Hour 2: Stars Holding Out In The NFL

Golic & Wingo
Wednesday, June 13th
Jason Fitz in for Trey today. The guys talk about stars in the NFL holding out and the U.S. open set to being tomorrow and more.

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Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup you're I'd give it didn't look his sunglasses now through but like Canadians and Swedes is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces so much a settlement or chill are in front of a big flat screen like the wind solar you know. It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win the business with like can't get into into each book now don't you Dhaka. Listen up people we get a big favorite task and we promise it won't take too much your time you know our show supported by some fantastic sponsors right. Well we'd love to hear your feedback at the ESPN podcast study dot com and thought a short anonymous survey that's it we swear no more again that's ESPN podcast study dot com. Scarlett doing joining is via radio and ESPN news present about progressive insurance all pro guess on the shell Pennzoil performance on I'm Jason fed timber trade. Sit next to my goalie senior Michael junior. And now we have you have your view of open the can warm today I have opened pandora's box and now that opera goes a lot. Support coming in the library you know what smartest audience the world. Lots of support them. Well and what what Jason is talking about is in the first Afro show come back from you know doing a sports center in clutch plays great musical all the time a plates and Springsteen. To which. Mike and I started Jim little bit going to the Boston. To which you just kind of off the cuff said overrated Springsteen is over did not song that was playing but Bruce Springsteen overall and it has absolutely blown up in the Twitter world you again can leave us a message 86050655. All five. Tell us if you think he's correct I actually at said in the past I think The Beatles. Are overrated and we're getting a whole lot of people tweeting and are bands they think are overrated or telling you Jason that your nuts for your take on this day. And limiting the drizzle you know some of the haters to commend and say you know load time musician and insignificant and K questions breezy. I never said did anything I did eclipses what Springsteen has done right right did you have a little a little clarity in the way people at ten years old he was at the Euro Juilliard school of really good musician myself I did yeah and for that if you can't criticize it they know. They're allowed to have a musical opinion unless you're apparently been in you know Nirvana are one other bands of people are calling overrated and that there's not a lot there's not a lot to gives me the right to have the pin and evident. Having played on records totaling more than forty million cumulative sales. All boiled over a million dollars in saying and a and a Grammy win. But not you know everybody can have their own music minimums are Leon it's somebody by the way has an opinion they've let us a voicemail. Don't know if it's about my music but it's about me let's synthesis. Just Sampras LaGrange Indiana State since it do you think Bruce Springsteen is overrated. And three hours is his long black kids kind of assert this for hours so it's too long to listen to your last. So diet. Let me just say this you aren't you are I need a hug it got no further than this is Kim from LaGrange and I knew she was ticked you know you could tell display the beginning of that just the beginning. Or purple or green and yes that's it. I could tell from that that she was coming after you hard you know it can ask from LaGrange Indiana. You need a hug I hope you have hugs and chocolates or cookies all they on does that I don't know the joy. The comes with mine laughs awkward chip cookies demo you know might make them. Into a little bit and we do have some oh we'll get to why you're the smartest guy in the room just little we would get that but there's some breaking news or we're gonna go straight to what is trending. Breaking news just coming in the press. A three Kemp the World Cup has been announced that it will be hosted. In North America the US Mexico and Canada selected to host to 20/20 six. World Cup so again the United States Mexico Canada Tory story six World Cup were hoping. To be and it. Will. And wouldn't it. Yeah I don't have we ever had Riley I don't know the I've again I mean though the host city you know not being in it. I would be bad. Com permanently be bad that that was at notre researchers can tell that would be Jack you know are always going of other host cities that I I again have no idea. About those countries and by the way those countries who out of incidents are about that but that's a news you'd United States Mexico Canada 2026. The way the ticket sales for this. I've been led by outside of Russia the united says it's correct I think they sold over 88000. Tickets. For for people to go to more job I met AuthenTec and it makes sense highest average World Cup attendance was in 1994 World Cup opposed to by the united say exactly does that first time they've ever had a World Cup posted. My three contracts it wants giving all the North America the US Mexico. Have off of all hosted a bowl hosted World Cup's before your other time two countries hosted. Was I believe Japan and South Korea in 2002. Co hosted that World Cup so we get our act together right right it is going to be interesting to see how they split all of that who gets what games and how different. Different countries are sent to different pieces of that because when you talk about. Three different countries coming together for one bed rock gonna have the expectation because some of the marquee action from it so I'm I'll be curious to see him up close and dear port. Mike 199452. Games United States when it was in the US three point six million in attendance that's the most highest average World Cup attendance 1994 hours in the US it was just under 69000. Per game so you know it's impressive of what they've done but you're right now splitting at the freeways to Mexico Canada and the US we'll see how they do that again. I just hope for an. I would be that would be devastating as you know what was it's going to be into us and it's still going to be plenty of marquee sports I'm during the daytime for us to watch in a period of the summer. It is devastating to not have our personal rooting for Hillary in this and to watch everyone else come in your backyard this title at the Minnesota Vikings went through. On the cost of maybe being in playing in the super divorced or on city and then having to watch the team didn't just beat you go on and playing your stadium and win it all indoor stadium that's the kind of soul crushing feeling that would be. And while I don't sit and watch a lot of soccer I'd love watching the World Cup and I will still obviously watches will couple were not and it's all going to be less interest than now when a watch the men and women. This press are women in the World Cup or you know top top Tamer org usually if you know battling for the gold in this. And no no host country has ever. Not been out in the World Cup yeah I'll. No pleasure guys here's certain expectation too low I don't wanna get in. That's a totally six Elena went. I mean why not why we don't win the World Cup on home soil that's that's round you know what acute thank you so much as it. Q are your dogs pretty darn good looking yourself there my friend. Things got weird Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper left Tuesday night's three nothing loss to the New York Yankees. After being hit on the left foot by an 89 mile per hour slider in the eighth inning. By the way is it twice in the fifth inning usually the elbow as well he was walked twice and hit twice and realize this. This from our our researcher rightly park it's been hit by pitch. Just twenty times. Since entering the league in 2012 that stuns me. Since 2012. It is definitely lower than I thought for comparison Anthony Rizzo in that same time span has been hit a 102 times. Five times before. Then and then Harper's been an hour thought especially you listen you know baseball and and with Harper's. Attitude coming in and you know the new guys new way of playing bass like you thought he got drove away more than forty truck and I was gonna say we need to figure out a way to quantify intentional it's not that tally up and it does Wear Bryce Harper leads in that mean that that becomes a great question why not more you know and that I I'm stuck that number well and it still we've got all eyes summarize harper because whatever he's doing right now isn't just about this season. It's also about next season where he's gonna go in there is a curious piece of this we talked yesterday about Bryce Harper struggles. I wonder if in some ways act and those sounds terrible. However in some ways that actually benefits the nationals like makes it easier to figure out how to keep him maybe after he gets a mega deal from them. You know menus. Maybe apparently aren't apparently they've got anonymous GM's on the payroll or are you this morning saying I got some anonymous. I'd have legal funeral league official from one of the teams. Says Deb Bryce Harper was a selfish loser Powell while. But all of that's. I'm a tough call. You wouldn't even say that about me so that that's that's your face I know thank you so much. A jury has ordered the rams to big twelve and I have. Yeah in dollars. To Reggie Bush. For injuries sustained. While he was playing in Saint Louis before the team moved. To Allah so here's video here's what the 49ers he was returning a punt he went out of bounds and after you pass a certain part of the out of bounds it's concrete. In the stadium in Saint Louis and he stepped on that he slept any tore a ligament in his knee as he was done for the any sue basically everybody he you know the team the power of the whole deal and any and did that 2006 team I think it was. And the verdict came back four point nine million in compensatory damages and seven point five million punitive damages. So twelve and a half million dollars for stepping on some concrete little bit past the out of bounds in the stadium spider that was gonna happen odd that a long time ago. I throw myself headfirst and I holy smokes it's me. Did you guys have both been running as fast as Reggie buzz good pointless I'm saying there's a lot harder to slip on me now we've not it mocks the extra. Bush senator have. We were diverted the people spoke decided fairly. And you know attorneys for the rams not talking Lisa they're gonna plan to file a motion for a new trial put up a bubble public path and file a motion to get that. Everywhere wherever stadium Miami get that concrete I'd wring out from the outside there and it calls for a moment you were originally was gone after the city zoos so you everybody everything else John to get a bunch of money from everybody he got a bunch of money from somebody he sure did by the way. Good to go ahead and correct this one forest before it snowballs there's a reason. No host country has ever not qualified for that World Cup. Because the host country gets automatic bid. Okay now I don't know how that works with free host countries now. The host country is my understanding a Twitter is letting us have right now arise well they sure as they shows that we're really the first one to admit we are not soccer aficionados okay and so. What we asked a question a lot of times you people helpless author you may helpless in a mocking way but. That's okay is not the first or last time I'm gonna be mocked yeah I might help but now though you're right I mean you have you have three countries. So everybody get the official red. Yeah I don't automatic red. I don't know how how awards but I'll take grinds of us we had eight years to bone up on its identity your true horror here of trying to be better Arnold about it aren't everything come to a better 16 'cause we hear Reggie Bush finally got a lot of winning moments in his career winning moments brought to you by linking to an end suites. We'll get Alex LQ dot com. And win. And business is going to lean on ESP radio and ESPN news present in my progressive insurance a disincentive for Tracy next to my goalie and Michael junior now. This morning on first and last which is hosted by some guy and don't know numbers and last before us. A view and I'm Mike Weir to rent for the show and we heard some audio. From NFL live from our airwaves bad and it got. He did and ended it what it comes down to whose contract negotiate brightens and where the spot where as you guys know. Several different notable the guys under contract. Are holding out and waiting for more money and and that ranges from polio Mac and Aron Donald Cellini on bell. Is so that there's several names in the equation specifically in this instance guys on that last year of their rookie contract directed at fifth year option so Erin Donald a little Max Zack Martin O'Dell Beckham's another guy got thrown in Taylor law Taylor now on a dog and I held out her while that I held off from the official minicamp well it got heated yesterday when as some of our NFL insiders Adam shift their sabres he. And then Bill Polian who used to be a G and again chimed in on my serve where they fall on this debate. Every player did they're bound by the collective bargaining is their only recourse though this is not a god bill I'm not a I'm not argue with that I what I'm saying is. That they don't have a right. To do business they're doing their due they've taken some risk by doing that they don't have they are not entitled. To get a new contract and Aaron Donald's non title but he's also made one point eight million dollars the last two years halt. These OK yet OK so he's got to do what he's got to do. That's perfectly fine get there. D.'s meant to their preference thing is Jamar Smith at. Head of the NFL players association and look if anybody's or me on any platform we have to shore BI benefits from six to 9 PM Monday through Friday. On the show usual show that I'm on. I've said for a long time that whatever players don't like they need to collectively bark and and I understand where Bill Polian is coming from in this instance however it's very difficult. To sit there and ask the Aron Donald's include a Max and entail Alonso world. To just accept that collectively bargained fate there was bargain long before they were ever in the the NFL this is a really tricky situation I think there's more gray in it than just. Liked and well off a couple of things for first and foremost debt. We talk about what players should collectively bargained believe me being involved in this and being someone who struck. In the NFL back in 87. When we walked out and and miss some games in this in paychecks. I just to watch the stars break the picket line and as us foot soldiers were go wait a minute I thought we are in this together. No reward because it's very difficult for players to win in that situation. You'll. We talk about how likely be bargaining stumper what what I think everybody needs understand is as a union what players try to do and it's very difficult because this is a sport with the most players so getting all the players to agree on something is typical. You would be in that meeting room as with your union rep and basically I'll be honest a lot of guys. Didn't care a lot of guys decide what whatever you think whatever whatever art into the union rep whatever you think him and the union rep represent your team. To the union. And because there's almost 2000 guys that we're talking on here trying to get Everett on the same page and they have to decide what's important thing that you wanna fight for you don't fight for everything. You picked things like like the commissioner and his control. As I said there is no way on God's green earth if I may player I'm keeping one foot off I you know outside M a playing. And and striking for the commission and not have the power has that affects. Dot. Not 2000 people so that's not what I'm fighting for when everybody say all they need to get that bargain differently. No they don't they need to pick the things that affect the majority of people to try and change for the players today. And the players going forward that's what they need to do. And then the players going forward they do have to live with the CBA that was bargain I disagree with bill polio when he says. They don't have the right to do it they actually have the right to do it. Where he is correct is they are not entitled. To a new contract that is true. They're not entitled to it but they have the right to say I was holding my services because I don't like what I'm gonna pay right now. And then basically you're gonna have a standoff and see who wins that. So. I do wanna just the first party party your conversation in my because as as somebody that's been in many unions myself. And and a part of collective bargaining on different in different medium. While you can say OK a few players are affected by so I'm not gonna strike for that I understand that logic. Then you don't get complain about. That S just if you if you guys as a collective bargain as a union. Decide not to fight for something. You don't get to all of our I am so sorry I'm we're here whatever whatever it I'd like but it's very whatever bad they've made it whatever bed there and they've made and and while it may have made sense in the negotiation process. Doesn't change the bad that there are in now to build bullies what I think bill and it feels like bills like sort of stodgy get off my lawn die in this instance. Because he's saying you don't have the right you're absolutely right. At Toledo Mac and choose not to comment Eric and yes you're right and if he chooses not to get paid he can choose that and I think the best point much and I noticed where you're gonna go my. Is that we live in a world like it or not where the teams have actually. No obligation to these players but the players have all obligation. So into the teams it's it's a it's an insane system to me. Mean the bill main point is they're supposed to honor the contract you sign this concert is both alluded out. Only one side of the bargain is beholden to that ideal. We old finishing out the life of this contract be you play the contract and this is George signed up for this is what you do. This a performer basic cement if that player doesn't perform well enough or a product juror no three years and that contract. And conversely if that player two or three years and his deals as you know. Outperformer what you guys are paid immediate he has the right to your it's stupid word all that stuff I did so bogged down with the idea I drink thrown right around. You got that player instead and say hey. One option in this situation at this the weird part for me the bill point is bring this up like this is something new owners have been holding out for trying to contract for awhile now bills well acquainted with how the game goes to bring up this idea. Are supposed to honor the contract talk the CB eight. This is this is part of meat could explain to me the dumb exports to go above 55 on the highway but I do and sometimes you get pop with the rest of his kinda understand. This is business as usual. Yeah we've got these parameters in place but we rarely ever all of them teams will resign players up well before this at certain times and team the way it all the way up until the end now. The real question involvement here is how she's holding out actually still help the players at this point. Because if you're looking at who as leverage in what situation how much is holding out really helped Erin Donald at this point. How much is holding out really help these guys will all the leverage based on. They're playing. And where they stand in the market their position and you have those guys can't make you turn that manufacturing elect urged how effective really is the practice as well how are you willing to go because one there and I'll do last year he showed up and play 1 August that's my point we understand true like that's how close you're not gonna miss real time in the season so holding out we all season how affected is. It's not effective at local as Portugal doing completely agree the the aunt and so anybody that's missing game mini camp right now all they're doing is making the statement that. OK right now your crystallize in for us that you are now willing to hold out at least of that official thing whatever the fire may be. But let's be honest it only matters if you start it now games that's when it hurts the team and that's where it hurt you what I. It hurts the team after the fact too because these are all guys that are going into that since you're of thirteen of their team option and then become free agents after that until you really want a jolt a guy enough to work when you're right the free agency you risk losing. Aron Donald or O'Dell Beckham junior oracle will Mac that's the risk that you have to play out and that's the decision at the makes it seems how valuable is. That's what death row or goal right now does a player have the gumption to sit out real games. And then there's a team have the gumption due to have that kind of bad will hold that's letting him do that that says. While no matter what he does now of if Chris some players say if I start the season and are the deal on the play but you got no shot at sign Immunex here if you're you're you're aggravated made up I'm gonna be a free agent number to take care now. They get franchise tag yet as well like it's our poll process over again. But that's what we just so Kirk cousins right there are a handful of players that if they're willing to Bolton to bet on themselves they can changes narrative completely wild wild bill bully wants to come in and say. Guys do you they're not obligated to give anybody a new contract they signed a deal. The more guys that Kirk cousins the league and decide okay fine you know it gave and I'm not saying this would happen but if Erin Donald luckily a Mac decided fine. Franchise it is your friendship franchise need X next year you're going to end up in a situation where these guys will control their own destiny if they're willing to put them their money where the up and. So arrest to be franchise because when that franchise first came out players loved it because they were like while. I'm gonna make average of the top five players in my position if you franchise me. Now they hate it because they're like. Well for one year I'm gonna make what the top five make so you don't I'm not getting. Is that fifty million guaranteed you know for air Donald say he doesn't signing goes the next year they franchise and Purdue for his position it'll probably be 1718 million dollars right in that area there so muted guaranteed 1718 Miller which seems great. But if he signs a long term do your talking about sixty some million dollars and he would have guaranteed yet to do is look and it's interesting now because Kirk cousins as sort of started this trend. For how many guys doesn't make sense if you start seeing shorter deals to zero point at day one we your window where your money is fully guaranteed right. On that on they opera I staff. Just three or start to look more appealing do you see because they all worked there always peak in NBA salaries. You know shorter deals they give you a little bit more this freedom where you're not locked into a bad Contra now conversely we know. The biggest difference the elephant in the room is the risk of injury for players right you're one injury away from or that contracts over. And your back out on the street now you don't have the last two years of that deal all the sudden negotiate with police tell your kind of know what's. And maybe I'm T inside they look at they say you know what if you do a tour three year deal we may be willing to guarantee that whole thing. They're not getting here yet there's six or seven year deal like he could ever says boy if luck held louder maybe affair Rodgers does they can get that first fully guaranteed deal. But you're talking 567 years that couple maybe teams have a player says. Three year guaranteed. At 1820 million dollars GR wonder teams would be more more willing to do something like that I wondered that's the trend we'll see in the next few years short term fully guaranteed deals. 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It's a changing linking to looked help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with lucky day inns and suites book now LQ Dhaka. Don't like him naughty ST a radio and ESPN news. All of our guests on the shell Pennzoil performance and I'm Jason fits in for tray we all remember that. Famous 2002 year when Japan and South Carolina apparently. Co hosted the World Cup I you know I was doing so well on the reading this you're really not helping what coming up there were the IQ debate that we're gonna have and yes we are which I and and also what else is going on that was Bruce. Danson in the darker. That was one of the video or Courtney Cox came up on stage right and saying with a menu has said that Deborah spring Tim is overrated you know started a age just eight. Just days. I moved. That's how liberated a lot of I a lot of people I think do feel all pretty good to agree with you now is now an amazing. You said Bruce Springsteen is overrated I in the past is that The Beatles are overrated I don't know Darius are boarded their truck will ever talked to either of us. Again because of any of this sport you're getting a lot more people agreeing with you that I thought death I'm kind of stunned by the out of daylight. It's like the NPR thing where everybody talks about how much they listen and you aren't super Smart news radio and mail. Read 52 newspapers in the find out that that's all of our allies like I feel like everybody feels liberated to no longer have to live another the shroud of Springsteen is the coolest thing ever and Ichiro just. You know for my money and people keep asking what I think is overrated particularly. There's the playing her than the singing. But like I just I don't like to songs for the most part don't like to songs. Usually a vital part of the musical experienced the biggest push back I'm worried about for you is internally here in the building because. Call list. Old white sports writers a long limbs embers brings tears they are worshipped at the altar of this man and you've now spent a third well yeah while while master let's let's switch says let's switch gears here and get a little bit to some golf I know. An army and portray but still. We're gonna talk about golf here I'm already about the issue ready for the US open we excited Tiger Woods last won a major a decade ago the US open at Torrey Pines in 2008. So he is he's about to make his way back any talk to the meeting yesterday this is what is conversations on our. That's playing in the US open. This our. Our nation's title. It's meant so much to me and in my career and obviously. USQ what it has done for golf. Looking forward to playing this week at a professor of remiss playing us opens and all offices is your bonus. Because of nowhere once. He'll have the opportunity to play US GA events to play against these guys that's players in the world. It's a great feeling and one that I I don't take for granted. You know I've we've seen of the permits not played in this year there's. Always something. And hopefully that you know this one mostly fire I've put altogether and even now and you know we'll see what happens. It's tiger's show out and that's gonna have to improve for us as he three putted on five greens last last tournament missed seven putts from inside five feet or less so. That's a piece of the static about this and if it's another tournament of hope of of those that want tiger to be in the mix and we saw him getting close to being in the mix. And being there. Thursday still been not a great day for him into what he's average in 71 I think and on Fridays and had been 72 or shuttle better. I'm the last term of Thursday's you know can he can he keep himself. You know within shouting distance but. If he keeps inching Darren but it's one par I remember early on you know this year was a driver couldn't say in the fairway and now it's the potter. Saw and that's I guess the consistency it'll go our lack thereof of not golfing. In a while and tried to get that back but. This US open and music the first two days we Justin Thomas and Dustin Johnson so I mean. He driving there and re nowhere does it do we talk about the club head speeds been on real for tiger with the driver and the driving between him and Johnson are really kind of looking forward to opportunity. Have a demand goes to Mars was Michael Collins came on with you guys and talked about Tiger Woods having to adjust with that back that we heard about the last turn network. He changes the shot when he feels something there and then when he feels batteries changing it back. The lack of consistency is understandable because this is a broken individual physically this is a guy who has been worn down. But what's happened is our expectations are gone back to where we work go out and beat tiger every weekend for. Now I start to wonder because we got through that initial rival we went up to the masters and we had all this hope. Building into what we needed to be a marquee master weekend and let us down. So will anything short of an actual tournament winds start to dole that high a little bit because right now we're chasing that weekend tiger high Thursday Friday tiger lets us down we can tiger gets us back to that place. What again and we turn things over so quickly how long before it's not enough to just finished top ten anymore for a guy that were used to seeing actually hold the trophy well. I adding that no one answers in part of this to meet even look at backers and Cochran and what it means to PGA events last time they played it know for. The US GA actually had to apologize for one of the greens the seventh and because it was so difficult to play. This course is only bend their own in the three US opens in most in the last three plus decades only three players total shot under park. This is not an easy course maybe this is just the weekend that compartmentalize like put put tiger in a closet and say you know we'll see you next time. Let's focus on some of the guys that can actually win this tournament this thing looks so difficult on paper shouldn't we be spending more time talking about Dustin Johnson. What you know now it's tiger and we'll spend the time talking about the others if we see them atop the leaderboard you can every once or most people want tiger to be there. He's talked about him he's gonna get talked about no matter what even if he's kept kind of you know mid level hang around can make a run because we seem to make a run before but can we talk about the most important thing. That's going on at this tournament. You support the the area where the golf courses in old players will go there and have elbow have a how silly to stay in or some stay at a hotel whatever the deal is. Tom there have been some players word it's taken because of track traffic and dory fender Bender tour after three hours. From where they're staying. To get to the golf course. Tiger has remedied that situation. He's staying in his job. All of this is twenty million dollar yacht the call privacy. This pulled into the have to Hampton area at the end of Long Island in the vicinity. All of the host course of a cheater cock. And he has said the guys who's taken a few hours you get there he said there's a good chance you could see some missed tee times if there's an accident that these guys can't get there. So this is this funny little quote. Staying on the Dini helps. The Ding me he called his twenty million dollar yacht. The digging now we get a tongue in cheek I'm not worried there have some fun at this. But he's staying on the job wonders how close it is a bit of his admitted that his ability to get to the gulf were graded that is that is a great thing ever it's one million dollar yachts. It is a three of us just went you know it's of course this week anything we can get on the yacht. A firm for link one drink is agreed it one drink on the op nothing to say the after parties got to be an ERA I mean arrest Mike Cosby you know would get invited to that can't we just channel our inner or Russians somehow get to get into that you show us. I prepared that here's here's it's as an article privacy. Is floating an ice thirty to forty minute drive away and located on the east side of the course when traffic is less of a crunch and most of the richest players. Are likely holed up in private. Hampton's mentions. So that's is going on the big the big time people are staying in the Hampton mentions tigers say that's one million dollar yacht some of the other players or stay at a hotel the thing and threw three hours to get that a golf course so when you see the guy having success on the weekend all somehow being near the top of the career earnings list you'll wonder. I don't know realize it makes perfect sense says debris at thirty for thirty podcasts of return you can subscribe to thirty for thirty podcast right now in the listen tab of the ESPN app. Or an apple podcast brought to you by zip recruiter the smartest way to hire tribe for free by going to zip recruiter dot com slash thirty coming up you know it. Quickly it's amazing how you guys talked long enough so I don't get to this IQ if you were to get diverted some point because I know where Brett DiMaggio coming up. You guys just don't wanna face the fact that I am smarter than both you and the reasoning for a. I'm a one trick pony who literally for children to cordons in action it's pretty much is so we're used me for being bitter when Doug Coe says not only to receive your money on car insurance but we do more which you can 24/7 access on line over the phone or even be overworked removal route Mo Mo or did multi talented. Eric are soon there's terrorists. Geico expect her savings and a whole lot more red in my Rosie brought do you Midas ever guard you'll match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first years learn more. It discovered dot com slash match limitations apply. So we have Brett does researcher Reilly does research and they switch off and it's Reilly's who's been doing researched a great job refusal does but Brett because he has to be on there. Has come in for a his special segment of about a Knology you have never done this before now he's in so what he's going to do for those that are neuter Rodham Knology. Brett will give you a phrase it phrase everybody knows. If they have bought. You may not know is the origin of that phrase so your phrase. Don't give you the real origin and a fake origin and we have to decide which Israel which is fake. Right now Ryan Hollins has gone four for four win go 24 for 36. Mike you've gone nine for 6917. For 32 so this is your first attempt that this Jason so Brett. Thanks for coming and I know you wanted to because your on air so let's go. Our first off Bruce Springsteen overrated Bob Marley overrated and Bob Dylan is bet. Why are first rate. All that glitters is not goal all that glitters is not goal just doesn't recognize doesn't mean it's. This from a friend of the program bill Shakespeare in his 1596. Play the merchant of Venice quote. There is it written scroll I'll read the writing all that glitters is not gold often have you heard that told. Originally the word was blisters but that has since been replaced by the more modern leaders. For all of our. The from the twelfth century French monk and poets are land Daly who who wrote do not hold everything gold that shines like gold. Thought to be originally line in one of his many lectures in Paris. Am. I rarely wanna go away from my Buddy Bell. So all I think I'm gonna go one. You do your own to go on too long to it. It's the French act. Yeah yeah. And smoked. On to praise the die has been passed guy's been cast and changeable vent or choice has hurt. Die casting music form. Of metal casting characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity a technology which was invented in the 1830s for use in printing presses. Since you can't ask you can't get the molten metal out of the mold and to lose solidified saying the dyes can cast literally means you have started your process which cannot be un done. Laura all of that Julius Caesar as he crossed the rubicon river with one of his legions to stir the civil war that would bring him to power. Crossing the river in commanders soldiers was an offense punishable by death so Victor was his only option. When he said the die is cast he meant to pass the point of no return basically you can't own rolled the dice. Wow I almost wanna go jewels and a knock on Roland Warren. Well I'm I'm your thoughts on bill one Mike's going to number two Cesar. Every. He meet their efforts to you're kidding me. Over to. The third phrase and this is this is the weirdest research that I've done a whole or any race. Grand pooh bah Greg saw someone with an important title but no real. It brought may 1695. French fairy tale called delayed due to which translates to the two skins. In the story king's beloved donkey supplies the kingdom with all of its well by literally who Pringle. But when the queen dies the kings the king turns through which to bring her back. And she tells it the Keating he must trade to skins for one the donkeys and his own so we killed the donkey lets the which changed his skin to woods. When the white comes back she returns to husband she doesn't recognize the kingdom which has lost all of its well. She takes her own life. The king with wooden skin or French leg Ron Paul Bloch was the rest of his days. Perilously holed up in an and to castle. I have no idea why this is written for a while. Or 00. And 1885. British comic opera called the macondo one of the most popular musicals of its time set and a Japanese town with a bunch of goofy character names like cocoa yum yum ninety grew and grew Bob. Baas a town official after all the other town officials resign the ends up holding every title in the grand portion of the name was not added until later. Eligible for gold number one I I I checked out and take my read and I checked out met with her number once I have no idea what it is I'm taken to different wanted to Brett. If this up I'm convinced he's serial killer now. Number two the British are. Yeah. Favourite that sounded well and and I'll still got a real pummeled for three what's the last one. Beef last phrase keep at bay keep at bay keepers to prevent something from advance. Visit from an old English translation of a French word out day meaning to bark. This was largely used in reference to hunting dogs sniffing dog was bad eight that would mean the dog would be barking at something. But not attacking. Or horror. As we often do we're gonna take it to the high seas. It originated as a nautical term most frequently in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in relation to naval warfare. If they ship was being prevented from entering new report. It would remain in the it to remain in the offering at bag which was the part of the water which can be seen from land. So you were defending a port city keeping an enemy at bay it would mean they couldn't get all the way to the city they were trying to attack. Or that one I'm Paula though the water I like or go to the sees a no one knew too. The barking dogs all my. I. Got shut out. Smoked. How did you get Jason three out of four to really look like much for being in my two over for how about that IQ test target we did that story. Well the one in the literally obviously is Mars coming up don't live to synagogue where tiger is looking to snap a decade long drought Dustin Johnson. Look at the bucket historical trend don't we don't window.