Hour 2: Oz Pearlman

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, March 13th

Trey, Chris Canty and Dan Dakich have their minds blown by Mentalist Oz Pearlman and then break down the tournament with Jay Williams and more.


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Pencil performance on and talk to us. The wanted to flowers I can't put a free call in 8605065. Final thoughts right now laid out all. In which you can get in touch with us. We've got tons of gas coming up throughout the show alleged Hillis here Bill Self of Kansas Roy Williams of North Carolina we'll joyous Jay Wright of the noble B with a is well well above Marty party a little bit later on Marty Radford we got lots going forward the data first and foremost the biggest question. Your travel plans I'm a little concerned because of this Norris we're looking to maybe a foot foot and a half here in the east you've got to get to Boise to watch your son play how we doing on the. I don't goods. Don't go we have four flights currently real final five on a hard for yes or no. Zero you know uncle Jeff zero less than zero percentage here is some 45 and Hartford now apparent now 1015. Out of Dulles best chance I'm going I think that's the way to go. So you you gonna drive down in the credit to a radio show guy do Marshall took three. Yeah I get to 1015. You can you can make that it's going to be tied to reveal why is it height Camille I shot that you can make it did you get into little rush hour with certain parts of stuff it's. Look you look I'm not a lot he got a lot going against. You got a lot going against really good I was feeling girl you didn't you didn't tell me about you guys don't do your radio show until politics that change or to not let that out new that I love that oil out. And chatter right out there Jack that's a significant on down that's I was off and on the home another boy do I bring people down well I don't know so you don't think you can get. In seven dollars up from Hartford. Two dollars well it's. Not the blizzard and especially you gotta be there an hour and a half before to make sure you check in all adults and three year aisles of for you if I get to DC. I can't aren't just Keiko. Should drive tanks are grateful that thanks I like. You when your son are in used to this there was at this time a year ago. When he was plant in Michigan he was abs of travel issues in the plane skidded off the rock and you feel right. Remember that story to tell me down I knew we had a problem they told us keep our head down I knew we had a problem I looked up we were crashing through. Defense yeah that's an issue is like I just put my head very delicate prime but yeah he did it was in Wilkes. Now I'll I'll dry I'm not afraid it's a guided the and he moved over a good. We by the way we just at the map it's a 38 hour drive from your point. Time is the owner on my drive and poisonous opportunity stop and yes I'm a flight okay tomorrow night out of India did you did you gotta get any data gets in good even put out to have private plane see again after a couple of I just say did is leading significant part story out for the calculation please let you know he's not a detail guy as I've just added picks it all guy Richard guy so I guess and his coaching staff somebody else to the actual accident note that concluded it was it was like I was my case and motivating factor here and maybe that's why I got fired. Caught a larger and us are glad about that iron I don't let us but we've looked at the fact that it dork don't three out and that we had left at the fact that he just has to get to Indianapolis not boards he's a significant issues that I think we needed to note a look at the overall as far as it if you drawl from here warns. Washington DC yeah and you drove two hours from ten to let's say to. Tennis courts while marshals sarge it's well we're could argue it's like you just plug in and do much of the Molly Pitcher us a rest stop on the New Jersey I don't know I. Right to do the best ever or you might be at that gas station unidentified going into west generated a market no wonder if there's one guess they should vote where where everything beats together six city for two ladies I don't. It you might be there and I have done the show from a gas stations restored and you plug in most common X machines you go wife I've done a show from lobby of real relevant to show. From a terminal in airports that they're doing is shown privilege would queued to your mama Michelle leave me alone might be you're really audio Cabrera got a little Ron Burgundy going on stay classy dint Akron has allied let's get going with what's trending show. By the way what's trendiest dance misadventure to try to get Boise more than any other buzz we are with you all I want you are so we know you can't make it. Okay looks like there's been a in what the Denver Broncos are trying to do it looks like case kingdom is going to be the Broncos quarterback signing on Wednesday the Broncos will really end. The thirty year old keyed him to be their quarterback at present in the future when free agency officially opens Wednesday that of course the sources telling our own Adam shifter. This seems like 888 decent place for them to land chorus. No I think it's a great move by John Elway I know you thought he was gonna limit Kirk cousins playing but it had to be proactive in free agency didn't look like Kirk cousins who's gonna sire or dam I think it's a two horse race for cousins. Between the vikings and jets sword made sense for the Denver Broncos to go out there make his move because. You didn't wanna be the one without a quarterback when the music stops or use free agency is essential for your draft. Now that gives them a lot of flexibility with that fifth overall pick in go a lot of different directions. The two reinforced their defense so they can continue to rebuild the offensive line but they will have a better football team makes it that it did this past year because they're gonna have a. Quarterback. Like genome argue for Keenan you doubt me you don't just get out of Minnesota seemed like he was never appreciated. Got paid with a good team good defense so good for case Tina give outs and he did. Listen for whatever reason Minnesota was are fully enamored I think they wanted to try and make it work with Teddy Bridgewater mostly what happens with them as. All three quarterbacks that started last year for them played significant moments. A Teddy Bridgewater. Iraqis came in and net have Sam Bradford all a spiraling contracts and will be changed they're they're all moniker comes sweepstakes. There's no question about it they've also actually made a call to the saints believe since Drew Brees has not officially signed yet with the New Orleans Saints I think he still ends up with the saints but hey you might as well. Shoot your shot right. Take every JJ can't. Guard your right foot as this thing continues to progress toward the new leave here tomorrow Drew Brees gonna get more leverage because big deal avoids an eighteen million dollars it's a woman's cat so them. That's a big problem. By the way either. Case okay scheme is making the switch and it looks like some other quarter it may make the switch as well. Make this which brought you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic Motorola performance to a whole new level make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today and again. While we don't expect he's keen and perhaps play on that level but he did last season for the next five or six years. Whatever is going to be is an upgrade from what they had here Deborah torn Trevor semi impacts to mention Brock costs while those guys didn't get a darn tasty and going to be a better quarterback option for John Elway and Broncos to rule number one for John Elway and the Broncos don't draft 68 quarterback. Our forwards are great 68 quarterbacks not so much don't draft quarterback. We dropped Paxson Winston did though also six and android and octagon and Paxson let who by the way. Might as well be the captain Morgan I'd look at a clock argued that it didn't. America. I got about her for pre draft visit let's join me to do the whole thing. At that he's looks just like him or it looks like Johnny Depp playing taxpayer over external. To the worst part I've ever heard of you have heard of meat. That's Faxon with his line right there are we continue its important. Thank you very much. Cats Alex Ovechkin scores his 600 career goal. Ovechkin is the twentieth player overall reach the milestone but a 32 is the youngest and only the fourth ever to get to 600 goals in less than a thousand games. Monday's only game was the 900 in ninetieth of his career Ovechkin and play stuck on 598 at scored on a goal in both first and second periods. But the team's 32 overtime win against one of so listen again he says. Third youngest and the other two are Wayne Gretzky and Mario LeMieux. You can say whatever you want on the list in some NHL references you Wayne Gretzky and Mario LeMieux you're doing something correct. No you're absolutely right the only question is is he going to be able to test the great one Wayne Gretzky in 94. If you look at what Alex Ovechkin has been able to over the course of his career has only been four years we've had less than forty goals salami. It's not outside of the realm of possibility for him to actually accomplish that goal may review plays another seven great seasons and get a dot. There just think about that when when Wayne Gretzky went to 89 before people thought untouchable. Are you talking about possibly touching. That's amazing to me well it was an Irish won a great isn't a great records of all time Gretzky still is the one thing they'll probably never be touched there was points total all the assistant Gretzky had a two point. That was his 42. This goal of the season his NHL best 42 goal. And right now at least 294. Behind the all time leader Wayne Gretzky. We can take. And now that it looks like Denver is not an option quarter Kirk cousins is filming the free agent process. Rated quarterback is having a video crew follow on self and his family around for few weeks. To give the public an idea of what goes on and to free agency. While there are no definitive plans announced fans will be able to view the finished product cousins told ESPN's at a chapter we are quote opening up our home to allow behind the scenes look. Into what really transpires before the contract number scrolls across the bottom line of ESP NN quote. I have to believe. He probably got this idea and maybe did but seeing the hombre. This time thing right it's exactly what I was right in Betty that. They got a good idea let's see if we can do that as well I'm gonna hire camera crew they're gonna put it together have a production companies cut it up in May and we're gonna talk some to the highest bidder. Kirk cousins is telling you god he's a capitalist and every single sense of the word is Auburn sultan probably the highest bidder on a free agent market willing to bet on himself. Who's gonna do that throughout this process and BO at these as a documentary. Recording his free agency period. So we like downright mean also we do now like Datsyuk two did you like you like to ask or not it's not alike. I'm do our laws. I get there I look idea that Tom Brady doing every one. Right a Tom Brady do whatever you won't believe you if I if I am a general manager and and like. We just play. I'm I'm well I'm a player like we'll pay you 3040 million dollars how well we just play what people I don't understand this why do people need to have their homes opened up to see what the free agency. They used as you want a reality show is at the current fashion things are we got. We'll coast people wanna watch I think that's the biggest you do it people wanna see it people wanna see you today's sports fair wants to be taken behind the scenes they wanna see behind the curtain and then when you have that market it's all about supply and demand. To that point. I think both of you are correct on different fronts are different from there's no question about it people want and one of the things that's so great about hard knocks is that they see what actually goes on. On the making of the team what it's like to all be be waiting for the Turk to call your number it's a bring your playbook and all the trappings that go through. But I agree with view it from a general manager and I see this guy walking like we are we really don't on this. So good we really need to go down this road don't tell me Tom I don't compared to Tom Brady can do what ever. He won't come any time freak yeah whatever he widely DC grapefruit showing his beer chugging prowess I saw that laid out prayers are there out there there's like really is that is there anything else you don't do well calibrated Tony Bennett noted that the Virginia code to handsome too nice. To kind of tuned religious to new good new beautiful old so you've done this perfect guy. To drive small coal possible I. I think you're right I think there's something I mean look at the schedules school. Maybe when I'm I'm I'm with you there. I mean let's let's just. I understand where your attitude are totally give it its contents of tea everybody's in a content driven world right now whether it's on their FaceBook page or Twitter feed there it's Graham. A snatch that whatever it's all about content and your. Air quotes brand right. But I'm like can we just get this deal done move on I mean look you do now. The card sessions have outlive their hatred. I mean like you get to survive and advance that's our. That was part of it started out I thought I'll sign up there and close to our over 6050000. Gallons of sleep too much are you tired right now. Is Kirk cousins did at that point. I don't know we all know well that's how it always open you know that's a tiger on the pads and unpleasant if you look at how we did play milling quarterback he's fun he's a little better than Mitt he's got a little better a medley but look he's not. He's not with the top five Brady Brees you top ten quarterback absolutely no moss out because your memories talked and a twelve quarterbacks and a tenets money. Optimized well intended well and it's well among coach could you not a reality TV guide dog I don't mind a good reality TV show Leno wants a real housewives of New Jersey beat deliver America to experiment on some flip tables and quell that that is competition that's fine. Most I don't believe. A little watched to see you do to Boise but the rules I followed your camera that's what I wanna speed camera courtesy easily get to boy I am literally from here I've two hours to my show too short I'm going to go back goto give my stuff and I'm gonna drive. An hour 45 towards DC and I'm gonna stop it may be swear to god that that the thought yeah. Your right did you know we're talking about. At least marginally above etiquette and ExxonMobil station and everybody's there open so I'd do if you are driving you'll see me plug went ahead synagogue. Hey welcome them did did you Indianapolis it's that you will throw Saddam doughnuts you pull the curtain back where eleven people and go doing go present about progress insurance drivers who switched progressive can save an average of six. 120 dollars let's let's bring amid word I got most prominent area is meant to us lays down a round of applause. Sorry so. Are OK you blew our mind last year when I was filling in for agree on the show off its is that we could not figure out how you did it so what do you have in store. You'll make a stop in DC may be in the annals you know about this day it looks dogs out there Boise. Think of anywhere in the country anywhere in the country. As minute as you want a specific city and state. That you would go anywhere or see your way play think right now don't think Boise to think it's somewhere else that pops in your mind he would he go to make it tough. He got some our minds yeah it's Hillary or heard of bill now population over to do that yes I I think so yeah I definitely heard of eight people there's AP notably have definitely heard it once. Up while he's doing this only to grab your phone don't want to see your phone there. And throughout the day you're here were talking on the radio in rising college basketball people coming your mind. Is somebody got mine right now that you I don't know if you've talked the reason you haven't that's in your phone you know for a fact if we turn out not on you're gonna to track this person down can you tracks me down. He got Mikey yeah forming up. Oh for a walk around all I'm getting some direct is downs we know in think. He's walking to serial most prominent walking around the set to talk to Dan. Dan don't show this to a soul jot down this place that he state pulled under tight. So you've given him a card he's gonna write down the place that he thinks most ran a place you can think of that he would go to C is on play anywhere in the US right that's the premise here. Our Samir stresses looked at through my mind that you found this person all the phone against you what you trek dispersant down. He does that one person that I call her to the outlook and I vanguard Childress I know that I'm limited time for a hit I got I got. I got popular guys training. Here's my thoughts UCL he laughed and made that joke that was on purpose that was at feet huge. T he's got a call her too if it was another female he wouldn't laugh the same it's a guy is an. He had no idea purely close your body all right our Chris CHR I S five letters trait or letters in three letters. Would you just did Wear a major deal. He's starting about his name he shared count only how many letters are using it took you awhile so I know wasn't a quick count how many letters in his first name to yourself you just did it. Much Iraq detected it's like poker card counting two letters and thought seven letters my right yeah that. Held on the jury is there any record in knowing this that I tell you pick this person did you know is where did you write did you do all the hard look at me look at me. Our here's the way I played UC seven letters you did not mean. Mix them up. Gravel letters somewhere near the middle just think that one letter in his Cheney got it. Are you debated back and reaching an M yeah unreal he cigar in Scranton and and and can he do this I don't either. Death and then hit some good some good and I think is somebody. Work relation work relation good guy am I right on the show them don't look at the monitor dole get the Meyer tells all. What does his first name. More she's seat Jesse you wow mark it on to root out the hard all those other 21 into mark Morgan Patrick it's. That's got to write unbelievably unbelievable got DeMarco Morgan for that but going I was gonna come law. Law and fumbled into the fold into its fold and only got straight talk brought to a straight talk wireless NN dot. Edicts don't kidding don't eat it you will not on the Palestinians I believe I. I would even today apps and tell me how many this passive or trailing or he gets to see it don't show the cameras or anyone else and is hoping to cart and looking at UC. It Kyrie this guy's terrible and right are not really. If you can't you know I think I got a good not good enough I gotta now I'd pandora Chris I got amber is in the mix would you Picard and present our. The eagle with a great sit idle after mixing Boise know now that have too many other options you know I love you guys 90 absolutely is that no folded up. Take that sucker well. He's now holding the card he's not looking he's repeated threats to. British or you rip it up so. Grates it I don't but here's what I did power suggestion. And treat me do this too is saying you know what athletes athletes but we're not gonna limit this just basketball tournament basketball tennis hockey you know Alex Ovechkin in the mix right. And end. Your thinking is somebody an athlete Elliott close your eyes right now implement that person your mind TM now what I what I always do. They try to change you up and move your round. And I opened my eyes open your eyes coming back I'm radio they know he's out until after iPad. And you got someone in mind directly right now likely change in my you can try to be you appeal to your I don't even if you you go to that person never look at me yours some of the cold. Definitely cold as in Boise on snow going on. Think of America. See yourself going from the great city Connecticut down to DC. Trying to find a plane you'll find wanted to take awhile treaty private jets we fly over me if your voice is from Michigan Ohio State rivalries galore we can bridge that gap. Not lower 48 this Alaska Juneau Alaska's everything. And local talk. Can really go. Are there any good I'm Blu-ray good I always find crazy stuff you got to change your mind again all right I'm not doing change your mind again. Well I got no matter what I say K and you got one person in mind are good here. I wrote down a list of every gift I've gotten from age nine to 34 found this couldn't believe this I wrote them all down. I wanna pick an age. As we are we'll. Now in over there now feel that they make sure that thing is slick in if you spin it. We have a wheel with ages nine to thirty force and speed against only get that thing a monster spin and so there's a wheel in the studio you want him to spin the wheel asserted in the ideal for certain age men and I'm leaving his book right there are going to have look in the second appearance so that's that that decision that's a book all the gifts on the show in 12 look look when I was nine years old in read off what do I want you want a Nintendo Game Boy teenage mutant ninja eternal fight and figure an air school kid I was cool you'll get all India and keep going spin thrill let's DOS and don't pick nine now that I showed it off that would be bad. Are we spending the oil chris' on the wheel and it's on 27. I'm gonna ask you this question I kept trying to achieve and you wouldn't change your mind you were locked and loaded. Do you at this moment is gonna. Julia later do we wanna him to Spain against another section. Or do you wanna see on 27 Trace speak now or forever hold your peace I wanna stay on point so there's certain percent okay. Gentlemen always tease your own eyes let's go through. We got. Nine we got keep looking we'll bring it close and the chairman tight on the cruise book eleven years old Reebok pumps you want those you bonus in the older ages seventeen laptop computer fight club reload that. Jack okay let's look we'll fight any original Michigan Wolverines Fletcher no blue maybe after it went to school Kenneth Cole locks genes not amenable let's let's play one real quick beer. Obviously I thought. When he QID it's soccer shoes electric toothbrush Motorola RAZR. 23 call of duty with you won't 44 look re flip flop surfboard puppy 25 with a Blackberry and I was. A man today you know when he thinks the oh so this is your own eyes. Was in go pro and it came out of our thanks to peace and Garmin GPS and ask you one last time. Which we stand 27 with one out of every look prettier and flippant when he seven was Detroit Tigers cap and yelled look Plosser. In aviator sunglasses. And. I knew every single thing you would do right now. Tell me get your bones get your phones. Everybody was listen don't pressure Carpio on the rail get out your phones are throwing a lower banner right now at those fundamentalists and mr. Graham on Twitter on FaceBook before you looked old yep what your phone down for me it my phone is made a prediction of this exact moment in time. Ellis the athlete close your eyes see his face one more time of who did you what sport is Ian first baseball that's weird with that and tells who is he what's his name or Justin Verlander Justin bare land area. A weird is that we stopped and it's retired right now go to mine owner take my county she can see this right. Going to see the photo that I posted an hour ago before I went on here. Allowing you to look right now go to at owes the mentally strain on your phone to put up on their sweet easiest thing. All right so he's holding up his phone we're going door to her feet and looking at owes the medalist at owes the men's are going to zoom in see. What I'm wearing that hat and they are there. OZ fundamentalist don't take my word for it. I'm wearing a Detroit Tigers capital rendered in deep down a morning yellow look cost shirt I got aviator sunglasses right there around resume in. Anything get right behind me. He didn't win the World Series in Detroit can't fault him for that he's still got the trophy the areas in the man Justin Verlander right there you can pick anybody look on your own phone feel believe me. Yeah that's an unbelievable. On viewpoints that an hour ago look look at. Absence. You know and our guards and it just Burleigh. I knew everything that would happen how did you. I still knew that he was wanted to make it today Torre was going to but I apologize a trying to get a private plane that's just amazing and it literally like it just of people though. I had a book that he had a list of every ever he said there's fifteen names in here pick anyone you want. And he didn't Simi pixel I picked. I went through this are open up to the middle of the book and there was a name Justin burro that you could change you could change any moment thought somebody else until he three times changed my treatment I'm not changing. Bojan investment. Ever or Michael care support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgage buy equipment loans chances are your popular one comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage you do that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home wall. With rocket mortgage you can apply simply an understand fully you can mortgage confidently. To get started guru rocket mortgage dot com slash might. Equal housing lender license in all fifty states and and Al has consumer access dot org number 3030. Export clips haired cats we've been making guys look good for 25 years we raised the bar with our signature MVP experience and now we've made it more convenient with online check yet. Visit sport clips that day we're sharing thousands of things with our clients by giving away 250 dollars to five lucky winners every day during March. No purchase necessary fifty US DC each thirteen plus enter without purchase export put stack Nazi website for details including price and ostensibly to be wanting to put reprieve that. We could take you could go doing go on ESPN ESP generator also on the ESPN app or present about progress insurance cellphone guests join us via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Get in touch and thus the 100 flowers dot com Twitter feed call an 860506. 5505. Chris Canty amused in 987 New York. Is here with us also played for the cowboys the ravens and giants again docket this year hammered proud proud proud to bring any is in college fastball it was. Bringing us the straight talk brought to buy straight talk wireless test follows those networks. No contracts by the way through it goes through it breaks me down the bills and I love it we were glad to have you here by the way. For those of you that weren't watching Sonny has been listening when he has been radio when Chris Canty was doing. An exceptional job. On the sport luxury. A Fort Hood army doctor it was massaging his is not in the ID to get visas. Or the outskirts of approximately a little hot talent they're you'll I don't wonder or your mind has drawn that would do just about. Brought it up but that's a that's a terrible area to Qaeda dollars stay away from that we do wanna put it up on the one and her flowers dot com Twitter feed will dig and make it either. I'd DC tonight or Boise disease some play tomorrow there are severe weather issues. That we're dealing with there's so what are the odds that Dan actually makes it where he needs ago let us know what you think at gold can lingo. Because the odds it's just Tuesday it's just it's. There aren't argued there are you finding answers doubled the best of them will get going we'll find him not a sport clips and titan media a little bit. Not too tight yet he's got his yeah a little have a better. I don't know I members don't know a beautiful back. Men sport that's all I got I laser printers are you just got to replace the different parts of undertaken advertising suggestions on the backs of net jets have you become really I just. Right they're competent person is still strong now if I resumed a more about a lot thumb how much are you below me I would do good and evil he's just playing the odds is this matter what I do I mean looks it looks strong how it all right and a although it's the odds are not in our favor just. I know that as we can go home I JUT you said something before we get we fought we get on the air that I thought was really it is and you thought this might be one of the most wide open tournaments you've seen in recent memory. I just because you go out there and you're so is your dolby on this in this context. Murray's been spewing and I know it. My thing is that when you wants courses as I know we've had teams have been consistent with consistency doesn't lead to six doesn't always translate to success. In NCAA tournament right that Vilma was when the most consistent teams out there you've BA's two doesn't mean it's gonna happen at the win six game due to get hot. At the right time but the same time I mean you BA gets beat we do gain data get beat by Virginia Tech at home. But nobody expects that right right Michigan State loses by twenty on a road at a house they all they ever seen a team that you were projecting a winnable thing lose by twenty. Right despite playing in our state is a really good team by twenty. Okay those are things that make you think you go away Arizona up fourth seed in UBA's bracket I just think this season is built war. The unexpected. And it did. The margin between the teams that we deem is really really good in the teams that are right there isn't that isn't that Cory MacKey used the. We did the over under was set. On seven and a half. Some point five. Over under how many teams can win the title we also don't. I said I counted fourteen before. Fourteen I ever fourteen now YouTube or do you believe there can you name all fourteen did you think Adam ran down but I go yeah right now obviously there's the number one seeds into c.s but who the some of those allies who they actually have a chance Virginia Arizona. Com. I had Cincinnati can get there Xavier can get there. Gonzaga and can it pair of Mosul how they line or a dog house they got all they way you always know how things out of way. And I know he's governess nobody's talking about statement which I'm sure that they love Chris Holman a company. Located based the opposite really good really good he's really do like he's program. And fourteen is a good number I mean we North Carolina we get there. Michigan can get there. Villanova can get there. Hum. Florida is a team record you can get their worst from a kid area Purdue can get there Kansas can get there. It's a look let me ask this question that why do you think. There's so many teens actually have a chance this year is opposed to years past. Like I said before no I think that they're the one thing we've seen this year because basketball is at its wide open. It's wide open as it's been sown twisting entire season that we watch them go over loses the Butler or you can warm looking at Butler mean Butler as it. What there's an underrated team too but was actually favored in nineteen a that's crazy polar behind seventeen game. You'd think. As I mean this is an juicy thing because. We've seen. Over the last what would you save for five years and seven seater but I think five years five straight years Lee's won seven seed is meant to the final four would you be surprised you haven't seen a worse by the would you be surprised at three surprise me if 31 sees me. I'll be shocked to be shocked shocked shocked. Shockley got I have UV. If you look at you VA's region they got hope booming if that happens a diverse number one overall seat that's our you know have our center from Tony Bennett Mike can we just switch would Villanova about cold front runner like yes let's assume we switch with Cincinnati Cincinnati in our own Rick and our region rather that by. Region in the top hundred he got errors on this we six arizonans sweet sixteen who I know a lot of people. Have stayed up on East Coast so what's yours on a Friday. But it it if I if I'm a player Arizona's team this the way I look at this season okay. Everybody's attacking us. Everybody's come that is this'll FBI in this investigation tracked it down my head coach they're trying to take down my god the entree and we're gonna give it to everybody. And I don't care what happens it in the season that's were you guys have figured out but we're smeared in everybody's face political and they're ultimately it's basically it's a rule mentality won't dig cant pretend like we did win that Jimmy too because I gotta I gotta ring that says we get a rally Elkins can be a pro one day allows a Turkey via prone to India Andre and is by far the first pick in the draft. I know dehydration this year. More bad this year. It got so much better you think it is a huge separation yes and I think more about these really really good right. I don't know bar magnet has a skill set like the eye injury happens that's still said as he he'll be the new age center in India. Generally I should do this which one of the first four teams have a chance to make it to the sweet sixteen. What are you first verse fourteen and he threw sixteen dumped or director of emeritus. Remember LU Bradford. I mean. You seal is always good there and holidays. And I'll see noting play well down the stretch. I mean. Arizona State. These are accusing me go exactly right it gonna forming other people pour in the tournament and a final follows a two or three years and they were in the final four worst most make. And by the way at Arizona State beat. In the Kansas in Xavier to number one seeds so what does that say it's a lot of two number one seats says. A lot of depth on the terminal coarse gold do we go present about progress insurance. Progress of home insurance pitcher quote a progressive dot confident are you imagine beyond create and by far the number once in a number one player in the draft it he's going to be he's head and shoulders again everybody a lot of people know Margaret badly they know some the seems. Give me the name of a player that you watch because you've been in office obviously all season long. That people don't really know up a name of a player that you think could have an unbelievable turn it and Mikey got that they'll see a lot of the next level. On the pill are low feel sustain at the next level I think you make a team but I'll go with the Arizona State pick me trade holder. Mean that kick and scorn anybody's. He's not afraid you can drop forty on anybody and that's. That's another kid about a way you get hot at the turn at the right time to to make a run WW Libya if you know what. Medimmune marshals Elmore point guard from from arsenal averaged about when he gets taught at twenty in the second half and their championship game. Now again I'm I'm reviewed yet. So there's some stern who knows with a gun in the door but it if you see Marshall beat Wichita State I guarantee you everybody in the country can be talking about Elmore on him on elm was really. All right we'll see how that plays out upcoming OJ will stay with us blossom. The coach who's the most overdue to make the final four and you stay awake as we have lots more gutsy. Hey Eric I'm glued stink so I have one job I can't staff so sorry for being jealous and I tell who doesn't tell you owner like ED 24 sevenths access to thousands of licensed agents and Michael has been around for over 75 years and hasn't 97% customer satisfaction rating by discount mediocre adhesives skills eichel also has an award winning mobile app. How Hudson Preston and knowing. In the boosted his plane and. Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more. By the way on TV I every in my contrary you cannot show me from behind so please hell's going on around and it's not grow back DiMarco no opportunity on the billboard album and you bump put enough for rent like if you go out of business you can read the bag in my head there's no space to go with a series discordant couple little girl come on a personal and says right from all its goal. Go. They're doing you wrong there and don't want you to know that goal doing hello ESPN radio ESPN brought you progress insurance phone guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line. So were part of the tournament challenged bracket here and the biggest issue is that. They put you in the wrong exceed that regional interest with a camera is right I said you want to drag knock them from behind him blurred affront this ugly face of uglier basket ahead well that is our options and they're not helping erect all witness at the camera courts and by the way brought you by discover card. Become a new card member discover card will match all the cash back you burn dollar for dollar. At the end of your first year learn more discovered. Dot com slash matched. Limitations apply our lovely guy and a job anywhere rights your pride and nobody else can I just have to reading the they've made it very clear to me in this job. Do the receipts through her as most important and I love you baby but did you wrong I do. Not. That there's more talk mabus a little bit for the break obviously. The big thing on selection Sunday is. Eight who gets in and be who got jobs. Any question in your mind you think that because bubble teams like say USC and Oklahoma State out. The FBI probe anything to do with that yes I think it doesn't matter your past always policy and is aware society's built so that the fact that. And look at. I'd that would the one team that everybody was shocked that. Was Sarah keys get in the tournament. Sir Houston nothing on the red army restrict the schedule was good night I guess that's what the committee I quadrant sort of a quad Rogers or that they say they value. Bomb but there's no way that Sarah Hughes belongs in over USC. USC finished second in the pac twelve and they have a season Arizona in the higher exactly in their resume is really good. And then you allow an Arizona State. That in his ninth coming up Grande Arizona State beat Xavier and Kansas and you are seeing UCLA and they won Utah but the finished ninth in the pac twelve and kind of precedent does that set. So yes I do think it was opium in the season to point you couldn't keep. Arizona he couldn't keep on OK but I think tie like. Oklahoma Oklahoma State I want to train young. I would have some star power in this thing real blows my mind Oakland they would argue why isn't it time we beat them two out of three I agree anybody ever the reason is out there and tie. I believe in in the USC. And Arizona State. Went to Arizona State I think because of the FBI investigation. I don't think. I think he's human Mitch you've. Do you think that the NCAA committee wanted a bunch of Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday talk about FBI investigations no. No. Away no that's that's the reason why picked Arizona to win the whole thing in my right I agree with you I mean first off. They're really good they're playing with a chip on the shoulder Sean Miller has never been to a final four. And how much egg in the face of the incidentally would that be in Arizona wins the whole thing may ask you this. Sean Miller on Seth came on in in and you grew disillusioned and Stew says. Was a look everybody's gone after the news right the whole team's gone in guys you want to roll the recruiting classes and even there. Sean Miller wouldn't mind when an old saying. And he don't. You know I mean this abilities at all time the whole thing right the whole time out maybe get MBA from the NBA jobs will be up other cows jobs will be up. I mean it is it's a recycle and then with a lot of these guys mean they're always going around making more money somewhere else and this is a real call us. Yeah this is a made up causes if you're in a locker room computers both you guys Chris and Jerry if you're in that locker room and Arizona with all that's been going on. This is enough freak. Yeah Iraq. This is a real cause no I definitely need but I got a chip on your shoulder chip is legitimately large. 100% there would ask this question the Big Ten Conference tournament was two weeks ago the F fourteens and you feel like it'll affect anyone of those teams. Opening weekend of the tournament. No I don't know wire right. Megan is such a big deal about having some time off from me in their written a lot of conferences and have had time off before it. I'd I think the biggest weeks were self amino team at Nebraska should have been involved in the conversation more. I fell I think your buyers kind of who porn on the Big Ten. I think it was still one held a conference auto thing is the weekly what's going to be in the you know. Our Jim Williams with a free at less than a minute left in the segment real quickly Mark Few organs jagr got over the hump Lester making it to the final four Altman losing in the title game. Which coach you think has that chance to get into that final four that's never been there before this year whether it's Tony Bennett Sean Miller Chris Mack or met Peter Purdue which one do you think has the best years yet there since Sean Miller. Just because of. Massa before just it feels like this is going to be that year that everything culminates for this team even though there one the most highly controversial teams in the game. And AME just imagine that worse apart a forum where we are and look you know what FBI investigation the sings a slow leak it's a slow bleed out. All right big drop nuggets here and there and keeps on us. There will be conversations online it is it is far from over there's no question about it. Willis sixteenth seed ever beat a one seat next Fischer hopes so it's a Marty party would Bradford won gold can we go continues. Hello I'd like to deposit this a checking seats is a sickness to this future is consistent with Kenny and what's my account balance. The horizon is criminality IAC illegal routes exclusively. You with great federal look at just get a pass slippers something. Eight fortune bank teller surprising what's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Yeah yellow excitement and includes EP Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.