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Golic & Wingo
Friday, February 23rd

Michael Kay and Tim Legler join the show. Plus, a new game in Real or Fake.


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Golden lingo we has been radio ESP into presented by progressive insurance all phone guest join us on the shell Pennzoil performance line if you wanna get in touch with us. Well it was a message on our fallen 8605065505. That number once again a six so. But 06 by a final thought. So you're hurting the began their Larry Nance senior real time whether us dollars and junior got traded from the lakers to the cavaliers Larry Nance wanna him to Wear his number which is in the rafters retired number two the cavaliers number 22. And Larry as juniors were in 24 he's like I don't wanna take my dad's number down from the rafters. Well you know it turns out a couple of issues dead wanted to Wear the Jersey mom. Larry Larry was asked what are what are some of the nuances that you moving to where your dad played most of his career and where you're dead and an in your mind have a have a house right he said. My mom watch me live in the house here dollar Enzo zero that's from mom dad to Wear the Jersey number. He's going to Wear his dad's number ago. That's good so he was afraid once a number came down from the rafters it would be retired anymore the casts a nominal it's it's still gonna be retired he got the OK from the cavs and obviously from the league. To start turning that Jersey cavalier colors and uniforms and everything again. Told looks like I believe next Tuesday when their home against the Brooklyn nets he is going to be in a cavaliers that's the plan I believed. The cavaliers number 22 Jersey of which his dad's Jersey hangs in the rafters that is very. Very very cool. Yeah and any did his dad's dog in the NBA all that target out Larry Nance of course one of the taller guys to win the NBA slam dunk championship back and today I mean it's amazing put his dad uniform on GNU where is dead just makes me more more disappointed my three kids everyday well congratulations on nothing more what do they do for me I what do they do for my memory they die and now I think it's remarkable that somehow you found a story that was great between Larry and learned seen animated about you now just think that's great. I had a urinary I just think that's great how does that affect this punishing war crimes is a story about a father and son but let me tell people how might need I say word you're do you want the super ball then you explain that goal back I see that about how easy it is truly there to get to where I need to go right. You're at ensor our Arab Thursday so you're you're you're getting probably noticed there probably true Bible we don't want. What that would get out later I would come up on the show Michael K we'll join us in a few minutes from Michael Kay showed 987 ESP in New York. 170 just in New York blah talked about the Yankees and they had Brian Cashman can go ahead rob Matt show we hates the new rule out there are six visits for game you really really hate to so we may get Michael go awful about well east intensity that is once in awhile until leg will be in studio little bit talking about all the things going on the NBA the new look at some what does he think maybe of this idea of playing in game season for the eighth seed. In the in the in the conference champion of the conference seedings for the playoffs and whether or not he thinks they'll ever go to ones whose sixteen seeding as well. Plus damion what are the big man will be in here 9:30 eastern as we talk about done. The combined coming up in the draft and offseason were a lot of people you pay it'll back in the day are or so now the compiler big heavyset guys after we're really really tight shirts and sure it's never great. We'll see what happens there when those guys join us to let's start. And what's trending is you can never count a dragon now ladies and gentlemen. You can never count a dragon out whether in game with drones are men's college basketball there you go because the Drexel dragons set the men's division one record for a comeback win Thursday. They were down 34 points in the first app where they came back to beat the hens a Delaware 85 B unreal so that I. Two and a half minutes ago and a half they were down 53. In nineteen there say that again 53. To 191. More time 53. Nineteen drugs like coach Zach spiker said after the game our approach at halftime was let's make it happen court. This look this has a chance to be the craziest come back a perfect storm we turned it over we came out soft and the first half. And the opposite happened in the second half so they outscored. Delaware in the second half 56. To 27. An incredible display in the second who would have thought that I mean you play sports long enough there's gonna be a game where you get some owner or you get got the you don't that was happening here they both happened landscape that's exactly right at what happened to this I had 53 to nineteen who think you're coming back from that and that's exactly. What Drexel does so very very impressive for them look. And I don't players did a great job but I I think you've all the creditor to the coach Zach spiker first of all his name is Zach spiker. That's a win right away yes coach spiker coach spiker is gonna speak gossip show our shot. Busy man you know I mean still see. I mean. How do you especially kids is a college team hates. It's not guys have been in the pros are five or six years and you'll have have been through the wars and think and it these are kids that are very easily. You can lose a one way one way or the other very quickly for. For him to keep these kids in the game mentally. And keep them going I I think that's an amazing job coaching yeah pretty impressive one of the two best coaching jobs we scenic college basketball this year. All right along with Alabama when Avery just appoint three I'm glad I almost won the game three got almost won the game but given up for Zach spiker. As a Drexel dragons come back and set a record the biggest comeback in men's division one basketball history. Down 34. To beat. Delaware 85 a victory. We are continuing what's trending and Tiger Woods well. He played pretty well set a seventy even part of the first round of the Honda classic. He called it his best ball striking on his own comeback tour. A brief comeback stent. Since being away from basement all of last year are all western of the PGA tour yet I'm in a sloppy double bogey on the par five. But everybody played very very well I'm very windy conditions the leads only four under Parse and always run away with the saying in. You made it was one over one point after playing to the back 91 and then finishing up on the front side got a birdie get back to level par and that's seem like a huge win for. I say it's not gonna get any easier said the greens are tough in this one but tied for 21 he's right there and a again it's about it's about wraps Ackerman stack of the one way to get reps is to be playing on the weekend yep he's another 36 hole supply. And more reps so we'll see he beat his two guys he was playing with they're both shot 74 shot seventy sell it to win. Let them do look at that and I'd never golfed is not a I don't know army debris to look at that. What we all we play I tried featured user that's gone golfing with correct. You know you're golfer against everybody else out there are so as it. Are always aware of who your LA and what to play partners are and in new look. It's been eager tiger. And it would golf is so mental but he did such a mental contest but a lot of it is just what can I do to make myself feel better about their shot this next round. The down one over these guys scrubs as Dennis during death so I don't pretty good guys whose plane would do right so. Listen we always are my golf to the small victories death. Take this because eventually give always wins yet to the game always wins if you you'll never be able to dominate the game will always get you back. So I'm sure tiger's Monday. Out of my group I played the best. A state of foreign Zooey does figure makes it cutters Tyrone how our hopes of a tees off at 1245. On Friday and we'll see if you'll be around for the weekend. This story god is my man is right up your Alley. Olive garden got a new menu addition and it might just be that her doctor and of Italian food it's I love how they explain it's the exceptionally dense meatball. Pizza bowl so it's a meatball pizza. Bowl yup off filled with mozzarella cheese top with tomato sauce and meet after being baked. Spokesperson for the company said it spans six or seven inches across hold remotely ya now that is a lot of bold meat that is. The white chris' head out of town for a few days so just me in the dogs so. Dinner a little while I'm gonna have me wanted to meatball pizza balls I see that on the horizon for those that aren't aware what do your duck in his that John Madden made the Tur duck and famous on Thanksgiving Day game broadcasts its accommodation of Turkey duck and chicken teriyaki Tur duck and yeah. Is what this gave him a pro this meatball pizza ball is a meatball a lot of stuff. But I love the fact of Bristol a meatball by its. Nature Yost is a thick and easy thing yet but they call the exception we get a heads now meatball pizza bowl what do meal. I'm or joy. The exceptionally dense meatball pizza bald beauty who finished one wants listen it spectacular evening planned olive garden meatball pizza bowl Moscow all you'll good to go with with the limited Brad six. No salad. And yeah. Now I'm gonna take unlimited cards in my bread just so I now appear exceptionally dense meatball pizza death. The ruins of alcohol and give yourself was that can have a sense of salad can have a cigar is just like our souls just to make it light very ago hold the dressing yeah. Love the dressing what are you crazy ought to be way to Dallas dressing but this you know what my rap that that's why would people the double cheeseburger Fries and diet and yet. It's like the taste better. A Diet Coke. But my sort of stick to what is your elders Iacocca or regular outside a prominent and I have no problem that when you have a Roman and none at all sorts someone orders some fattening get to Diet Coke I don't have a problem that aren't so I I would by the way I look forty coming in on Monday I wanna hear the exploits. Of the exceptionally dense meatball mr. bloated maybe you may be maybe particular week to get through could be rotation. Who speaking of weird eating habits our next guest doesn't use condiments and any right paper right form and I did try did didn't EL OK yeah I he had mayonnaise and almost didn't make it through is because they lost a bet with you guys lost to vets who tried Mac now condiments. You don't use condiments in the first one who tries mayonnaise that's a tough call and worse sort of been leaving out the sun for three days and then put the manager has on them out like a harsh committed to Davis Al Gore is what that is supposed to bring him and ask about it as where your gold and we don't Michael today. The Michael Kay show is in New York 987 FM is joining us on the show he likes to call by the way when I go on a show going go ready to go that's the one you came up with Michael right. Apply our days of beautiful beautiful title Arctic super lady got sort out well I think we're also no doubt the manes Michael Kay show. Mean you know that it was in the mail you're acting like it took and collect Helmand and shoved it up a lot well all bet. And I had to eat a whopper and you know what what Mike just said. Internally the dumbest son it was like three hours cold I never had male white never tomatoes are never Nichols. It was it was all boy and I I didn't ID adult thing and I almost came back. How I don't doubt that how I'd I'd really like to know how you're going your entire life without it for like one thing normally images male. But usually you never had Mayo pickles. Tomatoes how you've gone through your whole life without ever try it. I don't know I'm you know I you can tell you know we we've known each other wireless. Have a very odd person so I guess social autism child argued that no I hit the storm after it was literally every bought itself. Obviously it affected my weight but just wait bail out big agri. They'll listen I'm with you may it was a double spawn I'm with you there a hundred for I like I like you like everything I do I like other condiments and may it was a no go for me sought courage courage do you Michael paper joking double whopper with a male one cooperate like. No it's not the worst part of a whopper one agreement and mail was in the captivity. When I tasted the pickle that's what got. Really yeah I'm all I'll sonar and so you haven't craved another whopper cents. All I don't think I'll ever great that a lot I'll enter saying all right so. Talk down off the list were there but don't like not very obvious. Lleyton besides his show does the Yankees games he's down in Tampa for Yankee spring training yet GM Brian Cashman on your show. This week and he said the Yankees are a little engine that could I think it was set a little tongue injury now but nobody's buying that after John Carlos stent is in the lineup. No absolutely not and he didn't giggle at the end but let you know even more he met the print BDB Corey was on the show he instead of reps are still the favorite now you can make an argument that if they that you're the underdog Google alleged that. I can't buy it depicting McCain to within a game of the World Series and then they went out leg up and actually get beat the and they really didn't change. That much other than that of last year's team so. This team is very very good the buyer a plateau of weight limit order. I cutie ask you to the basking in our league yankees. Then the Indian and and the rest stops so they're not all of legend actress. Aren't as severe a quicker conversation because you put Cleveland third recruitment clearly going to win the World Series this year but I don't even Verlander said wait a minute you know let let's not. Let's ease up on what the Yankees have done because there there the team to beat right now last year they work so just. Because the next step for them is the World Series and last year they were thought of the team that's a year away and they they over achieved so now if they didn't reach the World Series would that be considered an under achievement at this point with what they have now. I don't think so Mike. I think that's why Bryant said the increased their. More pressure on them although Aaron Boone says the beginning of spring training and a lot you know we have to accept what we all are expected to win and when you come to within a game of the World Series giving you regular audition like yeah you've got to be all of that you don't get to the World Series it has not been agreed Europe think most of the people on the about a place that. I think that Brian was just trying to put a shield Christine which is Smart but you know everybody around baseball knows how good this team has. Well certainly Michael Kaye with a slew Michael Kay show he is he New York 987 FM and also of course the voice of the New York Yankees. I John Carlos Dan Michael clip looks like he's embracing this he said he's been waiting his whole life for best this being playing for the Yankees look. Everybody likes the idea may be applying New York until they have to play in New York it's of we all know what the Ed Woodson phenomenon is it's happened in the past do you think he'll have any problems dealing with playing in New York. Know time will tell. Couple people I spoke to Miami I appreciate. That he's got a pretty good at Marshall was I think you all comes down the straight you get off to a good start ERU haul freight but there are guys that have got a allows you start and really agree careers Tino Martinez. Was booed in April this course you're taking over late ardidi Gregorio except the three or four gain as. On Yankee Twitter was during a vet Senator Obama please get in a row. And he persevered acute we can make a whole lot easier if you come out of the gate and you play well but if you have an eight await your report forty. Then all of a sudden legacy are taught you well when it comes to New York let you know who's who think you're gonna have an April like that yet such a great year last year. Darn my okay hose in my application OESPN New York premier now to for the Yankees since 92 down in Tampa now for spring training. So here's the toughest question I think I'm gonna have for you today. Is what are you hate more pit bulls or the only six trips to the mound and game rule in baseball now. Well how I I I technical still count the most budget that extradition we we had our mantra the other day. And I said what how the war there's real penalty. And he says well there is a penalty. I just think guys that. They're putting too much on the implies it's gonna become or implied social club player as you can't go out there. But Manfred said there could be rules. That could be out there could be fine brother also you can you can program of the game and it's a guy goes out to the mountain the seventh on the pitcher has come up. I think something had to be done if you're used to and the Yankees guys Gary Derrick has goes about its currency to where it. He goes a lot so it's going to be really tough for him to adjust to that and teams are really you have to be buttoned up. With your blog plays with the changing of the side of things like that people look at that light heartedly. If you can't go out to the amount that pesky crisp and clean and that the you know what and signals we'll see what seems about static I think that's a lot of eagerly want garments are entering the. Yet there are those there's obviously this rule seems very malleable Michael club pro for lack of a better term and not well defined. But deal like in any way since the idea of trying to speed up the play of the games. I'll love it I love and I am very disappointed that he didn't grow. I would be at the 22 clock run I heard I heard that the other day which is fascinated me in the last ten years. It took a 22 between pitches ten years ago. Now it takes about 23 seconds between pitches and on an average gained just 297. Pitches in the game so in the last ten years at that. Thirteen extra minutes of dead time just got done between pitches thirteen minutes of doing nothing. So I I think that what he did was opera at 2 o'clock AM because you want to make nice with the players association. There are a lot so the basic agreement but I picked they're about to get its popular later. I agree comply a hunt for senator and you said he didn't want I didn't wanna make though the waters a little rough there with the union but it's something that I think you may eventually. Oh in our Michael explain it. Explainer Russell Wilson thing for people that are out there scratch and ahead goal how we Russell Wilson is now we yankees going to they're spring training what is going on. I think that what they just do it that you know they they always are Yankee legend become a spring training and work with the players are people who want to welcome prank gesture. Is only thinking now one step ahead. You want to guy who's been a world champion in another sport. You interact with the team maybe they can pick your brain he gets success. Other people maintain success I think that's all it is it's more or less an optic but at some player to get something in talking there and sitting with. The Russell Wilson area in the food room. I think it's it's all or plot Russell Wilson seems like it get a kick out of it will be here on Monday. I think that the Yankees you just open that no chump and rubs off on the players Derosa. But they did trade for him correct. Yeah I I think they gave so mayonnaise it was. O'clock o'clock and I walk her. Yeah I would remember Garth Brooks once did yesterday with the unseasonably take this for what it is all the Russell did play baseball weaker Bill Kristol Kristol. Enact right yeah yeah yeah. Older Corey struck Carly yeah because that's the last hour hello all I ever hit it out a pirate Canadian I got fired pitches the best way to describe it. Real quickly Michael before we let you go and you got a ton of stuff to do what's more concern for you. Erin judges recovered from offseason shoulder surgery or Aaron Boone managing the Yankees in his first season. While mom and I would say that you know and the term becoming a certain that the concern I don't really have many concerns are well. You guys all know he's an exceptional person. At a baseball pro life you're going to be as manager have no idea but I picked up the reason that they brought on board as a communication skills. And he's got good people around him on the bench to help make decision which grow to do you know curious fathered a phone call away. I don't really have that many concerns about Arab born army you can bet on somebody you've got a guy like arable. At Benetton walkers who pickles mayonnaise and ground there's no question about not fit to an exotic guy it's Michael we appreciate severe weather is my friend always gonna talk did. I just thank you so much. I I look forty said there at the end because I've always said we always wanna say what do you think this guy's gonna be like as a head coach. Or or as a manager in baseball you don't know you don't know sort of they'd never did before it's like how was Doug Peterson editor where he became a coach I'm okay how how no idea how is Matt Patricia gonna be in Detroit you know. Well Michael Powell will find out cool how they're going to be we only notice it and them as a coordinator now there in the big boy chair making all the decisions. They have no idea until you see a match. My standard lined of that core question is always was the zen philosopher says will see ya where you will find out that's break it down right there you go get that anywhere else you get that you when you can get examine the and Mayo and pickles on a whopper in the staff segment. That's a good answer trombone bit and and extremely against people there ego bits it's all coming together. There are micro here support for the bullet we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started order rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Hello I'd like to deposit this a checking faith is a sickness that this future is insistent Kenny and what's my account balance. Her eyes in his personality I AC illegal routes exclusively. You with great federal look at just get a pass slippers something. A fortune bank teller surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Yeah yellow lights of credit and they don't eat Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. This bit NBA analyst and flagler joins us in studio giving us the straight talk despite that last answer brought you by stray dog wireless best phones does networks know. Country okay. So we MBA all star break is over and I love all people say it's the second half of the season over 70% of the season has ordered a plate let's just say were in the final 29%. Of the NBA regular season the cavs have won four straight including two in a row with a new look lineup out that break they lose a home to the Washington Wizards any concerns. No no concerns I think what ultimately trying to lose gonna have to do is trust the fact. That his best lineup might be LeBron in the four new guys yeah and right now I don't think there's enough trust. That they're going to be able to operate efficiently offensively because they're just getting to know each other. That he tends to go back to tried and true when he feels like you need more offense which is Kyle Korver and JR Smith interest and tops and and that group. Alternately I think would you put hill out there with Clarkson in Nance and hood with LeBron. That to me is their best lineup that answers both ends of the floors the most versatility defensively. Best speed freshest legs. And on the other end they've got a lot of guys that can do multiple things offense which they're just not there yet with his comp two billion playing that lineup of actually I think that could be which you see them close games out with even when Kevin Love is there's trust with with shooters. Any had that with love with high read it taken a shot at times gullible we're back at some point JR Smith has been shooting lights out since this straight so we'll see if that continues. But how about he can always defer to tirade Tyree could meant odd that the greatest ball and literacy in the game today and how it finishes. Is that fallen George Hill now who's gonna beat that other guy I mean not. George all I don't mean to the extent of Tyree but I mean somebody else to handle the ball distribute. I think it's actually more Clarkson and you're George George Clarkson is is a guy can absolutely attacked you can beat you with a three point shot or take off the dribble. They're not gonna replicate what Tyreke can do. Because there are times did you go back in that stretch they had three years together. That tire read bailed cabs out in big moments in the playoffs. By taking a six minute stretch of the game and make it it is even with LeBron on the floor LeBron doesn't have that luxury with this group. But ultimately I think Clarkson is the guy that you're gonna see make plays for them off the dribble. Down the stretch to help take some of that pressure awful LeBron James. Look anyway you slice it I don't care what happened last night the wisest move the ball incredibly well they played a great game. I think this cash team still has to be considered the favorite in my mind even though the six games back to Toronto I think once they've been there. 101215. Games and they get comfortable. Playing each other reading each other offensively. I love what this team that the trading deadline a bottom line is that just to make any shots like you know it they played better defense when there was cohesion they just and make shots that was. Pretty much it right. They didn't make shots and I also think. Tyronn Lue and again went back to what he felt comfortable with which meant. Getting Nance off the floor critical times in the game in the fourth quarter they had no real protection whatsoever in my back that smaller line of that we saw. The first thirty games I defy touch screens on how bad that he must defensively. You saw that group again out their last night trying to finish the game and Bradley Biehl and those guys just got what they wanted to so. Gonna take time I think to get to get that mix but ultimately these guys are gonna play about a hundred minutes combined a night. The four new players and I think you're gonna see. More and more. Lou kind of gravitate in that direction because it they check off more boxes when you have them out there because. They can do more things offensively making plays off the dribble as well shooting. And then defensively you can switch more put more pressure on the ball and then Nazis are most active defensive player. We're protecting the rim even more so interest in consort yourself think it's Cleveland out of the east of Reno gold say we don't Houston has done. Outside those three teams who were the other teams that you think could make actual noise you know Arianna go with two teams in a five UH situation in each conference that I to me the most interest in teams. Oklahoma City. Because of their obvious firepower but when they share the ball. Well and they shoot well from the three point line that is a big F 'cause there's streaky so they did last night for a 44 points in the first quarter. They're the one team that's got enough defensive speed. Decade challenge Golden State or Houston and make it really interesting if they got into a second round series of them. And then the east. Bull who watched the Philadelphia 76 or. And how dominant those two players are. And last that's a perfect example I know it's the Chicago Bulls but look at the stat lines usually reed beds and as you go anyone what six straight now. If they continue to climb talked about a scary. First round opponent and they have seven or they don't care you know they really do and and I know that they're a year or two away. From really being able to contend to win the east. Which could you imagine how you played your well being a band Simmons in the second round potentially through one of those top teams like Boston Toronto and Cleveland. To me they're the team that you need to keep an eye on they are feeling hey why not now. And those that that talent is there in a very unique way. Doc kind of size of that kind of versatility what was the line from the Phillies won a one World Series in 2000 and why can us isn't that sort of thing by your guard but he's got kinda getting that feeling yeah because of of the way that they dominate. Their position. Every single night and they've got nice complementary players are random a lot of shooting. On the and they got guys can really pass the basket balls well but those are the two transcendent talents no mistake about it what state game last thing as Chicago and just possession after possession. You're watching them do things you're going who what who exactly is gonna be able to deal with that. In the east even those top teams. Size matters now. Burial tell whether it's our NBA analyst and studio are one of the exits have been talked about a lot since the all star break is the idea of changing the playoff format a little bit in the NBA. One ideas out there going one through sixteen and take the top eight from each conference and then make you want to sixteen. I feel about that well it's impossible because of would you could end up with together with teams playing bi coastal series for four consecutive Sears via this can have so you think there's no chance of. Have you not looked at it when it first was mentioned senator what would it look like today if we actual start of the playoffs the first gestures of Boston important. Are you read every night setting a series and it's got to be 22111. Right fairest way to do it we look at all that travel just to do once series how long are we dragging out the playoffs if that's who go to duke to give these guys enough time. To arrest to make sure you still look inequality basketball I just don't think it's feasible option the one thing I love is their idea that. We can have the best sixteen teams and if that means any giving year there's nine or ten. Right now we've beefed up from the west right I love that but. The only way to do that is then to eliminate east and west and so you're right back to the same problem. It's fun to talk about as fun to play with it creates really cool matchups that you might see that you otherwise would never. But it's just not realistic. Possibility because of the travel restriction. I think right now would be nine in the west there would be doing the eight right now and then the clippers who are ninth there they would be enemy he would be out the heater in the eighth spot. Right now on the east that they would get bumped out for the clippers so I think that would be. The split now one of the teams that we always talk about contending. As a situation right now in San Antonio from from the athlete's side you know how was Demi Moore when we got hurt it was. Okay your card X amount of time you get cleared to play you go back to plain can't wait to get back in play. Why Leonard for that situation cleared to play. Not comfortable back and playing at do you think it's something more then how it would the reports of possibly not have to rather rehab is going into something more in this. I think there's something strange is going on with Cole while Leonard assaults stopped he heard calm out from the organization and Gregg Popovich is one of the guys that was quoted. It almost came off as if the implication was while Leonard is not like rushing to get back right and that think that offended him. This whole thing has taken such a strange turn from beauty is I just thought all along coli Leonard. Because his personality type you know one of those guys that was the perfect player to player for the spurs and he was gonna play there for eighteen to twenty years just like Duncan did. Because he seems like he's not bothered by the market size he doesn't like the limelight and attention he's a quiet leader. Seemed perfect right for that system. Now all the sudden it looks like he's his feathers are genuinely ruffled to the point. Where you wonder if coli Leonard is going to be somewhere else it never crossed my mind at any point until recently. But I think it all gets back to somehow he got offended by the way this was talked about and he will wanted to come back. When he was ready physically and mentally because he noticed Mike. The mental component is the biggest part of doctors can tell you guys ready now for all you want or they can go by. That the timeframe that some other player had like these Parker as an example even though wasn't quite the same injury. Missile what's taken him so law. It until you are absolutely certain in your mind did you go out there and play on encumbered totally free and play a 100%. All out. You're not ready to play I don't care what any doctor says in Kauai hasn't gotten there. And he doesn't like I think what has been said which is people now apply to Atlanta what's taken so long and I think it's bothered to the point now. You know maybe he's wondering when does he wanna come back and this has taken a weird twist really in all she San Antonio has no shot no go on and on first round with Alcoa letter. Timlin leader of the senate or run out of time here but if this were any other team and any other player would be a much bigger story because. And quite being the quiet superstar that he is in a smaller market in San Antonio. If this were any other superstar in any other sport may be in any other coach would be a much bigger deal. Could you imagine if this was taken place in New York City right can you imagine LA would be a lot daily it would daily this thing would be beat to death and what happens is. The media's involvement. Actually continues to make that. That gap widen right even more. Even though the player might not have had that in mind in the beginning because there's just too many people talking every day. Too many quotes and the reading all that stuff this is probably the best place for this to happen. But I like the sound of that I just thought coli was going to be a lifetime sperm may be dot. And so that I have with their growth in Chicago app and so they look how much that was talked about to that point legs always good guys are usually even though you're wrong with the dirt trackers I I think we surge long and hard to find an appropriate. Named for the segment and we came up with real or fake. So our marketing team did their work well of course there's a lot of extensive re good sounder surreal and factories saw up there. Nooyi. Now I'll tell you today there are no doubt that's not the senators are married don't have the personnel Jerry voice them apparent hitters are here's the first story read to determine if this is real effect right here William. He Brooklyn resident couldn't afford a plane ticket to Los Angeles for pressing business meeting so he drove cross country in 38 hours instead. Real or fake. 38 hours from New York to LA we have to have a couple of stops. In Europe Europe you know 38 hours I'm just trying to. Are there say that's real I'm also gonna say that's real. Really really. Mary context on on Wednesday it would maybe just pray tell please god and ended up after the record is 28 hours by the way for national we did see that that's what I was one Erica I'm glad you game that I'm trying to figure how long it could take you know Ali the longest I ever drove in one day we made it to Texas in. Dallas Texas in two days. I would like he drove eighteen hours a two hour drive from Cleveland to choose your house with your host and actually Chris not dying yet my wife my fiance. Would drive down she got two tickets one time in a way and I got to take that I drove for while she got back in the car drove it and got another ticket at least she was consistent. I was trying to rest yet. He German shepherd in Michigan was approved for unemployment benefit so. Real think I I think got a real. It's so bizarre out it has to be I have to put I was please start right I don't know real we're actually start wasn't a police dog or was that a not their police dog but it is a real story though will what's the context. The context is that it was eligible for unemployment benefits but it was flagged as suspicious. And will not get any money for squeaky bass during afternoon the one the thing we need you better I think here we go forward this is find out the context of the true story yeah like you're the dog do what he walked in the articles that are real noble what are what are the dog dude who first become Eldred was he like a service dog her guts or look at Rwanda they are trying to figure out like stands at six Well I mean still learning I'm. Oh yes we're learning where I'm now doing so next time stands or go have this information available sorted true story can say here's the context of the story. Yeah the article they're right it just doesn't hate the police dog is that a letter was addressed to the dog okay. I'm I have more information or swirling right now trying to hello we are swirling about how isolated or drowning New York. In an effort to eliminate competition and. And I don't former poison his neighbor's water supplies end schooled their farming equipment effectively destroying an estimated two point eight million dollars worth the potato crops. Real. Wednesday. While doll now see I'd. I can't kind of I believe that could happen now I don't know that did happen I am with you as well I'm calling fake on that story. I'm gonna say eight. Thomas they take too. OK I arguably well you believe he competition in the Big Apple had several one moral quick burial. Police in Scotland were involved an hour long standoff after a former found the tiger on his property Lidstrom got to be stuffed toy. Real or state. Today if if this turns out to be real this from really dumb people involved via my new donors a real. Because it sounds so dumb ominous a real as well you know. And he very well that are you safe Scotland it's a fun place there there have been there a couple of times in.