Hour 2: Tanking In Sports: 5/19/17

Golic & Wingo
Friday, May 19th

The guys discuss the issue of tanking in sports and the problems it presents and the role the media plays when it comes to voting for All-NBA teams.


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One an easy way to see if you could save money on car insurance guy Joseph did you dream. Call 180947. Auto go online to Geico does come or stop by the Geico office nearest you three ways you could save 15% or more. Reminder when word today last day of the week means last chance for this week's prize. How much better than this can debate. UN seven friends. Under way to an NBA finals game just for knowing the winning word of the day which we'll give you at 845 and again at 9:45. Eastern this morning it's brought to you. By Dell for Smart business we are Mike Q would it. This morning here Mike and Mike and Michael junior going through a bunch of different things up let me just finish up the connotation about the making. Here's the thing this system is what the system it isn't but for the longest time. The basic feeling that that the contractor that existed between the sports fan and the people who were putting the product out there was. The one thing we have a right to expect right is that your putting out a game where everyone is trying to charters they can to win that that and and generally we have applied that conversation. To gambling that was the reason that gambling has always been. Potentially the most dangerous thing for any sport ala Pete Rose and shoeless Joseph and all of that Tim Donnie. Because we have to understand that it's all on the up and up but when teams are tanking. I guess it's different because they're doing it overtly they're just telling you itemize will be holding up signs. As you walk into the arena we're not trying to win this game's site this it does so everyone understands what's going on here. But there's just something about it I'm not talking about whether it manifests itself ultimately in in a financial problem or anything it does. It seemed as bright as your question sure go ahead how many times on the show in the last eighteen years. Have you beg your jets to lose and reverend about season. Yeah I had and I are having a bad season and you went out one Sunday to watch a game and they put all the second humors and not the first theaters. Assuring that they're gonna lose you would have cheered them. Ryder viewer to the net so wide you all of a sudden have a problem basketball there because that should it shouldn't be that way it would be better what do you aren't. But as I wanted to out but you would you're there as long as this dissident glacier find whether it and you would actually want your team to do it right because the system has is created such that. Right you're better off losing that when he should catch the problem I'm kind of pointed out just like this would you just like in on any level weathered helped her team are not yet I got it. Maybe I'm not making my point well. The what I'm trying to make is for the longest time people just didn't do this. I mean the first pick in the draft NN has used football for example has always gone to the team with the worst wreck right or at least it has been in the and it. In the common draft era which is and as long as you or I can remember and Michael junior. Certainly one that you can remember. But it never used to just be so over you still felt like teams were trying to win teams still there was something about the integrity of the game or whatever it is. That teams still tried to win this year Knick fans are all upset because they want a couple of games like this season and they want to pay the eighth spot instead of the fourth spot and that right. And it's the system that needs to change because as long as the system is what it is teams will do to your point whatever they can't take advantage of it I think. Part of it too and this might be giving their roles in a little bit too much credit but. We see a lot of times like we heard it mentioned with the bears pick the idea of taking mr. biscuit number one an understanding that's going to be a little bit of a project. But if you were John Fox that type EG to him now for awhile and in theory buys you advised pace and high middle about one and that's the other end of this is that GMs and coaches are getting enough time to spread out to say we're gonna just keep giving mr. good old college try I would never wanna got here right we've got to get results as quick as possible. And for some people the quickest way to get results is to take that nosedive in the in the you'd be immediacy right here announced the you can do it the biggest possible gain on the back and because you're gonna be a bad team with a lot of holes to fix it benefits you do have as many chips to be able to go to the table with as all these T. And on the other side when something is that you don't when a fan doesn't like something what's the best way for fan to change it not all voice their opinion how they hated that whole deal. And you just senator rod nick and do you senator about yourself as a definite. These fans cheer for this they want their team to lose so what's the problem that. And ordered mix they're trying to do what the fans want them to do look at the system says it rewards are right now sort of problem. Nobody seemed to have an issue where that if you change the system than fans would would a guy whenever I would rather cheer for their team they want and then what Lou why is this system going to change here is if they do what the fans are complaining about fifty. I guess here's the other thing too is we do this like under the assumption that this would make all the teams good. They're still going to be haves and have not the only so many marquee players in this league. You can build around in the NBA specifically work only as lead was stars as we've ever been but there's also still only so many. And there's only so many even if you're on your team can change it to a point. Were you got a chance to actually going out and still getting into the playoffs you could try to urge you want and you might still be back. Yes there will there have always been and will always. Be bad teams. But they don't have to be as many meaningless garbage games that I just games between bad teams but. Games between bad teams were trying as hard as they can't to be worse not better. And that the last thing I'll say about this on this topic is. Everything in life and certainly in sports is copycat right so I feel like for the longest time and sports no one did this because it just wasn't done. And then somewhere I've no idea who was in what sport they did what I hop so much exactly in something similar hey guys. You do realize now. It just occurred to me. If we'd just try his hardest weekend to lose. Then will get the best pick and all that kind of thing ever when I first institute the draft lottery the NBA it was a pure lottery right that they they put all the names that the team envelopes and a drama they spot and everybody at the same read our back pulled out Patrick Ewing right because there were only seven teams that didn't make the playoffs then. Now there are fourteen and so they don't wanna do it that way anymore. But someone figured out you know. We should just try as hard as we can't lose them and then once that started working everywhere sort of like the way the Miami Heat created a brand new reality in the NBA and that that is why it went from zero to sixty this quickly and then the Greek god of taking Sammy he came along and changed the world at. Brett had an actual plan part yeah that's really what is and that's really what it is that that and so to me the onus is on the people who are in charge of the system to change the system. I'm not an M and never going. To expect that general manager or coach or anybody else. To do anything other than what they think is in the best interest of the road team that's their job that should be their only responsibility. It's the people whoever responsibility to look out for the entire thing that I think you need to look closely at the. Lower and lower it we're gonna go to some some football soccer forward to I wanna give Andrew quick homework assignment while we're doing that to weaken you can tweet back some things. Anders says the cavs are not any capitalized not invincible. You could easily he said put together a team to beat them from the east stop giving LeBron all the credit they have Tyree and Kevin Love. First off Andrew LeBron as the best player on the planet bar none so he's gonna get most of not most of the credit and number two while we're discussing other things. Start tweeting us how easy it is start tweeting that teenager that you can't put together not just pulling a lot of very that can't possibly exist. But give us a legitimate team. That you can put together in the east. That would beat the cavaliers a seven game series. And take all the time. We got three more hours of the show I think you'll need every bit of what to do it so I just wanted to hear about that homework assignment well what would be the starting five I mean I had that again and for those we didn't see it. We're not stealing it where where were taking why. And I'm I'm not even standard could do this because that's not going to happen do he's saying that you could easily do this in the east I wanted to do without making up. Pulling out Eastern Conference all stars and putting a team that doesn't exist and are saying he could do it easily in the east. I like Hillary I like how he says that in the same breath credits the cavaliers with having two other star caliber players retiree Kevin Love with his old though it's still that easy put even though I said that they've got more ammo to just under I will read everything you wanted to be back to us a legitimate team that you can put together are you well sir you're reading his I think I think that just reading this thing that he is reacting to the conversation we were having. Like lebed charge show of actually creating and Eastern Conference all star team to play the cat all right if that that's how you're reading it I don't know that's how I'm reading it and but even that I'm not a 100% earlier could do well it certainly had about a lot of tonight and that's what I was reference it was all time go ahead now. Like we've we've had plenty of our basketball minds that it. Tim leveler said he would DD year he wants to be coached are probably gonna reversed or die it done to sleep regiment like. If you wanna put all that you'll all those stipulations step Robby Mike and watched the starting five have been just really quickly they'll move to the other stuff what is the starting five that you're putting up against that what you wanna set if you're gonna have our UMB do you putting it and as the big man problem mean. You are are we now adding. Were assuming health to people he had a guy like Elin beat has played three seasons now played thirty something games you could have a fully healthy yet why not as if you're gonna give me Joseph while I've been fully healthy I'll take him for short brief break will be on that team yes for sure John Wall beyond that team yes he is is the point Carter as Isiah Thomas the point guard. Our jobs on wall art art and easy then who else we got our hearts to be Boller. There and I Butler out there I am not. You want Bulent DeMar DeRozan. Do you want I Paul George. Paul George. Have been there but like just to start to think about to look at your trying to beat the cavs would you want to engineer the best roster to match up with them. Like its units due to space the floor of the way to catch Duke Team that will be removed all the way to do or you just throw as much star power. Again we have no shooting I mean right now we have no one who's we do not have a guy who is gonna stand out there and stroke it the way. They beat the cavaliers have a bunch of those guys coming up their bridge. This is up our way back. Where have got a thought welcome glad hander got a very to go to of that the mikes weren't grab an organic explosives in his underwear her apartment to an end tomorrow tigers and Rangers. Presented by hallmark coverage begins 6:30 eastern. On ESPN radio ESPN radio dot com. And ESPN app I I have I smattering of little football stories here. Not so little but Barbara collection of football stories here and one of the Mike is one that you and I kept trying to get to yesterday and we never man right to. I'm around the NFL draft which is now almost a month ago. There word. Shoes are high profile domestic incident. That hovered over players in that draft what they got all of the attention was Joseph Nixon and we've all seen how that played out. Where he one of getting drafted in the second round Cincinnati the other with Caleb re right. Who is a player from Florida who would have been you tell me a second round they were talking and the first sector Compaq had that where that were talent level was greater Brantley was charged with misdemeanor simple battery after he allegedly struck a woman knocked her unconscious during a dispute in April. The he dropped dropped dropped in the draft the Cleveland Browns one of selecting him in the sixth round. And telling him in the process that they were still on the in the process of doing. There are due diligence there investigation into the event and that they may very well wind up releasing him based upon. Whatever it is that they should find out we had Sasha brown on a couple of days after the trap right I Getty collaborated on that there's a lot of facts in this thing. That are not clear and we're still doing our work on this it is possible that he will not be a part of our team. But getting there at six if the facts go in a direction. That we feel we can have him on our team comfortably and we felt that there was value in the pit and I'm I'm putting I'm paraphrasing right I can barely made it correctly yeah well yesterday or now two days ago those charges were dismissed. But based upon insufficient evidence. Brantley was ranked as the number four defensive tackle number 55 prospect overall and one of going 185. So now in your mind what does this mean if you're the browns. Do you continue doing this work do you do your due diligence do you now if you want to have the ability to say well. The legal system sort of look at this they found insufficient evidence so we're comfortable keeping them on the team. If so did you wind up getting a very talented player at a very inexpensive price what do we make well I. I think that's worked gonna go there I. Listen and the first thing you do in a situation like that is what everybody does it you have your people investigated you know as as I've clearly said elected Joseph mix in situation. He would have been off by aboard our set apart read that about gala Brantley heat given off by abort but. If you own a team you obviously do your due diligence and look into it. Now they went so far as to draft him still not knowing what the situation was a religious read it really quickly from the state attorney Gainesville. Nor reliable evidence upon which an arrest or prosecution. Would be warranted in essence the facts suggest. The alleged victim's friend engaged Brantley in an unpleasant verbal exchange. During which she alleged victim began to physically punch or assault Brantley causing him to show her away. It's legally clear that under Florida's stand your ground law Brantley had the legal right to defend himself by pushing away someone. Who was punching and assaulting him while it may not be popular properly approved of or morally appropriate that the alleged victim is a female smaller statute that doesn't change the fact so. That's all it was written about this. And then it just again it comes down to okay he's not gonna get charged. Look at the situation is still decide what you wanna do. Now he isn't going to be charged I think for Cleveland I think they're gonna say well okay he's not gonna be charged this is the situation I think they'll keep him on the team. Wouldn't change my thought process of I would not have still not have gone into the draft taking him saying then I'll see what happens and listen. If it turns out I miss out on that and the first round pick. In the sixth round which could turn out to be a Smart move for them then so be that that just would be my line. If I said if if all this had come out before the draft. I think you would have gone up near where he was supposed to goal but it didn't so. The Bronx took on store waiting for some more information felt like in my go this way and it did for them. Jeff football side it was little written. Double low risk on the sense that if you found out it's wrong they said we could just cut bottom right and all you're doing is cutting a six round pick. Some of whom don't make the team anyway we rights attorney get their money's sixes have a round picks it won't wind up wind up on rockers to start opening week. From the other side is it like you said it's about doing your homework and understating Ari. Do we think this was out of character for this guy and more importantly what's going to be your plane going forward. Because nowadays I don't think you can afford to just say well the fact checked out were going to move on. This is going to be an area of focus and especially the way we saw last year retiree hill. In in Kansas City right. Especially if he goes out and plays up to the level of his talent and plays like a first runner and that the name we you're called more and more this is going to keep being a part of his narrative unless short transparent and pro active. Unless you see as a organizational issues as elaborately. I'm going to acknowledge. That might part in this was still wrong even if legally you know however you have to guard against that he could have legally there's no ramification rice there's got to be some acknowledgment that. I am going to make sure that I don't find myself in these situations going forward then I'm part of a solution in making this better and I think. In the world we live in a day whether it's been with health and safety precautions in the NFL or whether it be domestic violence oppose Ray Rice world you have to show that you're going to be a part of something better and part of some solution if your organization and especially if you're the player involved in something like this at a time work we're willing to give you that second chance. So do we think now. That team much maligned brown who I saw a lot of columns. I'm after the draft suggesting that this is another example of them not knowing what they're doing and all of that. Bet that this winds up having made and I would like to know this Mikey to the point you just made a Warner what percentage. A sixth round pick wind up making the team at a camp do we think it's more than fifth. I think it's more today than when I was playing and there were twelve Rollins where six and seven you know you once you get past 45 Roenick it gets a little bit iffy now. There's only seven rounds solid in essence. The seven Roger gonna more than seven picks obviously you have a couple I think more apt to either be on the roster or practice squad. If not the rocks yet you'll get some guys that are held onto a piece I just made it possible like there's a chip there's a chance you were six or seventh round pick. Won't get played you bring it a couple of really good undrafted free tonight and a golden ball on out the way we've seen on teams like Seattle over the years ruling in Emeka squad. And push somebody out it's possible so comparatively that's not old of the rubble possibility if they had to cut. To tell this story go all I mean if this guy plays whose abilities he was that the second round pick it that I yeah I was agreeing with the death of the pork I would try to. To take the point you're making even farther. This was practically no risk oh yeah and our examine it was it practically no risk situation if you don't morally or whatever the word I'm looking for there is. Comparable right with with. With the player with the with the human being like that you are now bringing willingly break out into your organs if you were moved. Morality from it it's he genius football right right because you're getting a guy and most of the process of the draft in the pre draft process is finding out how you can get guys cheat when I I remember it sitting there Pittsburgh pitcher mark or Thomas who was good safety you know kind of one of those. In between safeties were short and basically they told them what was it you were few inches too short wearable you're in the second round it's at a the first round. That might have been kind of talent you have what you didn't measure up it's horrible to give you for a little bit cheaper. That's basically what the pre draft prop says. This guy for getting beat you were hauled me at worst of what his pre draft issue was they were able to give him four super cheap. For pennies on the. Also what to do if you look into someone you would you do anyway you look into their past and was there any history is there any other situations at all. Like this so yeah from from the Cleveland side of it if you're if you were comfortable with. Even putting yourself in the position of it being discussed. And then waiting for the outcome on what UConn Murdoch then it certainly could pay off. And baron mind and I know this may sound obvious but it's cheap in two ways. It's cheap in that you didn't have to give up a huge asset to get him and it deepened that he's now playing on a contract he has the round picks right contract for years and it he's playing at a first or second round players level. For multiple years on that contract. This is this deal so. Putting the morality of the pick a side if you were comfortable. With bringing the person inching your organization. Then it it is actually a genius my absolutely all of those columns that were written about how this is an illustration of the ground it's all the same old Brad I don't know what they're doing well. Maybe they actually really did know what they were to. General football side you can definitely talk about babble when it comes to what I'm sure people or reference again that it's horror to pull away the morality because most people point to say. If you're thinking organizations equipped to handle this kind of baggage of what's going to cope with this the browns are really at the top of that list for most people and that's probably the rough. Perhaps and and maybe it was a huge mistake and again maybe I would have taken off my board not has conversation. You know Joseph Mack. I will never know we will never know the answer to this question. But of Joseph Nixon had fallen to the fifth round. Would dare beat teams that were not willing to take him that will have told you ahead of time he was not on their board. That would have taken him in the fifth round I think like anything else may be some I I think for some it was completely off their board with with told. Don't even think about taking them and maybe as he trial went by there might have been some teams that says you know maybe you'll roll the dice a little but I think. I think for teams that had him off the board they kept him off the board. Yeah this wasn't like an injury risk they were worried about or you don't dine not quite having the measurable or something this was. If we're one word the more route he's pretty cotton dry or you're gonna be against the you're always. Get a I gotta I've seen a lot of very morally questionable things done in all of these sports and years this obviously is on a different level and it was extremely public and I had the cynic in me would suggest that that's the reason that all of this morality like that he came into the right as you saw one where another will say I'm aware of whether you want to be really good player or not whether it is it's not inconceivable. That they will do their due diligence to determine that they are still uncomfortable with what they discovered. And he's still may not wind up on the team I haven't heard them. React I I had no idea but I have a feeling pretty much all the due diligence has probably been done exactly know started immediately oh yeah and now they've got the defects legally rice to back up their side of it which is what I'm early team looks for a lot of and by the way 38 a forty through sixth round picks. In 2016 made an active roster that's more than I would have folders so that I'm very very high percentage. And I guess that may also. In this day and age of the salary cap and having players that are that inexpensive up it makes it different. Guys don't really talk about any of her friend despite that and 91% of dove mental care users recommend and here's what they said to block yeah. Frustration I think it's offensive and it's comfortable. So zest my abilities as well. Most if I don't hard I paced by masculine. You man's arms and I'm the worst thing at the gym this character you're damn farm best guest from dove men plus care any first Sprint Cup on swept. Not on skin word of the day today at 845. And 9:45 eastern time one hour and fifteen minutes from now. The first time you'll hear it it's brought you by Dell for small business UN seven friends. Could be on your way to a game in the NBA finals. I speaking of which are mentioned in sports and their briefly guys Mike and Mike and Michael junior who's with us. I mean that the all NBA teams were announced yesterday in and Paul George didn't make even the third team neither did Gordon Hayward. So they're not eligible for the new super Max. Which is the new collective bargaining agreements way of trying to keep Kevin Durant in Oklahoma City gets it right as simple as that yeah. Keep stars in their cities by so incentivizing them financially. To stay with their team. The teams that drafted in the teams where they played. Rather they be leaving so much money on the table they don't go too quick illustration of that what Paul George head he made in all NBA team by the way he can do it next year as well but had he made it all NBA team. He could reassign and from F for making all NBA team five years 207 million if you went to a new team before your 432 million. So there's your difference that's a lot at least seventy million dollars right and guaranteed money on May make up some of that but it's in guaranteed money and and to Mike's point. He could still make it at the end of next year right but the the pacers will be rolling the die that he does because if he doesn't then he can leave next here is a free agent Jack Newton may get nothing so by not by him not making it this year. I think it greatly increases the chances and trade will say. So a lot of media members don't like that I get it. You're a member of the media your job is to cover this stuff you're trying as hard as you can not be influenced by any number of external factors. And now all of a sudden the vote pitcher casting could be worth up to seventy million dollars. To some elect Paul George it makes a lot of voters uncomfortable including our Ramona shall burn. We get a voting at the end of the regular season right and you're very aware that everyone knows who you're gonna go look at these public votes. The so I don't problem in objective you know I I evaluate things who I think should make it who I think deserves it. But it is awkward I mean especially in the when it comes and VP voting especially when it's. All NBA voting where this bid there are teams that will lobby media people on the on players' behalf there are certain that might mean you have the sense that. Your broad as public so they will see that. I just don't think that's right and we did the media should not become part of the story the media's book to cover the story. Not become part of making news. Then where's the line because. All these guys that made any the NBA teams they have stipulations in their contract they get money for aboard the NFL you do. Yeah you make any all. All Pro Bowl different this team or that team which is voted on by media correct. You're dirt there're there are bonuses probable I think as it does have multiple different voting yet there for everyday Adobe Macromedia is a part of it yeah the all pro voting though that's all that's all the media for that one and that's the one that's given considerably more weight exactly right now it does that that every all the divisions together and one team. And there are monster bonuses and there. And not nuts every five million but not a dollar so where's your line so is it okay to have the media picket to get a 500000 dollar bonus but not have 75 guy knows his huge difference there I guess I guess my point is. Would it affect that voted 500000 borrowers are worried because it affects 75 million do we think. That that's gonna sway the vote of somebody when it's already happening in sport well. A direct answer to that question could be that those are optional teams are choosing to put those things in players' bonuses and things like that. This is a league wide rule that we all understand is going Jews potentially sway the balance of power in the sport. But your point is as is well taken that that it as long as this has been going on as long as these bonuses have existed the media has had. Apart in in voting stuff that has affected people financially and there are many people I think the Washington Post doesn't allow their. Writers who vote and I think there were a few other media outlets that don't allow their writers to vote. Yet all I mean to your point about teams you don't have to do or don't have to put that up their contracts but we didn't have to write that rule such that they did right what they decided to make that choice what is a way to base and we distinguish between what players are at the level. Deemed appropriate by that and I guess to remotest point listening to it now. She said I'm not worried about the integrity or being influenced by anyone but merely the outcome that doesn't make sense to me because you're still in charge of something that's going to BA career marker for a lot of guys we judge in perceived players based on these accolades that you keep their. And sort of that's not enough but it does. Mean the process doesn't change because this if you truly are not influenced by these outside factors some moments with that he meant junior the team lobbying things like that. Then ideally just because there all the sudden a little more weight attached on the back and now it may chew on comparable means to me that sounds like a player who basically says. You know I'm perfectly fine going to practice and hitting these jump shot put if you ask me to do finals when everything's on the line for my team all the sudden I don't think that's payers fair put that kind of pressure on. Well when I first heard of the media had control of this I was. My my first rector of all that's not right that the more thought about it the more of what Mike said and what I've said before thinking about like. There's already a lot decent amount on it anyway not 75 mil and the league made the rule writers didn't the rules so. Why all of a sudden are we supposed to think all all now that they did this some thing. Devious is going to guide you literally just put them in the pressure cooker on the back and you're changed anything about the process about the way we've been doing this all along. So just because they've attached you went arbitrary designation on the deck of this that carries a hefty but I think on a week. It's detrimental this Paul George detrimental to the franchises. Like that voting affects the Indiana Pacers now a big way where they lose a huge leopard point with that guy. Now be the one I'd be more upset about there are not all of that. Said the question is is there a better way to decide this and the good news is demeaning. To put something else right as the way it a point is if you try to basically distinguished. These are the best players are using this as a marking first team second team third team all NBA. We asked Adam silver if you're looking for the answer to this question the good news is we already got it we asked Adam silver this question when he was not going to be about a month ago now. I'm we had a market this was hard at that point a very hot topic and we asked Adam silver that question are you comfortable with the media doing this. How else might this be done and this was the response. If it were. Entirely statistically based you have players patting their statistics were within instead of to pad their statistics and therefore not initially focused on. Winning as being Paramount on the other hand there was also a sense that if it were just about winning there could be if incredible player but who didn't have the kind of support you know he needed to plated that the highest level and therefore he would be different kind of liked to stay as they tried to build the team so we look for an objective measure as to how to determine who goes highest performing players are and the best we can come up which was it panel of media members. I think that's a really good answer. Which is sometimes the imperfect answer. Is the best one there isn't a better way I remember that after he gave us that answer which both you and I like oh yeah that makes all the right into the life. We sat around for the rest of the show that they tried to come up with a better wait and he just named it it's not you should do it pays how many points a guys school all know because now he's just incentivized to score points. He can't do it based on wins and losses there is no better objective measure unless you can think of one Mike in the time that we have left here. All of how good a player is and then this particular answer your question or doubt why do you need a measure. That I think that was promoters went in there was wide and you go why should team just be able to offer they're not gonna just offer to any project like if you meet the years. And the time with the team. You're eligible for that doesn't mean you're gonna get written doesn't mean the team has to offer. If you're Paul George may but if there's another player who's a player and with a team that long periods of really good player. Doesn't mean he's gonna get the 75 mil the extra milk so why not just bureau jewel here with a team that amount of time and then the team determined over the wanna get the figure out. What's hard about that idea choose what reason there wasn't for that because you mentioned this is basically the Golden State bought this is to keep preventing this from happening in the future. And if you really don't want that to happen why would you make it even this horror for Kara because I think the owners don't want to go over their cap for anyone other than the men don't have superstar player but why don't and they wind up losing their third most important player is someone else has more money left under the all you don't have to get 75 mil extra give them whatever mill extra would make him happy enough to stay but it can it Max is a 75 but why why put a stipulation. I guess may be devil's advocate at that point if you are the second or third best player on the team in your forced to walk you say I know how much you can give me there's nothing stipulating. Two were at least this you know our I clearly don't meet this marker right I can't go at them for that so maybe. May be playing doubles that it may be counteract that guys who might be borderline say hey I'm still worthless I think that. That they hope what I was trying to make and what you raise Mike has a 100% legitimate. You could easily just say any player who's been in the league this long and is it like in baseball against Ivins and claw rot rhetoric here. I know and Clayton Kershaw in Alaska and as a Major Garrett you're getting that money can't make the owners make those decisions make the general managers make those decisions I think that's totally fair. And very quickly Michael junior but armor illusion here a year ago yes you make predictions. Between now and Monday morning Cleveland ball to want to play two more games right now Cleveland's up wonders at what will the score in that series B three isn't okay. And I thought. But as and it's we've had Tony on Golden State will play one more game right now Golden State is up Judy is that what will the score bait. Bill put one more game neighbors there don't like Saturday identical I don't know but why is still questionable practice I'm gonna say it'll be three does that duke is I can't take that is for sure quite awhile aren't there enough Iger he's Michael achieved a terrific job have a great weekend thank you might as always. OK Kevin the grand prize of one million dollars what color you know White House. No vision of this enormous. And far and second oath. Wishing to Geico continue bunch of money and car insurance. Judges. That's true given. Tight ends you are no oil. Geico because saving 15% or more car insurance is always agree dancer. You ask me interesting question as the rest of the country join decided to have any time to think about it yeah. Which was if you can teach your dog to say one word one word what would agree and it actually have its meaning like to be able to communicate when no one workable or not a sentence not a phrase one word. Yeah I knew I had thought of and I say greedy because that's just how. I think. You're right I guess as to be able to tell you that she needs to go to the bathroom radical would be view word but Doug never accidentally I mean I knock on board. Were pretty good with that she goes a machine gets she goes at a lot gets walked twice and goes to the part one today yeah she's out a lot but I think that that. We've never really had that problem but yes it still would be beneficial to know we ourselves initially like I said he got a. Bulldogs who were little scratch it would sort of brought the other will sit at the door and just wait you brought and I got I got my my my plug Harry. Very quietly walked to the door if you don't notice him going to the door. Don't go to the door stand there for five seconds a second look back at UH come and a walk in the other room and just like go. And that's a problem bathroom. In how it actually raises an interesting question. If you yourself yeah. Could only say when one person. Could only communicate. Patient one dissolve her. Through your latte. Like all all well I can figure of three of them just change the camera however there's. And Powell and our particular case mate I can think of three of them that my kids that might be competing for the top spot. One of them has slowed down one of them is bathroom yes. And then the third one of my screen worked I could play the million dollar home mad at this critical located at that site site B and C Norris stopped working well don't tell me it's an orange out. I know it's in our IC is bored it's not working to its original is exhibiting I don't know what's an. Bathroom or. Yeah I mean those who beat Clark who wouldn't be now it would be you know it all synergy. Please include. Some type of effect this month this dictate. Question. So all of those 30. Yeah. You strike me as the food guys. Is what analysts still go vacant of all of them pride does the debate can read a couple of things look at that was fun at a Catholic. Mike in my by the way. Sponsor what the topic that we were we brought up a moment ago. Where Ramona speaking for many. Saying that she's uncomfortable. What the role the media now plays and kind of shaping the future of the league in its own way if you look at it. With these huge super Max is that a guy like Paul George could've gotten and now won't get at least not this. You hear or isn't immediately eligible for a time and is there a better answer and you said well why would you just offer it right to any player who meets the certain criteria having been in the league a certain number of years have been on that team. Ryan Priscilla was listening any greeted at us the reason you can't just decide to give it to anyone is that everyone would ask. Or I'm that doesn't make sense that I want a free agent this same here Reggie White water it's giving our basket for Reggie White money you think anybody was thinking about given me Reggie White money. Oh they were nor should today you can ask for whatever you want to it's what the owners decide to give them. You know and and that then then what that game began how much can you offer all of that 75 bailout now or not the kind of defeated the entire purpose of having a salary cap right. There's this. I had ever came out doesn't apply now to your own players like. The salary cap doesn't apply to homegrown players right at that that's that's the sister muted you don't have to make your decisions on the home guys the that you want her resigning. It's over to visit that you have to let the super Max. The reason this thing works and has drawn to the senate given the guys out and I had them sign up for 75 X amount right now why does and that doesn't count against you now why oh why doesn't have to make any albeit an owner doesn't want I have to give that guy Dennis and I think about it till then he runs the risk of losing okay gives a what is currently the Mac get to that he didn't wanna give it to him anyway that that he's got word about loser nobody gets a choice you made it you're you're. It's a way I think it's a way of keeping costs sent right it's sort of keep your cost more fixed you've got his salary cap. You can only go over it in certain exceptional as well let me ask your Cora did just. Do you think your. Paul George qualified for this. They were paying that. You keep him yeah yes OK that they were then they could afford to do right reserve couldn't do this to. They could afford to do it you don't want don't wanna do it with like the fourth guy on your roster don't really don't want value. You you were doing a choice just like free agency you have a choice what you wanna pay them but I think based upon what the salary cap which which is a total percentage of the revenues last year. You were they were it it could throw your entire salary started got a totally out of whack you gotta make decisions legalized yes I understand what you're saying that. I'm in principle I think what you're saying is right. I think that they don't do what because. It is it what these salaries and all of a sudden start escalating like crazy guys camp who aren't worth it a but it wouldn't apply to your cat that's the right your lap which he's to apply to your own players that's what these max's all our decisions you gotta make that who you keep reelect that that it could be OK you know it's it's not a bad point.