Hour 2: Kawhi Leonard

Monday, June 25th
The guys talk about Kawhi Leonard wanting out of San Antonio and then bring in Jessica Mendoza to talk about the AL and NL East and more.

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Well for a lot of people. Crews from Germany Harry came you and I for the leadership retreat up my yard there was a lot going on there armed by the way. I had to call out one of our colleagues back Seth Greenberg. On the coach out former our college bass while you're while we were enjoying our our lovely time. In Pinehurst on my home club had their rub member guest the Big Three day all right right right which is just me. It's a three day Bakken Elliott fast let's let's be clear are you bombed your missed that no I'm happy to be away for those three days to dazzle crazy right. But apparently our guys Seth Greenberg won won his flight. And when you win the flight one of the responsibilities you have is to pick up drinks for everybody else in your flight all the Anna Nicole any bail without don't need a health. I was told by several people. That that the club that he didn't he did not handle his responsibilities really apple disappointed obviously can't be invited back or he's done. It would birthing a kick him out of the club while. His membership does is it is a tenuous to act grounds for Perot boot yeah yes so set. We do what you gotta do man if you're gonna leave make sure you leave your your meter per our leader credit card your number we want to keep exactly take care you people now saying. I was told to do that so that Adam good to reporting when. Next year member guest yeah. Union your. Not. Far from certain bill. The important thing is we've established the parameters broke and we are maybe I'll play now yeah now after that you really did something that no did at Pinehurst number two analysts. It out. Another hold of course our system and I can't tell you much that aggravates me that you did something personal you beat me I thought it made a great party down. Inventor made a forty foot Birdie Putt on time the number of and our partners there now I'm an 85 foot eagle putt right before you made your portable Birdie Putt well. Good for you. I'm so happy for you right now what ever mentality that guinier and another hall of fame 5 am having some issues I'll get over. Start what's trending. And we start with the NBA's MVP award can be revealed tonight among all the awards are going forward it's their awards show. The three finalists are James Harden LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The sprinkler James Harden is gonna win I think from my perspective Mike it's pretty clear that LeBron James should wait yeah I mean let's. Again remember two regular season awards say you have to kind of block out the post season even though these awards shows are after the last thing you're seeing is the post season. And I I. Completely believe LeBron Missouri it's the Michael Jordan effect word you know is US player I mean nobody is committed guide that I the fact that LeBron James bestseller in the world. Pardon had himself a fantastic here runnerup last year Russell Russell Westbrook when he average a triple double first time since the bigger role. In the clear and blue area where I have been there done that. I thought I agree I think Harden who's gonna win it. Because remember the vote in our division as well this isn't something that they waited to vote on either stall before the post season thought I agree yeah. Coach revered is he doing case he's off port going Casey Brad Stevens in Queens Snyder doing Casey the unbelievable if you went out if you won that vision where Detroit Pistons hat. Well the funny vigor that this makes all the sense in the world because he was fired. Brohm use fire from from routers rep and and and anyone though the cocos resort right and who tweeted congratulations the raptors Iraq is that a basic congratulations coach. After they fired them communities doing so makes all the sense of the world is probably to win this. This one as well one of the big battles as rookie of the year Ben Simmons Donovan Mitchell and Jason Kate Amara port not Tatum had a monster playoffs began. Forget that as far as this award is concerned his regular season award. Stall between Benjamin drew in Donovan Mitchell. I miss him Ben Stevens of course is already bitterly year we didn't play so he still consider rookie and that point was brought up by Donna Mitchell five women were the wanna a little fun back and forth herself will say one thing you know all I think not that these guys are probably the best athletes in the world but they're the portrayed bass stressed or dressed mold. Provocatively. Or they they order fashion statement I am always figured that they're very fashion forward this is probably two of of all the sports. A war chose this would be the best red carpet correct. Correct and what they're wearing you know you'll see some shorts. Are there with the sport coat with pursuant to move was it that that the shorts that was its young coach very I was very young men had a in the draft yes yeah exactly right sea levels LeBron looked which he started some of the stuff that's what you start going to be incredible tonight in the red carpet without you all in on the short suit thing. I or them I could never cured I mean I think it's not did you legs are pretty soft eyes that just two days applied usually are pretty sell even though you're a soft and I don't know the rest of the body to go where did these guys like these guys like hammer Zoe was aware it was legs you the satchel and anything else you couldn't hurt sick or mark Millar due to breed holy Moly by the way of seeing him in the he has been body issued yeah. Bodies should come over his muscles and I talk about that I saw I saw a big spread on that now. Bill which was sort of my eyes met Martha I like your all of them broadcasters. I don't regret that. Well the cubs were swept by the lastly Cincinnati Reds after 86 loss on Sunday. The cubs were outscored 31. To thirteen in the four games and what made matters worse on Sundays at call drove five nothing. At five nothing there to back him Milwaukee in the central were right about you know from from a game standpoint. Getting in the area that 81 game in the area of about halfway mark so that we're back after king's swept by the rest. The reds who have won now seven in a row. Still find themselves more of a thirteen games out here in thirteen games under five are now horrific beginning of the season for them but the cubs I had a tough weekend. You know just like the Yankees you know leave their division a tough we can get swept by the by the rays after. After beat another mariners felt you know we're we're getting right around that spot you kind of look and see okay who hang in and now we're gonna have. In the next on over the next month when all the trade rumor starter who's who's Bynum seller. Well it's going to be really interesting because again with the Yankees know Gary Sanchez on the DL. They're gonna need to find some pitching someway somehow. And if they're there because again right now looks like the Red Sox and yankees are going to be in this thing to the end. They're basically in a virtual tie for first place in the dailies right now and whoever doesn't win that division is going to be one of the best teams in baseball and facing a one game playoff. I really don't while we're gonna were gonna talk about that I really don't wanna hear people saying let's change it now prefer this one year where it's going to happen yup there's a lot of times you know I get it the and end if you're you want to do do your true kind of kind of the wild you know with that wildcard you're you'd you'd take the worst record was Lockhart Rebecca B division winner somewhere else millions of division winners MMX best record. I get it so I don't I don't wanna think about changing out of wanted you know and I know people already tweeting and they should be doing this doing that. This is one years happening let you know I happen to failures in a row you wanna start thinking about top mouth okay but let's let's ease up on that one yeah. That's not that a degree duel one of them there's no question about our. What's trending and again the the Dodgers set a record and my goodness that they need to set that record. And hurt a fly ball to left field it's not a two way it is you are the whole time. Just then burner has just given the Dodgers and eight to seven lead. The seventh home run of the day for the Dodgers. And again also met the call or an AM 59570. LA sports. As. The Dodgers set a Major League record or tied a Major League record in the modern era going back to 19119100. It was seven solo home runs and they needed everyone may want eight to seven that fist and. An amazing stat there to ask how are from the Diamondbacks giants are five bout that division. And that was the closest division for awhile but now the Padres third you know just fallen further further back bottoming every ever thought they're gonna make an got to run but for awhile. From top to bottom it was somewhat close division Dodgers are they were struggling mightily now put themselves right back unit. Getting close to the Diamondbacks here burka what do what a big night for them and you know we start looking also at the halfway point we are looking at. The possibility of free agents the big one out their Bryce Harper. He's only hit 219 this year that's insane second worst average in June hit 181. Obviously his power numbers are obviously still there. But boy the other node manager Otto went to shortstop and as it worked out there from a position standpoint he was hot early in the season hasn't been as much of late. Clayton Kershaw and he can opt out right the last couple years his DL two years and 65 Britons a color you're gonna opt out to try to get out a big deal. I thirty year old may be his last chance to maybe cash in one more time if you want to sell. Started key I keep an eye and some of these free agents have potential free agent Basra efforts through season. By only given up for the Dodgers who startup that horrible stretch to start the season they've really turnaround they flip the switch they've made the switch in making the switch. Is brought to you by Pennzoil synthetics taking synthetic more global almost to a whole new level make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today. As we continue your gold do we go presented by progress of home insurance get xxx and protection for optimal engine performance was shell V power nitro plus premium gasoline that is a lot to say yesterday it somehow. I made it through that on Monday morning the job body not vet and now we are we are officially on what we call LeBron watch. And LAD Houston. Because LeBron has until Friday it's got to decide whether or not he's opting opted out like you're Carmelo at carry out that in virtually simply number it's just important remember talking about it's not about the money struggled from our plan the way I think I can play leads me listening he's been a guy word's been about the money any and there's nothing wrong is Allah so nothing wrong with that at all but I guess. In checking out the landscape he thought his that option would be better to stay there. And make it 27 melt Paul George estimate that decision again this week like LeBron you know whether he's going to opt out or not because again there are there be thought of both of them opting out and going to the lakers together. No that's the the odds are bigger faster LeBron going to lay right the odds on favorite in Vegas because you combat that's exactly. And we'll talk with Royce young about what's going on with Carmelo or Paul George a little bit later this morning but. The reason the LeBron watch is interesting is because I think a lot of people are gonna see what happens with Cole why and how that may determine what happens with LeBron. Look over the last week and happens come out the Albright is global quietly brought to rise put them together a cool and I McCormack they're teammate LeBron right now that Barack. Welcome Jeff gave you a little information that's half. Coli is told Santo he wants to leave. He doesn't wanna be there any wants to go to Los Angeles we saw that picture of great hobby too quiet having no breaking a little bread trying to talk down through. He obviously in RC Buford did the GM of the spurs is said we want coli back. But not everybody in since O'Neal feels that way Bruce Bowen who won championships and rappers work for us for a long time. One on series XM radio and does not have a lot of love for quiet this. Point I think there's nothing but excuse is going on so first it was well I was misdiagnosed. At the here you've got eighteen million dollars this year. Eight and you'd think that they're trying to question you didn't play for the most part a full season this year. And you're the go to guy you're the franchise do you wanna say that they didn't have your best interest and are are you kidding me. Not want to squad command says anything to the effect you know I hate I really enjoyed being in San Antonio or. I can't stand was going on here in San Antonio. Not one time has he said anything. So there's a couple. Yeah. About close to me why why have the same thing why is now a public guy why doesn't Ole. Should public Brenda standard part of a microphone and say whether want to be in territory or not reveals his team that. And he let his team know doesn't want to be there he doesn't hold a press conference to anybody. He never is bad guys are now why would it would why should he sit in front of a microphone. And make its intentions clear when he's never done that before so. I don't have a problem with him not telling all of boss right all of that as long as he talked to his team and he broke bread with as your pension with with some pop I don't know if you wanted to do that it may have done that out of respect for top threatens I think he wants to be out there but. As long as these give me advice here he's not talking to the team at all or letting them know as intended I have more of an issue with that but. The need to be talking to anybody publicly about that it doesn't want to. Los if he started doing that now you know as a former player who Caucasus and John you absolutely hit it the players know who we is in those personality. And you know what an end in the locker jewelry and have a guy suddenly is doing something better at as out of character for him. Like you beat phony right now why why are you going down this road but the bigger question then becomes. Is he gonna get what he wants is caucus he's made it pretty clear he wants to go to LA he wants to play in LA and obviously people are thinking lakers more than clippers there. Because if you're the spurs and we had our the south RC Buford on after the draft he's like our intention is trying keep them making them for one year right so what do you wanna do. If you feel like this thing isn't working and obviously. In quite mind it isn't working do you pay keeping her a year just to make sure he doesn't go start a super team with the lakers or. Do you try to trade him somewhere else but anybody that you are trading with that don't quite get his failure to trade form it's a rental. One and done so I hear it's not a couple levels here if you have if he feels he's lost trust with the organization that's one of the other things Bruce he talked about was. You know thinks he was misdiagnosed him. Over remembered from the side out of office handed for for more from the side of the way big boy from the side of a player. Everybody is allowed a second opinion misses what happened hero and are ready should get a second and I never did I just basically said what the doctors of the teams that in. You know what but it's a different level probably with the stars and shouldn't be I mean because it's your body your body your wanna play with that. With your body you wanna be if it is to get the best treatment possible. But the thought they have your best interest all the time now. That may do that certainly may be be. Again be the hierarchy right right the best player they haven't you know the tenth player I'm on the bench it's all. If there may be and it again it shouldn't be that way but had to sit here and say Eveready history vehicle is ridiculous out the boring we do you know gosh that's a simple sort of thought about it at that team doctors will alarm worked for the team and a team want to get the guy back out on the court or on the field or on the ice or on the pitcher whatever. As fast as they can while healthy. That's always a dilemma you have when they team Doctor Who is getting paid by the team and the also understand these team doctor. They are to being paid millions by these teams they aren't making. A look taught them honey on these teams are certainly ancillary things they get from them without a doubt. Say your the beat the team physician orthopedic whatever for a professional team. So for the most part you gotta believe that they had to date the patient's best interest at heart but there's a reason you go get a second opinion. Which is what a quarter Leonard did and that tour a lot of this started and then when the teammate especially Tony Parker speaks up and that are the same injury and Ambac and half the time in arriving all the talk requires a wait a minute okay just replaced. That I want to beat. And that as far as the choices. Here's what it in my opinion with San Antonio should do. Do what's right for you currently make the best. Business decision for you if you and I was then that meeting if in any way shape or form you think why letter was waning. And was an adamant that he wanted to leave and was kind of who knows. Maybe keep for another year and Steve you could talk him into no idea I'd give it if that's the case if not that he actually wants out and you're like okay we're gonna trade him. I saw. I think it's ridiculous to say. We're not gonna trade him to their lakers even after the death the best deal we can do because we don't wanna create a super team. If why Leonard is adamant and says in one year I'm going to be a Laker. Why are you gonna worry about it you're Santonio it is freedoms so Morales in a year later he's going to be what the lakers anyway so why would you blower deal but that's the best you you can get because quite honestly. What are the Celtics could offer if it unless they think they can keep for the year and give up some of that great young talent and picked for popular guy for possibly one year you may roll the ice and today. Once we get him here if we can win a champ Richard ridiculous image of may beetles gay year. A border Roland it's well oh how much are you willing to give up for that all I'll circle back to the lakers really want him in the lakers are you the Bastille. Hey this stinking deal and be done. I think that's the way they have to look at this point I mean. We've had people coming here and say why would that why with the spurs wanna help build a super team. Because let's be honest if coli goes there and I think that's going to be a sales pitch for LeBron Dirk do it through the lakers as well but you're right Mike at some point it. If it appears in and I don't know for a 100% there yet but it certainly looks like this is a relationship that can't be sick right and if it if it if it comes of that and the spurs have to absolutely do. What's best for them to let me ask you this. It anyway is any of this mean Bruce Bowen obviously never had the luxury of a leverage. That why Leonard has happened right as the superstar prior. But does call why in any way shape or form. Appear differently to you now because of the way he sort of dealt with the I dessert deployed he looked at the quiet super are like that just did what he had to do it was not really a demon anyway you don't want. This is the picture. If you are different debates whenever from a guy right we should consummate teammate you don't hear from a he doesn't stir anything up publicly just goes out he's he's the best two way player in the game one of the best players and only. Right right now all of a sudden it's like I don't trust you guys anymore and I only wanna go to the late December to the lakers certainly that's commitment could change your perception of him but you know what. Even cares I'll Dolly he cares. And when you have the leverage as a player you you're the levers hammer. Swing it you swing at his best you can't you get what you want Joseph know what you're allowed to. You do that the system dictate that you can do things like that and then San Antonio has to make their decision on that put put to the perception. Because what was our production level whenever her from a guy directness on both plague or greater never sing anything and now he's demanding this or demanding that at least that's or hearing. Yeah that's gonna change your Drupal. Perception problem so again. We'll see how that plays out but again this is important because by Friday LeBron has decide whether he's staying in Cleveland. Organize opt out of that contract and what coli does may have a big impact that little later on in the show will do something that we've been trying to reform to spin the wheel of LeBron disregard find out what makes the best sense for him going forward. We've got a few teams put together and will debate whether or not they can make the best sales pitch or makes the most sense but the first domino to fall. Will be cool why let an animal find out sooner rather in the later what's going on there. Is your home and ADT home if not you have to get ADT help protect against breaking and fire and carbon monoxide. For a limited time get ADT's lowest rates starting at just 4899 a month. From the most trusted name in home security. Go to ADT dot com slash podcast to take advantage of ADT's lowest rate with 36 month monitoring contract early termination of installation fees apply excludes taxes with the simplest traditional service is only certain markets excluded lessons available ABC dunhill. There are micro here support for the goal we go podcast comes from our friends at rocket mortgaged by Quicken Loans chances are your confidence when it comes you worked your hobbies your life rocket mortgage that same level of confidence when it comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing home loan rocket mortgage is simple. Allowing you to fully understand all the details and be confident. Your getting the right mortgage for you to get started go to rocket mortgage dot com slash Mike's. Equal housing lender license and all fifty states and MLS consumer access dot org number thirty. Thirty with us on Monday morning go doing go on ESPN radio and ESPN news and the ESPN napkins for India. All our guests though are presented our join us in the show opens a performance line we are. Presented by progressive insurance Mondays are hard and sometimes Monday's Martin is gonna make our money easier group our next guest knew he delighted to be joined by Jessica Mendoza Sonny had baseball played Stanford and Olympic gold medalist in the Athens in 2004 the last time I actually saw Jessica. We're going backstage after seeing Hamilton in Chicago all realize they'd dug onstage so up good memories Jessica good morning aria. Yeah that morning after a quick memory to have. Off that night yet yes to that job at a technical impact they need. No elephant well I guess I thought our guys running backs there is this important and well what I did tiger says this I know just commit a thousand. You know just windows eight you can go back snag today. Well that means that your. Let's talk about the big deal which is in the what's going on the American League right now you have three teams on pace for a hundred wins in the Yankees the Red Sox. And the Astros and it's it's an interesting situation Jessica because. One of these teams are and most likely going to be the Red Sox and the Yankees there's a lot of gas was all the way from Seattle now. Is going to be a one game playoff. They keep their post season hopes alive which is great for drama what are the Yankees the Red Sox how much are you now figuring out what do I need to do to maybe pick up at the trade deadline. To make sure I'm not that team that has a plan that one game play. I absolutely just because you look at the other team in right now I. Eat and eat you after an hour or that we keep Seattle Mariners but at how and I'm the fact that ESP just Verlander came acted in a one game I got it is. Creepy scary and then if you win a game then it. Probably after that or the other so I mean he would looking. Clearly the best teams are in the American League and when you think about how important you hairy if you look at the EU and the Red Sox and technically. Two best teams in baseball arguably. And the one that certainly that the agent. Look yet probably depending champ or a real hot Seattle Mariners team that right now is the politics that he's. Even though looked or in the back of actions that petition but you look at what that seemed to obtain. You have to go get somebody the trade deadline even if both occur in the rent talking and you don't really eat a lot of heart. But do the Yankees here pitcher do they have to go on get a starting pitcher and if so how much can they give up that young talent together. All they got a lot of young talent absolutely I mean I would be court that they don't get our pitcher out. The one part they got a great bulk can you got David op opt and that. Many diet come about so it's not that it can't buy dot backed up an Art Torres beat the young count on the DL prospects that are that are down and is. Pitching prospect in Erie. About the team is. And will be loaded yet and yet they will go out it starting pitcher and other data out there don't get snapple but he liked the church ancient. And it. It literally a team that can lead the next week action and an eight ball. Red Sox and can be seen at that we need at least one Q arm is not rotation they get another injury. I got to be huge week urging that we legally dead. Yeah having already lost Jordan Montgomery for the season. Jessica Mendoza Sunday night baseball joins us on the shell pencil performance line it triple action protection for optimal engine performance with shell V power nitro plus premium gasoline. That is that is the the biggest word jumble ball iMac I get through it every time but that. On Monday on a Monday morning well Jessica so let's let the Dodgers here for second look they got up to this horrid start. Just internal turf for awhile they couldn't get out of their own way now all the sudden they they tied a modern record going back to 19107 solo home runs where are the Dodgers on their on their path back to being what they work. Well a year ago which was having game seven of the World Series at their place and falling short. Well you know they struggled early on and metallic it would into turner wasn't an ally out but could not pick on opposite that other Kodak. I act out there now the clinker shot connecting out. The let it eat at. You don't want it they it depend on one do. I think for them on the other half soccer going and by the way Matt Kemp is an uncle we'll see you capturing. You know back and I got into our course Kurt shock comes back. You know you get into the drink they get a New York Saturday night but this. Is that got it and you think about LA Dodgers are incompetent in their star everything that team. And to get him healthy to get him. Basically starting consistently in knowing that it back it helped. And that's the thing is we've seen him come back now a couple times that have to go back on the DL as a paid back. And and then try to make sure that they're preparing for him and retired eaten so I think getting back at the I and I liked it black I think right now it out a new round but it. Stuck with bill there are just the command now about as exciting and evacuating the engine right now let. I like that team especially back. Or just human dosing in the brute force for Sunday night baseball and I don't know how many of you baseball analyst picked the Phillies to be where they are right now all I didn't hear many people talking about them what. How or why are they seven games above 500 right now just to out of the NL east lead. A lot of things at their pension and you know I mean I'm gonna get in the summer that my airplay is a let me Atlantic like Aaron Ayala. All whole lot and you know Angela is a mean. The pitcher that when you talk about it to go by the way to get a lot. They're on there they're upright European debt right now I think they're a little had to get to open their goal is gonna get the huge part of that tire into our. I'm amazed that that young the way you wrote that while it is exciting. I love watching and I don't you watch our land Ali how many hybrids like you're up on the I called her. Either an outfielder and he'd just watched this I. Like going back and I don't eat because they know beautiful and amazing it actually not read and it's not like amazing. I would normally lots. You left and it's going to be you'd gotten. Right on. Kinda meet leaning on the Al let part of that put like you eat all the late the late kick you look like you're gonna cry let me actually they're urged John Waite. You've got like differently kick them. They tried the man with the pitcher. App got it doesn't work at all but he got a lie I mean. Really dynamic by it I think he kind of represent what this Billy you met. It is kind of my CP right down there wasn't a great way and other locked the national I competed. They may want to litre. I like it really even even if they don't want the division had to get there you one cute they're only gonna get better because. I see them with the Manny Machado. Are huge name going into these. Jessica Mendoza with as many Mattel I don't courses pentagon has been rumored to be off on the trade brought to see what happens with him. And then there's the issue Jessica. Would Bryce Harper looked at his career is mean the path that he's set on this is pretty phenomenal thing he's been able to do what is really struggling this year the play a power numbers are there. But the consistency isn't what's wrong with price are pursuing right now. Well I mean even Mikey get a little bat I've doubled and all of IQ strike. They EE big ticket point in the income in the like. He was. Calling on upper east side literally become on air talking about how I can't hit breaking altered to go out by our late so. Balance toward at least CNET link from the port without a struggle and it's that the guy that because he's so powerful would it work. He's going up all our ballot by what you can see how packed the ball would spend we saw him make at a Jack in. Economic could hit it right on the middle burst out right at the lack. And now like OK big moment I actually crushed that ball at connecting it after you strike out. They met up with huge double on the pitch that he couldn't hit literally last week. Com and out like that to keep it rolling it you're going we Tina Allen hit a double and I it's not he's leading the league home run or not. That the powers not where you're at over two under. So can he keep Beckham is he going to get there's no doubt that him having tree double that and it big and I put you to read it why they happened when I. They just real quickly before let you go do you do you think there's any chance of what he's doing now he continues to struggle will affect what he might command in the offseason. You know I I don't know op board legion and I feel like. That. Everything authority that put out there that you've been number 400 male in my corner. At the mere particulate. That's stupid if their candidate did. But a. And I mean Blake you know Ahmet yeah you know I don't pay that struggling right now. He got a look over the course of the crew that I wanted to learn that they other no doubt. We've never had a hundred our act. There's been volatile. And I think he'd still rent it out there now question has created near the app that they. Even light stroke so that held it under big pressure moment he got it out critic. Young beat her like you don't the guys in the thirties and the battery do you buy it. I I just feel like. Every GM doesn't think that way and their element and a lot can't get you one of the biggest names. Can make it different. Om and you can kind of built around it well no look the I think you'll in passionate about sport that they get their app. If the Yankees are involved those numbers are probably going to be we're always talking about Jessica we appreciate you being with us this morning thanks so much I just. Your batters a different look pitchers throw a changeup your idea of a different look is sunglasses now thru but McCain's inns and suites is really taken a different look thing to a new level. Actually a Major League makeovers starting with a bolder brighter lobby full comfortable spaces the let's just settle in or chill are in front of a big flat screen like Ringo Lloyd on you know it. It's a changing linking to look to help you get in the zone and look sharp when you hit that big meeting prepared to win business with lucky day in insulates book now I don't you Dhaka. I go doing go if you present about progressive insurance a fungus join us on the show pencil performance line week we've. It up on Twitter. If you were was the last segment who won the weekend also give us call let us know who you they won the weekend 8605065505. Again our poll question had. Perry came with a hat trick. Mexico with their second throughout the World Cup the Dodgers. Who had seven solo home runs ties a record in the modern era dating back to the horse and buggy of 19100 times. Or brawny James junior but there are other things out there already gone for four for example crews from Germany with his feet flow like video game ask. A game winner in the 95 minute to make that work so that's unbelievable. And who get a surrogate and touches everyone know what you think who won the weekend I think. Won the weekend because you won at Pinehurst Wu went out there or are grouped by the way fantastic fantastic weekend. Divesting what's the team's all are winners and their guests had a good time yeah that was number one. Taking care home Elizabeth DeVon and Sunnis who were were fantastic Pinehurst is great. But in the eighteenth or rotate again the eighteenth hole. They've marked the ball where Payne Stewart hit that putt in 99 and 99 when the outside Ramirez told the longest par putt ever made to when the USO and that that stance he had a fist pump that's now a statue we have a solid chance after we played the hole. To hit that putt and out of our group of sixteen. Three people hated you were one of a mile and you hard of a cup there was it was also perfect speed heart of the cup then you hit the post yeah that was very cool. I you know I see of one of the three of us who Christie got in the gulf through so. Either you meteor or junior were repeated I'm glad you do it I usually you're in a golf way more than than we are just. As I double bogeyed the seed ever put out an app for that I was very cool that that view it that by and there was great debate whether we're depart from that spot anyone else was a win. I was not in the he is in the body issue. That we were to need a lot of staples put carbon based distance that's a hard pass but here's the people that aren't thank you by the way out that's a victory for everybody. A sequel on Barkley giants running back. I can't wait to Kia and his legs album on my I am now very broad their ridiculous 200. Particular weather is like my only real he has the highest selling Jersey in the NFL sells right now. He is an art once soldier does not Shockey got an incoming rookie has done that before like I'm not as I tablet Jeremy I mean he hasn't played a down yet is that the best selling Jersey from Roswell. A the other people that are in their Sue Bird and meg and her Pino knows who of course was Seattle's all right meg European and US women's national team. Torre bully gold medal winning Olympics turner Thorne Chamberlain profession softball player. Just get dickens'. Gold medalist Olympic cross artist you are not crystal done from the US when national team show flare the pitcher for the Astros Dallas cycle. Yes sealed the week. I want my favorites. Lifetimes there blocked not a very let me tell his own. Lots on has tax where everybody thinks he I mean he's got to that's everywhere let's just leave it at that darn high and that's got to be painful. Thought some of the play he has that side of I'm not sure that I would want test there ever bombers abroad. Grower or who just finished not one no Dancing With The Stars Jerry Rice yup Brandon Stewart from the Seattle storm Carl Anthony towns. And Greg Norman. Older Greg Norman he's got to be mid fifties and he looks. Rip it looks great hero of mine is a rip what year was that they Gary Player out Gary play years ago there was it was and a ball and Greg Norman is 6360. Threes regularly sixty's Gary Player who was in his eighties was he not I don't know seven not only need one win when he went above so I mean ridiculous. The the fact that he 63. I mean look. Not suspend all large or somebody checking out Greg Norman's anatomy it's like sixty listed three you get some of these other athletes go through your body is your temple and you're gonna keep yourself in great shape and some of these are some of the best shape you've seen but. If you guys that are 6379. Years old you know that better though the price prohibitive to go ahead and just do that it's a little depressed award I've got out. The incredible. You'll you'll look good and your 55 right now. Eight years and then go to Greg Norman I mean it's rude it's I would it's humbling I was when I was about 28 Corning I talk Austrian prime. Right the prime of my athletic career. I'm player reveals I'm probably worried about 290 but they'll both be good through ninety bright it's supposed to be supposedly we weren't shooting some goofy thing and I did and I did one of the segments with my shirt off sitting in a chair yeah. And then of that now. What I saw a white. I'm supposed to be ineptly again I would look at the dome shape. I'm like are you kidding me or rip at all the way they look and then the one great. Store restaurant. Study looked over the rover does that nah I'm good yeah I just walked over buck naked in part of the screen to start billions picture best party problems that you're giving the slippers I don't I like that. I don't know if you don't need the robot are all good now with the slow for us after I get a check out ESPN the bodies of the tenth anniversary it's out there now meanwhile Mel ops in for 27 point nine what does that mean we'll discuss that next stay with us that means he's rich that's what it means.