. The the dynamic of a locker room clubhouse whatever the case may be. And people are asking me yesterday hilariously. As the day went on when it was announced the Strasburg was gonna pitch after we talked about it all morning long yesterday as much as we did. You know if you think that you guys in the media had anything to do with Strasburg going out there. And my immediate reaction was absolutely not if he felt any pressure I'm gonna guess they would have. Taken it seriously from inside from inside his own clubhouse if his if he felt as manager really felt it was that letting him down for the teammates. Felt he was letting them down I wouldn't of thought it would come from the outside to make purchasing to think otherwise what did you think. Wolf first and foremost you guessing yourself some credit because if it's not him that hears that it's probably as agent Scott or that here's a demise a lot of map are re when he had. Which got back from the Tommy John surgery had an innings limit and no one knew what the innings the metals copper Boerse brought the table. In Matt Harvey was kind of guilt in the forward to order innings has that humbly performance in the World Series and I has been the same sense of Stephen Strasburg they shouldn't on the playoffs he gets the 175 million dollars so he's doing fine. And I was actually listened to my vacation yesterday and they kept playing and Dusty Baker sound. In what Dusty Baker did was say all of my guys are under the weather. So Dusty Baker got exactly what he intended. He wanted to and put pressure on C distrust we're coming guilty OK everyone doesn't feel that no one's at a 100% we need you adding at the end of the day when he realized what was at stake. And that 175%. Was better than anything Newman brought their. He felt the need to go out there. And I'll take what has been in poultry can speak on this when you're hurt like that but you're not really injured you don't feel good you're sick. It almost free your mind up because you're so focused on being sickened battled throughout the school there and have a kind of reforms itself in Strasbourg rest last night which was phenomenal it's legendary. Good for him but I'm sure there are plenty guys nightclub also like the mom and none of us who don't. Well yeah I mean I guess that's a thought I mean no matter how you felt quite honestly physically or sick. Did it ever cross your mind to to tell your coach I can't go. I I think that's what struck a lot of people especially guys you know athletes and former athletes as a way to mentored youth. You're just going and analysts in a ploy can do or Troy happenings are thrown up everywhere Soviet but you know go give it ago. Mike Milbury my GM Mitt in New York with the calendar I came back for the Olympics and I was spent like emotionally mentally everything was spent it was like my lifelong dream to play in the Olympics and loss and I came back and actually. Set the coach Joseph during practice this I was young to get a game we came back into the Heidi feel percent to retired. OK no big deal after practice no regrets in those. We mean you're tired. He asked a question wanted to be honest I thought it was tiger's not expose a lot of the coach he's supposed to do you find you can play. If a memo Roslyn OK whatever I have to deal with but now the further you get away from the sport in when you retire you realize that fans media and everyone else. Even if you're hurting your sick they're not gonna give you necessarily the benefit of the doubt eagle there to make it up as much wanted to see Strasburg pitched and battle through it if he goes out there in lays an egg. Similarly criticized. Mike and Mike and Rick DiPietro is here from 987 FM ESPN we'll get into. Some of the hockey stuff as well a couple of minutes but I am very curious because you come from a series sport Mike comes from a an appeal football's a one game and that it. You come from a series sport. But the time to get to a decisive game like we will have tonight between the cubs and nationals and they've seen everything and obviously it's a little bit different is it different starting pitching in each game. I'm but at this point in a series can you can you talk about that mentality that what it's like. To go into a game where aren't we play them now five times in the last six days and this one's on the candidates cited what it what is the mentality like all day long. What the lead up to and it was always my least are my least favorite part bought actually playing the sport was the lead up until the puck dropped and he the anxiety may try to stick my routine and wake up when I was both the wake up eat what I was most the matron in as myself like I had to this routine and I think the goal for anyone on the nationals the cubs are now. Probably more than nationals on the coast of the comes on the World Series last year is to make treat try to make this game feel. Like any other game which is easier said than done that it doesn't really like but the lead up like you can feel the anxiety can feel the emotion and it usually benefits the team with. Nova lesser expectations kind of when you saw last night with a New York Yankees. But Chicago's been there done that they can turn this into just a regular game and for the nationals will be a little tight early on and once once it starts the tunnel black little bit. As far as the other side of it is sticking with with a player and sick and then the other side with the Yankees and Girardi in the mistake he made here the players your Frazier talk after about. You know did it for Joseph and you don't agree here's ask me about playing for a cold to I don't wanna I don't wanna you know prejudice with with what I said but do you think. Jolt being benefit about a player's is a byproduct what the players did or the reason the players and. I think a little bit both are the year Todd Frazier lecture at a meeting before game three and they asked Joseph you know who was the first one to speak up and kind of cut potential little bit and it was Todd Frazier on. He's that kind of guy and lock him it's not necessarily concerned about being everyone's friend when he holds everybody accountable he's a guy loves the Mets get we'll see what happens with that but. I think the team. When you have a young team like enjoy hats and some success the young team in Miami is they find ways to rally. Around their manager I was always taught in goal probably sleeping with you you look Ronald walker to get one of those seasons like the giants haven't. If you look around like you teammates OK you like your coach OK this are women because if you keep blues and something's gonna change and usually it's the coach. Medic with a all the speculation of Boston only in Antony coming on talking about I don't know frozen back. That team likes him they like him a lot and I think Joe's one of the few managers and in professional sports now. That trusts young players in the young players can feel that it and they know that he's off their best interest and I think that's why the Yankees have been so successful mr. They're so young and now thereon to the ALCS I think they were playing with house money from the moment that they won the the wild card game. But I think after they lost maybe that is a little bit of a change in the mentality because after they lost the game that they had won an 83 lead on Friday night. Maybe mentality does change a little bit it does go from. You know we weren't expected to be here we win obviously it's fantastic what if we lose this was a building experience to. Holy smoke we had this thing one we lose the game man is gonna get fired hoping to disaster. Maybe it does change things one way or another what do you make of this Yankee team particularly. The young star and Aaron judges struck out sixteen times in 24 plate appearances. In this series there's something be said about being young and dumb right and all the pressures and Cleveland Indians in the end they don't know any better and I I agree with you Gurney after game two. Is you have the AL Cy Young winner and the reason Terry Francona said it up he's going game two and then if we need to game five is. And you touch them up so you feel pretty good about yourself in. I think the whole house money thing we take clinic calls on our radio show about you know we don't care what happens we won the wild card game moving for a wondered what a championship is wide open. And I kind of disagree with that little bit because of how this series looked. Like how you should of won game two you win game three I mean the fact that market goes up their pitches the way he pitches Severino pitches the way he pitches which I was. I was happy to see him get a chance pits in the series and then CC meant three perfect innings he's a pros probe and I've been around with his knee brace on the try to bunt on him I mean the team and I say this couple months ago and I kind of a tongue in cheek but. It feels like the put together some special and I go back to we heard sound. When he separated dolphins on paper and expectations and everything else and everything coming out of that club post was I know we don't have any expectations but we have the perfect mix of young at all. We have the young guys coming in and we at the all veteran leadership with Gardiner and CC sabathia. We feel like we could do some things and Brian Cashman said the same thing and the more you saw this team in ways that don't believe it. So to speak your phone calls or your show on 987 ESPN. New York pumping candy how about calls. On the giants not only how bad they are but now what this a Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie situation of not shown up for last Friday's practice recovery day whatever is walking off the field on Sunday during the game. Talking to Mac could do on Tuesday coming Clara out of locker on Wednesday getting suspended. It is it is the sense people think this team is fragmenting a bit with him and others as well. I think that was the biggest concern now one of my idea co host Chris Kenny who won a Super Bowl the New York Giants on the facility he trains that Oliver Janssen gold their four. You know rehab and in IVs and stuff. And during the offseason he was talking to some of the guys on the defensive side of the ball and he said their biggest concern moving forward with all these expectations was chemistry. And he said that on the radio and I looked at and Dave Rothenberg of the public can and this is the second best scoring defense in the NFL they look like the ending calls and all these snacks are at the should be no chemistry issues. And now the more you saw you know what you thought about it was may be the chemistry between the defense. And the offense of some ball and I think it's gonna all be traced back to. When Tom Coughlin was essentially a lame duck coach and O'Dell's third act the way that you see O'Dell active now and that's a point as a defense and you put an offensive subtle ball when you're that inept on the offensive side of the ball especially in the offensive line in your head coach never finds it. Or to hold those guys accountable now behold the RC thing in any U I apple from beacon school was. That was kind of in response the fact that she had to make a rule. For old bill Beckham junior for his on the field stuff like of distractions off the field you're gonna be fine. And if you're on the defensive side of the ball and Dickens is we put in positions where we got to throw zeros and yet it's eagle is worth reports we don't win. At some point did you start to feel look a certain way about the office assemble. There's no doubt about that I lived through better and no team averages are the glare start to happen as you're on and off and the other team's run an honor vice Versa one of the things I find the most interesting about this if this season does spiral completely out of control and I think there's every reason to think that it will. Based upon all the injuries and everything else. Two things one wolf they want a changing the coach which I think is there a real possibility and to. If they lined up all the way at the bottom of the standings if they have a top five pick in the draft with all these quarterbacks coming out and Eli turning 37. Do you believe the giants were draft a quarterback and turn the page on the Eli Manning era. After this season as a jets fan I would say that's probably the jets is thing that happened this season happens the giant and the one after every quarterback that never missed the game. I suggest is the other day I mean if you look at this wedding Jerry Reese is probably next up. On who's gonna be held accountable. But they only win two games three games and his locker and falls a party to probably he then Mac to do being shown the door is that what point and in if you if you're going to. Take a Josh Alan Rosen or one of these guys and Arnold. Do you think about maybe trade mile. And given an opportunity uniting the perfect team and selflessly I would love to see this. Is Jacksonville because at some point Jackson doesn't look at their defense and their division in how much Perry there's an NFL right now angle. Are we gonna waste the opportunity this season to win this division and make a run I mean. And if you look at the AC I mean they have one of the best defenses in the if he had played boards and actually. Be a functional quarterback with a lender for net I mean you nice guys face he gets look back in he letter Ford and the connection on the football TB and haven't so why don't most giants fans couldn't except. Seen Eli may be in a in different Jersey but it's probably did it and at some point they're gonna think about. Yeah I I do think though the thing about Matt out that does seem like the obvious destination so I would think it would either be that or. You dropped quarterback can realize a quarterback for another year or so until the solid I've played and the isn't yet and you as a jet fan would know better than anybody. As you're gonna fire the general manager you have to fly coach also because suggested this the other way where they brought in date GM candidates but they told me have to leave wrecks in place. And we also well on that happening. Where they wind up. Having to hire John it's because no one. Want to the job under those circumstance you wanna know what the most frustrating thing about pebble situation was in as I really like a Cagney and I think he's a really good general manager and lot of the trades he made this offseason great trades enforcing no means win football games but. Hum I'm on board with the with the doing the creating this chemistry this culture and walker and what is that had been patient. Couple weeks led Dan Quinn. And Kyle Shanahan moving forward I mean. The lack of patience also knew jump on troubles things onus really worked out but these kids are with the jets green he has if you do have one of these fixate. All right you get three games and I eagle on this extended losing streak in you get a top three pick. I mean you see the winning a fellas go without. Dirk I don't know these coaches if you have a relationship on the fate in LA you need to head coast have that kind of relationship an offensive guy to develop a young quarterback like tar balls a lot. But the right guide to developing a quarterback. Yeah I I brought up earlier though is that working and then back to do was the quarterback whisperer and I'm gay is a quarterback whisperer. Dirk powder we're not sure still in Tampa Bay cell while it sounds good. We have to see you work those long term it's certainly not working with the giants and not working and in Miami right now thought I. But that was the hot they did you take Jack quarterback whisperer type guy I might give like Rick DiPietro was here we are presented by progressive. Insurance I guess on the shell Pennzoil perform assigned. A lot of what you know about NHL dot TV which lets you watch hockey wherever you are you can stream live out of market games and on demand replays. From all your favorite teams visit NHL dot TV and subscribe now blackouts and other restrictions do apply the contentious season is underway and so far. Among the things that I think given the most noteworthy was I thought the spectacle in Vegas the other night was as the terrible you we use of word that the scene in Vegas the other night was sensational I thought. They just did a magnificent job. And the first ever game for the golden night in their new. A renowned with everything that's happened and that it in the last two weeks of the ring at the first responders and everything else and of course the team has been terrific to start the season so that. To me has been one of the big stories of the early year. Not really has now that touching moment he saw that he responded no I mean Arizona and have a chance nineteen but I think it's great the NHL that that's haven't success right now. I'm kind of conflict because someone I would really enjoyed being in a general manager of financial team and this didn't think I would draft the team or pick up free agents if I was team and they can sign in as you'd hope that the visiting team would never win. The games when they go to Vegas and if I'm drafting my home team. I can have a lot of veteran guys that are probably married with kids. It's prudent but at three rookies are on Vegas but some that's a great spot I'm opening his pants and the so they're at some point to a cup couple those games. A couple of things on the hockey since two as we get going in the season ya Murdoch or what what can you say about the guy can you imagine being on the ice at his age. No it's unbelievable that's one of the guys that I mean to say he ran my show is an understatement I mean well most talented individuals ever seen in my entire life. I and the pictures of him when he came up with Pittsburgh. The Allah sake he does he's committed he loves it he's still. With his size and his musicality is able to contribute and and some of the day when he came on all the guys of those yeah army yarder mullets I mean he's enjoying himself and in at the end of the data we don't wanna play is as long as they they wanna pay us the play will do. Interesting last year after Washington one another presidents' trophy in and did nothing with that. I'll guard member Barry Melrose say maybe it's time to move on from out so much can you say you wanna be at GM someday are your gym now what do you what do you do without. That's a great question in this is. Probably the most prolific goal scorer that we've seen in I don't know how many years one of the greatest of all time on 32 years old now came back in better shape he's got a Eackles in the first three games on it all really good team that really a goal in whole beat. They can win regular season games for some reason when they get the playoffs they just they can't get it done it's usually because of the Pittsburgh Penguins now and if you put Sidney Crosby and the Washington Capitals. They probably would have won Stanley Cup lineup because that's how good he is. And a lot of people listen the show. Our NBA fans I kind of equate Alexander Ovechkin to a Chris Paul sink and think tons of regular season success. Olympics are prolific scorer all star but at the end of the day has and a playoff success. All that and guys finally I got two to play my broker while Gretzky was playing got to meet him and see what he was doing home crowd role was we've certainly gone through our show Sidney Crosby and outs of us can we just talked about. How good are these young kids how good are the economy David you Austin Matthews who are sold to receive such a great run of young players in baseball being successful. But these guys I mean what level are they on. But amazing I mean look at try to make believes in kind of makes me jealous of what they've done and again this conversational time with our producer on a beacon. Identify a franchise player until you've got your franchise straightened out and that's exactly what's Arnold's done I mean you get British and and be a president can you get Lou Amarillo and you get. Mike Babcock as a coach I mean you're gonna have success analysts and yet. I mean not just Austin Matthews do you Lander and Mitch smarter. They have in veteran pieces selflessly I would love to see an Edmonton Edmonton Toronto final comic David fantastic line nailed Winnipeg is an unbelievable goals Corso. Yeah excels in good hands I'd like to see the market at a little bit more. I think they did a bad job with with TK who bombed last year actually and yet yet he's the case who buy their Sidney Crosby gets an award yet though Britain and things like. One let me repeat sense right at them they're together but again I mean we'll see what happens with a but I mean if he would. If you wanna have some fun and watch continues entertainment RP. We're doing and once again if you're a hockey fan NHL dot TV lets you watch the sport or every U law are. You can stream live out of market games he had on demand replaceable your favorite teams NHL dot TV subscribers subscribe they're now blackout and other restrictions. Do apply this is great thank you for bring in traits that you version had a good to see it thank you very much for coming by examine guess somebody give me a four. Ever or micro care support for Mike and Mike podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your coffin when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage usually that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply and understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all 50 states and am Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just the place yeah it's feeling. That you're safe to enjoy the things that matter most EDT let's take that feeling with you whether your home your business for online. We help keep you. Security systems and home automation alarms sensor failed. So you can feel at home wherever you. Go to HP dot com and get that feeling for less than a dollar a day. Home in Saint Paul and I kept his hero go through all the NFL stuff with him and a second alleged. Again as we were I've been on a variety of things have resulted morning had a shaft or good morning Mike Mike I I'm good luck. I want want that we haven't had a chance to hear our our guys are furiously cutting up sound bites back there all morning long mature a little bit of Terry Francona could it is a good friend of the show. You know and while I'm happy that the Yankees won I do feel for him consecutive seasons to have three consecutive games in which you could. Win a postseason series and failed to get it done it's got to be very tough there was Terry Francona last night after the loss. We felt good about ourselves. And we came down stretch plan very good baseball. And we do some things in this year's and I don't think we're characteristic of our team mates matters kick the ball around a little bit. Com and sometimes also in about that that's part of the week we made it harder to win you know in some cases for us the last two games. Charlie did it last night we're kicking the ball around little missed opportunity guy error in the ninth two runs for the Yankees it was a could have been a one run game lord of the bottom that I turned out. To be a three run game and that's how it ended when Chapman Kaman but. You know it's a shame again this team will be solely judged. I'm getting back to the next level and to the World Series and or winning it not at anything but that is going to be looked as a disappointment for this team. That's so hard in baseball yeah Howard plays so well all yearlong for such an extent that rates mountain and then a five game series then boom on. You're right it almost feels a little bit that we don't see it that often in the NFL. But either one of them want to jump immediately to mind was the year the Denver Broncos I believe for fourteen in 21996. And they want to be losing and that first game Jackson objective Leah and Marshal Arthur Gloria colleague has said that they never got over that I came back and won the next two Super Bowls and they still didn't you know I recovered a team and that what is remarkable to watch that day I tell you you remember the worst stuff like that book better than them more than that about what I remember about Jaffe. There's so much remember about it was so fresh everybody was so sure that that was going to soup bullet years it was so good and so strong. And they go and hiking in the take twelve looking lesion on the or forget it texted. In the press box at Mile High Stadium was a big press box. They had. Very different mind Jim soccer mono who now council an organization a text him in the press box called them. Because renowned for its open Beck and call us at the scheme is going just as I thought. And Anna with the phone and was the last time I've ever relayed in in game message. To me personnel and he was so furiously beepers cell block. Pet I jinx to from that point I'm the it plays out it exactly from the output on the game went south. And remember after the game. More than anything he wants a routine went to the Super Bowl depth and I'd been covering. In April for six years and I thought of an unbelievable to do and now is like I was very disciplined and let you down. Yeah yeah it is yet. They have gotten over that either and I've heard from several of them I had my can make chef is here now let's get back to business or get back to the baseball coming up shortly a bunch of football stuff. Well look what can you tell us about this GRC situation in New York because. So it's confusing it is confusing and I think we've got a situation where he's left the team a multiple occasions. Is a volatile unpredictable type player of the plan. The plan is for him to return to team today now. That doesn't mean he's gonna play on Sunday it all day still to make that decision been backing himself yesterday said he suspended indefinitely so. Does that mean when he comes back they're gonna say to him hey you're not playing and as you get to stay there or you know leave again so. It's a very volatile unpredictable situation he he didn't like that he was taken out of the game on Sunday through his helmet on they don't like that. Again you got some. Tension in the air with the owned by Rick when teams own five these kinds of things. It happened Leo that that's when you find out little more bark character were things that happened but let's look at the overall picture. And I guess you have to start saying that Mac could do and control this team because he's not the only party unity Eli apple some things in just. How poorly they're playing so you start to look at the overview of this and what possibly could be slipping away. In New York papers are already all over him ripping him keep his job and again I think what happens is in this league in any sport really. When you have one of these kind of seasons. Everybody's in question everybody comes under fire. And he is going to be an analyst as a coach of the team just the weights and operate not no surprise their nothing different. The only questions are 28 ray Handley being fire with an eighteen and twenty record. Will he would've been Mac and you team and have that after a couple of seasons so we've got all of that on I'm going on with the giant and he got the hotel situation and everything else. And you know about a limited to a second gap to stink about the crazy nature of this we know we know. There was going to be a winless football team in New York now when those happen right. You just never knew that resuming their giants we knew those elite team in the running for the number one overall pick we knew there was a team. That was gonna have its sights and maybe Sam Arnold or some quarterback. We just to be to New York Jets not near giant. Exactly right and actually I wasn't even ask about this because it's so premature. But maybe I'm just asking you to get us. If the giants finish. Two when fourteen quarterback and they're gonna start Oregon would they would they draft deal as replacement I think NAFTA and that would they trade him or they let him go what date would they keep Americans are going to be Jacksonville jaguar the theft. I'm. Look what we're on October 12 arrest and I'll tell us what it's like it's so hard tough forecast this ripen a package gets in a perfect world their perfect world. You go to quarterback yet be like for another year or 20 yeah the other guy and and he steps away maybe maybe. He decides they decide that they don't wanna go on with the each other that I was to be 20 again and a lot to be determined. He's one of New York's storied sports heroes so to meet finish his career with the giants. On the issue I think it perfect world your drafting a guy like to game a little bit of time so in a perfect world he's a bridge for a year. Let's talk about O'Dell though. Because you and Mac both said after he got hurt. Similar things about how you felt it was a mistake for him to be out on the field and I totally understood where you're going in Mike and many of the other former players and we're seeing it totally differently yeah what I would like to know is do you believe. Bet if things should go sideways without doubt I think almost everyone thinks he's still gonna get his money. And if he does. No harm no files probably overstating it but but at least you still got his money but if for whatever reason he doesn't. Do you think that we will see a time where we will see legitimate hold out for we will see guys who will hold out for an entire season who will actually stay away and told. They try and and swing the leverage back to them some other way. There is roker there is a guy still holding out right now going bronco right now so look he's a veteran and he rushed due to make nine million dollars last year so it's an intelligence George. A look. I was fairly vocal in June on this issue. And so it's not like I listen came round to that this week you said are true you Saturn on the show many times OK at Ole boy he he should be out the there are certain players. The elite players to me that. When you're gonna feel like oh bill Beckham drew it was this year from one point eight million dollars in salary when you can make 506070 million dollars in guaranteed money. That's a big business risk in my mind and this system is set up with a secure option that hurts the players we talked about the fifth year option. And so there's very little recourse for a lot of these players in certain situations. Out there are a lot of very good players. But they're not in an elite train Symbian category like this players this players are transcendent player. And the U rare transcendent player to me takes a risk if he's going out here without that contract now. Again. I would like to think it will work itself out over time he'll be paid it would not be an issue and the jets are that's probably gonna happen. But you just do the basic math of this if you're gonna make one point eight million dollars and stand to make what she's the rough number sixty million dollars. Why would you go up for one night. What would you do that. I mean I would and I don't like hardly a hit here's the other thing as well though you say that player would you tell. Would you say the same thing right out of Zach Martin's errant Donald Powell Mac I mean those are all you got four guys who are. Probably going to be paid the highest in their initiatives yeah. A guy in the trenches like is that morning how many offers of Lima news of the career ending injuries. That doesn't happen very often saw an all bought the idea Paul shot to these guys get rolled up on all the time I've I don't know if I would agree with that. I don't know you tickets every single player taken yet to get rolled up. I mean. Isn't this so let's forget the fact. Patricia not that you got a chance to get hurt yet yet you won six or 18 and he's gonna be guaranteed forty to fifty million dollars so to me. He's in the same boat as old Delhi is as Erin Donald who held up and then went back this oil Mack who read every word a word of as far as. As holding out hope that's why I'm asking the question right is is. All it in the way the NFL. Salary structure is set up the owners have practically every ounce of leverage. Colorectal players you're talking about. Might be the rare exceptions. Who let's just say this and there are a lot of bummed are only a handful of the night but just try to see if that happened to you might as you pointed out. That draft was was chock full of really really good players. Beckham and match. And and Donald. I just wonder do you think we'll see a circumstance where that changes we were one of these guys OC and I'm not cumin and because I've been holed out to work I mean I've personally seen Darrelle Revis not in this circumstance it was a veteran of course but I've seen him hold up in the jet three to his contract when he was holding up from camp. So we've seen at work could work with a guy who's in his third year in the league. It's a tough. Fight for that player. It's a long road hasn't been done successfully very often Sean Gilbert I think was successful when he old doctoral Reeves has been successful. There are very few I don't work with the way this is who's been overhauled the CB eight I remember any young player. Being a system like that to do it but I'll say this we shall Leonard for you get to break here you are you still lender for net. Chris McCaffery suitable games ago. You see more more that I agree that when a guy like go to a Beckham junior goes down when a guy like Tyler hyper he's had back surgery today. Third surgery before reaches a project. I'll say this. At the very least. There are going to be more more players who have this decision to make and there's discussion in the future about whether it's worth it to be out there. I don't know whether one of them is gonna be courageous enough and strong enough to take it on I would guess yes. But that is a conversation that's going to be more prevalent going. I ordered a B and I talk and I do think this is kind of a rare year of the number of players who are going to be top hated their position. More than other years you could just talk like four players that could be there. Sega. Have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. School. Don't I using lightning it's true. He'll fangs and a good idea what really failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could by switching to Geico. Where they won't. Have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. I think favorite stories are all the coaches who live at such a bubble all else is going on right. Be that way like I sometimes wonder like but that's what we're used to covering basketball little bit for us yeah. I was like holy smokes after he knows other things but that's my hobby that's my hobby like I love that. And we've fancy best vote for a security espionage drafts from and I'm all fired of that's one of the great days of the year. It's true that people immutable like go back to rich Eisen right. New backing college wrote with that if on network and Cameron regret the pro bullets and volleyed. Mike Shanahan was coach and receive around the pool and he took me about Brokeback Mountain what can the timeless. A raging sensational. Mike Shanahan never heard of the movie at that point in time and rich Eisen was completely blown away by it. And that. Tells you sometimes. Isolated people via apple world are the legendary story which is now so dated it's ridiculous. But bill Reeder who was the coach. That I'm at Michigan yeah. One of scouts who was it was so cute play instead of Bo Derek attend this kid's an eleven. And 3% lower at by the Derek yeah and it got so anyway that's that that's a reference only the three of us get us go back to football here Tom Brady watt. He's got a shoulder what was the shoulder urging look he has taken a lot of hits this year if you've seen and Julius Peppers landed on him got a shoulder injury. Missed some practice time I think it's a maintenance issue really just. He said he'll be out there I don't think it'll be in issuance Sunday it's Egypt Tokyo hopes of criminal act I'm not it's not even touch right. It happened Mike going back to all the discussion of the debate that we had. And one of the things that I really didn't take into account was. Ruled our offensive line struggling Brady saying he's hold the ball a little longer and maybe the loss of settlement is contributing to that but whatever it is. Does the fact that he's taking the number of hits that he's taking right now changer perspective at all. On what we should expect from him as the season goes along I mean you still haven't great statistical years like you get hit more and and one of the reasons or a couple of years ago and I when he is 'cause all the line combinations and the times he got hit. That's the one what we talked about. And when Aaron Rodgers did what he did in the difference of the two quarterbacks is their Rodgers can escape that make plays outside the pocket or Brady basically takes a hit or. Just hit the ground it's a tough fight another day like Eli Manning does like Peyton Manning did. So listen yet make you worry more because one bad hit one bad landing and he could be done but he's. Tough I mean to do that at the age of forty like to absorb some of those hits it's amazing but I'll say this also. Their defense which have been much maligned going to the thirst and I came last against Tampa they came amply much better Matt Patricia defense quarter gets things together and will continue to do that as the season goes on and I also think on the offensive line. Not to star Nikki one of the great at this point coaches ever to coach in this data will get things straight and will help protect rate I believe that. Here's a final thought you are Gerald McCoy as. When every guests on the know them from Adam podcast this week and and I had a quote that came out that the got a lot of attention was he said he believes there will be an up roar. If the players are forced to stand during the anthem. As has been suggested by the president whatever else goes on so we've seen what's happened what Jerry Jones we saw that a lot of the cowboys players were obviously really upset with that they had a meeting yesterday. We have the owners' meeting coming up next week or NFL PA. The personnel will be president. So I would give me the floor just in general where do we stand with all this right now where we stand with the cowboys where do we stand with what at what we expect from the league and the union that. Will the cowboys are fortunate inept or abide. Jerry Jones fortune cookies we're not gonna see how that's gonna play out this week before we get these discussions in New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday when they have a chance to come up with some sort of policy in acting up in this year over the last couple weeks we've seen a lot of teams. Staffs players be out front and center involved with police departments and I think it goes back to when the owners and players are having meetings in Europe a few weeks or Roger needles conference from the league office. They were very open but the fact they're gonna provide trying to provide help and give them the platform that they won and try to work on the issues and important I think part of that is she lowliest teams now. With the police depart at that hasn't happened before but it's never been so public right before as it is right now. So look there are a lot of people with a lot of different desires that to get Sudan drastic going to be these orders means it's a critical issue their sobering difference of opinion. I don't think anybody's wrong about what they feel players owners everybody got their respective stances and it's a very volatile dangerous time for the league to be in the position it is in because it is very sensitive. It is chipping away the popularity of the sport they're people who were turned off to what's happening there people canceling their DirecTV subscriptions. Two big deal I I don't know how it turns out bush. I guess we're gonna see more. And more teams try to help out the players to give them the support on the issues that are important to them and look I think the owners are looking for certain support. So that they don't. Turn off fans and sponsors. And based effectiveness of the game. And the this game but we're also picks the players because for every dollar that the league is collect a 48 cents goes to the letter sent we're do you expect next. And these meetings next week that there will be a league rule that the players must standard. I don't know. I just don't know. But to sharply to imagine that the junior rule that makes players stand look we go to to 2009. Players were not required to get it to they did the national item than the players came back out it. The best way to go go back to that. I don't think there's going to be a rule I haven't talked about this nugget into it when we're a little more I don't think there's going to be rule but I think there's going to be kind of handshake agreement. Other former McCain and how did the floor well. Unfortunately run out of here of that does it tees you got a mile nation after. And don't forget to know them from Adam podcast which is great every single week to dilute tons of baseball on a whole lot more the next hours stay with us Mike in my. Sega. Have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. School. Don't I using lightning hits through your fangs who have good get really. Failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could it by switching to Geico. Where they won't have you been doing throughout these two Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.