Hour 2: Looking Back

Golic & Wingo
Tuesday, November 14th

Greeny & Golic chatted with Mark Schlereth and Tom Izzo who played a big role in Mike & Mike over the years


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Hey my name's Jack kind deed founder and former editor in chief of cracked dot com and host of the new how stuff works comedic news and pop culture podcast that dailies like guys. Our goal is to tell you about the ideas that are out there changing the world and talk politics and news but we also covers supermarket tabloids which. It might seem stupid but as millions of people pass those every day and day absorb the ideas on the cover whether they want to or not. Bill Clinton aides know these pretty seriously because when we need pictures somethings that. We have experienced you generally use movies you've tried picture terminator two wins picturing a nuclear explosion even though that's not actually what did look like. Anyways we're trying to take that temperature oh yeah what's effective. National shared consciousness. So which sounds a little more hideous than we actually are glad. That's fair warning guys some of those context can get a little edge he's so now for young years but it. Trust us is on the fund that's a good apple podcasts and listened to and subscribes to the daily is nice guys. It's just very good news. They're catch phrase we're kind of work shouting at. Back in better than ever Mike and Mike presented by progressive insurance I guess on the shell Pennzoil performance line. Two of our our best friends over the many years of this show we're gonna join a step in this hour mark slower than just a second. And then Tom Izzo coming up. At the bottom of this hour as he gets at Michigan State and duke and I get to best of both worlds we can talk reminisce with both these guys but then talk sports you know mark's doing a great job. You over fox calling games he just fantastic with that. I cannot tell you yeah every time that they go to his game I watched most of the NFL Sunday and red zone as I know you do to up. Every time they go to his game I get exiled god I'm so excited to hear him talking and he's got he's worked it would take stock and he's terrific a great job and articulate Cynthia Ann and Tennessee that's that's right they did they had that game and that's great and that obviously is no you know how long he's been on the show and they have obviously a monster game tonight so we're on the basketball court with these guys in the year that I had to do the dance and I seen this out a trillion time right it's one of the things that saved. That my first my last words before I did the dance were I I blame you Tom Izzo. Because that was the year that Michigan's right played duke in the NCAA tournament you led duke I had Michigan State that game decided to wager. And that was the year is so famous they came out and said his son Pixar who picked duke to impact okay. Could it which is pretty funny to think about it. An and as far as the LeBron and and cantor staffers to get sent to bring stink in here. What we'll get more into that it is not as simple as we made it sound but at the end of the day. Can be as simple as. Is now there's it's never the wrong thing to do to stand up for all that's exactly right it. And I think he ended in a general sense too long were you were asked mark who lived his life on a football field with me. You always going defend your teammate even though there are times when his team DL is always had a great line when his teammate. Usually it was a chance sharp sure talked a little too much is like you know your write the check that I got to cash right now but either way you're defending your team. All right I've been looking forward to this we retired this song and the song was never going to be played again on my kid like me but for this occasion I'm. It is our delight to bring marks Lara back to the conversation the only bright way. You know he's movement volume up like he always gets that far and look on his face. I wish I could say it is now an NFL analyst at fox are buddies staying. Is back and better than ever good morning Marshal Eric. Good glory you know they were looked at it warms my heart guys who warms my heart thank you so much great to be written yet. I'm they are be boat got so much is goal grow. Now listen we may issue as well and and we love don't play that song yet we had met another surprise here an in a little bit as far as something to play but. First you don't know what you're doing now calling games how you do you're doing a lot of studio work obviously when you're here but. Calling games every week how different is that than it looks like your haven't bought you some great. Op are you way it is so what you do forever by it is. It there's so much prep work regime worked bit goes into it in the end. I'll tell you why Irish shot ever backlog grew and I thought oh god we got a call Troy Aikman about it. Because what era of corporate social look at you know you look at the game mod look you're. A replay marketed to a regular martyred Doug producer trying to almost Purdue game. While you're watching the game and there's just so much I care needs to many banks slide around and other preparation or news it's amazing how much goes into it but I am Davida black but one thing. That has that at that I've just got to learn from this news com. As you're in the stadium and editor at the practice facility that you talked to players. Beat it to the perspective you know holes which you thought you'd you'd better sense of empathy for how award is being true we needed in sometimes. When you're in the studio. Throwaway comment. You know stating he's not played very well whatever but when you're there in just. It just reminds you how are the game is in power these guys work and you know how much they put him how much they wore into the game and over a little bit of that at the New York studio and you're not actually there at the site so I've really enjoyed. Utopian there talking to coaches didn't have formation but just really watch in the guys play or watch that war and and that's epic its. That's really good eye opening tip from it but a lot to be in the stadiums. So we have a better chance to check in with you really through this. Football season or at least not for for quite some time. I'm so as we sort of work our way here through November stink give us just a couple of top line things that standing out for you we see the Eagles right now having the enormous he's and they are Brady at the age of forty. Do what he's doing on the opposite end of the spectrum. The giants have felt like almost had a mutiny in a revolt and and all the other things that are going on one of the top line things that have your eye right now. Yep no doubt all those days are amazing to operating in a major state parent ever shellac the ball goes and you know I've been wanted to go to Colorado Springs but I'm afraid of birdies so that that restraining order on the record you know got a man crush on him. So I have to you know out to be careful about traveling south to Colorado Springs or about mile area around where their practice and other airports. You know it's been amazing I got a chance to call rams game. Talked to John McVeigh and as soon aggregate that very I would hire him right nipple whatever I need our import I would aria. Such a dynamic personality. Such so he. You know tied into the football aspect is not just about what we're gonna do it's what we're gonna do how we're gonna do with why we're gonna do it and why we're going to be successful doing it that way and communities seldom positive. And he's just been such a dynamic guy. And then surround himself with that lightweight belt he uses like that man. I I truly believe it's outlawed surround myself with smarter people than me. Because that was him in purple ball great so. To be around like guys see from. What what that has done and what the rams have been able to accomplish it's been eye opening I dare think for me. Green is you know we always ask about when that network that next to Europe great young quarterbacks mail we're watching. Great young quarterbacks develop. Portland show lots circle got to see him what do. What bad press that's been able to do opposite course when it's chaired golf but it just talk about you know all these years we've been we've been talking about being. These guys literally the breeze in the Rogers in the breach and are still doing it's such an incredibly high level but we've got a group of young quarterbacks. Who are already approaching our status in their first years that here. Third year and it's pretty amazing to watch his group young quarterbacks developed. One of the other teams you know would be young quarterback jerk off obviously Vivian and the team we just talked about but then you get some of the old timers as well one of the other surprise I think the two biggest ones. In the NFC are certainly the rams. And then the saints and you can talk to or from your perspective as an offensive lineman because. I know you guys and I know you guys would much rather run block and pass block and here's a team in New Orleans now. Look at last year when when Drew Brees threw out through its 674. Times and they ran it just about 400 times. This year they're almost split 5050. So not only are they more successful stink but I would imagine that group up front which has to be the local both cohesive group prop there. Passed me very happy going forward out of their stance is set a background there stance more. Well there's no question about that you know but when asked about that prediction we saw. You know a clipboard with a lot of and you'd expect the of the day here. Apparently they don't. It just goes to show you how good our announcement this right because apparently they don't. Anything it says in their playbook here's how you help your left tackle because apparently they never know their love that blog I don't want to draw iBook start pretty accurately. He got out and have a chip or roadside and over their what does not probable. And you know the best way to predict quarterback that never throw the damn thing and that this thing out war chomping loves to rumpled well remembered. He's got from the claw Bill Parcells still consult with Bill Parcells that he's always one run the ball back to their Super Bowl year they were like sixth in the league in rushing up three of our backs stated in your secret. They're they're doing that and the rubber ball what irrelevant and they got rid of later appeared to medallion. You know buddies stop it here go away or to do with these guys and and it's a thing of beauty because to really protect quarterback and to really be good pass protection you've got duke duke shorts it you got duke you know the spots that drops and it all goes in those things we did deploy. It quickly but you've got to be able on the ball the threat. Of wrought in third out of four and you know how frustrating it is like it be that the climate which stirred or. And you're ready in the shops in record on the our record to have to rush the passer and also give a short trapping heat. Your whole body opposite guard Annika right up underneath you and it gets five yards on third out of four bird out of three. And all you wanted to do was dragged to the quarterback and so. That's the frustrating thing and so we'd slow down a pass rush. And it seems to understand that in this day and age remember were ever rule was bent towards potable also it was a lot of excuses most opposite corners don't oil on the ball. They just refused to rumble thought that they can't. And eager excuse also quoted in a policy you know a long long way out that out shortly now. You don't have to throw. You can run the ball and you're committed to doing it the right way it's amazing how much more like Spain and value quarterback. Do it that way so. That kept you too sharply in the north they're playing great football right now at a cute they have great balance. That's marks Lara that for fifteen years on the show has advocated running the ball Jesse did a chance of her all these guys have won more football that I wanna I just wanna get ended reminiscing a little bit. But obviously I have a personal interest in one of the quarterbacks there in Denver for those that Dan obviously stink still lives there does the local show there as well. And Trevor Simien have that starting job for awhile and struggled and and they replaced him announcement house Wyler that hasn't gone well and maybe it'll be Paxton lynch. What is your what is your guide and sick of what the future of the quarterback position is for the Broncos next year we Kwan. Are any of those three guys the starting quarterback for the Broncos. Now now they're gonna move your movement in a different direction and it looks it looks from more accurately do ordered moved awful fact that lynch I don't know. He's injured right now you know it was so are all too we entered it was six week injury now to eleven week injury. Investors is that he's still moderate ago. You know it's it's been disappointing because early in the season servers and and I really like tremors and I think jurors in the institute quarterback. Good quarterback good. You know like a lot of quarterbacks like 22 points record recklessly. You got to support that you can not just that that guy to drop back forty times and pro. And it beat does he did it take to respect eat it too many times. Through a two weeks regardless outsmart the and and they've got mad about and part of that for me is supportive for profits for four or perform all but coordinators. There they're gone silent. You know what you feel like rent or argued are calling game or. What you said which is we gotta support corporate got to run the ball got out we've got to sort of play action. Or you better to play caller we see a lot of play easy a lot of places that are going to be great coaches. Opportunities to become head coach. And you know or try to I try to make kids something but he can't do. In order you know so you can say look what I do with this seventh rounder and you know look at the numbers he put up good now we've become head coach. And and it is completely backfire because. You know Travers didn't get beat to pull. To a point where you know and when you have to check your progression has rejected due over left tackle objected doodle right tackle now go to your progression. You know you're never gonna have success and and it's unfortunate you know talk about it all the time earned ever able to run ball is that the play action really buffalo. In you know and a big game I believe in its root for six start in the next week through good times in the you've been 3740. You know it is it is it's counter intuitive and it's exactly the opposite of what you said. All along and and so. It's disappointing. The personality dispute as we thought it might be and and the play calling has been. I'm shoddy at best the coaching has been shoddy at best and it's disappointing to hear endeavor book you know I I think to answer your question. Not of those guys who started Corbett position next year. Mark Fuller through this on the shell Pennzoil performance like taking synthetic Motorola performance to a whole new level make the switch to pens all synthetics today it's okay now. That's that's get the football out of the way up and we'll work our way over to just a little reminiscing over over the course of something in the neighborhood of fifteen years out now march Lara probably hosted the show more times than anyone besides one of us right posted it with me hosted it with the two of us for years. I'm an at one time was most famously known on the show and from his role in the soap opera. As rock Hoover so one last time let's hear this. Other writing there is just incredible that we noticed Dana. Pamela that would absolutely. Unbelievable I ever heard that in forever. And you know the old nickname rock Hoover. Puerto Guiding Light came from that show we nicknamed me on the show 1 morning and enough votes from the Guiding Light. Ended up putting it in the script rock Hoover and and so. That name very much like what my name is a grandfather Pope what was also created on your guys show but everything idea it was created on your guys. Judge Joseph enables market what's been the main thing. You know what you get what you dealt with a nickname like stake there's no going back out he embraced it and move forward through ya. Luck Hoover was with the brain trust of yours truly on. You'll program and that's not at all that happened. In well I won among other things that I will remember fondly forever where you always had these fascinating expressions. You read this way of summing things up on the one that I remember the most vividly was. You can go to sleep and a bale of hay which are gonna wake up pitching what could in my getting that one right. Yeah absolutely. And know where I. I don't know that I came from you know I've made in my there's a lot of things look around my as it is all out that ego like. Amount where that came from and I don't remember that conflict we used that in. But yeah absolutely that's still rings true statement you can it's like my dad he's been held kid you know there's no right way to do so for the wrong. And and you know it always resonated with males though it got to be dealt with more. You know India. You know in the forefront of my brains so there'd come a long ago were doubled due to open a figure shortcut. I was or my dad's voice ringing in my head you know way you know org there's no right way. So wrong and yet you can't wait you go to bed in a bit lately you're gonna go bridges used to there's no guarantee there or. You noted Izzo were what time does it gives you wisdom because you you throughout all those jams on the show and then you finally figured out. Taylor reported on a shirt and sell. A. Or repeat the news this is. I'm not real bright it is a lot. Mike your liken march Larry at the guys to tell me they wanna hear that the toughness story one last time I. So one of my favorite memories and this is when we were like we were doing the show. What is the building on the other side of the cafeteria. The one that we used to do the show when we're like temporarily in their building holding finally caught and that was apparent apparent medically that was the one that we used to run out to reward our longest breaks to the cafeteria you and I guess guess who or what time you like Zelda you're you you felt that hurt your hampers it yeah I get all the sudden I I'm behind a vehicle ago I got a and I'm your I felt but anyway. So state guy doing the show together. I've always been fascinated by his toughness to take off man like you kept a porcelain skin of a China doll yes he's handsome this person you've ever seen you like but he is tough. And so we we we walk into the men's room during a break on time and I said to a mistake I've never been tough what's it like to be tough. And it goes greeting I will tell you right now I'll tell you exactly what it is to be tough and he walks up to the journal. And the pants Gaudin in the ankles and the shorts Gaudin vehicles. And it turns him and he says anyone in this building can walk in here right now and not gonna say it and her husband. And that is the best explanation I've ever heard in my life there's a 100% right if I look at out of it like stick nice vodka does it ally I do that. Forget about so that that state was a moment I will never forget. We you have Booth on whereas in that movie idiotic thing that I do. Yeah it was it was always bonding and being with you guys it's just been a blessing for me be a part of your program forever. Has been a blessing to me and in my family and new gadget to your friends and some of the best moments you know that that might broadcasting career happened on your show and you know it is from from moments like that you know connect doubt about it could dump on you don't want the greatest thing that ever happened to me in my career. It they're all saying the whole thing has been also element. And oh you guys that he debt of gratitude and and I just really appreciate the friendship been appreciate all the years we did that show together sixteen years he has the end. Fifteen years it started you remember building but it's started every Friday I'd be off for all four hours and we're just going to go around in that little tiny studio. Having a blast caught the football and and it's just been like guys that is gonna true blessing it's been so much fun. Listen and let any successes showed it has had viewed you've been hit a big part of it there's no doubt about that we will never. Forget that as we move out from this and and you moved on and now under a great job in the boot. For fox all we are well lots of great memories node out about it and friendships alas so we we certainly do appreciate it to you and lace and Alex and Avery and Daniel on the whole family. Pope well we love you yeah you're very much Dan thanks mark. They're guys that let you you you truly blessed me so I appreciate you guys lovely guys that will talks. I'd like I think the season marks Lara through this. After all these years that I mean is such a good guy is your guy yet and and that that story is one that is so indelibly burned into my brain. Because you know what can you say it was always. Liked it when he sees his pants on the sideline which a number of offensive linemen do but when he at Mexico and at after after paying his pants go back in the game and the legendary being your helmet thing I forgot. The kicker. That idiot Czech Republic guard up as all that should add that Mike Vanderjagt he casting too going crazy now and and members was mad at me and now I'm remembering all these things. He was mad they didn't have a sponsor. So what Keane came up with a sponsor called school wrote yes it a bit but. And we can't tell that that the punchline so. We're only allowed air that one. As once it aired we result Everett area. And but it was very funny. There are might go here support for the white in my podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes to your work your hobbies your life rocket mortgage gives you that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan. Rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you you get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number 3030. Home isn't just a place. Whether you're at home your business or online. Deeds he helped keep you safe. With security system. Home automation. Alarms and surveillance. So you can feel at home. Wherever you are. Home City Hall. Okay mentioned that we got a good college hoops tonight Michigan State and duke leads it off number one against number two and of course the Michigan State coach. Is Tom Izzo who has been a great friend to us. Over many years I know that he's constantly texting you mad things yesterday that he under lock is angry at me every other data. Who else who isn't. But I knew we had a chance to chat with him yesterday about tonight's game and just to reminisce enter. All right coming up 7 eastern on ESPN as the college basketball season is underway you can ask for any better than is number one against number two would do against Michigan State. And here to Chad is our law and of the show the beloved at Tom Izzo head coach of the spartans back with us on Mike and Mike good morning coach. Below is a place that's forty some times where the game but thanks guys it's great to be on great days for us and kind of I'm old discredited that you guys might sound and I grew up watching you know and Michael a concept pitcher David UN assembly your family that is sent my god. I mean I grew as old as you do that that's scary. Dad that really is we're gonna Ellis from 1990 yea we're gonna recreate that went on Friday and leave it you're such a friend of the show we love you know and so we're trying to have our shine all we can hear you go door one against two. You know all lies in this in this game to kind of take the spotlight off plus really appreciate that. Crop up now. That's definitely Uga so bill relied on it to us that's so we're looking forward Brett we've gone back to your. Adopted city comedians. You know Chicago's been a great place in the didn't credible electoral funny. Cry out there with all the alarms from all the ports schools. Let's talk about what you get out of early season games like this we've we've talked about it a lot as were coming to the end of the college football season. And how Cigna how much weight we should put on early season games because the teams are still figuring out who they were in all of that. Covered in horsepower what are you get out of a game like this against a team like duke. Well I think that I would get a lot product but the public constable on the Cuban dissidents put political Mike. Bloomberg and I are trying to. Struggled there because both good teams got deep this weekend but. Yeah I think and basketball. Everybody still young but it seems like you know all I mean it can't happen it's a problem not to the level doesn't ask book so I think what it doesn't point any thing is that it kind of shows you argue that a place. Whether you win or lose and it shows you what your warts are any future so that works for you know what the advantage of dust bowl of football is you know these one or two losses doesn't. Triple you'd like it doesn't football. If you lose a few went up. You know that you kind of have to build on what you've done it too cute guys level at its. So in this situation all in your opener. That that you yard fight against nor Ford you had your five starters raw freshman and sophomore so. Are you the type a coach who's certainly had this done and be over years if you get a win in this game you kind of knew addicted to use your word and kind of maybe be extra critical just so you know they don't get a little too big headed to kind of keep them down. That's what you Nick Saban and that means there's not a lot of noise at the end of the into this it's no good we are. Yeah absolutely. Even though we're really young we got of course opposite distrust the starter but it. Yeah we've bid to sustain a proposal or is Lester struggled to get him to determine. I think partly because all the injuries so did the other side of the court and development what is what could be. There's blood visibility of our program last year some of the games we lost so have opened that they're gonna handle it either way but I I think the big thing is. Our models that this year we get better replicate what we might be productivity lose we might be pretty good at Gwinnett you know but can we get better every day. Because that's best at basketball well you know the goal was to get because dated march. Coach because we have here and an edgy you're well aware it's our last week together. You know one of the things you want to deduce just take a moment to reminisce. You've been such a great friend to both of us over all of these years always so much fun as I think back on my favorite memory of all these years. There was a year that you what a huge scam against duke ironically. In that that was that was set up in the NCAA tournament that was going to decide the bracket wager between goalie can mean you came out you told us that your son picked duke. In that game and that's it remains one of the funniest moments we've ever had in the history of the show. I need to do much substance related to invent money demean it definitely and the quantity emperor had that the east look indeed his first veto but. Yeah except I am and I gotta admit that but I missed. And I wish you looked in the way you're doing that but. What guys I grew up. But more on my side did grow up almost 6:30 in the morning what in bed with them and watch what I can buy it can you guys have brought so much to the sport people were golden. I take. I Hubble would sit and appreciate. Everything you've done in the way you don't and that's why I can get you green meat. Again it and make sure that there isn't the most important tension in the world that would give him I think that I remember most about you know. Then we're gonna have a better place to go out here currently. Our love that is how many times as he yelled at all how many times this time as you hold it BSE has social media it's big and now we love having on the Sean ambled to continue on each of our shows to have yacht as well but you know what about you 23 years at Michigan State during the basketball hall of fame you won a national championship. What what are you look to still accomplish what what what is fair for Tom Izzo. There's so much accomplished or just my opponent and I hate to you know in the coming in every time I think I've done Thompson you know. To get a thousand winds that ignited at duke it. If I call my win two games. In practice it is. And then Benny in Brussels and nobody else for the gipper but I haven't felt it would it you don't got the ball well one school which is just incredible is that what it's. People that you looked at you know why it's a good mixture of and to know what he's accomplished is so many things. Yet to do would need. And I'm just lucky I don't get a chance to do it but still excited that that the draft is still that aired we got a good team does well the good teams out there and that's what makes tonight. So exciting just like for you guys should know you're you're gonna have different years now but that you brought here very successful because the judge Donald with a user's. Are out at semis of it is shameless and again and we can't think you and after all the years in all the fun and and it will continue but it seems the right time good block. In this game and good luck with a terrific season hopefully we'll see in the final four if not before thank you very much for everything Tom thanks coach. Greenpeace. It's just played Notre Dame loses says it's time invest abroad thirty years here. Did do you would you sit up at bet between me and garlic and it's a eat you know they're breathing dragons or something something good which a Mallard. Something on that night which you do that. Yeah let's do what not pulling in the face invented just got to the I don't know what I am I think the well they'll put the word endless nearly a decade ago I got ten guys. Love that man. All right all right that was targets that we report that yesterday and again big nights United's number one duke and number two. Michigan State the state farm champions classic Kentucky and Kansas in the later game and it's all on the ESPN and ESPN who's a guy listen he just didn't bat against when they were the term you know I always had them going pretty darn far each time because. And he was he was money you know when you needed that he was money is a great coach and he's a great person he has that we have both gotten in a I'm a little bit off the air and he is he's. Everything good I remember when there was a flirtation. I don't know there was on his eyes are right that that pro teams have gone after him heavily particularly Cleveland went after him heavily. And I and I said the same thing about him that I said about my Jewish ASCII. The world is a better place with those guys coaching in college up. In not at the that we need that we need Tom Izzo is in college we need Mike to chef he's in college in those kinds of guys and against staying at the one spot. You know there is something that I mentioned yesterday you know what Tennessee opening up before opening up what coaches mover on a brought up a guy like bill Schneider who has a as an eye cotton you know piece as I said in Kansas State. My son just to that game you'd ride to the stadium at a road named after him you look at the statue. All of them there in your plane a stadium with his name ID he chose to stay there and is it a living icon to that place. And what he's done I mean it's is good for college when you see that and he was elevated and he wasn't a guy who came from someplace like he was jut his coach assistant. And he killed with a guy who legendary early coached magic in that championship team and writing alsop. And so he got a lot of it has but it is always taken it to an entirely new level yeah heat that Michigan State basketball. With the exception of the Johnson and celts are that team and other really good teams but Tom Izzo has made Demi national. And gearing year our national powerhouse. In an entirely different way and he's been as many final fours is just about anybody besides. Coach K okay Mike in my congress go with the with the news of the day and we'll make him a little more fun Mark Cuban later today. German as of us a little bit Lewis critical join Hezbollah money Jones will join us a busy Monday accused me. It's it was a really busy Monday there was vouchers coach Tuesday that's how works kind of work and badly just say some evidence that a lot of the close OPEC. I just stayed hundreds of dollars by switching to Geico. I'm so happy feel like I can fly a disclaimer you'll be able fly by switching to Geico this is against the laws of physics and major if you find yourself flying policing professional and a medical help immediately in the unlikely event to point to a flying you might be a superhero or did you or superhero named Paige Newman who was bitten by a radioactive pigeon if you or indeed the woman like overtake all licensing publishing rights in the event it's woman the movie becomes a top grossing Hollywood blockbuster Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you. 15% or more. All the Twitter reaction flying and a variety of different subjects to LaGuardia read that again you know just people that have listened to the show for so long this. Tweet I've started listening while I was in college. Seventeen years later. You're on my TV while I get my eight year old son ready for a school. Thanks for being entertaining part of my bleary eyed mornings that's just it's so wild when we did think about all the the stages you know that people have gone through whether it's kids and your first it was born the first year. And older and for sure marshaled so obviously eighteen years stages. Of going through but it really isn't shall. He's driving now she's driving up here on Friday capped at the mayor lash out and and your kids I mean Jake I'll never forget was here on bring your workday don't bring your child to work they would a year now for security who sat in the studio whether they did it talked on the air a little bit. And then I was at his wedding group. He got married just forget that I was that is whenever he got married a year now so I mean he was not I mean now and you know when we started in and you know and while her husband the passage of time though it has an hour and and look what we made a decision very early in the show. To some controversy not controversy is too strong short a lot of people didn't like it. That we were gonna make our families part of what we are live that we were gonna talk about our lives that your kids and subsequently mine. And that was just gonna be a part of what we did and a lot of people didn't like a lot of people criticized us important. You know that that was that was that generations stick to sports yeah it was as opposed to what it is important is doubted there's always something to stick to sports isn't there and soap but we decided we were gonna do. That that was going to be what it's going to be and so as a consequence I do understand that a lot of people feel. As though they know us and they know our family is more intimately that you might with some other shows. All you hear from so many people when the when they do me yes it's like I feel like knowing you before even that you. You know because we do we have laid our lives out there and and we're happy we did it were happy were publisher and everybody. Guys Dan Patrick you are just wanna say congratulations. Unbelievable run and nobody has earned retirement like you two guys so congratulations. Riding off into the sunset. Greetings got his own show could kill it. Greeting good luck with the new show bullet you know you get spend time with your wife Cindy on the Notre Dame games in can grads in retirement. And I know he's still going to be on the radio show and if you need a host of the morning happy to help out to you find somebody that's the conduct. And you wouldn't trade window or gonna make for a great show. And congratulations. To both of you. It ought so that is really good they started doing radio here. When I was doing a show Tony Bruno before you came on the scene. Tony and I were duel in the mornings and dance started doing his show in the afternoon and obviously you know is legendary with him and alum and Keith Olbermann and sports centers without question and obviously as a fantastic career going now. As well but that after that was really funny Alice Jordan and Patrick are you so good. Yes he is and and when we started this show when I started with you the lineup on ESPN radio was that two of us into Tony Kornheiser in today and Petra Wright is pretty good. And Dan but Dan was Dan and Keith I've said it many times. Where my idols they were the reason I wanted to come to ESPN. I think an entire generation of young sports casters at that time. And in the ninety's we all want to be Keith and then I mean they were so cruel and so Smart and so good. An and so that when I came here. I was on ESPN news and I want to be on sports center and they started moving to sports and so when they brought me here to fill in with you right. And we immediately hit it off they offered me the job and I turned it down I didn't wanna do because. You started on sports that I was like I wanna go deep into an out and and and I don't argue it this guy yeah. I don't caddie listen if you had told me that we were gonna get eighteen months out of this I would assume that sounds about right eighteen years you gotta be crazy. And the industry has totally changed as a lot of reasons why it went that way Larry's I mean I guess that'll. Out of all the interviews were doing as this is going to end is did you think or glasses like oh. Mean you're you're hole that can be successful. It's just like what I was playing football and I made it to the NFL I hope to play a long time you know what. You did you camp put an end date on it just like. Went to show we could put an end date out of but we certainly didn't think it would be eighteen year old Angel Nadal might have gotten out and and the notion that any of the things. I mean. It's just hard to believe it for where we started out. You know you are I would love to go back and and do like the last show from that boost but that doesn't exist any part of what does that whole building has been remodeled I think four times. Anyway can't figure out that I that was classic very fun and I was very very good sportswriter has brought to by Pennzoil synthetics this time of year is for performance. Winter is coming but with cold start protection and an excellent performance in extreme temperatures. Pens all synthetics are pure plus technology keeps your engine roaring. So you'll know winner is coming isn't as ominous as it sounds to make the switch today. Richard nearest Advance Auto Parts location okay this a quick story here that I wanna get some really cares to hear your take is you are. A long time former NFL player and you have done football game just over many years college and pro and very very well and I have. By the better and I'll bet you're gonna do them again. Until it's like they're straight talk what you are straight talk wireless press conference networks no contract. Did you see an idea that that that is an interesting one so fox. Has asked Greg Olsen. The Carolina Panthers. Who have their bye week this coming Sunday to do a game right is an act. Active player he's hurt he's been hurt much of this you got it right he can come back yes. Either way he is still a part of the team you saw on the sideline you know I effort yet on the Carolina Panthers. They've asked him to be beat the analyst on a broadcast of a game while he still active player. He's gonna broadcast vikings rams next week in Minneapolis. The vikings. Have a problem with this because they play Carolina later this season right so. The idea is that they're gonna have this guy into the facility and that that the greatest traditionally works I've only done a little bit of it but you would know I've got to go in are about about you'll we did getting into. But you're gonna come Greg also Wright who in theory is gonna meet with the coaches he's gonna ask a lot of questions it is going to be. Entitled to some information that is proprietary. In order to broadcast the game. And now that's a team that his own T write for which he actively play is. They're gonna play each other December 10 I think you know three weeks Henson yeah so what do you make of the vikings are protesting this thing and I kind of got it. Two things number one you cannot have them. Go to the vikings' facility and talk like that is going to be three men both right it's not just gonna be him into an apartment. So you can have him not to go into the vikings and number two if he does and I could follow the vikings are to say listen if Greg Olsen sitting in the meetings. Your gonna you don't normally not to understand these production meetings. I I. The value of them my question at times because authority the world is in there. And many coaches feel great about spilling all kind of information with everybody in the room right now I would always call coaches one on one product at a better. Relationship. And get more out of coaches by talking with them one on one or seen them on the field wanna one before the game then in this big meeting. But I or just flat out say about the vikings listen Greg Olsen to the meetings were telling you you know we're gonna give you three word answer I mean we're just not giving annually Tammy. Can easily see them being upset it could easily be rectified so welcome to our facility. We're just marketing at a lot of answers I think that's easily solid I don't I wouldn't you know get too crazy mad about it don't give any information. I would try to problem that. And a world however where you know these guys find problems of everything they're always looking for any little tiny advantage or disadvantage. I concede Jimmie Johnson got to think over the years there has been that. Concern I think they've moved past it. But I think there was a time when they would have been worried about telling. Jon Gruden anything if they were gonna be playing you're just Brothers to politics Jacki or are many of the other kinds of stores like that to get straight talk wireless nationwide coverage of America's largest and most dependable four GL TE network. The first what we did the second at a Monday Night Football games we did that a couple of times that was your first. NFL game. Our first first NFL the story you're about to tell if I'm thinking the right one was an Arena Football League not at all because this was this was this is FL okay we talked to one team right. And then lower want to talk to the other team when we talked that other team one of the first things you brought up was when I talk long we just talked to. The other team they said this and hours dislike. Green you don't do that. Can't do that you don't go to one minute they go to the next team and tell what the other teams had the note that you can't do acting out their newest and you know it wasn't her fault but it was just it was just fun to be here I also remembered going to the 49ers play oh yeah yeah avoided one of their games and the coach who was Mike Nolan came over to hasn't had guys. What's he what you see here's phrase here and I remember thinking to myself. All I'd be able to report from watching this practice is sometimes they seem to run the ball up and other times they throw yes. Request that we all I picked up from wanting crack it. Sega. Have you done something new fiesta is using new Mercer as a nice it really brings out there isn't any. Who hold our own ID using lightning through stoop. He'll fangs and good gifts really failure really charming snake charmer surprising. What's not surprising how much you could sit by switching to Geico. Where they won't. Have you been doing to allow peace to Geico fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more.