Hour 2: Tim Kurkjian

Golic & Wingo
Thursday, October 12th

Greeny and Golic continue their talk on the MLB playoffs with the help of Tim Kurkjian and then talk about the state of soccer in America and more.


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Breaking gala was a remarkable day in baseball yesterday the Stephen Strasburg story was unlike anything I can see or have seen in years. This morning Bolick is really felt sort of feel that after his Indians for the second consecutive here buying three chances lying to put away a series hi Emma. Fine. Move on and are unable to do it well let me read a little bit more on the Twitter there. Couture underneath and high and don't whatever this thing is to reach out as the air is great out here in New York how is it in Cleveland. Austrian girl like. Where else are we Jeff tweeted LeBron curse Cleveland after. Beating Golden State to a series blown and a finals blowout. Stop I mean where else are we hear a Barry tweet I believe Friday's failure to challenge that hit by pitch actually ignited the young yankees behind Girardi. Like nothing else could this guy I think players like Girardi broke but if you need any motivation to play harder in the post season. I'm not buying anatomy does it feel good to vindicate you or your manager I think yes because you like him. But but. I I couldn't fathom in the in the locker room especially in the post season saying yeah our manager or coach did this left guard and try harder now to win it for him you feel good you won that. Because it vindicated him on this particular situation but. And all parties have their say that was the motivation this and the Yankees won. Because there are very good today our. Beat it it's remarkable that the the New York Yankees considering their storied history and everything else can fly under the radar. But to some degree the Yankees were a little bit under the radar this they were they were a year early and get beat because. Everyone anticipated that they're playing with a bunch of kids and that net is this is not gonna be their year. And because the Dodgers did the things they did early in the year than the Indians won the 22 straight games. Whatever was in the Astros were so good all season long the Yankees were sort of under the radar. They want because they're good this group this is basically an even series before it started I said I give the Indians a 6040 shot of winning. And I think that's about what it was jock and as a two door I think that the Girardi thing galvanized them a little outdoor I think it's the reason they want absolutely not. Two I think they feel great for having done it that's the part of it I'm talking about that I like. Is that I sensed a real genuine is in their celebration yesterday. And even over the course of the last few days. And how they wanted to pick up their manager I think by and large they like him I think they want to do that for I think that was an excellent byproduct of Haywood let let's move on in this at all in the process what this can do. For a guy we really like Joseph Girardi I have an audio from Girardi afterwards last night talking about. What he had said to his team. I told my skirt up. Plain and simple I mean there's no runner around it you know and I thought. You know and you know. Make mistakes I'm human. You know I wish it would add another fifteen seconds. But I didn't and down I'll learn from it. Now might be thrown challenges out every bit and play. How a good lesson in how we can joke about him that sawgrass is something that whatever it is sort of haunted him but I'm telling Amanda team sport when you know what is solely on youths that particular mistakes as we said. There was baseball played after. So it's not like that was the last thing that happened on the diamond in the game was over. There was baseball played after port. There was when it was solely I'd use your decision to do that you didn't and it was a mistake that that that. Turned up the cost your team it's a devastating feeling a devastating feel it in him that that is a big thing that can be smaller things but meant when it's on you and as I've always had you don't wanna be that guy you don't wanna be that guy lets down the team and when it's Hewitt to horrible horrible feeling at Ed we mentioned this earlier but after that pitch was thrown which. Did not result. And him challenging it and may have otherwise been the out the final out of the inning. The Yankees had eight or somebody five run lead at any moment at that moment in the game the news we're winning eight to three. So while the manager should have challenged that play out and it was a mistake. His team still has a five run lead there's still supposed to win that game even after the Grand Slam ever wrongly could actually leaving the game so yeah I mean. There is that part of it but it wage certainly way to have via an on Girardi on the other side the Strasburg situation out yesterday. I'll mention again as as I know a lot of the audiences are sort of waking up and joining us here. I actually had someone walk up to really golf course yesterday and say it is that your guys are the reason it's Strasburg is pitching today don't be ridiculous though don't be ridiculous. Two I think that it is possible that he felt some pressure yes to write but I would be 1000%. Confident and that pressure would be internal. If he felt as though his teammates felt he was letting them down his organization felt he was letting him them down. The manager felt he was letting them down I can see that getting to him I cannot see for 12 him thinking boy green he really had a lot to say about it this morning I think I better get out there and throw app lets not be rigged it completely agree that this is a team thing misses he tells dusty. How we feels after. Alford jawed and you know it's probably just telling the truth you know how he feels and then. I guess may be when you start to hear it or hear the reasons may be start thinking maybe you're in the club house. You know if you're the team haters like you think you guard they're given a goal mean to kick it away I knew and I would have been been stunned. You just don't go out there even a matter how security given ago. And as he said Dow again will we ever know the complete truth the very things and they switch to medication. If you could be our fundraiser writes yeah it could be now you know what. I felt awful didn't think I could pitch we switch up the Mets they worked better I felt better so I pitched. And oh by the way I struck out twelve what's let me throw shade at the media afterward heard yeah you know it when wind when that chance came. Aka RAZR again the principle that in any circumstance with a variety of different explanations the simplest one is usually the truth and it should be pointed out again Mike you. The nationals actually reached out to us yesterday while we are having this conversation. We got an email from them from from their media relations really a yes it was sent. To two people at ESPN added to people who work with us to Elizabeth project right I'm saying can you please pass this message along to Mike and Mike and the message was. We did not have to move hotels because of mold. We had to move hotels because the hotel we were rain did not have enough rooms available to accommodate a large traveling party for the extradite. Dusty was referring to seasonal mold allergies which are common to Simon fear not mold and our hotel. That was the clarification there actually typed that out there and tell us we've got that note yesterday 912 Korea so is little poll seasonal bolt. It was the strangest story. That I have seen in along time and effort and brought it again for those of you mean the games started at a time of day where I'm sure a lot of people are working my out of it right. I I thought they were gonna get him early heat he was getting grueling labor and those first two winnings. He threw 37 pitches in the first couple of innings they had runners on the wind was blowing in like a million mile an hour they were hitting the ball hard. I did not think Strasburg had it and then he just turned it on and that all read stuff that he throws off is just reduce deadly yeah. Anyone to put Telstra twelve strikeouts and I got a winner take all game tonight to back to back nights we get winner take all game fives appear baseball fan you can't ask for more. No no you can't effort Strasburg or your right listen anytime coming off a sickness she you kind of feel like arbor today and you catch that sector when even some guys are four game when all of a sudden. Your your it's such a big game and you feel wind didn't target like oh my god I I am I gonna play and then you catch at second win. And you feel good night's say that apple with him pretty well because he was absolutely you all right again to make Richard will be live here and a couple of minutes and we'll go through all the baseball. With him were like in my represented by progressive insurance. Pittman range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you with the NFL weekend kicks off tonight again as we mentioned with. Philadelphia at Carolina that's a really good guess but two quarterbacks who were playing great. An and an obviously Cam Newton is as a pimp a former league MVP he's playing as well right now through five games as he has at every any point of his career. How about the Philadelphia counterpart. What are you seeing in Carson went in this his second year maturation as he has been technically important comfort I mean that which is exactly what you would think would be a difference from year one the year too when you look for that big improvement. It's it's his command and comfort. You know now you know the first juror I always say are rookies that are starting don't look so much of the numbers look at how they're conducting their business. Well at some point obviously that's our look at the numbers and for that now you are looking. At things he's doing you know all and how he's going about his business and what he's accomplishing so that that's what I said I see more command. Of an offense a better running game has certainly helped without question it's gonna help members can help a modest play action. I did and and that you when you see is that like he's already thrown twice as many touchdowns on third down this season sixth as he did all last year with three. So already doubled that so that's what I you guys who who you knew I saw what I watched tape on him. I always thought he had good command in the pocket could run an offense that more or running offense that he had in college but here. They're running the ball as I said 138 ardea I think that is one of the biggest biggest differences. And it enabled your quarterback to be able to settle in and know you have that. You have that weapon there that can help you play action wise and give you that extra beater to in the pocket if you need it. Africa for a kid who got. Rushed into playing up. Is his first game as a rookie. Based upon strange circumstances army went from being the third string quarterback to be the first string quarterback what was it eight or nine days before the season started last year when they traded away. Sam Bradford. Which I thought was the most curious thing I could ever imagine when you had given up what you give it up to get him. But now you look at it you say they are developing him great UP they were they wanna make out of a battering ram of a running back right helped enormously they got him a big tall strong weapon. On the outside and Jeffrey to go alongside hagel. Andy Reid protege you know when Peterson they're running that offense. I mean that is everything is kind of coming together very nicely it feels like in Philadelphia one one thing you always look at. For a team that a good team and how they go is is that the relationship of their quarterback and tight end and attackers. Is emerging and or you wanna say has emerged as one of the top ones you look at that. How well they played together while we are out in Philly at the draft that is a couple of events with those guys in their you know as thick as the funeral of friends and and such and and it shows on the field and it's not only it's a great primary target at times it's certainly great security blanket at times but he's a guy that that can be devastating and inert after catches the ball and by the way I mentioned that the Thursday night games. The home team has a big advantage and generally that has been the case this year it has not. The road team has won four of the five Thursday night games this year knowledge there are the first one is that Kansas City at New England that's not your traditional Thursday night game because it's right short week. First game of the season right right but even so the road teams have won three of the first four. Thursday night so this year at least it has not in the advantage again I like Eagles tonight you like the Eagles tonight and I do like field tonight as well aren't so we'll see what winds up happening there as we've got a weekend kicks off tonight. Strange circumstance going on the giants rental it. There is no team that has gotten off to a worse start in the giant and everywhere that you can get off to a bad start. First and foremost the road 52 of all they lose their best player and O'Dell Beckham for the season and third of all that's part of four wide receiver injuries that they suffer. Three of them of the season ending variety or they're just decimated there. And now. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie GRC oh what is going on I I've. Somehow all this is happening and I don't understand a word that he was on the field got frustrated he lefty came back there are mad they were gonna discipline became and they sent them home now he's punished for going home. What is going on while again for the timeline last Friday the eve which is this is another thing I'd like to check out. The giants are really practice on Friday that you recovery day right he's pretty cool right and like you pinched coming and choose the way you want to recover. Well doesn't do that Sunday during the game. He'd be its disenchanted with what's going on in game at least sideline. I mean. That doesn't happen much know what does very rarely or players leave a team based on wall enchantment off during against sideline of a game Griese is ridiculous. And then he will come to practice Wednesday include basically you know has the conversation clears out his locker elites. So they suspect that made it from what I understand Hadley told Josie and Anderson he's going to come back today but he's not gonna play and practice will play going to be suspended. You know. I don't listen I don't know what's going out but in in a time of you got us are wonder what's going on you know what the giant that this is what happens when you lose man I mean things really start to stack up against you. And it also test character you know characters easier to judge when when your weight and in everything's fine but when things are bad sharp fall apart who's the glue. You know who's hanging in there you know who you know things are going your way finds a way to work through. You know on here you got a guy that basically was automatically cut bait. You know. You're hearing about the defensive coordinator after games have been run after other players who are mad community are you serious I mean everybody gets mad listen I've had shouting matches of my coaches. On numerous occasions. But you stick together I mean your your play together. You know when you walk out walk out on your teammates which is what happened here so they'll be disciplined for what. Basically you see little cracks in the armor you know when you're a bad team and things are going well now comes down to individual individual character at times and how do you deal with now this enchantment is just. You use the right word I I I noted that also as I was jumping the story that was. The word there was I don't know he used the word no I don't show but he was he walked off the field because he was disenchanted. With what was going on in the game in the public you walked up to that one of the locker was and Marty just was just I. That hasn't happened march we've seen coaches and players off the field. A few times not even that happens very rarely. Very famously Mike Singletary did it with Vernon Davis that one right some off the field that was a legendary can't would Wear them you know that that all right thing. But and this is the kind of thing that I'm never happened to your right when when it starts falling apart then you really see what happens and and it's one of the ways may be. That you judged fairly or unfairly. How much control over the situation the coach Jacques and that could be that it could reflect very badly on a coach whose job I think could very much be in the course OJ and a job. And that the respect for coach by players again until Friday Sunday Tuesday. Marty had a conversation with Mac you're doing the facility and then Wednesday came in Florida house locker. And left as we said supposedly he's coming back today I'm sure wolf. We'll find out very easily. You know on other teammates it's Edward it and realize that you look around at times it's true all the sudden some or not they're not weight wise this guy not here. Yeah its its ugly right now and you know what I only get much better. And earlier and anytime soon I don't think it's gotten I don't think the moral and sixteen. But they're certainly not going to be able to do anything any of the things they thought they might be able dude are you compound that. With all the injuries all the wide receivers they've brought in and TO wasn't one of them by the way they're brought like 45 receivers right that's of that that's not gonna happen. So yeah you're just. You know what you don't happens in this case al-Qaeda is. It is. You want the team aspect but a lot of guys are playing for their futures by guys at different places in their contract different places on how they're playing in this offensive line has been much maligned. So you're now you're starting to play how might playing. How am I going to present myself and play for my future in the national football. The most reducing part of it does their season is hopelessly over here. Is do they splinter into a place that is is is so abysmal that reflect badly and they want to change in the coach. And after this season to write a second year as the coach and the giants are generally been a pretty cable organization Woolsey. And then the second piece of it is if they really do finish right near the bottom of the league which right now seems like a real possibility. Do they take a quarterback I know I took Davis web this past year. But they're a bunch of quote unquote franchise quarterback prospects that we expect to be in this year's draft now we don't know that at this point for sure that Arnold is gonna be in the draft. But certainly all we've heard about all year long has been and Arnold Josh Rosen Josh Al and on and on it goes. Drew the giants if they wind up put a first or second or third pick do they want to taking that guy and and and and now starting to turn the page away from the Eli Manning Arabic as. You and I both felt like it even if he remains the quarterback for another year or two beyond that. It's just a question of time of one right well it's it's almost better at that point for every one if they do it the way the Colston it. Which is we've drafted Andrew Luck. Payton we love yet thanks for everything you've done here but we're turning the page right if you drafts and had to say for the sake of this discussion they get the number one pick and they take and Arnold. Men you know do you keep Eli they're for another year or two knowing that. He's just sort of keeping the job this heat warmth because you might win it all in one year or two or do you actually find a way to turn here. The biggest difference you said what was their there was it was universal on on Andrew Luck. That's a big question is while I said that when you first brought this up. Got to be about the great you have a quarterback to. He can't do it if you got a quarterback you're graded like in the low ninety's or high eighties. You know there's a there may be a number of quarterbacks coming up but that doesn't mean the raw hide rated quarterback that you say yeah this is a guy. It's a thought process we had good is it to the stay that way so a lot depends on that also another quick general thing. Am I missing a team but the teams that clearly went. And and make dumbed it in I think you'll agree clearly weren't the way of the quarterback whisperer. And how they're doing bad back could do and implement the giants terrible Adam gates in Miami their offense is incredibly bad and Dirk cutter in Tampa Bay. So were so kinda season hasn't been particularly good always has and it am I missing it was. In any sport baseball football basketball and why a coach is hired and that's kinda what we saw a wrought on right that time was all these guys. Boy look what Mack adieu first became ill afford it look how how much better Eli was doing. You know and Dirk Carter was with Lovie Smith have thrown overboard for Dirk Carter. You know and that Adam gays look what he did in Chicago we've been all bad humor rather but the quarterback play let's make a bag totally gonna cut at a gay. Any slack because you look at quarterback elusive quarterback language Jay Cutler out of retirement. But you'll get treated this earlier this week the dolphins' offense this season. Their last in the league in total yards per game their last in the league in yards per play their last in the league in total touchdowns scored. And their worst in the league in third those are hi I'm surprised at that I I really thought they were going to be better while a lot of standards of guys they are the worst offense. In the league so that's been a disaster and of course they had the situation with the offensive line correct which would. Hole as well as well yeah I had utter a Java forget exactly how we're trying to and summed that up in one sentence and I'm really not sure how to do it. That was sort of unprecedented wasn't. One way or another don't they often July meeting coach between these desks in the air like halo. Shooters. Are looser back in my presented by progressive insurance are guess on the shell Pennzoil performance like it has been. An extraordinarily couple extraordinary couple of days. In baseball Strasburg stuff from yesterday it was fascinating the Yankees coming all the way back to beat the Indians last night. Game five tonight between the cubs and nationals all of those and more on the table as coach enjoyed that as we look to that and the only thing to amass understand is we will not be talking about the Yankees in in his game at all garlic is refusing to Ehrlich from these guys. He's down devastated he's crushed to Timmy prepare a lot of Strasburg to force. That's. There are micro secure support for the bike in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgages simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident your getting the right mortgage for you to get started. Go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just a place. It's appealing. Whether you're at home to your business or online. HT helped keep you safe. With security since. Home automation. Alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Wherever yeah. Encouraging is Amanda talk about a two more endemic howry and I met him got a good. Bittermann. Is down I don't blame them sorry. It's the second consecutive year in which this team has had three opportunities to close out a postseason series and been unable to do it the 31 lead the World Series last year. And now this. So let's start with them before we talk about the teams that go on what what of the Indians now they remain obviously a team with a really good young nucleus and and a terrific manager. But this has got to be a brutal day to be cleaning at the. Lockers is a terrible day and this is historic green known team has ever. Law that two game lead in a playoff series two years enrolled at 31. Too low and losing both that's never happened. In post season history and it happened to the poor Indian. And it happened because in part Corey Cooper simply wasn't himself he gave up nine runs in six and a third innings. He gave up nine runs in his last nine starts of the 2017. Regular season and then their two best hitters for its fiscal indoor and Jose Ramirez. These are two best players this year went four for 37 and struck out thirteen times you're not going to win when arguably your three most important players. Just didn't get it done in a five game series. So is the stigma stuck on them now like almost like as you'd imagine they're going to be you're really good team again next year that. Everybody will expect the playoffs and that they have to get past the sticking point of not being able to close out is that is that like. That's where it is right now it's not even the regular season anymore for them. Yeah I think that's where they are right now but the good thing is they're going to be really good again next year's she says they're going to be good for several years to come and as long as you know Francona is there. With them ownership and management situation. They're going to be fine for several more years and that's good news but the bad news is and once since 1948. And I think it got. May be in their heads a little bit after they won 22 in a row that we have to win the World Series now and I think when they got behind in. In game four and they sort of say wow we might now win the series. I think might have affected. Sabathia won on pitched really well yesterday and the Yankee bullpen comes in group Korea's goes deep twice and and and the Yankees don't want so what of these yankees they. I sensed a real genuine as. As they were talking about in and the post game celebration yesterday. Doing it for Joseph Girardi after all of the heat that he took and again I think most of it justifiably so for the mistake that he made in the game on Friday night. But they want to go out there and and for lack of a better word get him off the hook and I and that that I think was was special and over galvanize them or not but I think that was really genuine that night. Rang and I think Joseph Torre's being way too hard on himself like I blew game two. I certainly don't look at it that way didn't have a good managing game I'll give you that that. I think it is Israel that they're trying to win for him it. They win because they play the way you you wind today in the big leagues they hit a bunch of homers there shortstop picked who last night out the best pitcher in the American League. And when push comes to shove they just bring a power guy out of the bullpen and they to striking out its they have the formula to win the World Series that's why. Even though this. I thought Cleveland would win this series to say the Yankees can't beat the Indians they beat it with the exact formula they needed when in doubt hit a ball. Out of the ballpark and then bring someone in how the bullpen and throwing ninety. Miles now sixteen strikeouts for them in fifteen for Cleveland 31 that's a record read our judge sixteen strikeouts in the policy in this post season. I series that's a record it's been ugly so. Quick thumbnail going forward against Houston Houston beat him five out of the seven time Houston or more home runs in that's in those seven games eleven to seven. Obviously had more wins had more hits as well so. With a quick thumbnail on that while Houston's a better team and Houston is the best offensive team in Major League Baseball and their line up is absolutely relentless and I'm not sure how the Yankees get a deal that even with that power bullpen. But the reason the Yankees won ultimately over the Indians they're starting pitching was as good if not better than Cleveland. And nobody saw that coming so you have to give them a fighter's chance here bat. They're gonna have to do a little bit more offensively with Erin judge Ellis he had. 34. Strikeout games out in this playoff series no one. Has had 34. Strikeout games in in the history of the post season in their careers and he did it in a five game series. And and we know this in this is pointless but just imagine Chicago thirteen times in the 41 season parent judge strikeouts sixty times five games. One of my favorite stat it's unreal not only of the day whatever to measure it 622. Plate appearances that year. Judge had 24. In this series and he struck out three more times and a measure to the entire year but that's the game. I GO hit thirty homers that year too but you're right greedy that's how the game is played. You can actually live with all those strikeouts as long as somebody hits a home run during it. It's easier to hit a home run off for Max Scherzer let say then it is to get three straight hit often master's there and that Sally games played today. So with that thought in mind we did that we'll we'll figure out what they're gonna do as they go forward let's go to the nationally gained as a model lose you here. And a little bit is Timmy is all over sports general to a long. What do you think happened with Strasbourg yesterday I mean that that that we were here yesterday morning we were talking about aren't crazy set of circumstances. What what what what from the people you've spoken to what do you think happened okay. I think used legitimately sick but it wasn't presented that way I did the nationals he said he was a little bit. Under the weather as suggests he's got a cold all right if he's got the flu any thrown up you gotta tell everybody we want him to pitch game 54. But he's thrown up and he's got the flu. If he's feeling better tomorrow we're gonna try to pitch him and that's precisely what happens he wakes up in the morning. After all the Aggies he feels better he goes to the manager and says. I want the ball well I think he took the ball in part because he mostly because he felt better but I'll because. He had clobbered from coast to coast from people including meats and how could you not take the ball here and the reason it was so important as we saw last night. Great pictures take the ball he is a great pitcher that's why it was so important that he pitched because what we saw last night was on. His double stuffed dominant stuff they won because he was great. And that's why he had to pitch that game no one would say this about a borderline pitcher a guy with a five Vieira and it's allowed some oil of instigate this Stephen Strasburg. He's really really good guys like that an act. We ever will know that our moment that moment where. Viewers like the got to pitch in our wanna pitch you know was it club house was that the team makes you think you know. Once you see what's going on you hear it out there like wait a minute I need to be out there for my team there had to be a moment. For him either way you got the last laugh with twelve strikeouts all. Game five tonight how do you you know that they have a named starting with reading it's gonna be yoga golf. Guess I'm getting gas it's gonna be GO Gonzales he's got general mark a very good Major League pitchers sit right there bracket pitch in relief a little better than GO that. That would be my guess and Kyle Hendrix of course goes. For the cubs he's been their best pitcher the last month and a half. He was absolutely brilliant in game one so that puts the cubs had a good spot but through a repeat anybody who thinks. They actually know what's gonna happen today in Washington. And you know watching the last week and you don't want to the last 120 years of baseball we have no idea what's gonna happen which is of course what makes it's a great. The only we know for sure they'll be able here every pitch of it tonight on ESPN radio game five cubs Nat. In the LDS and the winner goes on to LA we were just saying if the the nationals were to win tonight. Game one Saturday a the National League Championship Series to be Clayton Kershaw against Max Scherzer which would be quite. I think the other big baseball story yesterday that the the Red Sox fired their manager and that. From what I was reading it sounded like dumb rescue was somewhat cryptic about the way he explained it saying there's some cryptic to me it's it's said it had nothing to do with what they were gonna do this year to write off or otherwise and that basically he was going to be go correct I. I'd be out. Correct which made it sound to me like he was basically six something happened but he wasn't telling us what it laws and that's what I mean I'll buy crept out what what what what the circumstances that. Well to me it was just a case. He's the manager of the Red Sox and that really hard job in the shelf life for the manager of the Red Sox. Is a really short one compared to managers of other teams collapse Grady Little. The last Tito Francona Tito Francona should never been fired by the Red Sox. And the way he handled it was terrible and yet even he would acknowledged later maybe it was time ago because managing there is so difficult to do and it was difficult for John Ferrell and at that very. PR conscious team there and when they look around ownership looks Rand says you know the fans here don't like the manager very much. That sometimes can be reason to get rid of the manager it's terrible reason but that's the reality of Boston. If the fans there are so sophisticated they demand so much. And when you're not following through that they're gonna clamor we need somebody else and they listen to their fans on. So true measure of questions first on the Red Sox who are that the candidates we've heard some names out there were I were you think this may go. I think Brad Ausmus. Might be the leader might be the leader he and Dave Dombrowski have a relation ship of course she's in New England guy he's really Smart and I think he'd be great manager for the Red Sox. Alex Cora would be a great manager for the Red Sox although date number he says. And like someone to the managerial experience on the Major League level. Ron Gardner higher it's that did a great job for the twins. Bench coach in Arizona those urges three names and maybe they go get the day's Ameritech and tries of the new I don't think that's gonna happen Beth those are just some of the names that weren't we've heard already. Oh that ought then as far as the Yankees majority all the talk we did last week. That that was you know the Yankees want him back does Joseph wanna be back where is all that now is any of that changed now. I think it has to have changed with the way they played in this series. And yet other people's army well they have to win the World Series for Joseph Girardi to be back I'm not sold on. Completely on any of you ask me now if they get knocked out the next round. No my hesitation here I don't think he's coming back and yet we still have to see how this plays out now they're planned for the manager or Nguyen in for Joseph. That's been a factor in this one way or not. And emotional swings in this thing have been remarkable. Over the course of weeks it's hard to believe delivered a week and the players only got a week it feels like it's going on a very long time. But it's all been a lot of fun and temperature will be all over TV. All day long today breaking it all down again game five tonight in Washington Jimmy thank you as a X thanks guys surge who have pre Cilic is down. I just saved hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I've never felt. More life. Like Michael cannot guarantee you'll feel more alive you want to cause a functioning respiratory and circulatory systems all you good luck to all your zombie if you are indeed bring all zombie and would like to save money on car insurance the Geico legal team applauds or excellent life choices even know Shandling after life what we strongly encouraged to visit Geico dot com poured almost looked like a left at least a minimum of 500 feet away from our large and presumably delicious delicious Morgan's. Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more. Oklahoma it should be reminded or you should be reminded. Each of the three national champions in the current college football playoff format. Lost a game at home during the season listen so they're not done I am so looking forward to this game from the two sides in her be really touch they're Oklahoma is going to be mad as as can beat. Coming up that lost their margin for error now is milk and that doesn't even guarantee him getting and even if they run the table arrests and away but it certainly if they drop another when their dog. And for Texas you know they're not going to the playoffs this year they're trying to get better each and every game with their new coach so what a great test for them. So in med team coming in all their margin for error is gone and a team and a rivalry that all these players know about and that Texas Texas. Going in you don't think Tom Herman it's on the not only do we get better look better we can put the dagger in the heart of Oklahoma this week and weekend and it. Very dreams of going into the playoffs this weekend. No ranked ranked games the whole weekend which at this late in the season is remarkable Micah Michael do some straight talk but you mr. talk wireless best phones vest networks no contract to get. Back to the the football and baseball particular off the top of the hour. But yesterday make you weren't here to to give a thought on. The American team failing to qualify out the World Cup. I did a whole. You could read my pull one of two different ways that I put up three options as I've put it to what are pull up that it what is your reaction to USA soccer failing to qualify for the World Cup. I had three options highly upset mildly upset don't care that much. That the one that got the most. Was don't care that much with 41% and but as ray said to me afterwards that means the majority of people do care. Because it was 36% for highly upset and 23% from oddly it right right so there were actually more people that cared. Then didn't care at all having said that I wanted to just give me a poll results. Mike what are your thought. Only get past the what do you like soccer or not you know they were how popular is in this country let's forget all that this is the most popular sport in the world. And we certainly were quite to be up there and that we know are women have certainly been as good as being the top. Women's team in the world have been at the times that they have but the men you know we seen the ups and downs sucker I listened. I am by no means a soccer expert or analyst I heard yesterday I mean are analysts going. Off elite element you know live and about how arrogant we are acting even though we're not in this thing would Bruce Arena and such and just. You know so they're obviously better to equipped to tell us where we are is are reset button that needs to be hit. Our widgets close in just had a bad stretch right there or just some bad luck going on right there. How close are I don't know a lot of that I I honestly don't. What I can see why all the analysts and former players and guys that are talking about the game now are on high alert. First time since 86 I mean that is an embarrassment. So they're there is nothing like. Call to action from embarrassment there's one thing to lose but there's another thing to be in barest. By the situation to where now you were left out the World Cup goes on and you are at home. For the first time. In thirty some years so as far as the game itself I don't know I don't know where we are we keep talking about the development in the United States as oppose development. You know in other countries on how home yup much younger the kids are better developed there and where the better athletes in this country may. Geared toward when they start go to one sport that it may not be soccer. Sawed there're many people that know that answer more to me but there's nothing like spurring on some sort of change. When something this that happens there's losing but we're still then we're just trying to get better too. All by god we are not at the World Cup. For the first time in 37 years something's got to happen and I think it's a gut punch to the growth of the sport in this country also. Was was palpable we talked about that a bit yesterday amble Hewlett I think when this thing starts over the summer straight talk wireless nationwide coverage. America's largest and most dependable four GL TE networks. Plenty of baseball coming up next chapter in the next hour to. Say they're busy with Mike Mike on Thursday. I say hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I'm so happy feel like I can fly a disclaimer you'll be able fly by switching to Geico this against the laws of physics and major if you find yourself flying policing professional handle medical help immediately in the unlikely event to point to a flying you might be a superhero or did you or superhero named pizza woman who was bitten by a radioactive pigeon if you or indeed the woman like overtake all licensing publishing rights in the event fits well in the movie becomes a top grossing Hollywood blockbuster Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.